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Chapter 3 Three Grim Wonderland Raincoats, Night Ghosts, Sorting Operations

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I was led into a large, empty room.The walls are white, the ceiling is white, and the carpet is dark brown, all of which reveal an elegant taste.It is also white, but it can be divided into elegant and vulgar, and there is a big difference between the two.The window glass is opaque, so you can't see the outside scenery.But the faint light coming in must be the sun's light.From this point of view, this is not the basement, which means that the elevator was just going up.Knowing this, I breathed a sigh of relief.My imagination is good.The girl gestured for me to sit on the sofa, and I sat down on the leather sofa in the middle of the room and crossed my legs.As soon as I sat down, the girl went out through a different door from the one she had entered.

There was hardly any decent furniture in the room.A porcelain lighter, ashtray and cigarette case sit on the coffee table that matches the sofa.I opened the lid of the cigarette box and looked, but there was not a single cigarette in it.No paintings, no calendars, no photos on the walls.Nothing superfluous. There is a large writing desk by the window.I got up from the sofa and walked to the window, looking at the countertop.The desk was solid, made of a single thick board, with drawers on both sides.There are desk lamps, desk calendars, three large ballpoint pens, and a paper clip at the corner.I glanced at the date on the desk calendar.The date popped into view: it was today.

Three ubiquitous iron filing cabinets line one corner of the room.The atmosphere of the file cabinet is not in harmony with the room, it seems too business-like and straightforward.If it were me, it would definitely be an elegant wooden cabinet to match this room.The problem is this is not my room.I'm just here for work.Neither the slate-gray iron filing cabinet nor the pale red jukebox mattered to me. A sunken closet with narrow vertical folding doors on the left wall was the only piece of furniture in the room, and it was all the furniture.No clock, no telephone, no pencil sharpener, no kettle.Bookshelves and letter slots are missing.I couldn't figure out at all what this room was built for and what it was supposed to do.I fold back on the couch, cross my legs again, and yawn.

After about ten minutes, the girl came back.Without even looking at me, she opened a filing cabinet, dragged out a slippery black object, and carried it to the counter.It turned out to be neatly folded rubber raincoats and long rubber boots, and on top of them were the kind of aviation goggles worn by pilots in World War I.What is happening now?I can't figure it out at all. The girl said something to me, but her lips moved so fast that I couldn't figure it out. Please speak slowly, please?I'm not very good at lip reading.I said. So she opened her mouth wide and spoke slowly this time.She meant to put that over the clothes.

If possible, I really didn't want to wear a raincoat, but it was too troublesome to explain, so I silently followed her instructions.I took off my loafers and put on my rubber boots, and draped my raincoat over my sweatshirt.The raincoat was heavy and heavy, and the boots were a size or two too big.I also decided not to make irresponsible remarks.The girl came up to me, buttoned up my ankle-length raincoat, and put the hood all over my head.As I buttoned the hood, the tip of my nose touched her smooth forehead. What a nice smell!I compliment her cologne. Thanks.As she spoke, she snapped the snap button of my hood up to the end of my nose, and put the goggles on the outside of the hood.This made me look like a rainy mummy.

Next, she opened a closet door, took my hand inside, pulled the light on, and closed the door behind her.Inside the door is a suit cabinet, but there are no suits, only a few empty hangers and health balls hanging.I guess this is not an ordinary suit cabinet, but a secret passage disguised as a suit cabinet or something.Because there's no need for me to put on my raincoat and then push me into the suit locker. She fiddled with the metal handle in the corner for a while.After a while, a hole the size of a small truck appeared in the front wall.The inside of the cave was pitch black, and one could clearly feel a cool, damp wind blowing from it.It's not pleasant to blow.You can also hear the continuous gurgling sound of running water.

There are rivers in it.she says. Because of the sound of running water, her silent speech seemed somewhat realistic.It seemed that she had made a sound, but her voice was drowned out by the sound of water.This may be due to the spiritual effect. I feel that I seem to be able to understand her words easily.It's incredible to say it's incredible. Going up along the river, there is a big waterfall, just drill through it.Grandfather's laboratory is over there.You will understand when you get there. Does that mean your grandfather is waiting for me there? good.After all, she handed me a large waterproof flashlight with a strap.

