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Chapter 25 Chapter Twenty-Five

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Dr. Li had done a medical examination, and he told Huang Luotian that Mu Changci's physical condition had greatly improved.Judging from the current indications, the so-called intractable symptoms she suffered from were suspicions that had disappeared.She will be able to get through the difficulties safely, not just this one, let her have boys and girls as she pleases. Now, Huang Luotian's remaining doubts were also swept away.Traveling in the south was originally an ordinary thing, but everyone was in a happy mood, as if they were going to a grand event with great interest. This morning, I took the sightseeing train and went straight to Tainan.Along the way, there are beautiful scenery of water and mountains, fields and villages, the six people talked and laughed, and they were not lonely.The sound of rumbling and rumbling tracks is also very pleasing to the ear.Lunch was eaten in the dining car, the steak was fresh and tender, and the appetite was fully increased.

This is your first visit to the south after returning to China, isn't it Luo Tian?Wang Lizhou asked him. Huang Luotian nodded, chewing a small piece of beef in his mouth, swallowed it and replied: No, I have never been to the area south of Taipei. When will we take a trip along the crossing highway, the wonders of mountains and rivers are enough for you to be intoxicated. have you been there? I have been there three times, it is indeed a formidable and great project, and the scenery along the way is also amazing.What I admire most is the scene called Yanzikou, Swallow Cave, or Swallow’s Nest. The rock face is split open by God with a huge axe. There is no smooth grass, but there are some round The cave must be the swallow's bedroom. The swallow lives in it, although it is not easy for the king in the south.

Let's go when the summer vacation starts, shall we?Huang Cili was very interested. We are waiting for your sister.Wang Lizhou glanced at Mu Changci softly: "We'll talk about it when her, uh, your little nephew or little niece is born." Being a woman is really boring, and having a child is in the way. Do you feel the same, Sister Wang? Wang Wangxiang lowered her head and was also chewing on the steak, smiling slightly, never expressing that she felt the same or different. Sitting next to Huang Luotian, Mu Changci was wearing a light blue loose coat, which was very charming.Huang Luotian kept paying attention to her, seeing that she only ate one-third of her steak, so he ordered the servants to order a fried fish.Mu Changci was not actually hungry, but thinking of Huang Luotian's wishes, he reluctantly ate the fish.

Leaving the dining car and returning to her seat, Mu Cili pulled Wang Lishan to face the scenery outside the window and asked, what kind of long chimney is this, what kind of iron frame is that, what are the green things growing in the fields, and what are the clumps by the water? What kind of grass, astronomy, geography, and even when the buffaloes come out of the water and start working, she can ask everything, and Wang Lishan can also answer everything. Huang Luotian walked into the bathroom, and when he came out, he saw Wang Lizhou occupying his seat, so he sat in Lizhou's seat, next to Wang Wangxiang.

Tired?He greeted her. Not tired, thank you.She smiled and turned to face out the window.After a while, I came back and saw Huang Luotian resting his mind with his eyes closed.He lowered his head, blinked his eyelids, and swallowed a breath of cool air. The sightseeing train arrived at Tainan Station at around three o'clock.The people from Huajie were already waiting at the station, everyone got off the bus one by one, Mu Changci stepped on the ground firmly, and was hugged by the people from Huajie.She was really happy, let go of her hand, and looked at Mu Changci from head to toe, and then up to his face.He glanced at Huang Luotian with a smile again, and shouted:

Mu Changci, you are becoming more and more charming.Tsk tsk tsk, God's skillful workman, Mr. Huang is very knowledgeable, and he looks so handsome.What good words in the dictionary should be used to describe this one in the stomach! Huajie people still have a clean face, and they are still outspoken.The heroic spirit between the brows and a piece of life experience make him appear more at ease and graceful.Those two dark braids are now coiled around her head in a docile way.The long neck of the suit reveals the lines created by the artist. Come, come, come to my house to rest first, and stay at my house at night. I have arranged the berths for the six of you.

