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Chapter 16 Chapter Sixteen

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How many times has Lao Zheng described Ah Xiong's grotto, his blind father, and his clever son.The same things that attracted Lao Zheng also attracted Huang Luotian. Now that he had finished his book, it was even more indispensable for him and Mu Changci to wander around in their world and visit neighbors. It was the first time I stepped into this fishing village of more than 30 households, at dusk.The small temple was filled with cigarettes, and fishermen and women gathered in front of the gods to pray for blessings.The streets and alleys are narrow and fishy, ​​with hanging fishing nets and broken boats.Pieces of weird reefs, dark green, dark blue, and some with coral color, add color to the gloomy village.

Excuse me, where does Axiong live?Mu Changci asked an old woman for directions in local dialect. She had a dark complexion, with brown spots and wrinkles all over her face. She didn't smile or express herself. She pointed to that side with her withered hand. She ignored Mu Changci's thank you with a smile, and went on her way. Going in that direction, you will first see the cave door that Old Zheng mentioned.Axiong used natural caves to arrange two rooms and one living room.The hall is open-air, with a low wall of piled stones, and murals of ancient art among moss-infested shells.The inner room was dark, the floor was damp, and there was an unpleasant smell.They both went in and cried:

Ah Xiong, Ah Xiong. No one agreed. A faint moan came from the curly ball on the ground, yes, Ah Xiong's blind father. Mu Changci put a large piece of cured meat that he had brought along with a basket of fresh eggs on the Kenan finished wooden table.The blind old man sat up, trembling with his arms raised high, unable to speak a word for a long time.Huang Luotian walked to his side, knelt down and held on to his hand, which was scorching hot.Sickness is not a big deal in the small village, let it come and go as it comes, and go as it goes.Huang Luotian frowned, let the patient lie down, and quietly retreated with Mu Changci.

The shadow of life covers many dark corners of the world, and it is also a place where people wearing sunshine cannot reach.Huang Luotian and Mu Changci pondered silently, and neither of them said anything on the way home. Personal power is limited, and they still rely on their own ability to help those who are in need of help that they can see.Money, medicine, food, clothes, they brought to the small village.Gradually, they became friends of the villagers and shared their pain and joy.Ah Xiong's father died, and Ah Xiong's son died in the sea, and their hearts were also mourned to the extreme.

In any case, they have their world, their share of hardships and pleasures.On this day, Mu Changci came back from Taipei with a stack of letters and newspapers in his hand.Huang Luotian's works have been hailed as unprecedented success. Huang Luotian sat calmly on the sofa, watching Mu Changci happily read letters from readers and good reviews in newspapers and magazines. Those words were more pleasing to the eye than Mu Changci's smile. This morning, watching a round of red sun rushing to the horizon.The sky with a fish-belly white belly is suddenly bright on all sides, and the sea surface is full of gold and purple, twinkling.Every sunrise, every new revelation.Mu Changci was wearing a white sweater, and the sea breeze was blowing, and the weather turned cold.

Step on a path opened by their footsteps, and head towards the mountain forest behind, where there are flowers and wild grasses, a vast expanse.Greeting the morning wind, receiving the rising sun, to the top of the mountain.The sea is far away, the sky is higher, and the seagulls are flying, embellishing the tranquility. The morning class is over, let's go back and drink tea, my angel in white. Mu Changci smiled and caught his outstretched hand, and jumped down from a high place.Now, she has to rely on him, dragging his arms made of steel, sighing, and resting her head on his chest.He silently hugged her: my little shrew, my bride, my angel in white!

Ah Xiong married a new wife, Huang Luotian, Mu Changci, Lao Zheng and his younger brother were all guests invited to the wedding banquet. In the evening, Lao Zheng held his younger brother who was wearing a big red flower on his head, and led the way excitedly.Huang Luotian and Mu Changci walked behind, carrying congratulatory gifts. Axiong's new wife is a new widow. Her husband and Axiong's son were killed on the same day and buried in Bibo.Tears flowed from eyes to tears, love flowed from flow to flow. The simple wedding ceremony was held in the grotto, and the younger brother gave the bride a set of red clothes. Lao Zheng lit a pair of red candles for them.Mu Changci brought a red envelope, and Huang Luotian brought wine.The villagers cheered and blessed, and Ah Xiong and his bride had tears in their eyes.

