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Chapter 9 Nine Grim Wonderland Appetite, Frustration, Leningrad

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While waiting for the girls, I made simple supper.Cracked prunes in a mortar and made salad dressing, fried sardines, tofu and some potato chips, boiled celery and beef.None of the effects are bad.Since I still have time, I boiled Xianghe in water and made a cold dish while drinking beer, and made a lentil mixed with sesame seeds.Then leaned on the head of the bed, admiring Laubel.Mozart's Concerto played by Casaltonsh, this is an old record.I think Mozart's music sounds more refreshing on old records.Of course this is likely to be prejudice. After seven o'clock, it was completely dark outside the window.She still doesn't show up.As a result, I listened to the Piano Concerto Nos. 23 and 24 from beginning to end.Maybe she changed her mind and didn't come to me.If so, I can't blame her.No matter how you look at it, it is more authentic not to come.

Unexpectedly, when I was looking for the next record, the doorbell rang.Looking from the cat's eyes, I saw the girl in the reference room of the library standing in the corridor holding a book.I opened the door, still chained, and asked if anyone else was in the hallway. Nobody.she says. I took off the chain and opened the door for her to deliver. As soon as she entered, I quickly closed and locked the door. It smells so good!She sniffled and said, can I have a look at the kitchen? please.However, is there any suspicious person at the gate of the apartment?Such as road construction, or sitting in a car in a parking lot?

nothing.As she said that, she put two books on the dining table and lifted the lids of the gas stove one by one. Did you do it? Yes.I said, if you're hungry, treats are.Anyway, it's not a good thing. Where, I like it very much. I put the things on the table and watched her attack one by one, convinced.Seeing her eating so emotionally, I deeply feel that the meal was worth it.I mixed O brand whiskey with ice in a large glass, roughly grilled the thick beef steak over high heat, sprinkled freshly chopped ginger, and drank the whiskey as an appetizer.The girl didn't say a word, just focused on eating.I advised her to drink, she said no.

That thick steak, can I have some? I shoved the remaining half in front of her and drank only the whiskey myself. If necessary, there are rice and dried plums, and miso soup can be prepared immediately.I tried asking in case she wasn't having fun. That's great! So I simply seasoned dried pine fish, added wakame and fresh green onions to make a miso soup, and served it with rice and prunes.She wiped it all away in a blink of an eye, leaving only plum cores on the table.After they were all wiped out, she finally let out a sigh of satisfaction and said: Thank you for your hospitality.too delicious.

It's the first time I've seen such a stealthy lady eat food so voraciously, and it's touching even if it's touching.Until she finished eating, I was still half admiring and half astonished watching her face lost in thought. Hey, are you always so hungry?I gritted my teeth and asked. Well, yeah, always.The girl said calmly. But it doesn't look fat at all. Stomach dilation.She said, so no matter how much you eat, you won't gain weight. Heh, I'm afraid the cost of food is not small, right?In fact, she has eaten all of my tomorrow lunch by herself. That's impressive enough.She said that when eating out, you usually have to eat two at a time.First use noodles or dumplings as a base, and then have a regular meal.Almost all the wages went to the food expenses.

I asked her again if she would drink, and she said she wanted beer.I got the beer out of the fridge and tried grabbing two big handfuls of sausages and frying them in the pan.I thought she had withdrawn after calling for gold, but unexpectedly, except for the two I ate, the rest was robbed by her.The appetite is really unstoppable, like destroying a small warehouse with a machine gun.The food I bought as a week's supply has plummeted.I was going to make a delicious dish with this pork and beef sausage mix. I served ready-made potato salad and tuna tossed with wakame and she swept away with a second beer.

Let me tell you, I am very happy!she said to me. I drank almost nothing, but three glasses of iced whiskey.I was stunned to see her eating, and I couldn't get my appetite at all. Sweet treats and brownies, if you can.I suggest. Needless to say, she ate this too.Just looking at it feels like food is going straight to my throat.I like to cook food, but generally speaking, I don't eat much. Perhaps because of this, I couldn't stand up properly.All focus is on the stomach.It was the first time since the Tokyo Olympics that she was downcast when she should have stood up.Before this, I had always had absolute confidence in my body functions in this aspect, so this was really a big blow to me.

