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Chapter 23 Chapter Twenty-Three

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honeymoon?Isn't every minute of our time together sweet?There are classes in school, and you have to start the second book. Wouldn't it be better to wait for the holidays to arrange to play there?The bride said with a smile on her cheeks.Peach cheeks, a layer of rouge was lightly applied to her cheeks. Okay, everything is up to you, I am used to being at your mercy, and I vow to obey the arrangement of your slender hand for the rest of my life. Mu Changci has never manipulated others arbitrarily. It is better to say that she is manipulating herself.Now, she calculates that in March in Yangchun, there will be more than a hundred sunrises and sunsets before the birth of the child. She has many things to arrange carefully.Although she was not greedy for money, she couldn't let her take over the treasure that Mu Liqiang gave her.This batch of emeralds and diamonds, brooches and rings were all worn by her mother.They were all detained by their father, and one of the conditions was to exchange for Huang Cili's little life.Mother also doesn't love things outside her body, which is easy to accept.What made her sad was that her father also acquired the ownership of Cili, and Cili could neither return to the clan, nor could her mother touch her.This is the reason why the mother finally gave up her life.What's the point of being sad, she wiped away her tears.This is a piece of property, she has discussed it with Huang Luotian, but he has no intention of getting involved.Well, she decides on her own, leave half to Cili, and the other half?Either sell or keep, in exchange for cash, do some meaningful things worth doing in life.

Sitting in a rocking chair, what a quiet Tingquan residence.Listening to Quanju, she was satisfied.Poor father, no matter how many people he killed, she always felt sorry for him.His focus on life is bit by bit, not comprehensive.His acquisition of life is minute and second, not eternity.She felt sorry for him for this childish and ignorant approach.Now he wants to spend all he has to redeem everything, like a child who broke a jade Maitreya and wants to use paste to make it sticky. On the second day after their marriage, Mu Changci and Huang Luotian returned to Ning to visit his father.The old man is like a sinner meets a priest, and confesses everything to them in order to ask God to forgive his sins.From the love history between his wife and Huang Xinru, to the twin sister who killed Ci Li, and deliberately arranged Li Xiaocui to be Huang Xinru's illegitimate daughter.The money and property that Huang Xinru planned to remit to Taiwan were secretly detained by Luo Tian's mother; she also withheld the entry documents sent to them by Changci's mother.Mu Liqiang was telling the truth now, and took out the letter written by Huang Luotian's mother as proof.Huang Luotian's mother's handwriting, she said that Mu Liqiang and her were both victims, and the victims should unite to fight against the perpetrators.The two of them formed a good alliance and cooperated seamlessly, resulting in four deaths and one injury.The struggle of the previous generation is over.I only hope that this curtain will never be lifted again, and this story also hopes that no one will repeat the same mistakes.

Live, live well, don't waste, don't be a miser.They are neither extravagant nor vain.But life requires smart planning.Educational, time-saving, and fitness, Tingquanju has the gift of civilization.Now, she heard the car horn beeping, and Huang Luotian drove a suitable car of theirs back with Ci Li. Changci!Huang Luotian yelled before entering the door. sister!Huang Cili jumped in.Mu Changci was kissed on both sides, sandwiched between sandwiches. how are you today?Huang Luotian pressed her arm of the rocking chair and asked her with a smile. Great, how about you?How many hours did the keynote speech last?

For three and a half hours, the students had many questions, so they had to answer them one by one. I can guarantee that most of the people who ask questions are female students.Huang Cili curled her lips: The students in my class are asking questions about others. Hey, Huang Cili, I heard that your brother is so beautiful. Can you describe it to us?My brother is a figure in the limelight, which made me feel bad.I hate people asking me: Hey, Huang Cili, your surname used to be Mu, but now your surname is Huang, how did you do the trick?What about adopting the surname Huang?Or did you sell the little girl to Papa Mu?Think about it, am I angry!

Angry about this little thing?It's not worth it, Mu Changci said: Go ahead, there is a bucket of ice cream in the refrigerator, eat as much as you want. A bucket of ice cream?I eat a bucket of ice cream by myself? Can you eat a tub of ice cream?In the evening, there were guests at home, and Wang Lizhou called and said that he would bring his younger brother Wang Lishan to dance the monkey dance with you. Really?Huang Cili was very happy: Is Wang Lishan beautiful? I don't know, look back and see for yourself. Ci Li, the first thing you do when you see a person is whether he is pretty or not?Huang Luotian looked at his younger sister.