What?live in your house?Jieren, are we sorry to disturb you like this?Wang Lizhou said. What an embarrassment!I'm alone, and it's not easy for you to come, especially Mu Changci.We haven't seen each other for a long time, and we can't have a good time talking all night tonight.My house may not be dignified and stately, and if you make do with your grievances, maybe it will give you some new inspiration. That's great, what a grievance! Huang Cili, Wang Wangxiang and Wang Lishan were introduced.The Huajie people were so happy that they held up one hand and were reluctant to let go of the other, saying repeatedly:

Whew, it's all beautiful, good-looking, cute, ouch, all of them come from the land of handsome men and beautiful women. Huang Cili was immediately impressed by Huajie's straightforward and natural character, and said: Sister Hua, you are so beautiful. If we really come from America, you should at least be the queen or princess of America! Hey, sister of the Huang family, you are so good at talking. If you praise me like this, I won't have to feel sorry for myself from now on! Everyone talked and laughed, leaving the station and crossing the platform.After walking for a while, I came to the principal's car of Huajie people.The seven people were crowded with enthusiasm and grievances. The person from Huajie drove the car himself. The car trembled for a long time.I couldn't help moaning and roaring along the way, at least twice as young as the 32-year-old headmistress.

Mu Changci, do you know where my house is built?Huajie proudly asked her old friends for many years. where? Cow dung pile. Cow dung pile? ! The two asked and answered humor that only they knew, and then laughed. Hey, hey, headmistress, there's going to be a car accident!Wang Lizhou shouted. Huang Cili hurriedly asked about the cow dung pile, and Huajie explained that it was originally a snail-shaped hill, barren and nothing to look at.At that time, I was bored while studying and reading books in school. I often took advantage of my spare time at night to climb to the top of the mountain together.Looking down at the school, you can see everything in sight, looking up at the bright moon and sighing for a long time.The mischievous classmates made up many stories, saying that a man and a woman hanged ghosts often appear on the cow dung pile, and there is no doubt about those who died of love.When the wind is tight and the night is dark, the four feet are dangling in the air, and both of them are holding hands, dangling on the cow dung pile, lingering ghostly.The timid students were so scared that they couldn't sleep at night.Huajie took over the post of principal, so he took advantage of this barren hill and built a house on top of it. Now the place is fascinating.The so-called cow dung pile, with a new look, was forgotten.

Sister Hua, if you live up there, aren't you afraid of those pair of hanged ghosts?Huang Cili was terrified. What's so scary?There are no ghosts in the world.If there are ghosts, why should they be entangled with the living.I really hope to see a ghost one day, and ask it to stand there clearly for me to study and study. So have you researched it?The carriage was already crowded, and Huang Cili's body was even tighter against Wang Lishan. If I ask them to come out, they won't come out, and it's useless to even burn a large stack of paper money to try to bribe them.It was a little girl worker I hired at the beginning who got up to urinate in the middle of the night one day and said that she saw two black shadows hanging by her window.Early the next morning, I grabbed a small bag and slipped away.Later, I hired an elderly Abasan, who was so deaf that he couldn't hear other people's stories, and nothing happened.

Huang Cili responded wildly, looking back at Wang Lishan, he smiled at her, Taishan Shi dared to look, she couldn't help reaching out to grab his hand, his hand was wide, long and warm, she bit down on it. lips, with a sigh of relief. When the cow dung pile arrived, everyone got out of the car, and the spiral stone steps were piled up artistically, circling all the way to a solid bungalow at the top.There is a clump of red flowers here, a small tree there, stone figures, stone piers, earthen pots, clay urns, all kinds of strange and interesting little things. Hey, there are so many fish and they are so big. Sister Hua, can I eat them? In the artificially dug small fish pond more than ten feet square, a dozen large and small fish swim around.There is a clean bottle in the center of the pool, which should be able to spray water, but it is weak.There are so many thin water lines that can be counted, gushing and resting. No, Ciri.Hua Jie put her hand on Huang Cili's shoulder and answered with a smile. Why, is it poisonous? It's not poisonous, it's a good fish, and it's so small that it grows to such a big size. What do you do to raise it so big? Look, talk to them, they are my good