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As usual, my consciousness returns sequentially from the corners of my field of vision.The first thing to capture consciousness is the bathroom door leaf at the right end of the field of vision and the desk lamp at the left end, and then gradually turn to the inside, meeting in the middle like when the surface of a lake freezes.In the middle of the field of vision is the alarm clock, and the hands of the clock indicate twenty-six minutes past eleven.This alarm clock was obtained at a man's wedding.To stop the alarm of the clock, the red button on the right and the black button on the left must be pressed at the same time, otherwise the alarm will continue.This design is very unique, and its purpose is to prevent the habitual action of pressing the button to stop the noise before fully waking up, and then falling asleep immediately.Indeed, every time the bell rings, I have to sit up from the bed and put the alarm clock on my lap to press the left and right buttons at the same time.In this way, my consciousness was forced step by step into the world of awakening.I have argued several times that this alarm clock was obtained at someone's wedding.I can't remember whose wedding it was.Between the ages of twenty-five and thirty, there are quite a few men and women who can be called friends or acquaintances around me. There are several weddings in a year, and this alarm clock is obtained in one of them.If I bought it myself, I would never choose such a cumbersome alarm clock that requires pressing two buttons at the same time to stop the alarm.Relatively speaking, I was happy to wake up.

When my vision merged with the place where the alarm clock was placed, I reflexively picked up the alarm clock and put it on my lap, pressing the red and black buttons with both hands.Then I found that the alarm clock didn't ring at all. I didn't sleep just now, so I didn't adjust the clock, but I just accidentally put the alarm clock on the dining table.I'm doing fuzzy calculations.There is no need to snooze the alarm of the clock. I put the clock back on the table and looked around.The condition of the room has not changed since before I started the modulo calculation.The red light of the alarm showed ON, and there was an empty coffee cup at the corner of the dining table.On the glass dish that replaced the ashtray lay her last half-smoked cigarette, a Marlboro brand, upright.No lipstick.From this point of view, she did not wear makeup at all.

Next, I looked carefully at the manual and pencil in front of me.Of the five F pencils that were originally sharpened to a fine point, two were broken, and two were bald at the base, but only one remained intact.The middle finger of the right hand still has a slight numbness caused by writing for a long time.Fuzzy operation has been completed.Sixteen pages of teeny values ​​are densely written in the manual. According to the requirements in the manual, I calculated the values ​​after classification conversion and fuzzy calculation item by item, then took the list I used initially to the sink and burned it, put the manual into a safety box, and put it in the safe together with the tape recorder.Finally, I sat on the sofa and let out a sigh.The task is half done.At least the next day you can rest and recuperate.

I poured whiskey about two fingers high into the glass, closed my eyes and drank it in two sips.The lukewarm alcohol passes through the throat, through the intestines and into the stomach.Er, the lukewarm sensation spreads to all parts of the body.First the chest and cheeks warm, then the hands, and finally the feet.I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, drank two glasses of water, took a piss, and went to the kitchen to re-sharpen the pencils, which were neatly arranged on the pen tray.Then put the alarm clock next to the bedside pillow and dial back to the automatic answering machine.The hour hand pointed to eleven fifty-seven.Tomorrow it remains intact.I hurriedly undressed, changed into my nightgown and got under the covers, pulled the towel up to my chin, turned off the bedside lamp, and prepared to sleep soundly for twelve hours.Get a full twelve hours of sleep without any interruptions.It doesn’t matter if the birds are singing, people take the tram to work, or a volcano erupts somewhere in the world, or an Israeli armored division destroys a village in the Middle East, I’m going to sleep anyway.

I started thinking about my life after quitting my computing job.I'm going to save a lot of money, add to my pension, and live my time in my own way, learning Greek and the cello.Put the piano case in the back seat of the car, and drive up the mountain to practice the piano by myself. If it goes well, maybe I can buy a villa on the mountain, a neat and beautiful small house with a decent kitchen, where I can read books, listen to music, watch old movies and videos, and cook.Speaking of food, I couldn't help but think of the long-haired girl in charge of references in the library, and felt that the small room with her was not bad.I cook, she eats.

While thinking about food like this, I fell asleep.Sleepiness suddenly fell on my head like the sky falling.The cello, the small room, the food, all disappeared without a trace.Only I survived and fell asleep like a tuna. Someone had drilled a hole in my head and stuffed what looked like a cardboard rope.The rope seems to be very long, and it is constantly stuffed into the head.I waved my hand to try to push the rope away, but it was of no avail as the rope kept getting into my head. I turned over and sat up, and touched the sides of my head with the palms of my hands. There was no rope or hole.A bell is ringing, and it keeps ringing.I grab the alarm clock on my lap and press the red or black button with both hands.But the bell kept ringing.It's the phone ringing!The hour hand pointed at four-eighteen.It was still dark outside at four-eighteen in the morning.

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen and picked up the phone.Every time the phone rang in the middle of the night, I made up my mind to move the phone back to the bedroom before going to bed, but I forgot all about it afterwards.So the shin must hit the leg of the table or the gas stove or the like again. Hello. There was no sound on the other end of the phone, as if the phone had been completely buried in the sand. Hello!I yelled loudly. But the microphone remained silent.Neither wheezing nor rattling was heard.It was so quiet that I, too, fell into silence along the phone line.I angrily put down the microphone, took out the milk from the refrigerator and drank it, and went back to bed.

