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Chapter 18 Chapter Eighteen

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Now that the divorce agreement is close, everything seems to be a matter of course. Huang Luotian accepted the offer, and a top university took over the course.The old British professor came several letters, hoping that he would return to his alma mater. He wrote back the old professor's friendship, and his alma mater's kindness, but now, for all reasons, he just wants to stay in China, without any other considerations or choices. Vientiane is renewed, and what is new is not about climbing high and enjoying pleasure.New environment, new world, new outlook.There are debts left in the bank, and Mrs. Mu suggests selling Tingquanju.Moving house, a simple little house is fine, as long as the two of them are together, isn't there paradise? !

On this day, the sun is beautiful and the wind is peaceful.Huang Luotian and Mu Changci lingered on the green grass and the flowing water, on the eve of parting, the sound was lingering. Changci, next month, I hope the new owner will take good care of these flowers and trees. You don't have to worry, I heard that the family likes to listen to the spring house, half of it is for the scenery of flowers and trees. He nodded and climbed up the slope.Here, the trees are lush and green.The dry pillars straight into the sky, surrounded by a green treasure cover with dense branches and leaves, wild flowers everywhere, the sun is shining, it is a magical palace of nature.

Luo Tian, ​​look at this place, doesn't it look like the inner mountain connected to your ancestral house? After stopping in his tracks, Huang Luotian looked around and asked: Is this why Aunt Mu chose this place in the first place? No, she hasn't come here yet. It's strange, but I don't have this kind of feeling in my heart, for example, we will leave Tingquanju now.He said, kicking the grass on the ground lightly. In fact, in you, you said: People are welcoming the new and unloading the old every second. If there is some lingering, it seems that the accumulated points have increased to form a line, a small section of the line.

Changci, it seems that I am just an empty talker, but you are the one who truly understands! Don't be polite, there are many people who are looking for a way to marry you, wanting to marry a young and beautiful lady to you. They don't care that I have a mistress? A mistress is no big deal to a man, just get rid of her, and you will still be innocent. Innocent?Do you want to find him and walk around in the breeze during the day? You and I are a pair of lost people. Huang Luotian turned to look at her, and she was turning to look at him, both of them smiled.Cheek to cheek, they stopped talking.

Looking at the blue sky, the blue is endless, the vastness is endless, and the birds are flying.Go back, slowly. , Be careful not to step on wild flowers and grass.Two pairs of twinkling pupils flicker, reflecting the blue sky, reflecting the soaring, ha!The smelly night is ambiguous, a pair of lost people! When a project from the sale of Tingquanju was received, the buyer was surprisingly generous. Not only did he not counter the price, but he paid first.With the money in hand, the debt in the bank is settled.There is a small building on Dunhua Road that suits my heart, but it is a pity that I was a step too late and was taken first.Fortunately, the new owners of Tingquanju are not in a hurry to move in, and they still have time to find a suitable new residence.

On Niu Zhengshuo and Mu Changci's divorce papers, only Niu Zhengshuo's stamp was missing, and he was said to be going to the south.Just wait, he'll be back in a week. On this day, Mu Liqiang came with an order to summon Mu Changci. In the living room, Mu Liqiang's pipe was puffing continuously, and his daughter was sitting in a chair, with a frozen look of a martyr.Mu Liqiang walked quickly, walking towards the other end of the hall and going around the other side of the hall.Now he turned his head abruptly, the skin on his face was gray and brown, and his lines were frozen.With that look in his eyes, Mu Changci sat up straight. Who has ever seen that moment when Mu Liqiang killed his wife and the daughter born to others? !Now his gaze should be comparable!

He has always been very clear about Mu Changci, but now he feels that she is like her mother, crawling out of a stinking hole.The heart fire that could not be extinguished more than twenty years ago is burning again, illegitimate child!She was pregnant with Huang Luotian's illegitimate child!Mu Changci, I wish I could crush you to death with my own hands! Changci, tell me first, what should you say to your father? Dad, I have only one word, beg your forgiveness. It's easy for you to say, Mu Changci!forgive!I have suffered all my life. I have no mother when I was three years old, and my stepmother whipped me until I was a child. Your mother is so shameless. I think the shame of the family should not be exposed. She instigated you to take the same route as her? !

