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Chapter 27 Chapter Twenty Seven

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Back in Taipei, Huang Luotian first visited Dr. Li.He stared at Huang Luotian with a serious expression for a long time, and said: Mu Changci is a brave woman, she greets everything calmly, and that is really the best way.So when she came to me and hoped that I would help her so that this irresolvable shadow would not expand to cover other people, I agreed.I have never seen such a person.Many people know the truth, but when disasters happen to them, they are often unable to cope.I told you that her physical condition has improved, and I am not completely lying, she has indeed improved a lot.Love, the desire to survive, and confidence were all factors that helped her get better.According to the current situation, she has half hope to get through the difficulties, and half hope is not too small. We can only pray for her.

In the evening, Tingquan Residence was peaceful, Mu Changci was resting, and Huang Luotian was sitting alone in front of the porch.The boxer dog leaned on the green grass, panted with its tongue out, opened its mouth wide and roared, and stretched its neck to stick to the ground.The golden silk jumped up and down, singing a melodious song, and the roses were in full bloom, graceful in the wind.Mu Changci personally took care of the row of purple velvet cut violets. On the display shelf with lush flowers and leaves, there was still a drop of water.Huang Luotian closed his eyes and covered his eyebrows with one hand.

elder brother.Huang Cili came to his side. He looked at his sister, and Cili looked at him, and stayed there hesitating to speak. Ci Li, you go, let me be quiet for a while. I have something important to discuss with you. You say it. Huang Cili dragged a chair and sat facing Huang Luotian. I said, what do you think of Wang Lishan? Huang Luotian paid half the attention, and replied: he's good. So you agree? What are you in favor of? I am engaged to him. got engaged? Yes.don't you agree It's not that I don't agree. You are both young. How well do you understand each other?Can you see everything clearly?

We all know each other very well, and we all see clearly. your sister I asked my sister, and she said she wants me to ask you first, if you agree, Wang Lishan is so good, she has no reason not to agree. Huang Luotian thought for a while, then said: This is a lifelong event for you and Wang Lishan. I have no objection to the fact that you two love each other. Then you approve.Are we getting engaged tonight? tonight? That's right, what Brother Wang said, he said that as long as you approve, he has ordered cakes tonight.He also said that my sister would give birth to a baby at any time, and when she gave birth to a baby, she would be in confinement for at least a month.Since we are going to get engaged, let's go earlier, while my sister can happily sit and eat cake with us.

All right, Ci Li, it's tonight. Brother, you are so kind!Huang Cili cheered and hugged Huang Luotian, kissed him on the cheek, and ran away bouncing around. In the evening, the chocolate cake was delivered, just like what Mu Changci had prepared for Huang Luotian when he returned to China for his birthday.Wang Lizhou was very happy, he led the old Zheng and recruited his younger brother, and arranged everything perfectly.Mu Changci was wearing a red toga, against her white and translucent skin, he looked thoughtfully at his beloved sister who wore the same red dress as her, and the young gentleman Wang Lishan.She knew they would make an ideal spouse, Tateyama's stability, Ciri's innocence, and that was it.May God bless this couple forever!

Let, let, hot, hot, golden chicken!Old Zheng shouted and came in with hot chicken. Thousand-gold chicken, Wang Meixin likes to eat thousand-gold chicken, Huang Xinru often asks Lao Zheng to cook it and give it to her.Did they ever expect that on this day, one of their twin daughters who lost their lives will get engaged, and they will also have Lao Zheng's daughter. Changci, look, Wang Lizhou came to her, took out a congratulatory message from his pocket, and said with a smile: "Zhexiang sent it. She is very happy. It is an honor for our Wang family that Lishan and Cili are engaged."

