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Rope climbing is many times more comfortable than climbing a ladder. A firm knot is tied every 30 centimeters on the rope, and the thickness is just right and easy to grasp.I held the rope tightly with both hands, swayed my body back and forth slightly, and climbed up step by step rhythmically.Self-awareness is rather like a movie shot on a swing.It is true that the swing rope is not tied with any knots.Because knotting will be scorned by the public. I look up from time to time.But because the torch light is directly on the face, it is very dazzling, and it is difficult to see the distance.Presumably she was worried about me and was quietly watching me climb up from the top.The abdominal wound throbbed with the beating of the heart.The head that was injured when I fell still hurts more than ever.Although it will not affect rope climbing, pain is pain after all.

The closer I got to the top, the more the flashlight in her hand illuminated my body and surroundings.But this is generally a superfluous concern.Because I have long been accustomed to climbing in the dark, when I was illuminated by this light, I lost my pace and stepped on the ground several times.I can't get the balance between the distance between the lit part and the shadowed part.It appears that the lit areas are much more prominent than they actually are, and the shadowed areas are much more recessed.And too dazzling.The human body can quickly adapt to any environment.Even if the night ghosts who went underground a long time ago can change their bodies to adapt to the darkness, it is not surprising, I think.

When I climbed to sixty or seventy knots, I finally touched something like the top.I clasped the edge of the stone with both hands and climbed up like a swimmer climbs a swimming pool.Because the rope was too long, the arms were exhausted and it took a long time to climb to the top.It seems to have swum two or three kilometers freestyle.She grabs my belt and gives me one last hand. What a dangerous place!She said that if we were four or five minutes late, both of us would be reimbursed. This is great.Saying that, I lay on the rock plane and took a few deep breaths.Where did the water go? She put down the flashlight and pulled the rope up little by little.When about thirty knots have been pulled, hand the rope into my hand.The rope was wet: the water had risen to a considerable height.Climbing four or five minutes later is no small matter.

But can you find your grandfather?I asked. No problem, she said, right inside the altar.But the foot was sprained.It is said that he stepped into a deep pit when he escaped. Can you still come to this kind of place with a sprained foot? Of course.Grandfather is in good health, and our family is in good health. Like, I said.I can be considered in good health, but still far behind them. Come on, grandfather is waiting, he said he has a lot to tell you. Me too. I picked up my backpack again and followed her to the altar.The so-called altar is actually just a round hole in the rock wall.The inside of the cave looks like a big room, and there is a gas cylinder-like lamp in the hollow of the cave wall, which emits a hazy yellow light, making the uneven stone cave walls covered with countless strange shadows.The doctor was wrapped in a towel and sat next to a lamp, with half of his face backlit.

Because of the light, the eyes look deeply sunken, but they can actually be said to be full of energy. Oh, I'm afraid it's a narrow escape, right?The doctor said to me happily, I know the water is coming out.I thought I could arrive earlier, so I didn't care much. Got lost in the street, Grandpa.The fat granddaughter said that she didn't see him until almost a whole night and a day. All right, all right, it doesn't matter.The doctor said that now, whether it takes time or saves time is the same thing. Why on earth are they the same thing?I asked. Forget it, this is very long-winded, let's talk about it later, let's sit down first and get rid of the leeches on the neck.Otherwise, traces will be left behind!

I sat a little away from Dr.Sitting next to me, his granddaughter took out a match from her pocket and lit it to burn off the leech attached to my neck.The leeches had already drank their blood and swelled to the size of a wine cork.It was scorched by the fire, and there was a sound of water vapor. It fell on the ground and twisted for a while, and the girl crushed it with the sole of her sneakers.The skin was burned a bit, and it was tight and painful.I tilted my neck so hard that my skin felt like it was about to crack like the thin skin of an overripe tomato.In less than a week of this kind of life, my whole body might turn into a specimen of injury.Just like the picture of athlete's foot case hanging on the wall of the pharmacy, it is made into a beautiful color version and distributed to everyone.Belly wounds, head swellings, red moles from leech sucking, and even sexual insufficiency may be included.Only in this way can it be vivid and lifelike.