I really don't want to go into this dark depths, but now I am not allowed to say such words, so I have to grit my teeth and step into the black hole with one foot.Immediately bent forward, sent the head and shoulders in, and finally retracted the other foot.Because I was wrapped in an unruly raincoat, it took me a lot of effort to toss my body from the suit cabinet to the opposite side of the wall.Then he looked at the fat girl standing in the suit cabinet.Looking through the goggles from the black hole, I think she is very cute. Be careful, don't deviate from the river to move elsewhere, keep going!She bent down to look at me carefully and said.

Go straight to the waterfall!I turn up the volume. Go straight to the waterfall.She repeats it. I tried to lip-sync Syrah without making a sound.She smiled, said Sira, and then slammed the door shut. After closing the door, I was in total darkness.This is out-and-out darkness, without even a needle-sized light, and nothing can be seen.Even the hand that was close to his face was completely gone.I stood in a daze for a long time as if I had suffered a huge blow.A sense of exhaustion hits the whole body like a fish wrapped in plastic wrap and thrown into the refrigerator and immediately closed and sealed.Anyone who is suddenly thrown into the thick darkness without mental preparation will feel instantly paralyzed.She should have let me know before closing the door.

I fumbled and pressed the switch of the flashlight, and a beam of warm yellow light rushed straight into the darkness.I first used it to take photos of my feet, and then slowly confirmed the surrounding area.The place where I stand is a three-meter square concrete table.Further on, there are bottomless cliffs, without fences or walls.I couldn't help but feel a little angry: she should have reminded me of this in advance. Next to the platform stands an aluminum alloy ladder for people to climb down.With the flashlight strap slung across my chest, I carefully moved down the slippery aluminum ladder step by step.The sound of water flowing becomes clearer as you go down.I have never heard of such a thing that the inside of the closet in the first room of the building is actually a cliff, and there is a river flowing below it.What's more, it happened in the center of Tokyo city!The more I think about it, the more I feel a headache.At first it was the heart-throbbing elevator, then the fat girl who couldn't speak, and now it's down to this field again.Maybe I should just quit my job and go home.On the one hand, there are dangers everywhere, and on the other hand, everything is outrageous.But I swallowed my anger and climbed down the dark cliff.I do this for reasons of professional pride, but also because of a fat girl in a pink suit.I always miss her a little bit, and I don't want to just leave.

Down to the twentieth frame, I took a short break to catch my breath.After that, it went down another eighteen squares and fell to the ground.I stood under the ladder and carefully looked around with a flashlight.There is already a solid and flat rock under my feet, and the river flows about two meters ahead.Under the light of the flashlight, the surface of the river was like a flag, fluttering and fluttering while flowing forward.The flow speed seems to be very fast, and the depth and color of the water cannot be seen. All that can be seen is that the water flows from left to right. While carefully illuminating my footsteps, I moved upriver against the boulder.From time to time I feel like something is going around my body.But I took a photo with a flashlight, but found nothing.As far as the eye can see, there are only steep rock walls and gurgling water on both sides of the river.Probably the darkness around him made him nervous. After walking for five or six minutes, the roof of the cave has suddenly become lower from the sound of water.I swung my flashlight over my head, but it was too dark to see clearly.Going forward, just as the girl reminded, there were signs of a fork in the cliffs on both sides.But to be precise, it is more appropriate to say that it is a rock crack than a fork in the road.From its lower end, water continuously sprang out, converging into a trickle and pouring into the river.I tried to approach a rock crevice and took a photo with my flashlight, but I didn't see anything.All I know is that compared to the entrance, the inside seems unexpectedly spacious.But I don't have the slightest desire to look deeper. I clutched the flashlight in my right hand and moved upward with the mood of a fish in the process of evolution.The boulder was wet and slipped easily. I held my breath and stepped forward step by step.If you stumble and fall into the river in the dark or break the flashlight, you will definitely sit and wait to die. Because I kept paying attention to my feet, I couldn't immediately notice the faintly flickering light ahead.When the cemetery looked up, it was already seven or eight meters away from the light.Reflexively, I turned off the flashlight, put my hand into the slit of the raincoat, pulled out a small knife from the back pocket of my trousers, and fumbled to open the blade.The