friends. talk about the day?Huang Cili felt even more strange: Sister Hua, you don't like fish, do you? I eat, and I like to eat fish. eat is Fish bought in the market. Why?Isn't the fish that you spend money on in the market the same fish?I have raised so many fat fish in my fish pond and don’t eat them, so I let them be the sire, the sire, and the mother-in-law? !Do you have to hold an underwater funeral when you die? Huajie spread his hands and said: Mu Changci, your sister's question touches my heart! After going up to more than twenty floors, Huang Cili yelled again, opening small doors one by one, about a foot long cabins, under the eaves, beside the railings, on the tree trunks, there are at least a dozen hanging or framed. . Sister Hua, what are you doing again? I have prepared a free house for the birds, and provided them with feed and water, free of charge. It must be full and business is booming. You are right, my tenants are of no class, no matter how close or distant they are.All visitors are welcome.do you know?The owls came too. owl? !Huang Cili opened her eyes wide: how terrifying. horrible?how could be?At night it gurgles, which sounds very nice.I'll miss it if it doesn't come sometimes. When everyone came to the house, Hua Jieren and Mu Changci were still on a boulder.People from Huajie gesticulated and said something to Mu Changci, pointing all around, pointing at the school scene that was getting darker, let's relive their dreams of the golden age.Huang Luotian stood under the flower shed, densely covered with purple triangle flowers.The breeze is blowing, and the air is extremely clean.Someone came to him, so close to him, the lavender skirt fluttered beside him, and the lavender knot restrained the long hair, but could not restrain the elegant fragrance of the hair. It's a good place, isn't it?Brother Huang? great. Think about it, cow dung pile, I admire Sister Hua, she and Sister Changci are very close, it is very reasonable. I think you can really find inspiration here to start writing a short story or essay. Wang Wangxiang smiled and said nothing. Huajie people and Mu Changci came up, Huang Luotian greeted them, Huajie people smiled and said to Huang Luotian: You're so worried, you can't leave him for even a minute, you're staying here for fear that I'll abduct Mu Changci away? ﹒ Don't worry, when Mu Changci was with me, he was never as happy as when he was with you. The four entered the room laughing.Wang Lishan and Huang Cili were missing, only Wang Lizhou was sitting on a wicker chair looking through Huajie's photobook.Seven cups of fresh juice, four cups remained untouched.Now Wang Wangxiang is sitting next to her brother, drinking her glass of orange water. Did you wash your hands and face?Find the tap water, towels and soap by yourself.That's what I mean when I say you should be wronged.We do everything by ourselves, no one waits for us. We have all been washed, and we are sending you and Sister Changci.King Xiang said. That's good, how about two more people?The people from Huajie asked Huang Cili and Wang Lishan. Talk to your fish.Wang Lizhou answered with a smile. People from Huajie took Mu Changci's hand and came to her bedroom. It was a spacious square, with four equal beds, four writing desks, and clear windows. Is it the principal's bedroom?Student dormitory. There are three rooms in a row here, with a total of twelve beds. When the world was peaceful, I was alone with eleven empty beds.In case of students with problems, I will ask them to live with me here, talk with them heart-to-heart, and find out where the problems are.Once all the guests were full, I made the floor by myself. Jieren, you are amazing, Mu Changci praised you sincerely. What a big deal, I'm just doing my best and doing what I can. When Mu Changci entered the bathroom, he felt a heavy feeling in his lower abdomen and discomfort in his chest.Looking for boiled water and a glass, I took two pills to help digestion.There is an oily smell from the fried fish, which is the fault. Changci, the students are warmly preparing to welcome you tonight. I'm welcome there.When she said that, she came out, leaned over, and lay on a separate bed. Tired? Not tired, I just want to lie down when I see the bed. What, and that old habit. A person can't change the root cause no matter what, what is the opinion of an educator and psychologist? Come on, don't give me so many homes, I don't have half a home. Mu Changci smiled and closed his eyes. You rest for a while, I will go to school to make arrangements, we will go down after dinner, and the speech will start at seven o'clock.Now let your cowherd meet you, he has been waiting for you by the magpie bridge for a year. After dinner, everyone went down the cow dung pile in high spirits.Huajie was the first to accompany Huang Luo, followed by a group of people.Entering the school auditorium filled with darkness, thousands of female students applauded