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Chapter 14 Chapter Fourteen

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The red plums are in full bloom in the garden, and the morning breeze emits a fragrance.The sun has just emerged, its soft radiance piercing through the clouds.The wheelchair was placed on the grass, and Mu Changci helped Huang Luotian to learn to walk like a child. When she took a step, he moved, bumped and crooked, and the two of them fell on the grass together.He laughed, and she laughed too.Looking up at each other, he stained his cheeks, and her nose was darkened.Hahahaha, hahahaha, I laughed and laughed, as if there was nothing more interesting in the world. How's it going, did you hurt your leg?Mu Changci asked.

leg?Never mind!Who said these two legs belonged to me! The two laughed again until they were tired, tears were also squeezed out, and they lay quietly on the grass. The spring is flowing there, and the white cuckoo is looking at the water and pitying itself.Pots of violets lined up on the flower stand, showing off the cut flowers of deep purple velvet.A pair of canaries, in a silver cage, jumped up and down, singing straight, and the vocalists in the world were not in their eyes.The boxer dog's hut was full of dreams, who was making noise this early in the morning, and came out with a steady pace.The round and short mouth curled up, his face full of disdain.Walking to Huang Luotian's side, he stretched out his tongue to lick his face, wagging a small part of his tail, yawned like a bass, and lay down on the grass.

Changci, how long has Li not come to see me?He stroked Boxer with one hand. a week. One week?Well, that's right.But it seems like I haven't seen her for a long time. She couldn't leave her body, and her father introduced a boyfriend to her. What? !She hasn't graduated from high school yet, what is she busy with? The father said that the other party was very interested.Cili doesn't like studying, girls will get married sooner or later, he said. What kind of person is the other party? very rich. Certainly. She is older than Ci Li. And much bigger. Mu Changci glanced at Huang Luotian.

anything else?he asks. on the mainland He has a wife and children, and he is probably a great-grandfather. Don't be so exaggerated, okay? Ci Li willing?Does Aunt Mu agree? Mu Changci sighed helplessly, and said: Come on, get up, the nurse is coming to give you an injection. In the evening, Mu Cili came.Jumping and jumping along the way, Huang Luotian muttered in his heart, Mu Liqiang's goods were sold successfully? ! The three of them were sitting in the living room, and Mu Cili was chattering endlessly, with an expression of ignorance. Brother Huang, how much did you fall today?She is caring.

Huang Luotian didn't answer, just said: Ci Li, tell us about your boyfriend. Boy friend?What boyfriend?Mu Cili opened her eyes wide: Oh, you mean Manager Xu?The bald one that Dad took me to play with him for several nights?Hey, he's unambiguous, rich as hell.Dad said, a lot of dollar bills. Hmm, pretty close to what I imagined. Ha, it was fun, we went to Mido Restaurant on the first night.Second Night Palace.On the third day he had diarrhea.On the fourth day, he came out and invited my father and me to watch a movie. Both my father and he fell asleep in the movie theater.On the fifth day we listened to Beijing opera, and I fell asleep.On the sixth day, my father said he had a headache, so Manager Xu went to the China Hotel alone for me.We danced, the monkey danced, he twisted a few times, his feet turned white, and big beads of sweat dripped down.He said that even his son might not be able to stand that kind of dancing, so he flew away this morning.

Mu Changci smiled, Huang Luotian smiled and shook his head, covering his face with one hand. What are you laughing at me for?Mu Cili was not happy. We're glad you're capable.Mu Changci said. High strength?You don't know how I deal with Fatty Li and Wang Huxu.Come on, Dad told me not to talk too much.Anyway, sister, you know that Dad loves us, and everything he does is for our benefit. Ci Li, what old man Mu did was according to his idea. If it was according to my opinion, you should study hard and wait until you graduate from college before talking about a boyfriend.Regardless of Manager Xu, Fatty Li and Wang Huxu, ignore them.

Hmph, Mu Cili shrugged: I was clear at first, but you confused me.Dad said this, mother said that, Brother Huang, you have your own words, who should I listen to! Ci Li, Mu Changci said: I think Brother Huang's words make sense. Well, sister, I'll listen to you both.Because that's what my mother said, three to one, I don't care about my father.Mu Cili clapped her hands together to make up her mind: Brother Huang, now let me play honeymoon poker with you! At eight o'clock in the morning, Mu Changci prepared breakfast and opened the deep curtains. Huang Luotian was still asleep, his face flushed.I tried the thermometer, it read thirty-nine degrees Celsius.Immediately she invited a doctor, and after some examinations, the doctor prescribed medicine and gave him an injection.The cold, the doctor said, was nothing serious.He left with the medical box, and Mu Changci accompanied him to the gate.Seeing the doctor got into the car, turned around, leaned against the door wall and let out a long breath of relief.