darkness and the sound of the gurgling water enveloped me completely. As soon as the flashlight was turned off, the faint yellow light also stopped shaking at the same time, drawing large circles twice in the space, probably signaling to me, telling me to take courage and not be afraid.But I still didn't dare to be careless, and kept the original posture to see how the other party moved.After a while, the light began to flicker again, as if a firefly with a highly developed brain was flying towards me erratically in the air.I held the knife in my right hand and the flashlight that had been turned off in my left hand, staring back at the light. When it was about three meters away from me, the light stopped, followed the trend and moved upwards, and stopped again.The light was so weak that I didn't see much of what it was illuminating at first.When you look closely, you realize that it looks like a human face.That face was wearing the same goggles as mine, and was tightly wrapped by a black rain hat.He was carrying a small gas lamp like those sold in sporting goods stores, and he shone the lamp in his face while talking desperately.But the echo of the water made it impossible for me to hear anything.And because of the darkness and the inconspicuous shape of my mouth, my lip-reading skills are useless. It is because of your fault, and some men seem to say so. I'm completely clueless.But it seemed that there was no danger, so I turned on the flashlight to illuminate the side of my face, and poked my ear with my finger to show that I didn't hear anything clearly. The man nodded his head a few times in understanding, put down the gas lamp, and rubbed his hands in the pockets of his raincoat.During this time, the tide seemed to recede sharply, and the roar that filled the surroundings suddenly weakened.I felt myself starting to visibly lose my mind.Confusion blurs, and the voice disappears from the mind.As for why I am in this state, I am not sure.I just tighten the muscles in various parts of my body in case I fall. A few seconds later, I was still standing upright, and my mood was much more normal, and the sound of the water around Tuidu became quieter. I'm here to pick you up.said the man.Can hear clearly now. I shook my head, put the flashlight under my arm, put away the blade, and put it in my pocket.I have a hunch that today is going to be a completely inexplicable day. What's wrong with the sound?I asked someone. Uh, the sound, don't you think it's noisy?Just make it smaller.Sorry, it's all right now.The man nodded frequently as he spoke.The sound of running water was as small as the murmur of a brook.well, let's go!The man turned his back towards me at once, and walked up the river with steady steps.I followed him with a flashlight on my feet. The sound can be made small, could it be an artificial sound?I asked loudly where the man's back was supposed to be. No no, said the man, the voice is natural. Why does the natural voice become smaller? Not exactly to make the voice quieter, the man replied, but to silence it. I'm a bit puzzled, but don't ask any more.I'm in a situation where I can't afford to ask other people questions.I'm here to get the job done.It's none of my business whether my client muffles the sound or keeps it out, or spills vodka juice here and there.So I just went on walking in silence. In any case, since the sound of the running water had been muted, there was such a silence that even the chirp of the rubber boots could be clearly heard.Two or three times overhead, as if someone were rubbing stones, there was a fleeting moment. It seems that night ghosts have sneaked into this area, I am worried, so I came here to pick you up.It stands to reason that those guys would never be able to get here, but after all, it happens occasionally, and it is a headache.said the man. night ghost You might not be able to bear it if you run into a night ghost unexpectedly in such a place.The man said, laughing loudly. Ah, that is.I agreed.Night ghosts or whatever, I don't want to encounter anything nondescript in such a dark place. That's why I came to welcome you.The man repeats, night ghosts are no joke. Thank you for being thoughtful.I said. After walking forward for a while, I heard the sound of a faucet spraying water in front of me.Fall!I flicked it around with the flashlight, but I couldn't see clearly, but it seemed to have a lot of background anyway.If the sound hadn't been cancelled, it must have been pretty impressive.One stop ahead, the spray immediately splashed water droplets on the goggles. Are you going to drill through it?I asked. Yes.The man didn't say any more, he strode forward in stride, and disappeared in the waterfall in a blink of an eye.Helpless, I also hurriedly chased after him. Fortunately, the route we drilled is exactly where the flow of the waterfall is the weakest.Even so, his body was almost knocked to the ground.Even though he was wearing a raincoat, it seemed absurd that he still had to brave the hail of bullets from the waterfall in order to enter the laboratory, no matter how well-intentioned he was.This is probably done to keep secrets, but it should be done in