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Chapter 21 Chapter 21

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Mrs. Mu was buried, and everything fell silent for a while. Huang Luotian's new house is simple and unpretentious, a room with pink walls belongs to Huang Cili.Cili obediently obeyed her elder brother's instructions, put aside everything else, and studied hard.Now that the spring semester has started, Huang Luotian has also started his career as a professor.Standing on the podium for the first time, dozens of pairs of pure and sincere eyes followed.He didn't understand what was silently revealed in the middle. This Saturday, when he came home, he sat down at the desk. When Huang Cili came, she glanced at him timidly and leaned against his desk.

Brother, sister is calling Huang Luotian raised his head, frowned and looked at her. Today is Saturday, my sister said Cili, how many times have I told you that you can't go to Tingquanju! Huang Cili couldn't bear it anymore, and cried with tears: You are too vicious, you are my brother and she is my sister.She is half my sister, and you are only half my brother.My sister and I are both women, and there is no class on Saturday and tomorrow. My sister has prepared a lot of things for me. Let's talk and play together, but you won't let me go.You hate her, why should I follow you to hate her?There is a limit to my patience, what kind of heart are you!My life is unlucky, my mother is dead, Mu Liqiang is a monster, you are a big ghost!

Well, Ci Li, you won, I'm sorry, you go, come back early in the evening. Huang Luotian could spend endless hours on the desk, and it was getting late in no time.He ate his supper alone, lit a cigarette, and sat in the little parlour.I haven't seen Mu Changci for more than a month.At the moment of Mrs. Mu's burial, the ritual and music mourned, and the black coffin frame slowly descended.Mu Changci collapsed, like an iceberg thawed, no one noticed, her usual calm made no one think, when someone noticed, she was already fainted on the ground.The next day he went to Tingquanju to visit her, Zhaodi said the doctor was there, so he sat in the living room and waited.The doctor finally left, saying that Mu Changci needed to rest, Huang Luotian left immediately.Enough is enough, self-indulgent!

It was half past ten, and Huang Cili hadn't come back yet. He picked up the phone, and the person who answered was Mu Changci. Both sides paused for a moment, and Huang Luotian asked: Is Cili back? Oh, I want to keep her here overnight. No, she has homework, I'll wait to see what she does. Tomorrow is Sunday, does she have to rush to do her homework at night? Huang Luotian was momentarily at a loss for words, and said: I want her back. If you want her to go back, I will let her go back. I'll come get her, it's too late. No, I told the driver to take her off. He put down the phone receiver with a click.The phone rang, he picked it up, and let out an annoyed hello, it was still Mu Changci.

Luo Tian, ​​I forgot just now, thank you for visiting me that day Before she finished speaking, he clicked and hung up the phone again. About forty minutes later, Huang Cili came back, with a displeased face, and went straight to her room. Second Li.Huang Luotian called. She refused and slammed the door shut. Huang Luotian approached, knocked on the door, and pushed it in. She was already lying on the bed, with the quilt covering her head and face. Huang Luotian approached her bed, sat on the edge of her bed, opened the quilt, with teary eyes. Go away, Huang Luotian! If you can't stand my restraint, you can move to Tingquanju tomorrow.

why don't i go?I'm going to show you, I have nothing to do to you, she is my sister! I'm afraid it's too late.you are a girl You care about me too much, my sister and I were lying on the bed talking, I was almost going to sleep, you called, and you called me back like a ghost.My sister and I were both in pajamas, and we didn’t have time to change. We put a coat over it, and she drove me here by herself. She sent you back by herself?She said to tell the driver, I said I would pick you up, but she didn't want me to go.I didn't know you were in bed either. There are too many things you don't know, please go now, I want to sleep, I should have the freedom to sleep, right?Yes or no? !You said, Huang Luotian? !

Huang Luotian left Huang Cili's room, closed the door behind his back, and heard the faint sound of Cili crying bitterly.He quietly went back to the study, and sat down on the chair by the table in the darkness. It was a day off and the weather was fine, Huang Luotian was renovating the flowers and trees in the yard.There are several cuckoo clusters, white pink and white, red scarlet, crimson reddish white, mixed with camellia, and the petals are stacked with calyx green.A tree of peach blossoms, no taller than a person, with three to five branches, but it is full of young leaves, with several buds.Give a small piece of garden, add a few strokes of spring.

