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Chapter 15 Fifteen Grim Wonderland Whiskey, Torture, Turgenev

Doomsday and Grim Wonderland 村上春樹 10009Words 2023-02-04
The big guy beat my store of whiskey down to the bottom of the bottle in the sink.I became acquainted with the owner of the nearby hotel, and every time he dealt with whiskey at a discount, he would send a bottle or two, and I now have a considerable stock. The big guy smashed two bottles of Wilder first.Tessie, then started throwing Scotland C. S, destroyed three bottles I. W, crushed two bottles of Jack.Danny, buried Lauces, reimbursed Hegg, and finally sent half a dozen Chivas Regal to the west.The sound shook the heavens and the earth, and the smell rushed straight to Xiaohan.After all, what was smashed at the same time was enough whiskey to last me for half a year. Of course, the smell was not trivial, and the room smelled of alcohol.

Just staying here can get drunk.The little man sighed. Desperate, I sat at the table with my chin propped up, watching the shattered wine bottles piling up in the sink.What is above must fall, and what is visible must disintegrate.Accompanied by the sound of the wine bottle exploding, the big man whistled harshly.It sounded more like a toothbrush rubbing against the jagged profile of an air crack than a whistle.The title of the song cannot be heard, or there is no melody, but the toothbrush rubs the section up or down or goes in and out in the middle.It feels like the nerves are being worn out.I turned my neck frequently and poured the beer down my throat.Stomach pouch as hard as a field bank clerk's briefcase.

The hunk continues to wreak havoc that is pointless.Of course, there might be something to them, but not to me.He turned the bed over and cut the mattress with a knife.Then he emptied the clothes in the closet and threw all the desk drawers on the ground.Then he took off the switchboard of the air conditioner, kicked over the trash can, and smashed and smashed the contents of the drawers one by one in different ways.Resolute and decisive, simply neat. After the bedroom and living room were reduced to ruins, they moved to the kitchen immediately.The little guy and I went to the living room, put back the upside-down sofa with the cut back, and sat down to watch the big guy wreak havoc in the kitchen.It was a stroke of luck that the sofa cushions were almost intact.This sofa is extremely comfortable to sit on, and I bought it cheaply from a photographer acquaintance.The photographer is good at advertising photography, but unfortunately, something went wrong with his nerves, and he wanted to hide in the deep mountains and old forests of Nagano Prefecture. Before leaving, he disposed of the sofa in the office to me.Although I feel sorry for his nerves, I am still secretly glad that I can get this sofa.At least you don't have to buy another one.

I'm sitting on the right side of the sofa holding a can of beer in both hands, and the little guy is leaning on his legs on the left side.Although the voice was so loud, no one from the neighbors came to ask.Almost all the people living on this floor are single, and if there are not quite exceptional reasons, it is almost empty during the daytime on weekdays.These two people must have known about the situation in the middle, so they made such a reckless and shocking price, right?Somewhat possible.They both knew it all.On the surface, it seems reckless, but in action, he is careful and careful, and there is no omission.

The little man glanced at the Rolex from time to time to confirm the progress of the work, while the big man stabbed back and forth in the room steadily and relentlessly, leaving nothing behind.After such a search, I am afraid there will be nowhere to hide even a pencil.However, as the little man initially claimed, they did not search for anything, they just destroyed it blindly. Why? Do you want the third party to think that they have taken over everything? Who is the third party? I stopped thinking, drank the last sip of beer, and put the empty can on the coffee table.The big man opened the sideboard, swept the glass to the ground, and then attacked the plate.Coffee pots with percolators, tea pots, salt shakers, sugar pots, flour pots, all in pieces.Rice was scattered all over the ground.Frozen food in the freezer has suffered the same fate.About a dozen frozen prawns, chunks of sirloin, ice cream, butter of the highest quality, chunks of salted salmon roe thirty centimeters long, and experimental tomato sauce, all sounding like meteorites hitting asphalt , rolled in disarray on the linoleum floor.