Didn't bring anything to eat?The doctor told me that the situation was urgent and I didn't have time to bring enough food. I only ate chocolate since yesterday. I opened the backpack, took out several cans, bread and water jug, and handed them to the doctor together with the can knife. The doctor first drank the water in the water canister lovingly, and then carefully inspected the cans one by one as if checking the age of wine. Cans and corned beef cans open. How about you too?Dr. asked us. We said no, how can we get an appetite in this kind of place. The doctor tore the bread into slices, rolled the corned beef, and ate it very sweetly.I ate a few more peaches, put the tin can against my mouth and squeaked to drink the juice inside.During this time, I took out the small bottle of whiskey and took two or three sips.Parts of the body were more or less painless thanks to the whiskey.It's not that the pain is relieved, but that the alcohol has paralyzed the nerves, making me feel as if the pain has become a separate life that has no direct relationship with me.

Ah, thank goodness!The doctor told me that there is usually emergency food here, which can guarantee two or three days without hunger, but this time I feel useless because I didn't replenish it for a while.Once you get used to living a comfortable life, you will inevitably relax your vigilance. This is a good lesson. The ancients said it wonderfully when it is sunny and prepares for rain. The doctor laughed alone for a long time. Now that the meal is finished, I said, let's get to the point.Tell me in order from the beginning, what exactly do you want to do?What have you done?How is the result?what should I do?Fifty ten places.

I'm afraid it's very professional, I think.The doctor said doubtfully. The place where the professionalism is strong is omitted.It's okay to understand the basic outline and specific plans. If you poke all of them out, I guess you will be angry with me, which is really true. not angry.I said.So far, being angry doesn't help. First of all I'm afraid I must apologize to you.The doctor said, although it was for research, after all, it deceived you, used you, and forced you into corners.I am deeply reflecting on this.Not just verbally, I feel sorry for you from the bottom of my heart.But having said that, the research I have conducted can be said to be quite important and valuable, almost unparalleled.Please understand this anyway.People like scientists can't see other things in front of the treasure of knowledge.Only in this way can science achieve uninterrupted progress.Taken to the extreme, science is reproduced precisely because of its purity.

Uh, have you read Plato? almost none.I said, but please get to the point.The purity of the purpose of scientific research has been fully understood. Sorry sorry, I just want to say that the purity of science sometimes hurts many people.It's the same as all purely natural phenomena damage people in some way: volcanoes bury settlements, floods sweep people away, earthquakes destroy everything on the ground.But if such natural phenomena are invariably harmful, Grandpa, the fat granddaughter interrupted from the side, can you speak faster?Otherwise it will be too late. That's right, that's right, the doctor took his granddaughter's hand and patted it a few times, but, ah, where should I say it?I am very bad at grasping the situation in a vertical order, and I don't know what to say or how to say it.

Didn't you give me the data for me to perform fuzzy calculations?What's the trick here? Explain that this goes back three years. Please go back. At that time, I was working in the research institute of the organization.It's not a formal researcher, so it's like an individual task force.I have four or five people under my command, with stately equipment, and the money is used casually.I don't care about money, and I don't want to be controlled by others in character.But organizations are uniquely positioned to provide a wealth of experimental material for research.What is even more fascinating is the ability to put the research results into practice. At that time the situation of the organization was quite critical.Specifically, the various data security systems they have compiled to protect intelligence can be said to have been completely deciphered by the signers.If the organization complicates the method, the symbolists will use more complex means to decipher it, and so on and on.This is no different from competing to build a high wall. If one family builds a high wall, the other will build it even higher.After a few turns, the wall becomes too tall to be practical.However, none of them are willing to give up, because giving up is tantamount to failure.Once it fails, it is bound to lose its value of existence.Therefore, the organization decided to develop an undecipherable data security method based on a new principle.I was hired as the person in charge of this development project. It was a very wise move for them to choose me.Because, then and of course I am now, I am the most capable and driven scientist in the field of brain physiology.I didn't do stupid things like publish academic papers or give talks at academic conferences, so I was always unnoticed in the society.But no one can match me in the depth of brain knowledge.Organizations know this.That's why I was hired as the right person.They wanted to come up with a