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Chapter 29 I read Seven Color Bridge

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Everyman Some people say that a novel is the image of a short story under a microscope, and a short story is stretched and stretched to make it long and wide, and it becomes a novel.That's why many people can't stand long novels. Many people are horrified when they see such a thick volume.However, when you hold Huayan's works in your hand, you can't give up every single word, you will follow her pen end and persevere, and you will be moved by her arrangement, laugh or cry. I am not qualified to write such a big article, but, as Ms. Hua Yan said: The status of fiction in the literary world is like that of singing in the field of music.I'm a crow, but I can hear the golden voice.I can't tell stories, but I know moving narratives.I express my personal feelings, but I believe I also express the feelings of many people.

"Lamp of Wisdom", "Music of Life" and then "The Bridge of Seven Colors", Huayan's pen is even more brilliant.The English-language China Post published on May 11: "The Bridge of Seven Colors" is a very successful masterpiece completed by Ms. Hua Yan based on her writing experience in the previous two works. It is true. "The Bridge of Seven Colors" enters the story from the very beginning, and the appearance of several characters is like pulling out bright threads, and then they are pulled out one by one, connecting from beginning to end.The love of the male and female protagonists is the classic, and the male protagonist's search for a sister is the weft.Ingenious weaving, powerful suspension.Incisive dialogue, vivid description, embellished with a sense of humor.Each character has its own personality, lifelike and ready to come out.The theme is clear, contains philosophy, national consciousness, and is natural and real.The anatomy of human nature, the true meaning of life.The foreshadowing skills are not well-done, and the whole book progresses until the end, and every minute and every second tightly holds the reader's heartstrings.

National consciousness is indispensable for human beings, just like being a son of man must be filial piety. "The Bridge of Seven Colors" is pointing out this essential point, such as: Chinese people, Pangu opened the sky, and Nuwa mended stones!Ancient culture country, descendants of Xuanyuan, melon skin hat, red vest, blue jacket robe!What is resolute and immortal is the long black braid, and even the bones are completely decomposed.Advance to make a bow, retreat to strike a skewer.Yes, yes, chirp!twitter!Restaurants, barbershops, helper agencies, our Datong world is so big! How powerful, how painful!

Naturalization can't change me, dear Grace, I just have black hair and yellow skin, dyed black hair, peeled off yellow skin, got cramps, and changed bones, I am still a full and authentic Chinese!I can't convince you that long braids can't represent the Chinese spirit. I at least have the courage to admit that I am a Chinese. Is my solution naturalized?Grace, if you were as sensible as you were beautiful, you wouldn't think it an honor to marry the naturalized me. Perseverance and sincerity, straight to the hearts of the people. Why did two people fall in love when it was impossible to love each other?Huayan doesn't let readers accuse her of arranging abnormal love, but first makes readers worry about this situation. Why is the heroine so cruel and ruthless to the hero? !When two people get married, everyone has the same heart, everyone will do this in such a situation, otherwise it will violate human nature and nature.This is a question of human nature that is inspiring and thought-provoking, and it deserves more discussion.

Hua Yan used light and dark methods to describe the characters of the hero and heroine, and Huang Luotian was shaped by his consistent and clear description.Mu Changci was written by an undercurrent of potential, which is more powerful, deeper and more moving. Mu Liqiang's insidiousness and Mrs. Mu's secrets, either overt or hidden, became the background.This is much better than what she wrote about Wu Shimei's parents in "The Music of Life".Li Xiaocui, a prostitute who has gone astray, is hateful but also sympathetic.Mu Yuande and Niu Zhengshuo didn't write much, but they were both clearly defined.Huang Cili occupies the third place in the book. From the beginning to the end, it is as if you hear her voice and see her person.Su Laoer is the most prominent one among the little people.Finally, Huang Luotian walked to the coffin of Mr. Su, and the author wrote:

Huang Luotian walked in, and a dim lamp in the darkness illuminated a pitch-black coffin, that's it, Mr. Su.Caressing the coffin, it was heavy and silent, Huanglianpo, Dading, Xiaoniu, mountain forest, fish pond, female leopard, Wujiapi, abalone's cousin and Xideng are sealed here forever. A few words are less than a hundred words, matched with the sad mood of the hero, compared with the effect of thousands of words, I don't know how many times better! Such as Wangshi, Laozheng and Zhaodi also have their own peculiarities.Later, the mystery of finding a younger sister was revealed, some characters retired, and then the three brothers and sisters of the Wang family were brought in to help the scene, and they used their mouths to say what the author wanted to say. Entertaining and meaningful.

