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Chapter 20 Chapter Twenty

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Huang Luotian found a small house with two bedrooms, one living room and one study.Although the location is remote, it is not afraid of coal pollution, no noise disturbing the ears, and a small garden where flowers and grass can be planted, which is considered suitable.Decided to migrate regularly. Lao Zheng's sad nose was wiped like a carrot, and he muttered in his mouth that he and his younger brother Zhao helped organize Huang Luotian's luggage.He didn't have many things to bring, except for stacks of books, all the supplies and furniture belonged to Mu Changci, he didn't move at all, even the two Gods of Hehe.

He He Shen, he stretched out his hand to touch the two smiling faces, one was once prayed to be his father, and the other, her mother.Next: one him, one her.Hehe, he doesn't envy Hehe, he envies them smiling. Shaking out a piece of underwear, something fell down.He took a look at the necklace of chicken hearts that his father had given him, and with a twist of a small switch, the chicken hearts were opened. There were two clear and clever words: Xinxin.Xinxin, he closed his heart, and threw the necklace towards the box. With too much force, he jumped over the box and fell to the ground. He took two steps forward, bent over to pick it up, and his father's face flashed in front of his eyes.Xinxin, he hung the necklace on his chest, holding back the tears that were about to burst out of his eyes.

On the sofa, facing the deserted fireplace, the warmth of the flames, the phantoms of the walls, her flushed face, her eyes, are bottomless and boundless; the sea, the blue sky, the sky is foggy, and the water is cold.Changci, Changci!He leaned over the arm of the chair. Young Master, dinner is ready.Zhaodi timidly urged. He doesn't move or make a sound. Eldest young master, you have to eat, Miss Changci told me to take good care of you, now you don't eat anything, Old Zheng, you go away. The light should have been turned on a long time ago, but he was still sitting there in the dark. Suddenly, the light turned on, and Mu Cili walked towards him. She looked strange, dazed, shy, and sad.

Brother Huang, I didn't expect that my sister really left and traveled the world with Niutou Mamian.She shook her head and sat beside him: Dad said, our sisters shouldn’t treat you like this. In fact, Brother Huang, it’s not that I don’t love you. I always thought that you love your sister, and my sister loves you too. How could I To snatch you away from your sister? !I was afraid that time, you said you could sleep on your bed, and I should believe that you love me. Dad said he was always worried that I would not be able to get married when I grew up, because I was stupid, no one wanted stupid people, he thought for me , I often have nightmares and can't sleep. Since you love me, I might as well sleep with you in your bed. Dad is our officiant.At that time there was no sister, so I thought about it carefully, sleeping with a man will give birth to a child, nothing else matters, where did you see a girl wearing a student skirt with her skirt buttoned up on her big belly? !How can the students bear it when they see it and laugh?Now that things have come to this point, I don't have to worry so much.you want to marry me,

Ci Li, did your father say I want to marry you? Yes. and after? Didn't dad promise you later?He didn't think about it, he said that you are much older than me, but you may cherish me more because of this, I told my mother about this, I think she must be happier than my father.She loves you, and she cried several times when you were hurt.But Dad is right, she just doesn't want to see me live happily in the world, and when she hears that I want to marry you Mu Cili was sad again thinking about it, her little red lips twisted and tears rolled down her face. Tell me, Ciri, what did your mother say? !

I don't care about her!I don't care what she says!But, she said: Ci Li, no, you can't marry Huang Luotian! Ci Li, no, you can't marry Huang Luotian! Mom, why?Why can't I marry Brother Huang?He loves me, I love him, Dad arranged for us, why don't you allow it?Mom, why don't you allow it? ! Cili, your sister My sister left, and went to play around happily with my brother-in-law. She doesn't want Brother Huang.Mom, you love my sister. I will wear her old clothes when she was a child. I am also very satisfied with the broken toys. But you, Mu Cili, started to cry.