I don't like people who are not beautiful, and if I don't watch or act in a movie, all the leading men and women and good people are beautiful.Take the two of you as an example, if you are not both beautiful, you are not childhood sweethearts at all! What childhood sweetheart?Huang Luotian asked her. Who knows what childhood sweethearts you are, Wang Wangxiang asked me, and I will ask you now. Huang Luotian ignored it and went into the room. Go ahead, ice cream is waiting for you.Mu Changci smiled and took his sister's hand. Is the fragrance of the king coming tonight? here.

Well, I can guarantee that if she is a headless chicken, she will come here as well. After dinner, the three brothers and sisters of the Wang family really came.Huang Cili was very disappointed, Wang Lishan was not at all the ideal person in her mind.Like Wang Lizhou, he also wore a pair of glasses with rustic edges.With five sense organs and seven orifices, he beat him sixty points in total.But he himself didn't seem to care that Cili underestimated him.Wang Lizhou introduced them, and he bowed slightly to Cili.He didn't notice that Ci Li was so well dressed, and he didn't even treat her like a girl.

Cili, I promised you that day, I brought your dance partner, can you perform for us to enjoy? Huang Cili didn't respond coldly.Sitting in a couch with hands between knees.Hmph, if I knew it was a wooden man, why would I need to wear this light red gauze dress that strangles my waist to death! What's wrong?Ci Li, Brother Wang is talking to you.Mu Changci said. I don't dance, I have a headache. you don't dance?You are willing to admit defeat, you can't jump Wang Lishan?Wang Lizhou said. Huang Cili looked at Wang Lishan's feet coldly, they were stiff, and I can guarantee that the insides looked like high-heeled shoes with reinforced iron frames.

I will definitely not be able to dance to Ms. Huang. If she is willing to help me not to make a fool of myself on the spot, I hope to accompany her to study in a place where everyone can't see.Wang Lishan smiled when he said that, those who have brushed their teeth, those white teeth. All right.Huang Cili was completely bestowed with a kind of grace, she swept the black hair that fell to her forehead, and stood up. Two people came here and adjusted the music.Wang Lishan was smiling, still so careless, but his whole body twisted so beautifully with the rhythm.After all, Huang Cili is very fond of this way, and feels that a strong enemy is ahead.Twist, rock and roll, Wang Lishan simply turned off the music, counting the beats in his mouth, a mambo is a mambo, and then he changed back to foxtrot blues.At the next day, Li found that all the people in the living room were spectators, and her body started to wobble.

Yo, I'm tired, take a break.Wang Lishan begged for mercy with a smile on purpose, and stopped. Snacks are here, let's have some snacks first.This is Mu Changci. After eating the snacks, Huang Cili blinked and suggested to compete with Wang Lishan in chess. All right.Wang Lishan wiped his hands with a towel and stood up. Sit down in the small living room, and the chess pieces are in place one by one.Huang Cili looked up at Wang Lishan, who now has five senses, five to five, and seven orifices, seven to forty-nine, adding up to the standard of distance. Your monkey dances so beautifully.She pushed out a pawn with one hand.

