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Chapter 17 Seventeen Grim Wonderland At the End of the World, Charlie.parker, ticking time bomb

Get up quickly, said the fat girl, the world is going to be over if it goes on like this. The world is better off, I thought.The wound in my stomach hurt like a demon, like a pair of strong twin boys kicking my limited and narrow imagination frame with four feet. What's wrong?Where does it hurt?asked the girl. I took a deep breath quietly, picked up the T-shirt beside me, and wiped the sweat off my face with the skirt.Someone cut a slit about six centimeters long in my belly with a knife.I said as if I was exhaling air. With a knife? The knife edge is much like the coin slot of a thrift box.

Who did such a wicked thing?Why? I don't understand, I don't know.I said, I kept thinking about it afterwards, but I just couldn't figure out why.I would like to ask, why do people trample on me like doormats? The girl shook her head. I don't know if those two are your acquaintances or companions, those two guys with knives. There was an inexplicable expression on the fat girl's face, and she stared at me for a long time.Why do you think so? have no idea.I probably want to blame someone. I feel better by putting this inexplicable act on one person. But nothing can be solved.

Nothing can be solved.I said, but that was not my responsibility, it was not my fault.It's your grandfather's oil that turns the switch.I'm just getting involved, so why do you have to ask me to solve it?The pain came again.My lips are tightly shut, like a railway crossing watchman waiting for a train to pass.Today is no exception.It was you who called early in the morning, saying that your grandfather was missing and begging me for help.I went out, but you were nowhere to be seen.As soon as I got home and lay down to sleep, two dubious guys came and ruined my room and cut my belly.Then, someone from the organization interrogated me for a while.Finally you are at it again.Doesn't it look like it's been carefully planned?What's the difference between this and a basketball team lineup!How well do you understand the situation?

To be honest, I don't think there is much difference between what I know and what you know.I was just helping my grandfather, he told me how to do odd jobs, run errands, write letters, hang up the phone, that's all.As for what my grandfather is up to, I'm just as in the dark as you. But you're helping him with his research, right? The so-called help is nothing more than processing data and raising some purely technical work. I have almost no professional knowledge, and even if I see and hear it, I can't figure it out. Didn't you say just now that the world will be doomed if it goes on like this? Where do you start with this?Why did the world end and how did it end?

have no idea.That's what my grandfather said, that once something happens to me, the world will be over. My grandfather is not the type to tell such jokes. Since he said that the world is about to end, it's almost over. Inexplicable, I said, the world is going to end, what is going on?Did your grandfather really say the world was coming to an end?Instead of saying that the world will disappear or the world will be destroyed? It's true, the world is going to end. I tapped my front teeth again, thinking about the end of the world. So where do I connect with the end of the world?

right.Grandfather said that you are the key, and that he conducted research with you as the core several years ago. You think about it a little more, I said, what about the time bomb? Time bomb? That's what the guy who cut my belly with a knife said.Said that the data I processed for the Ph.D. was like a time bomb, and it would bomb as soon as the time came, with a loud bang.What kind of trick is this? This is just my imagination. The fat girl said that my grandfather has been studying human consciousness, and he has never stopped after completing the fuzzy program.He seemed to think that the fuzzy procedure was where it all started.So I say that because my grandfather told me a lot about this and that before he developed the fuzzing program.What to do now, what to do next, and so on.As I said just now, I have almost no technical knowledge, but I still listen to it very interestingly and understand it.It's my favorite two to talk about this topic.

But after completing the fuzzy procedure, he suddenly became silent? um, yes.My grandfather was bored in the underground laboratory all day long, and he never talked to me about professional issues, keeping his mouth shut.I asked him and he was just perfunctory. so lonely? Yes, alone, very lonely.She stared at my face for a while again, hello, can I go to bed?It's too cold here. If you don't touch the wound and don't shake me.I said.It seems like girls all over the world want to get into my bed. The girl walked around to the other side of the bed, slipped into the bed carelessly without taking off her pink suit skirt.I passed one of the two stacked pillows, and she took it and slapped it a few times to make it swell and tuck it under her neck.Her neck smelled like the melon smell when we first met, and I struggled to turn over to face her.So we lay face to face in the same bed.

Well, it's the first time I've been so close to a man.she says. Well. The street seems to have never been on, so I couldn't find the meeting place.I wanted to ask about the route in detail, but the voice disappeared. Can't you tell the taxi driver the location? Wallet equals empty.I left in such a haste that I couldn't even think of any money to spend.The result had to go all the way.said the girl. No one else at home?I asked. When I was six, my parents and brother died in a traffic accident.When I was in the car, I was pushed up from behind by a truck. The gasoline caught fire and I was burned to death.

Are you alone? I was in the hospital at the time, and everyone went to see me, but there was a catastrophe on the way. It was so. I have been living with my grandfather ever since.No school, hardly any time on the street, no friends Didn't go to school? Um.The girl said nonchalantly that my grandfather said that there was no need to go to school, and that all the courses were taught by my grandfather, from English and Russian to anatomy.In addition, the aunt also taught cooking and tailoring and so on. Aunt? An aunt who does housework and cleans the room lives in my house.He was very good, and died of cancer three years ago.After my aunt passed away, only my grandfather and I were left.

That is, you haven't been to school since you were six? yes.So what.I can do everything, including four foreign languages.He can play the piano and alto saxophone, he can assemble communication instruments, he has also learned to sail and step on the wire, and he has read a lot of books.Sandwiches are also delicious, right? tasty. Grandfather said that school is nothing more than a place where sixteen years of brains are spent.Grandfather almost didn't enter the school gate either. not simple!I said, but, is it not lonely without friends of the same age? How should I put it, I'm very busy and don't have time to think so much.Besides, anyway, I'm afraid I won't be able to get along with people of the same age.

