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Chapter 22 Chapter Twenty Two

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The wedding was held, simple and grand, much more pleasant and relaxing than the bridal chamber wedding night being teased by the big cousin.Who believes?Mu Changci is the happiest bride in the world. She wore a silver-white gauze dress of her own design, which cleverly fit her body with a slightly protruding abdomen.Slim and majestic leaning on her handsome bridegroom officer.Mu Liqiang's hands were shaking when he stamped the officiant's stamp, and he kept watching the so-called perfect couple.I only hope that everything in the past is a dream, a nightmare!The current beauty is real.True and enduring.He handed over to Mu Changci Wang Meixin's jewelry and belongings that he had confiscated at the time.He also made a will, once he passed away, all property would belong to Huang Luotian and Mu Changci's heirs.That's what he meant by acknowledging that Huang Xinru's descendants were also his descendants, even though he knew that he couldn't buy the slight joy in his daughter's remaining days.

Niu Zhengshuo never showed up, and sent a congratulatory message and a pot of lilies in full bloom. Mu Changci was placed next to the Hehe God and displayed in their living room. The new residence, of course, is Tingquan Residence.Huang Cili didn't know the inside story, and happily helped old Zheng He recruit his younger brother, and arranged the refurbished mansion to be more joyful.In the evening, a small-scale wedding banquet began.Wang Lizhou took the lead holding the big cake.Hey, Wang Wangxiang is so beautifully dressed.Who else?Li Sisi and Chen Hanfang. Mu Changci held Huang Luotian's arm, and his glittering golden gown dragged the ground, like a jaded man floating down to earth.Huang Luotian's deep eyes were filled with joy and sorrow.Wang Wangxiang's flexible eyes showed envy and vague sadness.

Everyone rushed up to congratulate, Wang Lizhou asked Huang Luotian: Lucky, may I kiss your bride? Lucky, this is the nickname given to Huang Luotian by his classmates many years ago.Without waiting for Huang Luotian's reaction, Wang Lizhou took a step forward, holding Mu Changci's arm with both hands, and pressed a kiss on her slender cheek. A buffet for elites, Lao Zheng and his brother finally looked forward to this opportunity to show their talents. The three-tiered cake was cut, and everyone clapped their hands. Music, candlelight, Huang Luotian invited Mu Changci.Waltz, he is handsome, looks into her eyes, and asks softly:

Tired? No. He took her into his arms, touching his cheek to hers.There are many kinds of music, tenderness, and sorrow.He took a breath and closed his eyes. Wang Lizhou accompanied Huang Cili, and Cili's green lotus purple skirt stretched and stretched.Wang Lizhou couldn't take his eyes off Huang Luotian and Mu Changci.Lucky, this is a lucky one! Phew, you stepped on mine.Huang Cili called. sorry.Wang Lizhou blushed. Let's do the monkey dance, shall we? I won't. What about twisting? Did not study. It's so boring to be with you old people! Our old man is indeed old, tomorrow I will bring my younger brother to introduce you.

How old is brother? Twenty years old, okay? Monkey dance? Naturally, he is qualified to make a big disturbance in the Heavenly Palace. So naughty, who can stand it? ! It's not good to be an old man, and it's not good to be naughty. What kind of thing is good? You really sound like my brother. Naturally, our two good friends. Is Grace pretty? Naturally, those who are not beautiful dare to approach your brother. She found him? She is looking for him, I am looking for her.She came to your brother, and I was in vain. Really?Then you are broken in love, and you will never find a girlfriend again, will you?

I looked for it, but I couldn't find it after looking for it. May I introduce one for you?Tell me what your ideal man looks like? like your sister. Is Grace pretty, or is my sister pretty? I have never seen a woman so beautiful as your sister. Not flattering? Unfortunately, not flattery. My sister is married, otherwise you can still compete with your brother. I don't have that kind of ambition, I will always lose to him. Ha, you are such a funny person! For the third dance, I changed my partner.Lacking men, Li Sisi and Chen Hanfang formed a pair early on.At this time, after breaking up, Huang Luotian walked up.Before Mu Changci sat down, Wang Lizhou had already come to her and bowed politely.