The doorbell rang, and unexpectedly, it was Wang Lizhou, a good friend of his classmate in England.Behind the three young women, the eyes of the three are flashing back and forth, their steps are light and quick, and their knee-length skirts are swaying. Terrible, the big professor sweeps the garden by himself! Lizhou, when did you come back? !Huang Luotian was really happy. I have been back for more than half a year.Come, come, let me introduce you to three young ladies, this one Li Sisi. Miss Li. Li Sisi smiled and stretched out her hand. Or Chen Hanfang. Chen Hanfang bowed slightly generously.

This, my little sister, Wang Wangxiang. Wang Wangxiang smiled, with orchid breath. You should know them all, they are all your students.Wang Lizhou added. Yeah?I'm really sorry, I'm afraid I will have to wear glasses in class in the future.Speaking of which, Huang Luotian let everyone into the living room. Everyone sit down.Huang Cili peeped into the living room through the thin window curtains, oh, three girls!Opened the door and walked out. Ci Li, come, let me introduce you.Huang Luotian said: Lizhou, this is my sister, Huang Cili. Oh, that's great, I never knew you had a sister!Looks like you, exactly the same Greek nose, is it real?

Brother is here again, compatriots, what are you talking about?King Xiang said with a smile. What attracts Huang Cili is the fragrance of the king, her plain skin without makeup, those eyes, that nose, and that smiling expression.Long hair, tied together, white ribbon, white sweater, blue top and blue skirt, the arc of the calf is clear and slender, straight to the ankle.A pair of white flat-heeled leather shoes is also very reasonable, and the beauty of youth and beauty cannot be described enough. Huang Luotian and Wang Lizhou began to reminisce about the past, while Huang Cili's eyes turned to Li Sisi and Chen Hanfang.They also looked at her, she pursed her lips, and turned her eyes to Wang Lizhou. This man was tall and thin, with a pair of myopia glasses, a straight nose, and red lips, as if he had secretly applied a woman's lipstick. , pushing the glasses that slid down the bridge of the nose with fair hands.

