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Chapter 5 Five Grim Wonderlands Computing, Evolution, Sexuality

In order to restore his granddaughter whose voice had been silenced, the old man returned to the ground.During this time, while drinking coffee, I calculated silently by myself. I don't know how long the old man left the room.I adjusted the bell of the electronic watch so that it would ring repeatedly at a cycle of one hour and thirty minutes and one hour and thirty minutes, and I counted, rested, and counted again.I turned off the lights so that I could not see the dial numbers.Because if you keep time in mind, it will be difficult to calculate smoothly.No matter what time it is, it has nothing to do with my work.The work begins when I begin to count, and ends when I stop counting.For me, the time required is just a cycle of one hour and thirty minutes and one hour and thirty minutes.

During the time the old man was away, I probably took two or three rests.When I was resting, I would either lie on the sofa and think about it, or go to the toilet or do some exercises.The sofa is very comfortable to lie on, neither too hard nor too soft.The padded under the head is also just right.Every time I go out to calculate, I lie down on the sofa to rest.Hardly come across a comfortable sofa to lie on.Most of them are shoddy supplies bought casually.Even a sofa that looks majestic is mostly disappointing when you lie on it.Not sure why people choose bad sofas. I've always been convinced that perhaps due to prejudice, the choice of sofa often reflects human taste.The sofa itself is an inviolable world of barriers.Only those who grew up on good sofas understand this.This is the same as reading good books and listening to good music while growing up.A good sofa begets another good sofa, and a bad sofa begets another bad sofa, without exception.

I know several people who drive around in high-end cars but have second- or third-rate sofas at home.I don't have much trust in such people.A high-end car may not lose its due value, but it is nothing more than a high-end car after all.Anyone can get the money.Buying a good sofa requires corresponding knowledge, economy and philosophy.Money has to be spent, but it doesn't just need to be spent.As far as sofas are concerned, it is impossible to get a good product without a complete image in mind. And the sofa I'm lying on at this moment is indeed first-class.From this I was able to have a good impression of the old man.I fell down on the sofa and closed my eyes, and began to think about the old man's wonderful way of speaking and his wonderful way of laughing.When my thoughts turned back to removing the sound, I decided that the old man undoubtedly belonged to the highest level as a scientist.It is simply impossible for ordinary scholars to eliminate or implant voices at will, or even think about it.Also, it is undeniable that this person is quite paranoid.There are instances of scientists being eccentric or hated, but not to the point of building laboratories in waterfalls deep in the earth to hide them.

I think that if the technology of sound cancellation and sound enhancement can be commercialized, it will definitely make a fortune.First of all, the PA sound installation in the concert hall should be eliminated, because there is no need to use huge mechanical equipment to increase the volume.Second, the opposite can eradicate the noise in one fell swoop.If silencers are installed on airplanes, the residents near the airport will surely be overjoyed.The problem is that at the same time, it is bound to use this achievement in various forms for military production and criminal activities.It is obvious that silent bombers, silenced guns, brain-destroying bombs will be born one after another, and organized mass murder will also appear in more subtle forms.Perhaps the old man knows this well, so he is unwilling to make the research results public and control them in his own hands.So I became more and more fond of the old man.

When I entered the fifth or sixth work cycle, the old man returned with a large basket on his arm. Brought freshly made coffee and sandwiches.The old man said, how about cucumber, ham and cheese? Thanks.It's all my favorite. How about eating right away? Wait for this calculation cycle to end. I had just finished sorting five pages of the seven-page value table when the watch rang.With victory in sight, I stopped, got up, stretched myself, and started eating. There are as many sandwiches as there are five or six plates in ordinary restaurants and fast food restaurants, and I ate two-thirds of them alone.After a long time for the sorting operation, for some reason, I felt very hungry.I put ham, cucumber slices, and cheese into my mouth in sequence, and sent hot coffee into my stomach pouch.

During the time I ate three, the old man only moved once or twice.He seems to like cucumbers, rolled up the slices of bread, carefully sprinkled the right amount of salt on the cucumber slices, and chewed with a low voice.The old man at the sandwich looked a little like a well-mannered cricket. Eat whatever you want, eat as much as you can!The old man said, at my age, I eat less and less.Eat a little bit, move a little bit.But young people should let go of the skin and eat fiercely.Just eat and get fat.Everyone in the world seems to hate being fat.In my opinion, it is because there is a problem with the way of getting fat, so fat makes people lose their health and lose their beauty.But if you are fat enough, you will definitely not be like that. Instead, you will make your life full, your sex drive strong, and your mind clear.I was quite fat when I was young too.I can't see it now.The old man pursed his lips together and laughed a few times. How about this sandwich? Does it taste good enough?

