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I went back to my residence by taxi.When we got outside, it was already dark, and the streets were full of men and women who got off work.Coupled with the drizzle, it took a long time to stop a taxi. Even if this situation were not encountered, it would take a long time for me to hail a taxi.In order to avoid danger, I have to let go of at least two empty cars.It is said that signers often drive out a few disguised taxis, pick up the computer that has just finished work, and take it directly to somewhere.Of course, this is just a rumor. Neither I nor anyone around me have ever encountered such a situation, but it is better to be careful.

Therefore, I usually use the subway or bus as much as possible.But at this time, we were really exhausted, and it was raining, so I shuddered at the thought of squeezing the tram or bus that was in rush hour in the evening, so I took the time to hail a taxi.During the car ride, I almost fell asleep several times, and I gritted my teeth to hold on.I thought to myself that I must never sleep in the car, it is too dangerous to sleep in the car, if I want to sleep, I will sleep enough when I get back to my residence. So I focused on the baseball game on the car radio.I don't know much about professional baseball, so I decided to support the offensive team and resent the defensive team.It's a pity that the team I supported fell behind by one to three.Hit two pitches from two outs to second base, but because the runner stumbled and fell between the second and third bases, he was three outs and failed to score.The narrator was very sorry, and I felt the same way.Anyone can fall in the middle of a rush, but you shouldn't fall between the second and third bases in a baseball game.Perhaps morale was affected by this, the pitcher actually threw a self-defeating straight ball to the opponent's No. 1 player. As a result, the opponent hit the home plate to the left and lost 1 to 4. (Comment from the webmaster: This paragraph is simply cheating on manuscript fees)

When the car came in front of my apartment, the score was still four to one.I paid the fare, pushed the door and got out, holding my hatbox and my drowsy head.The rain had almost stopped. There was no mail in the mailbox, and no message on the dictaphone.It seems that no one asked me.Well, I don't ask anyone for it.I took the ice out of the fridge and made a tall whiskey on the rocks with a dash of soda.Then he undressed and went to bed, leaned on the back of the bed and drank wine in small sips.Although I am drowsy now, the last beautiful show of the day cannot be omitted.My favorite is the brief moment between going to bed and falling asleep.Be sure to bring a drink to bed.Listen to music or read a book.I love this moment as much as I love the fresh air in a beautiful evening.

We were halfway through the whiskey when the phone rang.The telephone was placed on a round coffee table more than two meters away from the head of the bed.It was hard to get into bed, and I was too lazy to get up and walk over, so I just stared blankly at the phone and let it keep ringing.The bell rang thirteen or fourteen times.I don't care.In past cartoons, there was a scene where the phone trembled as it rang, but it didn't happen at all.The phone was placed firmly on the coffee table, allowing it to ring continuously.I watched it while drinking whiskey. Beside the telephone were a wallet, a knife, and a hat box brought back as a present.I suddenly thought: Should I open it now to see what is inside.Maybe it should be put in the refrigerator, or it may be a living thing, or it may be a rare treasure.The problem is that I'm really tired.Moreover, if this is the case, it is reasonable for the other party to explain to me responsibly.After the phone rang, I drank the rest of the whiskey in one gulp, turned off the bedside lamp, and closed my eyes. Immediately, drowsiness fell from the sky like a huge black net that I had been waiting for.I fell asleep in a daze, and I didn't care what happened.

Open your eyes and wake up, it's bright and dark around you.The hour hand pointed at six fifteen.I couldn't tell whether it was morning or evening, so I put on my trousers and went outside, and looked at the door of the next room: there was a morning newspaper on the door, so I knew it was morning.Subscribing to newspapers is very beneficial at this time, and it seems that I should also subscribe to newspapers. ten hours.Originally, my body was still asking for rest, and since I had nothing to do all day anyway, it didn't matter if I slept again.But I was determined to get up anyway.Nothing can replace the feeling of waking up to a brand new, spotless sun.I washed myself well in the shower and shaved.I did gymnastics for about 20 minutes as usual, and started to eat a ready-made breakfast.The refrigerator was empty and needed restocking. I sat at the kitchen table drinking orange juice and writing a grocery list in pencil on post-it notes.Anyway, the supermarket is not open yet, so you can buy it when you go out to eat.