Well.Maybe so.But very interested in you. Why? You look tired, and fatigue is like energy.I don't understand this.No one I know is that type.Grandpa never tires, and neither do I.Huh, are you really tired? Really tired.I can't wait to repeat it twenty times. What is fatigue?asked the girl. There are many aspects of feelings that are not clear.Pity for oneself, sullenness for others; pity for others, sullenness for oneself; all this is fatigue. Either way is confusing. In the end everything became blurred.It's the same thing as rotating balls of various colors: the faster the speed, the less they can distinguish each other, and it will be chaos in the end. interesting.The girl said, you must be very aware of the situation, sure. Yes, I could have a hundred explanations for the fatigue that eats away at life, or that puffs up from the center of it.This is also one of the things that cannot be taught in school education. Can you play alto saxophone?the girl asked me. Won't. Can there be Charlie.Parker's record? Yes, I think there is, but it's a mess right now, and I can't find it, and the stereo is broken, so I can't appreciate it anyway. What kind of instrument will you play? Neither will. Can I touch my body? No, I said, if you touch it wrong, the wound will suffer. Can I touch it after the injury is healed? If the injury is healed and the world is not over.It's better to move on to the important things now.Your grandfather has changed since he developed the fuzzy system, right? um, yes.After that, grandfather became a different person.Taciturn, depressed, talking to himself. What did your grandfather say about fuzzy systems, can't remember? The fat girl fingered the gold earrings and thought for a moment. He said that the fuzzy system is the door to a new world.Although it is an auxiliary means developed to recombine the data entered into the computer, if it is used properly, it is likely to be able to exert power enough to change the entire structure of the world, just as atomic physics produces the atomic bomb. That is to say, I will be the key to open the door of the fuzzy system to the new world? Generally speaking, I'm afraid so. I tapped my front teeth with the tips of my nails.I'd love to drink whiskey on the rocks from a tall glass, but the ice and whiskey have long since disappeared from the room. You think your grandfather's purpose was to bring the world to an end?I asked. No, that's not it, Grandpa was eccentric and obnoxious, but he was actually a nice guy, just like you and me. Thanks.It was the first time in my life to hear such words. And my grandfather was very worried that his research would be stolen and misused.He himself can't use it to do bad things, can he?Grandfather also left the organization because he was worried that if he continued to study there, the organization would inevitably misuse his research results.That's why he resigned and continued to study alone. But the organization stands on the good side of the world after all, and fights against the symbolic group that steals information from computers and sells it to the black market, and maintains the legitimate ownership of information. The fat girl stared fixedly at my face and shrugged. As for which side is good and which side is evil, my grandfather doesn't seem to care much.Good and evil are fundamental attributes of human beings, which cannot be confused with the attribution tendency of ownership. Well, maybe that's the case.I said. Plus, Grandfather doesn't trust in power of any kind.True, Grandpa had belonged to the organization for a time, but he said it was a stopgap measure to take advantage of the wealth of data, experimental material, and large-scale simulation experiments.Therefore, after completing the complex fuzzy system, I still feel that it is much more comfortable and effective to study alone.Once a fuzzy system has been developed, the equipment is no longer needed, and all that remains is mental work. Oh, when your grandfather left the organization, he didn't take a copy of my private data with him? I don't know, she said, but if I want to, I'm sure I can get it.After all, as the director of the research institute in the organization, grandfather has all authority over the possession and use of data. Probably not as I expected, I thought.The doctor took away my private data and used it for his personal research, using me as the main specimen to push fuzzy theory forward.In this way, the situation can be roughly straightened out.As the little man said, the doctor called me in because he got to the heart of the research, gave me the appropriate data, and made me fuzzy and make my consciousness respond to the specific language underlying it. If so, then my conscious or unconscious response has already begun.Time bomb, said the little man.I quickly calculated in my head the time since I worked out the fuzzy calculations until now.It was almost twelve o'clock last night when I opened my eyes after the calculation, and almost twenty-four hours had passed.The time is quite long.I don't know how many hours later the time bomb exploded, but the hour hand has passed twenty-four hours anyway. There is another question, I said, are you saying that the world is going to end? Well, yes, Grandfather said so. When your grandfather said the world was going to end, was it before he started working on my private data, or after? after.Probably later, she replied.But it was only a few days before my grandfather accurately said that the world was going to end.how?What's the connection? I don't know, but there is one thing that is suspicious: the pass for my fuzzy calculation is the end of the world, which is really hard to think of as a coincidence. The end of your world, what is the content? have no idea.Although it is my consciousness, it is hidden in a place beyond my reach.All I know is the end of the world. Can't recover? impossible.I said that even if a division is used, it is impossible to steal it from the organization's underground safe.It is heavily guarded and has special equipment. Grandpa took advantage of his power to bring it out? presumably.But this is just speculation.The only way to go down is to ask your grandfather directly. That being the case, are you willing to rescue grandfather from the night ghost? I covered my wound with my hands and sat up on the bed.Needle-like pain in the head. I'm afraid there is no choice.I said, of course I don’t know what the end of the world your grandfather meant, but I can’t let it go, I must try to stop it.Otherwise someone's going to be unlucky, I think.The so-called someone, nine out of ten is myself. Anyway, for this you must free my grandfather. Because all three of us are good people? Yes.said the fat girl.
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