Hey, it's okay, don't take it to heart, it's no big deal.she reassured. Girl with long hair and distended stomach.The girl in charge of borrowing in the library reference room.We finished our dessert and drank whiskey and beer and listened to records.After listening to two or three pieces, I went to bed and lay down.I've slept with all kinds of girls so far, but this is the first time I've slept with a librarian, and it's also the first time I've had sex with a librarian so easily.Probably because I served dinner.Unfortunately, after all, as mentioned above, I am completely powerless.The stomach swelled like a dolphin's stomach, and the lower abdomen couldn't carry the strength no matter what.

The girl clung to me naked, and scratched the center of my chest several times with her middle finger, more than ten centimeters each time.This kind of situation, everyone will encounter it occasionally, so don't worry too much. However, the more she comforted her with kind words, the more the fact that she did not live up to expectations weighed heavily on my heart with a very specific sense of reality.I am reminded of a book I read.There is a passage in the book that said that in ancient times, compared with an erect penis, an unrestricted penis is more aesthetically pleasing.But that didn't give me much consolation.

When did you sleep with a girl before?she asked. I opened the cover of the memory box and fumbled in it for a long time.About two weeks ago, approx. Can it be done in one go? certainly.I said.During this time, I always felt that people asked me about my sex life every day.Maybe it's a popular trick in the world right now. with who? call girl.I called. Sleeping with that kind of woman, by the way, didn't feel guilty at the time?Not a woman, I corrected, but a girl, twenty or twenty-one.Not to mention any sense of guilt, simply neat, without hesitation.Besides, it's not the first time I've been looking for a call girl.

Then masturbation? No.I said.Afterwards, I was so busy with work that until today Yan couldn't find time to go to the laundry to pick up that beloved suit, let alone masturbation. Hearing what I said, the girl nodded in understanding: Definitely because of this. Because there is no masturbation? Fool, why not!She said it was because of work.Isn't it so busy? Yes, I didn't sleep for twenty-six hours the day before yesterday. What job? computer.I answer.Whenever I am asked about my job, I usually respond in this way. First, it is basically not a lie, and second, because most people in the world do not have deep professional knowledge about the computer business, they will not ask the bottom line. Be sure to use the brain for a long time, and the fatigue will accumulate more and more, so it is not easy to control it for a while, it is a common thing. I hummed.Maybe so.Exhausted, coupled with the fact that I have always encountered awkward things one after another in the past two days, which made me a little nervous, and I have witnessed the devastating eating scene, and my sexual function will inevitably be temporarily weakened.Very likely. But I feel that the problem is not so simple, and it cannot be explained in a few words.There may also be some other factor.In the past, even when I was equally tired and nervous, I had brought my sexual function into full play.This time it may have been due to something special about her. particularity. dilated stomach, long hair, library Hey, put your ear on my belly.As she spoke, the girl kicked the towel under her feet. Her body is very attractive, beaded and smooth, long and slender, without any excess flesh.I obediently put my ear on the flat canvas between her breasts and belly.Despite being filled with such a pile of food, the stomach did not bulge at all, which is indeed a miracle, just like Hubble.Max's coat that greedily devours everything.The girl's skin is thin and soft, very warm. Um, what did you hear?she asked. I listened with bated breath.Except for the slow beating of the heart, there is no sound.It makes people feel like lying in the quiet forest, listening to the sound of logging axes coming from afar. Can't hear anything. Didn't hear your stomach move?She said it was the sound of digesting food. I don't know the details, but I think I'm afraid it won't make a sound, it's just catalyzed by gastric juice.Of course, there is some squirming, but there will be no clear movement. But I always feel that my stomach is moving desperately, which is very obvious.Listen again! I focused on my ears in the original position, and stared blankly at her belly and the fluffy hair underneath.However, there was still no sound like stomach movement at all.All I heard was the heartbeat beating at regular intervals. There seems to be such a shot in "The Enemy Now".Beneath my rapt ears, her gigantic stomach was like a kelt.Jurgens was carrying out digestion activities as silently as the U-boat in which Jurgens was riding. Discouraged, I turned my face away from her, leaned back on the pillow and took the girl's shoulders.The smell of her hair hits her nostrils. Got soda?she asked. refrigerator. Want to drink soda with vodka, okay? certainly. What do you want to drink too? same. She got out of bed naked and went to the kitchen to make a vodka