I threw the dirty clothes from the clothes basket in the bathroom into the washing machine, and turned on the faucet to wash the tennis shoes.At this moment, I suddenly remembered the mysterious gift from the old man.So I put aside my unwashed right tennis shoe, wiped my hands on a kitchen towel, and went back to the bedroom to pick up the hat box.Compared with the size, the box is still so light, so light that it is not boring, it is really light.Something tugged at that chord in my head.There is no specific basis for this, it can be said that it is just a kind of professional sensitivity.

I turned and looked around the room.The room was eerily quiet.It was as if the sound had been silenced.I tried to cough, but the cough was really real.I took out the knife and tapped the coffee table with the back of the knife, making the same sound.Once you have experienced the silence event, you will always be suspicious of the silence for a period of time.Opening the window sash of the balcony, the sound of cars and birdsong came immediately, and I was relieved for a while.Evolution or whatever, the world is still filled with all kinds of sounds. Next, I used a knife to cut through the packing tape, being careful not to damage the contents.The top of the box was stuffed with crumpled newspapers.I unfolded two or three pages and looked at them. They were all from the "Daily News" three weeks ago, but I couldn't see any features.He took a plastic garbage bag from the kitchen and threw the newspaper over.There were quite a lot of newspapers, enough for two weeks.Nothing but the Daily News.Get rid of the newspaper, and there is a soft thing the size of a child's little finger underneath, whether it is polyethylene or foam.I picked it up with both hands, and put them in the garbage bag one by one.Although I don't know what is inside, it has added a lot of trouble.After removing half of the polythene or styrofoam, a newspaper packet falls out of it.I couldn't help feeling a little annoyed, so I went back to the kitchen and took a can of Coca-Cola from the refrigerator, sat on the edge of the bed and drank it leisurely, carelessly cutting my nails with the tip of a small knife.A small black-breasted bird flew over from the balcony, pecking at the scattered bread crumbs on the coffee table as usual.A peaceful morning.

Soon, I mustered up my energy to face the coffee table again, and gently took out the object wrapped in newspaper from the plate.Tape is wrapped around the newspaper, which is reminiscent of a modernist work of art.The shape is like a slender watermelon, but it is still weightless.I removed the box and the knife from the coffee table, carefully peeled off the newspaper on the large coffee table, and found an animal skull inside. baffling!How did the old man think that I would be delighted to receive a skull?What's more, the matter of giving away animal skulls to people is already quite absurd, no matter how you look at it, it is definitely not the work of neurotic people.

The shape of the skull is similar to that of a horse's head, but the size is much smaller than that of a horse.In short, judging from the biological knowledge I have, this skull should exist on the shoulder of a mammal with hoof armor, a long and narrow face, a herbivorous but not very big mammal, which is probably not wrong.I have several such animals in mind: deer, sheep, antelope, reindeer, donkey, and maybe a few more, but I have lost track of them. I decided to put the skull on the TV for now.Although it is not very elegant, I can't think of other locations.If it was Hemingway, it must be placed together with the big deer head on the fireplace, and of course there is no fireplace in my room.Not to mention the fireplace, there are no floor cabinets or shoe cabinets.Therefore, there is no place to put this inexplicable skull except for the TV set.

I dumped all the leftover stuffing from the bottom of the hatbox into a garbage bag, and found a long, thin thing at the bottom, also wrapped in newspaper.When I opened it, it turned out that it was the stainless steel fire chopsticks used by the old man to knock the skull.I held it in my hand and looked at it for a long time. The fire chopsticks were opposite to the skull, heavy and majestic, just like William.Furtwängler's ivory baton with the Berlin Philharmonic. I couldn't help standing in front of the TV with chopsticks, and gently tapped the forehead of the animal's skull.There was a sound like a loud nasal sound.I originally expected the sound of colliding hard objects like a bang or bang, so it can be said that I was quite surprised, but after all, it is inconvenient to make irresponsible remarks because of this.Since the voice is so loud as a practical issue, it will be useless to say anything. First, the voice will not change due to irresponsible remarks, and second, even if there is a change, it will not bring about a change in the entire situation.