thunderously.After sitting down on the seats in the forum, Huajie people first gave a report and introduction.Amid a burst of warm applause, Huang Luotian stood in front of the podium. Hey, where did you hide that fish?Huang Cili asked Wang Lishan in a low voice. What? Where is the fish hiding? Inside the mud urn. That clay urn? Next to a little land lord. hush.The king's fragrant elbow touches Wang Lishan. Huang Luotian's posture is stable, his tone is hearty, and his words are humorous and simple.It won bursts of laughter and applause from the students. I bet these students envy you for having such a good husband with both talents and looks.Wang Lizhou moved closer to Mu Changci. The main purpose of Jieren wants you to talk about space and satellites, but you don't agree. Great job you've given me, but I know hiding first. what are you hidingBrother Wang, is our fish?Huang Cili immediately asked Wang Lizhou. Hush! The speech, logically, is also one of Huang Luotian's masterpieces.The heart is quiet, the mind is full, and the natural eloquence is endless.The smell of philosophy is rustling than the autumn wind, which can match the girls who are young in early spring.But he is capable.The expressions of Principal Hua sitting on the podium, and the faces listening intently are strong proofs. There is nothing in the human world that does not end, but fortunately, there is a new beginning after the end.The crowd in the auditorium dispersed, and the chapel was packed again.It was the time of Vespers, and through the stained-glass windows, the image of Our Lady of Mercy was carved against the turquoise night sky.The two columns of white candles have a soft glow, although not everyone is a saint, religious baptism washes people's souls.Huajie arranged it with ulterior motives. She sat in front of the organ, an old dream from many years ago.She had long braids hanging down, and Mu Changci sang hymns solo.At that time, she was popular among her classmates, but now her demeanor is even more attractive. <Ave Maria>, the Holy Mother and the Child, the whole hall was silent.Mu Changci's singing shook the universe.In the candlelight, her pupils shine brightly, what about joy?What about sentiment?The sorrow of life?With tears in his mouth vaguely.Others were also crying, but they couldn't see each other. After leaving the church, everyone was silent and speechless for a moment.Hua Jie held Mu Changci's waist, just like when she was her partner before.The difference was that Mu Changci had a small waist at that time.Now, round and round, a new life is conceived in it. Back to the cow dung pile, stepping into the simple and artistic living room, the air boiled again.Wang Lishan and Huang Cili exchanged glances and slipped away one after another.There were five people left, and five wicker chairs were placed together.When the tea came, so did the conversation, and they had a lot to talk about. Mu Changci's singing voice is so good!Wang Lizhou added a new admiration. No, I remember the time when I sang on the radio on behalf of the school, and the boys received at least a hundred letters the next day.Huajie people said. They only heard her voice, but they hadn't seen her yet.Or Wang Lizhou: Especially standing on the pulpit in the candlelight just now, the Virgin Mary is no match for her. Lizhou, don't read all my lines, okay?Huang Luotian said. Why bother?All the women read out should be Mu Changci's lines to you, she is always generous. Wang Lizhou made everyone laugh. Hua Jieren and Mu Changci respectively talked about interesting things in school, and everyone listened with gusto.They talked about visiting the cemetery at night and reading carefully on each tombstone.The dead have nothing to compare with, compare their ages when they left the world. There was a boy of twenty years old.Huajie said with a smile: We especially stayed in his tomb for a long time. It can be seen that it is not bad for people to die young, young people are popular, and so are young ghosts.Some people even said that he would have to die at the most forty years old, leaving people with the feeling of eternal youth.Wang Lizhou said. After all, who wants to die short-lived?People's thoughts and feelings are often very contradictory and weird.This is Huang Luotian. Brother Huang, Wang Wangxiang said: You mentioned concepts, psychology and self-confidence in your speech just now.I just thought of a feeling when I took the train today.With my eyes closed, I felt that the car was going backwards for a while, but in fact the car was moving forward, so I always felt that the car was going backwards.If you want to believe that the car is going forward, you have to open your eyes and see.Later, I simply kept my eyes closed, believing that if the car goes forward, it will go forward, and if it goes backwards, it will go backwards.So I was controlling the train, going forward and back, completely ignoring the train driver's