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Chapter 17 Chapter Seventeen

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Strong winds, torrential rain, early typhoon signs. It was the third day they stayed in the hut. The wind blows, the trees roar, and the waves sing.The window curtains are fluttering, whose bride's floor-length dress? ! The two of them silently said, no, there is nothing to regret.But it's just that they depend on each other quietly, and they are relative each other. The small typhoon passes, and the big typhoon comes; the big typhoon turns, and the small typhoon is brewing.It was sunny, and I saw the rainbow coloring the sky again. The rain, the wind, and the wind never reminded them that they should leave the seashore, not to mention the increasingly bitter weather.Journalists came to visit, but only added a few footprints on the beach.But on this day, Mu Changci told Huang Luotian that she was pregnant with his fetus.

He hugged her in his arms, like protecting a rare treasure for fear of breaking something.After calming down the turbulent mood, he said in a dignified tone: Changci, let's go back and listen to Quanju. The scenery of Tingquanju is still the same, light red, tender white, and datura camellias are blooming; the thin petals overlap, delicate and charming.Su Xinlan's arrows are budding, and the garden is full of fragrance.The flowing spring is clearer, and the grass is emerald green.Canary sang.Boxer Dog was unharmed, squinting his furious eyes, jumping up and down, and sneezing incessantly.

Mu Cili tiptoed and covered Mu Changci's eyes from behind.Changci turned around with a smile, and the two sisters hugged each other. snort.Mu Cili feigned anger, tapped the tip of Mu Changci's nose, and said, "I'm going to quote my father's words too: those savages have to crawl back after all!"Sister, do you know?It was published in the newspaper that day that you would never leave the beach again, saying that it was the best place for Brother Huang to find inspiration.I also described your house and surrounding scenery like a paradise. Brother Huang’s photos are so beautiful. I’m not jealous, but I’m still jealous of you.

Ci Li, Huang Luotian called: How is your homework recently? By the way, I forgot to tell you, I ranked 30th and got promoted. Really?He picked her up with his arms folded, held her high and spun her around two or three times. 丮!Enough, man, I can't take it, I'm dizzy and my ribs are about to break! It was very late when Mu Cili went back, so she was sent away, and the two returned to the house.Mu Changci led Huang Luotian to the study, where she took out a frame of photos from a locked drawer.Huang Luotian then took a closer look, yes, he had guessed and suspected it for a long time.

They are a couple in love. Mu Changci nodded. You already know? No, I never knew, I couldn't ask, and of course my mother wouldn't tell me. Why did she also say that Li Xiaocui is my sister? She couldn't help it, since my father said so. Cili is my younger sister, so there is nothing suspicious about it. No, neither is she. Well, Huang Luotian was surprised: where is my sister? I have always been ignorant of my mother's difficulties. I think I have to tell you the truth now. You know that your parents were planning to come to Taiwan at that time. Did they and my parents have to go through divorce procedures here?

I know that my parents wanted to go through the divorce procedures on the mainland, but it was too late. My mother came to Taiwan with your father's child in her body, and waited for your father to come, and had a legal wedding with him before the child was born, but she waited and waited, unable to wait for his trace. My mother wrote to tell me that your mother withheld the entry permit they asked your father to apply for. Luo Tian, ​​do you think my mother will? and after? My mother bought a new house in Tingquanju to prepare for marriage. The money your father planned to send didn’t arrive. Mother sold her jewelry. Li Xiaocui’s mother embezzled the diamonds and told my father about it. My father took all of my mother’s money. property, so my mother had to borrow money from friends.

This amount is later repaid by you. The mother was in labor and gave birth to a baby girl, but was crushed and killed by the father.Two or three days later, Cili was brought in and stayed at Mu's house as a mother, until now. Huang Luotian stood up, and approached He Heshen who was sitting on the desk with shiny black hair.They smiled and held a lotus and a box, stretched out their hands to caress them, they seem to have known each other, and now they remember.I also remember a sentence his father said: half of his life was turbulent, and he hoped that half of his life would be peaceful and harmonious.Here, is his reconciliation.