Tired of watching the skull and knocking on it, I left the TV and sat down on the edge of the bed, put the phone on my lap, and dialed the phone number of the official agent of the organization to confirm the work schedule.The person in charge of me picked up the phone and said there was an assignment in four days and asked me if I had any questions.I said no, in order to be safe in the future, I would like to emphasize to him the use of vague legal world.But considering it was a long story, I had to give up.Anyway, the documents were correct and the pay was decent enough.Moreover, the old man said that he had never gone through an agent, so there was no need to make extra troubles. Besides, from a personal point of view, I don't like the person in charge of me very much.This gentleman is in his thirties, thin and tall, and he always thinks he knows everything.I don't like to put myself in a situation where I have to negotiate difficult matters with such people, unless it is absolutely necessary. After discussing the routine work in a few words, I put down the phone, sat on the sofa in the living room, opened a can of beer, and played the video to watch Humphrey.Bogert's "Key.Largo.I really like Lauren in it.Buckle. Buckle in "Counting One, Two, Three" is not bad, but I think "Key.In Lago, she seems to have a special temperament that cannot be seen in other works.In order to find out what kind of temperament it is, I don't know how many times I read it, but I couldn't get the correct answer after all.Perhaps it is similar to an allegory needed to simplify the existence of human beings.I can't say for sure. While watching the video honestly, my eyes always involuntarily fall on the animal skulls on the TV.As a result, I can no longer focus on the screen as I usually do, turn off the video when Hurricane appears, and instead drink beer and stare blankly at the skull on the TV.While staring, I found that I seemed to have a little impression of the skull.But I can't think of what kind of impression it is.I took out the T-shirt from the drawer, covered the skull completely, and continued to watch "Ki.Largo.This was finally able to focus on Lauren.Buckle body. At eleven o'clock, I walked out of the apartment, bought some groceries at the supermarket near the station, and went to the hotel to buy red wine, soda and orange juice.Then I picked up a coat and two shirts at the laundry, bought ballpoint pens, envelopes, and letterhead at the stationery store, and bought the finest grained whetstone at the grocery store.I also bought two magazines at the bookstore, light bulbs and cassette tapes at the electronics store, instant camera film at the photo studio, and stopped by the record store to buy some records.It turned out that the back seat of my small car was full of shopping bags.Maybe it's my nature to love shopping.Occasionally, I go to the street once, and every time I buy a lot of odds and ends like a squirrel in November. Take my car as an example, it is also a 100% shopping cart.So buying a car is because shopping too much can't afford it.Holding my shopping bag, I walked into a used car dealership that I just happened to see, and found that the variety of cars was dizzying.I don't like cars very much, and I don't know how to do it, so I said that it doesn't matter what kind of car, I just want a car that is not too big. The middle-aged man who received me showed me a lot of samples in order to make a decision on the car model.I told him that I didn't have the heart to look at any samples, and that what I needed was a shopping cart, neither to run on the highway, nor to take girls for a ride, let alone for a family trip.Neither a high-efficiency engine nor air-conditioning, on-board audio, or sunroof are required.All you want is a small car that corners well, emits less exhaust, doesn't make too much noise, doesn't have many breakdowns, is reliable enough, and performs well.The color is best in dark blue. What he recommended was a small yellow domestic car.The color is not ideal, but the performance is not bad when you sit on it, and the cornering is quite agile.The simple design and no extra equipment is also suitable for my taste, and because the model is old, the price is also cheap. This is what a car should be like.Said the middle-aged salesman, to put it bluntly, people are a little bit neurotic. I said I felt the same way. In this way, I got a special shopping cart.Rarely used for purposes other than shopping. After shopping, I drove into the parking lot of a nearby restaurant, ordered beer, shrimp salad and onion slices, and ate alone.The prawns were too cold and the sliced ​​onions were too watery.I looked around the restaurant, and I didn't see any diners grabbing the waitress to complain or throwing dishes on the floor, and then quietly swept away.Disappointment comes only when there is hope. You can see the highway from the hotel window.Cars of various colors and models are on the road.As I look at the car, I think back to the wonderful old man and his fat granddaughter I dealt with yesterday.No matter how kindly I look at it, I feel that both of them are residents of another abnormal world far beyond my imagination.The silly elevator, the giant cavern behind the closet, the night ghosts, the sound-muffling operation, nothing out of the ordinary.Not only that, but they actually gave me animal skulls as my homecoming gift. While waiting for coffee after dinner, because