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Chapter 13 Chapter Thirteen

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On this day, Huang Luotian and Mu Changci returned to Tingquan Residence.The car drove straight in front of the inner door, opened the door, Lao Zheng rushed up, put Huang Luotian's left arm on his shoulder with one hand, hugged and supported him, and moved slowly.Mu Changci was held hostage on the right, and Huang Luotian came into the room with his feet empty, being held up like he was flying through the clouds. Two single beds in the bedroom.The crimson tea flower table greets people with smiles, and the lily beside the glass window is elegant and noble.Old Zheng made two red watermelon lanterns with his own hands, and hung them danglingly on the carved beams separating the two rooms.Sofa chairs, dressing table, if it wasn't for the wheelchair to join in the fun, it would be a gratifying new house.Here they come, brother Zhao pushed the wheelchair, Huang Luotian got out of Mu Changci and Lao Zheng's hands, and fell into the chair wearily.

Lao Zheng went, followed by his younger brother, and the paper door was gently closed. satisfied?Our little world?Mu Changci asked. Satisfied, Changci. How should you treat your bride? ! He raised his eyes to look at her affectionately, seeing her move closer to her rosy and full lips, and his lips greeted her. As dusk approached, Huang Luotian slept comfortably.Old Zheng helped in the bathroom and took a relaxing hot spring bath.Sitting in the wheelchair, Mu Changci pushed it to the corridor.The sound of the spring is gurgling, and the eyes are full of emerald green.Fragrant hot jasmine tea, his dark brown eyes reflected the glow of the sky.

Changci, I have a manuscript, I can finish it after sorting it out, Here we are, waiting for you in the study. you mean In the study room, my mother tidied it up for you personally, and your manuscript was delivered by Li next time, lying in a drawer waiting for you to finish it. Let me have a look in the study, will you? After dinner, Lao Zheng specially made glutinous rice balls, and will light the watermelon lantern later, we celebrate your return. Changci, you treat me so well, how can I treat you well one day. You have always treated me well, Luo Tian. The watermelon lantern was lit, and the room was filled with bright red lights.The music is soft, and the sandalwood wood is fragrant.Delicious dishes, and the two glasses of Zi Chengcheng's wine, reflected each other and looked at each other.

The gnocchi came, and Lao Zheng carefully placed it in the center of the table, stuffed with dates.Old Zheng wanted to say a few auspicious words, but he only secretly glanced at Huang Luotian and Mu Changci, and retreated. After the meal, Mu Changci took out a guitar and handed it to Huang Luotian. He shook his head with a smile and said: I forgot, what to play? ! <back to you>, okay?You write and tell me your favourite. Huang Luotian put the guitar on his knees, lowered his head, and carelessly touched the strings with his fingers.She knew what he was thinking, and said: Luo Tian, ​​I received your letter, and you said you would come back.I wrote back and said I was waiting for your return.However, my father took my letter to you, and you wrote to me later, but I couldn't see it.

So, I have been waiting for your letter, but waiting for your wedding invitation. Luo Tian, ​​life is impermanent, our meeting this time, who can say that it is not more meaningful? <Back to you>, have I really come back?Huang Luotian's hands were still touching the strings lightly, gradually becoming vocal. <Back to your side>, he raised his eyes to look at Mu Changci, her eyes were deeper than sea water, and the tone of the guitar became brighter. Huang Luotian started to sort out his treatise on philosophy. This study room, which Mrs. Mu had locked for many years, was now full of sunlight.The white tulle window curtains flutter in the wind, and the beautiful scenery outside the window is boundless.He has a happy mind, moves like flying, stretches his waist when he is tired, rubs his legs that he claims to be hibernating with his hands, controls the wheelchair by himself, and travels freely in the small world.

On this day, Mrs. Mu came to see Huang Luotian. Luo Tian, ​​I'm very sad, I didn't expect Li Xiaocui's methods to be so cruel.Whatever your reason for refusing to tell who your murderer was, your magnanimity shames me. Huang Luotian looked at Mrs. Mu, this was not the moment for him to speak, he hoped to hear from her.Mrs. Mu put her hand on her forehead, sighed for a long time, and said: Li Xiaocui fled, taking everything with her.Yuan De wrote a bad check for her fraud and fraud, and was detained.Liqiang called the police, but Li Xiaocui did not pursue him, and Yuande's case was thus revealed.

