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Chapter 26 Chapter Twenty Six

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Tingquanju is full of flowers, and in a blink of an eye, summer is coming. The school is busy with exams.Huang Luotian is busy.Huang Cili is busy.The three brothers and sisters of the Wang family added another favor. Wang Wangxiang graduated and planned to go to the United States.These days it is fashionable for young people to lose to the United States. People who have the means to go to the United States, and those who have no way to go to the United States.The United States, a huge country, rich, free, all-encompassing, and harmonious, welcomes people who yearn for freedom with open arms.We, the people of Free China who feel like living in a snail's nest, are even more eager to go to that area to breathe more fresh and sweet air.American friends do not refuse, as long as you can get rid of the sentimentality of duckweed, you will still be green and boundless.Wang Wangxiang left for another purpose, staying in Taiwan, unable to bear the emotional torture.Pack it up and go to that far away place.Absorb new knowledge, broaden your horizons, and the way to escape depends on yourself.

This night, Tingquanju meets for the last meeting.After dinner, everyone sat on the grass, the moonlight was bright and clear, and the scented wind was refreshing.Wang Lishan hugged Huang Luotian's guitar, and Huang Cili leaned against him, singing softly.Amidst the Li song, Wang Wangxiang lowered her head and leaned her body.In the dark night, tears flowed down my cheeks, fortunately no one could see them.Grab a few grasses, and some more grasses.Pulling, pulling, it was like tearing her heart out.Huang Luotian stood up, wandering back and forth on the grass.Now, he stopped behind the rattan chair specially arranged for Mu Changci, and pressed his hands on the chair handles.

Zhexiang, when are you coming back?Mu Changci asked a question. Wang Wangxiang didn't answer, Wang Lizhou immediately said: her?Always a female doctor and then talk.She said that she would definitely come back sooner or later, but I was not as confident as she was.These days, when girls come to the United States, they are delicious and crispy, no matter whether you provoke men or not, in a situation where the yang is prosperous and the yin is weak, people will covet you.Ugly monsters are also beauties, not to mention the fragrance of our king.When the time comes to send a wedding invitation to her brother, she decides to marry a Chinese American.We can only listen to Quanju's congratulations for her to grow old together and get married forever.Speaking of this, he thought of his younger sister's care after returning to China, and his Chinese teacher who also served as him, and he felt sour and bitter in his heart.

Wang Wangxiang couldn't answer, but was afraid of the sound of tears. Zhexiang, you should come back. It is indeed beneficial to go to foreign countries to broaden your knowledge, but Taiwan is your home, your Chinese is good, and your articles are so well written. Do you want to write your heartfelt thoughts in English for foreigners?Brother Huang disagrees with this first, Luo Tian, ​​don't you think so? Huang Luotian didn't answer in silence, put the back of Mu Changci's wicker chair, and continued his leisurely walk. I think the three of us, brothers and sisters, will really be less and more separated.Wang Lizhou sighed: When I was a child, I was with my parents, quarreling and fighting.After leaving our parents, if the three of us don't love each other, who will love us?I finally came back from England, and now Zhexiang is leaving, and I am leaving after graduating from Tateyama University. I am a lonely ghost again.

Huang Cili hurriedly pinched Wang Lishan secretly, because Lishan promised her that she would stay with her after graduation, and that the two of them would go together for further studies. Now she was reminding Wang Lishan that Wang Lishan was in so much pain that he had no choice but to look back at her. . I think, Mu Changci pondered and said: Tingquanju has enough rooms, Zhexiang left, you and Lishan moved to our place, we have each other's company. Great, sister, great!Huang Cili cried out. That would be too intrusive.Wang Lizhou said. Huang Luotian immediately turned back and said:

Lizhou, Changci has a good idea. We are all together. Zhexiang will return to China with her American groom for sightseeing in the future. We also sincerely welcome them. Did Zhexiang hear that?Brother Huang's tone was very sarcastic and jealous.Mu Changci said with a smile. I'm not jealous, Mrs. Huang, I'm also her brother, I should feel the same way as Li Zhou. Wang Wangxiang's trip was on Sunday, and she went to Tingquanju alone on Saturday night to bid farewell.Huang Cili and Wang Lishan went to watch a movie together, and Huang Luotian and Mu Changci were sitting in the living room.The three gave up their seats, and Zhaodi brought tea.Wang Wangxiang also bid farewell to Zhaodi and Lao Zheng, her long eyelashes twinkled.