The phone rang again at four forty-six.I climbed out of bed, followed the same route to the phone, and picked up the receiver. Hello.I said. Hello, a woman's voice.Can't tell who it is.I'm so sorry just now, the sound field was messed up, and the sound was completely eliminated from time to time. Sound cancelled? um, yes.The woman said that the sound field suddenly became chaotic just now, so something must have happened to her grandfather.Hello, can you hear me? I can hear you clearly.I said.It turned out to be the granddaughter of the strange old man who gave me the unicorn skull, the fat girl in the pink suit skirt.

Grandfather has not returned, and the sound field suddenly became chaotic. The situation is definitely not good.No one answered the phone calls to the laboratory, so it was determined that the night ghost had murdered his grandfather. Can't get it wrong?Isn't it just that the grandfather buried himself in the experiment and didn't come back?Didn't you forget to silence you last time?He's the type of guy who gets emotional and forgets everything else. It's different, the situation is different, I know that in my heart.There is a mutual connection between my grandfather and me, whenever something happens to the other person.Something must have happened to Grandpa, something must have happened.And the sound rails are all destroyed, no doubt about it.That's why the underground sound field is chaotic.

What? Sound barrier, a device that emits special sounds to prevent night ghosts from approaching.And this device has been severely damaged, so that the surrounding sound is completely out of harmony.It was definitely the night ghost who attacked grandfather. Why? Because they are all staring at grandfather's research, night ghosts, symbolists and so on.This group of guys is bent on taking the results of their grandfather's research for themselves.They proposed to their grandfather about making a deal, but his grandfather refused outright, so he held a grudge.Please, please come here right now, I'm sure something is wrong, give me a hand, please!

In my mind, I imagined the night ghost wandering proudly in the tunnel.Thinking of going to that kind of place now, I immediately shuddered. I said, I'm really sorry, my job is to be responsible for calculations, and other matters are not written in the contract, and I can't do anything.Of course, if I can do what I can, I am naturally willing to obey.But I can't save your grandfather by fighting the night ghost.That should be done by specially trained people such as the police or organizational experts. The police are an exception.If you ask that group of people for help, there will undoubtedly be a storm in the city and it will be out of control.And if the grandfather's research is made public right now, the world will really be over. The world is over? Please, said the girl, come and help me.Otherwise it is irreparable.Attack my grandfather this time, next time it's your turn. How come it's my turn?If you can be forgiven, I don't know anything about your grandfather's research! You are the key, without you the door cannot be opened. I don't understand what you are saying. I don't have time to talk about the details on the phone.Anyway, things matter, far beyond your imagination.In short, trust me, it is very important to you!We must find a way as soon as possible, and we will all be reimbursed if we are late. I am not alarmist. That's all, let me check my watch, you'd better get out of there anyway.If your hunch is right, it's too dangerous there. Where are you going? I told her the location of a supermarket in Qingshan that was open day and night.Waiting for me in a coffee shop inside, I arrived before 5:30. I'm so scared, always seems The sound disappeared again.I yelled into the microphone several times, but there was no response.Silence curled up from the microphone like gun smoke.The soundstage is chaotic.I put the microphone back on, and put on my nightgown for a sweatshirt and cotton trousers.Then I went to the bathroom to shave my beard with an electric razor, washed my face, and combed my hair in front of the mirror.From lack of sleep, my face is swollen like a cheap cheesecake.I really want to sleep as much as I want, and after I sleep well, I can start my ordinary and authentic life refreshed.Why are people not allowing me to rest and recuperate?Whether it's a unicorn or a night ghost, what does it matter to me! I put my nylon trench coat on over my sweatshirt and pocket my wallet, change, and knife.After a little hesitation, he wrapped the unicorn skull in two towels and stuffed it into the travel bag together with the flame, and then put the fuzzy calculation manual that had been loaded into the safety disk next to it and put it into the bag.This apartment suite is by no means safe. If you are a veteran, you can open all the doors and safes without washing a handkerchief. I put on the tennis shoes that I only cleaned one after all, picked up my travel bag and walked out of the room. There