control. Huang Luotian smiled and was about to answer when he saw figures swaying in the corridor, Huang Cili and Wang Lishan.They were clearly avoiding a few of them. Huang Cili!Huang Luotian called. Wang Lishan!Wang Lizhou also called out at the same time. The two came in, their bodies wet and covered in mud. This is how the same thing? !What did you do? Our Wang Lishan glanced at Huajie and said: I wanted to try throwing the hook into the fish pond, but I caught a fish unexpectedly.I picked it up and put it in a clay urn. I went out to see it just now, and it was dead.I had to dig a hole and bury it. How big is the tail?The Huajie people were obviously heartbroken. so big.Wang Lishan was good at it. ah, that's grandma Sister Hua, Huang Cili said: We didn't mean to put your grandmother Ha ha ha ha!Wang Lizhou was the first to laugh. Everyone laughed, and Huajie people laughed too. It was already half past one in the morning when everyone returned to their rooms.If Huang Luotian wasn't worried that Mu Changci was tired, everyone would still be interested in chatting.The three rooms were arranged properly, and the three men were gathered together.Hua Jie and Mu Changci slept in the same room.Huang Cili and Wang Wangxiang are partners. Huang Cili was lying on the bed, watching Wang Wangxiang wearing a pink soft nightgown and white fluffy soft slippers, walking around lightly, closing the window, adjusting the light, and dragging Cili's bed sheet.With her, she looks like a good sister.That time when she was angry with Wang Lishan in Quanju, Wang Wangxiang came to the room to comfort her, she almost drove her away.Think about it, embarrassing, shouldn't be.Wang Lishan valued his elder sister, he almost worshiped her, it made sense. Good night, sister Wang.Huang Cili's black eyes followed the fragrance of the king. Good night, Ci Li, sleep well.Wang Wangxiang smiled so beautifully. Sister Wang, I am too naughty and ignorant, aren't I? If you are there, you are kind-hearted, frank, and so beautiful, Lishan often praises you in front of me. Really?Sister Wang, really?Huang Cili was very happy. Really, your family is amazing and enviable. Huang Cili was genuinely happy, thinking over Wang Wangxiang's words over and over again.Turned off the lights and it was quiet.She remembered betting with Wang Lishan during the day to see who could catch a fish, and in the end he caught Huajieren's grandmother.Maybe it really is Huajie's grandmother. clean people clean people Hey, round eyes, slack moist mouth, panting, two folding fans under the side, the old grandmother of Huajie people! Sister Hua, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Huajie's eyes were also round, and his head stuck out from the clay urn.With a swish sound, the long braid coiled around his head stood upright and turned into a long snake, winding straight towards Wang Lishan's body. Tateyama!Tateyama!Huang Cili yelled and woke up. Her heart was pounding and she was drenched with sweat.Seeing with eyes, listening with ears, Wang Wangxiang's nose is deep and even, everything is asleep.well!Belly distended, want to pee.The toilet is at the other end of the corridor, alas, it's terrible.However, you have to urinate to urinate, and when a hanged ghost appears, you have to bite the bullet and urinate, not to mention that there are no ghosts in the world.If you want to talk to human beings, you may wish to find Sister Hua. She has burned a lot of paper money for you.Cili got out of bed, and walked on tiptoe like a ghost afraid of being frightened by a hanged ghost, taking a step, taking a step, and slowly, she reached the end of the corridor.Pushing open the door of the toilet, she stepped in. It was pitch black, as if ghost hands were groping towards her from the front, back, left, and right.After finally urinating, he quickly opened the door.oops!A hanged ghost dangling outside the corridor! Hush!You scared the owl away! You scared me to death! The owl flew away as expected, Wang Lishan was very depressed.In any case, Huang Cili was finally worthy of the owl, and he walked towards her Why are you still awake?Huang Cili's voice was low. Want to catch an owl, the teacher said that we need a stuffed owl in our class. Forget it, don't mess around anymore, that fish is Sister Hua's grandmother, who can guarantee that the owl is not her grandfather. Then she told Wang Lishan about the nightmare she had. He smiled, put his arms around her, and sat in a sheltered place near the toilet.He had never seen a girl in pajamas before, and seeing her in it now, it did make sense.He had no intention of peeking, but her wide collar, no, the pajamas of thin material should also be blamed, he swallowed, and turned to look at the owl's free house in the treetops.It wasn't the owls he cared about now, he knew it, but couldn't admit it. In Lishan, Huang Cili pinched the buttons on his pajamas with one hand. He looked at her, and from her tender