Miss Wang, come back soon.Zhaodi said. Zhaodi, my elder brother and younger brother will come here in the future, I really want to disturb you and Lao Zheng. No, Ms. Wang, you are good friends of the young master and the young lady. Old Zheng and Zhao brother should take care of them carefully.Recruiting a brother from the province, he can speak Mandarin much better than Lao Zheng. Thank you, Zhaodi. Don't say thank you, Miss Wang is too polite. After recruiting his younger brother to retreat, Mu Changci and Wang Wangxiang talked for a while, but they were nothing more than caring and exhorting.Wang Wangxiang is repeatedly thanking and grateful, thanking the past and thanking the future.Brother Huang's guidance and sister Mu's hospitality; these friendships will never be forgotten.About half an hour later, Mu Changci excused himself to leave, leaving Huang Luotian and Wang Wangxiang behind.Huang Luotian didn't speak, and Wang Wangxiang couldn't even speak. After sitting there for ten minutes, she thought she should leave in a sensible way.

I should go.She stood up. Huang Luotian stood up with an expression of seeing each other off, Wang Wangxiang bit his lower lip lightly, he felt that I had sat for too long.In any case, Huang Luotian politely sent Wang Wangxiang to the gate.Oh, by the way, he remembered, it was so late, he should have driven her back. You wait, I'll go in and talk to Changci, and I'll take you back. Soon Huang Luotian came out, the car drove out of the garage, Wang Wangxiang sat in.Silently along the way, he sent her home. go in.He stood with her at the gate. Goodbye, Brother Huang.Her outstretched hand held his for a while and couldn't let go.After letting go, he quickly turned around and flashed into the small door.

Wang Wangxiang went, and Wang Lizhou and Wang Lishan moved into Tingquan residence.Huajie came to Taipei during her vacation, and Huang Luotian and his wife took her to live with her, a series of happy and lively days.When Huajie went back, Wang Lizhou sent him there, but he turned back halfway in a fit of anger, the two of them were hot and cold like a pair of happy enemies.Who knows the outcome of human affairs?Personnel and responsibilities should be fulfilled.Then, greet the nature like the wind, let it blow, and let it go there. Now, the time for Mu Changci's separation is approaching.

Luo Tian, ​​shall we go back to the beach house for a few days?I miss that place.The blue sky, the sea, the rainbow, and the sound of the tide always haunt me. The doctor can't tell you that you will give birth within two weeks. If you have a stomachache in the middle of the night, what should you do? For two or three days, you and I, we will be together quietly.You said we had a seven-person honeymoon, and now the two of us will make up for a real honeymoon, okay? After the baby is born, don't make me worry. After the baby is born, I have to rest for a period of time, and the summer vacation is over.

