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Chapter 19 Eighteen grim wonderland hamburger, roller coaster, deadline

The first decision we made was to find somewhere to fill our bellies.Although I have no appetite, since I don't know when I will be able to eat, it seems that I should eat something.Beer and hamburgers and the like may barely enter the stomach.The girl said that she only ate a piece of chocolate for lunch, she was really hungry, and she only had enough money in her pocket to buy a piece of chocolate. Carefully tucking my legs into my jeans so as not to irritate the wound, I pulled a sweatshirt over the T-shirt and added a light sweater.Out of caution, I opened the suitcase again and took out the nylon winter jacket for mountaineering.The girl's pink suit dress doesn't look suitable for underground exploration in any way, and unfortunately I don't have any clothes and pants suitable for her figure in my suitcase.I am about ten centimeters taller than her, and she is about ten kilograms heavier than me.Of course, the ideal is to go to the store and buy a set of equipment that is easy to use, but it is in the middle of the night and all stores are closed. Fortunately, a thick combat jacket handled by the US military that I wore before still fits her size , and handed it to her.High heels were also a problem, and she said the office had sneakers and gumboots available.

Pink sneakers and pink gumboots.she says. Like pink? Grandpa likes it.He said I was just right in pink. is just right.I said, not casually perfunctory, indeed just right.A fat woman with pink clothes is often like a huge strawberry cake, giving people a bloated and ambiguous feeling, but she complements each other, inexplicably. Your grandfather liked fat girls?I lost no time in asking. Well, that goes without saying, said the fat lady, so I'm always on the lookout for fat, and so is what I eat.Once you take it lightly, you will lose weight all of a sudden.Butter, cheese, just let go and eat.

Well. I opened the closet, pulled out the backpack, and after judging that it hadn't been cut, stuffed the two-person coats; flashlight, compass, gloves, towel, large knife, lighter, rope, and solid fuel.Then he went into the kitchen, picked out two loaves of bread, canned corned beef, sausage, peaches and grapefruit from a mess of food, and packed them into a backpack.The bucket was full of water.Finally, I grabbed all the cash at home and stuffed it into my trouser pocket. It's like going on an outing.said the girl. Indeed. Before I set off, I took another week's tour of my room, which looked like a dump of hunks of garbage.This is not the case with any activity of subsistence: it takes time to build, but instant to destroy.In the three small rooms, there was a self-satisfied, though not exhausting, life.However, all of this has disappeared like morning fog in the time of drinking two cans of beer.My career, my whiskey, my stability, my solitude, my Maugham and John.The complete works of Ford, all reduced to meaningless waste.

The golden splendor of the grassland, the glory of the flowers I muttered silently.Then he stretched out his hand, pulled the switch at the door, and cut off all the power in the house. I was unable to think deeply because of the pain in my belly wound and the exhaustion.So I decided not to think about it. Instead of giving up halfway, it is better not to think about it at the beginning.I took the elevator in a big way, went down to the underground parking lot, opened the door and put my things in the back seat.If someone is watching, just watch, and if you want to follow, you can do whatever you want.It doesn't matter to me anyway.Because first of all, who the hell am I supposed to be wary of?Symbolists or organizations?Or those two men with knives?As far as I am now, if these three groups are my enemies, I won't be able to flee in despair, but I will be exhausted after all.The belly was cut horizontally by six centimeters, lack of sleep, and I had to lead the fat girl to fight the night ghost in the dark underground.

If possible, the car does not want to drive either.I asked the girl if she could drive and she said no. please forgive.Horses can ride. I confirmed that the pointer of the Ranke indicator was close to F, drove the car out, passed through the residential area with seven turns and eight turns, and drove onto the street.Although it was midnight, the traffic was still overwhelming.About half are taxis and the rest are trucks and buses.I really don't understand why these mortal beings want to drive around the streets in the middle of the night.Why can't they get under the covers and turn off the lights before they get home from get off work at six o'clock and go to bed before ten o'clock?

But at the end of the day, it's someone else's problem.No matter what I think, the world will continue to expand according to its own laws, and no matter what I think, the Arabs will still dig for oil, people will still use oil to make electricity and gasoline, and they will still try to satisfy themselves in the midnight streets. respective desires.In contrast, I had to get my priorities right. I put my hands on the steering wheel and yawned a lot during the signal time. In front of it was a huge truck, and the paper bundles seemed to be piled up to the sky.On the right side are young men and women sitting on a white racing bike.I don't know if it was on the way to the night tour or on the way back, but both of them looked bored.The woman stuck her left wrist with two silver bracelets out of the window and glanced at me.She wasn't interested in me, she just looked at my face because there was nothing to see.Whether it's a Disney ad, a traffic sign, or my face, it doesn't matter.I also glanced at her.

