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Chapter 10 The Wall at the End of the World

The sound of shadow nailing continued to be heard outside. How about going for a walk together?The gatekeeper proposes to show you something interesting. I followed the doorman to the door.In the square Shadow was hammering the last piece of wood on the cart.Remove the pillars and axles, the car has a new look. The porter walked across the square and led me to the walled lookout.It was a hot and gloomy afternoon.Dark clouds swelled up from the west and covered the wall, and it seemed that it would rain soon.The shirt on the janitor's body was completely soaked with sweat, tightly wrapped around his huge body, emitting a disgusting smell.

This is the fence.The janitor slapped the wall a few times with the palm of his hand like a horse.It is seven meters high and surrounds the town.Only birds can climb over it.This door is the only entrance and exit.There was an east gate in the past, but now it has been sealed. You can see that the wall is made of bricks, but not ordinary bricks. No one can touch it or damage it, no matter cannons, earthquakes, or strong winds. After saying that, the gatekeeper raised a stick from under his feet and sharpened it with a knife.The knife is almost poetically fast, and the stick becomes a wedge in an instant.

All right, watch carefully.The janitor said that there was no glue between the bricks, because it was not necessary.The bricks are so close to each other that not even a hair can get through the gaps. The janitor poked between the bricks with a sharp wedge, but couldn't penetrate even a millimeter.Then the janitor threw away the wedge and scratched the face of the brick with the tip of his knife.The voice was sharp and piercing, but it did not leave the slightest scar.He looked at the tip of the knife, folded it back and put it in his pocket. No one can do anything to this wall.Can't even climb.Because the wall is impenetrable.Remember: no one wants to get out from here, and die as soon as possible.

Then the janitor put his big hand on my back. I know you feel bad.But anyone has to go through this process, and you must also learn to be patient.After that, times will come and go, and there will be no troubles or pains, and the four elements will be empty.What kind of momentary mood, that thing is worthless.Forget the shadow, I won't make things difficult for him.This is the end of the world.The world has come to an end and there is no way out.So you have nowhere to go either. After saying this, the gatekeeper patted me on the back again. On the way back, I leaned against the railing in the middle of the old bridge, staring at the flowing water and thinking about what the gatekeeper said.

As for why I abandoned the original world and had to come to the end of this world, I can't remember the process, meaning and purpose anyway.Something, some force, some unreasonably powerful force brought me here!That's why I've lost my figure and my memory, and I'm about to lose my heart. The water makes a soothing sound under my feet.There is a sandbar in the river with willow trees growing on it.Yiyi's long-hanging willow branches swayed triumphantly with the waves.The river water is charming and colorful, crystal clear, and near the rocks in the depths, there are countless fish swimming.During the time watching the river, I unconsciously regained my usual calm mood.

There are stone steps under the bridge, which can go down to the sandbar in the river.There is a bench under the shade of the willow tree, and there are often several unicorns resting around it.I often go down there, take out the bread in my pocket, tear it into pieces and feed them.After some hesitation, they finally stretched their necks quietly and licked the bread crumbs from my palm.And this is often limited to the elderly or the very young. As autumn deepened, their eyes, which reminded one of a deep tide, gradually became more mournful.The leaves turn green and the grass withers, telling them that the long winter of starvation is approaching day by day.And as the old man predicted, it will be a long and difficult season for me.

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