was no one in the corridor.I avoided the elevator and went down the stairs.Daylight had not yet broken, and the apartment was silent.The underground car park was also empty. The situation was a bit strange. It would be nice to have one or two sentinels, but there weren't.It seems that I have completely forgotten my existence. I opened the car door, put the travel bag on the passenger seat, turned on the engine, and it was almost five o'clock. While patrolling the left and right, I drove out of the parking lot to Qingshan.The road was deserted, except for the hurriedly returning taxis and night trucks, there were almost no cars.I glanced in the rearview mirror from time to time, but found no cars following me. The development of things is not uncommon.I am familiar with the usual tricks of the signers.If they don't do it, they will do it thoroughly, and go all out. Generally, they will not buy some anticlimactic gas repairmen, and they will not relax their monitoring of the established goals. Instead, they will always choose the fastest and most correct method and put it into practice without hesitation. .Two years ago, they arrested five calculation formulas, sawed off the entire top of the skull with a chainsaw, and read live data from it.As a result, the attempt failed, resulting in five computational corpses floating in Tokyo Bay with their brains hollowed out and their sky caps removed.That's how they do things.But this time it was uncharacteristically. At 5:28 I pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket, and it was almost time for my appointment.The eastern sky is faintly white.I walked into the mall with my travel bag.There were few people in the empty venue, and a young male clerk in a striped eyewear was sitting on a chair at the cash register, flipping through weekly magazines for sale.A woman of inestimable age and occupation was alone pushing a shopping cart full of canned food and fast food, looking around in the aisle.I turned around the aisles filled with alcohol and walked to the coffee shop. She was not seen on the dozen or so round stools lined up in front of the counter.I sat down on the furthest stool and asked for cold milk and a sandwich.The milk was too cold to taste, and the sandwiches were ready-made in plastic wrap, with slices of bread stuck together sticky.I slowly nibbled on the sandwich and sipped the milk in small bites.To pass the time, I looked for a long time at the Frankfurt sightseeing posters posted on the wall.The season is autumn, the trees by the river are covered with red leaves, the swans are playing in the water, and the old man in a black coat and a peaked cap is feeding the swans.There is a magnificent ancient stone bridge on the river, and the tower of St. Paul's Church can be seen in the distance.Looking closely, there is a small stone scene built on the bridge railings at each end of the bridge, with a few small windows, but it is not clear what its purpose is.Blue sky, white clouds.There are many people sitting on the riverside chairs, all wrapped in coats, and most of the women wear scarves.The photos are quite beautiful.I feel cold when I look at it.This is partly because the autumn scenery of Frankfurt looks bleak and bleak, and partly because of my own reasons. I feel a chill when I see the towering steeples. So, I set my sights on the cigarette advertisement posted on the opposite wall.A bright-faced young man holds a lighted filter cigarette between his fingers and squints ahead with blank eyes.Why do cigarette advertising models always look like they have nothing to see and nothing to think about? Watching cigarette ads is not as time-consuming as watching Frankfurt ads, so I turned my head and looked at the empty mall.On the front of the counter, canned fruit is like a huge anthill: a pile of peaches, a pile of grapefruit, a pile of oranges.In front of it is a trial table.But it was just dawn, and the service hadn't been tried yet.Nobody tries canned fruit at 5:45 in the morning.Next to the table was an advertisement titled USA Fruit Expo.A set of white garden tables and chairs is placed in front of the swimming pool, and a girl eats fruit from a plate with various fruits.The girl was beautiful, with blue eyes and blond hair, long legs and a perfect tan.There is no such blonde in any fruit commercial.No matter how long you stare at it, if you just turn your face for a moment, you will never remember what it looks like to be this type of beauty.And this beauty does exist.Like grapefruits, they cannot be distinguished from each other. The cash register at the liquor store is independent and has no clerk.It is absolutely impossible for a decent person to buy wine before breakfast.So there are neither customers nor clerks in this corner, and whoever has a wine bottle is like a newly planted small coniferous tree.The only thing worth noting is that the walls here are covered with posters.A little bit, one each of brandy bourbon and vodka, three each of Scotch whiskey and domestic