a way that is kind to others.I fell in the waterfall and hit my knee hard on the rocks.Since the sound has been removed, there is a complete loss of balance between the sound and the reality that caused it, and I am overwhelmed.The waterfall should have a volume corresponding to itself! Inside the waterfall, there is a hole that is only big enough for one person to pass through. Go in and go straight, and there is an iron gate at the end.The man took out a small calculator-like thing from the raincoat pocket and inserted it into the gap of the iron door. After a moment of operation, the iron door quietly slipped open from the inside. Ah, here we come, please come in.The man let me in first, and he himself came in and locked the door. Is it enough? There is no way to say no.I replied cautiously. The man hung up the gas lamp with a rope, and laughed without taking off the hood and goggles. The smile was strange and yin and yang. The room we entered was rather large, like a swimming pool changing room, lifeless.Neatly arranged on the shelf are all the same black raincoat and long rubber boots that I wear.I take off the goggles, take off the raincoat and hang it on the hanger, put the boots on the shelf, and hang the flashlight on the wall hook. Sorry to bother you so much.The man said, but it is really careless.Some guys stared at us back and forth and couldn't help but be careful. Is it a night ghost?I let out the lead as if nothing had happened. Yes.Night Ghost is one of them.After all, the man nodded alone. Then he led me into the living room off the dressing room.After taking off the black raincoat, the man became an ordinary, gentle little old man.Not fat, but strong and indestructible.His face was radiant, and he took out his glasses from his pocket and put on his glasses. He had the demeanor of a great statesman before the war. He sat me down on the couch while he sat down behind his desk.The layout of the room was exactly the same as the one I first entered.The color of the carpet is the same, the lamps are the same, the wallpaper is the same, the sofa is the same, they are all the same.There was the same cigarette case on the coffee table.There is a desk calendar on the desk, and paper clips are also scattered there.It makes people feel as if they have gone around and returned to the same room.Maybe that's the case, maybe it's not.Besides, it is impossible for me to remember the scattered styles of paper clips one by one. The old man looked at me for a while, then picked up a paper clip and pulled it straight to poke the root of the nail.It was the index finger of the left hand that stabbed.After poking the nails, I threw the straightened paper clip into the ashtray.I thought to myself, in my next life, I can do whatever I want, but I just don’t want this paper clip.To be thrown into the ashtray after being stabbed by this inexplicable old man's nails is simply chilling. According to the information I have, the night ghost and the symbolist are shaking hands to make peace.The old man said, but of course these guys will not be in the same hatred because of this.The night ghost is scheming and the symbolist is ambitious.So their collusion is limited to a handful.But it is not a good sign.The fact that night ghosts who were not supposed to come here sneaked around in this area is in itself a big deal.If things go on like this, sooner or later they will become night ghosts to rule the world.Something bad happened to me that day. Makes sense.I said. As for the shape of the night ghost, I naturally can't figure it out, but if the symbolists are in collusion with some kind of force, it would be a terrible thing for me.Because we and the signers were originally in a very delicate balance, and we were at a stalemate with each other.Even if there is a little bit of external force involved, it may make everything out of hand.Not to mention anything else, the fact that I don't know what a night ghost is and the other party knows it has already caused the balance to collapse.Of course, the reason why I don't know about the night ghost is because I am an independent worker at the grassroots site, and the group above probably already knows it well. ah.Don't worry about it.Get to work as soon as you can.said the old man. OK I have entrusted an agent to send one of the most capable calculators here. I am afraid that you have some reputation, and everyone will praise you.Competent, courageous, capable.Aside from the lack of coordination, it's said to be impeccable. too much.I am humble. The old man laughed out loud again.It doesn't matter how coordination is, the key is courage.To become a first-class computer operator must have courage, and the reward is correspondingly high. I had nothing to say and just listened silently.The old man laughed again, and after laughing, he led me to the next workshop. I am a biologist.The old man said, it’s biology, but the scope of my work is so wide that it’s hard to describe it in one word.From brain physiology to acoustics, linguistics, and religion, they are all involved.It's not good for me. What I'm engaged in is extremely original and valuable research.Currently ongoing