Well, it's delicious.I appreciate it.The taste is indeed extraordinary.Just as I can be picky about sofas, I can be pretty harsh on sandwiches.But this time the sandwich just touched my established standard line.The bread was fresh, springy, and neatly cut with a sharp, clean knife.In fact, a good cutter is absolutely indispensable to make a good sandwich, and this point is easily overlooked.No matter how high-end and complete the ingredients are, you can't make a delicious sandwich without a good cutter.I haven't had such a delicious sandwich in a long time.The mustard is real, the lettuce is impeccable, and the mayonnaise is handmade or close to it.

My granddaughter made it, saying thank you.The old man said that making sandwiches was the boy's forte. amazing!Dedicated chefs are also far behind. Thanks.The kid must be happy to hear that.After all, no one came to the house, so there was almost no chance to listen to other people's feelings after eating.Even if I make meals, there are only me and her eating. Two people live?I asked. Yes, it has been a long time.I have never dealt with society, and the kid has the same problem, and I am troubled enough.She just doesn't want to go outside.The mind is bright and bright, and the body is extremely healthy, but anyway, he is not willing to contact the outside world.That's not possible when you're young.Sexuality also has to be dealt with in the right way.how?The child has feminine charms, right?

Well, yes indeed, indeed.I said. Sexual desire is an aboveboard energy.There is no doubt about it.If the worldly desires are imprisoned and there is no way out, the mind will inevitably lose its calm, and the body will inevitably lose its balance. This is the same for men and women.Women will experience menstrual disorders.And once out of balance, the spirit becomes restless. Um. That child should have sex with a real man of his kind as soon as possible.I am convinced of this, both as a guardian and as a biologist.The old man said as he sprinkled salt on the cucumber slices. Can the voice be added to her smoothly?I asked.I don't like listening to other people talk about sexuality during work hours.

Oh I forgot that.The old man said, of course it has recovered.Thank you for reminding me, otherwise the child would have to live in silence for several days.Once I got here, it was difficult to return to the ground in a short time.That silent life is no joke. Probably.I agree. As I have just said, the child hardly has relations with society, so there is no particular inconvenience.But it is very troublesome to make a phone call.I have called several times from here, but no one will answer, which makes me baffled.Cough, I am really careless. If you can’t speak, it’s difficult to buy things, right?