whiskey, two Japanese sake, and four beers.I don't know why there are so many wine ads.Perhaps because wine is the most festive of all foods. Anyway, just the right thing to pass the time.I looked at it in order from beginning to end.After reading fifteen pictures, I found that among all the wines, whiskey with ice cubes is the most poetic visually.In short, the cinematography is superb. Throw three or four lozenges of ice into a large wide-bottomed glass, and pour into it a steady amber whiskey.In this way, the white water dissolved by the ice cubes and the amber color of the whiskey blend together to form a beautiful swimming posture for an instant, which is really too beautiful to behold.If you take a closer look, it turns out that almost all whiskey advertisements use shots with ice.If it is about water, I am afraid the impression is weak; if it is pure whiskey, it may not be able to bear the appreciation. Another discovery is that there is no ad that shows appetizers.Those who drink in the advertisement, no one eats the appetizers, and they all drink dry.Presumably, I think that taking pictures of the snacks will affect the purity of the wine, or I may worry that the snacks will frame the image of the wine, or worry that people who watch the advertisements have a special liking for the snacks.This does not seem difficult to understand, I think any practice has its own corresponding reasons. While watching the ad, I didn't realize it was six o'clock.The Fat Lady still hasn't shown up.Why did it take so long to come?It's puzzling.I originally asked her to come as soon as possible, but no matter how I think about this problem, it will not help.I came as fast as possible, and the next step is her own business.Speaking of which, this matter had nothing to do with me. I ordered a cup of coffee and drank it slowly with no sugar or milk. After six o'clock, the number of customers increased in twos and threes.There are housewives who come to buy bread and milk for breakfast, students who come back from a night out to find something to eat, young girls who come to buy toilet paper, and white-collar workers who come to buy three kinds of newspapers.Two middle-aged men with golf bags on their shoulders also came and bought small bottles of whiskey.Although he is middle-aged, he is actually only thirty-five or sixteen years old, about the same as me.Come to think of it, I am also middle-aged.It's just that he looks younger because he doesn't wear that weird golf tracksuit. I'm glad I was waiting in a super mall.In other places, it is impossible to kill time so easily.I like the world of super malls the most. At 6:30, I finally lost my patience, drove to Shinjuku Station, drove into the parking lot, picked up my travel bag and walked to the short-term luggage storage, begging it to keep it for me.I said that it contains fragile items, so be careful.The man on duty then pinned the red card with the words "Be careful and fragile" and the pattern of a cocktail glass on the handle.I watched him carefully put the blue Nike travel bag in the right place on the shelf, and then took the pick-up certificate.Next, I went to a newsstand and bought a 260-yen envelope and stamps, put the delivery certificate in the envelope, pasted it, affixed the stamp, wrote the name of the secret private mailbox set up in the name of a non-existent company, and sent it by express mail. go out.In this way, it is impossible to reveal the real thing except in quite special circumstances.Out of prudence, I use this method from time to time. After putting the letter in the mail, he drove out of the parking lot and returned to his residence.Thinking that there is nothing to worry about being stolen this time, I feel relieved.I parked the car in the garage, went upstairs to my room, showered and went to bed, relaxing and sound asleep. Someone came in at eleven o'clock.From the analysis of the development of the situation, I think someone should come at this time, so I didn't panic too much.Unexpectedly, the person who came didn't ring the doorbell, but directly hit the door leaf.And in fact, it is far beyond the indifferent level of ordinary sliding doors. It is like smashing on the door with a hammer that demolishes a building, making the floor tremble up and down, which is really extraordinary. Since he has such strength, why not strangle the administrator and snatch the master key to open the door to save trouble.As far as I'm concerned, it's still thanks to someone who opened the door with a master key, so that it doesn't cost money to repair the door.Besides, after such a fuss, he might be kicked out of the house. During the time when someone came to pull the door, I put on long pants, pulled a sweatshirt over my head, hid the knife behind my belt, and went to the bathroom to urinate.Just in case, I opened the safe and pressed the button on the tape recorder to cancel the sound of the tape inside.Then grab a can of beer and potato salad from the fridge for lunch.There is an emergency ladder