Lizhou, Huang Luotian said coldly: You are a great scientist, I approved my sister's engagement ceremony today, and you arranged it yesterday! What are you talking about, I only started to arrange everything after you approved it! Wang Wangxiang has become a prophet. I approved the matter three hours ago, and her congratulatory message is already in your pocket. Her congratulatory message arrived only half an hour ago, after your approval.My message was sent by artificial satellite, and her call back was also sent by artificial satellite! How is Zhexiang in the United States?How many letters have come?Mu Changci asked.

her?I feel homesick and want to die, saying that I wish I could come back soon, you know?I entrusted a friend to take care of her, and he wrote to tell me that on the first day Zhexiang arrived at school, there were more than a dozen men who wanted to date her, including my friend.But she didn't accept any of them, and shut herself in the room.When Wang Lizhou said that, he shrugged his shoulders and smiled, with a safe and comforting expression: By the way, she wrote a total of five letters to you and your wife, and I put them on Luotian's desk. There are three more letters. The dishes were served, and five people sat down.When they started eating, Huang Luotian's indifferent and reticent smile made the happy atmosphere fade away.Wang Lizhou thought that the reason for his displeasure was that he decided today to be the engagement date of Huang Cili and Wang Lishan without his will, thinking that he was too impatient.Sorry in my heart, I glanced at Huang Luotian out of the corner of my eye.The more I looked at the situation, the more wrong it became, and like Huang Luotian, I couldn't lift my chopsticks.

perfect!perfect!Lao Zheng came again, holding a plate of big crabs with hard shells and bright red. The crabs have eight legs and two claws, which add up to ten, so they are perfect.While reading: Mr. Wang Lishan and our Miss Cili will get married in the future, they will be perfect, full of happiness and longevity, have many children and grandchildren, grow old together, have a good marriage for a hundred years, everything goes well, it can't be better, it can't be better! Thank you, Lao Zheng.Huang Cili replied shyly. After the cake was cut, everyone clapped their hands.Sitting in the living room, Huang Luotian took a plate from Ci Li's hand, bowed his head to taste it, and then put the cake aside.Walked away from the living room, and came back after a while, with a necklace in his hand.In front of Ci Li, the necklace was handed over to her and said:

Ci Li, this string of necklaces was a token of love between your father and your mother at that time.The oath of eternal life between the two of them: heart to heart.Now that you are engaged, you should wear this necklace on Lishan with your own hands. May your hearts be united.Even if I gritted my teeth to our father, he couldn't speak anymore.Turning around, he strode out of the living room. In the darkness, Huang Luotian walked alone on the lawn, going deeper and deeper, straight to the inner mountain.Dim, blurred.The wind blew, the trees swayed, the branches rubbed against each other, and there were many shadows.Coil the evil dragon, circumnavigate the poisonous snake!Open teeth and claws, wriggling stupidly.Walking and walking, until exhausted.Back in the house, there was silence, Mu Changci was already lying on the bed.Under the dim green light, she was hugging the brocade quilt, her soft hair covered her face, her brows were slightly frowned, with faint traces of tears, Huang Luotian turned off the light, and threw herself on the quilt.

In the corridor, there was a low-pitched guitar sound, Wang Lishan and Huang Cili were giggling and whispering. Tateyama, teach me that <Love Song>. that one? Bitter love or dead love or something. Nonsense, it's called <Love Song>. I said love songs, and you asked me which one.I would like to ask you, how many love songs have you sung in your life. Wang Lishan did not answer, and began to sing in a low voice: O night light, you are so Beautiful. Where love depends. Have a great night! What's wrong?Go on! I forgot the words. Damn, that's the second quarter. Have a good day, one on the left dies on the other and the other dies on the right! Strange, are you suddenly afraid of dying?Didn't you say that mortals are bound to die? That's what I said, but I really don't want to die now. Why?Huang Cili obviously wanted to listen to the nice words one more time. But Wang Lishan never said that the second stanza of "Love Song" came: The clouds cover the moonlight, Shadows do not come in pairs. The air is cold and windy, Blow away the mandarin ducks. The time we met was too short, The day of parting is long. I am sad, you are melancholy, Each at a loss. Alas, Ci Li sighed: It's obviously a bitter love, it's time for the third quarter. Wang Lishan plucked a passage on the guitar, and then sang: The whole city is sweet and quiet, Wan Lai was silent. Pity the farewell star, sad sky. The morning bell urges again and again, The night will be over. There was no sound, the guitar made a strange tune, and Huang Cili was interrupting.After a long while, there was no sound of complaints: You said don't let one die on the left and the other die on the right, isn't that just death? !Remember, neither you nor I can be the parting star! Pity the farewell star, the farewell star!Farewell star!Huang Luotian's shoulders trembled, his whole body trembled, and he swallowed his sobs.The morning bell reminds me frequently, keep it, keep it, be kind, be kind!Don't be a parting star, if you die, how can I survive this long dark night?
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