soda.During this time, I took Johnny P. from "Tell You Tonight."Matisse's record was on the record player, and she went back to bed and hummed along softly.Me, my downcast cock, Johnny.Mattis. The sky is a huge blackboard While she was singing, she came in with two drinks, using the book about unicorns instead of a tray.We're listening to Johnny.Matisse, sipping strong vodka soda in small sips. How old are you?she asked. thirty five.I answer.Accurate and concise facts is one of the most popular programs in the world. Divorced for a long time, now single.No children, no lovers. I am twenty-nine.Thirty in five months. I looked at her face again.I can't tell how old he is.Twenty-two or twenty-three at most.The croup is well rounded without a single wrinkle.I feel like my ability to judge a woman's age is rapidly falling apart. She looks young, really twenty-nine.She said, you're actually a baseball player or something, right? I was so shocked that I almost spilled a few sips of vodka soda on my chest. where.I said, I haven't played baseball in fifteen years.Why do you want to move this? I seem to have seen you on TV.I watch TV only for baseball and news.Or, could it be seen on the news? I haven't been on the news. advertise? Not to mention. Then it must be someone who looks exactly like you But, no matter how you look at it, you don't look like a computer worker.She said how the mouth evolved, the unicorn with the mouth shut, and the switchblade in the pocket. She pointed to my trousers that had fallen to the floor.Sure enough, there was a knife sticking out of the trouser pocket. I'm working with data about biology.It's a bioengineering that involves corporate profits, so be careful.There has also been a lot of noise recently about snatching data. Well.She looked unconvinced. You're also operating a computer, but you definitely don't look like a computer worker. She clicked her front teeth with her fingertips for a moment.I'm making this completely transactional and only deal with the terminal.Enter the catalog of books by category, call it up when you need to refer to it, and check the utilization status, that's all.Of course, it can also be calculated that after graduating from university, I have studied in a computer operation college for two years. What kind of computer do you use in the library? She told me the model number of the computer.It is the latest mid-level office computer. Its performance is much better than its appearance. If it is used properly, it can also perform quite complex calculations.I also only used it once. I close my eyes and think about the computer.During this time she mixed two more vodka sodas and brought them up.So the two leaned on the pillow together and started to drink the second cup.After listening to the record, the automatic record player rewinds the stylus and plays Johnny from the beginning.Matisse's thirty-three per minute.Triple RPM record.I hum again the sky is a huge blackboard Hey, don't you think we're made for each other?she said to me.The vodka in her hand touches my stomach from time to time, it's cold. match made in heaven?I asked back. Not yet?You are thirty-five, I am twenty-nine, don't you think the age is right? Just the right age?I repeat.Her parrot parrot was thoroughly contagious to me. At such an old age, there are many things that can be understood by each other. Besides, both of them are single, so they can understand each other tacitly.I don't interfere with your life, and I do my own way. Do you hate me? I hate it, needless to say.I replied, you are gastric dilatation, I am sexual dysfunction, maybe they are really made for each other. She smiled and stretched out her hand to gently grab my lower body.That hand had just taken the vodka glass, and it was so cold that I almost jumped up. Will soon be proud.She whispers in my ear, and I promise to keep it fresh.But don't rush it.My life is more centered around my appetite than my sex drive, and even now that's okay.For me, intercourse is the equivalent of a well-crafted dessert.It's best if there is, but it's not a problem if you don't have it if other aspects can be satisfied to some extent. dessert.I repeat. dessert.She repeated it too.But I will tell you in detail next time, let’s talk about unicorns first.Isn't that what you came for me in the first place? I nodded, took two empty glasses and put them on the floor.She let go of her hand and picked up two books.One is Bertrand.Cooper's "Zooarchaeology", one is Voorhees's "Dictionary of Phantasmal Beasts". I flipped through it before coming here.To put it simply, the book (as she said, holding the "Dictionary of Phantasmal Beasts" in her hand) believed that the unicorn was a product of people's fantasy like dragons and mermaids.And this book (she picked up "Zooarchaeology") tries to conduct actual research from the point of view that unicorns do not necessarily exist.Unfortunately, neither book has much to say about unicorns.Surprisingly little is written about dragons and imps.I guess this is probably because the existence of unicorns is too unknown. Sorry, that's all we can find in the library. Enough is enough.Just figure out the profile of the unicorn.Thanks. She handed me two books. If it is convenient, can you read the main content of