He's pretty, maybe, but faces like this seem to be everywhere.In TV dramas, it’s nothing more than playing the role of the heroine’s companion and asking what’s wrong while drinking tea in a bar?Recently, it always seems to be listless.Generally, it only appears once, and after disappearing, there is no way to remember what it looked like. After the light turned green, the truck in front of me was still dawdling, and the white mountain climber was already emitting a series of smart exhaust sounds.With the melody of Peng Chacha in the car audio combination, I escaped from my field of vision.

Keep an eye out for the car behind you, okay?I said to the fat girl, if there is someone who has been biting on it, report it. The girl nodded and looked behind. Do you think someone will follow? do not know.I said, but be careful.Eat something like a hamburger, right?That stuff saves time. whatever. I parked the car in front of the first roadside hamburger place that caught my eye.A waitress in a short red dress came over and leaned against the car windows on both sides to ask what to eat. Two cheesecakes and one dry crisp with heated chocolate.said the fat girl. Regular hamburgers and beer.I said.

Sorry, no beer.said the waitress. Regular hamburger and coke.I changed my tune.Roadside hamburger joints don't stock beer, how could I have never thought of that? While waiting for food, I pay attention to whether there is a car coming from behind.As a result, none of them followed.Of course, if we were really following them, we might not be able to drive into the same parking lot. Instead, we should lie in ambush in an unobtrusive place and wait for our car to leave.Instead of looking, I mechanically feed my delivery of hamburger, thin potato chips, and a lettuce leaf the size of a highway pass, along with a Coke.The fat girl chewed slowly and carefully, biting cheese cakes, French chips, and sipping hot chocolate with relish.

Don't want some potato chips?the girl asked me. don't want. The girl swept away the contents of the plate, drank the last mouthful of hot chocolate, licked the ketchup and mustard on her fingers, and wiped her fingers and mouth with a paper towel.From the sidelines, she felt that she ate very sweetly. Your grandfather, I said, should go to the underground laboratory first, right? I'm afraid so.There may be some clues to be found there, and I will help. The question is, can you pass by the night ghost lair?Has the nightghost jammer been broken? no problem.There are also smaller ones for emergencies.Although the power is not very great, the night ghost still dare not get close if it is carried on the body.