Mrs. Mu's teardrops were like broken threads, sobbing, stroking Mu Cili's shoulder, she pushed her away vigorously, lying on the chair and crying bitterly: ah daddy daddy She wants her daddy, her daddy!If Mrs. Mu has a gun in her hand now, it's time, she will shoot Mu Liqiang. Ci Li, let me tell you, Mu Liqiang is not your father! What?Mom, what are you talking about? ! You can't marry Huang Luotian, because you are Huang Xinru's daughter! I'm Huang Xinru's daughter? !Huang Luotian's younger sister? ! Ci Li, what I told you is the truth. Am I Huang Xinru's illegitimate daughter? !

You don't believe me, Ciri, why don't you believe me? ! Li Xiaocui is Huang Xinru's illegitimate daughter, and I am also Huang Xinru's illegitimate daughter.Huang Xinru, that old monster, how many illegitimate daughters does he have? ! Ci Li, how dare you go on! If I am Huang Xinru's daughter, you are not my mother. If you are not my mother, what do you care about me? ! This woman is indeed not worthy to be your mother, Mu Cili.Mu Liqiang appeared: It's very simple, she doesn't love anyone in the world, she doesn't love me, she doesn't love you, she doesn't love your sister, or your brother.She doesn't want to see other people happy, you and Huang Luotian will be happy together, she can't stand it.

Mrs. Mu stood up tremblingly from her chair, raised her hands high, and charged towards Mu Li.Mu Liqiang's eyes were blazing, he grabbed her body tightly, kicked her away with his fist, but without humming, Mrs. Mu tilted her head and fell to the ground. mom!mom!Mu Cili rushed over. You idiot, your mother is dead!It's good to die!Mu Liqiang clapped his hands, and Wang Meixin grabbed his collar loosely: Let her deal with you alive! Mu Cili knelt beside her mother in a daze.Seeing her moaning, twisting her body, her absent-minded eyes were fixed on her daughter's face: Cili promised me that she would not marry Huang Luotian.

Mu Cili shook her head with tears in her eyes, stood up, and left.Mrs. Mu was left lying there alone. So, Mrs. Mu said; Mu Cili, no, it should be Huang Cili, Huang Luotian's younger sister.What Huang Luotian wanted to know was who the baby Mu Liqiang killed was. Mu Liqiang's intentions were already obvious.Now, to count Huang Luotian's assistance, Mrs. Mu must be honest. Ci Li, your mother is right, Mu Liqiang is not your father, he deliberately framed us, he wanted Huang Xinru's daughter to have incest with his son, brother and sister. Isn't Mu Liqiang my father? !He deliberately framed us?Why?