completely different vision. Not to complicate or reinvent the established way, but to change it fundamentally.And that kind of work is beyond the reach of academics who spend their days writing boring papers or calculating salaries in university research rooms.The truly original scientist must be a free man. But you gave up your position as a free man because you joined the organization, right?I asked. Yes, that's right, said the Doctor, you're right.I am also reflecting on this in my own way.Not to regret, but to reflect.Not to justify myself. I was desperate for a place where I could put my theories into practice.At that time, I had already formed a whole set of rigorous theories in my mind, but I was suffering from being unable to actually verify them.This is also the difficulty in the study of brain physiology. It is impossible to conduct experiments with animals like other physiological studies.This is because the monkey brain does not have the complex functions to respond to people's deep psychology and memory. So you, I say, just use us for human experiments, right? Hey, don't jump to conclusions, let me briefly explain my theory.There is a general theory on ciphers that there are no ciphers that cannot be deciphered.This is certainly good, why, because the password is based on a certain principle.However, no matter how complicated and delicate the principle is, in the final analysis, there is one thing in common in spirit, that is, it can be mastered by most people.Therefore, as long as this principle is mastered, the code is not difficult to decipher.The most reliable code is the book-to-book system, that is, the two people who send the code to each other have the same edition of the same book, and the word is determined by the number of pages and lines.But even with this system, as long as the book is found, it is considered dead.This starts with keeping that book close at hand at all times.But this is too dangerous. So I thought: there is only one safe code, and that is to keep it secret with a system that no one can master.That is to preserve information through a foolproof black box, and in turn preserve processed things through the same black box.Even I was kept in the dark about the contents and principles of the black box.It can be used, but I don't know what it is.Because I don't understand it, it is impossible for others to steal information by violence.How, foolproof right? Are you saying that the black box is the deep psychology of people? Yes, exactly.Let me explain again.Here's the thing: everyone acts on different principles, and no one is the same.In short, this is a problem with ldentity.What is ldentity?It is the subjectivity of each person's thinking system caused by the experience and memory accumulated in the past.In short, it’s okay to call it a heart, and everyone’s heart is very different.Yet people do not grasp most of their own thought systems.I am so, and you are no exception.What we have grasped or thought to grasp is only one-fifteenth to one-tenth of the whole, not even the tip of the iceberg.For example, let me ask you a simple question: Are you brave or cowardly? I don’t know, I’ll answer honestly, sometimes I can be brave, sometimes I’m cowardly, it’s impossible to say for sure. The so-called thinking system is precisely such a thing, and it cannot be definitively determined.Depending on the situation and the object, you can almost automatically choose a point between bravery and cowardice in a split second.This meticulous program is already formed in you.But you hardly understand the specific division and content of the program, and there is no need to understand it.Even if you don't understand it, being yourself can make it work as usual.This is exactly the same as the black box.That is to say, there is a huge untouched image graveyard buried in our minds.It should be said that apart from the universe, there is the last piece of unknown land for human beings. No no, image graveyard is not the right term.It's not a dumping ground for dead memories.To be precise, it might be called an image factory.Because countless fragments of memory and knowledge are screened there, and the screened fragments are intricately combined to form lines, and the lines are intricately combined into wire bundles, and the wire bundles form a system.This is exactly a factory, a factory engaged in production.The director of the factory is of course you, but unfortunately you cannot visit there.Just like Alice in the mysterious country, there must be a special medicine to enter.Louis.Carroll's story is really brilliant. In other words, our actions are determined by the instructions issued by the image factory? Completely correct.old man, in other words Please wait, I interrupt the old man, let me ask a question. please please. Basically I understand.However, the mode of action cannot be extended to the decisions of the daily industry that belong to the surface layer.For example, whether to eat bread and milk or coffee and black tea when you get up in the morning, isn’t it a trivial matter? Makes sense.The doctor nodded deeply. Another problem is that people's deep psychology is always in a state of gradual change.To use an analogy, it's like an encyclopedia that publishes revised editions every day.In order to stabilize people's thinking system, these two faults need to be cleared. Fault?I asked, what counts as a fault?Isn't