Li Sisi, Chen Hanfang, and my younger sister are all fourth-year students in the Chinese Department. They also love philosophy. Your admirers have many questions in their hearts and want to ask you. So polite, use the word "ask for advice"!Huang Luotian replied. Then these three characters who admire you are handed over to you. Huang Luotian's eyes happened to meet Wang Wangxiang's, she smiled slightly, a wave of blush bloomed on her cheeks. Ciri, do we have any more sweets? Huang Cili returned to the room, sat on the edge of the bed in a daze for a while, found some toffee and coconut biscuits, and brought them out on a plate. Would you like Aqiao to exchange some hot tea for us?Huang Luotian paid attention to his younger sister's expression. The hot tea was changed, and the host and guest talked very speculatively. Which school does Miss Huang study in?Wang Lizhou asked: The homework must be good. Huang Luotian answered on his behalf, and continued with a smile: The homework is okay, but nothing good. That's your usual way of speaking, even if you get 100 points in the test, it's nothing good, you, you always hide something deep. Brother, you should be as humble as a valley.King Xiang said with a smile. Terrible, I have been abroad for a long time, and I have to ask my sister to correct the wrong idioms I used all day long. Huang Cili chuckled, Wang Lizhou looked at her, Huang Luotian wanted to explain the reason for Cili's smile, afraid that she would get angry, so he dared not speak out.Fortunately, Wang Lizhou is a good friend, even if she misunderstood and laughed at him, it doesn't matter. The guests finally went, Huang Cili sneered and said: No wonder, these few of your female students! ﹒ Huang Luotian glanced at her and said: It is not news that female students teach courses in universities. But these female students are different, how beautiful they are. I have no credit or fault for their beauty. Especially that Wang Wangxiang, who looks like a female doctor, what an ass she is!Eighty-five percent of your eyes are on your face. oh?Where are your eyes on her face?Or are her eyes on my face? Huang Luotian, the world's most poisonous man, is really not bad at all! Huang Luotian suppressed a smile and raised his eyebrows in agreement. With the appearance of a hypocrite, he did not worship any teacher, but learned from Mu Liqiang.My sister treats you so well, caring for you all the time, secretly giving me money, and asking me to buy what you need. Yesterday, you still asked me for 30 yuan for the fat chicken from the meal.Also, if the old socks are replaced with new ones, the color has not changed, and the holes have gone there, and they are not checked?Also, my sister bought a bunch of shit philosophy, shit, shit theory that you, a fool, want to read, and your favorites are on sale!She buys a batch every few days, let's put it aside, it's just right to start the fire when boiling the bath water!That night, since I was sleeping on the bed and you called to remind me, why should I come back so obediently?You are not my father!My sister wants me to listen to you and say that you love me, so I must obey you. If I say I listen to you now, I will listen to my sister.You bastard!It's not enough to stir up ghosts in class, now it's brought home, the female students are so beautiful, dare to do this in front of me, uh, eyebrows! flirt! easy?Huang Cili's face turned red, and she knocked on the table in disorder: You have no conscience, I don't care what ghosts are flirting with you! flirt! Words are alive, just use them flexibly!This is your own nonsense, correct me what a fart! Text is alive and well, but if you use it well, you can even create, if you create better than the predecessors.You don't have to quote idioms, but if you must, do so correctly. Well, now you're really a couple.I know, of course, it's good, it's right! Who is right with whom? Also, do you want me to mention her name one more time? It sounds so sweet? What's wrong with just letting me be sweet once, you know that I haven't tasted much sweetness until now. Poor, poor, just mention it, that fart king is fragrant! People are fragrant, what fart? ! fragrant?You admit it!You correct my speech and she corrects her brother's, so you love her and she loves you. Well, I love her and she loves me.In order for her to correct what her brother said, I correct what you said.Now, her brother is corrected by her, and you are corrected by me. Note that this kind of sentence is the so-called passive form in English grammar.Is there any emotional connection between you and her brother? Huang Luotian, you, brat, insult me, I'm leaving, I'm going back to Mu's house, after all, I've lived there for more than ten years. Go ahead, when you have a nightmare in the middle of the night and see Mu Liqiang coming to your room with a skull on his head and wanting to crush you to death, just remember my phone number. I'm leaving, listen to Quanju!If you have the guts to come, it would be a wonder if my sister and I didn't work together to beat you to death! Huang Cili returned to the bedroom angrily.Banging and knocking open cabinets and turning drawers, making the sound of unpacking.Huang Luotian did not come to persuade him for a long time.OK, made up my mind.After choosing and choosing, she chose seven or eight summer floral dresses, all of which were bought by Mu Changci.My nose was sore and I shed several tears.Wipe it hard, until the tip of the nose is red.The photo in the mirror was very pitiful, and I cried a lot.Carrying the bag of floral skirts, she opened the door with a slam, and then slammed it shut again.Huang Luotian is no longer in the living room, nine out of ten he is in his