the book now?As I said, it is easier to grasp the main points from the ears. She nodded, first picked up the "Dictionary of Phantasmal Beasts", and opened the first page. Just as we are ignorant of the meaning of the universe, we are equally ignorant of the meaning of the dragon.She read, this is the preface to the book. oh. Next, she opened the bookmark in the back: First of all, it must be clearly understood that there are two kinds of unicorns.One is the Western European unicorn that originated in Greece, and the other is the Chinese unicorn.The two shapes are different, and people's perceptions are also very different.For example, the Greeks described unicorns like this: the body is like a horse, the head is like a stag, the feet are like an elephant, and the tail is like a pig.The roar was rough.The horn is black and protrudes three feet from the center of the forehead.The animal is said to be impossible to capture alive.In contrast, the Chinese unicorn looks like this: a deer body, an ox tail, and a horseshoe.The short horns protrude from the forehead and are fleshy.The back fur is mixed with five colors, and the belly is brown or yellow. Well, there is a big difference, right? really.I said. Not only in appearance, but also in character and implication, East and West are completely different.In the eyes of Westerners, unicorns are extremely ferocious and aggressive. After all, they have three-foot-long horns, which is nearly one meter long.According to Leonardo.Da.According to Finch, there is only one way to capture a unicorn, and that is to use its sexual desire: put a young girl in front of the unicorn, and it forgets to attack because of its strong sexual desire, and puts its head on the girl's lap, and people take advantage of it. Capture it.You should understand the purpose of this corner, right? Got it, I thought. In contrast, Chinese unicorns are auspicious and sacred animals.It is called the four auspicious beasts together with dragon, phoenix and tortoise, and occupies the supreme position among the 365 kinds of beasts on the ground.He has an extremely honest and gentle personality, and walks very carefully, for fear of stepping on weak creatures.Do not eat living grass, only dead grass.Lifespan is about 1000 years.The appearance of the unicorn signifies the coming of the saint.For example, Confucius' mother saw the unicorn when she was pregnant with him. Seventy years later, a group of hunters killed a unicorn with a colored rope tied by Confucius' mother in its horn.Confucius went to see the unicorn and shed tears.This is because Confucius felt that the death of this innocent and mysterious animal had some kind of prophecy, and his past was on that colored rope. How, is it interesting?Even in the thirteenth century, unicorns still appear in Chinese history.One of Genghis Khan's vanguard expeditions to conquer India encountered the Unicorn in the middle of the desert.Its head is like a horse, with a horn on its forehead, covered with green hair, much like a deer, and speaks human language.And say this: the time has come for your lord to return home. A Han minister of Genghis Khan told him that the animal was called Jiaorui, which was a kind of Qilin.For four hundred years, a huge army has been fighting on the western front, the minister said, and God hates bloodshed, so he warned through Jiao Rui.Thank you for your kindness and save the empire!Only the golden mean can give people infinite happiness.The emperor then canceled the campaign plan. Although collectively referred to as unicorns, Eastern and Western are so different.In the East it means peace and tranquility, in the West it symbolizes attack and lust.But in any case, unicorns are non-existent animals.It has been endowed with various special meanings because it has nothing to do with it.On this point, I think East and West are common. Do unicorns really exist? Although there is a kind of dolphin called a unicorn, it is not a horn to be precise, but an upper incisor growing from the top of the head.About two.Five meters, straight, with drill bit-like threads engraved on it.However, this is a special aquatic animal, and it is unlikely that people in the Middle Ages had the opportunity to witness it.As far as mammals are concerned, various animals appeared and disappeared one after another in the Miocene, and none of them resembled unicorns.for example Speaking of this, she picked up "Zoo Archaeology" and turned over about two-thirds of the pages, saying: These are two types of ruminants that inhabited the North American continent about 20 million years ago in the Miocene.The one on the right is called Histkenrath, and the one on the left is Craniokenrath.It does have independent single angles, albeit triangular. I took the book and looked at the picture on it.Hientkenlas is similar to a small horse and deer that can be combined into one animal. It has two horn-like horns on its forehead, and a long horn with a Y-shaped tip growing out of its nose.The head of Kraniokenras is slightly rounder than that of Hientekeras. There are two antler-like horns on the forehead, and another long and curved horn protruding from behind.Both give people a sense of strangeness. The problem is that all these animals with odd horns eventually