that what people do for granted? Well, the doctor said reassuringly, when we get to the bottom of it, it involves theological issues, which is the so-called determinism.That is to say, human behavior is determined by God long ago, or it is completely spontaneous.After entering modern times, science has of course been developed with the emphasis on the physiological thinking structure of human beings.But when asked what spontaneity is, no one can provide a satisfactory answer.Because no one has grasped the secret of our internal image factory.Freud and Jung published all kinds of inferences, but they invented only terms that could express them.Convenience is convenient, but it fails to establish the structure of human thinking.In my opinion, it is nothing more than painting a layer of cumbersome philosophy on the outside of psychological science. Having said that, the doctor laughed again.The girl and I waited quietly for him to finish laughing. Relatively speaking, my way of thinking is realistic.The doctor continued, borrowing an old saying, give to God what belongs to God, and give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.The so-called metaphysics, in the final analysis, is nothing more than everyday gossip about signs.Before being enthusiastic about this game, the things that need to be done in a limited place are simply piled up.For example the black box problem.It is certainly possible to just use the black box as a black box and ignore it, and it is also possible to directly use the performance of the black box, but the doctor raised a finger, but the two problems just mentioned must be solved.One is contingency at the level of superficial behavior, and the other is the variation of the black box with the addition of new experiences.Solving these two problems is by no means easy. why?Because as you just said, it's a natural behavior for people.As long as life lasts, people have to experience some kind of experience, and this kind of experience has to be accumulated in the body every second.To order it to stop is as futile as to order it to die. In this way, I came up with an idea: how to fix the black box of the person at that time in an instant.If there is a change later, just let it go and ignore others.It's just that when fixing the black box, it must be fixed intact, so that it can be called out without distortion when calling, similar to instant freezing. Wait, I said, the same person has two different mind systems, right? It is exactly, the old man said, sincerely said.You understood very quickly, I was not mistaken.Exactly what you said.Mindset A is constant.On the other hand, A, A, A are constantly changing.It's like keeping a stop watch in the right trouser pocket and a moving watch in the left trouser pocket.You can take out whichever you want.In this way, a problem is solved. It is also possible to use the same principle to solve another problem.That is to say, it is enough to remove the selectivity on the surface layer of the original thinking system A.understand? I don't understand. In a word, it is to peel off the surface like a dentist peels enamel, leaving only the central element of necessity, the core of consciousness.In this way, there will not be enough errors to be called errors.Then he froze the thinking system that had been cut off the surface and threw it into the well, with a plop.This is the prototype of the fuzzy operation method.That's roughly what the theory I developed before I joined the organization. Do you mean brain surgery? Brain surgery is needed.The doctor said that if the research is further advanced, the necessity of brain surgery may gradually be lost, and the same state can be created through external manipulation using a method similar to hypnosis.But at the current stage, this step is not possible, and only electrical stimulation can be given to the brain.That is, artificially altering the circular flow of the brain.There is nothing unusual about this, but it is just a little bit of the localized brain surgery that is still performed on psychotic epileptics, in order to wipe out the electrical discharges produced by the twisted brain.Can the professional part be omitted? Can.I said, just say the gist. In short, it is to set up the relay station of the brain wave process, which can be regarded as a diversion point.Embed electrodes and small batteries next to it, and use specific signals to click and switch relay stations. So, I have batteries and electrodes buried in my head too? certainly. Obediently! No no, it's not as scary or special as you might think.The size is only as small as a small bean, and there are many people in the world who walk around with such a large thing in their bodies.In addition, one point must be explained: the original thinking system, that is, the line of the watch that stops and does not go, is a blind line.Once in the blind line, you can no longer recognize all the processes of your mind.That is to say, during that time you have no idea what you are thinking or doing.If this is not the case, I am afraid that you will change your thinking system by yourself. In addition, there is also the problem of irradiation of the pure consciousness core that has been peeled off the surface, right?I heard from one of your assistants after the operation that the exposure had the potential to have a strong effect on the brain. Yes, there is this problem.However, there