Furthermore, the big man picked up the refrigerator with both hands, moved forward first, and then pushed the door of the refrigerator down to the ground.The wiring to the radiator was probably broken, and tiny sparks flew out.I had a big headache: How to explain the cause of the failure to the appliance repairman who came to repair it? The destruction came to an abrupt end, just as it had begun, with nothing but to do, and nothing to do at all, and suddenly came to a complete stop, and a long silence enveloped the surroundings.The big man stopped whistling, and stood at the door of the kitchen and living room, looking at me with blank eyes.I don't know how long it took my room to look like this.About fifteen minutes to thirty minutes.It is longer than fifteen minutes and shorter than thirty minutes.But judging by the satisfied expression on the little man's eye as he gazes at the dial of his Rolex, I suspect that this may come close to destroying the standard time required for a two-bedroom house.From the time required for a full marathon to the length of toilet paper used in one sitting, the world is full of various standard values.

I'm afraid it will take a lot of time to tidy up.said the little man. So be it, I say, and it costs money. Money is not a problem at present, this is war!You can't win a war by counting money. Not my war. It doesn't matter whose war it is, and whose money it doesn't matter.That's what the so-called war is all about, leave it to fate. The little man took out a snow-white handkerchief from his pocket, covered his mouth and coughed two or three times.He checked the handkerchief for a while, and put it back in his original pocket.Perhaps out of prejudice, I don't trust men with handkerchiefs.That's how I have so many prejudices.Therefore, they are not very popular, and because they are not liked, there will be more and more prejudices.

Soon after we leave, the organization gang will arrive.They want to investigate us, see what we break into your room to search for, and ask where your skull is.But you don't know anything about skulls.understand?You can't tell what you don't know, and you can't show what you don't have, even if you are tortured.So we went back empty-handed as we had come. Torture? lest you be suspected.Those guys don't know you go to the Doctor, and we're the only ones who know that right now.So you don't get hurt.You're a math with good grades, those guys must have taken your word for it, thought we were a factory, and moved on.We've already figured it out.

Torture?I asked, torture, how to torture? I'll tell you later, don't worry. What if I tell the people in the headquarters the truth about the classification calculation?I try to ask. Then, you will be killed by them.The little man said, this is not lying to you, really!You went to the doctor and performed forbidden fuzzy calculations without telling the organization.This alone is no small matter, not to mention that the doctor used you as an experiment.This is no child's play!You are now in a much more dangerous situation than you imagined.Look, frankly, you've got one foot on the rail and you've got to figure out which way to go.After the fall, there is no time to regret it.

We looked at each other on the left and right ends of the sofa. I want to ask a little bit, I said, what is the benefit of me helping you lie to the organization?as reality The problem, after all, belongs to the organization in computing, and I don't know anything about you.Why do I have to collude with outsiders to deceive my own people? Quite simply, said the little man, we have the general picture of your situation and are using you.And your organization is barely aware of your situation.Once found out, it is likely to get rid of you.Our estimates hit the nail on the head.simple right?