disappeared.As she spoke, she took the book from my hand and continued: As far as mammals are concerned, animals with single or odd horns are extremely rare.Combined with the evolutionary process, this is a deformity.In other words, it might as well be called an orphan on the way of evolution.Even if it is not limited to mammals, for example, the giant with three horns may have such existence, which is very exceptional.This is because the horn is a weapon with highly concentrated attack power, and there is no need for three horns.To give a simple example 1, such as a meat fork, if there are three points, it will inevitably increase the resistance, and it will take time and trouble to tie it up.Moreover, if one of them hits a hard object, there will be three possibilities in mechanics that cannot touch the object at the same time. In addition, in the case of fighting with multiple enemies, if there are three horns, it is difficult to accurately hit one and pull it out before piercing the other. Resistance Nature takes its time.I said. Not bad at all.She put three fingers up on my chest, which is the polycorn's weakness.Proposition 1: The horn function of polycorns is inferior to that of bicorns or unicorns.Let's analyze the weaknesses of unicorns.No, I'm afraid it would be best to briefly address the inevitability of bicorns.The advantages of bicorns first come from the left-right symmetry of the animal's body.The mode of action of all animals depends on the control of the left-right balance, that is, on the dichotomy of power.There are two nostrils as small as the mouth, and the mouth is also symmetrical. In essence, it is divided into two to function.There is only one belly button, but it is a vestigial organ. What about the penis?I asked.The phallus and the genitals make a pair, like rolls and sausages. That's right.Sure enough, it makes sense. The most important thing is the eyes.Both attack and defense must rely on the eyes to play the role of the control tower.Therefore, it is most reasonable for the horns to be born close to the eyes.Rhinos are a good example.The rhino is technically a unicorn, but it is severely short-sighted, which in turn stems from the unicorn.That is to say, it is crippled.The reason the rhinoceros survives with such weaknesses is because it is a herbivore and is covered in tough leather armor.In this way, there is almost no need for defense.In this sense, it can be said that the rhinoceros is not much different from the Triceratops in shape.But unicorns do not belong to this series, at least not in the pictures.There is no leather armor on the body, how can I say it at all? Not armed.I said. Exactly.In terms of defense, it is almost the same as a deer.Besides myopia, this is fatal.No matter how developed the sense of smell and hearing are, they will be helpless when they are blocked from retreating.So attacking a unicorn is the same as shooting a duck that can't fly with a high-efficiency shotgun.In addition, another weakness of the unicorn is that any injury is fatal.In short, it's like crossing the Sahara Desert without a spare wheel.Do you understand? clear. The unicorn also has a weakness that it is difficult to use force.This is not difficult to understand as long as you compare the front teeth and the rear teeth.The rear teeth are easier to push than the front teeth, right?This is the balance of power problem mentioned earlier.The end is heavy, and the more you push there, the more stable the whole will be.How about it?This time, it should be understood that unicorns are a serious defective product, right? clear and direct.I said, you explained it very well. She smiled and touched my chest with her fingers.But there's more to it than that.Theoretically, there is only one possibility for unicorns to escape extinction.This is the most important point.Can you guess it? I folded my hands over my chest and meditated for a minute or two.There is only one conclusion. There are no natural enemies.I said. correct.Saying that, she kissed my lips.Then you assume a situation where there are no natural enemies. First of all, the activity place should be isolated to prevent other animals from intruding.I said, for example, the land is high uplifted like in Conan Doyle's "The Lost World", or deeply sunken, or surrounded by high walls like the outer mountains. wonderful!She tapped my index finger on the socket of my heart and said, there are indeed records of finding unicorn skulls in this condition. I couldn't help but catch my breath: before I knew it, the conversation was getting closer to the core. Found on the Russian front in 1917, September 1917. The month before the October Revolution.World War I.Kerensky Cabinet.I say, the eve of the Bolshevik uprising. Found by a Russian soldier digging a trench on the Ukrainian front.He thought it was just the bones of a cow or a big deer, and threw them aside casually.If things stop here, the skull will be buried in the abyss of history.But it happened that the captain who commanded the unit turned out to be a biology graduate student at Petrograd University, so he took the skull back to the barracks for a closer look.He found that it was an animal skull that had never been seen so far, and immediately contacted the head professor of