No, it doesn't matter if you buy something.The old man said that there is a place called a supermarket in the world, where you can still buy things without asking, which is very convenient.The kid also likes supermarkets the most, and he often buys things there.It can be said that it is living between the supermarket and the office. not going home? She likes the office.There is a kitchen and a bathroom inside, which is enough for general life.Go home, once a week at most. I nodded appropriately and took a sip of my coffee. But you can actually communicate with that child, the old man said, how did you communicate?By telepathy or something else? Lip reading.I went to a civic workshop before to learn how to read lips.Firstly, I had nothing to do at the time, and secondly, I thought it might be useful. I see.As for lip-reading, the old man nodded frequently as if he had realized it. Lip-reading is indeed an effective technique.I also know a thing or two.How about, how about the two talking quietly for a while? No no, let's get rid of it.It's better to talk normally.I hurriedly dissuaded.I really can't bear to toss and turn like this several times a day. Admittedly, lip reading is an extremely primitive technology with many shortcomings.If it's dark all around, it's completely incomprehensible, and it's inconvenient to keep staring at the other person's lips.However, it is still effective as a transitional means.It should be said that you were prescient in mastering lip reading. Transitional means? Yes, the old man nodded again, well, I will only tell you one person: In the future, the world will definitely become a silent world. Silent world?I can't help asking. Yes, completely silent.Because sound is not only unnecessary to human evolution, but also harmful.So sooner or later the sound dies. Well.So, the sound of birds, rivers, music, etc. will all disappear? certainly. But that seemed lonely. That's what evolution is all about.Evolution is always bitter and lonely.Mind-blowing evolution is impossible.As he spoke, the old man got up and walked to the table, took out a nail clipper from the drawer, folded it back to the sofa, counted from the thumb of his right hand to the little finger of his left hand, and trimmed ten nails neatly step by step.It is currently in the research stage, and the details are yet to be announced. This is roughly the case.Please do not disclose it to the outside world.Once it reaches the ears of the symbolists, catastrophe will be imminent. rest assured.We calculators are as good as anyone in maintaining confidentiality. I'm relieved to hear you say that.The old man used the corner of the postcard to gather up the nail shavings scattered on the table and threw it into the trash can.Then he picked up another sandwich with cucumber slices, sprinkled it with salt, and chewed it with relish.It's not very good, I say, but it's really tasty. Good at cooking?I asked. No, that's not it.Just the craftsmanship of making a sandwich is exceptional.The other dishes are by no means bad, but not as good as the sandwiches. It can be called an authentic genius. Yes, the old man said, it is true.From my point of view, you seem to understand that child perfectly.If it were you, it seems that you can entrust her with confidence and boldness. Entrust to me?I was taken aback because I complimented her on a good sandwich? Don't like sandwiches? Sandwiches are my favorite.After all, I thought about the fat girl within the limit of not affecting my calculations, and took a sip of coffee. I feel, what do you have, or what is lacking.All the same. I often think so myself.I tell the truth. We scientists refer to this condition as evolution.One day you'll understand it too: Evolution is grim.What exactly do you think is the toughest thing about evolution? Do not understand, please advise. Just not free choice.No one can choose to evolve. It belongs to the category of floods, avalanches and earthquakes. You don't know it before it comes, but once it comes, it is irresistible. oh.I said, is this evolution also related to the voice you said?That is, I will become unable to speak? Not exactly.Being able to speak or not being able to speak is not a big problem in essence, it is nothing more than a step. I don't quite understand, but generally speaking I'm an honest man.If you understand, explain clearly, and if you don't understand, explain that you don't understand, without ambiguity.I don't think the dispute arose partly from ambiguity.And I believe that the reason why many people in the world speak vaguely is that they are unconsciously seeking disputes in their hearts.Besides I can't find any other explanation. Anyway, let's stop here.As the old man spoke, he laughed eccentrically again.If you talk too deeply, it will inevitably interfere with your calculations, so enough is enough. I have no problem with that either.It happened that the bell of the watch also rang, so we continued to classify and calculate. The old man took out a pair of stainless steel fire chopsticks from the desk drawer, held them in his right hand, and walked back and forth in front of the rack where the skulls were arranged.I have no problem with that either.It happened that the bell of the watch also rang, so we continued to classify and calculate.The old man took out a pair of stainless steel fire chopsticks from the desk drawer, held them in his right hand, and walked back and forth in front of the rack where the skulls were arranged.From time to time, tap a certain bone with fire chopsticks to listen to its sound.It seems that the violin master is inspecting the collection of violins made by Stradibari 1, and picking up one of them to listen to the tone of the strings.Just by hearing his voice, one can feel the old man's extraordinary attachment to the skull.I think that although they are all skulls, their timbres are indeed very different.Some are like knocking on a whiskey glass, and some are like knocking on a giant flower pot.My thoughts raced: each of them had skin and flesh, all had brains (albeit in different weights), and all had appetites and sexual desires.But in the end, all of these are gone, and all that is left are various sounds.And the sound is just the same as the movement of wine glasses, flower pots, rice pots, aluminum pipes, and kettles. 