However, sooner or later the organization finds out, no matter the circumstances.The organization is huge and not stupid. perhaps.But that will take a while, said the little man.And during that time, if things go well, we or you may be able to solve their respective problems.The so-called choice is such a thing.Try to choose the one with as many possibilities as possible, even if it is only one percent more.This is the same as playing chess. When you are frustrated, you run away, and the opponent is likely to make mistakes in the process of running away.No matter how powerful the opponent is, there is no guarantee that there will be no mistakes.So As he spoke, the little man looked at his watch and snapped his fingers at the big man.Immediately, the big man suddenly raised his jaw like a robot connected to the power, and came to the sofa in three steps and two steps, and stood firmly in front of me like a screen.No, it's not so much a screen, it's more like a giant screen in an open-air movie theater, blocking everything in front of you.The light on the ceiling was completely captured by him, and a faint shadow enveloped me.I suddenly remembered the scene of watching a solar eclipse on campus when I was young.Everyone put candle oil on the glass to replace the filter to watch the sun.Almost a quarter of a century ago.A quarter of a century seems to have brought me to marvelous places. Well, the little man repeated, you need to be a little uncomfortable going down.It's okay to be slightly or quite uncomfortable.If you want to do this for yourself, you can only ask for patience.In fact, we don't want to be talented, it is really a last resort.Take off your pants! I obediently evacuated from the sofa and knelt down on the carpet.There's something weird about kneeling on the floor in just a sweatshirt and shorts.But before I was allowed to think about it, the big man went around behind his back and put his hands under my armpits, and grabbed my wrist by the middle.Its movements are done in one go.Just right.Of course I don't feel the tightness of being strangled, but if I try to move my body a little bit, my shoulders and wrists feel like being twisted.Next, he used his feet to firmly fix my ankles.In this way, I am completely immobile like shooting a fake duck on the ledge of the playroom. The little man went to the kitchen to get back the sharp knife that the big man had left on the table.Popped out the blade about seven centimeters, took out a lighter from his pocket and carefully burned the blade.The knife itself is small and exquisite, so it doesn't give people a sense of cruelty.But I could tell at a glance that it wasn't the kind of cheap stuff sold in nearby grocery stores.As far as cutting the human body is concerned, its size is more than enough.The human body is different from the body of a bear, soft as a peach, and with a seven-centimeter useful blade, you can basically do whatever you want. Use fire to sterilize the poison, and the little man waits for a while so that the blade can cool down.He then placed his left hand on the elastic band of my belly in my white shorts and pulled it down to the half-exposed part of my penis. It hurts a bit, I gritted my teeth and endured it.He said. I felt a tennis ball-sized lump of air rushing from my stomach to my throat, and beads of sweat came out of my nose.I was terrified, afraid of hurting my penis.If injured, there will never be an erection. But the little man didn't hurt my penis at all, but made a horizontal cut about five centimeters below my belly button about six centimeters.The sharp blade that was still hot was gently eaten into my lower abdomen, and I pulled it to the right as if drawing a line with a ruler.I was trying to get my stomach in but I couldn't move because my big head was on my back.What's more, the little man was holding my penis tightly with his left hand.I felt that all the sweat pores on my body were breaking out in cold sweat.After a while, a heavy pain suddenly hit me. The little man wiped off the blood on the knife edge with a paper towel, put away the blade, and the big man left my body immediately.Follow the blood to stain my white shorts red.The big guy brought another towel from the bathroom, and I took it to cover the wound. Seven stitches will do.The little man said that it would leave a scar to some extent, but fortunately, no one else could see it at that location.Poor is pitiful, after all, talents are always in misfortune, so just bear with it. I took the towel away from the wound to see how it was cut.The wound was not very deep, but the pale pink flesh with blood was still visible. As soon as we left, someone from the organization rushed over, and you showed the wound, saying that we threatened you and forced you to tell the whereabouts of the skull, otherwise we would have to dig deeper. Only then had no choice but to leave.This is torture.Let's get serious and do better than