I was bored, I recalled the square earrings, pink suit skirt, high-heeled shoes, fat attachment on the thighs and neck, and facial expressions of the fat girl one by one.I can bring to mind each of the above details vividly, but when summed up as a whole, the impression is unexpectedly faint.I guess it's because I haven't slept with a fat woman lately.Only in this way, I can't fully imagine the figure of a fat woman.The last time I slept with a fat woman was almost two years ago. But as the old man said, the same is fat, but the method of getting fat is very different.In the past, around the year of the United Red Army incident, I slept with a girl who was ridiculously fat in the waist and thighs.She was a bank clerk, and we often looked at each other at the window, chatted kindly when we came and went, went out to drink beer together, and fell asleep by the way.It wasn't until I slept with her that I realized that her lower body was really fatter than usual.Because, usually, she always sits inside the counter, so she can't see her lower body at all.She explained that it was caused by playing table tennis all the time when she was a student, but I didn't understand the causal relationship between the two. I had never heard anyone say that playing table tennis only made the lower body fat. But she was imaginatively fat.Putting my ears against her hips, I felt like I was sleeping in a spring field on a clear afternoon.The thighs are as soft as dry cotton wool, and they draw a light arc to quietly lead to the secret place.As soon as I praised her for being fat, I immediately praised her aloud every time I encountered happy things, but I only said one sentence, "Is it true?" Naturally, he also slept with women who were overweight and out of shape.I have slept with women who are covered with strong muscles all over their bodies.The former is a keyboard teacher, and the latter is a stylistic critic.Indeed, there are all kinds of fat people, each with its own merits. In sleeping with so many women, one seems to be getting more and more academically inclined. (Station Master:) The joy of intercourse itself diminished a little bit.Of course, sexual desire itself is not academic.However, if worldly desires go up along a certain waterway, there will inevitably be a waterfall of sexual intercourse ahead, and as a result, they will arrive at the origin of the waterfall full of certain academics.Soon, like Pavlov's dog, there will be born a line of consciousness from sexual desire to the source of the waterfall.But at the end of the day, maybe it's just me getting older and weaker. I stopped daydreaming about fat girls naked and paid and left the restaurant.Then walk to the nearby library.A slender, long-haired girl sat at a table in the reference room, and I asked her if she had any information on mammalian skulls.The girl is absorbed in a pocket book.Then he raised his face and looked at me: What? Information about mammals and skulls.I repeat it word for word. Mammalian skull.Girls sing like parrots.When she puts it this way, it sounds like the title of a poem is like a poet announcing the title to his audience before reading it aloud.I thought to myself: Could it be that anyone who asks her repeats the same sentence like this? History of puppet theater Introduction to Tai Chi I think it would be very interesting if there is a poem with such a title. The girl bit her lower lip and pondered for a moment, then said: Please wait a moment, check it out, then quickly turned back and typed the word "mammal" on the computer keyboard.Then more than twenty book titles appeared on the screen.She erased two-thirds of it with a light pen, then saved it, and typed out the word bone this time.Immediately, seven or eight book titles appeared.She kept only two of them, listed below the titles of the books she stored.Libraries are not what they used to be.The era when the library card was stuck in a paper bag and stuck to the back of the book seemed like a dream.I used to love looking up the borrowing dates on the library cards I used as a kid. While the girl was skillfully operating the keyboard, I kept looking at her slender back and long black hair.I was rather puzzled as to whether I should be kind to her.She was good-looking, warm-hearted, and not stupid, and she spoke like reciting the title of a poem.I see no reason why I should not be kind to her. The girl pressed the copy button, printed the content on the computer display screen and handed it to me, saying: Please choose from these nine volumes. one. "Introduction to Mammals" two. "Illustrated Mammals" three. "Mammalian Skeleton" Four. "History of Mammals" five. "Me as a Mammal" six. "Anatomy of a Mammal" seven. "The Mammalian Brain" eight. "Animal Bones" Nine. "Talk about Bones" My library card can borrow up to three volumes, and I picked volumes two, three, and eight. "Me as a Mammal" and "Talking about Bones" are probably also very interesting, but they don't seem to be directly related to the problem at hand, and they will be borrowed later. Sorry, "Illustrated Mammals" is not allowed to be taken out, and cannot be borrowed.The girl scratched her temple with a ballpoint pen as she spoke. Hey, I said, this book is very important, please lend me a day, please?Guaranteed to return it tomorrow morning without any trouble for you. But the graphic series is popular, and if things are exposed, the people above will definitely punish me severely. Only