Huang Luotian explained everything to Cili from the beginning, Mu Liqiang arranged for Li Xiaocui, Li Xiaocui was not his sister, Wang Meixin and Huang Xinru were in love, Xinxin's necklace and Xiangyin.He took off the heart from his neck and handed it to Mucili; it was gathered together with her bunch.The chicken heart pendant is opened, and the hearts are connected, and the hearts are connected with each other.Mu Cili was stunned for a while, then raised her tearful eyes to Huang Luotian. I don't know who the baby Mu Liqiang crushed to death is. I think your mother will tell us the truth now. **** Night, is this night.Mrs. Mu was lying on the bed. Ever since Mu Changci left Niu's house, she had entered the cage of the surname Mu, the cage of the surname Mu. She was young and ignorant, so she spread her wings and flew in.If you want to leave when you feel enlightened, you can't escape. Mu Liqiang arranged for his beautiful wife to get close to his boss, and searched for Qingyun Road with humble means.Wang Meixin and Huang Xinru had feelings for each other, and the paper kite in Mu Liqiang's hand broke.Zhou Lang's ingenious plan was mixed with shame and hatred, and the resentment and jealousy originating from his heart became longer and longer, stretched and expanded.Green grass-like, luxuriant every year, new every year. The red flames are raging, leaving Nanjing, leaving Shanghai, and arriving in Guangzhou.Mu Liqiang grabbed Wang Meixin's hand and ran south, while Huang Xinru's wife reined in her husband's horse.They are heart-to-heart, and they hope wholeheartedly to come to Taiwan to fulfill their long-cherished wish, knowing that a farewell will be a forever farewell. The baby kicked and kicked in the abdomen, and the pain pierced the mother's heart.Mu Liqiang's eyes shot like rockets, she could not live, nor could she die. Whoa whoa whoa! Drowsy, she heard the baby crying. Whoa whoa whoa! Another, a pair of twins. That was a night she would never forget in her life. Mu Liqiang crushed and killed her innocent child, and she rushed to protect the boy, knelt on the ground and wept and begged.She is willing to exchange her life and everything else for the baby's life. Today's Mu Cili, she got life, but Mu Liqiang manipulated her, not just a killer! Life has long since lost its meaning to her.So lingering, unfinished business, hanging heart, now, if the remaining body is useful, don't hesitate. She stood up from the bed, endured the pain, moved to the side of the drawer, opened the drawer, and held a pair of sharp scissors.With paper and pen ready, he sat down and leaned on the table to take a rest.All thoughts turned to ashes, and only one thought was hard to give up, Mu Changci, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, tears and blood gushed together.Changci, my daughter, my son! Bloody, she wrote a book in blood.Ci Li, mother hurt you, I only hope that one day you will understand mother's heart.Mother's life has been missed, and she can't make any more mistakes to make your brother and sister incest.Mother's blood, drop by drop.Ci Li, I broke your heart, can this blood, this blood, be able to make up for it?Can it be made up for? ! When you're done, press the letter to your chest.Blood gushed out from her left wrist, and as she walked, it dripped all the way to Mu Cili's room.Opening the curtain, the daughter was sleeping soundly, with tears in the corners of her eyes.She didn't know that those were the tears of realization, let alone that her daughter had knelt at her knees begging for forgiveness in her sleep.But that seems to have nothing to do with it, and it is enough to bear the humiliation and steal life to this day.With trembling hands, she caressed Mucili's cheek, my little apple!The still childish red lips, the Suo Niu that once twisted left and right on her chest.The nose is the same as Huang Luotian's, just like their father's.She closed her eyes, held her breath, and put the blood book into the pocket of her daughter's pajamas.There was a sudden darkness in front of his eyes, and he stood still while clutching the bed board.Panting, quietly, step by step slowly backed away from her daughter's room. Mrs. Mu's body hanging by the window sill was discovered by the maid early the next morning.Untied down, breathless for a long time.It lay on the bed, straight and cold.The dark purple tongue hangs out, and the dazed pupils stare blankly, condensing the last drop of tears. With disheveled hair, Huang Cili crawled and knelt to her mother's side, and kissed the swollen mother's face.Calling mother and mother, mourning and weeping. Mu Liqiang sat in a dark corner, a man piled up with mud, his face was no better than that of the corpse, and there were no more expressions.Perhaps, the picture of death did not make him feel more pleasing to the eye.The hollow pipe was biting between his teeth, and the withered eagle claws on the hand clasping the chair trembled.The corpse was very fresh, and he seemed to smell the rot, coughing and foaming.Standing up, he stopped Huang Luotian who was rushing over; he pushed his shoulders away, and dragged him back, words came up from the bottom of his intestines: It is your duty to take care of her funeral.Huang Luotian! Mrs. Mu's body was put into the coffin and left in the funeral parlor. The telegram was sent, and