on the balcony, so if you want to escape, it is no problem, but I am too exhausted to run around.Besides, running away won't solve any of the problems I'm facing.I have faced or been involved in a very difficult situation, and I cannot do anything on my own.I need to have a serious discussion with someone about this. I was entrusted by a scientist to process data in his underground laboratory.At that time, he received something that resembled a unicorn skull.Not long after taking it home, a gas repairman who must have been bribed by the symbol came and tried to steal the skull.The next morning, the client's granddaughter called and told me that my grandfather had been attacked by night ghosts and asked me to come and rescue him.And I rushed to the dating place, but she didn't show up.I own two important items.One is the skull, and the other is the data after the fuzzy calculation, both of which are temporarily entrusted by me at Shinjuku Station. Everything is inexplicable, I hope someone can give me a little hint.Otherwise, it is very possible to hold the skull in this state and escape forever. After drinking the beer and eating the potato salad, I just took a breath when I heard a loud bang like an explosion on the iron door, which suddenly opened inward, and a big man I had never seen broke into the room.The man was wearing a fashionable Hawaiian shirt, a pair of greasy khaki army trousers, and a pair of white tennis shoes the size of fins for diving.Monk head, bulbous nose, neck as thick as an ordinary person's waist, eyelids as thick as dark gray iron sheets, the white parts of the eyeballs are particularly eye-catching, but opaque, like fake eyes.But if you look carefully, you will find that the black eyeballs are shaking from time to time, which is natural.I'm probably 1.95 meters tall, with very broad shoulders. Although the Hawaiian shirt is as big as two folded sheets around the body, it still looks tight, and the buttons on the chest can almost be undone at the touch of a touch. The big man glanced at his self-sabotaging door the way he would a wine cork I'd uncorked, then turned to me.He didn't seem to have any particularly mixed feelings for me personally.He looked at me like he was looking at the equipment of the room.If possible, I really want to become a device in the room.The big man leaned against me, and a smaller man came out from behind.The little man was less than 1.50 meters tall, thin and thin, but his facial features were dignified.He was wearing a light blue Lacoste crewneck sweater, camel shorts, and beige leather shoes that he probably bought at a high-end children's clothing store.A Rolex watch gleaming on the wrist is certainly not as big as a child's Rolex, like a communication device in Star Wars or something.The age is about thirty to forty.If the height is increased by 20 centimeters, it seems that it is not a bad idea to play the creamy niche in the TV series. Stepping into the kitchen without taking off his big shoes, he walked around to the other side of the dining table and pulled over the chair. The little man then walked over in square steps and sat on it.The big one is cooking and sitting together. I hugged my arms as thick as the thighs of ordinary people tightly in front of my chest, and fixed my stagnant eyes on the position a little above the kidneys on my back.I regretted that I escaped from the balcony without the emergency ladder.In recent times, it has become apparent that I have made a rather serious lapse in judgment.I'm afraid it's better to go to the gas station and have the hood checked. The little man didn't even look at me, let alone say hello.He took out a cigarette case and a lighter from his pocket and placed them on the table.The smoke is Benson & Hedges, and the lighter is a gold Dupont.Seeing these two things, I think the so-called trade imbalance is mostly rumors spread by foreign governments.He held the lighter between two fingers and turned it skillfully.It looked like a circus performer visiting me, but of course I have no memory of sending this invitation. I groped for a while on the top shelf of the refrigerator, and found the ashtray with the Budweiser logo that the hotel gave me a long time ago. I brushed off the dust with my fingers and placed it in front of the little man.The little man struck the match with a short but pleasant sound to light the cigarette, squinted his eyes and took a puff.His body is surprisingly small.The face and hands and feet are small.It's like uniformly shrinking and copying the shape of an ordinary person.So the cigarette looked as big as a brand new colored pencil. The little man was silent, just staring at the burning cigarette butt.If John.Lake.Godard's film should have the subtitle that he is staring at a burning cigarette, but that film is far behind the times, fortunately or unfortunately.After the cigarette butt turned into a lot of ash, he tapped it a few times with his fingers, knocking it down on the table, and he didn't bother with the ashtray at