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Chapter 15 Chapter fifteen

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Spring is old, summer is in the sky, it rains, and it clears up.There is now an arc of rainbow across the horizon. A white cottage on the seashore, simple and elegant, facing the sea and backing the mountain.The sea beats the shore, and the spray sprays snow.The breeze sweeps the forest, the pines and cypresses dance.Here, a quiet, beautiful, inaccessible area. The sea water poured into their bodies, it was cool and refreshing, the sky connected to the water, the water to the sky, another wave came over, they lay down flat, the sea water soaked their hair, and the salty water reached their mouths, the water receded, Huang Luotian turned to look at The girl next to her was as beautiful as a rainbow, and she couldn't compare to Mu Changci.

The rain was falling again, slanting, like filaments, silver needles were pierced all over the sea surface, the sun appeared and disappeared in the clouds, retreated suddenly, but poked its face out again, illuminating the rainbow more brightly, and the sea water more blue. How beautiful our world is. Go back, I'm hungry. Huang Luotian walked slowly, his joints were not flexible, his legs were weak and weak.Standing shoulder to shoulder with Mu Changci, the weight he entrusted to her gradually lightened, and her heart also relaxed.Now, she played a prank again, when he had stabilized, Keli pulled away from under his side, he swayed slightly, unable to fall.

Old Zheng stood at the door of the room, this was the third person in their world, holding two lively fish with both hands with a smile, shouting: Young Master, Missy, look, you laugh at me for not being able to make a net, but I caught a fish! The fourth person in their world appeared: Zhaodi.Both Huang Luotian and Mu Changci felt that since Old Zheng is here, it's better not to separate him and his younger brother. Miss, Zhaodi tugged on Mu Changci's sleeve and whispered: Don't listen to Lao Zheng bragging, Ah Xiong gave it to him. A Xiong is a fisherman and lives about 20 minutes away from them on foot.On the first day Lao Zheng came, I made friends with him.

Back in the house, the sun was about to set.The oil pan in the kitchen was boiling, and the two live fish matured in an instant.Brother Zhao grew vegetables in the mountains, and the hens also worked hard to lay eggs.The vegetables are sweet and the eggs are huge.Old Zheng didn't need to tear Licuo apart, he knew how much the days of seclusion had passed. Alas, the young lady is so rare, the life of the young master was completely picked up by her.Zhaodi and Lao Zheng are together, I don't know how many times I have repeated this sentence. To be honest, God finally has eyes, and Niu Zhengshuo has to agree to divorce the eldest lady after all.He said: Go and see how long you can stay with someone who has only the upper half and no lower half!If Lao Niu knew that the young master's health was improving day by day, he wouldn't be gloating.

Night, reunion moon, shining stars.Huang Luotian played the guitar slowly, while Mu Changci was sitting on the ground, with the sea breeze blowing her long hair, making magnetic and low noises: knocking on metal, hitting jade pieces, and singing in harmony.Her singing voice is beautiful, full of pure emotion, but at this moment, it converges, and a continuous strand of filaments is sent with the tide, to the poor sea, to the end of the world. Changci, I often think now, my being killed and injured is still a blessing. She smiled, sighed and said: Li Xiaocui is too aggressive, if you don't sue her, she will not escape the law.Yuan De didn't learn well since he was a child, and this time he suffered a lot, and hoped to teach him a lesson.

I once misunderstood your mother and thought she was making things difficult on purpose.Your father arranged for Li Xiaocui to be my younger sister, which shows that his hatred for the Huang family is deep-rooted. Mu Changci's eyes were full of waves, and he remained silent. Changci, my sister is here, I believe I can live and wait to be with her. She stood up and walked slowly, wading into the tide. Changci, don't make you sad again because of my words, people are always ridiculous, now that I have my life, I start to care about everything again.In fact, I should be very satisfied. I never dreamed of such a day.

Mu Changci turned around, tears dripping down his eyelashes under the moonlight: I don't blame you for being fussy, you have been too lenient. What I am sad about is my father. I always think that he is eccentric and not easy to get close to.He deliberately made Li Xiaocui the illegitimate daughter of Uncle Huang. I don't understand why he did this. Huang Luotian bowed his head and played the guitar slowly, why did he do this?Just wait, the answer will be revealed someday. There was a sound like whistling and whistling in the distance, and thousands of crystal curtains were aroused by the sea water, which were brightly lit under the moonlight.It was silent, and the sea was shimmering with waves, gold dust and silver flakes were flying, and the waves were coming and going again.Guitar Cong Cheng, and the sound of entering the tide.