On the way back to the moon, the night is as cold as water, and the little white house is far away, their lovely home. Luo Tian, ​​there is no unparalleled road, right? He hugged her shoulder blades in reply. Ah Xiong's father died, and his son was buried in the belly of a fish. Today we saw the hope of life in his eyes. Everyone in the same village is good, and everyone shares everyone's suffering and joy. Most of the human nature can only share weal and woe.Especially when he sees others in trouble.Everyone's opponent is the god of death, and jealousy will naturally disappear.

The more developed the material civilization, the less the place where the spiritual ones have a foothold. Yes, but we don't have to worry, people can never be separated from the spirit. Today in the twentieth century, spiritual sowers are needed. Why sow?Huang Luotian turned his head up and smiled: The seed originally exists in everyone's heart. However, how can there be no rain and sunshine? ! Then you have to wait for hunger, thirst and darkness. Which person does not have hunger, thirst and darkness in his life? ! When hunger and darkness come, the seed will die. Relying on his own mind, if he doesn't take over from the source and the light as soon as possible, no one can do anything about it.

Mu Changci smiled and said: Then what did you write a long essay about? Just fulfilling one's responsibilities as a human being is my outlook on life, which may not be appreciated by everyone.My world is only for me, and my world may not be suitable for everyone.I can have a clear conscience: what I said was honest. So you don't want people to praise you? Not unwilling, just not worth it.What's more, we live peacefully, and the results of exaggerating and showing off will only cause disturbance. Mu Changci walked silently holding his arm, yes, she would not want their peaceful days to be disturbed.

Landing on the beach, step by step without making a sound.Looking around is boundless, a corner of heaven and earth.They, what a tiny point in the corner. Thought is the first property of human beings, but there are too few people who own this property.I can make an analogy, use the depth of thought to stack Arhats, and the shape is a triangle.Those who think deeply are at the top, that is, the fewest.Therefore, there is no need to look forward to a day of eternal peace in this world. Mu Changci was about to answer when he heard Zhaodi yelling from behind: Ouch, Lao Zheng, if you don’t listen to me telling you to wind the rope a few more times, all the crabs will come out! The two looked back and saw that Old Zheng and Brother Zhao were kneeling and scrambling around on the beach. A dozen or so big crabs given by Axiong escaped from the bamboo baskets and ran for their lives in all directions. Ouch!Old Zheng yelled, and the crab stings pinched his fingers. Lao Zheng.Huang Luotian said: Forget it, let them go! let them go? !Young master, a crab is worth more than ten yuan!Lao Zheng said and continued to hunt.Ouch, dead crab essence!His hands were bleeding, and the one he was holding slipped away again. The dead crab was so spiritual that it disappeared for a moment.Lao Zheng stomped his feet anxiously and cursed in Taiwanese dialect that no one could understand.Brother Zhao retorted loudly, and the more he shouted, the more he shouted. Huang Luotian smiled and said to Mu Changci: Look, World War III broke out! When they got home, they sat and drank a cup of hot tea in the living room, and went back to their bedrooms.Huang Luotian finished washing, changed into pajamas, turned off the lights, and sat on the edge of the bed.The light in Mu Changci's room leaked from under the door, shaking her shadow, and she also turned off the light, and it was completely dark, attracting a bright moon. He walked to the window, the sea was still under the moonlight, the clouds were floating, the surface of the sea was covered with light veils, and the vast expanse of whiteness rose straight into the sky.Like the sound of a jade flute, there are bursts of dark fragrance.He held his breath, a warm feeling rippling from the bottom of his heart.He closed his eyes for a while, approached the door that separated her from him, held the door knob, twisted it slightly, and pushed in. Mu Changci was lying on the bed, with black hair loose, arms like snow lotus roots, and shining eyes, watching him walking towards her step by step. Changci She responded from the bottom of her heart and opened her arms to welcome. The moon puts aside the floating clouds, the sea sheds its veil, and unfolds an infinite and mysterious blue; let the moonlight touch, gently, gracefully, heartily, and kiss.
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