all. That door, said the little man with a hammering voice, it was necessary to break it, so it was done.Of course, if you obediently use the key to open it, it can also be opened.I hope you don't get offended. The house is empty, you just search and I think you will know.I said. Search?The little man said in surprise, Search?With a cigarette in his mouth, he scratched his palms loudly.Search?What are you searching for? Oh, then I don't know, you came to search anyway, didn't you?Break down the door. I don't quite understand what you mean.The little man said, you must have misunderstood something.In fact, I don't want anything, I just come to talk to you, and I have no other plans.Search nothing, don't want anything.If there is Coca-Cola, I would like to quench my thirst. I opened the fridge, took out two cans of Coca-Cola I bought for the whiskey, and put them on the table with the glasses. Then get out a can of Ebisu beer for yourself. Don't you want to drink too?I pointed to the big guy behind and asked. The little man bent his finger to signal, and the big man quietly stepped forward and picked up the Coke on the table.Although he looks tall and big, his movements are like the wind blowing willows. Do that after drinking.The little man said to the big man.Then he turned to me and said two words: add to the fun. I turned my back and watched the big man drink up the Coke in one gulp.After drinking, he turned the can upside down, and after confirming that there was no more drop of Coke, he squeezed it in the palm of his hand, and then he held it so calmly that he was unrecognizable, only to see the red Coke can making a rustling sound like wind blowing newspapers, and suddenly turned into an ordinary coke can. sheet metal. Well, anyone will do.said the little man. Maybe either will, but I won't. Then, the big man picked up the flat metal piece with two fingers, and with a slight twist of his lips, he tore it apart longitudinally.I've seen a phone book torn in half once, but it's the first time I've seen a flat metal can.I don't understand if I haven't tried it, but I'm afraid it's not a child's play. A hundred yuan coin can be bent.This is something no one can do in the same way.said the little man. I nod my head in agreement. Ears can be ripped off. I nodded in agreement. Three years ago as a professional wrestler.Small man said, outstanding player.If it weren't for the knee injury, winning the championship is like picking something out of a bag.Young and powerful, don't look at him like this, his legs and feet are fast.It's a pity that I hurt my knee, and everything came to nothing.Wrestling requires speed. Seeing him looking at my face, I nodded quickly. From then on, I will take care of him. I am his cousin. Doesn't your family have middle-sized people?I asked. Say it again!The little man stared at me. nothing.I said. The little man seemed a little confused, pondered for a moment, then simply threw the cigarette on the ground and wiped it out with the sole of his shoe.I have no complaints about it. You also have to be more relaxed.You should stretch your mind and relax your mind, otherwise it will be difficult to speak with confidence.Don't stretch your shoulders too tight, said the little man. Is it okay to get another can of beer from the fridge? Yes, of course.Your room, your fridge, your beer, isn't it? my door.I added. Forget about the door.Thinking about that all the time makes my body tense up naturally.Isn't it just a small door worth a few dollars?You also earn a lot of money, you should move to a better place. I had no choice but to stop thinking about the door and take out a beer from the refrigerator and drink it.The little man poured Coke into the glass, and drank half of it after the foam disappeared. Ah, sorry to surprise you.But as I said at the beginning, we are here to help you. Break into the ground? Hearing what I said, the little man's face flushed sharply, and his nostrils suddenly swelled. Didn't I tell you to forget the door, huh?His tone was extremely quiet.Then he repeated the same question to the big guy, and the big guy nodded in affirmation.The man seemed very restless.I'm not very happy to deal with such impetuous people. We came here out of good intentions, said the little man, you are at a loss, so come to comment and give advice.If the term "at a loss" is inappropriate, it can be said to be at a loss.how? It is at a loss, it is at a loss.I say: no knowledge, no hint, no door, no door. The little man grabbed the lighter on the table, sat still and threw it towards the refrigerator door.There was an ominous muffled bang, and an obvious hole appeared in my refrigerator.The big guy lifted the lighter that had fallen on the ground and put it back in place. Everything returned to normal, except for a scratch on the refrigerator door.The little man drank the other half of the coke as if to calm himself down.Every time I face impetuous people, I want to test their impetuousness.At best, it's just a door or two of that