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Chapter 24 Chapter Twenty-Four

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The spring is warm and the flowers are fragrant, and the smooth days pass quickly. In addition to teaching, Huang Luotian devoted himself to writing.Mu Changci's complexion improved day by day, and his spirit improved, so Huang Luotian felt relieved.They sometimes visited Mu Liqiang, and also visited Mu Yuande in the hospital.Mu Yuande suffered from syphilis, a few dollars a woman is no longer genuine.He still cursed his life, he couldn't forget Fei Yasha, and he couldn't forget the woman.He once said that he could walk standing up, kneeling, crawling, walking everywhere, walking well, and walking well, but now he can't lie still on the hospital bed.The couple also visited Li Xiaocui once.Li Xiaocui was sent to a madhouse after her mother had not served her sentence.In the madhouse, with disheveled hair, she screamed, sang, and cursed.The onlookers shook their heads, poor, so young.

Poor, so young!Who killed her?her mother?Herself?society?environment?Or someone who bullied her? !One conclusion cannot be escaped: she never forgets hatred, the seeds of hatred bloom black flowers and bear poisonous fruits, she has to accept it, and it is cultivated by her own hands. Naturally, and also extremely popular, the three Wang family siblings became frequent visitors of Tingquanju.Occasionally, Li Sisi, Chen Hanfang and other students also came, and everyone gathered together to talk and laugh happily.The universe and space, the seabed in the center of the earth, peanuts, beef jerky.A few touching stories, several melodious songs, and a happy life.

This afternoon, Wang Lizhou came.This is a quiet moment, Huang Luotian and Huang Cili have not returned yet.Mu Changci had just talked with Lao Zheng and his wife for a while, and ordered the dishes for dinner.At this time, she poured some water into the violet pot with a small watering can, and when she turned around, Wang Lizhou stood silently beside her. I bothered you. There!Mu Changci smiled: Is Zhexiang healed from his cold? ﹒ well, thank you.I think she will come with Lishan in the evening, and I will come first, because I have something to say and I can't wait to tell you. After sitting down in the corridor, Wang Lizhou told Mu Changci: she was studying at a girls' middle school in the south, and the principal was her old classmate Hua Jieren.Hua Jieren's father and Wang Lizhou's father are good friends, dating back to his grandfather, three generations of family friends.We met unexpectedly at a party not long ago, and the two talked for hours at a stretch.

Huajie people?No, that slender, handsome female classmate with two long braids all the year round.She majored in education and played the piano well.It was always an indispensable program for class reunions in the school. Mu Changci sang and Huajie accompanied him on the piano.That feeling, that scene, I recall melancholy and fascination. When we talked about you and Huang Luotian, Huajie said she didn't know that Huang Luotian was married to you.She only knows you as Mrs. Niu.I tried to get in touch with you, but I couldn't.She didn't expect you and Huang Luotian to pause quickly, feeling that she had slipped up again.

Yes, Mu Changci smiled brightly: I can't blame her, I married Niu Zhengshuo, and lost contact with all my friends and classmates. Wang Lizhou picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea, then said: Huajie people want to invite Luo Tian to give a special speech at the school, and they want you to go with them. They sincerely welcome you back to their alma mater.Mu Changci thought about it, alma mater, her alma mater in middle school, the quiet environment, teachers, classmates, like a big family.Nostalgic carefree times. It's something to think about, isn't it?The spring is warm and the flowers are fragrant. The six of us went together as a spring trip.Spring break is coming, take this opportunity to relive the dream of school days.Seeing that Mu Changci remained silent, Wang Lizhou said to himself, "Unexpectedly, Huajie is not married yet. I thought she would have three or four children."

These words triggered some ideas in Mu Changci's mind.She looked at Wang Lizhou, what was he still thinking about.then said: Good idea, let's go south together. You agreed? !Wang Lizhou smiled all over his face: To tell you the truth, I have already promised Huajie people.I said, of course I can please you two, who doesn't know that Huang Luotian is my good friend, and Huajie, you know, everything she says is in order, who can refuse her request? The two chatted for a while, Huang Cili came back first, and when she saw Wang Lizhou, she asked: What, what about Lishan? He is in school!