Can I?The most beautiful bride. Mu Changci walked lightly, but Wang Lizhou was tense all over.Lucky Lian'er, that lucky one!Lucky's current partner is Li Sisi, but he looks over from time to time, he is worried that I will kiss her again, Wang Lizhou thought to himself.He had Grace before, who wouldn't envy him?He didn't envy him for getting Grace, but envied him for marrying this Mu Changci. Mu Changci finally sat down, Huang Luotian and Chen Hanfang also danced to two songs together, and now it was Wang Wangxiang's turn. I was lucky to be in fourth place.Her eyes look at her nose.

Excuse me, you are going to my study, aren't you? The bride is so beautiful.She didn't answer the question. Sister, over there Huang Cili whispered to Mu Changci: Beware of Wangwangxiang, an atomic bomb! Ci Li, Mu Changci smiled: Don't be so twisted! Crooked?Have yours, you good old man! I am happy enough. So it's gotta be a bit of a misfortune embellishment, right? I never dared to think that I have this day and you are with us again. I taught you to do this a long time ago, but you are disobedient.Huang Cili suddenly lowered her head: It's a pity that mom can't attend your wedding.

Give me a glass of boiling water, will you? How about some wine?Huang Cili flashed tears in her eyes: You should drink some, for your happy life. Well, well, it's up to you. Everyone joins in sipping wine, warm, flowing into warm hearts. Brother Huang, play the guitar and sing a song for us to listen to.This is king fragrance. Another day, you are welcome to come another day. Did you hear that, the groom's official has issued an order to evict the guest, so it's no fun if you don't leave!Wang Lizhou laughed when he said it. Let's go, let's go, let's go again.Chen Hanfang said.

Hope you guys come back anytime!Mu Changci said with a smile. we will come! We must come! After the guests left, there was silence. Huang Cili shrank into her room, then poked her head out before entering, peeking at her brother's sister-in-law, and then at her sister's and husband's room.Their door was closed, and she made a funny face and closed her door. Here, Huang Luotian and Mu Changci were standing opposite each other, their slender hands in his gentle grasp. Changci. Um? Are you tired? Not tired, everything is so good. He held her arm, and the one approaching them was now the legitimate couple's wedding bed.The red brocade quilt, the colorful red phoenix and the rising sun.He turned off the bright chandelier in the center of the room, leaving one small two lights behind. In the dark red halo, he took off her coat, exposing her tender white shoulders, and put on a soft silk pajamas.Silently embrace each other.How can he restrain himself from kissing her neck?Tears streamed down her back.

She could no longer see him sad, and she raised her eyes to him, and said: Luo Tian, ​​forgive me, I lied.I don't have any disease, it's just my trick.For us, for our children, I have to do this.I know that it has caused you a hard time, but there is no way, if our acting is not realistic, how can father agree to our marriage? Huang Luotian held her face in both hands and examined it closely, as if he couldn't believe that the clay doll suddenly became a living person.Mu Changci smiled so beautifully, without a trace of dark rain or autumn wind.Spring returns to the earth and the sun shines.He hugged her violently, if it wasn't for the bulging body that made him realize that there was a third party, he would have carried her around continuously, like a first-class ballet dancer performing beautifully. Changci, are you telling the truth?He suspected it was a dream again: where is the doctor?Could the doctor conspire with you? I spent a lot of time fabricating fake symptoms.She leaned on his chest, laughing and laughing, like a little girl proud of her outstanding prank: once, I only said a few words, and the doctor was frightened.In the future, I will remember to be just right, and don't let the doctor see the flaws. How do you fabricate fake symptoms?He is still worried that it is not the doctor who has been deceived but himself. You still don't believe it?You think, people are not plants, am I an exception?If I really only have a few months to live, can I not mind at all?The days I've longed for have just begun, and I've just begun being a mother.Luo Tian, ​​if I am willing to leave you, am I willing to leave our child? He smiled like a big child, wiped away his tears and said: You should say that even if you are willing to leave your child, you are also reluctant to leave me. Before the baby is born, you start to be jealous. Before the child is born, I have already been downgraded to a level in your mind. Mu Changci laughed, and Huang Luotian laughed too.Tears, belonging to happiness, flowed down.He wiped her with his lips, picked her up carefully, and placed her on the Chaoyang Danfeng. The two light bulbs were also extinguished, and the dark red halo disappeared. The moonlight moved quietly, onto their bed.The red brocade is covered with ten-colored red phoenixes facing the sun, and the red brocade is under the bottom, and they are whispering.What was said, no one could hear, not even the little rabbits who swore to each other, because they had no ears.
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