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Chapter 20 Death of the Unicorn at the End of the World

The beasts have lost several companions.The first heavy snow fell all night.In the early morning of the next day, the whitish golden bodies of several old beasts were buried under five centimeters of snow.The rising sun poured light through the fragmented clouds, painting the frozen landscape with a bright luster.The breath exhaled by the herd of more than a thousand beasts danced white and hazy in this light. I opened my eyes and woke up before dawn, and learned that the town was completely covered with snow.This scene is really beautiful, amidst the whiteness, the clock tower rises blackly from the ground, and the river like a dark belt flows forward from its feet.The sun has not yet risen, and the sky is full of clouds, without any gaps.I put on my coat and gloves and went down to the deserted street.It seemed that the snow began to drift as soon as I fell asleep, and there was not a single footprint on the snow until I was about to wake up.Grab it in your hand and take a look, it is as soft and refreshing as fine white sugar.The puddles along the river were covered with a thin layer of ice, speckled with snow.

Apart from the white breath I exhale, nothing is in motion on the street.There was no wind, not even a bird shadow.Only the sound of snow treading on the soles echoed unnaturally loudly between the stone walls of the house like a synthetic effect sound. When approaching the gate of the city, I saw the gatekeeper in front of the square.He didn't know when he got under the repaired cart with Shadow and was adding oil to the axle.There are several gasoline cans standing side by side on the car board, which are tightly tied to the side boards with ropes to prevent them from tipping over.I wonder, what on earth are so many oil janitors doing?

The janitor poked his face out from under the car and raised his hand to greet me.Looks like he's in a good mood. Wake up so early!What wind brought you here? Come and see the snow, I said, it's beautiful from the hills! The janitor laughed out loud and put his hand on my back as usual.He didn't even wear gloves. You are also very interesting.I am afraid that you will get tired of seeing the snow scene in the future, so why bother to come down here to see it.What a difference. After all, he breathed out a big cloud of white gas like a steam engine, and stared at the city gate intently.

However, it is also time for you to be afraid.The gatekeeper said that if you go up to the watchtower, you can see a strange first winter scene.The horn will blow after a while, just look outside. First sight? It is natural to know at a glance. I ignorantly climbed up to the watchtower next to the door to watch the scenery outside the wall.The apple groves are covered with white snow, like clouds falling in the air.Beidashan and Dongdashan are almost covered in silver, only the raised rocks trace a few scar-like ridges. At the foot of the watchtower, the unicorns are still asleep as usual.They bent their legs as if they were folded in half, lying motionless on the ground, their snow-like pure white horns stretched straight forward, each immersed in a quiet sleep.The backs of the beasts were covered with thick snow, but they seemed to have no feeling at all, and their sleep was too dead and deep.

After a while, the clouds above my head split little by little, and the sun began to shine on the ground. I still stood still in the watchtower and continued to watch the surrounding scene.Firstly, there is only one beam of sunlight like a spotlight, and secondly, as a person, I really want to see with my own eyes the strange scenery that the gatekeeper said. Soon, the gatekeeper opened the city gate and blew the horn, as usual, one long and three short.The first sound caused the beasts to open their eyes and look up in the direction of the horn sound.From the amount of white gas they exhale, it can be seen that their bodies have started a new day of activities.

And the beasts breathe very little when they fall asleep. When the last sound of the horn was lost in the atmosphere, the beasts bowed to their feet.First try to slowly extend the front legs, straighten the front half of the body, and then straighten the back feet.Then he shook his horn in the air a few times, and finally shook his body as if he suddenly woke up, shook the snow off the ground, and began to move towards the city gate. Only after the beasts entered the gate did I understand what the gatekeeper told me to see.It turned out that the beasts that seemed to be sleeping soundly had already froze to death.It seemed that those beasts were not so much frozen to death, but more like they were thinking deeply about some important proposition.But there are no answers to them.No wisp of white air rises from their nostrils and mouths, their bodies have stopped moving, and their consciousness has been sucked into the boundless darkness.

After the other beasts left towards the city gate, the few dead bodies remained there like nodules from the ground.White snow shrouds wrapped their bodies, only the one-horn still pierced the sky with great vigor.When the surviving beasts passed by them, most of them bowed their heads deeply, or pawed their hooves in a low voice to mourn the dead. The sun rose high, and the shadow of the wall dragged forward very long.I looked at the silent corpses of the beasts until the sun began to quietly melt the snow on the ground.Because I feel that the morning sun seems to melt their deaths together, making the seemingly dead beasts stand up suddenly and start to march in the morning light as usual.

However, they did not stand up, letting the snow-soaked golden fur shine in the sun.Er, my eyes are starting to hurt. Walking down the watchtower, crossing the river, climbing up the west hillside and returning to the room, I found that the morning sun irritated my eyes far more strongly than I expected.As soon as he closed his eyes, tears trickled down and fell on his knees noisily.Rinse with cold water, no effect.I closed the thick curtains, closed my eyes tightly, and watched the strange lines and patterns that sometimes appeared and disappeared in the darkness that lost the sense of distance for several hours.

At ten o'clock, the old man knocked on the door with a coffee tray and came in. Seeing me lying prone on the bed, he wiped my eyelids with a cold towel.There was a burning pain behind the ear, but the flow of tears decreased a little after all. What the hell happened?The old man asked, the sun in the morning is much stronger than you think, especially on a snowy morning.Knowing that the eyes of dream readers can't bear the strong light, why did they go outside? I went to see the beasts, and I said, there were a lot of dead, eight or nine, or even more than that. More dead in the future, whenever it snows.

Why is it so easy to die?I lay on my back, took the towel off my face, and asked the old man. The body is weak, suffering from hunger and cold.It has always been like this. Won't it die? The old man shook his head: These guys have lived here for tens of thousands of years, and they will continue to live here in the future.Although a lot of people die during the cold winter, when spring arrives, little things are born to replace them.Because the vegetation that grows in this place can support a limited amount. Why don't they move elsewhere?The vegetation in the forest is inexhaustible, and it doesn't snow much in the south.I see no need to sit here and wait.

I also do not understand.The old man said, but the beasts just refused to evacuate, they belonged to this town, and they couldn't leave, just like you and me.The beasts obviously knew that they could not escape from this place by their own instincts, and they might only eat the vegetation that grew here.Or the boundless limestone wilderness of the South Road.After all, the beasts cannot leave here. What to do with the dead body? Burn it, the janitor burns.The old man warmed his rough hands with a coffee cup.For a while, that was the central job of the janitor.First cut off the head of the dead beast, take out the brain paste and eyeballs, and boil it in a large pot to make a beautiful skull.The remaining limbs were piled up, doused with rapeseed oil, and burned. Then put the ancient dream into the skull and put it in the library stack, right?I still closed my eyes and asked the old man, why?Why is the skull used for this? The old man didn't answer, only heard the creaking sound of him stepping on the wooden board.Zhiya left slowly from the head of the bed and stopped in front of the window.There was another silence. When you understand what the ancient dream is, the old man said, you will understand why the ancient dream was put into the skull.This cannot be told.You are a dream reader, and you have to find the answer yourself. I wiped my tears with a towel and opened my eyes.The figure of the old man by the window looked vague. Winter makes all kinds of things show their true colors.The old man continued, whether you like it or not, it’s all like that.The snow will continue to fall, and the beast will continue to die.No one can do anything.In the afternoon, you can see the gray smoke of burning beasts.It was like this every day throughout the winter, with white snow and gray smoke every day.
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