I can ask for leave and accompany you anytime. Remember, the sea breeze can't wait for us, the wind is cold, and we have to wait for the next year to give birth. Huang Luotian stared at Mu Changci, there was a look in her eyes that made him terrified.Mu Changci raised his face and smiled, blooming in a variety of purples and reds.Huang Luotian was both comforted and annoyed, and tightly grasped her fair and slender hands: Changci, your mission in this world is to torture me, well, what one thing can I defy you?The only thing I don't approve of, I can't help thinking about your health and safety. I'm always healthy and safe, why do you have to think about it?But, you said it yourself, what can be predicted?For example, when a person goes to the street, a car rushes over and crushes him to death.When a brick falls and hits the forehead impartially, everyone has an equal opportunity. Everyone has the possibility of encountering such misfortune. How to deal with it?what to do?Whom to blame? !Thank you for reading thousands of volumes of philosophy, and lack of philosophy in your mind! I don't know what to do, Chang Ci, since I have you, I have never been so concerned about gains and losses. Mu Changci lowered his head, raised it after a while, and smiled darkly and bitterly.explain: Isn't it the same for me, since I said that I miss the days with you in the seaside hut.You and I, happy together, don't have to worry about anything, so Well, well, let me make some arrangements, and we'll be there in two or three days. Bring Lao Zheng, Huang Luotian and Mu Changci back to the seaside hut. Blue sky, sea water.The white clouds are shining, and the waves are dancing.Huang Luotian and Lao Zheng were busy in the house, while Mu Changci was alone on the shore. The sky remains the same, the water is blue, the white clouds have no intention, and the waves have no intention.Those who come will go, those who go will come.The wind blows, and the seagulls hover low.Slanting rain, sunset, mist, rainbow.Accumulated rocks, endless sandy beaches, when will the sun rise again and the moon be full? At night, the couple sat opposite each other at the dinner table, fresh fish, fat fresh fish. With the sea breeze blowing, your appetite should be better.Huang Luotian said. Yes, much better and the fish is so fresh again. Changci, your plan is always right, we should have lived here long ago.do you know?I bought this cottage, which will always be our sweet little den. I know, I also want to buy this cottage from the owner, but it is said that a Mr. Huang got there first.Later I found out it was you, I think if you didn't tell me, it must be for the purpose of empathizing with another love, and guess who I think you fell in love with? ﹒ Don't play such pranks again, will you?This is our day, why gossip? ! You are so sensitive, your face is blushing, I really have to be more careful.I don't have to worry about other people, but Wang Wangxiang, I can see that she loves you, and she goes abroad to escape the emotional burden.We bid farewell to her that night. From the beginning to the end, she worked hard to defend the embankment that was about to collapse at any time. Huang Luotian's face darkened, and he tapped his chopsticks on the dining table. Mu Changci's eyes narrowed, and the corners of his ingenious mouth hooked up, making him annoyingly mischievous.Now she laughed again, a series of crisp laughter: It's so funny to see you when you're angry.She blinked, lowered her head, and took a sip of the mushroom soup: Don't think I'm jealous, no one can monopolize a person like you.You will never be alone, and many women Hunmeng are willing to be with you.I am your wife, and I appreciate it, but I can't be selfish. Huang Luotian didn't eat anything anymore, and looked at Mu Changci in silence. Giving me some soy sauce, she holds out a spoon: love, how pathetic.I know you are good to me, but I can't forget Wang Wangxiang.Especially, when she was studying philosophy and literature with you, you might combine, if I didn't bother then.I always thought she was more suitable for you, and I was a superfluous person. Changci, are you really so suspicious?So you have always retreated and created opportunities many times, are you tempting me like a cunning fox? Tell me, Luo Tian, ​​does Wang Wangxiang love you? I don't care, I only have you in my heart. I know, but we all know about feelings.We talk honestly and I believe we should be honest with each other. When do I not confess to you? So tell me, does Wang Wangxiang love you? Huang Luotian refused. Why don't you answer? Huang Luotian glanced at her and said: uh maybe. Maybe? !What is maybe?Is this a confession? You're so naughty!Well what does that mean! Luo Tian, ​​tell me, you must answer my question, does Wang Wangxiang love you? I don't know, I don't care, and I don't pay attention, so naturally she