that.But that's enough for now.If only there were a few more chances.If you are sure, take a good look at the more powerful ones. I covered my belly with a towel and nodded silently.I can't explain the reason, but I think it's better to obey what you say. Well, you hired that poor gas mechanic.I asked, did you stumble on purpose so that I could be more careful and hide the skull and data? Smart, said the little man, and glanced at the big man's face, that's how the brain should work.Only in this way can we survive the competition, if we are lucky. After speaking, the two left the room.They don't have to open the door, they don't have to close the door.The stainless steel door of my room, with its handle missing and its four frames distorted, is now open to the world. I took off the blood-stained shorts, threw them into the trash, and wiped away the blood around the wound with a soft, soaked gauze.Every time I bent back and forth, the wound was burning with pain.There was also blood on the front of the sweatshirt, which was also thrown away.Then, I fiddled with the scattered clothes for a long time, picked out a T-shirt and a pair of the smallest briefs that were not conspicuous even if stained with blood, and wore them. Then.I went to the kitchen and drank two glasses of plain water, thinking about the problem while waiting for the organization to come. Thirty minutes later, three people came from the headquarters.One is the domineering young male liaison who often comes to my place for data.The man was wearing, as usual, a dark suit, white shirt, and tie like a bank loan officer.The other two were wearing sneakers with rubber soles and wearing the clothes of porters for the transportation company.But they don't look like bank clerks and porters in any way, only with the help of this unobtrusive attire.The eyes are always looking back and forth, and the muscles of the body are tense all the time, so as to cope with all situations at any time. They also didn't break the door, and went straight into the room with their shoes on.The two people who looked like porters inspected the room carefully, and the liaison officer listened to the situation from me.He took out a black leather manual from the inside pocket of his jacket.Use the Sharpie to jot down talking points.I said two people came to search for the skull and showed the abdominal wound.The other party looked at the wound for a while, but did not express any thoughts. skull?What exactly is a skull?he asks. How do I know what kind of skull, I said, I still want to ask people. Really not impressed?asked the young liaison in an uninflected tone.This is extremely critical, please recall carefully, it will be too late to change your words later.Symbolists will not take unnecessary actions without reason.Since they came to your room to search for skulls, there is evidence that there are skulls in your room.Zero produces nothing.And that skull has search value.It cannot be assumed that you have nothing to do with the skull. Since the skull is so precious, please tell the meaning of the skull, huh?I said. The liaison was tapping away at the manual with a Sharpie nib. That's where the investigation begins.He said.Investigate thoroughly.Nothing can hide from us as long as we are serious about it.Once it turns out you're hiding something, it's no small matter.Do you understand? Got it, I said.No matter what happens, no one can figure out what will happen in the future. We have vaguely detected what the signers are plotting.Those guys are on the move.But I'm still not sure about its specific intentions, and it may have something to do with you.The meaning of the skull is unclear.But the more hints there are, the closer we get to the heart of the matter.There is no doubt about it. What should I do? Be vigilant and rest your body.Please quit your job temporarily.If there is any situation, please contact us immediately.Does the phone work? I picked up the handset and tried it, and the phone was safe and sound.Probably the two of them intentionally placed the phone to save their lives.Exactly how is of course unknown. can be used.I said. Well, he said, please contact me immediately even if it is a small matter, don't try to solve it by yourself, don't deliberately hide anything.Those guys are not easy to mess with, and I'm afraid it won't be enough to just scratch my stomach next time. Belly scratching?I couldn't help blurting out. The two men dressed as porters who inspected the room returned to the kitchen after completing their task. Searched through and through, said the older one, and none survived.The sequence is also impeccable.If a veteran did it, he must be a symbol. The liaison nods.The two left the room.Just me and the liaison. Why do you need to cut off your clothes when searching for skulls?I asked, if the skull can't be hidden in that kind of place, what kind of skull is it? Those guys are veterans.Veterans don't pass up