Everything can be arranged to look good, and everything can be arranged not to look good, it all depends on how you arrange it.He was talking about a river cruiser. Huang Cili didn't quite understand, since she started to admire him, she also started to trust him.Now that you believe him, think about his words.Now that I've thought about it, I've come to some truths.Move the son a step, groaned, and said: You're a dancer, aren't you? dancer? !He shifted the cannon: What about those who are proficient in dancing?Or a dancing leprechaun? You only eat and dance, I'll bet you a hundred dollars. Why not bet a million dollars?Ask your brother to be the referee. Come on, my brother doesn't even know a thing about dancing. What's wrong with that?He is knowledgeable and admired by everyone. One has limited energy, so it makes sense to spend time and energy on meaningful things.When Wang Lishan said that, he pushed his glasses with a slanted nose bridge. What does it mean to be reasonable or not?Whether it makes sense or not, in the end, he still dies the same!It's better to eat, eat and play, so as not to feel sorry for yourself when you die. Eat and play?Are you hungry and tired of playing?See you at Wang Lishan again. I know that I have no interest in learning, at least I want to be a fashionable person, and fashionable people are the most popular these days.Huang Cili tapped her forehead with her fingers. So you monkey dance all day long?Do you know that monkey dance is not fashionable enough?Now what is popular about <Love Brother>.After a while <爱姐姐><爱哥哥><爱姐姐>, you can’t finish following with a broken leg.Being a human being is the most boring thing to do with others, why not aspire to be with yourself? How do you follow yourself? Ask your brother, you have a teacher that couldn't be better. She glanced at him and said nothing.After a while, he asked: What do you usually do besides eating, dancing, and singing loudly? He glanced at her back, and replied: play chess. Chess?Huang Cili smiled, dropped her hand, and shouted: Eat a horse! Please, you're welcome.Eat car, general! Bi, no, I won't eat your horse. All right.He smiled and let her go. The word "okay" seemed to be his mantra. In his series of "okay, ok" sounds, Huang Cili lost the first set. Come again!Huang Cili slapped her hands, straightened her buttocks, and raised her hand to wipe her nose obliquely. All right.Wang Lishan said. Are you twenty years old?She rolls out pawns. Yes, twenty years old, how? She didn't answer, took a step after the long exam, and said: You don't look much like a twenty year old. Then what am I like? Like um yes, that's it! Funny, your elephant actually crossed the river? ! Like something with feet, isn't it?Four bowl-like thick legs, two more than yours! That's right, go ahead.He rested on one hand: Hey, can you eat my horse if you don't have a dime in the cannon? The cannon fires, and the shells fly out. What dares to put it in the middle without fear of all the braids?You? Well, if I raise my pigtails, I will count my pigtails! Look at you dead gun, eat it!Huang Cili honestly said that she would eat as soon as she said it. Wait a minute, my cannon eats your car, and your car eats my cannon in reverse? The car drove past, and you, a pawn, stood in the middle of the road, didn't you ask for death?If your pawn is dead, won't my car be shot? I still have a car here to protect the gun! Protection is useless?Mine is a tank, yours is a tricycle.No matter who rushes first and who goes later, it's you who ends up. well!There are plenty of reasons.Then there was a strange thing: what?Did the soldier come out of the frame? Why can't taxis come out?My brother said that scholars are scholars, and scholars should follow the right path, and my scholars should have corrected long ago.My brother's words are all correct, you, Wang Lishan, will not object! Then I'm screwed. Naturally finished chess, do you think you will beat me? It's amazing, everyone in your Huang family is amazing.Your brother is great, and you will be even greater in the future.But I believe that the man of your elder brother walks in the frame well-behaved.You are a lady who has no limits and no limits! Do you dare to have another dish? I really dare not be. Throw in the towel? Throw in the towel.He raised his hand and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: Ordinary boys deliberately give up and admit defeat in front of girls, in order to win her favor.I have never lost, but I also admit defeat, first, because you may not have any dignity if you win.Secondly, you are a girl after all, and I am your guest. Huang Cili tilted her head, rested her cheek with one hand, looked at Wang Lishan slantingly, and said coldly: You take off the limit mirror and let me see what kind of face you have. He took off his glasses, wrinkled his nose, and stared. Finally, there is such a tiny bit of human appearance, the first time I saw you, I thought you were not human.It's not your fault, it's your glasses' fault. Thank you for the compliment, you are truly beautiful. Thank you for your praise, how dare you dare! Why dare, no one is more daring than you!The first time I saw you, I thought you were beautiful, but it turned out that it was not you who