won't say it. So maybe where did the two words come from? Maybe maybe her look, uh wink. Do you think you would accept her love if there were no me at all? He was annoyed again, staring at her with his mouth tightly shut. Remember: talk, if, confess! Well No, um, straight to the point, I'm exploring a truth. Maybe Maybe you accept it, you have no reason not to accept it, a girl like Wang Wangxiang! Huang Luotian pushed away the rice bowl, stood up, walked into the bathroom, and shut himself inside. Around eight or nine o'clock, heavy rain came, which ruined Mu Changci's plan of watching the sea and tide.Huang Luotian disapproved a long time ago, with a swollen belly, could it be that sitting snuggled up on the beach back then was considered romantic? !Mu Changci always had a brute force, Huang Luotian couldn't do anything to her.The rain was pouring, thank God for making it happen, and the two of them were lying on the bed with full historical value.He let her lie in his arms, her unique fragrance, and the soft hair that brushed his face from time to time.Revisiting the dream is another pleasure. The sea water hits the shore, and the sound of the tide is so familiar and kind.He kissed her, with her fragrant hair, broad forehead, closed and treacherous eyes, straight nose, and small lips.Philosophy, she had invited him here purely for philosophy, even in this good place where there is nothing but laziness.This is her, so changeable and always has a mysterious and dominant power.Maybe that's how he loves her with all his heart, and he can't find her good-looking appearance.Well, Philosophy, he shrugged and relieved her. Luo Tian. Um? ! Have you ever thought about Grace? Grace now?You promised me a great honeymoon! Let's talk, I never asked you about Grace.If I never ask, you should think I'm not normal.I said, when you were with Grace, wasn't it true love? Huang Luotian didn't answer. Hypocrisy? He took his arm from her neck. You are a person who lacks the research spirit to face reality. You are good at research, please study me slowly! Okay, then let me study myself for you. I was married to Niu Zhengshuo at the time, so I couldn’t say that I gave him my products with my eyes closed. oh? ! He was my classmate in college, an overseas Chinese student, his parents settled in Saigon, and he had financial contacts with my father.His parents only had such a son, and he was used to doting on him since he was a child.Sending him back to China to study, I hope my father will take good care of him. Your father took good care of him. I had a like-minded male classmate in school, but before I could start a relationship, my father interrupted.Like he interrupted you and me, us eighteen years old. Well. Niu Zhengshuo can't see anything inappropriate on the outside, and he is gentle, that's all, I don't know more.Often, when he comes to our house, he doesn't necessarily chase me very much. I am cold in his eyes.What he loves is Li Xiaocui's class, but Li Xiaocui loves him because of his money.This is what I only found out later.She swallowed and took a breath: Father is manipulating among us, interrupting my classmate who is studying chemical engineering and you.When Zhengshuo’s parents died in a plane crash while traveling in Switzerland, Niu Zhengshuo inherited the property and suggested that he marry me.I just graduated from college and I am twenty-two years old. My status used to be under chemical engineering. I have reason to be so infatuated?Eight-year-old Yi Nian, and some greetings?Our love thrives on reunion, there is a shadow in my heart, you are like a lamp.I build a new home for my emotions, on a solid foundation.I will wait and see you for a while, when I really understand how to use emotions cautiously. The sound of the tide, the ancient sound.Back and forth, back and forth. Huang Luotian grabbed one of her hands and pressed it against his chest. Luo Tian, ​​I often think of my parents.Especially my mother, have you ever thought about what happened between her and your father?What kind of eyes are you using?What about sympathy?What about scolding?Let me tell you that from the beginning to the end I didn't know about my mother's relationship, that feeling only existed in her and your father's heart.That is a pure and noble feeling.They don't care what the world thinks of them.My mother paid a high enough price, she didn't flinch, and ended up sacrificing her life.I also know what makes her face life bravely and calmly. She has done everything she can, and what the result is, it doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter. Mu Changci's hand was drawn to lightly touch his bearded cheeks.Silently, he stuck to her.She closed her eyes and leaned against him.The sound of the tide, the ancient sound, comes and goes, she clings to the sound of the tide. The next morning, they woke up early and didn't want to go