This morning, when Mu Cili came and stepped into the house, her elder sister, Brother Huang, was full of noise.This is her first visit to them.After about two months of separation, she has grown taller again. The goose-yellow dress fits very well, her small waist is even more slender, her new hairstyle is loosely rolled around her ears, and she has an aggressive youthful atmosphere. Huang Luotian walked out of the bedroom, Mu Cili couldn't believe her eyes, but he did walk so well, she cheered shrilly, rushed up to hug him like flying, tears rolled down from her smiling eyes. Well, let's see what's going on, come to see us happily, and cry again.Huang Luotian said.

Mu Cili took a few steps back, opened her arms, and a mother called a toddler to come towards her and shouted: Brother Huang, come, come, come here, come here, let me see clearly, Brother Huang. Huang Luotian put his hands on his waist, tilted his head, and looked at her with the corners of his mouth slightly raised, with that expression again.Mu Cili turned around and grabbed Mu Changci's hands tightly: Sister, is Brother Huang really able to walk? !Why didn't you tell me earlier to make me happy one day earlier. Now that you know, isn't it better to be pleasantly surprised?

Sister, I want to tell my parents, they will be very happy when they find out. After lunch, the sun was bright, and everyone walked out of the small room. Huang Luotian was in the center, and the two sisters accompanied him.From time to time, Mu Cili looked at Huang Luotian's feet like a stranger, which made him feel cramped, and his walking became more and more unstable. Let's sit here and rest for a while.Mu Changci lowered the wide sun hat on his head. Alas, I took a rest after a few steps. You can see that there are a lot of rocks in front of me, and there must be a lot of crabs. Let's catch crabs!