ghostly study.He tiptoed to the kitchen, found a big tomato, went back to the living room, pushed open his study door, hum!The black hairy ghost has one head in the back, look at the tomato!He aimed his right hand and raised it, and when he heard Huang Luotian ouch, he ran away. After dinner, Zhaodi came, and the little girl worker Aqiao came to tell Mu Changci to tell Zhaodi to convey a few words.Huang Luotian shook his hand, asking Aqiao to tell Zhaodi that he was not at home.Brother Zhao told Aqiao to report when Huang Luotian came home, saying that Mu Changci had left Huang Cili in Quanju.Then she packed Ci Li's school uniform, schoolbag, etc. from Ah Qiao, and left. Huang Cili has been away for three days.On this Saturday evening, Huang Luotian was in his study.The doorbell rang, and it was Wang Wangxiang who came. Holding a stack of books and some manuscripts, she said that she wanted to teach some translations.Huang Luotian invited her into the study, and added a chair beside the desk, and the two of them sat down. It was dark and the lights were on.Wang Wangxiang was full of gratitude and admiration, and her difficult problems were solved one by one.Huang Luotian also appreciates her studiousness and intelligence, her brother is good, she seems to be superior. After the homework is over, let's talk casually.Wang Wangxiang mentioned many stories her brother told her about Huang Luotian when he was in school. He was good at his homework, he was a good athlete on the sports field, singing performances, speeches and debates, plus pranks, everything was top-notch. My brother said, your teachers like it in school, your male classmates like it, and your female classmates like it too. Don't believe him bragging for me, he put his own story on me. I think my brother is telling the truth. At the beginning of the semester, we know that you will come to the school to give lectures, and everyone is very happy.When the classmates heard that you are Lizhou's good friend, they envied me together.We didn't miss a single word about you in the newspapers. The students are sincere and enthusiastic. In fact, I have too many shortcomings and little knowledge, so I don't deserve your praise. You are capable and humble, we don't admire you, but can't we admire those who have no ability but boast about themselves? ! You've said it so well, now I don't seem to want to argue with you anymore. The two laughed, and when someone came in from the living room, Mu Changci followed behind Ci Li. Huang Cili saw Wang Wangxiang at a glance, and changed into a red dress today. You can imagine what color red is.It's so late, two people are sitting next to each other!She took Mu Changci's hand and walked towards the study. Hello, Auntie.King Xiang smiled and stood up politely. Auntie?Huang Cili thought, meet the stinking ghosts of her generation! Zhexiang, you can call her Cili, Lizhou and I are good friends, Cili will not grow up with you, and she is younger than you.This is Mrs. Niu.Huang Luotian introduced Mu Changci to Wang Wangxiang. Hello Mrs. Niu.Wang Wangxiang had a good impression of Mu Changci at first glance. Hello Miss Wang.Mu Changci smiled, sure enough, just like Ci Li said, this is a lovely woman. Let's sit in the living room.Huang Luotian said. I should go back, Mr. Huang, thank you for your valuable guidance. You're welcome, if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know. Thank you and I will be back, I have so much to ask you.It's just that I'm uneasy and wasting so much of your time. Greetings to Lizhou, the next time I see him, I will tell him that his sister is fine in everything, just say Mr. Huang on the left and Mr. Huang on the right, what is it to ask for advice and guidance, and hope to get rid of these bad habits. Wang Wangxiang smiled very generously, and said, "My disciples will be taught, and I will not dare to do it again in the future."She said to Mu Changci: Goodbye, Mrs. Niu.Xiang Cili: Cili, goodbye.Goodbye, Brother Huang. After Wang Wangxiang left, Huang Cili immediately let out a hush: Once Teacher Huang transforms into Brother Huang, it's more neat than God transforming into a devil. Goodbye, Ci Li!The word Cili can be called "咑" if she likes to call it whatever she likes? ! Huang Luotian ignored it, went to the living room, and invited Mu Changci to sit on the sofa. When the tea came, he said: You came today just in time, and I was looking for an opportunity to talk to you. Please forgive me for keeping Ciri too long. If you want her, she is willing to be with you, and I will hand her over to you from today, and I have no objection.This is a very simple matter, please do not use tricks. means? ! I said that I have been fed enough by you, like a person without a bone, you left money for Ci Li to buy fat chickens, exchange old socks for new ones, and buy my books on time.It's like, like I don't have readers without you, I don't have chickens to eat, and I don't have socks to wear!In Cili's mind, I have long been the heart of the most poisonous man in the world, why are you still adding fuel to the jealousy! Mu Changci was taken aback, but his tone and excited expression gripped her even more.I can't help but want to laugh, I can laugh when I want to, and the more I laugh, the more funny I am, and I can't help laughing, laughing non-stop. Huang Luotian was furious, and he yelled, pulling her back from her wild laughter. do you know?Your technique is comparable to that of Mu Liqiang.He has controlled Ci Li, and everyone thinks he loves her, but in fact his methods are more vicious than crushing her to death, what are you asking for now?Loyalty, filial piety and justice, Mrs. Niu?The people on the street praise you, the