on this day, Mu Changci came back. At night, when she returned to her mother's house, Mu Liqiang sat alone in the study. Mu Changci opened the door and walked in. He raised his head. The daughter was wrapped in black and walked to her father calmly. Mu Liqiang held her hand , asked in a blunt tone: Changci, where is Zhengshuo? He wants to continue traveling and cannot be interrupted. How about you, when are you going? She smiled lightly and replied: me?Not going, never going. Zheng Shuo agreed? Yes, he had agreed a long time ago. If my mother hadn't passed away, I would have come back too. Now, it's just a few days earlier. Changci, have you changed your mind again? No, Dad, I dare not disobey your orders. He took a breath and leaned back in his chair.Squinting her eyes and looking at Mu Changci, she has lost weight, a lot. Changci, how are you? She hesitated for a moment and replied: I'm fine, Dad. That's good, tell me how you reached the agreement, I promise Zhengshuo that you will always be from the Niu family. I am pregnant and not suitable for travel. You, don't you have an abortion?Haven't had an abortion yet? No, I want to keep the fetus. Keeping an invisible fetus?You are obviously playing tricks. Dad, what tricks can I play in the hands of you and Niu Zhengshuo? Yes, as long as you know it clearly, your mother is a good example. Dad, Mom committed suicide, have you ever thought about it? Do I have to think?for your own good?Or for your mother?Are you thinking about your mother?Or do you think about yourself? Mu Changci fell silent, turned and left. Changci! She turned her head and stared at Mu Liqiang coldly. Remember, what I say is true, you are from the Niu family! She didn't answer and left his study. Huang Cili lay on the bed, crying sadly.Woke up crying, cried to sleep.Opening his sleepy and swollen eyes, Mu Changci walked towards her.She yelled, thinking it was her mother's ghost. Ci Li! Sister?sister!Huang Cili sat up, embraced Mu Changci, and howled hoarsely. Okay, Ciri, okay, she stroked her sister's back. Sobbing, he took out the suicide note written in blood from his chest and handed it to Mu Changci, who took it in her hand with tears in her eyes.Huang Cili cried and complained, cursing Mu Liqiang. Ci Li, there is no need to do this, after all you have called him your father for more than ten years. He's so vicious, I didn't know there was a thing with two legs in the world that was as vicious as him. Mom can't be brought back to life, and resentment won't do you any good. He should also crush me to death, which is much better than me suffering now. Your suffering is over now, and you have gained a good brother who will take good care of you for the rest of your life. Yes, Huang Cili wiped her tears: "He is so kind. He hasn't rested for a minute these days. He stays by her mother's side in the funeral home at night.Sister, I dare not look at my mother's body, it's like I wrapped the rope around her neck.She put the blood book in my pocket, and her blood was all over my pajamas.If I wake up at that time, I must not let her die.Sister, I hurt my mother, I don't listen to her, I must marry my brother, look how damned, how stupid I am!Sister, what do you think I should do?What should be done! Ci Li, don't think about everything in the past, you should have a good rest, and send your mother up the mountain the day after tomorrow. Have you ever been to a funeral home?She pursed her lips again. Been there. Did you see Brother Huang? Saw. Sister. Um? You're back? Talking stupid again, am I not here? Brother-in-law? He was about to leave Hong Kong and go somewhere else. When are you going with him? not going. real?Really? ! Mu Changci nodded. Live there at night? Tingquanju. Did you know that Big Brother Huang has moved away? knew. You're going to tell him to move back, because I'm going to move to his place.You want him to move back to Tingquanju, and the three of us are together. Can't. Why? Because I am Mrs. Niu. What? !I don't understand! Ci Li, you are young and you don't understand too many things. Sister, let me ask you one more question. Just ask. Mom passed away, are you sad? What's the use of being sad? When Mu Changci left, Huang Cili opened her red eyes, blinked her eyelids, and tilted her head.The day after tomorrow, when I sent my mother up the mountain, she shed tears again, sucked in her nose, and retracted into the quilt. Huang Luotian took care of Mrs. Mu's funeral alone, not because Mu Liqiang said it was his duty.I just feel that he can help and is the only helper.Mu Liqiang didn't pay attention to anything. Mu Yuande was in the venereal disease hospital.In the face of a corpse waiting to be buried, no matter who it belonged to, he would not stand idly by. At night, Huang Luotian sat next to Mrs. Mu's coffin frame. A dim lamp, through the veil, showed Mrs. Mu's face after makeup was serene.There is silence all around, and the sound of ghosts stepping can be heard in imagination.For three days, the funeral parlor was full of corpses, the broken arms and limbs of the car accident, the bloody and bloody fighters, and the corpses were scattered here and there.The bereaved family is sad and screams for heaven and earth.It was a quiet time, except for the body of an unidentified woman who was brought in just before midnight, with no