were beautiful, but your clothes. Hum hum!Huang Cili hummed three times, jumped up and left. In the living room, Mu Changci and Wang Lizhou were talking, but there were no Huang Luotian and Wang Wangxiang.After a while, I heard Huang Luotian calling Mu Changci, it turned out that he and Wang Wangxiang were in the study.Huang Cili snorted again, and then Wang Lishan looked at her.Don't miss this opportunity and stick out your tongue at him.Withdrawing his gaze, he turned the novel like a windmill.This rustic person, am I not good-looking?How many times has he met people who are prettier than me?Humph, stinker, rustic, those Turkish glasses! Huang Luotian and Wang Wangxiang came out of the study. Wang Wangxiang rolled her nimble eyes and held four thick books in her hand, as if she was reading Huang Cili's heart, and explained to Wang Lizhou with a smile: Brother, this is the reference book that Li Sisi and Chen Hanfang asked me to borrow from Brother Huang. Everyone sat down, Mu Changci stood up, dropped the handkerchief on the ground, Wang Lizhou quickly picked it up, Mu Changci then thanked, and left the living room. Lishan, Wang Lizhou to his younger brother: You play chess with Ci Li, who will win? she wins.Wang Lishan replied, while reading the thread-bound book. Not bad, Cili beat you, a royal player! Huang Cili wanted to talk, but Mu Changci came back.Aqiao followed behind her, carrying five or six flower disks: candied lotus seeds, sweet dates, toffee, chocolate, melon seeds and longan. Huang Luotian saw the longan, picked one up with a smile, peeled it off and handed it to Mu Changci.The two exchanged knowing smiles, and he peeled off another one. Mu Changci said: This one please Miss Wang. Huang Luotian kept silent, and put it into his own mouth. Brother Huang, our classmates all hope that you will come to the school to give a speech.Wang Lishan said, put back the thread-bound book. Brother Huang is really a popular figure now, a youth idol.Wang Lizhou answered. My brother said that you are truly amazing, Brother Wang.Huang Cili glanced at Wang Lishan when she said that. Alas, thank you Terry, no one ever said that. I admire the scientific brain most in my life.Huang Cili told the truth: Physical chemistry, mechanical engineering, rigid and inexplicable, you can't just make up rumors. Ci Li is right, I also admire people who study natural science the most. What Mu Changci said made Wang Lizhou's ears and neck red with joy. Huang Luotian said: Lizhou science.Lishan has both arts and sciences.This is a heroine.He followed Wang Wangxiang's gaze. How happy they would be if Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang came to Taiwan. The parents of the three brothers and sisters of the Wang family were trapped in the mainland. When Huang Cili mentioned this, everyone bowed their heads. Alas, unfortunately, I am a Chinese.Wang Lishan said with a sigh: It was hard to endure until the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, but it was a scene of chaos, changes and life and death.Those who can't live can't stay alive, and those who live are also worried and hesitant. They don't know what the meaning of life is, and what to do in the world. In Lishan, Mu Changci said: I think the problem is whether each of us Chinese has fulfilled our responsibilities.Every era has different kinds of each era, the light side and the dark side.Some are man-made, and there are also turmoil that cannot be stopped by impersonal forces.A worldwide vortex, a tragedy for all mankind.The Chinese in the twentieth century have suffered untold hardships, but the way to resolve them is not to escape and moan.The so-called distress and hesitation, you say, if you are an American, can you say that you have no distress and no hesitation?The meaning of life and what to do is a human problem.As long as you are an individual, you have to discuss rationally and make your choices carefully. Wang Lishan looked at Mu Changci for a while, smiled, and nodded. We are in Taiwan today, full of grievances.Once back to the mainland, take a long breath of comfort.But I'm sure when we look back on our days on this island, the oneness we all had together, the one big close family, we will miss it dearly.Instead of reminiscing about it in the future, why not cherish this feeling now, thinking of it as the power of comfort and encouragement in the stormy beachhead days? ! Changci, you are right.This is Wang Lizhou: Lishan is very distressed and hesitant right now.Some of his friends have settled abroad and never want to come back, and some are homesick and feel inferior and helpless.Lishan has a good opportunity to go abroad to show his talents, but he doesn't want to be a duckweed. Sister Mu's enlightenment must be of great benefit to him. Come on brother, Wang Lishan shook his head in embarrassment: You said that I was thinking of going to a foreign country to show my talents. Just based on this sentence, Sister Changci saw through me from the inside out. Chinese people are born with individualism, which is the saddest phenomenon.Huang Luotian sighed and said: The result of individualism is that individuals cannot exist.I wonder why no one noticed this.
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