research is mainly on the palate of the mammalian oral cavity. Oral palate? It is the mouth, the structure of the mouth.Study how the mouth moves, how to pronounce sounds, etc.Please watch this! As he spoke, he pressed the switch on the wall to turn on the lights in the workshop.I saw that the wall opposite the door of the room was full of shelves, and the skulls of all mammals were densely arranged on it.From unicorns, horses, pandas to mice, everything I can think of is gathered here. The number is estimated to be three to four hundred, and of course there are human skulls.Whites, blacks, Indians, one for each sex. Whale and elephant skulls are kept in underground warehouses.As you know, that thing takes up too much space. The animals opened their mouths wide open as if they had already made an appointment, and their two empty eye sockets were fixed on the opposite wall.Although they are all specimens for research, it still feels uncomfortable to be surrounded by so many bones.Other shelves are lined with ears, lips and mouthpieces soaked in formalin. How, great collection huh?The old man spoke proudly. Some people in the world collect postage stamps, some collect records, some fill their basements with wine, and some rich people like to put armored vehicles in their yards.I collect skulls.The world is full of wonders, so it is full of fun.Don't you think so? I'm afraid so.I said. I have been interested in mammalian skulls since I was still young, and I have been collecting them bit by bit for almost forty years.It takes an unimaginably long time to understand the bone.In this sense, it is much easier to understand living people of flesh and blood.I have a deep understanding.Of course, for someone as young as you, I think you're still interested in the flesh.The old man laughed again and again in a strange way.Well, it took me thirty years to get to the point where I could understand the sounds of bones.Thirty years!It doesn't happen overnight, huh? sound?I asked, can bones make sound? Of course.The old man said that every bone has its own sound.How should I put it, I'm afraid it's a potential signal.I'm not talking about metaphors, bones can indeed speak.I'm doing this research right now, the purpose of which is to decipher this signal.If successful, the next step can be artificially controlled. Hey, I still can't understand the details, but if it is true as the old man said, it really looks like a research of great value.Much like a rare study.I said. Not bad at all.The old man nodded and said, that's why those guys came to follow and inquire, and they were very well informed.They want to misuse my research.For example, once the intelligence can be collected from the bones, the trouble of torture will be saved, as long as the opponent is killed, the flesh and bones will be cleaned and everything will be fine. How unreasonable!I said. Of course, the research has not progressed to that point, I don't know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate.Now it is still necessary to take the back of the brain to obtain a clear memory. Yes, yes.It doesn't matter if you remove the bones or the brain. That's why I beg you to calculate.Be careful not to be eavesdropped by the symbolists and steal the experimental data.The old man looked solemn, and the abuse and good use of science also brought modern civilization to crisis.I firmly believe that science should exist for science's own sake. I don't quite understand the thing about beliefs. I said, there is only one point, please clarify, it is transactional: this time I am asked to work, neither the headquarters of the organization, nor the legal representative, but you directly intervene.The situation is very abnormal.To be clear again, this has the potential to violate employment rules.If so, my license will be forfeited.Do you understand this? clear and direct.The old man said, it is not unreasonable for you to worry.However, this is a formal commission through the organization.It's just that for the sake of confidentiality, I didn't perform the transactional procedures, and I just contacted you directly.So as not to let you be implicated. Can you guarantee it? The old man opened the desk drawer, took out a folder and handed it to me.I flipped through it, and there was indeed a formal power of attorney for the organization, and the style and signature were impeccable. Oh well.I returned the folder to the other party. My level is double material level. Is that okay?double grade Is it twice the normal salary?no problem.This time with the addition of bonuses, it will be a three-material level. The content of the calculation is important, and besides, it will trouble you to drill the waterfall, hehehe.The old man smiled. Please let me look at the numbers first.I said, the method will be determined after reading the values.Who will be responsible for the computer calculations? I use my computer here.Please be responsible before and after, don't you mind? Can.I also save trouble. The old man got out of the chair and fiddled with the wall behind him for a while, and a gap suddenly appeared on the seemingly ordinary wall.There are enough names.The old man