one day, not so soon exposed. The girl was in a dilemma and hesitated for a while.She stuck the tip of her tongue to the inner side of her lower teeth, and the tip of her tongue was pink, very touching. OK, I will only lend you once, not for the next time.Be sure to bring it before 9:30 tomorrow morning! Thanks. You're welcome.she says. I wanted to say a little thank you to you personally, what do you like? There are 31 types of ice cream on the opposite side, can I buy one?Double-ended cylinder, with Italian cheese on the bottom and coffee on the top, remember? Double-ended cylinder, with coffee on the top and Italian cheese on the bottom.I'll check it out. Afterwards, I walked out of the library, toward Thirty-One Ice Cream, and she went inside to fetch the book for me.When I came back after buying the ice cream, the girl hadn't turned out yet, so I had to wait obediently at the table with the ice cream in my hand.Unfortunately, there were a few old people reading newspapers on the stool, looking curiously at my face and the ice cream in my hand in turn.Fortunately, the ice cream is very firm and will not melt immediately.The problem is that if you don't eat ice cream but just hold it still, it will look like a bronze statue, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. The pocket book she was reading lay on the table like a sleeping bunny.The book is H. G.The second volume of Wells' biography "The Time Traveler".It doesn't seem to be from the library, it's her own book.Next to the book are three neatly sharpened pencils.There were also seven or eight paper clips scattered about.Why are there paper clips everywhere?It is really puzzling. Perhaps it is for some reason that paper clips are popular all over the world.It may also be purely accidental, but I am too brooding.However, I always feel that this is unnatural and somewhat unreasonable.As if premeditated, the paper clips were scattered in the most conspicuous places wherever I went.Something hit a chord in my head.There are so many things that come across that string lately—beast skulls, paper clips, the list goes on.There seems to be some kind of connection.But if you ask what the relationship between the skull of the beast and the paper clip is, you don't know it. After a while, the long-haired girl turned around holding three books.She handed me the book and in turn took the ice cream from me.In order not to be seen by outsiders, he ate with his head bowed inside the counter.Looking down from above, its neck can be seen at a glance, which is very beautiful. Thank you so much. You are the one to thank.I said, by the way, what is this paper clip for? paper clip?She repeated like a song, paper clips are used to fix paper, don't you know?It's everywhere and everyone is using it. It is true.I thanked me, picked up the book and walked outside the library.Paper clips are available everywhere, and one thousand yuan can buy enough for a lifetime.I stepped into the stationery store, bought paper clips worth 1,000 yuan, and returned to my residence. As soon as I entered the room, I put the food in the refrigerator.Wrap meat and fish tightly with plastic wrap, and send those that should be frozen into the freezer.Bread and coffee beans are also frozen.Put the tofu in a large bowl filled with water.The beer goes in the fridge too, and the vegetables put the old ones up front.The suits were hung in the cabinet, and Shen Jiefen was placed on the wooden shelf in the kitchen.Finally, sprinkle the paper clips next to the skull on the TV.Fantastic match. As fantastic as a down pillow and ice churn, inkwell and lettuce.I went to the balcony and looked from a distance, but I still got the same impression, and I couldn't find anything in common.However, there should be a secret passage somewhere that I don't know or remember. I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the TV for a long time.But I can't think of anything, I can only feel the passing of time.An ambulance and a right-wing propaganda vehicle drove by.I'm craving whiskey.But I endured it.A fully sane mind must be activated now.After a while, the right-wing propaganda vehicle turned back to the original road, probably going the wrong way.The road in this area is winding and difficult to discern. Frustrated, I stood up, sat at the kitchen table and flipped through a book I borrowed from the library.I decided to first look up the species of herbivorous medium-sized mammals and then confirm their skeletons one by one.There are far more herbivorous mammals than I expected.There are dozens of species of deer alone. I took the skull off the TV, set it on the table, and compared it to every picture in the book.It took an hour and twenty minutes to compare the skulls of ninety-three animals, but none of them matched the ones on the table.I'm also stuck in this area.I closed the three books, stacked them on the table, and stretched my arms.At a loss. I simply lay on the bed and looked at John.Ford's video for "The Quiet Man."While watching, the doorbell rang.Looking through the cat eyes on the door, I saw a middle-aged man wearing the uniform of Tokyo Gas Company standing outside.I opened the door (without unlocking the anti-theft chain) and asked what was the matter. Gas is checked regularly for leaks.The man said. etc.I responded, went back to the bedroom, put the knife on the table into my trouser pocket, and then opened the door.The guy who checks the gas regularly