any possibility: You might deposit the skull in a self-locker and stash the key somewhere.Keys can be hidden anywhere. Makes sense.I said.It does make sense. But didn't the signers give you any advice? suggestion? It is a suggestion aimed at pulling you into the factory, such as money, status, etc., or a hard hand. I haven't heard of that.I replied, just cut the belly to find out the skull. Pay attention, listen carefully, the liaison said, even if those guys talk you into the water, you must not be swayed.If you fight back, we will chase you to the ends of the earth and kill you.This is not a joke, it's a deal.We have the backing of our country, and we are omnipotent. Just be careful.I said. After they left, I began to sort out and summarize the development of the matter.But no matter how neatly I sorted it out, I had no way out.The crux of the matter is what the doctor wants to do.Without clarifying this point, all inferences are out of the question.Also, I couldn't figure out what kind of thoughts were churning in the old man's head at all. Only one thing was clear: I had betrayed the organization, and even though I had to, sooner or later, once the truth came out, I would be in a rather embarrassing situation, as the domineering liaison had predicted.Even if you have to lie because of threats.Even if I confess frankly, I'm afraid I won't be forgiven by those people. After thinking about it, the wound began to hurt again.So I opened the phone book and found the phone number of a taxi company nearby.Called a car to take me to the hospital to bandage the wound.I pressed the wound with a towel and put on a pair of fat pants.Put on your shoes.When I put on my shoes and bend forward, it hurts like my body is about to split in two.In fact, the abdomen was only cut with a 2-3 mm wide opening, and the whole person became so miserable that he could neither wear shoes normally nor go up and down the stairs. I took the elevator downstairs, sat under the tree at the door, and waited for the taxi to arrive.The hands of the watch indicated half past one in the afternoon.It was only two and a half hours since the two broke in.However, these two and a half hours were unusually long, as if ten hours had passed. Housewives with shopping baskets walked past me in an endless stream.Green onions and radishes peek out from the openings of shopping bags in supermarkets.I can't help being a little envious of them.They will not be smashed into the refrigerator, nor will they be cut in the stomach by a knife.Just think about the way the onions and radishes are prepared and the grades of the children, and the years will flow smoothly.They don't have to cling to unicorn skulls, and their heads don't have to be plagued by inexplicable codes and complicated programs.This is ordinary life. I thought about the frozen shrimp jelly beef and buttery tomato sauce that was probably melting right now on the kitchen floor.I must eat all of it today, but I have no appetite at all.The postman arrived on a super dual-purpose bicycle and skillfully put the mail into the mailboxes lined up next to the gate.While watching, I found that some mailboxes were full, while others were empty.He didn't even touch my mailbox, he dismissed it. Next to the letterbox is a potted rubber tree with ice cream sticks and cigarette butts thrown in the pot.It seems that the rubber tree is as tired as I am, and people throw cigarette butts in it and tear the leaves at will.When did potted rubber trees start to grow here?I have no memory of it at all.Judging from the degree of dirtiness, it must have been placed for a long time.I pass by the front every day, but before I end up with a knife cut in my belly and waiting for a taxi at the door.Didn't notice it at all. The doctor looked at my wound and asked me why I got it like this. A little trouble arises with women.I said.Also unexplainable.Anyone who saw it was obviously a knife wound. In this case, as our man, we have the obligation to report to the police.said the doctor. The police are not easy to handle.I said, it's my fault too, but fortunately the injury was not deep enough, so let it be private.please! The doctor muttered for a while, but finally stopped insisting, and asked me to lie on the bed to disinfect the wound, gave me a few injections, and took out the needle and thread to suture the wound quickly.Then the nurse glared at me suspiciously.With a snap, apply thick layers of gauze to the injured area.Secure it with something like a rubber strap down the middle.I myself think it's kind of funny. Avoid strenuous exercise as much as possible.Also don't drink, don't have sex, don't laugh too much, the doctor said.It's better to read a book and relax some days.Come again tomorrow. I thanked me, paid at the window, received anti-inflammatory drugs and returned to my residence.And following the doctor's advice, he leaned on the bed and watched Turgenev's "Luoting".I wanted to