On the surface, she had to pretend that she was living a peaceful life, but in fact, the doctor's advice to her was always hanging in her heart.Maybe she was too nervous, but she cared for him to live his own life.She reached out to wipe the sweat off her face and smiled like a child.Miracle?The doctor said. ﹒The muscles and nerves of Huang Luotian's legs recovered surprisingly well!Now, she is more confident. Two days later, Huang Luotian's fever subsided and he felt comfortable.After lunch, Mu Changci told him that he would go shopping in the city and visit his parents at the same time.Pulled up the thin quilt for him, told Lao Zheng and his wife a few times, and then left.

At around four o'clock in the evening, Mu Cili came, wearing a floral shirt with short sleeves and a low neckline, and a pair of western-style trousers that were thin and sticky to her body. The weather was warm.She walked towards Huang Luotian's bedroom, took a cup of warm milk from Old Zheng's hand, walked lightly like a kitten, walked to Huang Luotian's bed and peeped, he was awake. Brother Huang, Lao Zheng said that you are sick, what is it? Nothing, just a cold, all better now. Here comes the milk.She put the milk on the tea table, helped Huang Luotian to sit up, and handed him the cup.

Thank you, Ciri.He took the milk, saw Mu Cifu's new clothes at a glance, frowned, and said: Ci Li, why did you dress yourself up like this! Popular, don't you like it? dislike. It doesn't matter if you don't like it, as long as I like it myself, you drink your milk!As she spoke, she moved a chair and sat in front of his bed, clapped her hands on her knees, and sat firmly.Asked: Where is my sister? ﹒ Went to buy medicine, she said to go home by the way, haven't you seen it? No, she dared to go home?Seeing her father at home was enough for her. Why? It doesn't matter if you don't listen, of course it's not good for you.