white chest, he saw two small pointed cones under the cover of thin pajamas. You say I'm frank, kind-hearted, and pretty? My sister told you?When it was dark, he didn't need to blush. You can't say it this time, can you?She looked up at him. Didn't I come?He looked at her small lips. How about my clothes?Still good-looking? Do my glasses make me less human?Or am I not human myself? Huang Cili smiled.Wang Lishan took a deep breath in frustration, and tightened his hands on her waist.The nose slanted to the left and then to the right, Ci Li timidly went up to her, her two noses collided and looked straight.Wang Lishan surrounded her with his left arm, his heart was beating wildly, by the way, these were her lips. Goo!Goo!Goo! Huang Cili hurriedly pushed Wang Lishan away and stood up. He watched her go back to the room with a sense of loss.Goo!Goo!Goo!You left when you shouldn't have left, and you've come again when you shouldn't have come, so God punished you and you're still an owl after a hundred years! Dongfang's belly was pale, and Mu Changci opened his eyes.Turning his face, Huajie also turned to face her, and the two exchanged a smile. no more sleep?Mu Changci asked. I haven't told anyone about my thoughts for more than ten years. I was so excited that I didn't fall asleep all night. Today we go to Taichung, stay overnight at Sun Moon Lake, and part ways tomorrow. Changci.The man from Huajie shrugged his shoulders: I think it would be superfluous if you wanted to arrange this scene for me. Let's wait and see, everyone is lively together, who can really arrange something for themselves or others? ! Philosophical meaning, philosophical meaning, everything will be explained to you in the end. In the final analysis, it is futile to fail to realize it! Refers to me. Mu Changci sat up, stretched a little, and smiled. Changci, it's really strange, the older you get, the more beautiful you look, what's the reason?Wang Lizhou was afraid that he would be compared to Huang Luotian. If I was smart, I should have stayed far away when you walked ahead. Huajie people, you are ruminating again.Mu Changci imitated the accent of the former female dormitory supervisor who blamed Huajie for making mistakes: You don't have to compliment me like that.Besides, do you only pay attention to the form?Are subjective evaluations correct?I praised you yesterday as a great educator, and now I am going to revise this sentence for myself. Let’s fix it. The Huajie people smiled and got out of bed and yawned standing upright. They pushed their hands up the back of their head, and their long braids fell down: educators are human beings, since they are human beings, is there any difference? Regurgitated? ! ha!Mu Changci laughed out loud. Sister Mu, are you awake?Wang Wangxiang poked her head in, her face flushed.Xi just wanted to go to the bathroom, but met Huang Luotian on the way.He let her, she let him.On the single-plank bridge, white sheep make black sheep, and black sheep make white sheep.Alas, the long pink nightgown, I was so embarrassed, I ran away desperately, and fled here. Are you up too?Did we wake you up by talking loudly?Mu Changci asked. how could be?The air here is good, I sleep soundly at night, the birds sing beautifully, I feel happy when I open my eyes, and I am reluctant to waste time sleeping in vain. Cili must still be sleeping with her head covered.Mu Changci said with a smile. Woke up, she got up earlier than me. The door of the room was beeping, and the well-dressed Wang Lishan poked his head in: Sister Mu, Sister Hua, good morning!Is Ciri here? morning!Li Shan, Mu Changci replied: Ci Li is in her room. I can't go to her room to find her, can my sister convey it for me? Wang Wangxiang agreed to go, and Wang Lishan followed.Huajie people sighed and said to Mu Changci: You see, Wang Lishan didn't dare to go to Huang Cili's room when he was looking for Huang Cili, but came to our room instead.I'm not married either, but I'm not a woman anymore. Jieren, your problem is contradictory.Mu Changci said with a smile. What is contradictory? You are against marriage, and old maids are particularly sensitive. Who said I was afraid of being an old maid?What are the benefits of being married?A selfish man with the same face all day long.Then open the door for seven things, then the kids, and then the husband makes a new girlfriend outside. Well, well, we had enough review and debate before we went to bed last night. Breakfast is eaten on the student's self-study table, including porridge, fried dough sticks, preserved eggs, pickled radish and peanuts.Mu Changci proposed to invite Huajie people to spend the night with them at Sun Moon Lake in Taichung. Huang Luotian's deep eyes rested affectionately on her face.She looked pale, but she was full of energy. The song "Ode to Our Lady" in the church was like opening a new page about Mu Changci.The love of childhood, the fish and geese going back and forth