watch "Spring Tide".But it took a lot of trouble to find this book in this ruined room, and after thinking about it, "Spring Tide" is not much better than "Luo Ting". So I put a bandage on my waist and fell on the bed before it was too late to read Turgenev's novels full of classical sentiments.Watching and watching, I began to feel that everything doesn't matter.Nothing that happened during these three days was of my own making. Everything came to the door on my own initiative, and I was just implicated. I went into the kitchen and plucked at the shards of whiskey bottles rising high in the sink.Almost all the wine bottles were smashed to pieces, and the fragments were scattered everywhere. Only the bottom half of a bottle of Imperial brand survived, and there was still about a glass of whiskey in it.I poured it into the glass and looked at the light, but found no glass shards. I went to bed with the glass and continued to read while drinking lukewarm whiskey.It was fifteen years ago that I was still in college when I first watched "Luo Ting".Fifteen years later I re-read it with a bandage around my waist.During the re-reading, I realized that I began to have similar kindness towards Luo Ting than before.Man cannot correct his own shortcomings.Temper is a thing that is established before the age of twenty-five, and no matter how hard you try after that, you can't change its essence.The problem is that people tend to stick to how the outside world reacts to their temperament.Also with the help of drunkenness, I have some sympathy for Luo Ting.The characters in Dostoevsky's novels are hardly sympathetic, but with Turgenev's heroes there is immediate sympathy.I even sympathize with the characters who appear in the "Eighty Seven Department" series of novels.This is probably because I have many shortcomings in human nature.People with many faults often sympathize with those with the same faults.The shortcomings of the characters in Dostoevsky's novels are often difficult to be regarded as shortcomings, so it is impossible for me to devote 100% sympathy to their shortcomings.The shortcomings of Tolstoy's characters are often too obvious and too static. After reading the pocket book "Roting", I threw it on the bookshelf, and went to the sink to find a decent whiskey wreck.It was found that there was a little bit of Jack left at the bottom of the bottle.Danny quickly poured the black brand whiskey into the glass, turned back to the bed and began to watch Stendhal's "The Red and the Black".In short, I seem to like watching works that are behind the times.How many young people watch "Red and Black" in this era?Anyway, as I read it, I sympathized with Julien again.Sorrell.Julien.The fact that Sorel's faults were fixed before he was fifteen arouses my sympathy.The various elements of life are fixed at the age of fifteen, which is also very unbearable in the eyes of others.The same is true of his throwing himself into prison.Huddled in the world with four walls, he kept marching towards destruction. Something hits my heart. It's the wall! The world is surrounded by walls. I closed the book, poured the little black-label whiskey down my throat, and thought for a long time about the world with four walls.I can easily run in my mind the image of pushing out the wall and the door, the wall is very high, the door is very big, and there is silence.I was in it.However, my consciousness is very hazy and I can't see the surrounding scenery clearly.The sights and details of the entire city are vivid.Only my surroundings are confusing.Someone calls me from the opposite side of this opaque veil. It's almost like a movie lens.I began to recall whether there were such scenes in the historical films I had seen before.But "Invincible General" or "Ben.Ha" (should be translated as "Ben-Hur"), "The Ten Commandments" or "The Cloth" or "Spartacus", there is no such scene.Well, this scene is probably just a whim of mine. What the wall implies, I think it must be my framed life.The silence is the sequelae of silence.The reason for the haze around you is because the imagination is facing a destructive crisis.It was probably the pink lady who called me. After analyzing the fantasies that surged up in this moment, I opened the book again.But I can no longer focus on the book.I think, my life is zero, nothing, nothing at all.What have I done so far?Did nothing.Who is happy?Didn't make anyone happy.I have no wife, no friends, no door, not a single door.The penis is downcast, and even work is in jeopardy. The peaceful world of the cello and the Greek language, which were my ultimate purpose in life, was in crisis.If the job is lost, I don't have the financial resources to make it happen anyway.Besides, if you are chased to the ends of the earth by the organization, you will naturally have no time to recite irregular Greek verbs. I closed my eyes, took a breath of air as deep as an Inca well, and returned to "The