The next time I was tired, Mu Changci said: "Brother Huang also needs to rest, since his feet recovered, this is the first time he has walked such a long distance today." All right, sit down and rest, I'll go by myself.Mu Cili said and ran away. The rocks near the water are very slippery, so be careful!Huang Luotian called. Mu Cili pressed down the sun hat on her head with one hand, and waved it with the other, as if she heard it.She came to the water's edge, took off her shoes and socks excitedly, stepped on the rock, looked east and west, but there was no trace of the crab.Turning around to see Huang Luo Tianzheng and Mu Changci reclining on the beach talking, she shrugged her shoulders with a smile, and continued her discussion.Crabs, parasites, beautiful pebbles, whatever you have, but there is nothing, she pouted and sat on the beach. 丮!With a loud cry, she raised her right hand, which was propped on the sand, with a crab hanging from her thumb.She shook it anxiously, and then drove the crab away.The bleeding thumb was stuffed into his mouth and he was blowing, with a mournful face. Hey, what's the matter!The crab is biting you!Mu Changci called.Then she and Huang Luotian laughed.Mu Cili raised her feet angrily and jumped onto the rock.He picked up some small stones, shouted to look at the stones, and threw them at Huang Luotian and Mu Changci.Missed throws, one after another.Throwing Mu Changci's sun visor this time, covering her face with her arms as a sister, she smiled loudly and begged for mercy.Mu Cili laughed triumphantly, leaned back, and fell down before she could groan. Mu Changci cried out wildly.Huang Luotian propped himself on the ground with one hand, crawled a few steps, then stood up, stretched his long legs, and ran until the water's edge.The sea water was coming towards him, his feet were floating, and he fell down.Another wave hit him, he struggled weakly, his vision was dark, and he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the beach.When I move a little, my shoulder blade hurts.Mu Changci helped him sit up, and Mu Cili stopped crying.Three pairs of eyes gathered together, the two sisters embraced from left to right, he looked at Mu Changci, she and he looked at his feet at the same time, his feet could run, his legs could run now!He wrapped his arms around Mu Changci, and the two embraced tightly. Let's go back, Mu Changci smiled and wiped his tears: You have to change your wet clothes quickly. The two sisters helped Huang Luotian walk back to the hut step by step, his feet kept shaking, like a weak person struggling to climb a mountain, and his feet no longer obey the command when he comes down the mountain.However, Huang Luotian knew that from now on, his lower body would never disobey his orders again. After dinner, everyone was chatting and laughing in the living room. An ancient deer head and a pair of forked squares looked at them with envious eyes on the wall.Brother Zhao brought ice cream, and Mu Cili ate five cups in a row, booing her satisfaction. Sister, I really hope to be with you forever, she was lying on the carpet with her legs crossed, placed high next to the coffee table, with a groan, the bruise on her leg was pressed. You can come anytime, Ciri.Huang Luotian said. She glanced at him and put a cushion over her face. Let's sing.Mu Changci said. When it came to singing, Mu Cili was happy. She tossed the red duanzi cushion, jumped up, and fetched her harmonica. Yo, when will you learn the harmonica?Mu Changci asked. The pillar of the school team is unambiguous. She blew it, and it was really good.Blow a tune, sing a tune.Huang Luotian sang, Mu Changci sang, and the three of them sang in a chorus.He also attracted Old Zheng and Zhaodi. Lend me the harmonica.Huang Luotian said. He just blows well, as if there are seven or eight mouths in use. Mu Cili looked at him, shook her head and said: Nothing to say, Brother Huang, you are a magician. Eldest young master, play it, my younger brother Zhao and I will sing one.Old Zheng raised his hand. good!Mucili clapped her hands. What do you sing?Huang Luotian asked with a smile. Recruit brother, what shall we sing?Lao Zheng discussed with his teacher. Ashamed as hell, I won't. What won't, isn't the "hanging sausage" you taught me the day before yesterday not good? What <hanging intestines>, <hanging belly>!Mu Cili yelled with a smile, and said, "Call me to sing!"Sing!Singing Lao Zheng hangs his stomach. Huang Luotian and Mu Changci also clapped their hands and urged. Brother Zhao smiled and stood up, dragging Lao Zheng straight from the ground.Huang Luotian played the tune, "Diu Diu Dong Zai", which he often heard on the radio.Zhaodi sang well, Lao Zheng was like a cow, all the way down, everyone clapped their hands and laughed at the same time. Recruit brother, you can perform on TV, and you will become famous in one fell swoop.Mu Cili sighed, there are too many talents in the world. Singing a lot, it was really a joyous night.Mu Cili didn't know that her fall had any special significance to Huang Luotian and Mu Changci, it was just because she could spend the night with them, even though it was late, she was reluctant to spend her precious time on sleep.Lao Zheng sat on the ground and dozed off, Zhao brother carried him away, Huang Luotian was also tired from playing the harmonica. Come, Brother Huang, let me play a few games of chess with you. At the beginning of the chess game, Mu Cili's pawns were able to sweep straight in their own territory, advance and retreat freely, and the handsome general had no taboos, but they still lost miserably, and they were so anxious that they swept all the chess pieces to the ground. Let's all rest.Huang Luotian smiled and said: Get up early tomorrow morning to see the sun get up early, or we get up early. Mu Changci had already prepared the bed, and moved Huang Luotian's bedding to her single bed, vacating his double bed, and she and Mu Cili spent the night together. All right, let's go to bed and take our places.Mu Changci issued an order. Huang Luotian walked into the small room and closed the door.The big room here is the world of the two sisters. Sister.Mucili lying down: Tell me, what's it like to live with a man? What are you asking this for? I want to write novels. I don't know how to answer you. For example, you and Brother Huang, he sleeps in this bed and you sleep in that one, why don't you just sleep together on this double bed. Brother Huang is a sick person. This bed is big, so he can sleep more comfortably by himself. I was listening to Quanju before. Aren't you two in the same room? That's because he can't move, and I can help him in the middle of the night. Mu