The beginning and the end of a novel are like a person's head and feet.Especially the ending, if weak, spoils the atmosphere of the book. The ending of "The Bridge of Seven Colors" is very powerful. The hero walks sadly in the rainy night, reminiscing about the past.When the heroine is buried in the corner, the author repeats what the hero said to the heroine at that time, and it is precisely to strengthen the way to explain the character of the heroine, which makes readers more impressed.Ms. Huayan then concluded with this passage: Be silent, Mu Changci, she will always be silent.Yes, why did she have to explain, why did she have to answer?

Reading up to this point can make people all over the world cry together. Ms. Hua Yan is well-deserved for her wonderful pen.The writing of love, scenery, reasoning and elaboration are lovely, picturesque and poetic.Brewing sets off, the pen is perfect, the light and dark are heavy, and the front and back should be echoed.Three works in three different ways.Concise and concise, full of style.It is also good at symbolizing hints, free and easy and humorous.The change of style of writing is elusive, and there are articles at hand. Lightning divided the night sky, connecting thunderbolts, the windows trembled, and the lights went out.Through the glass window is a scene, dark and suddenly bright; slanting rain, wind in the rain, trees in the wind, bending their backs, swinging dry leaves, can't stop the wind and rain.

The author hints at how human beings resist and face life. Dark, bright; Dark, bright.Outside the small window, the flowers are falling and the grass is dead, but it is full of vitality.After all, the dead of winter passed. The author hints at the realm of dark willows and bright flowers. He has no voice.A rooster crows in the distance, frogs croak in the pond, and boxer dogs growl.Only the canaries are smart enough to know that this is still the time to rest. The author implies that the hero should wait in peace. The moon scattered the floating clouds, the sea took off its veil, unfolded the infinite and mysterious blue, let the moonlight kiss, gently, gracefully, heartily, and kiss.

The author uses natural scenery as a metaphor for the spiritual and physical relationship between the male and female protagonists, which is sacred and beautiful. Looking at the blue sky, the blue is endless; the vastness is endless, and the birds are soaring.Go back, slowly; and be careful not to step on wild flowers and grass.Two pairs of twinkling pupils flickered, reflecting the blue sky and flying.ha!The smelly night is ambiguous, a pair of lost people! The author describes the feelings of a pair of lovers who know that they should not break the law but still break the law. The sky remains the same, the water is blue.Baiyun has no intention, and waves have no intention.Those who come will go, those who go will come.The wind blows, and the seagulls hover low.Slanting rain, sunset, mist, rainbow.Accumulated rocks, endless sandy beaches, when will the sun rise again and the moon be full?

It writes that the heroine returns to the seashore, loves the scenery, and parting sorrows, without a single word of sorrow or hatred. Hometown, maple leaves and flowers, sweet osmanthus fragrance.The sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxy, her pigtails, my little vixen!Loneliness, mountain roads, no lights and no moon, epiphyllum with rain, sobbing and flowing springs. !Wind morning, rainy evening, sick bed time, day and night. !A corner of the world, a white hut.Sea water, tide sound.Sunrise morning, moonset night.The arc shadow of the rainbow, the white and slender hands, the sun, raindrops, sprinkled the bright mid-air, my angel in white with a watermelon lantern, clear red wine, eyes full of affection, and cheeks slightly blush.Little white rabbit, the oath of gold and jade. <Ave Maria>, Our Lady and Child.my bride! Write about the laziness of the male protagonist's remembrance, the sincere love is painful, and it touches the heart. Ms. Huayan believes in Buddhism, and her works show great compassion in every aspect.And form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.high realm. The end of "The Bridge of Seven Colors" is the meaning of her program: Laughter lights up the sun, and its brilliance penetrates the dense rain.Bright red, dark purple; the emptiness becomes color, the color becomes emptiness for a moment, disappears for a long time and is brilliant.Blue sky, white cloud, blue sky has no intention, white cloud has no intention.The blue sky is so clear and bright, and the white clouds come and go freely Come when you come, go when you go, can you carry the bright moon and the fragrance of flowers full of sleeves? ! Brother, let's go back! Huang Luotian glanced at Huang Cili. Yes, let's go, let's go back. At this time, readers may be melancholy or empty, but leave a deeper understanding of life. I met Ms. Huayan at a literary lecture.She is solemn and kind, kind and frank, and won warm applause from the young people.In answering readers' questions, she mentioned: readers' eyes are very bright, and writers use their works to express themselves.Speaking of her achievements, Ms. Huayan replied with a modest smile: I think I still have a long way to go, and I still have to accept many serious tests.Someone asked: Why do we read many works once, but we never tire of reading yours?Ms. Huayan said she didn't know how to answer the question of her close preference.I think this is the only question Ms. Huayan can't answer among the thousands of questions. In Taipei on June 14, Fifty-five Years of the Republic of China
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