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Chapter 19 Chapter Nineteen

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When Mu Changci returned to Tingquan Residence, it was getting dark.Brother Zhao greeted him and told Huang Luotian that he was waiting to have dinner with her.She waved her hand and walked towards the bedroom. After staying in the bathroom for a long time, she changed into her pajamas and came out, lying under the blanket. What's the matter, Changci, are you not feeling well?Huang Luotian rushed over. Nothing, maybe if the wind blows, it will be fine if you lie down. He looked at her, and she smiled at him under the dim light of the green lampshade, but immediately closed her eyes and said wearily:

Go eat quickly, it's half past nine, what are you waiting for me? I'm writing and I'm not hungry. I think you'll be back for dinner. I originally said that I would come back, but my mother kept me. How are the elderly? Very good, you go to eat. Huang Luotian left, Mu Changci turned over and buried his face in the pillow, his shoulder blades trembled, crying sadly, a large area of ​​the pillow was wet, and it was cold to his chest.Hearing the sound of footsteps, Huang Luotian came back, suppressed the tears streaming down his eyes, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Changci.he called softly. She didn't answer, and tried her best to make her snort sound even. He leaned over and kissed her forehead lightly, and put her arm outside the quilt into the quilt.He turned off the lights and walked quietly to the study. The firewood in the fireplace was crackling, and the red flames were shining brightly, smearing fat on Mu Changci's face.She stopped the children's sweater she was knitting, and stared blankly at the fire. Huang Luotian put down the book in his hand, approached her, and sat on the carpet beside her.She came back from her meditation, turned to smile at him, and continued knitting.

Changci, what's on your mind these days? She flipped the ear hairs and shook her head. Physical discomfort? No. Why are you lying to me? I was ridiculous, as if something was moving on my body, which made me flustered. I asked the doctor, and he said it was okay, laughing at me for being too nervous. Our children are beginning to find life. Niu Zhengshuo has not yet signed the divorce papers. Is this something on your mind?The formal actions are just for others to see.You know, I know, we're not going to be affected in any way. I had a dream last night. I dreamed that we were still so young, playing on the inner mountain behind your house, and you fell into the mud. I couldn't get close to you, and saw that you had only one head left.

Enlightened people haunted by nightmares?Changci, what made you weak? I can't be enough to fully understand, people, how useless and insignificant, everything is dominating you. He silently held her hand, the fire was so hot, her hand was still cold. Luo Tian, ​​love is just a juncture in life, while reputation and future are a matter of life. Changci, what do you want to say to me? ! I was thinking, I can't see you stuck in the mud with only one head left. He embraced her, took away the knitting needles and wool from her hands, and kissed her neck, with the fragrance of orchid-like feminine muscles.

Promise me, stop fooling around. She closed her eyes and fell into his arms. The firewood in the fireplace gradually turned to ashes, and they cuddled together, watching the golden stars go out one after another in the darkness, leaving them with an undisturbed world.His cheek brushed her tender cheek.Carefully and neatly, he lifted her up.Into the bedroom, put her on the bed.Her hair, her shoulders, her back.Moist lips and moist lips, slightly parted, stuck together.Her face turned around and hid beside his shoulder blades. He held her face up, touched the tip of her nose lightly, and swept back her black hair with one hand.With those crescent eyebrows, the index finger gently swipe left and right.Follow the arc of the cheek until the well-lined lips.

Smile, huh? She followed him, hooked the corners of her beautiful mouth, her long hair flashed, and turned around. Changci. I am sleepy. Then sleep well.He caressed her shoulder. She responded, tears streaming down her temples. The clock ticked every minute and every second, and Mu Changci knew that every second was getting closer to parting. It was very late, Huang Luotian was sitting in the study, and Mu Changci hadn't come back yet. This was her routine visit to visit her parents, but she made an exception, it was eleven o'clock. But there were too many things that worried Huang Luotian: her weak and pregnant body, the messy urban traffic situation.A quarter past eleven, now, thirty-five eleven.Unable to bear it any longer, he started to dial the phone, but the phone was malfunctioning.He put on a coat, ran towards the public telephone booth in the wind, dialed the number, and waited with bated breath.

