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Chapter 4 Four Ends of the World Library

What becomes the center of the town is the semicircular square on the north side of the old bridge.The other semicircle is the lower half of the circle, on the south side of the river.These two semicircles are called North Square and South Square and are considered as a pair.But in fact, the impression of the two is completely different, and it can even be said to be diametrically opposite.The air in the North Square was strangely heavy, as if all the silence in the town gathered here from all directions.In contrast, South Plaza hardly feels anything special.There is only an atmosphere resembling a very indifferent sense of loss.There are not as many houses as there are on the north side of the bridge, and the flower beds and cobblestone roads are not cared for carefully.

There is a tall bell tower in the center of the North Square, standing tall and majestically piercing the blue sky.Of course, it may be more accurate to say that it is not so much a clock tower as an object that retains the shape of the clock tower.Because the hands of the clock always stay at the same position, which completely abandons the original function of the clock tower. The pagoda is built of stone, with a square shape, showing the four directions of east, west, south, and north respectively, and it becomes thinner as it goes up.There are clock dials on all sides at the top, and the eight hands point to the position of ten thirty-five minutes respectively, without moving.There is a small window slightly below the clock dial.From this point of view, the interior of the tower is probably hollow, and it can be climbed up with the help of ladders and the like.The problem is that there is nowhere to find a door-like entrance for people to pass through.Due to its unusually high towering height, you have to cross the old bridge and walk to the south side to see the clock dial.

Around the North Square, stone buildings and brick and tile buildings generally radiate away in a fan-like shape.Each building has no obvious characteristics, let alone decorations and signboards. All the doors are tightly closed, and no one can be seen coming in or out.It might be said that it is like a post office without mail, or a mine without miners, or a crematorium without dead bodies.However, these buildings, which are so silent, do not give people the impression of abandonment.Every time I pass through such a street, I feel as if there are strangers holding their breath in the surrounding buildings and continuing a kind of work that I don't know.

The library is also on the corner of such a quiet street.It is said to be a library, but it is actually an extremely ordinary stone building, no different from other buildings, and there are no external features that can prove that this is a library.Some people believe that the old stone walls that have become lifeless in color, the narrow eaves, the windows with iron bars, and the unbreakable wooden doors are grain warehouses.If the concierge hadn't marked the detailed directions on a piece of paper, I'm afraid I would never have recognized it as a library. When you settle down, I have to invite you to the library.On the first day I came to this town, the gatekeeper told me that there was a girl on duty there.The town has arranged for you to read the old dreams of the town.Once there the girl will tell you many, many things.

ancient dream?I couldn't help asking, what happened to the ancient dream? The janitor was whittling the strips of wood into something like round wedges with a pocketknife.At this moment, he stopped, gathered up the scattered sawdust on the table, and threw it into the trash can. Old dreams are old dreams!There are so many in the library that it is a headache, just hold them in your hand and take a good look at them. Then, the janitor concentrated on inspecting the round pointed wooden bar he had cut, and then placed it on the shelf behind him with satisfaction. What you propose is your freedom, and it is mine to answer or not.The janitor folded his hands behind his head and said, after all, I couldn't answer some of the questions.Anyway, I will go to the library every day to read ancient dreams.And that's your job.Go at six in the evening and read until ten or eleven.Dinner is prepared by the girl.The rest of the time is at your own discretion, without any restrictions.clear?

I understand.But when will this work be considered over? When will it end?I can't say for sure.You persevered before the time when it was supposed to be over.After all, the janitor took out a suitable wooden stick from the firewood pile and sharpened it with a knife. The town is too small and poor to support idlers.Everyone works in their own places, and you just want to read ancient dreams in the library.You don't think you can live here at ease, do you? Labor is not drudgery, it is better than doing nothing.I said. Well, the janitor stared at the point of the knife and nodded, then please get to work as soon as possible.From now on you will be called a dream reader.You no longer have a name, Dream Reader is your name, just as I am the gatekeeper.understand?

understood.I said. I am the only gatekeeper in this town, and likewise, you are the only dream reader.Because dream reading requires qualifications for dream reading.I am going to give you this qualification now. As he spoke, the janitor took out a small white saucer from the sideboard and put it on the table, poured some oil into it, struck a match and lit it.Then he picked up a strange flat knife shaped like a butter knife from the wooden grid where the knives were placed, and heated the blade on the flames.Blow out the fire at the end to allow the knife to cool. Just to make a mark.The caretaker said, it doesn't hurt at all, there is no need to be afraid, it will be over in a blink of an eye.

He opened the eyelid of my right eye with his fingers, and stabbed the tip of the knife towards the eyeball. As he said, there was no pain, and he didn't feel flustered, which is incredible.The point of the knife pierced into my eyeball softly like a jelly, without a sound.The same operation was then performed on my left eye. After reading the dream, the scars will naturally disappear.The janitor said while clearing the dishes and the knife, this scar can be regarded as a sign of your dream reading.You'll have to be careful with the light during this time, though.Remember: don't look at the sun with your eyes!Otherwise, they must be punished accordingly.So you can only go out at night or during the day on a cloudy day.On sunny days, try to darken the room as much as possible, and stay inside honestly.