just came in last month.This person's demeanor is always a little unnatural. But I deliberately pretended to be indifferent, and continued to watch "The Quiet Man". The man first tested the gas in the bathroom with a sphygmomanometer-like instrument, and then turned into the kitchen.The bone still sits on the kitchen table.I turned up the volume of the TV and tiptoed to the kitchen door to have a look. As expected, the man was about to stuff the skull into a black plastic bag.I opened the blade, jumped into the kitchen, went behind the man and grabbed his neck, aiming the blade under his nose.The man quickly threw the plastic bag on the table. no other meaning.The man made an excuse with a trembling voice. He could not get it right away, so he put it in his bag.Purely on a whim.Please forgive me! No mercy!I said.I have never heard of a gas inspector who sees animal bones on someone's kitchen table and wants to claim it for himself on a whim.Watch me slit your throat if you don't mean it.In my opinion, this is undoubtedly a 100% lie, but the man does not feel this way. I'm sorry, I'll be honest, please raise your hand.The man said that someone told me that I could get a lot of money by stealing this thing.At that time, I was walking, and suddenly two men posted on it, asking if I wanted to work part-time, and gave me 50,000 yuan.He also said that if he succeeded in stealing, he would give another 50,000 yuan.I also didn't want to do this kind of thing, but I saw that one of them was tall and burly, and if I said no to it, I couldn't guarantee that I would not be in bad luck, so I had no choice but to do it.Please don't kill me, I have two daughters who are in high school. Both in high school?I felt something was wrong and asked. Yes, first grade and third grade. oh, which high school? The big one is in Toshishi Village High School, and the small one is in Yotsuya Futaba.The man answered.The collocation is unnatural, but only in this way can it be authentic.So I decided to believe what the man said. For the sake of caution, I still pressed the blade of the knife against his neck, and took out the wallet from the back pocket of his trousers to see what was in it: 67,000 yuan in cash, of which 50,000 yuan was the newest bill; Employee ID card of Tokyo Gas Company and color photos of the whole family.In the color photo, the two daughters are both dressed in New Year's costumes, neither of them looks particularly beautiful, and they are about the same size, so it's hard to tell which one is in Shimura and which one is in Futaba.There is also a tram pass between Sugamo and Benocho.From this point of view, this person didn't look like a criminal, so he put away the knife and let him go. can go.I returned the wallet to him. Thanks!The man said, what should I do next?He took other people's money but returned empty-handed. I said I don't know what to do.Symbolists assume that the other party is Symbolists often act absurdly according to circumstances, and they do this on purpose so as not to be discovered by others.They might use a knife to goug out the man's eyes, or they might reward him another 50,000 yuan.God knows their tricks! One is tall and big, right?I asked. That's right, the physique is very good, and the other is thin and small, at most 1.50 meters tall.The little man was well dressed.But none of them make sense. I showed him how to walk from the parking lot to the back door.The back door of the apartment is connected to a narrow alley, which is hard to find from the outside.If it is done well, it is possible to go home without telling the two of them. Thank you so much.The man said as if he was saved, please don't tell the company about this, please? I told him to keep quiet.After saying that, let him go out, fasten the lock, add the iron chain, then sit on the kitchen chair, put the knife with the retracted blade on the table, and take out the skull from the plastic bag.One thing is clear: the sign masters are eyeing the skull.That is to say, the skull holds great significance for them. Right now, I'm at a stalemate with them.I have the skull but don't know what it means, they know what it means or guess what it means but don't own the skull.Evenly matched, against each other.I can now choose between two actions.One is to get in touch with the organization, explain the situation, and ask it to protect me from the symbolic threats or transfer the skull to other places; the other is to get in touch with the fat girl, and Dongdi will explain the meaning of the skull.But I'm reluctant to drag the organization into the same situation now, where I might be subject to annoying grilling.I'm really not good at dealing with huge organizations.It is rigid and old-fashioned, and there are a lot of idiots, which is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. It's also practically impossible to get in touch with fat girls.I don't know the phone number of her firm.It would be a good idea to go directly to the office building. The problem is that it is dangerous to go out now, and the office building is heavily guarded. It is impossible to let me in easily without an appointment. In the end, I decided not to take any action.I picked up the stainless steel fire chopsticks and tapped the top of the skull lightly again.Goo, the sound is the same as before.And it reveals a hint of sadness, like the mournful cry of an animal that cannot be named.Why is there such a wonderful sound?I took