1 Stradibari: Antonio.Antonio Stradivari, 1644-1737, was the most outstanding violin maker in Italy in the 17th century.Its existing works enjoy a world reputation. (Station Master: It seems that the usual translated name is Stradivari.) I imagined the scene where my own head was peeled off and emptied of brains, and then placed on the shelf to be tapped by the old man's fire chopsticks. I always felt a little uncomfortable.What on earth is the old man going to read from the sound of my cranium?Is it reading my memory, or is it reading something outside my memory?In any case, I feel apprehensive. Death itself is not so terrible.Shakespeare said that if you die this year, you will not die next year.It is extremely simple to think about it.But being placed on a shelf after death and being struck with fire chopsticks is unavoidably unpleasant.The thought of being beaten to the bone and sucked out the marrow after death made a pang of sadness well up in my heart.Although survival is by no means easy, but after all, I can handle it by myself, so that's all.Same as Henry in Warlock.Fonda is the same.But after death, please allow him to rest in peace.The reason why the ancient Egyptian kings hid deeply in the pyramids is not difficult to understand. After a few more hours, the classification was finished.I can't tell how many hours it took, because I didn't use a watch to time it.However, judging from the fatigue of the body, it took about eight or nine hours.The quantity is not small.I stood up from the sofa, stretched a lot, and massaged the muscles of various parts of my body.In the booklet sent to the calculation formula, the massage methods for a total of twenty-six muscles are marked in graphic form.After the calculation, you must operate according to the diagram carefully, so as to eliminate brain fatigue.Computational longevity can only be extended if brain fatigue is eliminated.According to calculations, this system has been established for less than ten years, so no one can figure out the length of this occupational life span.Some people say ten years, some say twenty years, some say that you can work until you die, and some say that sooner or later you will become a useless person.But nothing is speculation.And all I can do is take good care of twenty-six muscles.Guessing should be left to those who are fit to speculate. After massaging my muscles, I sat back on the sofa and closed my eyes, slowly integrating the left and right hemispheres of my brain.So far the work has all come to an end, and the operating procedures are correct. The old man placed the skull shaped like a giant dog on the table, measured the partial size with a caliper, and recorded it with a pencil on the replica of the skull photo. finished?the old man asked. It's over.I said. Hard work, hard work, for such a long time. Go home and sleep today, do fuzzy calculations at home the day after tomorrow, and deliver it here at noon the day after tomorrow, okay? Ok, Ok.The old man nodded and said, be on time, it will be troublesome if it is later than noon, but it is no small matter. Understood.I said. In addition, be careful not to let people snatch the value table.If I take it away, I can't bear it, and neither can you. It doesn't matter.This aspect has been strictly trained, and the calculated data will not be easily taken away. From the special pocket on the inside of my trousers, I took out a soft metal folder like a wallet for important documents, put the digital meter in it and locked it. No one can open this lock but me.If someone else unlocks it, the files inside will disappear. It's really scheming.said the old man. I put the folder back in the inside pocket of my trousers. By the way, no more sandwiches?There are still some leftovers, and I hardly eat or drink during my research, so it is a pity that there are leftovers. Since I was hungry again, I obediently cleaned up the remaining sandwiches.The old man only ate one thing, so there were no cucumbers left, and all that was left was ham and cheese.Anyway, I'm not very interested in cucumbers, I don't care.The old man poured me another cup of coffee. I put on my raincoat again, put on my goggles, and returned to the tunnel with a flashlight in one hand.This time the old man did not follow. The night ghost has been driven away by me with sound waves, and it is impossible to make a comeback in a short time, just rest assured.The old man said, the night ghost actually didn't dare to come here, but he couldn't help the rhetoric of the signer, and he shrank back when he was frightened. That is to say, but after knowing that the night ghost lives somewhere underground, it is a bit unpleasant to walk alone in the dark.What's more, I don't know what the night ghost is, and I don't know anything about its habits, shape and defense measures, so this unhappiness is deepened.I turned on the flashlight in my left hand, held the knife in my right hand, and retreated along the underground river to the original road. For this reason, when I spotted a fat girl in a pink dress under the long aluminum ladder I had just climbed down, I felt a sense of urgency.She flicked the light of the flashlight in my direction.When I came to her, she seemed to say something, but firstly, because the sound of the water was too loud, the volume limit of the river probably had been lifted, so she couldn’t hear it clearly. In any case, he had to climb the ladder, so he walked to a bright place.As soon as he started to climb, the girl followed.The ladder is extremely high, and I didn't feel scared when I went down because I couldn't see anything because it was pitch black, but now I climbed up one step at a time, and the height can only be imagined.Beads of sweat can't help but ooze on the face and armpits.If compared with a building, it is three or four stories high.In addition, the aluminum ladder is full of moisture, and if you jump or slip, if you are negligent, you may really regret it forever. I wanted to take a break on the way, but thinking of her following me up, I had to go all out to climb to the top of the ladder.Considering that three days later, I will repeat the same mistakes and go to the laboratory, I can't help but feel sad.However, there is no other way, after all, this has also been included in the remuneration. After going through the closet and entering the room I was in first, the girl took off my goggles and raincoat for me.I took off my rubber boots and put my flashlight aside. Work well?asked the girl.The sound is soft and crisp, which is the first time I have heard it. I looked at her face and nodded: I won't come back if it doesn't go well.This is what we do! Thank you for telling Grandpa