Cili was silent for a while, and then asked: Sister, bull head and horse face can't have children, why don't you have children now? Mu Changci leaned up and said: Ci Li, you are talking nonsense again. nonsense? !I'm your sister, why are you pretending in front of me? I said Brother Huang is a patient. patient?Then he is not a man? Sick people are not the same as healthy people, which should have been discussed in your hygiene class. We didn't discuss anything in class, but my classmates and I often studied it secretly.We know, for example: People with lung disease have a stronger sex drive than ordinary people! Hush!Mu Changci frowned. The word sex isn't very mysterious, haven't you read it in the newspapers: British teenage schoolgirls have condoms in their handbags? Ci Li, go to bed. You tell me first why you don't have a baby? ! Brother Huang and I have nothing, and how can we, we are not husband and wife. Alas, here you are again, you don't want anything for Brother Huang, you say you are not husband and wife! Niu Zhengshuo agreed to divorce me, but it took one year before he allowed me to be free. Within this year, my name was still Mrs. Niu. In fact, you are Mrs. Huang from head to toe. We won't do anything during the year.Let's say, if everything is possible, little kids.We can't have illegitimate children, not for my own sake, but also for the little ones. Therefore, Mu Cili sighed: After all, you are more than a century older than me. If I were you, in such an environment, I would definitely sleep in his arms and not sleep on this fluffy and meaningless pillow. The sea water sang a lullaby. Ci Li, I'm tired, shall we sleep? No, I can't sleep.This is a rare opportunity for us sisters to say some heart-to-heart words. Since you and Brother Huang came here, I hope to come to see you, but Dad doesn't allow it.Once my mother secretly arranged for me, and my father knew about it, and had a big fight with her. I heard the sound of bang, clink, glass and hot water bottles, and I was scared to death.Yuan De also scolded me, saying that I was to blame, that his parents at home were so noisy, and that he would be quieter after staying in prison all his life.Dad paid to get him out of jail, so he might as well buy paper money and burn it to the poor.Yuan De also blamed you, saying that if you hadn't been absurd, mother wouldn't have to come back and entangle with father, biting and kicking.Let me mention Li Xiaocui, he yelled and kicked me, and I, Mu Cili, pouted, remembering how wronged I was by that kick, tears came to my eyes. There was a long silence. Sister. Mu Changci never agreed. sister! Well. Li Xiaocui is in prison, is Brother Huang sad? sad?Why? Why?Isn't she brother Huang's younger sister? oh!Yes.I think Brother Huang must be sad, but he never mentioned it, and I didn't ask him.Maybe Brother Huang is very angry with her, because she really doesn't know how to be a good person. My brother said that he would kill her after she was released from prison after serving her sentence.He said he wanted to see what color Li Xiaocui's heart was.He worked so hard for her until he went to jail, and she actually fell in love with the drummer Xiao Wang. Killing people pays for their lives, and Yuan De himself has to die. He really wants to live, and it's a pity to die. You are right, sister, brother wants to live too much, these days he lives in a private brothel.He said that a few dollars per woman was worth it, and it was more genuine than a bowl of beef noodles. Ci Li, don't say such things, it's ugly. Well, next time I will remember not to say it, I won’t say it if I remember it, and there is nothing I can do if I can’t remember it. Go to sleep, you have to get up early tomorrow, Brother Huang and I will accompany you to watch the sunrise, it is very beautiful. Mu Cili is not enthusiastic about the sun for the time being, saying: Sister, brother Huang is so kind, he almost drowned because of me today.Er sister, may I ask you a word? sure. Tell me, does Brother Huang love me very much? Yes, he loves you as much as his sister. Does he love me as much as he loves Li Xiaocui?Then I am not surprised!Well, she thought about it for a while: Sister, let me tell you, you can rest assured that you don't need to be jealous, I won't take your person away.Although my father often told me that if you hadn't stepped in abruptly to fall in love with Brother Huang, the first person that Brother Huang loved would be me, and he would definitely marry me. I would be more comfortable with him, because there is no such dead face as a bull head and a horse face. Dangling in it.Dad told me, it makes sense when I think about it Ci Li, Don't worry, I said you can completely rest assured that you can completely rest assured, I don't care about what my father said, if I listen to him, Brother Huang will teach me to read every day, then I can crawl into his arms to go.After all, Dad is old and a little confused.He should know that you love Brother Huang, how can he encourage his youngest daughter to compete with his eldest daughter for a boyfriend!But we should understand him, he has read too many thread-bound books, and his mind is full of etiquette, justice, shame, filial piety, loyalty and trustworthiness.He can't stand adulterers, adulterers and illegitimate children, so this time he is so mad at you, don't blame him, you can only blame Confucius and Mencius.In fact, women in the twentieth century, husbands and lovers are as sure as umbrellas and raincoats.You have new ideas and old brains, you not only treat Brother Huang like a raincoat, but also keep saying that you will not have a bastard child at this time, so I Ci Li, stop talking! What?Did I say something wrong? !I said I know you and love you, I know dad and love dad, I I said you stop talking! Well, maybe I'm just a big fool, and Papa is absolutely right again.Maybe you are not what I imagined, then I ah, she ended up with a yawn that was not funny.After a short pause, she called out again: Sister, sister!sister! Mu Changci remained silent. Sister, are you asleep? !You can't just sleep like this, right? !If I say something wrong, just forgive me, it doesn't matter!I'm finally your own sister, sister, aren't I?Um?She waited for a while, sighed in disappointment and regret, turned over, and closed her eyes.Hear the sound of sea water.Oh, it's terrible!Here we go, here we go again!Yo, here we go again!well!Haha she rubbed her nose and twisted her mouth, the sound of the tide receded and disappeared. Mu Changci listened quietly to Mu Cili's even snorting, the tidal sound remained the same, she couldn't sleep tonight.
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