Aunt, do you believe that I know who the murderer is? Yes, you know that, and so do I.Li Xiaocui was the mastermind. She used the drummer Xiao Wang and fled with him. Aunt, since you know Li Xiaocui is the mastermind, why didn't you report it? Mrs. Mu shook her head and said: Why bother, you sacrificed so much, but you refused to speak.I am not virtuous myself, but I am old and deaf and blind to everything.One thing is in my heart, Luo Tian, ​​I'm sorry for you, and I'm sorry for your father's spirit in heaven. One day I die, this is the only thing in my heart that shakes.

Auntie, if Li Xiaocui were my younger sister, she wouldn't murder me. I don't know if my judgment is right? Forgive me, Luo Tian, ​​I cannot answer your question.Maybe I'm wrong, but everything has been cast.Now, I pray day and night to bless you to recover, but it is just an old woman's stupid way.Luo Tian, ​​I have no other words but to ask for your forgiveness. At night, when the wind and rain were blowing and the ground was shaken by spring thunder, Mu Changci walked into the study with a cup of coffee.Huang Luotian leaned over his desk and thought, with one heart and one mind.Seeing her, he smiled and put down his pen.

It's time to rest, it's getting late.She puts the coffee in front of him. Huang Luotian thanked with a smile, picked up the cup and took a sip. Mu Changci flipped through his manuscript, more than 300 pages, about 200,000 characters, and said: Almost out of script. Yes, I thought I could finish the manuscript. After this, I thought about it, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt that there were many inappropriate places. After reading it again, my view became more objective. Fortunately, I didn’t let it go in a hurry. This is also considered a gain, after all, the article is a matter of ages.

He nodded with a smile, took another sip of coffee, and said: Coffee was well brewed. How about Beagle's? He didn't answer and said: Changci, I know that if I don't get hurt, our path will always be two sides of a triangle. Yes, you are well aware. I know you, but sometimes I doubt, Suspected that I was looking for an opportunity to be an unsung hero again. You have no chance to seek, that is It's just too coincidental, the stories of my life are too coincidental. Changci, I Don't use words like thank you or sorry. Now I'm at your mercy, you won't let me finish a sentence, and I have no strength to resist you at all.

Listen to me and listen to me well. It's nine o'clock, and it's time to go to bed. It's only nine o'clock, and I'm not a child! Mu Changci smiled and pushed his wheelchair, regardless of whether he wanted to be a child or not, and came straight to the bedroom. Lightning divided the night sky, connecting thunderbolts, the windows trembled, and the lights went out.Through the glass window is a scene, dark, suddenly bright, slanting rain, wind in the rain, trees in the wind, bending back, swinging dry leaves, unable to block the wind and rain.Dark, bright, dark, pitch black Mu Changci supported Huang Luotian to bed. Luo Tian, ​​last night I dreamed of returning to your small attic.She sits beside him. Nightmare or good dream? good dream.she smiles. Then there is no big cousin. No. Changci, I don’t know how you feel, in me, I hated my big cousin at that time, but now I often miss him. How is he doing? I don't know, but he sent me a letter when he and sister Hui gave birth to their third child.After connecting, I received your wedding invitation. I originally wanted to give my cousin a gift, but I forgot. My father sent the wedding invitation without my permission. What makes me wonder is: where is the vigor of the little shrew? ! Niu Zhengshuo said that I just used him to marry him, and I don't deny it.My father and mother were at odds. At that time, my mother swallowed a large amount of sleeping pills. On the third day after she left the hospital, I married Niu Zhengshuo and took my mother there. Changci, what is the reason for the dispute between your parents?One of them is widowed and the other is widowed. What is the mortal hatred between them? ! Love words, I guess like this. Your father empathized?Or your mother? I think both of you and I can speculate on some of the hidden secrets, speculate, speculate. Changci, do you want I sympathized with my mother and understood her.She is affectionate, pure and pure.I don't know much, but enough. Huang Luotian held her hand and kissed the back of her hand. Dark, bright, dark, bright.Outside the small window, the flowers are falling and the grass is dead, but it is full of vitality.After all, the dead of winter passed.
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