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Chapter 2 Golden Retriever at the end of the world

As soon as autumn comes, they are covered with long golden hairs all over their bodies.This is absolute gold and no other shade can get in the way.Their goldenness occurs and exists in the world as gold.They lie between all the skies and all the earth, and are clad in pure gold. When I first came to this town it was spring and all the beasts had were short colorful fur.Some are black, some are brown, some are white, some are brownish-red, and some are mixed together in mottled patterns.Such beasts with mottled furs come and go quietly and quietly on the verdant land.This is a quiet animal, so quiet that it is almost meditative, and even its breathing is as quiet and peaceful as the morning mist.They ate the grass silently, and when they were full, they bent their legs and squatted on the ground, falling into a short sleep.

And when the spring is gone and the summer is over, and the light starts to become somewhat transparent and the wind of early autumn rips the surface of the river slightly, the image of the beasts changes.At first, the golden body hair appeared on the body in spots like the seedlings that missed the solar term, and soon turned into countless tentacles connected into a short hair, and finally the whole body was golden and shining.The process only took a week from start to finish.All beasts begin and end almost at the same time.In just one week, all of them turned into golden retrievers.The sun rises in the east, and a new golden autumn of the world comes to the earth.

A long horn protrudes from the middle of their foreheads, and only this long horn is all soft white.The horns are very thin and slender.Compared with the horn, it is more reminiscent of a thin bone that was fixed in place after the skin was suddenly pierced out of the body by some accidental opportunity.Except for the white horns and blue eyes, the rest of the beast is all golden in color.They shake their necks up and down a few times as if they were trying on new clothes, and raise their horns towards the silhouetted autumn sky.Then I dipped my feet into the increasingly cool river, stretched my neck and devoured the red fruit on the tree.

Whenever the night turns blue on the street, I climb up to the turret of the west wall and watch the ceremony where the gatekeeper blows the horn to summon the beasts.The sound of the horn is one long and three short, this is the law.As soon as the horn sounded, I closed my eyes and quietly melted the tender tone into my body.The sound of a horn is different from any other sound.It quietly passes through the twilight street like a slightly green transparent fresh fish, immersing the cobblestones on the road, the stone walls of the houses and the stone walls parallel to the riverside road in its sound.The sound covers all the streets and alleys lightly, as if passing through the time gap invisible to the naked eye in the atmosphere.

When the sound of the horn filled the small town, the beasts raised their necks towards the ancient memory. More than a thousand beasts raised their heads and necks in the direction of the sound of the horn in exactly the same posture.Those who were reluctantly chewing gorse stopped chewing, those who squatted on the cobblestone pavement and tapped their hooves on the ground stopped tapping, and those who were still sleeping in the last sunset woke up with their eyes open and stretched their necks into the air. For an instant everything stood still.The only moving thing is the golden animal fur that is blowing in the evening wind.I don't know what they are thinking and staring at at this moment.All the beasts tilted their necks in the same direction and at the same angle, stared at the sky intently, and kept their whole bodies motionless, listening to the sound of the horn.After a while, the last aftertaste of the horn blended into the faint sunset.They got up immediately, as if they suddenly remembered something, and started to move in a certain direction.The spell was gone in an instant, and the town was drowned in the sound waves of the countless horns of the beasts.The sound of hooves reminds me of countless tiny water bubbles rising from the depths of the earth.The blisters overflowed the road, climbed up the walls of every house, and even the clock tower was completely enveloped by it.

But this is only a fantasy in the twilight.As soon as you open your eyes, the blisters disappear.Some are just the hooves of beasts, and the town is still as usual.The procession of beasts is like a river flowing over a winding cobbled road.No one took the lead, and no one led the team.The beasts lowered their heads, shivered their shoulders, and moved forward silently.But there still seems to be an indelible bond of intimate memory between each head, even if it is not obvious. They crossed the old bridge from the north down, and after joining up with their companions who came along the south bank of the river from the east, they walked along the canal through the factory area, walked westward through the cornice of the foundry factory, and turned over the western foothills.Waiting for the queue to approach on the west hillside were old and young beasts who could not get too far from the gate.From there they head north across the West Bridge to the gate.