when they were young, childish and frank;Reunion in adulthood, to bonding.Mu Changci is pure, kind and perfect.Her singing, did not expect to play like that.Hold out her love, her love, her heart.How about him, thank you?Excited?What about joy?Or tremble in fear of losing happiness?There was a vast expanse of whiteness, and tears filled my eyes. elder brother!Huang Cili told him: Go to Sun Moon Lake, where do you live? Of course the teachers hall.Wang Lizhou answered on his behalf. Why of course? Here we are two teachers, Hua Jieren and I, plus your brother, the big professor, who else will we support if we don’t go to the teacher’s hall? Lizhou is here again, you and Huajie people can start a business and lead, two real educators, Yo, the two of you are really close to each other and understand each other.Mu Changci called me an educator on the left and an educator on the right, and you are an educator and an educator to Wang Lizhou. In fact, the two of us, Huajie people, stopped, and we didn't want to be home after swallowing half of our family. Looking at Huajie people, Wang Lizhou suddenly felt that there was a new force in the lonely lineup, and said with a smile: No, they big shots make fun of us villains. Hey, Wang Lizhou, we are not villains. Don't worry, the rules in our hometown, people who have never been married, no matter how old they are, are considered villains. What are you and I not villains? Mu Changci saw Hua Jie's face showing a look of hesitation, so he hurriedly interrupted and changed the topic back to the teacher's hall and the fresh fish in Sun Moon Lake.From Wang Lizhou, who eats fish, he brought up the current poor treatment of teachers, and then the issue of teachers. The problem of teachers is directly proportional to the salary of teachers. Who wants to be a teacher if they can’t support their wives and children?The young and sharp-eyed Wang Lishan played again: Teachers are the problem, but the bigger problem is the burden of oppressing young people.Each student is short-sighted, half-deaf, sallow and emaciated, with a bent back and stooped waist.Hard study and cramming forced two paths; those who could get into the school were all rigid nerds, those who couldn't get into the school lost their self-esteem, and they simply went free and fearless.Cutting seedlings on the mountain is enough damage.Cutting off the head of the future protagonist, everyone shouted: save the next generation, save our children!Yell, yell, yell, what's the solution? ! Everyone let out a heavy sigh.Huang Luotian's opinion is: since everyone pays attention to this question, there must be an answer to this question in time.After careful consideration of all the threads, what everyone needs is understanding and cooperation. There is nothing man-made that cannot be saved by manpower. Yes.Wang Wangxiang kept nodding: Brother Huang's words are absolutely right. What are you talking about?To go so far!What time does our train leave?Of course, the speaker was Huang Cili. The train arrived in Taichung, and then took the bus to Sun Moon Lake.After getting out of the car, Mu Changci suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated.Huang Luotian and Wang Lizhou were beside her and quickly supported her. nothing.She smiled tiredly, beads of sweat dripped from her forehead: It's been a long time since I took a long-distance car, and I have been motion sick since I was a child. After entering the teacher's hall, Hua Jie repeatedly said to let Mu Changci have a good rest for a while before discussing, and helped her into the room.Huang Luotian made the bed and let Chang Ci lie on it.Her face was pale and her eyes were tightly closed. Do you want a doctor?Huajie asked Huang Luotian in a low voice. Just kidding, Mu Changci put his hand on his chest and said weakly: I talked to you all night last night, plus motion sickness.Now I say, just let me sleep for a while. Okay, okay, I'm leaving, you have a good rest. Huajie retreated, Huang Luotian closed the door, and returned to Changci's bedside.Touch her head, feel her pulse.Her complexion began to improve, her sweat stopped, and her breath calmed down.Huang Luotian held one of her hands and looked at her anxiously. She opened her eyes to look at him, closed them again, and fell asleep after a while. This time she slept well, Huang Luotian was by her side.Seeing her wake up, she asked: Are you feeling better? The sky is dark, the window is misty and green, and the pool light reflects the shadow.Mu Changci blinked and replied: All right, what about them? They come in to visit you every few minutes. I want them to have dinner. why don't you go to dinner I'll wait for you, let's eat together. OK, I get up. Don't get up, just order something to eat in the room, it's not good to be tired after getting up. When the food was brought in, Mu Changci didn't eat much, and Huang Luotian was worried again. Come on, it's all because of your fried