virtue.Think about the seriousness of the situation!Blowing up the entire apartment will do, let's see if you dare to say another word! I said in my heart.The question is not whether it is worth money, the door is a symbol. It's all about the door.The problem is that I could very well be evicted from the apartment if something like this happens.After all, the people living here are all honest and gentlemen, and they have always been quiet. If anyone starts talking to you and kicks you out, call me.Guaranteed to find a way to clean him up.Is it okay this time?No trouble for you. I think that if this is the case, things will inevitably be more complicated.But I didn't want to provoke the other party further, so I nodded silently and continued to drink beer. Maybe it is superfluous advice to give up the habit of drinking beer if you are over thirty-five years old.The little man said that beer is something that students or manual workers drink. First, it makes the belly protrude, and second, it makes people vulgar.Still wine or brandy is good for health at this age.Excessive urination will damage the body's metabolic function. Enough is enough!Drink more expensive wine, if you drink a bottle of 20,000 yuan wine every day, you will feel refreshed. I nodded and took a sip of beer.have a finger in the pie!Drinking beer is drinking beer. I lose belly fat by swimming or running. However, I can't just talk about others, the little man said, everyone has weaknesses.In my case, it was smoking and a sweet tooth.Especially sweets, it tastes terrible.It is not good for the teeth, and it is easy to get diabetes.I nodded in agreement. The little man took out another cigarette and lit it with a lighter. I grew up next to a chocolate factory.This is probably why I like sweets.It is said to be a chocolate factory, but it is not a big factory like Morisui or Meiji, it is just an unknown small factory in the street.By the way, it produces the kind of rough and tasteless goods that are sold at low prices in small pastry shops or supermarkets.In this way, the factory smells like chocolate every day.Many things are infected with this smell, curtains, pillows, cats, the list goes on.So, until now I love chocolate.As soon as I smell chocolate, I think of my childhood. The little man glanced at the dial on Lao Li.I was going to mention that door again, but I was worried that it would be a joke, so I gave up.Well, said the little man, there is not much time, so less gossip.How easy is it? Let's get down to business a little bit.The little man said, as I said just now, the purpose of my trip is to more or less solve your problems.So if there is something you don't understand, just ask.Those who can answer must answer. Afterwards, the little man made a questioning gesture towards me: You can ask me anything. First of all, I want to know who you are and what level of control you have over the situation.I said. Good question!As he spoke, the little man looked at the big man as if seeking approval.After the big man nodded, he looked back at me again.Be clear-headed at critical moments and don't talk nonsense. The little man shivered and dropped the cigarette into the ashtray. Think about it this way: I'm here to help you.As for which organization you belong to, it doesn't matter at the moment. At the same time, we have grasped the general situation.Doctors, skulls, and data after fuzzy calculations are basically well understood.We know what you don't know. Next question? Did you bribe the gas mechanic to steal the skull yesterday afternoon? As I said before, the little man said, we don't care about any skulls, we don't care about anything. So who is it?Who paid off the gasman?Can't dream? That we don't know.The little man said that there was something else he didn't know, and that was the experiment the doctor was doing.Although we know what he did one by one, we don't know what his goal is.I really want to know this. I was also in the dark.I said, and got into trouble.All know.You know nothing and are being used. If that's the case, you won't gain anything from coming here. Just come and visit.As he spoke, the little man tapped the corner of the lighter on the table.We think it's better to let us know, and sharing information and views with each other will be very beneficial in the future. Can you imagine it? please.Imagine being as free as a bird, as vast as the sea, and no one can stop you. You are neither in the organization nor in the factory, and your methods are different in any aspect.It is estimated that it is an independent small organization, and it is targeting new markets.Probably trying to encroach on the factory's territory, I think. Look, look, the little man said to the big man, I just said it, my head is clear!The big guy nodded. Those who live in such cheap rooms have amazing brains; those whose wives elope with others have extraordinary brains.said the little man. Your guess is generally good.The little man continued, we intend to get the new method developed by the