about the sound cancellation, it was a great help.It's been like that for a week now. Why don't you tell me in writing?Wouldn't everything be fine by now?Why bother to suffer that! The girl didn't respond, and walked around the table, then touched the big earrings on both sides. This is the rule.she says. Can't talk in writing? That's one of the rules too. Well All practices related to degradation are prohibited. I see.I am completely convinced.Really meticulous. how old are youasked the girl. thirty five.I said, what about you? seventeen.The girl replied, this is the first time I have seen a calculation formula.Of course, the symbolists have never seen it either. Really seventeen?I am a little stunned. Well, it's seventeen.I kid you not, really seventeen.Doesn't look like Seventeen? not like.I'll tell you frankly, no matter how you look at it, it's all over 20. I also don't want to be seen as seventeen.she says. Didn't go to school? Don't want to talk about school, at least not yet.I'll tell you all about it next time we meet. Well.There must be a mystery in it, I think. I said, what kind of life is a computational life? Whether it is a calculation formula or a symbolist, when not working, it is the same as the world, ordinary and out-of-the-box. It is possible for people in the world to be ordinary, but they are not perfect. Oh, and this view also exists.I said, but what I said was ordinary, which means sitting next to you in the tram without attracting attention, eating and drinking beer like everyone else.By the way, thank you for the sandwiches, they are delicious. real?She smiled brightly. Sandwiches that good are rare to come across.I've eaten a lot of sandwiches. Where's the coffee? The coffee tastes good too. How about having another drink here?It's better to talk for a while. No, coffee is fine.I said that I drank too much down here, and I couldn't drink a drop. I just wanted to go home and sleep quickly. Sorry. I am also sorry. Well, I'll take you to the elevator anyway.Can't walk alone?The corridors are like a maze. I'm afraid I won't be able to get there.I said. The girl picked up a round hat box-like thing on the table and handed it to me.I weighed it. Compared with the volume of the box, it is not too heavy.If it is a hat box, the hats inside are probably quite large.The box is covered with wide tape all around, so it is not easy to open. What is this? A gift from your grandfather.Open it when you get home. I held the box in both hands and shook it lightly, without hearing any sound and feeling no heaviness in my palm. Grandpa said it is easy to break, so be careful.said the girl. Is it a vase or something? I don't know either.You will know it when you go home. Then she opened her pink handbag and handed me the bank check in an envelope.The above amount is slightly more than I expected. I put it in my wallet. Receipt? Need not.said the girl. We left the room, turned up and down the same long corridor as when we came, and finally came to the elevator.The girl's high-heeled shoes were the same as last time, making a pleasant sound of rattling in the corridor.Compared with the first meeting, her obesity is not so annoying.Walking together, she even forgot how fat she was.I must have gotten used to it over time. get married?asked the girl. No.I replied, I have done it before, but not now. Divorced because of calculation?It is often said that calculation formulas are not compatible. Nothing like that.Calculation formulas are also married, and some people even perform quite well, and I know many such examples.Of course, it is also true that more people still think that not having a family is better for work.Firstly, our business is very mentally consuming, secondly, it is also risky, and sometimes it is inconvenient to have a wife. How are you doing? I only became a calculation formula after my divorce.So it has nothing to do with work. Uh she said, sorry, that's not a good question.After all, this is the first time I encounter calculation formulas, and I really want to ask about this and that. It's ok, nothing. Hey, I've heard people say that after finishing a job in a computer, the libido is insanely strong, but is it true? After all, it might be true.Because the brains involved in the work are very different. Who do you sleep with at that time?Do you have a regular lover? No.I said. So what to do?It's not like you're not interested in sex or you're gay, right?Unwilling to answer? where.It's true that I'm not the type to go on and on about my private life, but if someone asks me, I'll answer it because there's nothing secret.So I said: I slept with many girls at that time. including me? Not included.Should not be included. Why? My principle is: generally do not sleep with acquaintances.Sleeping with acquaintances often creates problems.In addition, it does not sleep with people connected with work.I'm in the business of keeping secrets after all, and a line needs to be drawn in that regard. Is it because I'm fat and ugly? You're not that fat, and you're not ugly at all. oh.She said, so who to sleep with?Could it be that he casually talked to find a girl to sleep with? Occasionally for it. Or buy a girl with money? Nor deny it. If I offer to give me money and I sleep with you, will you not be able to sleep? Not necessarily obedience.I replied that there was a huge difference in age.Sleeping with such a girl always seems to be uneasy. I am an exception. perhaps.But as me, I don't want to cause more trouble.If possible, I still want to live a peaceful and stable life. My grandfather said that the first person to fall asleep is best to be a man over the age of thirty-five.It is said that when sexual desire accumulates to a certain extent, it will impair the clarity of the mind. I heard this from your grandfather. really? I'm not a biologist, so I don't know.I said, besides, the strength of sexual desire varies from person to person, and there are great differences between them.It's hard to generalize. Are you strong? I'm afraid it's average.I pondered for a moment to answer. I didn't know much about my sexuality.The fat girl said, so she wanted to find out the root cause. I didn't know how to answer for a while.After a while, he came to the elevator.The elevator is like a well-trained dog, waiting for the door to open. See you next time.said the girl. As soon as I stepped in, the elevator door closed quietly. I leaned against the stainless steel wall and sighed.
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