fish.If I don't eat it, you will use your brain to give me something else. I have always had a bad stomach, and I am most afraid of fried things.She glanced at him with a smile. I don't know, who told you to force yourself to eat?You live in the world all day long, for others.The purpose of coming to Sun Moon Lake is to bring together two families to form one family, first to bring yourself down.Huang Luo was really annoyed, he had a bad stomach, so he calmed down a bit.He was concerned about her body, the child had never been born, and he couldn't bear the fright of the cup bow snake shadow. Mu Changci found it funny, looked at him tenderly, and asked: What about the two homes? It really came together.Wang Lishan took Cili to visit mountain youths to learn mountain singing and dancing.Wang Lizhou accompanied Huajie people logically.He also said repeatedly: Is there any good place to go?Chang Ci is not feeling well, let us stay here with her.He has the spirit of a martyr.I suggested that they go boating on the surface of the lake, and Lizhou wanted Zhexiang to accompany them.I think Wang Wangxiang also hopes to have a sister-in-law search soon, saying that she is interested in the teaching materials and pictures in the library, and wants to stay there to study. Great, I was thinking about how to create a chance for the two of them to be alone in the car along the way, and after much deliberation, it was not as good as this method of motion sickness.If I had known earlier, I would have pretended not to be ill. This is really the great you. From the very beginning, you came to the south just to fulfill Wang Lizhou. It's not that simple, first, Wang Lizhou agreed to Huajie people, Huajie people are my good friends.Secondly, taking advantage of the spring break for a change of air is also considered our honeymoon trip. Well, thanks for being thoughtful.Seven people go on their honeymoon together.I'm a man and I'm going to sleep with men on my honeymoon. One thing you have to admit is that Wang Lishan and Huang Cili have a better chance of getting to know each other.My father pampered Cili, Lishan has a way, he has gradually made Cili follow the track. You, Shakyamuni who fed his body to birds and beasts under the Bodhi tree! It's an award, I can afford one ten-thousandth of it? You really can't afford it. You haven't taken care of the most important person around you, your husband.It hurt me and I was always on tenterhooks.To see if your complexion is good, to see if you can eat or not, to worry about whether you are cold, to worry about you Then I will take care of you even if I die.As long as I live for a day, when will you not worry about anything for me? How dare you be so sharp-tongued! You said it yourself!you say Huang Luotian's lips closed hers, kissed hers, took a long breath, touched her cheeks, and muttered: Spend the night here tonight, tomorrow if there are any tricks to help others and don’t want to go back to Taipei, let’s see how I deal with you when I return to Taipei! The next day, Mu Changci didn't have any tricks anymore.The Huajie people bid farewell to them on the station back to the south.Perhaps it wasn't the hope or illusion in Mu Changci's heart, but there was indeed something added to the eyes of Hua Jieren and Wang Lizhou.Parting, Mu Changci handed Huajie an envelope, which contained a check for NT$200,000.100,000 yuan to add new equipment to the alma mater, and 100,000 yuan for bursaries for poor students.This was prepared when she set off to the south, and now it is in the hands of Huajie people. Before she opened the envelope, before she was surprised, refused or thanked, she waved to her and boarded the train. Waving to each other, holding the envelope high, the car moved slowly Six people returned to Taipei, and the sightseeing car was full of comfort.Mu Changci and Huang Luotian sat next to each other. He reached out to hold her hand. She smiled at him and closed her eyes. Second Li.Wang Lishan yelled in a low voice in the back seat. 沒聽見答應的聲音。 Ci Li! 我死了,你叫什麼鬼! 我不過和她多跳一會兒舞,她跳得好,我可以多學習學習,沒有別的意思,你犯不著和我生這樣大的氣! 只因為她舞跳得好,呃?不因為她白粉比別人多抹一些,唇膏比別人多塗一層那就是說,她長得哼,我看起來是妖裏妖氣,半點也不好看的! 不好看就好了,不是嗎?誰說她好看來的? you!就是你,你這個瞎了眼睛的笨瓜! 我既然瞎了眼,那裏看得見什麼好看不好看的?而且,我就是和她跳那麼一會兒舞,現在跟你回台北去,還不夠嗎? 謝謝你祖宗幾百代,你不回台北,準備留在日月潭做山地姑爺不成? 隨便你怎麼說好了。 當然隨便我,難道隨你這個死鬼的便! 死鬼?嘖嘖嘖,太難聽了,一個大家閨秀,說話沒半點書卷氣味! 我沒有書卷氣味,那個山地女孩子就有書卷的氣味! 穆長慈睜開眼,接著黃洛天向她投來意會不可言傳的目光。眼裏一陣酸熱,別轉臉孔看看車窗外。 後座沒有聲音了。不知道王立山用的什麼好方法,黃次莉噗哧一聲笑出來。黃洛天嘴角那麼一提。車子轟隆轟隆,搖搖晃晃。倦倦軟軟的,妻子的手還在他手中,他閉上了眼睛。 王立洲也正閉著眼,回憶昨夜裏情人道上四個鐘頭的馬拉松散步。情人道,無情的人在上面走了一遭也就有情了。像華潔人,他不覺笑了笑,眉眼髮膚都是子曰:學而時習之,情人道,轟隆轟隆。情人道。回到台北,寫一封信吧,筆尖比嘴巴好處理一些。他睜開眼,車子搖擺得像搖籃。轟隆轟隆,又閉上眼睛。 王者香靠窗坐在哥哥的身邊,自始至終視若無睹的望著窗外飛馳的景物。不聰明,欽佩他的思想文章。課堂上心儀他,一言一語,一舉手一投足,進而踏進聽泉居,笨到跟著來旅行。她不能再看他,像不願多看那些男同學毛頭小子同一樣。感覺並不同,過分的看著心裏激動和過分的看看不順眼。為什麼有這畸形的情感,畸形嗎? !眼梢一瞥,他的白襯衫底下堅實的肩膀順下來手臂和手。只看得見這一些,就是這些,卻也沒有了。他挪著去,挪向他生生世世都要挪向的地方。她吸進了呻吟,咬緊微顫的下唇。 轟隆轟隆,觀光號火車奔馳著。載著他們,或輕或重的軀體和心。向前駛,直向他們所要奔赴的目的地。
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