doctor so that we can make a big splash in this intelligence war.And corresponding preparations have been made, and funds are not lacking.For this, you need to get the research results of yourself and your Ph.D.In this way we can completely break down the bipolar structure of organizations and factories.This is exactly where the intelligence warfare is excellent, and it is very equal.Whoever can get a new advanced system will be sure to win, and it will be a decisive one.Besides, the current situation is not normal, isn't it a complete monopoly!A certain part of intelligence is monopolized by the organization, and another part is monopolized by the factory.Not to mention competition.In any case, this is against the laws of liberal economics.How, don't you think abnormal?You seem to be doubly understanding, the little man clicked his tongue, we didn't even intend to recruit you into the group, we just said we wanted you.Another question? Want to know about night ghosts.I said. Night ghosts live underground.Living in places like subways and sewers, living off city scraps and drinking sewage.Have sex with almost no one.So few people know the existence of night ghosts.Generally, they will not harm people, but occasionally they will catch and eat people who strayed into the ground alone.During the construction of the subway, incidents of missing workers occurred from time to time.The government doesn't know? Of course the government knows.The country is not so stupid.Those guys know it all, but it's only limited to the top leadership. Then why not remind everyone, or let everyone avoid it? 第一,小個子說,如讓國民知道,勢必引起一大場混亂。 Is not it?要是大家曉得自己腳下有一群莫名其妙的活物動未動去,哪個心裡都不是滋味。第二,欲除無法。自衛隊也不大可能鑽到整個東京城的地下去把夜鬼全部斬盡殺絕。黑暗是它們最得意的場所。如果真的動手,必是一場惡戰。 第三,還會有這種情況:它們在皇宮下面築有極大的巢穴。一旦事情不妙,就會捐開地面爬出,甚至能把地上的人拖入地下。那樣一來,日本勢必亂成一團,對吧?所以政府才不同夜鬼對陣,而聽之任之。再說,若和它們攜手合作,反倒可以控制一股巨大的勢力。政變也好,戰爭也好,只要同夜鬼協同作戰,就絕對不會失利。因為縱使發生核戰爭,它們也會死裡逃生。不過目前階段,誰也沒同夜鬼結為同黨。因為它們疑心太重,決不輕易同地上的人交流。 聽說符號士同夜鬼打得火熱?I said. 倒是有此風聲。即使實有其事,也不過是極少一部分夜鬼由於某種緣故暫時被符號士籠絡住了,不會有更深的發展。不勻設想符號上同夜鬼會結成永久性同盟。不必當一回事。可是博士被夜鬼劫走了呀! 這也的確聽說了。詳情我們也不曉得。也可能是博士為休人耳目而自導自演的一場戲這種可能性也並非就不存在畢竟情況過於錯綜複雜,發生什麼都無足為奇。 博士在從事一項特殊研究。說著,小個子從各個角度端濤打火機。為了同計算土和符號土這兩大組織分庭抗禮而在推過自己獨特的研究。符號士想起過計算式,計算上想排擠符號上。 博士則在二者的夾縫中開展足以使整個世界結構徹底顛倒的研究。為此才需要你的幫助,而且需要的不是你作為計算式的能力,而是你本身。I?我愕然道,為什麼需要我?我又沒什麼特殊能力,平庸無奇。無論如何我都不認為自己會在顛覆世界上面推波助瀾。 我們也在尋求這個答案。小個子手裡團團玩弄著打火機,有所覺察,但不明確。總之他把研究焦點對準了你。這已做了長時間準備,現已到了最後攻堅階段,在你本身不知不覺之間。 等這攻堅戰一完,你們就把我和研究成果搞過去,對吧? 可以這樣說吧。小個子道,問題是形勢漸漸蹊蹺起來,工廠嗅到了什麼並開始活動。因此作為我們也不得不採取行動。What a headache! 組織可曉得此事? 估計還沒有察覺到。當然,已經在一定程度上對博士周圍加以監視也是事實。 博士是何許人物呢? 博士在組織中幹了好幾年。他幹的當然不是你那種事務性工作,是在中央研究室。專業是。 organize?情況愈發微妙愈發複雜。儘管置身於話題的中心,卻惟獨我茫無所知。 Yes.也就是說博士曾是你的同事。小個子說,見面機會想必沒有,僅僅隸屬同一組織罷了。誠然,這組織計算上組織也的確過於龐大過於複雜,加之奉行近乎恐怖的秘密主義,因此只有一小撮頭頭才瞭解什麼地方在進行什麼。總之,右手幹什麼左手不知道,右眼看的與左眼看的不是同一物體。一句話,情報量太大,任何人自己都無法處理。符號上企圖竊為己有,計算上則全力守住不放。 然而即使再擴大組織,哪一方都不可能把握洪水般洶湧的情報信息。 這樣,博士有了自己的想法,而退出計算上組織,埋頭搞自己的研究。他的專業面很廣。大腦生理學、生物學、骨相學、心理學大凡關於控制人類意識的研究,他都堪稱出類拔蘋的角色。在當今時代,不妨說是文藝復興式的世界罕見的天才學者。 想到自己曾對如此人物解釋過何為分類運算模糊運算,不由自覺汗顏。 現在計算上設計出的計算系統,即使說幾乎全是他一人之功我想也不為過。 你們不過是把他開發的秘密技術付諸實施的工蜂而已。小個子說,這樣說不太客氣吧? 沒關係,不用客氣。 話說回來,博士退出了組織。退出以後,不用說,符號上組織馬上前來拉攏。 畢竟退出組織的計算土大部分當了符號上。但博士拒絕了,說自己有必須獨自開展研究的項目。這樣一來,博士就成了計算式和符號士共同的敵手。因為,對計算上組織來說他過於瞭解秘密,對符號上組織而言他是敵陣中的一員。在那些回傢伙眼裡,非友人即敵人。博士對此也瞭然於心,於是緊挨在夜回鬼巢穴旁建造了實驗室。實驗室可去了? I nod. 這實在是條妙計。任何人都甭想靠近那個實驗室。夜鬼就在那一帶成群結隊,無論計算式組織還是符號上組織都不是夜鬼的對手。他本人往來時則發出一種夜鬼討厭的聲波,使得夜鬼倏忽間無影無蹤,就像摩西橫渡紅海時一樣。堪稱萬元一失的防禦系統。除去那個女郎,你是第一個得以進入實驗室的人,或許這就是說,你這一存在已重要到了如此地步。不管從哪方面看,博士的研究都到了最後關口,叫你去就是為了突破這道關口。 我唔了一聲。有生以來自己本身還從未曾如此舉足輕重。 這一點總使我覺得有些不很自然,不大習慣。那麼說,我開口道,博士讓我處理的實驗數據不外乎是叫我前去的誘餌,實質上沒有任何價值可言。博士的目的在於把我叫去? 那也不盡然。小個子掃了一眼手錶,那數據是嚴密設計出來的程序,好比定時炸彈,到時間就轟隆一聲爆炸。當然這給屬想像,究竟如何我們也不得而知,要直接向博士本人才行呢時間越來越少了,談話就到此為止如何?往下還有個約會。 博士的孫女怎麼樣了? 那孩子怎麼樣?小個子不可思議做的問,我們也不曉得,又不可能一一監視不放。莫非對她有意思? No.我想大約沒有。 小個子離座站起時依然不把視線從我臉上移開。他抓起桌上的打火機揣進褲袋。對立的立場我想大致你已瞭解了。再補充一點:我們現在有個計劃,就是說眼下我們掌握的情報要比符號上的詳細,已經搶先一步。問題是我們的組織較之工廠弱小得多。假如他們真的加大馬力,我們恐怕難免被甩在後面,被打得潰不成軍。所以作為我們必須在此之前牽制住符號土。這層意思你可明白? clear.I said.clear and direct. 但是單靠我們是無能為力的。必須借助別人的力量。你可以助一臂之力吧? organize.I said. 哼哼,小個子對大塊頭說,我說他頭腦清醒吧。隨即又注視我的臉,這是需要誘餌的。沒有誘餌誰都不肯上鉤。拿你做誘餌好了。 興致不大。 這不是興致大不大的問題。小個子說,我們也在殊死拚搏。這回我倒有一點要問這房間中你最珍惜的是什麼? 什麼也沒有,我說,沒有一樣值得珍惜,清一色便宜貨。 I know that.不過,不希望被人破壞的東西總有一兩件吧?哪怕再便宜,畢竟也靠它在此生活嘛。 destroy?我吃了一驚,破壞是怎麼回事? 破壞就是破壞嘛,比如門的下場。說著,小個子指了指門拉手門鎖已不翼而飛的扭曲變形的門。為了破壞的破壞,全都弄它個稀巴爛! Why? 一兩句解釋不清,再說解釋與否反正都要破壞。所以,要是有不希望破壞的只管說。不亂來的。 錄影機,我只好直言,監控電視。這兩件貴,又剛買。還有壁櫥上貯存的威士忌。 此外? 皮夾克和新做的三件頭西裝。皮夾克是美國空軍轟炸機雖的,領上帶毛 此外? 我沉思片刻,看另外還有沒有值錢之物。再沒有了。我家不是保管資重物那類場所。 That's all. 小個子點點頭,大塊頭也點點頭。大塊頭首先逐個打開壁櫃和抽屜,從抽屜中拉出鍛煉肌肉的對拉彈簧鍵,繞到背後,貼著脊背拉直。我還從未見過把這彈簧鏈完全貼背拉直的人物,也算開了眼界。真個十分了得。 他像拿棒球很一樣雙手握著對拉彈簧鏈,到臥室去了。我探長身子,看他做何舉動。大塊頭在監控電視機前站定,掄起肩上的彈簧鏈對準電視螢幕狠命掄去。 隨著顯像管粉身碎骨之聲,以及澤似一百個閃光燈同時燒燬的聲響,三個月前新買的二十七英吋電視機便如西瓜一般被砸得一塌糊塗。 等等說著,我急欲起身。小個子啪地一拍桌面,把我止住。 繼而,大塊頭舉起錄影機,把平面部分對準電視機角咬牙切齒地摔打不止。 幾個按鍵四下飛濺,拉線短路,一縷白煙猶如得救的魂靈浮在空中。確認錄影機已慘遭徹底毀壞之後,大塊頭將報廢的機體扔在地板上,這回從衣袋中抽出一把刀,隨著味一聲單純明快的聲響,明晃晃的刀身一閃而出。他隨即拉開立櫃,將兩套加起來差不多價值翻萬元的服裝轟炸機式夾克和三件頭西服利利索索地劃裂開採。 怎麼好這樣胡來,我對小個子吼道,不是說不破壞貴重物嗎? 我可沒那麼說,小個子泰然自若地回答,只是問你最珍惜什麼,沒有說不破壞。破壞就是要從珍貴的開始,豈非明擺著的事! 得得。說著,我從冰箱拿出一罐啤酒喝起來,和小個子一起觀看大塊頭破壞我這兩室一廳的小而富有格調的住房。
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