Red and the Black" again.What has been lost has been lost, and no matter how much you think about it, it is irreparable. When I noticed, it was completely dark.Turgenev and Stendhal's night closed around me.Perhaps because he lay still and did not move, the incision in his belly was somewhat less painful.Although the dull and faint pain like drumming in the distance from the incision to the side from time to time, once it passes, it goes down without incident, enough to make people forget about the wound. appetite.A non-working sandwich delivered with milk at 5:30 in the morning, followed by a bit of potato salad in the kitchen, and still nothing.My stomach seems to harden at the thought of food.I was exhausted, lacked sleep, and my belly was cracked. The room was in a mess as if it had been blasted by the Lilliputian engineering team, and there was no room for appetite. A few years ago I read a science fiction novel about a world littered with rubbish and reduced to ruins, and my room looked exactly like it.All kinds of rubbish were scattered on the ground: split three-piece suits, destroyed VCRs and TV sets, broken vases, desk lamps with broken necks, trampled records, tomato juice that flowed from the sea, Intermittent loudspeaker cords were thrown about, and shirts and underwear were mostly so soiled by shoed feet, splashed with ink, or stained with grape juice that they were almost unusable.It turned out that a plate of grapes on the bedside table that I started eating three days ago was thrown all over the ground and trampled to pieces.Joseph.Conrad and Thomas.Hardy's self-willed solitary portfolio is doused with dirty water in vases.A gladiolus arrangement fell on the chest of a beige cashmere sweater like a tribute to the fallen, and the sleeves were stained the size of a golf ball with the blue ink specially produced by the West German company Pelican. All turned into waste. A pile of waste that has nowhere to digest.Microorganisms die and become oil, and big trees fall into coal seams.And everything here is an out-and-out waste product that has no destination.Where can the destroyed VCR go? I went into the kitchen again and fiddled with the shards of the whiskey bottle in the sink.Sadly no drop of whiskey was ever to be found again. The remaining whiskey failed to enter my stomach, but like Orpheus, it all flowed down the sewer into the underground nothingness, into the world where night ghosts run rampant. While fiddling with the sink, the middle fingertip of his right hand was scratched by a piece of glass.I watched for a long time as the blood spilled from my fingertips and then dripped onto the whiskey label.After a major injury, this minor injury was no surprise.No one died from bleeding from a fingertip. I let the blood flow until the Lauces logo is dyed red.But the blood flowed endlessly, so I had no choice but to stop looking, wipe the wound clean with paper towels, and wrap it up with medical tape. Seven or eight empty beer cans rolled on the kitchen floor, like shell casings from a cannonball battle.So I picked it up.The surface of the tank has long been lukewarm, but it is better than nothing.I went to bed with a can of beer in one hand and sipped it loudly while I continued watching The Red and the Black.As me, I really want to use alcohol to eliminate the tension accumulated in the body for three days, and take advantage of the trend to sleep.No matter what happens tomorrow, it can basically be asserted that I will sleep as much as I can, at least as much as Michael.It takes as long as Jackson to make a full revolution.New disputes should be accompanied by a new sense of hopelessness. It was nearly nine o'clock when the Sandman struck.Sleepiness is willing to patronize my deserted little room like the back of the moon.I threw the three-quarters read of "The Red and the Black" on the floor, pressed the surviving bedside light switch, hunched sideways, and fell asleep.I am a little fetus in this barren room, and no one can disturb me until I should wake up.I'm the prince of despair surrounded by strife, and I'll sleep until a toad the size of a public golf ball comes to kiss me. However, unexpectedly, I only slept for less than two hours.At eleven o'clock in the middle of the night, a fat girl in a pink suit came up and shook my shoulders.It seemed that my sleep had become an auction item with an astonishingly low price. Everyone approached in turn and kicked my sleep like knocking on a half-worn car tire.They should not have such rights.I'm not a half used car, even though it's half new. Get out of the way!I said. Hey, please, get up, please!The girl said. dodge dodge!I repeated. Not sleep time!The girl said, pounding my side with her fist.A throbbing pain ran through my body like the gates of hell had been opened. Get up quickly, she said, the world is going to be over if it goes on like this!
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