I'm not worried if it's bad for me, I'm afraid it's bad for her. You have been against her for a long time, think about it, she is married.If one day you find a wife, she has a very young and beautiful boyfriend.Unfortunately, that boyfriend is sick, and unfortunately your wife must be with him, and she will ignore you no matter how you scold, be fierce, prohibit, or refuse to give money.Unfortunately, your mother-in-law is helping her again, although your father-in-law is with you hand in hand.Although your wife's boyfriend's er, forget it, it's over, it's okay not to say it. Huang Luotian lowered his head and looked down, turning the milk cup in his hand. Brother Huang, please drink milk. You are a patient, so you don't need to think too much. Huang Luotian glanced at her and drank the milk.Mu Cili took the empty cup, put it on the table, took two steps back, and sat back in the chair.The door was knocking, and Lao Zheng came in and said: Second Miss, someone came to Eldest Miss and said something, you should go and have a look. Mu Cili agreed to stand up, twisted and twisted as she walked, and the briefs inside the narrow trousers were also clearly visible.Old Zheng put away the milk cup, and asked Huang Luotian how would you like glutinous rice porridge, and he replied that we would talk about it in the evening, and Mu Cili came back. A jewelry seller made an appointment with his sister to wait for her in the shop at one o'clock in the afternoon, but he was busy and missed the appointed time, so he came here. Selling and buying jewelry, this is the main reason why Mu Changci went to the city. Come, Brother Huang, let's play honeymoon poker.Mu Cili fetched the playing cards. No, Cili, let's play another day. Well, you play the guitar and I sing. I feel tired, Ciri. tired?Tired is nothing!Just relax, that's what Dad said, and he was right.Once I had a high fever and went to Yinhe Cave to have a great time, and all illnesses disappeared.Mu Cili's eyes suddenly became mysterious: Brother Huang, let me tell you some of my stories, my very poetic stories!Hello!Do you like to listen or not? ! Am I not listening? That boy, my classmate in junior high school, I didn’t even look at him at school. Every time I couldn’t recite the book, he laughed the loudest and never brushed his teeth.Later, I was admitted to high school. When I was in the first grade, we met in the alumni association. He was very tall and tall, with a mouthful of white teeth.The nose is very like yours, it is very masculine.Everyone said to go to Yinhe Cave, but he said: Mu Cili, go, go!The voice is half high and half low.Didn't I mention having a fever?I went anyway.After running for a while, he always followed me not too far away. I took a few more aspirin and my body was covered in sweat, my eyes turned black, and I passed away.When I came back alive, everyone was gone.I was lying in his arms, all the buttons of my shirt were unbuttoned by him, and his hands were pinching and pinching on my body. I wanted to hit him, but he said he would give me artificial respiration.The artificial respiration did require unbuttoning the collar, but his hands were completely misplaced.I couldn't struggle, thinking that it would be better to be still than to move, but at the same time he muttered the scriptures in his mouth, saying that I was the only beauty in the world he saw in his eyes.I left him and missed him for a while.I thought he would definitely come to me again, but that's what he did. He went to have a relationship with one of my best female classmates.I understood right away: men are the most undesirable animals in living things.But I hate my female classmate even more. She is a cannibal tree and eats my boyfriend.I cried several times, thinking it was my bad luck to cry, so I began to curse her, she was afraid of typhoons, earthquakes and thunder.I was also afraid at first, so I asked God to send some big typhoons, big earthquakes and big thunder, so as to scare her nasty man-eating tree to death! Huang Luotian smiled without smiling, shook his head and said: I think you frightened yourself even more. That time a gust of wind blew the electric light, you yelled an earthquake, and crawled straight under my desk with a pale face. Cough, that is to say, that bastard stinky boy fell in love with another girl again, and my female classmate and I shook hands and talked happily, and the reconciliation was as good as before, and it was even better.Because I used to be a husband and wife, and I cherish each other and feel sorry for each other, Ci Li, you are using idioms indiscriminately again. Hey, there is no way, idioms are the most unreasonable thing in the first place, just because it is done, it will be done. Huang Luotian really couldn't do anything to her, so he closed his eyes. When Mu Changci came back at around nine o'clock at night, Mu Cili had already left.Mu Changci hurried to Huang Luotian's side, seeing that he looked good and everything was safe, he felt relaxed.The three big plastic bags are full of fat, including needles, medicines, supplements, food, and other things. After taking a shower, she changed into her pajamas and went back to her room.Huang Luotian leaned on the pillow, his eyes following her deeply.Her pajamas are pure white, with a pointed collar, light blue wide lace, and the style is also wide, made of soft pure silk, which floats with her steps.Niaoyouyou has soft hair and drooping shoulders, and dark, depressed and affectionate eyes.The bedside lamp was on, with a green gauze cover, and the room was full of pleasant green light.She sat on the edge of the bed, her smooth calf drawing a beautiful arc.Huang Luotian couldn't help but took a deep breath, hissed it out, and called out softly: Changci! She just lifted the sheet on the bed and turned to look at him. Tell me, went there today. Shopping, seeing my father, having lunch, and seeing my mother. What about the jeweler? What jeweler?She goes to bed. He came and said that he missed the appointed moment with you. You know I don't like jewelry, and neither do you. Changci, if you continue to sell, it will be your turn. Luo Tian, ​​these days are the happiest days in my life. I want to force myself to believe your words, so I can close my eyes and feel at ease.No, what else can I do except make you sacrifice? ! It hurts me the most to hear you say things like that. Did Uncle Mu say anything to you? No, except to say hello, knowing that you are getting better every day, it is very comforting. What about Ci Li? Didn't she come here to accompany you? She didn't come here until after three o'clock, and she didn't hear Mr. Mu tell you that he has any comforting things. Then I didn't see my father, wouldn't it be over? What about Niu Zhengshuo?He found that his accent of every word was unnatural. I really didn't see him. If he was at home, I wouldn't meet him face to face. You can't escape from him, he's bound your feet with thick iron chains, Chang Ci, you can't fly even if you have wings. Are you scared? What am I afraid of?But I can't be so selfish, you are desperate to accompany me stuck here, is it worth it?Changci, whether you are out of love, sympathy, or pity, your reasons are vulnerable. You are here again!Mu Changci stretched out his hand to turn on the lamp, and the whole room was dark: Luo Tian, ​​I have a new plan, I wanted to tell you slowly, I rented a small house by the sea, and I can move in when summer comes.I think, with the vast sky and boundless sea, your heart doesn't have to circle in small circles. Huang Luotian didn't answer. Luo Tian. Um? Go to sleep. He has no voice.A rooster crows in the distance, frogs groan in the pond, and boxer dogs growl.Only the canary is smart enough to know that it is still time to rest.
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