has not been a clear view on this point.At the time it was just an inference. That is to say, I have not tried it, but I guess it is possible. Just now you mentioned human experiments, frankly speaking, we have done more than one such experiment.Because you can't let your calculation formula, which is a precious talent, encounter accidents from the beginning.The organization found ten suitable candidates, we performed surgery on them and saw the results. what kind of person? We have nothing to say about this.Anyway, he was a strong, healthy man.The condition is that there is no history of mental illness, and the IQ is above 120.How these people were brought in, we don't know.The experimental results are justified.Seven out of ten relay stations are functioning well.The remaining three were completely indifferent, and their thinking systems were either singular or mixed.Fortunately, the seven did not make a mistake. What happened to the mixed ones? Of course, it was restored, and there was no harm. Several problems were obviously exposed during the training process of the remaining seven people.One is technical problems, and the other is the problems of the subjects themselves.The first is that the switching call sign of the relay station is easy to be confused.Initially we programmed callsigns with any five-digit number.But for some unknown reason, several people actually switched the relay station automatically because of the smell of natural grape juice.This is seen when grape juice is served at lunch. The fat girl was giggling beside me, but it was not a matter of laughing at me. Take me for example, after being blurred, sometimes I am very sensitive to various smells.For example, when she smelled her melon-scented cologne, it was like hearing something in her head.It's not child's play if you change your mind every time you sniff something. This problem was solved by sandwiching special sound waves between the numbers.This is actually very similar to the response of a certain sense of smell to the call sign.Another point is the fact that some people's original thought system doesn't work well even with relay station switching.After careful inspection, it was found that there was a problem with the Enwei system of the subject himself.Because the consciousness core of the subject itself is qualitatively unstable and thin.Although physically healthy and intellectually normal, spiritual subjectivity has not yet been established.There are also examples of the opposite: insufficient self-control.There is plenty of subjectivity, but it cannot be exploited without orderly arrangement.In short, not everyone can be competent in fuzzy operations as long as they undergo surgery, and there is still a problem of adapting or not.There is no doubt about it. After going back and forth like this, there were only three people left in the end.These three persons can be converted accurately according to the assigned call sign, so that they can function efficiently and stably using the frozen original thought system.Repeated experiments on them for a month, and obtained a signal of success. Further down we accept the fuzzy operation processing? good.Through repeated examinations and interviews, we recruited 26 people from nearly 500 applicants.Twenty-six people have firm spiritual subjectivity, are healthy, have no history of mental illness, and can control their actions and emotions.This is a very cumbersome job.Because some parts cannot be clarified by just passing the exam and interview.Immediately, the organization compiled detailed information on the twenty-six people: childhood conditions, academic performance, family, sex life, alcohol consumption, all inclusive.It means that you are completely washed like a newborn baby.So I know everything about you. There is one thing I don't understand.I said that from what I've heard, the core of our consciousness, the black box, is kept in the organization's library.How is this possible? We scan your thought systems without exception, run simulation experiments, and store the results as a primary reserve.Because if you don't deal with it like this, if something happens to you, you won't be able to move at all.It can be said that it is like a kind of insurance. Are the simulation test results complete? Ah, of course not complete, because the simulation is only easy if the surface part is effectively removed.Functionally, however, it is nearly complete.To be more specific, the simulation results are composed of three plane coordinates and holograms.Of course, the electronic computers of the past are not competent, but today's new computers can adapt to the complex structure of consciousness because they contain a considerable degree of image factory functions.In a word, the problem lies in the fixity of images.This point is long-winded, so please forgive me.In the simplest terms, the scanning method is as follows: first input several discharge modes of your consciousness into the computer.There are subtle differences in the way of discharge from one moment to another.Program the scanlines in the beam because you want to adjust the ends in the scanlines.In the process of choreography, there are both meaningless and meaningful in terms of measurement.This is judged by the computer.The meaningless ones are eliminated, and the meaningful ones are arranged as a basic method.This has to be repeated countless