This is your father's beloved antique brought by mother at that time.Also, he and my mother each wear a platinum necklace. A string of necklaces belonging to my father was entrusted to me before his death, and Ci Li was wearing a string of your mother's. When I saw Ci Li's necklace, I became more and more convinced that she was my sister.Huang Luotian thought for a while, and then said: Changci, if Ci Li is not my sister, why did your mother give her the necklace?If my sister was crushed to death by your father, why didn't your mother just say that the baby died when she wrote to my father?

I'll think about it too, except in one case: my father didn't crush the baby.I don't want anyone in the world to know that my father's hands smell of blood.You think, even if it is Li Xiaocui, she doesn't want people to know that her parents are half-siblings. So the conclusion is: my sister was indeed crushed and killed. Yes. Who told you about this? My mother when she found out I was pregnant. Huang Luotian fell silent, left the study silently, and returned to the bedroom. This room has been refurbished, and their new room has content without form. On the bed, he lay on his back, and she also lay on her back.Two pairs of eyes stared blankly at the ceiling.

He thought of the sound of the tide, and she missed it too; it was crisp and pleasing, and came and followed for a while, and they dreamed of going back to the small white house by the sea. Huang Luotian found Niu Zhengshuo. Hey, the famous Doctor of Philosophy, come to my humble house, what instructions do you have!Niu Zhengshuo had a cigar in his mouth. Zheng Shuo, forgive me, let Mu Changci and I get married now. oh.You two lovers are not strong enough to twist together, busy getting married? ! I've come to talk to you, we're all human, and we all have flaws.At first, Changci couldn't bear to see me die, but now that we're in the middle of the river, I hope you have a good wind.

Well said, I am also willing to listen, I think I am not a person who makes things difficult.But for the sake of face, I promised Changci a one-year deadline.In two or three months, I am going to travel around the world for a week, and I may stay here and there a lot.You went through the marriage formalities at that time, and it was enough to go to the court, and you couldn't say anything about it.With your fame, I, Niu Zhengshuo, saw the abandoned wife become famous.If I swallow my anger again, three generations of my ancestors will blame me for being an evil son. We can't wait, Chang Ci has a baby. Niu Zhengshuo tossed his cigar, stood up in his chair, and stared at Huang Luotian with flaming eyes. This is not an accident, nor does it add another charge. You have skills, Huang Luotian, let me ask you for a copy of skills! Zheng Shuo, I am very honest about my intentions. Mu Changci has a child, hey, flowers are blooming in the desert.Niu Zhengshuo said to himself: Yes, Huang Luotian, you have the ability. Niu Zhengshuo, I don't deny that I'm very realistic, if I don't want something from you, I want you to shut up your madman's complaints! Of course you should be realistic, the philosopher's lofty theories don't work now.Philosopher, you slept through the night and woke up and turned into a philosopher admired by everyone. Now you should listen to the madman. Mu Changci has helped you a lot. She made you famous overnight. Then how many nights did you sleep with her?It's lucky, now, you are in my hands, and with a flip of my hand, the saliva of the crowd is enough for you to bathe in this lifetime! I don't care about honor or disgrace, for the sake of my children. Let him be surnamed Niu, your species, mine, there is no mark on it! Niu Zhengshuo, I thought you were a person, and I was negotiating with a person as a person. It seems that I overestimated you. You are not alone, Huang Luotian, I will wait for your illegitimate son to come to the world to prove to the world that you are not alone! Why don't you have an illegitimate child?Because you can't give birth to an illegitimate child, the world can't catch you, so you are free and easy?What I came to discuss with you today is based on human feelings, not a rascal's tyrannical approach.If everyone is playing tricks, I don't need to say more, you know it well.If both parties openly and honestly discuss it, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have the upper hand and a good position. Niu Zhengshuo remained silent and stopped talking. Zheng Shuo, Mu Changci never deliberately got into trouble with you from the beginning, I fell in love with her until now she is pregnant, everything is sincere and natural.We have peace of mind, and we can willingly accept all kinds of obstacles and adversities.But when we see a way that is convenient for both of us, we naturally want to go in this direction first.If this road is blocked, we have other ways to get through.You know we will never give up, it was your own choice to bother you to accompany you around in circles at that time. Niu Zhengshuo thought silently for a moment, and said: Alright, I'll consider accepting your request, you're very capable, Huang Luotian.
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