Ah, by the way, I forgot, is he coming tonight? Naturally, there is a reason not to come! Huang Cili pursed her lips and said: I just wanted to tell him that he told me about paramecia and planarians the day before yesterday. I don't care what kind of bug Lishan and you are researching together, if your brother cares, save it and report to him. screw you!She stuck out her tongue at Wang Lizhou. He stuck out his tongue again, how ugly it is to have multiple tongues on one good face, if your brother doesn't care about this expression, I'll have to care about it. Meddling your own business and talking too much, God will punish you for not having a girlfriend for the rest of your life!Huang Cili said and slipped away.

Cili is always like a mischievous little girl of seven or eight years old.Mu Changci said. She is naughty, and most of what she says has truth in it.Like me, I don't necessarily have to be a talkative woman. It is destined not to have a girlfriend for the rest of my life. Do you still believe in destiny? He smiled wryly, raised his eyes to look at Mu Changci, and said: Who could be as happy as Huang Luotian! Mu Changci drooped his thick eyelashes, and after a while, said: I'm sure girls look up to you just as much. girls?those my students?They don't think I'm thirty-three years old, but I don't think they are tender little hens, squeaking and squeaking all day long.

I don't necessarily mean your students. Who are you referring to?The girls who can match me are all from was, not from is. You are tireless in research and learning, but you are too inactive in life.Once your fate arrives, there will be a suitable woman.Also, when two people fall in love, age is not the main issue. You are thirty-three this year, and the sun is just rising! fate?Do you also believe in fate? It's not that I believe it or not, but I just borrow these two words to show that two people meet, enjoy each other at the right time, and then combine. I will always be alone, Xiangzi has no fate with me.

Just wait and see, it's too early to make a judgment. I'm not afraid of being lonely, I'm used to being lonely.His eyes are like water behind glasses: I have also learned to appreciate everything around me alone, and everyone has the right and freedom to appreciate.For example, for you, I admire you, just like admiring the moon, the rainbow, or the sun. Mu Changci stood up and walked to the railing. Forgive me, I mean no offense. No, I just feel, I'm not worth it. Wang Lizhou sighed, followed by Mu Changci's gentle and concerned gaze.That was the look of a god.What I wanted to say at first, I swallowed back to my heart.Shaking his head, he spread his arms out.The chatter said:

I'm going to see Boxer Dog and Canary.He looked down at his toes, stepped down the steps, and went straight to the lawn step by step. Huang Luotian returned home, followed by Wang Wangxiang and Wang Lishan.Everyone gathered in the living room.Wang Lizhou talked about his trip to the south again, and Huang Cili clapped and cheered first.Huang Luotian was worried that Mu Changci would not be able to endure the fatigue on the way, so knowing that she had already agreed, he agreed.After deciding on the itinerary, Wang Lizhou sent a letter to reply to Huajie people. I can't bear it, it's a girls' school, what's the point of us boys going there!Wang Lishan said. So you don't go?Wang Wangxiang asked him. I also have a pair of rabbits and two frogs, which I want to dissect during the holidays. You're going, you and Cili get along quite well.Wang Lizhou said: Cili said she couldn't stand our old man, so it doesn't matter if you accompany her. My sister is gone.Wang Lishan pointed to Wang Wangxiang: sister and Cili can play together, she is definitely not an old man. Huang Cili's face darkened, and she ran away.Dump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thud, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.Wang Lishan quickly shrank his neck. You must go to Lishan!Wang Lizhou nodded his brother's nose with one finger. Strange, why am I not free! This is polite, Tateyama, thanks to your good homework.King Xiang said. Well, it's up to you. Huang Luotian smiled slightly.When I remembered, I casually asked King Xiang: Have you recovered from your cold? Thank you, everything is fine, I forgot to thank you for giving me such beautiful roses. Roses?When will I give her roses?Huang Luotian thought to himself.Let's take a look at Mu Changci first, yes, this troublesome person.Who wants her to handle civil diplomacy? ! During dinner, Huang Cili didn't come out for dinner, so she recruited her younger brother to tell Mu Changci that Cili had a headache. Wang Lizhou and Wang Wangxiang stared at Wang Lishan from left to right. Wang Lishan was stared enough and put down their chopsticks. asked: What, do I have an extra eye on my forehead? The fragrance of King Lishan stopped. Wang Lishan remained silent, just drinking his chicken feet soup. Wang Wangxiang stood up, walked away from the dining room, and came back after a while, the blush on her face faded, and said: Ci Li probably has a cold, I'm afraid I caught it. Mu Changci knew what Wang Wangxiang's kindness had won Ci Li, so he left the dinner table and walked.I came back in about ten minutes, led by Huang Cili who was full of anger. Everyone stood up, except Huang Luotian and Wang Lishan. Cili, Lishan is willing to accompany you to the south, please don't be angry.Wang Lizhou took a step back and let Huang Cili approach her seat. Who wants him to accompany?I don't care! Brother, why are you here?Wang Lishan raised his face: I didn't ask you to be the spokesperson, you are making fun of yourself. I'm not boring, but you two guys bickering, it's really boring. It is inconvenient for Wang Wangxiang to correct Wang Lizhou's two boys now, Huang Cili is still pouted, and Wang Lishan's face is flushed. On a quiet night, the warm wind blows the scent of roses and shakes the white gauze tent.The curtain swayed slightly, accompanied by sweet and precious minutes.One sound: The rivers and lakes are fertile fields, with enough food and clothing.The small boat is a beautiful house, floating and light. Huang Cili sang the song "Fishing Song" loudly in the room.Huang Luotian lightly squeezed Mu Changci's hand which was in his hand.The two turned to look at each other, and both smiled unconsciously. Cili is very happy recently, don't you think?Mu Changci said. Huang Luotian hummed, he was thinking about it, and was aroused by this "Fishing Song": At that time, the three of them were swimming on the water in a small fishing boat, and Ci Li sang this song, which was their father's favorite.My father has no talent for singing music, the only thing he can learn is the national anthem, which is still out of control and out of tune.His mother often said: Humph, I can't even sing the national anthem well.Of course, in the eyes of the mother, there are too many things that the father is not decent.Father's national anthem plus a song "Fisherman's Song" won the praise of Mu Wang Meixin. They have Cili, and Cili has "Fisherman's Song".Perhaps: in the near future, Cili will take over Wang Lishan's hand, then he can wear the Xinxin necklace on Lishan's body, so that Xinxin and Xiangyin can be combined, and the father's spirit in the sky will care for his illegitimate daughter, and also That's it. Luo Tian, ​​what are you thinking? I'm thinking of Wang Lishan Wang Lishan?Mu Changci smiled: It should be Wang Wangxiang that makes sense. There is no reason for this, I will not beat you, otherwise I must give you a good lesson.Also, I just remembered to tell you that from now on, you must not work for me in front of Wang Wangxiang, eat longan, and ask me to peel it and serve her, even if I am a man, I don't have to be so courteous.Who doesn't have a cold or sickness, who taught you to make a fuss and send flowers, do you want me to woo her? I just remind you to remember to be polite. I don’t need to peel the longan, because it’s the same whether you peel it or not.Now that you peeled it off, why bother peeling another one for such a meaningful animal to give our guest a smart, beautiful and sensitive female guest? !Since you didn't invite her first, you should listen to me next.After that, he neither paid attention nor listened to my advice: it made me embarrassed, and Wang Wangxiang was also embarrassed.As for the roses, it is just a kind of due care for friends. You are busy, it is my responsibility to arrange for you, so there is nothing to fuss about! I solemnly tell you now, and please remember, don't do such unnecessary things in the future. Redundant?Does that mean I don't have to spend my energy on you, and that's futile? Changci, you No need for you and me, to be honest, Wang Wangxiang is a very cute girl. Yes, listen to my truth, Wang Lizhou is a very cute man! Yes, so I have to treat him well. I don't object to you treating Wang Lizhou well, but I can't let Wang Wangxiang misunderstand my intentions for her. Don't worry, she is smart and I am not stupid.She can see me, and I can see her, and no misunderstanding can happen. Hmph, he grunted disapprovingly, turned around, and hugged his wife tenderly.One hand moved to reach her swollen belly, and with a hey, it was either a small fist or a small foot, and bumped against his palm. He was so naughty before he was born, and he was probably a man. Do you like men or women? The girl is cute, she must be very like you. I would love to be twins, a boy and a girl, how interesting. Twins next time, I promise you, you promise me too, huh? She was silent, with watery eyes. Oh yes, remember?It's time to see a doctor tomorrow.He kissed her neck. Didn't you see it last week?Fetal position is good, everything is normal. It was from the Department of Gynecology, and it was time for the examination ordered by Dr. Li.In the meantime we're going south, and it's better to speak to the doctor. Well, go tomorrow.
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