times in units of millions, just like stacking plastic sheets one by one.After confirming that none of them will go in and out, save its method as a black box. Can't reproduce the brain? No, it's not.The brain is absolutely impossible to reproduce.What we are engaged in is to immobilize your consciousness system with images, and within a certain time frame.There is nothing we can do about the flexibility of timing and brain function.But I don't stop there.I've also had success with black box visualization.As he spoke, the doctor alternately looked at the faces of my fat granddaughter and me.The visualization of the nucleus of consciousness.This has not been touched by anyone so far.Because it's impossible, but I make it possible.Guess how I did it? Can't guess. Let the experimental subjects look at a certain object, analyze the EEG response generated by the vision, and then convert it into a number, and then convert it into a point.The graphics that initially emerged were extremely rough.After repeated revisions and specific supplements, the images witnessed by the subjects were displayed on the computer screen.The actual homework is not as easy as it is said, and I don't know how much time and energy it took.In a nutshell it is.After going back and forth like this, the computer finally understood the program and automatically drew the computer's response into an image.Computers are really cute.As long as I keep giving orders here, it will keep working. Second, the black box must be imported into a computer that has already thoroughly understood the program.In this way, the condition of consciousness is miraculously imaged.Admittedly, the image is still extremely fragmented and chaotic.And that's pointless.So editing is required, yes, like film editing.Clip images are integrated, some are removed, and some are combined in various ways to make it a story with a beginning and an end. story? This is nothing to be surprised about.The doctor said that a good musician can transform consciousness into melody, a painter can transform it into colors and shapes, and a novelist can transform it into stories, and the same reason.Of course, since it is a conversion, it is not a truly accurate simulation.But it is really convenient for grasping the general state of consciousness.Because no matter how accurate it is, if all you see is a chaotic list of images, it is absolutely impossible to fully grasp the whole picture.Also, since the visual imagery isn't intended to be used for anything, there's no need to make all the slightest noises.This visualization is ultimately just a hobby of mine. Hobby? In the past or before the war I worked as an assistant film editor.Because of this relationship, I am very handy with homework in this area.It can be regarded as the work of giving order to chaos.In this way, I don't need other personnel, just plunge into the research room alone and keep busy.It is estimated that everyone does not know what I am doing.I secretly took the imaged data back home as private property and classified it as private property. All the consciousnesses of the twenty-six people have been visualized? Yeah, basically.And each has a name, which is also the name of each black box.Yours is probably the end of the world. Yes, it's the end of the world.I often feel baffled and don't know why I took such a name. Let's talk about this later.The doctor said, anyway, no one knows that I have successfully made images of twenty-six consciousnesses.I didn't tell anyone either.I would love to take this research where the relationship between different organizations takes place.I have completed the project commissioned by the organization, and the human trials I need have also ended, so I don't have the heart to continue researching for the benefit of others. I am eager to return to a life where I can do whatever I want, and carry out research that interests me in many ways.I don't belong to the type of concentrating on a single research, but I am suitable for advancing several projects in parallel: for example, I study phrenology over there, acoustics here, and brain medicine, etc.And if you are employed by someone, there is no way to talk about it.So, after I finished my research, I applied for resignation from the organization, saying that the mission assigned to me had been completed, and the rest was only technical work, so I should leave.However, they refused to agree to it.Because I know too much about that project.They were worried that I might go to the signers, and the fuzzy plan at this stage would come to naught.For them, friend or foe.The organization begged me to wait another three months and let me just study whatever I like in the institute.It doesn't matter if you don't work at all, and you will be paid a special bonus.He told me to ask someone to complete the strict confidentiality system during these three months, and then I can leave.I was born to like to be free, and it was naturally extremely unpleasant to be so bound, but it wasn't a bad thing as a matter of course.So I decided to live there leisurely for three months. The problem is that once a person becomes leisurely, extra problems will inevitably arise.Due to too much time, I came up with a plan to add a different line, the third line of thinking, to the subject of the experiment, which is your brain relay station.And add my rearranged consciousness core to the circuit. Why