Hello, Mu Liqiang's voice. Huang Luotian hesitated for a moment, then continued: Uncle, I am Luo Tian.Excuse me, is Changci back? Oh, Luo Tian, ​​it's been a long time, you were injured, I went to the hospital to see you, you were delirious and didn't know anything, now I heard that you are completely recovered, it's so good, so good. Thank you, old man, it's almost twelve o'clock now, I'm worried about Changci, I don't know how she is, has she left your place and come home? Yes, she went home. go home?When did she leave your place? When it was less than seven o'clock, I sent her back together, and Niu Zhengshuo specially prepared a feast of food and wine to welcome Changci back home.

old man Huang Luotian, Mu Changci is from the Niu family. It's only natural for her to go back to the Niu family. Do you have any opinions? ! Your order, Changci obeys your order! She is not a child, nor is she a fool, and she has something to tell you, and a letter, and I was going to meet you tomorrow morning. I will come right away.He said and hung up the phone. After reading the letter, I also heard Mu Changci's handwriting and the words left for her father to pass on.A summary: Mu Changci returned to Niu Zhengshuo's side for the benefit of both parties. Love is just a station in life, and reputation and future are a matter of life.

Yes, these were her words. Huang Luotian was sitting on the sofa, looking like a clay or wood sculpture. With a leisurely expression, Mu Liqiang dug into the pipe and knocked out a lot of black and oily dross.Looking sideways at Huang Luotian, hey, he can commit suicide, so commit suicide as soon as possible!Sucking in the mouth of the empty pipe, the smoothness is just right, stuffed with shredded tobacco, and pressed tightly.Smiling and said: Niu Zhengshuo completed the formalities for him and Changci to go abroad, and planned to leave for Hong Kong within a few days. Changci wanted to buy some new clothes and jewelry.A woman without jewelry is as outrageous as a man wearing a suit without a tie. Mink fur coats are also very important. After more than ten years in Taiwan, we have all become tropical fish.He thought he was very humorous, he laughed a few times: Europe and the United States are very cold, and the spring is cold, which is about the same as our north. You have been in foreign countries for so long, you should know.

