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Chapter 28 Chapter Twenty Eight

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When this moment came, Mu Changci began to be in pain. When she was about to be pushed into the delivery room, she met Huang Luotian, Mu Liqiang, Huang Cili, Wang Lishan and Wang Lizhou.Then it was Huang Luotian again. Huang Luotian forced herself to suppress herself, put on a smile and held her slender hand that was always in his palm. Changci, you are sure to be well, we all need you. She smiled, and when the long eyelashes met, they opened again: I know, I'm not worried, I'm very happy in this life, Luo Tian, ​​I'm already in pain, she can't take it anymore, she closed her eyes, her dark purple lips tugging.

The two nurses in white gave Huang Luotian a sympathetic look, pushed the gurney, and took Mu Changci away. The nurse's face was condensed and formed in Huang Luotian's eyes. She was holding a baby in her hands, a male, a baby boy. Huang Luotian stood up in confusion, and walked straight forward.Yes, this is his wife.She lay there, motionless, with a white sheet covering her face.He lifted the quilt, printed a long kiss on the cold lips, and then covered the quilt.Demented, he walked forward, out of the hospital, into the street.In the darkness, under the rain, he took one step after another, walking straight forward like sleepwalking.

elder brother!elder brother!Huang Cili then cried, and Wang Lishan supported her. Huang Luotian walked straight away, the rain drenched him, his mechanical steps, chacha, chacha, stepped on the wet ground. elder brother!elder brother!sister!sister! Slanting rain, strong wind.There was a thunder, a flash of lightning.I saw Huang Luotian who was in a state of despair, and the three people who followed behind him with tears Luo Tian!Luo Tian!Wang Lizhou cried out with tears. Hometown, maple leaves and flowers, sweet osmanthus fragrance.Sun, moon, stars, galaxy.Her pigtails, my little vixen lonely mountain road, no lights and no moon, short-lived epiphyllum with rain, sobbing and flowing spring.Wind morning, rainy evening, sick bed time, day and night.A corner of the world, a white hut.Sea water, tide sound.Sunrise morning, moonset night.The arc shadow of the rainbow, the white and slender hands, the sun, the raindrops, and the bright and beautiful mid-air, my angel in white!Watermelon lantern, clear red wine, affectionate eyes, slightly blushing cheeks.Little white rabbit, the oath of gold and jade. <Ave Maria>, Our Lady and Child.my bride!

elder brother!elder brother! Luo Tian!Luo Tian! They embraced and supported Huang Luotian who was limp on the ground. The copper coffin was heavy, buried Mu Changci, and buried Huang Luotian's heart. You are the one who seizes the opportunity, aren't you Chang Ci? How do you draw the line of life?What is the meaning of your life?Bearing the burden for her mother, she snuggled up to her father like a little girl.The husband has a mistress, so he rushes over to make love with her.Loyalty, filial piety, righteousness, you have all the virtues in the world! The you you used to be disappeared long ago, and the you I see now are just the cunning tolerance given to you by your father; and the selfish foolishness given to you by your mother.

How do you arrange the tricks our children do all their lives?Let his surname be Niu, right? What a poor child, please Niu Zhengshuo to follow in your father's footsteps and crush him to death, there is no need for me as a father and you as a mother. How terrible you are, Mu Changci! do you know?Your methods are comparable to Mu Liqiang. He has mastered Ci Li, and everyone thinks he loves her. In fact, his methods are more vicious than crushing her to death.What are you asking for now?Loyalty, filial piety and justice, Mrs. Niu?People on the street praise you, and people in the alley sing you.Why knock me down to the ground, wouldn't it be possible to show that you are a martyrdom!

Be silent, Mu Changci, she will always be silent.Yes, why did she have to explain, why did she have to answer? The baby cried, calling back his father's lost soul, Huang Cili couldn't stop crying, and the little niece who was holding her was also a little nephew.He tentatively opened his small eyes and looked at the world.Huang Luotian's tears fell on the baby's clothes. With his bright eyes, he couldn't see his father's face clearly, nor did he know the grief in his father's heart.Tifuding, grinned, the sun lit up with a smile, and the radiance penetrated the dense rain.Bright red, dark purple, emptiness becomes color, color becomes emptiness.In an instant, the brilliance disappeared for a long time.Blue sky, white cloud, blue sky has no intention, white cloud has no intention.The blue sky is so clear and bright, and the white clouds come and go freely.

Come when you come, go when you go, can you carry the bright moon and the fragrance of flowers full of sleeves? ! Brother, let's go back! Huang Luotian glanced at Huang Cili. Yes, let's go, let's go back. (full text)
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