people in the alley praise you, why knock me down to the ground, can't it show that you are a strong woman! Mu Changci was silent for a while, then said: Luo Tian, ​​please forgive me if I say it again, from now on, I will never let Cili come to Tingquanju again. I'm going to listen to Quanju myself, who can control me!Huang Cili came out of the study and leaned against the threshold. I don't care about you, if you want to go, you don't have to be surnamed Huang! Who would want to be surnamed Huang?Loess mud, rotten egg yolk, chicken dung yellow!This weasel's stinky den will soon become more lively, Wang Wangxiang, Li Sisi, Chen Hanfang, a stinky weasel den like this, the fox den will win you hundreds of times! Weasel stinky nest is not good, you go, and your good sister to plant flowers and cow dung together!The cow dung is sprinkled with Parisian perfume, cars, bungalows, and diamonds, and it smells delicious even in dreams. Mu Changci stood up, leaning on the armrest of the sofa with one hand, and picked up her handbag. Wait a minute, sister, I will go with you. Ci Li, you can't come. I want to go with you. I welcome you to come and play. If I take you away now, you and your brother will be broken.You and I live together for a long time is my burden, your surname is neither Mu nor Niu! You don't want me anymore?Huang Cili burst into tears. I can't accept you. I beg you, sister, let me be with you. Ci Li, don't blame me for being selfish. I live alone at the moment, so I am inevitably timid, so I hope to have a companion.Soon, brother-in-law will be back. Well, I finally figured it out. Mu Changci was silent for a moment, and approached Du Cishi, and before he put his hand on her shoulder, she pushed him back.She ran with a cry, bang, and shut herself in the room.Huang Luotian's study door also slammed, leaving Mu Changci in the middle of the independent hall.She walked to the door of Huang Cili's room and stood there for a while.Turning around, he glanced at Huang Luotian's closed door.Holding the wall with one hand, he walked away slowly. In the middle of the night, there was a storm, which shook the windows.Huang Luotian woke up from sleep, there was a sudden knock, and the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground came from Huang Cili's bedroom.He rushed to the door of the room, but the door was locked. He called Ci Li loudly, but no one answered.Detour the door connecting the bathroom to her room, the window was open, and a vase fell on the ground: the rainwater soaked the foot of her bed, the bed was empty, and Huang Cili disappeared. In a hurry, he picked up the phone and hung up on Tingquanju.Mu Changci's anxious voice replied that Huang Cili was not with her.He connected two or three more calls, including the home of Li's classmates, but there was no news.Putting down the receiver, Huang Luotian put on a raincoat on top of his pajamas, and connected to a taxi, and headless flies ran around.Dark night, wind and rain, few people on the street.Two hours passed, Huang Luotian was exhausted and came to Tingquan residence.The room was brightly lit, Lao Zheng and his brother Zhao sat at the entrance of the hall, and told that Mu Changci had driven out to look for Cili, but had not returned yet. Sitting in the living room, dazed and helpless.The phone rang, he picked up the receiver, gave a hello, and asked two questions at the same time: did you find it? No.Mu Changci answered wearily. you there? your home.How long have you been here? half an hour. You wait, I'll be right back. When Mu Changci came back, his black hair was disheveled and there was no trace of blood on his face. The two exchanged glances and sat silently facing each other. The rain was getting heavier and the wind was blowing non-stop. The boxer dog barked, and Lao Zheng yelled, and the two jumped up from the sofa chair.Huang Cili was lying beside the spring, with Boxer Dog guarding her side.Huang Luotian rushed over to pick her up, and curled her up in his arms wetly.Putting Ci Li on the bed, she whimpered and called her sister.Mu Changci couldn't answer, and fell limply to the ground. The doctor came, with a serious face as soon as he entered the door.Huang Luotian was sitting in the living room, and the doctor didn't even look at him, so he hurriedly followed Zhaodi into Mu Changci's room.His surname is Li, and he was originally the family physician of the Mu family.Huang Luotian left the hospital and returned to Tingquanju to recuperate. The person Mu Changci invited to treat him was Dr. Li, an old man with a warm heart and shrewd medical knowledge. Dr. Li came out, holding out his hands to avoid wiping the sweat, glanced at Huang Luotian, and put the medical suitcase in his hand on the coffee table. I want to talk to you, Brother Luo Tian. The two gave up their seats, and Lao Zheng served tea and smoked. How is Changci?Doctor Li? Excessive fatigue, I gave her an injection, now let her sleep for a while. Yes. Brother Luo Tian, ​​do you know Mrs. Niu's physical condition? did you mean Her illness, serious illness. sick? !What? !Dr. Lee arrives She doesn't want you to know.Now, I think, from the standpoint of a good friend and a doctor, I should tell you the truth.After Mrs. Niu became pregnant, she was found to have a congenital heart disease that was medically difficult. She was supposed to have an abortion, but she refused. Her dangerous period was when she gave birth.He paused for a moment: Unless the heavens perform another miracle, she has only a few months to live.In the current period, she should be given adequate rest and care, at the very least, everything that human beings can do. Huang Luotian's face turned pale as if he had been shocked