back to sleep as soon as they opened their eyes. Did you sleep well?she asked him. And you? She doesn't answer.The two pairs of eyes froze for a while, then she raised her hand and brushed her hair, saying: The sun is rising now.He rolled over and sat up, his eyes were dark, and he covered his face with his hands. What’s wrong with you?Changci? It's nothing, it's too fast.She calmed down and leaned on Huang Luotian's body.It was cool in the morning, and there were beads of sweat on her forehead and face. She still insisted on watching the sun rise, Huang Luotian couldn't resist.Her eyes were on the rising sun, and his eyes were fixed on her face. Grotto, they visited the Axiong couple.Ah Xiong's wife is forty-nine years old this year, holding a two-day-old baby boy in her arms.Miracle?Mu Changci picked up the little baby boy and watched his dark red face wriggling, a newborn cute little life.What is his future path?This dark little cave, broken fishing gear and musty fishing boat?She touched his little feet, they were soft and tender, but she already knew how to kick them.Give him back to her, forty-nine-year-old mother, withered and old, but with joy in her eyes. Clinging to her husband, Mu Changci had difficulty walking.But she smiled happily, and traveled all over the places where Huang Luotian had walked, every plant, every tree, every story, every piece of memory. Luo Tian, ​​God has his privilege to create miracles or accidents. Huang Luotian looked at her deeply. remember?We sat here that day, talking about your injury.I am by your side in the hospital, the doctors and nurses are watching you.Although they tried their best to rescue them, it was as if they were staring at a dead person.You live, your leg stays, and then you make a full recovery, and heaven wrought a chain of miracles.We laughed so happily while talking, that's when Lao Zheng came and told that Ah Xiong's son and three fishermen capsized and died in the ocean.The kid had come that morning, sat in front of our cottage, bright-eyed, smiling, and told me how he longed for the chance to study.I agreed and said that I would help him fulfill his volunteer, and he jumped up for joy.He left, turning back and waving to me frequently.Lively, happy, and full of hope for the future of life, but he just went there and left the world just like that.Why?Why did God make such an arrangement? ! During lunch, Mu Changci could hardly swallow a drip, Huang Luotian suggested to go back to Tingquanju, but she refused with a smile, saying that she wanted to see Mingyue reunion.Her eye circles were dark, her lips were light purple, pale and thin, but her eyes were still piercing. Sure enough, the bright moon is reunited, hanging high in the blue sky, assisted by stars, and shining brilliantly on people.Huang Luotian remained silent the entire time, listening to her panting narration of the Sea Dragon King marrying the Sea Dragon Princess, and the intoxicating music under the waves.The night breeze was cold, she was silent, and snuggled into his arms. Changci, go in, the sea breeze is too cold. In the living room, the lights were not turned on, and the deer head relied on the moonlight, and the corner of the chair was cast on the whitewashed wall.A forked shadow shaped like a devil's claw. They sat on the sofa with two cups of tea, and they had already lost their heat.He held her hand, white, slender, soft and cold. Luo Tian, ​​our child is about to be born. If he has a good father like you, I might as well be lazy. You can't be lazy, Changci, remember?You promised me to have twins soon. I will try my best, but the doctor is right, I am very weak. You'll be fine, you were so confident about my sick body then, you're doing much better than me, why the lack of confidence? ! I don't lack self-confidence, I have the will to survive, that's what I have.Everything else is beyond my power, and I can only let nature arrange it. Changci, I can't live without you, I can't, you know, Changci knelt in front of her, his face buried in her knees. Why am I willing to leave you, Luo Tian.Her tears flowed down one after another: But there must always be someone who goes first, you leave me, or I leave you.If I go first and leave you in pain, I would be really selfish.But this is not up to us to decide, we have to accept it. Changci, I can't accept me, I can't!You said you said how can I accept him sobbing. Luo Tian, ​​I know that you have always been strong and have a thorough view of life.You will help me deal with the unavoidable suffering in the world.It took a lot of effort to try to convince myself that death was a normal thing.I hope you can help me quietly get through this critical moment that all living beings cannot avoid. Death itself is not terrible, as long as we have strong beliefs, Luo Tian, ​​please promise to help me!
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