Dad, love comes from everyone's heart, like my mother, so do I.I can't oppress, and I can't instigate, everything has been decided, and there is no way for me to turn back. Yes, this is your mother's tone back then, and now you will recite it again.But remember, Mu Changci, you will also frame your lover, just like your mother framed Huang Xinru! The past is over, it is your time, your private matter.Huang Luotian and I are on the same path again, please don't obstruct me, old man. I didn't even stand in your mother's way!She wanted a divorce, and I agreed.Maybe I, Mu Liqiang, have nothing to do, but Huang Xinru is my boss!I came to Taiwan first, and I went through the immigration formalities for Huang Xinru, but his wife refused to let him go to your mother, she was willing to die with him.I sympathize with an abandoned person. Niu Zhengshuo won't let you go now, so I sympathize with him too.

Niu Zhengshuo agreed to divorce me. He really agreed to divorce you? !Not necessarily, he has the guts, why did he make Huang Luotian cheaper? ! Dad, you are full of hatred, are you not enough?How will the means you employ benefit you?I am your daughter, and your hand is pinching my neck, who are you having trouble with? ! Just because you are my daughter, you are in a daze, and I have to remind you.Your breaking the law is a matter between you and Niu Zhengshuo; at most, I will bear the reputation of lax discipline, but I can't just watch you go to ruin. You think of me now, don't you, Dad?You never let me be with Huang Luotian since we were young.The relationship between me and him is getting deeper and deeper after being hit by you.You arranged Niu Zhengshuo for me, why don't you think about how he treats me?Who caused Huang Luotian to suffer?Blame his father's illegitimate son? !I came to Huang Luotian's side not in pursuit of pleasure.How glad you are to know that he is at least a paralyzed one.I was born to offend you, not Niu Zhengshuo, and I can only be with half-dead people.I didn't dare to expect Huang Luotian to survive, nor did I dare to expect him to keep those legs, let alone expect him to fully recover.You say you have suffered all your life?How many sharp knives do you keep, Dad?How many did you throw out?Mu Cili is not your daughter, how does Mu Yuande treat you?You are treating me like this now, Dad, you need someone to remind you, you need to be enlightened!

Alright, Mu Changci, the ghost of your mother is attached to you, and it has come to me to explain it to me! I dare not, Dad, you say that I am your daughter, and I also remember that you are my father. You want to die, don't you? I do not seek death, nor am I afraid of death. I have never been filial to you, but I have done obedience.Dad, you made me like this, I don't want to die, it seems that only you will put me to death! Niu Zhengshuo decided to meet you in court and hold a press conference at the same time to report how a great philosopher doctor usurped other people's wives and destroyed other people's families. With his greatness, this is a great piece of news, and I will accompany you Testify, and declare to sever the father-daughter relationship with you.

It's impossible, you can't do it! Why not? !Why?Is there an accusation that is not true? ! Tears melted into ice, streaming down Mu Changci's pale cheeks. Are you in tears?My daughter, are you crying now?You are powerful, not afraid of the sky, not afraid of the earth.I don't love Huang Luotian, but you love him.You control his reputation and future, whether to benefit or destroy him, it's all in your hands! Dad, what are you going to do with me? Back to Niu Zhengshuo!Don't let me see the endless generations of whores and sluts! Dad, I beg you, please let me go and let me follow Huang Luotian.We are quiet, it’s okay in the dark, it’s okay to pretend to be a beggar, let’s get out of here and hide in a place where no one knows us. You can ask me, but you can't change the legal and just sanctions! You encouraged Niu Zhengshuo and instructed him to deal with us in this way. I can't let you do evil, male robbers and female prostitutes! Niu Zhengshuo also has something in my hands, and I can also sue him. What excuse does he have?No matter how much he handles, he can buy it back.There is only the handle in your stomach, Mu Changci, even if you dig out your stomach, heart and lungs together, you can't get rid of it! The report to be handed out at the press conference with overlapping mimeographs is enough.Mu Liqiang said that there is only one way for Mu Changci, yes, there is only one way for her.
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