As soon as the first beasts reached the gate, the gatekeeper opened it.The door is reinforced with thick iron plates criss-crossing, and it is heavy and strong at first glance.The gate is four to five meters high, and needles are densely arranged on it like a mountain of needles to prevent anyone from passing through the gate.The gatekeeper pulled the heavy door forward very briskly, letting the gathered beasts out of the door.The doors opened in two, but the gatekeeper always opened only one, and the one on the left remained unchanged.After the beasts had gone through, the gatekeeper closed and locked the door again.

As far as I know, the West Gate is the only entrance to the town.The town is surrounded by a long wall as high as seven or eight meters, and only birds can pass through it. When morning came, the gatekeeper opened the door again, and sounded the horn to let the beasts in.After all the beasts came in, the door was still closed and locked like last time. In fact, there is no need to lock it.The gatekeeper explained to me that even if it were not locked, no one but me could open such a heavy door, and several people could not open it.But since there is such a rule, we have to follow the rules.

After saying this, the gatekeeper pulled the fur cap close to his eyebrows and said nothing more.I have never seen such a tall and powerful man as the gatekeeper.One can tell that his muscles are thick, and his shirt and coat are almost bursting with muscle bumps.However, he often closed his eyes and fell into a great silence.I don't know if it's caused by some kind of depression-like illness, or if the body functions are split due to some effect.I can't judge that.But no matter what, whenever he fell into silence, I could only wait for his consciousness to recover.Once he regained consciousness, he slowly opened his eyes, stared at me for a long time with blank and empty eyes, and rubbed his fingers on his knees again and again, as if trying to figure out the reason for my existence here.

Why are the beasts gathered and driven out of the gate in the evening, and called back in in the morning?I saw that the gatekeeper's consciousness had returned to normal, so I tried to ask. The porter stared at me for a while with an expression that contained no emotion. It is stipulated in this way.He said that it must be done in this way, just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Except for opening and closing the time, he seems to be repairing knives almost all the time.In the janitor's hut were axes, hatchets, and pocket knives of all kinds, large and small.Whenever he had time, he would grind on the millstone lovingly.The honed blade always glows a frightening white light like ice.I feel that the white light is not caused by reflecting external light, but some kind of inner luminous body hidden inside.

When I looked at the row of knives, the janitor's mouth often showed a satisfied smile.Eyes closely follow my every move. Be careful, the whole thing will chip off if you touch it with your hand.The janitor pointed to the array of knives with gnarled fingers like tree roots, and these guys didn't do it like the kind piled up elsewhere.All of them were knocked out by myself.I've worked as a blacksmith before, and it's an easy job.The handwork is impeccable and the balance is just right.Picking a handle that exactly matches the weight of the knife is not an easy task.It doesn't matter which one you take, just pick it up and have a look, and be careful not to touch the edge of the knife. I picked the smallest ax from the knives on the table, took it in my hand, and swung it lightly a few times.With just a little force on the wrist, or just a thought, the blade reacts as sharply as a well-trained hound, and with a flat swishing sound, it splits the space in half.No wonder the janitor boasted. The handle is also made by me, using a bin tree that has grown for ten years.The type of wood used for the handle varies, but I like ten-year-old trees.Too young ones won't work, too old ones won't work, ten years' old ones are best.It has hardness, moisture and elasticity.You can find this kind of high-quality bin wood in the woods to the east. So many knives, what are they used for? There are many uses, said the porter, and they will come in handy when winter comes.Anyway, you'll understand in winter.It's winter here. Outside the city gate is a camp for the beasts.They sleep there at night.There is a small stream running by and drinking water is no problem.Further on, there is an endless apple grove, just like the endless sea. There are three turrets on the west wall, which can be climbed up by ladders.The turret has a simple rainproof roof, and through the iron lattice windows, you can overlook the herd of animals. No one will watch a herd but you.The gatekeeper said it was also because you were new here.Once you settle in here after a while, you lose interest in them, like everyone else.Of course, the week in early spring is another matter. The gatekeeper said that people only went upstairs to watch the battle of the beasts during a week in early spring.The male beasts just changed their fur during this period, and the female beasts changed their previous gentle image on Monday before giving birth, and became unexpectedly violent and killed each other.And a new order and a new life are born from this river of blood. The beasts in autumn squatted obediently in their respective positions, and the golden fur shone brilliantly in the setting sun.They stand still like statues fixed on the ground, just looking up to the sky, waiting for the last ray of golden light to disappear in the apple forest.Immediately, the sun set and it was dark, and the green robes of the night covered their bodies.So the beasts bowed their heads, put their white horns on the ground, and closed their eyes. The day in the small town came to an end.
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