Then there is no problem.I am relieved. It's not that simple, the girl said, because of the battery, the portable jammer can only be used continuously for 30 minutes, and the switch must be turned off to charge when the time is up. Hmm, how long does it take to charge? fifteen points.Thirty minutes of work and fifteen minutes of rest.There is more than enough time to go back and forth between the office and the research room, so the capacity is made smaller. I have no emotions, no more words.After all, it is better than being helpless, and it can only be used to make do.I drove out of the parking lot and found a late-night grocery store.Bought two cans of beer and a small bottle of whiskey.Then he stopped and drank two cans of beer and a quarter of the whiskey.In this way, the mood finally improved slightly.The rest of the whiskey was capped and handed over to the girl to pack into a backpack. Why bother drinking so much?asked the girl. Because I'm nervous. I'm also nervous, but I don't drink. Your tension and my tension are different kinds of tension. I don't quite understand. As a person grows older, the number of irreversible events increases. So tired? Not bad, I said, so tired. She turned to me and touched my earlobe with her hand. Don't worry, don't worry, I'm always by your side. Thanks.I said. I drove the car into the parking lot of the building where the girl's grandfather's office was located, got out of the car and put on my backpack. The wound was painful at regular intervals, like a truck full of hay slowly running over my belly.I tentatively decided: this is just an ordinary pain, a superficial pain, and has nothing to do with my own essence.Like a rain shower, the sky clears after the rain.Gathering up what was left of my self-esteem, I drove the shame of circumcision out of my heart, and hurriedly followed the girl. At the entrance of the building, there was a big young guard who asked the girl to show her residence permit. The girl took out a plastic card from her pocket and handed it to the guard.The doorman inserted the card into the throughput hole of the desktop computer, confirmed the name and room number that appeared on the screen, and then pressed the switch to open the door. This is a very special building.The girl explained to me as she walked through the spacious hall that everyone who entered here had some kind of secret, and a special security system had been established to keep it secret.For example when conducting major research or having secret gatherings etc.At the door, you have to check your identity as just now, and check whether you are going to the place you have already booked through the surveillance TV.Therefore, even if someone is following you, don't even think about coming in. So, they also know about your grandfather digging a hole downstairs? uh how about itI don't think so.During the construction of this building, my grandfather asked someone to make a special design so that the room can directly enter the ground. Only a few people know about this, nothing more than the owner and the designer.To the construction workers, it was a sewer, and the drawing declaration was also handled seamlessly. Sure cost a fortune, right? possible.But grandfather had plenty of money.So did I, said the girl, and I was a very rich man.Parents' inheritance and insurance have bought stocks, and they are piling up. The girl took out the key from her pocket, opened the elevator, and the two stepped into the empty and wonderful elevator last time. stock? Um.My grandfather taught me how to play stocks.Such as information selection, market analysis, tax evasion methods, overseas remittance methods, etc.Stocks are interesting.Have you ever played? Pity.I didn't even save regularly. Before becoming a scientist, my grandfather was a shareholder, saving money with stocks.If you save too much, you don't become a shareholder, but a scientist.Great, right? awesome.I agree. Grandpa is a first-class talent in everything he does.said the girl. The elevator runs at the same speed as the previous ride, and I don't know whether it is going up or down.It still takes a long time.Thinking of being under the surveillance of TV cameras during this time, I couldn't help but feel agitated. My grandfather said that the efficiency of school education is too low to cultivate first-class talents.What do you think? Yeah, probably so.I said that I also went to school sixteen years ago, but I felt that it was not very useful, so I couldn't speak foreign languages, play musical instruments, didn't know stocks, and couldn't ride a horse. Then why not drop out?Isn't it possible to withdraw at any time? Oh, that's right.I thought about it for a while.That's right, you can drop out whenever you want.But I didn't think of that at the time.My family is different from yours. It is an ordinary family. I never thought that I would become a first-class character in a certain aspect. No, said the girl, there is something about being first-rate in every human being.The only question is whether it can be fully discovered.The reason why many people can't become first-class is because some people who don't know how to dig it all stepped forward to kill it and wear it away. like me. You are different.I think there is something special about you.Your emotional shell is very hard, and a lot of things are left intact inside. Emotional shell? Yeah, said the girl, so it's not too late.Well, when this thing is over, will you live with me?It's not marriage, it's just living together.Go to a leisurely place like Greece, Romania, or Finland, and the two of them ride horses and sing together.There is no matter how much money there is.During that period, you are guaranteed to be reborn and shine. Well.I answered.This doesn't sound bad, anyway, my life as a calculator is already in a delicate situation because of this incident, not to mention that traveling abroad is indeed attractive.But I don't believe that I will really become a first-class character anyway.First-class characters generally have firm self-confidence, which is also a prerequisite for becoming first-class.If you don't even believe you're going to be top-notch, it's hard to be top-notch just because the trend is there. Just as he was thinking