the skull in my hand and observed it carefully, and tapped it again with the fire chopsticks, but the sound was still the same.Upon closer inspection, the sound seemed to originate from somewhere in the skull. After knocking several times in a row, I finally found out the exact location. The gurgling sound came from the shallow pit with a diameter of about two centimeters on the forehead of the skull.I touched the pit lightly with my fingertips, and found it somewhat rough, different from ordinary bones, as if it was formed after being forcibly twisted away.what?such as angle horn? If it's a horn, then what I'm holding is the skull of a unicorn.I reopened "Illustrated Mammals" and tried to find the last remaining mammals.But nothing.Only a rhinoceros skull is vaguely similar, but judging from the size and shape, it cannot be a rhinoceros skull. Helpless, I had no choice but to take out ice cubes from the refrigerator and drink them in domestic O brand whiskey.It was already dusk, and drinking seemed to be a good idea.Then, I ate a box of canned asparagus.I like the white asparagus best, it gets eaten up quickly.I ate the smoked collard in bread again.Ended up with a second glass of whiskey. I've decided to treat the skull's former owner as a unicorn for now.Otherwise things will be difficult to progress. i got the unicorn skull I secretly groaned in my heart.Why do such inexplicable things happen so often?Did I do something bad?I am just a very realistic and independent calculator.He is neither ambitious nor greedy.No wife, no friends, no lovers.I just want to save money, as much as possible, so that when I retire from computing, I will learn the cello or Greek and spend the rest of my life leisurely.And right now it's all about unicorns and voice-canceling nonsense, so why the hell is that? After draining my second scotch on the rocks, I went into the bedroom, looked through the phone book, and called the library to ask for someone from the reference room.Ten seconds later, the long-haired girl came out to pick it up. "Illustrated Mammals".I said. Thank you for the ice cream.said the girl. You're welcome.I said, by the way, we can ask for one thing, can we? Seek?She asked back, it depends on what kind of things are asked for. Please look up unicorns. unicorn?she repeats. Can't ask for it?There was a moment of silence.She was probably biting her lower lip in thought. What about unicorns? all. Let me tell you, it's already 4:50, and I'm so busy before closing, where can I find out.Why can't you come as soon as the museum opens tomorrow?Whether it's a unicorn or a triangular beast, you can check it out as you like tomorrow, right? It is urgent and the matter is of great importance.Uh, how important is it? involves evolution.I said. evolution?The girl repeated it once, and it sounded not without surprise after all.I suspect that in her eyes, I am afraid that I am either a pure madman or a mad pure person.I hope she chooses the latter, that way she may take some human interest in me.The silence like a silent pendulum lasted for a while. evolution?Are you referring to the kind of evolution that lasted tens of thousands of years?I don't quite understand, but is that thing really urgent?Can't even wait a day? Evolution can take tens of thousands of years or only three hours. It is difficult to explain clearly in a few words on the phone.I hope you believe: this is indeed of great importance, and it is related to the new evolution of human beings! Like "2001 Space Travel"? Not bad at all.I said. I've watched "2001 Space Travel" on VCR many times. Hey, do you know what I think of you? Either a good-quality neuropathy or a bad-quality neuropathy, you are probably still hesitating about which one to count?I have this feeling. Basically correct. It's not good to say it from my own mouth. In fact, my character is not that bad.I said, honestly, I'm not even crazy.Although I am somewhat extreme, stubborn and overconfident, I am not crazy.It is possible that this was hated by people before, but it has never been described as crazy. perhaps.In any case, she said, she spoke in a coherent manner.People don't look so bad, besides eating your ice cream again.Well, let's meet at the bar near the library at 6:30 today, and I'll hand over the book to you there.Is that okay? But the problem is not that simple.In a word, things are very complicated, and there is no way to leave home now.I'm so sorry. That is to say, the girl tapped her front teeth with her fingertips, at least that was the sound.Are you asking me to send the book to your house?It's incomprehensible. Frankly speaking, there is such a meaning.I said, of course not a request, but a request. Take advantage of other people's kindness? Yes.I said, things are indeed complicated. There was a long silence.But I know that this is not caused by the silence of "Annie.The melody of Lori is echoing in the library, but the girl is silent. In the five years I've worked in a library, I've rarely come across someone as thick-skinned as you.She said that she actually asked someone to deliver the book to her door, let alone just met her once.Don't you think you're thick-skinned enough? I really think so, but now I am helpless and desperate.In short, I can only use your kindness. Okay, okay, the girl said, can you tell me the route to your house? I was overjoyed for a while, and quickly told her the route.
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