took another folder out of it, closed the door, and there it was again, a plain white wall with no features.I took the folder and read seven pages of teeny values.There is nothing special about it in itself, just a general value. If it is this level, the classification operation may not be a problem.I said that with this degree of frequency similarity, there is no need to worry about building hypothetical bridges.In theory, of course it works, but the legitimacy of the hypothetical bridge cannot be explained.Without being able to explain its legitimacy, it is impossible to remove the tail of error.It's like crossing the desert without a compass.Moses did. Moses even crossed the sea. The old story.As far as the scope of my contact is concerned, there has never been a precedent for being harassed by symbols. So, a conversion can be foolproof myself? The secondary conversion is too dangerous.Indeed, that completely rules out the possibility of hypothetical bridge intervention.But at this stage it is still acrobatics.The degree of conversion is still unstable and is in the process of discussion. I didn't say a second conversion. As he spoke, the old man poked the root of his nails with a paper clip.This time it was the middle finger. you mean Blurry, and I said blurry.I wanted to ask you to perform classification and fuzzy calculations, so I called you here.If it's just for classification, there's no need to call you. I don't understand, I crossed my legs, how do you know blur?It was a top-secret matter, and it was impossible for outsiders to know. But I know.I have an unusual relationship with the upper echelons of the organization. So would you please ask through the relationship?The fuzzing system is now completely frozen.I don't know why, maybe something went wrong.Can't use that system anyway.Once it is discovered after use, it may be difficult to end it just by being punished. The old man handed over the folder containing the power of attorney: Please take a good look at the last page, there should be a license for the fuzzy system on it. I did what it said and turned to the last page.Sure enough, there is indeed a license to use the fuzzy system on it.I watched it several times and couldn't see any flaws.There are five signatures.I really don't know what the idea of ​​the group above is.Digging out a hole is called burying, just after burying is called digging out!It is always the lower class people like me who are in a dilemma. Please give me a full color copy of the Power of Attorney.Without this thing, I will be very embarrassed at critical times. Of course, of course, the old man said, of course I will make a copy for you.There is no doubt that the formalities are formal.Half of the honorarium is paid today, and the other half is paid at the end, okay? Can.The classification operation starts here immediately, and then the obtained value is taken home and blurred at home.Blur takes a lot of preparation.After the fuzzing is complete, take the value back here. At noon three days later I have to use the Never delay.I said. Ten thousand, ten thousand, the old man warned, if there is a delay, something bad will happen. Will the world collapse?I asked. in a sense.The old man spoke inscrutablely. Don't worry, I've never been delayed.I said, if it is convenient, please prepare a pot of strong hot coffee and iced white water, and some dinner that can be eaten casually. It will take a lot of time to dry. As expected, it actually took a long time.Although the numerical arrangement itself is relatively simple, there are many stages in the situation setting, and the calculation is far more complicated than expected.I input the given value into the right hemisphere of the brain, convert it into a completely different symbol and then move it into the left hemisphere of the brain.The symbols that moved into the left hemisphere were then taken out as distinct numbers and typed on typed paper.This is the classification operation, in the simplest terms.As for the conversion code, each calculation formula is different.The completely different point between the code and the random number table is shown on the graph.In other words, the key lies in the way the left and right hemispheres of the brain are divided (this division is of course an expedient measure, not really divided into two).Might as well use the picture to show as the left. In a word, the obtained value can only be recovered if the criss-cross sections in the figure are exactly matched.However, the symbol masters tried to interpret the value they stole from the computer by building a hypothetical bridge.That is, they recreated the jigsaw pattern on a hologram by analyzing the values.Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.If we improve technology, they also improve countermeasure technology.We protect data, and their theft of data is pure classic police-thief game. Symbolists stabbed most of the illegally obtained data to the black market for huge profits.Worse, they took the most important part of intelligence into their own hands, effectively serving their own organization. Our organization is generally called an organization, and the organization of symbol masters is called a factory.Originally a private conglomerate, the organization has taken on a semi-official tinge as its importance has grown.As an internal structure, it is probably similar to Bell Corporation in the United States.Those of us at the grassroots level work as independently and autonomously as tax consultants and lawyers, but are not accepted unless licensed by the state and tasks are arranged by an organization or an official agent recognized by the organization.This is a measure taken to prevent the technology from being misused by factories.Once violated, it is bound to be punished and the license will be revoked.As for whether the measures are correct, I can't figure it out.Because people who have been deprived of calculation qualifications are often recruited by factories and sneaked underground to become symbolists. I don't know how the factory is structured.What started as a small technology business has ballooned.Others call it the data mafia.In terms of its inextricable connections with various illegal gangs, it is indeed indistinguishable from the Mafia.If there is a difference, it is that they only sell information.Intelligence is both elegant and money.They monitor the computer they regard as their prey without any hesitation, and grab information. I'm sipping a whole pot of coffee and doing sorting calculations non-stop.My principle is to work for an hour and rest for 30 minutes.Otherwise, the seams between the left and right hemispheres of the brain will be blurred, resulting in a mess of data. During the 30-minute break, I chatted with the old man all over the place.It doesn't matter what the chat is about, just shake your mouth and talk, this is the best way to get rid of brain fatigue. What kind of value is this?I asked. Experimentally determined values.The old man said that it was the result of my research over the past year.There are two types, one is the value converted from the three original images of the volume of each animal's cranium and palate, and the other is the decomposition of three elements of its development, and the two are combined.As I said earlier, it took me thirty years to understand the inherent sound of bones.Once this calculation is done, we can isolate the sound theoretically rather than empirically. Then can it be artificially controlled? Is such that.said the old man. In the case of human control, what exactly will happen? The old man licked his lips with the tip of his tongue and pondered for a moment. A lot happened, he said, a lot.And there are some that you can't imagine. I have nothing to say. Sound cancellation is one of them, right?I asked. The old man laughed a few times triumphantly.Yes, it is like that.Can combine signals inherent in the human cranium to cancel or amplify sounds.The shape of each person's skull is different, so it cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be reduced to a considerable extent.To put it simply, it is to make the sound and anti-sound vibrations resonate together, and the elimination of sound is the most harmless one among the research results. If this is harmless, then one can imagine the next step.I can't help but get a little irritated at the thought of people all over the world muting or making voices louder as they please. The elimination of sound can be carried out from two aspects of pronunciation and hearing.The old man said that it can not only eliminate the sound from the sense of hearing, but also eradicate it from the pronunciation.Pronunciation is a personal act and can be eliminated 100%. Planning to make it public? Why!The old man waved his hand, I have no intention of telling others about such an interesting thing.Just for private enjoyment. As he said that, he smiled darkly again, and I smiled too. I plan to publish my research results only in professional academic journals.No one is interested in acoustics yet.The old man said, besides, it is impossible for those stupid scholars in the world to understand my theory.The academic world had always dismissed me. But signers are not stupid.They are geniuses in analysis, and your theory is probably as well. I have also been careful about this, so I omitted all the data and programs, and only published the theory in the form of imagination.That way you don't have to worry about them figuring it out.I may be left out in academia, but I don't care.One hundred years later my theory will be confirmed, that's enough! Well. So everything depends on your classification and fuzzy operations. I see.I said. For the next hour I was engrossed in my calculations.Then came the rest time. May I ask a question?I said. It's the young girl at the door, the plump one in the pink suit and skirt is my granddaughter.The old man said that he was a very sensible child who helped me do research at a young age. So I want to ask: is she born speechless, or has her voice been muted Oops!The old man slapped his knee with one hand and forgot all about it.It hasn't been restored after the noise reduction test, too bad, it has to be restored for her immediately! It seems appropriate.I said.
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