by an electric shock.After a long, long time, trembling noise said: Go to a foreign country, where the treatment method is advanced, anywhere, as long as her illness can be relieved.any Dr. Li shook his head and said sadly: I'm afraid there is no hope, I have also considered planning, the only way is to take out the fetus at an appropriate time.Now, it's too late. You said, Chang Ci knew her own situation, but she refused to take the fetus? Yes. You are a doctor, what is your responsibility, how can you listen to the patient's own ideas? ! Her symptoms were discovered when she arrived in Hong Kong, and when she came back, everything was decided. Everything has been decided?impossible!impossible!Everything is completely decided like this?impossible!impossible! Huang Luotian didn't know when Dr. Li left. He had always misunderstood Mu Changci, but now he regretted it.The childhood sweetheart has deep memories and slender hands, overcoming all difficulties, overcoming all difficulties, and saving him from the valley of death.Giving up his life, giving up his life, turned out to be the death knell ringing, beating his selfishness and ignorance! Huang Luotian came to Mu Mansion and met Mu Liqiang. Don't tell me what ridiculous request you have, Huang Luotian. You gave me one corpse once, and now I ask you to give me another! What nonsense! Yumei Xin's corpse is hateful, the soul borrowed from Mu Changci's body is only for a few months, you don't cherish it, why don't you give it to me! Absurd, what absurdity! Don't you know Changci is sick?Did she never tell you, or did you put on airs on purpose? ! Is Changci sick?sick?What disease?Mu Liqiang was indeed at a loss. Huang Luotian recounted Dr. Li's words in detail, Mu Liqiang was tongue-tied, stunned, like a terrifying wax figure.The flames that had always jumped between his eyes were now scorching white hot in his heart.His hands, his blood-stained hands, actually strangled the only person in his life, the only person he loved! A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.You teach me a lesson, Changci. The world is full of hatred, and there is nothing to love in the world, so, daughter!So you take death as home! After a telegram, Mu Liqiang recalled Niu Zhengshuo who had already arrived in Paris.Now, this is what he meant, asking his son-in-law to sign and seal the divorce papers.Niu Zhengshuo knew how to follow the wind and make the sail the best in his life. If Mu Liqiang hadn't blocked it, he would have no intention of making twists and turns.Mu Changci passed away soon, so naturally he couldn't bear this burden.He signed the divorce papers without hesitation, but couldn't help but think in his heart; he didn't know Mu Changci well, but he couldn't help but admire him.The first day she stepped into Niu's house, no matter whether he won her heart or not, she did her duty as a wife.She couldn't integrate into his thoughts and desires, and her world was extremely strange to him.Huang Luotian gave her a fetus, he used to be envious and jealous; the world is so unpredictable, a blessing suddenly became a disaster.She refuses to have an abortion, and her methods vary from serious to serious, and a series of constant changes should be followed.There is no fear in the face of death.Just because she had the chance to die for love?A chance to sacrifice herself to put out the fire of hatred in her father's heart?And, awaken me who has always been ignorant and ignorant?If she meant it that way, she deserved everything she wanted. Huang Luotian came to Tingquan Residence, at dusk with the afterglow of the setting sun.Mu Changci sat in the rocking chair, rocking lightly, facing the sky.When he approached her, she raised her head, the sea in her eyes was as flat as a mirror, and the sky was clear and cloudless.Laughing quietly, thinner and paler.He looked away from her, moved a chair, and sat beside her. Changci, forgive me. Silently, she stretched out her hand to press the back of his hand, her slender and cold hand. How badly I dealt with Ci Li, I thought he would stop. My father came to see me in the morning, and later Zheng Shuo also came.You see, everyone treats me so well. They were all silent again, his hands were gentle and warm, caressing hers, conveying infinite sorrow. Changci, Um? Did Lao Zheng tell you? tell me what? My bedding is in your room, and the room that was once my study is mine again. oh?Do you want to be recruited, or be considered equal to a boxer? Don't insult your soon-to-be husband in such a tone. Who promised you, yourself? You promised me long ago, when you were eight years old. She bowed her head for a while and said: What can I give you?I said that the place where we settled is the Milky Way. You can live anywhere, Changci, I will be there where you are. I won't give you happiness, Luo Tian, ​​you already know, I can't hide it anymore, all I'm waiting for is the birth of the child. I was injured at the time, and you helped me pass one level after another. The three miracles I connected in your hands, why do you have no confidence in yourself? ! I don't believe in fate, but life and death are fixed.Set, the meaning of timing.Die today, die tomorrow, there is always a death.There is no escape and no change.I have no worries, I just hope it won't drag you down. Our wedding date is fixed, don't make me feel guilty when I hold you in my arms. Poor hypocritical philosophers! Changci, I need your carefree smiling face. I am carefree. I my bride. She raised her head and looked at him affectionately.Her pair of clear pupils shone with incomparable brilliance.He leaned down, held back his tears and kissed her soft lips.
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