Huang Luotian's eyes were like lightning, looking at Mu Liqiang. Alas, time flies so fast, you are so old, your eyes and appearance, you really look like your father. You should say, you hate me like you hate my father. Yes, I hated him once, and now that I'm old, it takes strength to hold a grudge.I'm too lazy to take care of your affairs, I just want to take care of them, who can I take care of?Niu Zhengshuo once discussed with me, and I agreed with him to divorce Changci. Niu Zhengshuo's behavior has always been ridiculous.I don't deny that when I was among you back then, I didn't allow my daughter to also compensate your surname Huang. Since Huang Xinru is dead, I hate life rather than death, and my hatred is over. Is your grudge over?It's a pity that the older you are, the deeper the hatred.First you deal with others, now you deal with yourself.Mu Changci is your daughter, and you know that she cannot live with Niu Zhengshuo, so you send her back to Niu's house.The first time you broke up Changci and me because of hatred, what is the reason for breaking us up this time? ! Luo Tian, ​​I am old and have a lot of experience. The principles of life must never be reversed.Niu Zhengshuo insisted on refusing to divorce. He realized that a mistress is just a mistress and a wife is a wife after all.He made up his mind to take Mu Changci back.If you don't break up, he will sue you.I told Changci the truth, and after careful consideration, she decided to go back to Niu's house. Everything is arranged by you, I know Changci well. You know Mu Changci, she knows life.When she returned to Niu's house, it was like she walked to Niu Zhengshuo's side step by step in her bride's gown.She doesn't insist on anything, everything in the world is just an illusion to her.She has her way, you have your future.She had a good life before you showed up, but now she has finally calmed down, please don't interfere any more. Huang Luotian stood up, it was time for him to leave. Uh, Luo Tian, ​​wait a minute, I almost forgot one thing.Mu Liqiang walked towards Huang Luotian.That Tingquan residence is completely yours now, and the person who invested 500,000 yuan to buy it is Niu Zhengshuo, who gave it to Mu Changci as a gift from Changci to you. Huang Luotian's face changed suddenly, and his eyes narrowed.Mu Liqiang subconsciously took two or three steps back.Huang Luotian left him behind, turned around and left quickly. Leaving the Mu mansion, walking in the streets and alleys, a tall and lonely figure.It was early past midnight and the wind was stronger, but he didn't notice it, even though his clothes were thin.I have never experienced this kind of nothing to rely on, step by step, where to go?Unnecessary, without purpose, without pursuit.Coconut trees sway in the wind, ghosts with disheveled hair.The fast-moving new car passed by, and the sewage in the puddle flew on the beach, step by step, with a weight like tens of millions.Unreal, unreal, where is the person snuggling beside me?A dream, an illusion, an empty space. At the corner, old man Su's food stall.Lively, nightlife people relax and enjoy the moment.The reporters' eyes are piercing behind the myopia mirror: major events in the world, news from the country.Man bites dog, movie star marriage, Miss China gossip.Restaurant girls, beautiful singers, pretty dancers.Love kills, sexy corpses, fairy dances.Foam splashing, eyebrows dancing, detailed description, please see tomorrow's newspaper.Ba Niang curled her lips and spat on the ground, dead ghost, how many heads are on her shoulders?Without money, dare to touch the door of my mother!She has a bloody mouth and a face full of spring breeze. She doesn't know that it's her own youth that was wasted, and the braised pig's ears are gurgling in her mouth. Yes, that stupid thing is always old, ugly or ugly, and her wallet is full.He, with messy beard and long beard, is he an idiot?He clenched his fists and knocked on the table, goblins, goblins, hair, teeth, breasts, buttocks, just like her conscience, there is no truth at all!Aha that one yawned and picked up a glass of wine.What kind of business is this guy doing?Dirty inside, the bird wiped his dirty hands on his trousers, smashed his mouth, half a peanut, half a piece of dried tofu.Intentionally or unintentionally, the elbow touched the back of a modern lady's shoulder, ouch!she screamed.Open the handbag, the money won on the mahjong table is still alive.With a sigh of relief, he glanced at his companion and took out the small golden powder box.Terrible three-inch spiked high heels, after dancing for two hours, it looks like a broken bone.Women make it their own!Hee hee hee.Hey, a fly in the beef soup!a hair!Short, curvy, this is not disgusting, disgusting, yuck, a mouthful of saliva. Hey, lady boss, lady boss! Come on, come on, come on!The old rich lady sang a tune, and three discs came out with both hands.Brother Huang, you are here, with one look, you can pull out your soul from the crowd of all living beings. What about Mr. Su? Wangshi's eyes turned red, and he pointed inside with one finger: There, in the room. Huang Luotian walked in, and a dim lamp in the darkness illuminated a pitch-black coffin, that's it, Mr. Su.Caressing the coffin, it was heavy and silent, Huanglianpo, Dading, Xiaoniu, mountain forest, fish pond, female leopard, Wujiapi, abalone's cousin and Xideng are sealed here forever. Wangichi walked in, wiped his hands on the apron, sighed, and sat down on the bench. Heart disease, death is also happy.Some time ago.He knew you were injured and clamored to see you.In the middle of the night, he complained of chest pains and wanted to get up and walk around. He got up on the bed and fell down without stepping on the dirt. Mrs. Su, is there anything I can do for you? money?No, no, we made money.You see, the old man's coffin cost three thousand yuan. He was saving money when he was alive, and he should sleep in a decent coffin when he died.Wangichi pulled up his apron and wiped his eyes. You have to take care of yourself and don't be sad. sad?No, no, I killed four husbands in a row, and buried the second one in loess mud, so I got used to it.The dead are dead and cannot be called back, and the living still have to eat. Mom, how much is Yangchun noodles plus ribs?Ami called outside. Six dollars!I told you six dollars just now! Come collect the bill, Mom!This is Ah Jiu. Come on, come on, come on! Watching Wangshi's obese and staggering back, Huang Luotian silently sat beside Old Su's coffin for a long while.Farewell, Mr. Su, rest in peace.
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