relatives and no crying.It was dead, completely dead, with heavy eyelids, blinked, buzzing mosquitoes flew in, slapped, wiped away the blood and dirt, yawned, licked his palm, and closed his eyes.I don't know how long it took, but when I opened my eyes, there was a person in black on the opposite side, I couldn't imagine her expression, a statue of jade.She stared at the corpse as she did in the morning, without tears.Tears don't necessarily mean anything. Her expression is strange, as if she has changed to a different person. He doesn't understand. Now he feels that it is not easy to really understand someone. Luo Tian, ​​thank you for treating our family like this.Her tone was as altered as her expression, ethereal and from a strange place. You should go back to rest, it's so late, you don't look very good. Mu Changci lowered his eyes, and after a long while, he said: I'm going to sit here, one last night, with my mother. I'll give you a chair to sit on.He stood up and gave her the rattan chair with the back, and sat on the round stool by himself. Luo Tian, ​​I went and didn't tell you beforehand, do you blame me? I believe you can't help yourself, your father arranged for you, arranged for Cili, and indirectly arranged for your mother.You should understand by now.It's not too late. Maybe it's too late. What do you mean, Changci? We are not children, how ridiculous it is to change from the past to the past. You compare our emotions to juggling? Mu Changci smiled faintly, raised his beautiful lips, and raised his tired eyelids: the whole life is just a trick of changing and changing. Yes, not to mention a stand-up love in life! Mother is here, she can't hear or speak now, but if there is a ghost, she will support my words. How do you arrange the tricks our children do all their lives? He has his way, once he has life. Let his surname be Niu, right? I have done my best, if he can only be named Niu, it is only because we ignore the law. What a poor child, please Niu Zhengshuo to follow in your father's footsteps and crush him to death, there is no need for me as a father and you as a mother. This gathering between me and you is just a deliberate tease from the heavens! By the way, I forgot that God's masterpiece is also a trick! I just saw you dying. Unfortunately I came back alive. Curse me, Luo Tian.She closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. He stood up, wandered back and forth, stopped, and stopped in front of her. This time you came back alone, how did you swear in front of Niu Zhengshuo that he can rest assured? I never swear, he just needs to believe it. Does he trust you more than I trust you? I've spent a lot of time with him and he knows me better than you do. Well, I should know more about you too. Just know it, and you will be happy. Thank you for your concern, I am always optimistic. That's the way people should be, we're still best friends. Sure, I don't even have to remember you're a woman. Can it be so thorough?If this is the case, I don't have to refuse Ci Li's request, and the three of us will live in Tingquanju together. I have been fed enough by you, and I can no longer be considered equal to a boxer dog. This is the most basic bone quality, and I have to keep it. Mu Changci smiled and closed his eyes again, and said: Whatever you want, just keep it. He looked at her frighteningly.Her Sleeping Beauty-like, suet-skinned visage is one of infinite peace.He swallowed softly and said: Changci, tell me how everything is going.Your future plan, my future route, our children I will return our child to you. I don't just care about little kids. I said we're not kids, and if there was a better way, I wouldn't have left you then.It was like that then, and it’s like this now. I came back from a funeral, and I had to rest for the sake of my child.Tingquanju is given to you sincerely, if you don’t want it, I will keep it.After tomorrow, I will live in Tingquanju, where it is quiet. Come and see me with Cili when you are free, or let Cili stay with me.Your way is smooth and wide; do you want me to teach you how to walk? Can't you divorce Niu Zhengshuo and we get married?He tried to stay calm. This question has already been answered for you. No more thinking and no more effort? No need to think or try. Why don't you convince your father now?He made your mother kill herself, crushed a baby? That's between him and my mother, unless her old man sits up and accuses him now. At least he can no longer interfere with things between the two of us. Luo Tian, ​​you nag like an old woman. You mean, you don't want to divorce Niu Zhengshuo. It's not that I don't want to, I'm lazy, now, I'm lazy about everything.I just want to quietly, quietly for a period of time. Changci, let me ask you one more question, what does your father mean when you leave me?Or as he said your own decision. my own decision. How terrible you are, Mu Changci! I was able to talk to you so much near my mother's dead body that you should understand how terrible I am. Huang Luotian stood up.Mu Changci stared blankly at her mother's remains. Changci She is invisible and doesn't bat an eyelid. Huang Luotian hesitated, and wanted to continue talking. He glanced at her again, stopped, turned around and walked slowly, leaving the funeral home.
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