biology at Petrograd University, waiting for the arrival of investigators.But no one came.It is no wonder that Russia at that time was in extreme chaos, and even food, ammunition, and medicine could not be guaranteed to be delivered to the front line, and protests broke out everywhere, and the school investigation team could not reach the front line at all.Taking a step back, even if they get to the front line, I think they will hardly have time to conduct site surveys.Because the Russian army retreated steadily and the front line retreated again and again, that place had already been occupied by the German army. How is the captain? In November of that year, he was hanged from a telephone pole.From Ukraine to Moscow, the telegraph poles were connected one by one, and most of the officers of bourgeois origin were hung on them.Although he himself is just an ordinary student majoring in biology with no politics at all. Before my eyes floated the scene of each officer hanging from the telegraph poles lined up on the Russian plain. However, before the Bolsheviks were about to take real power in the army, he had given the skull to a trusted wounded man who would be transferred to the rear.He made a deal with the wounded man that if he could deliver the skull to a certain professor at Petrograd University, he would get a considerable reward.But it was February of the following year that the wounded were able to come out of the military hospital and bring their skulls to Petrograd University.The university was temporarily closed at the time.The students were busy with the revolution all day long, and most of the professors were exiled or fled, so there was no way to talk about running a university.Reluctantly, in order to exchange money in the future, he entrusted the skull and the packing box to his cousin who opened a harness shop in Petrograd for safekeeping, and returned to his hometown 300 kilometers away from Petrograd.But for some unknown reason, this person never went to Petrograd again, so that the skull was long forgotten and quietly buried in the warehouse of the harness shop. It was 1935 when the skull was seen again.Petrograd was renamed Leningrad.Lenin died, Trotsky was exiled, and Stalin came to power.In Leningrad, almost no one rides a carriage. The owner of the harness shop sold half of the shop and used the rest to open a small shop selling hockey supplies. hockey?I ask, will hockey be popular in the Soviet Union in the 1930s? I don't know, that's what it says here.But Leningrad is also a relatively fashionable place after the revolution, people still play hockey, right? Maybe. Anyway, when cleaning out the warehouse, he found the box left by his cousin in 1918.Open it and see that there is a letter addressed to a certain professor at Petrograd University at the top, which states that such and such a person will take this thing and hope to pay the corresponding reward.Needless to say, the owner of the saddlery shop took the box to the university, now Leningrad University, to see the professor.But because the professor was Jewish, he was sent to Siberia when Trotsky fell.In this way, the owner of the saddlery shop lost someone who was expected to receive a reward, but even if he kept this inexplicable animal skull for a lifetime, he would not get a penny.So I found another professor of biology, told me the whole story, got a pitifully small reward, put the skull in school and came back. Anyway, after eighteen years the skull finally made it to the university.I said. Besides, she went on, the professor examined the skull up and down, and came to the conclusion that the young captain's opinion was exactly the same as that of eighteen years ago. The skull did not match any animal skulls in existence. The skulls of any animal envisioned to have ever existed were also different.The shape of the skull is most similar to that of a deer. From the shape of the jaw, it can be inferred that it is a herbivorous ungulate, and the cheeks are somewhat bulging compared with the deer.But the biggest difference from deer is that there is a single horn in the middle of the forehead.In a word, unicorns. Horn coming?on the skull? Well, yes, long horns, not intact horns of course, just remnants of horns.The horn snapped off neatly at a point about three centimeters long.However, judging from the remaining parts, the horn is about 20 centimeters long and straight, similar to the antelope horn.The diameter of the base is, uh, about two centimeters Two centimeters!I repeat.The small pit on the skull I got from the old man was exactly two centimeters in diameter. Professor Pilov, that professor's name, led several assistants and graduate students to Ukraine, and conducted a one-month on-site investigation in the area where the young captain's troops had dug trenches.Unfortunately, no identical skull was found.But here a lot of deeply interesting facts are clarified.This place is generally known as the Voltac Highland, which is shaped like a hill. It has become one of the few natural military fortresses in western Ukraine, which is mostly flat.Therefore, during the First World War, German and Austrian troops fought fierce hand-to-hand combat with Russian troops here.During the Second World War, it was bombarded by