After all, the janitor gave me a pair of black glasses and told me to wear them and not take them off except when I was sleeping.That's how I lost the sun. In the evening a few days later, I pushed open the door of the library.The heavy wooden door opened with a creak, and inside was a long corridor stretching straight forward.The air is turbid and dust is floating, as if it has been abandoned here for many years.The floor has been roughened by people's trampling, and the white and gray walls are dimly yellow under the electric light. There are several doors on both sides of the corridor, the handles are locked, and there is a layer of white dust.The only ones that are not locked are the exquisite and elegant doors.Lights shone from within the opaque glass of the door.I knocked several times, but heard no echo.So he held the old brass round handle and turned it quietly, and the door opened quietly from the inside.There was no one there.The room is simple and empty, a circle bigger than the waiting room of the station.No windows, no decent ornaments.There was only a rough table, three chairs, and an old-fashioned iron stove that burned coal.In addition, there are wall clocks and counters.On the iron stove, a mottled black enamel pot was emitting white steam.Behind the counter was a door of the same opaque glass as the entrance, with the same lights shining inside.I wondered if I should knock on that door again, but finally gave up and decided to wait here for a while, waiting for someone to come out.

There were silver paper clips strewn across the counter.I picked one up and played with it, then sat down on a chair by the table. After waiting for ten to fifteen minutes, the girl emerged from the door behind the counter with something like scissors in her hand.When he saw me, his cheeks flushed slightly in surprise. I'm sorry, the girl said to me, I don't know if someone is coming, just knock on the door.I was packing things in the inner room, and a lot of things were in a mess. I silently stared at the girl's face for a long time.I think her face reminds me of something.Something about her was quietly shaking some kind of soft deposit in the depths of my consciousness.But I don't understand what that means, the language has been buried in a distant darkness.

I nodded slightly, my eyes still not moving away from her face.I tried to see something in her lips, her broad forehead, and the black hair tied back in a bunch, but I felt that the more I looked at a part of it, the more distant was the overall impression.I had to give up and close my eyes. Excuse me, are you in the wrong place?The buildings in this area are all exactly the same.With that, she put the scissors on the counter next to the paper clip.Those who can enter here to read ancient dreams are limited to dream readers.It is impossible for anyone else to come in. I'm here to read my dreams.I said, the town explained it like this. Excuse me, can you take off your glasses? I took off my black glasses and turned my face to her.She stared intently at my eyes, which had faded because of the dream-reading mark.I'm so worried that she's going to stare right through me. All right, please put on your glasses.She said, do you want coffee? Thanks. She fetched two coffee cups from the inner room, poured the coffee from the jug, and sat across the table. I'm not ready today, start dream reading tomorrow.She said to me, can I just read here?The closed reading room can be opened. I replied yes.Can you help me? um, yes.One of my tasks is to be on duty for Gu Meng, and the other is to be the assistant of the dream reader. Haven't seen you anywhere before? She raised her eyes and looked at my face without moving.Appears to be trying to search memory towards something to connect me with.In the end, he was discouraged, shook his head and said: As you know, in this town, memory is very vague and changeable.Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't.As for you, it seems to be classified into the category that I can't remember.I am sorry. It's okay, I said, it's not a big deal. Of course, you may have seen it somewhere.I've been in this town, and it's a small town. I just came here a few days ago! How many days ago?She was a little stunned, then you must have admitted the wrong person.Because I've never been out of this town in my life.I am afraid that there are not many people who are like me. perhaps.I took a sip of my coffee, but I often think this way: A long time ago, we all probably lived in completely different places and had completely different lives.And this past event is likely to be completely forgotten for some reason, so everyone passes the time like this without knowing anything.Haven't you thought about it? No.She said, the reason why you think so is probably because you are a dream reader, right?The thoughts and feelings of dream readers are very different from ordinary people. presumably. So, can you remember where and what you have done in the past? Can not remember.As I said that, I walked to the counter, grabbed one of the paper clips scattered there, held it in my hand, and looked at it carefully for a long time.But I always feel like something happened, I'm sure of that.And I have seen you somewhere in a trance. The library has a high ceiling and the room is as quiet as the bottom of the ocean.Paperclip in hand, I casually glance around the room blankly.She was sitting at the table, drinking coffee quietly by herself. I don't even know how I got here.I said. Upon closer inspection, the light particles of the yellow electric light streaming down from the ceiling seemed to expand and contract from time to time.Probably because of Hitomi's injury.My eyes have been modified by the gatekeeper to see something special.The old big wall clock on the wall slowly moved the pace of time in silence. I guess there was a reason for coming here, but I can't remember now. This town is very quiet.So I guess, if you're here looking for some peace, then you should get what you want, said the girl. perhaps.I replied, what am I doing here today? She shook her head, slowly got up from the table, and took down the two empty coffee cups. There's nothing here for you today.Work starts tomorrow.Now please go home and have a good rest, and come back when the time comes. I glanced at the ceiling again, and at her face.Yes, I feel that she is indeed inseparably connected with a certain image in my mind, and something is indeed touching my heartstrings.I closed my eyes and searched in my hazy mind.As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt silence falling on my body like fine dust. Come tomorrow at six o'clock. goodbye.she says. I left the library, leaned on the railing of the bridge, listened to the sound of the river, and watched the calm appearance of the beasts after they disappeared.The wall surrounding the clock tower and the small town, the buildings lined up by the river, and the jagged Kita-one Mountains are all dyed a dark blue by the light night at night.Except for the sound of running water, there was no sound lingering in my ears.The birds had long since disappeared without a trace. If you're here for quiet, she said.But I can't confirm this.Soon, the surroundings were completely dark, and a row of street lamps on the riverside road began to shine brightly.I walked down the deserted street toward the West Hills.
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