blankly, the elevator door opened.The girl walked out the door and I followed.She still hurried down the corridor with the sound of high heels, giggling and giggling like when we first met, and I followed closely behind.A delightfully shaped hip dangles in front of me, gold earrings glisten. However, even if that is the case, I said to her back, it is only you giving me this and that, but I can't give you anything.I find this very unfair and unnatural. She slowed down and walked side by side with me. Do you really think so? Yes.I said, unnatural, unfair. I think you must have something for me. for example? For example your emotional shell.I really want to understand this: how is it formed?What kind of function and so on. I have hardly touched such a shell before, and my interest is really great. Not so magical.I said that everyone's feelings are covered with a layer of shell, to varying degrees.If you are interested, you can find as many as you like.You haven't set foot in society, don't understand what's going on with the ordinary mentality of ordinary people, that's all. You really don't know anything, the fat girl said, don't you have the ability of fuzzy calculations, don't you? Of course there is, but it is an ability endowed by the outside as a means of work. It is the result of surgery and training. As long as they are trained, most people can be competent and happy.It's not much different from playing the piano with a planner. You can't generalize like that.Indeed, she said, that was what everyone thought at first.As you said, it is assumed that anyone who has been trained, of course selected through some degree of examination, can master the fuzzy ability without exception.Grandpa thought so too, and in fact there were twenty-six other people who received the same surgery and training as you and gained the ability to blur.There is nothing wrong with this stage.The problem happened later. I didn't hear that, I said, according to what I heard, the plan is going well Propaganda.Not so.Among the twenty-six people who mastered the fuzzy ability, twenty-five died within a year to a year and a half after the training.You are the only one left.You are the only one who survived three years alone and continued to do fuzzy work safely.Do you still consider yourself an ordinary person?You are now a vital person! I still put my hands in my pockets and moved silently in the corridor.The situation seems to have exceeded the scope of my personal ability, and it has expanded endlessly.As for how far it will expand in the end, I have no way of judging. Why are they all dead?I asked the girl. Don't know, the cause of death is unclear.It is known that he died of brain dysfunction, but it is not clear why. Assuming there is always something, right? Well, here's what Grandpa said: the average person probably can't stand the exposure to the nuclei of consciousness, so the brain cells try to make some kind of antibody to fight it.But the reaction was too violent, and the result was fatal.The situation would have been more complicated, simply put. So, why did I survive? You probably have natural antibodies, which is what I call the emotional shell.For some reason, that thing is already there in your head, allowing you to survive.Originally, my grandfather planned to artificially make that kind of shell to protect the brain, but after all, it seemed too weak, my grandfather said. The so-called protection is like melon rind? in short. So, I said, whether the antibody or the protective layer or the shell or the melon rind, are I born with it or acquired? Maybe part of it is innate and part of it is acquired?My grandfather didn't tell me anything.Fear that I know too much and take too much risk.However, calculated on the basis of grandfather's assumptions, there is only about one person in every million to one and a half million people like you who has natural antibodies.And at this stage it can only be discovered after granting the ambiguity capability. So, if your grandfather's assumptions were correct, it was pure luck that I was included in the twenty-six? That's why you have the precious value as a specimen and become the key to open the door. What on earth is your grandfather trying to do to me?What does the data and unicorn skulls he told me to fuzz mean? If I had known, I could have freed you in no time.said the girl. Save me and the world.I said. Although not as serious as my room, the office was also quite messed up.All kinds of documents were thrown all over the floor, the table was turned upside down, the safe was pried open, and the drawers of the closet fell off one after another. Spare suits.Her suits are indeed all pink: from deep pink to light pink, and there are all kinds of pinks. outrageous!She shook her head and said, it probably came out of the ground. What did the night ghost do? No, no, night ghosts generally can't go up to the ground, and even if they do, there will be a smell left behind. odor? Earthy smell like fish like slime.It wasn't the hands of Ye Gui.Probably the same gang that messed up your room.The method is also similar. Possibly, I said, looking around the room again: in front of the overturned desk, a box of paper clips splattered, glowing in the fluorescent light.I used to be a bit obsessed with paper clips, so I pretended to check the floor and grabbed a few and put them in my trouser pocket. What's important here? No.The girl said, almost all of them are insignificant things here, such as account books, receipts, research materials that are not very important, and so on.Nothing to be afraid of stealing. Is the night ghost jammer safe? There are a lot of odds and ends scattered in front of the cabinet, including flashlights, radios, alarm clocks, tape cutters, and bottles of cough syrup.The girl picked out a small instrument like an ultraviolet detector and pressed the switch several times. It doesn't matter, it works perfectly.They must have thought it was some idle thing.Moreover, the principle of this instrument is very simple, and it doesn't get in the way at all. Afterwards, the fat girl went to the corner, squatted on the ground to open the socket cover, pressed the small button inside, stood up and gently pushed the wall with her palm.Then