two armies, causing the highlands to be almost unrecognizable.This, of course, happened after that. What aroused Professor Pilov's interest in the Voltafe Heights at that time was that the various animal bones unearthed from the Heights were quite different from the distribution of animals in that area.So he made the assumption that in ancient times, the highland was not a platform, but a special life system like the outer mountains.This is what you call the lost world. Outer hills? Well, it is a circular plateau surrounded by cliffs.After tens of thousands of years, the cliffs gradually collapsed and became extremely common hills with gentle slopes, and the unicorns, as evolutionary laggards, lived quietly in the middle of the hills without natural enemies.The highlands are rich in springs and fertile, and the idea is theoretically possible.Therefore, the professor listed a total of 63 examples involving animals, plants and geology, attached a unicorn skull, and submitted a paper to the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union under the title of "Investigation of the Life System in the Vltac Heights".This happened in August 1936. The evaluation probably won't be good, right?I asked. Yeah, people are almost dismissive.What was even more unfortunate was that at that time there was a dispute over the leadership of the Academy of Sciences between Moscow University and Leningrad University, and the situation in Leningrad was quite bad. As a result, this kind of non-dialectical research was completely on the bench.However, no one can ignore the existence of unicorns.After all, this thing is different from a hypothesis, but placed there as a real object.So several experts spent a year researching the skull.They also had to come to the conclusion that the skull was not a fake, but indeed that of a unicorn.In the end, the Academy of Sciences committee believed that it was nothing more than a deformed deer skull that had nothing to do with evolution, and had no value as a scientific research object, so it was returned to Professor Pilov of Leningrad University, and there was no further comment. Professor Pilov has always been hopeful since then, waiting for a turn of events so that his research results will be recognized.Unfortunately, with the outbreak of the Soviet-German War in 1940, this hope came to naught, and the professor died in frustration in 1943.The skull was also missing during the height of the Battle of Leningrad in 1941.Because Leningrad University was reduced to ruins under the shelling of the German army and the rain of bullets from the Soviet army, not to mention the skull!And that's it, the only evidence that unicorns exist is gone. That is to say, it has completely become a cloud of fog? Except for photos. photo?I asked. photo, skull photo.Professor Pilov took nearly a hundred photos.Part of it escaped the flames of war and is still preserved today in the Leningrad University Archives. I took the book from her and fixed my eyes on the photo she was pointing to.The photo is quite blurry, but the general outline can still be seen.The skull rests on a white cloth-covered table, next to a watch to indicate its size.There is a white circle drawn in the middle of the forehead, indicating the position of the corner.Yes, it is indeed of the same species as the skull I got from the old man.Everything looked the same except that the root of the horn remained.My eyes fell on the skull on the TV.It was tightly wrapped in a T-shirt, and from a distance it looked like a sleeping lazy cat.I hesitated, wondering if I should tell her that I had such a skull, but I finally decided not to.A so-called secret is a secret precisely because few people understand it. Skulls Really Destroyed in War? Uh, what's the truth?While fiddling with the hair on her forehead with her little fingertips, she said, according to the book, the Battle of Leningrad was extremely tragic, as if all the streets and alleys were run over by a steamroller, and the university suffered the most. Therefore, I am afraid that it is safer to destroy the skull.Of course, it is also possible that Professor Pilov secretly took it out and hid it before the battle started, or it is unknown whether the German army took it somewhere as a trophy, but in any case, no one has ever witnessed the skull. I looked at the picture again, then slammed the book shut and placed it next to my pillow.I began to ponder, is the skull in my hand really the one preserved at Leningrad University, or is it another unicorn skull unearthed elsewhere?The easiest way is to ask the old man directly where did you get this skull?Why give it to me?Anyway, when I hand over the blurred data, I have to see the old man again, and just ask at that time.It's no use thinking about it right now. I stared at the ceiling, thinking in a daze.Just as I was thinking, the girl put her head on my chest, and her body was tightly pressed from the side.I reached out and hugged her.With the unicorn problem over, the mood is somewhat better, but the penis is still not improving.Fortunately, it doesn't matter whether it's a big deal or not, she doesn't mind. She just draws inexplicable shapes on my belly with her fingertips.
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