the wall opened up a space the size of a telephone directory, and something that looked like a safe flashed out. Well, you can't find it this way, right?The girl said proudly, adjusted the four-digit number, opened the door of the safe, and put all the contents on the table, okay? Resisting the pain, I rearranged the table with its legs turned upside down, took out the contents of the safe, and arranged them in a row on the table: a stack of five-centimeter-thick savings folders tied with rubber straps, stocks and Certificates, 2 million to 3 million yuan in cash, heavy objects in cloth bags, black leather manuals, and brown envelopes, she dumped the contents of the envelopes on the table.It turned out to be an old Omega watch and a gold ring, the glass dial of the Omega covered with tiny cracks and charred throughout. Father's relic.The girl said that the ring belonged to her mother, and the others were all burned. I nod. She put the ring and watch back in the tea-colored envelope, grabbed the bundle of bills, and stuffed them into her pocket.Seriously, I forgot there was cash here.After finishing speaking, she untied the cloth bag, took out a package of things wrapped in old shirts, and opened it to show me: an automatic pistol, judging from the old style, it is obviously not a toy, but a real thing with live ammunition.I don't know much about the gun, guess it was Browning or Bellett.Beside the gun was a spare barrel and a box of ammunition. How well did you shoot the gun? Why, I was taken aback and had never touched it. I have two hands!Practiced for several years.When I went to the villa in Hokkaido, I shot alone in the mountains. At a distance of about ten meters, the target the size of a postcard was guaranteed to penetrate.Great, right? sharp.I said, where did this stuff come from? You are such an idiot, the girl looked shocked, as long as you have money, you can get everything at your fingertips, don't you know that?But you don’t know how to use it anyway, so I’ll take it with me, okay? please please.It's just dark, I hope you don't hit me by mistake.Add another wound, and I am afraid that the station will not be able to stand still. Ouch, it's okay, don't worry.I'm a person who doesn't leak anything.As she spoke, she put the pistol into her coat pocket.It's also really strange that no matter how many things she puts in her pockets, she doesn't bulge or distort at all.There may be some special mechanism, or simply due to the excellent workmanship. Next, the girl opened the middle page of the black leather handbook, and stared at it solemnly under the electric light for a long time.I also glanced at the top, but I saw that the arrangement was full of inexplicable codes and letters, but none of them I could understand. This is my grandfather's handbook, the girl said, and only my grandfather and I can understand the codes on it.It records the scheduled items and what happened on that day.My grandfather told me to read this manual whenever I am in trouble.Oh wait.On September 20th, you sorted and calculated the data, right? Yes.I answer. There is a 1 mark on it.Probably refers to the first stage.Then you end the fuzzy calculation on the night of the 30th or the morning of the 1st of October.Not bad right? good. This is 2, the second stage.Secondly, uh, at noon on October 2nd, which is 3, the writing procedure is lifted. I was originally scheduled to see the doctor at noon on the 2nd, and I must have canceled the special program prepared for me there, so as not to end the world.However, the whole situation has changed.The doctor might be killed, or dragged somewhere.This is imperative. Wait a minute, look further down, the code is very complicated. While she was reading the manual, I packed my backpack and replaced the flashlight batteries with new ones.The raincoats and long whips in the closet were scattered on the floor, but fortunately they were not damaged beyond use.If you don't wear a raincoat when you cross the waterfall, you will undoubtedly be drenched in water and cold to your heart.If the body is cold, the wound is bound to ache again.Next, I picked up a pair of girly pink sneakers that were also on the floor and put them in my backpack.The numbers on the dial told me that it was almost twelve o'clock in the middle of the night.There were exactly twelve hours to the deadline for the procedure to be lifted. The next step is a very professional calculation. I don't understand the amount of electrical appliances, dissolution speed, resistance value, error, etc. Jump in if you don’t understand, time is running out, I said, only choose what you can understand, and decipher the code, okay? There is no need to interpret. Why? She handed the manual, pointing to the part.There are no secret signs there, only a big X and the date and time. Compared with the densely packed small characters that can only be seen clearly with a magnifying glass, this X is too big, and the shape is out of balance, which is even more ominous. feel. This probably refers to the deadline, right?she says. presumably.I'm afraid that is.If 3 cancels the program, then this X will not appear.The problem is that the program, for some reason, failed to be lifted, and instead developed rapidly, eventually leading to the appearance of the × seal, I think. So that means we have to meet Grandpa before noon on the 2nd no matter what? If my guess is correct. Can it be correct? can.I lower my voice. Let it be.How much time is left?The girl asked me, when the world ends or the universe explodes? Thirty-five hours.I said.There is no need to look at the watch, but it takes the earth one and a half rotations. During this time, you can receive two morning newspapers and one evening newspaper. three games.Thirty-six hours are useful for nothing more than that.Suppose a person lives to be seventy, which is 1/17033 of life.And after these thirty-six hours, a certain situation seems to be that the end of the world is coming. How to act next?asked the girl. I found painkillers from the first aid kit lying in front of the closet, swallowed them together with the water in the water bottle, and carried my backpack. Go down the tunnel and have no choice.I said.
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