do such a thing? First, I wanted to observe how this would affect the subject, and how the consciousness reprogrammed by others would function on the subject.There is no clear example of this in human history.Secondly, of course it was on a whim. I thought that since the organization allowed me to do whatever I wanted, why not treat them as I wanted, and wanted to do a few functions that they didn't know about. That's why, I say, you're stuffing something like electric locomotive wiring in my head? Oops, then I would be ashamed, really ashamed.But I'm afraid you still don't understand that scientists' curiosity cannot be restrained.Of course, I hated the countless biochemical experiments conducted by those biochemists who assisted the Nazis in the forced shelters, but I also thought about it in my heart: anyway, why can’t I do it skillfully and achieve results?What the scientists who focus on biochemistry dream about day and night are actually exactly the same content.Besides, what I'm doing is by no means life-threatening, just turning two things into three, just changing the circular flow a bit.It's not particularly taxing on the brain, it's just another word using the same letter cards. However, in fact, everyone who received the fuzzy operation except me died.How do you explain this? I don't know, the doctor said, as you said, among the twenty-six calculations that underwent fuzzy operations, twenty-five people did die.The method of death is exactly the same.Lie down at night and die in the morning. Well, so do I, I said, maybe tomorrow the same, right? The situation is not that simple.The doctor wriggled slowly in the towel quilt, and the death time of the twenty-five people concentrated within half a year, that is, between one year and two months to one year and eight months after the operation.All twenty-five died during that period.But you are the only one who continues to perform fuzzy calculations safely after three years and three months.In this way, you cannot help thinking that you alone have special qualities that others do not have. In what sense is special? Wait a minute.After surgery, have you experienced any strange symptoms?Such as auditory hallucinations, hallucinations, confusion, etc.? No, I said, no auditory hallucinations.I just feel very sensitive to certain smells, mostly fruity. This is for everyone without exception.Certain fruit flavors have an effect on relay stations.The reason is not clear, but it has an effect anyway. But as a result, no hallucinations, no auditory hallucinations, no delirium, right? Yes.I answer. Well.The doctor pondered for a moment, what else? That's what I've been feeling lately: sometimes it's as if lost memories come back.I didn't pay much attention to it because it was fragmented before, but what has appeared recently is quite clear and lasts for a long time.I know the reason, it is induced by the sound of water.But it's not a hallucination, it's an out-and-out memory, no doubt about it. No, it is not.The doctor is categorical. Maybe you feel like a memory, but it is actually just an artificial bridge fabricated by yourself.In sum, there is a very understandable discrepancy between your own subjectivity and my programmed consciousness, and you try to bridge this discrepancy in order to justify your own existence. It's hard to understand.It never happened once in the past, why is it suddenly appearing now? Because I liberated the third line when converting the relay.The doctor said, but let's talk about it in order.Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain clearly, and it will not be easy for you to understand. I took another sip of whiskey.It seems that the development of the matter is much more serious than I imagined. When the first batch of eight people died one after another, the organization called me in and asked me to find out the cause of death.To be honest, although I am unwilling to intervene in this matter, after all, it is the technology I developed, and it is related to people's life and death, so I cannot stand idly by.Anyway, I decided to check it out.They introduced to me the process of eight deaths and the results of brain autopsies.As I said just now, the eight people died in exactly the same way, and the cause of death is unknown for all of them.There was no damage to the body and brain, and they both swallowed their breath as if they were sleeping peacefully.It's almost like euthanasia.There was no trace of pain on the face at all. Can't figure out the cause of death? Can't figure it out.Of course, inferences and assumptions can still be made.After all, the eight people who died one after another were all calculations that underwent fuzzy operations. It is impossible to treat it as a coincidence, and we must try our best to take countermeasures.In any case it is the duty of the scientist.我的推論是這樣的腦中設置的中繼站功能是否遲滯、燒燬或消失從而導致思維體系發生混淆和大腦功能承受不住其力量的衝擊?倘若中繼站沒有問題,那麼根本癥結是否在於解放意識核(儘管時間很短)本身?而這對於人腦是否不勝負荷?說到這裡,博士把毛巾被一直拉到下巴,停頓一會,這是我的推論。確鑿證據固然沒有,但根據前後情況再三斟酌,死因或是二者之一,或二者都是。我覺得這樣推測是最為穩妥的。 做腦解剖也沒搞清? 腦這東西不同於電烤爐,又有別於洗農機,看不見接線和開關,改變的只是肉眼看不見的放電流程。所以入死之後,不可能取出中繼站來檢查。活腦出現異常可以判明,對死腦則徒呼奈何。當然,若有損壞或膿腫,自然一目了然,但無此症狀,完好無缺,十全十美。 於是,我們把活著的十名實驗對象叫進研究室,複查一遍。取出腦波,轉換思維體系,確認中繼站運轉是否順利。並詳細進行了面談,詢問身體有無異常,有無幻覺幻聽,然而沒發現任何堪稱問題的問題。身體全都健康,模糊運算作業也一帆風順。這樣,我們估計死的人可能大腦有某種先天性缺陷,不適合從事模糊運算。至於何種缺陷尚不明瞭,但可以在研究過程中逐步澄清,趕在施行第二代模糊手術之前解決即可。 但終歸還是失算了。因為此後一個月又死了五人,其中八人還是我們徹底複查過的實驗對象。複查也認為毫無問題的人為時不久也那般輕易地死了。這對我們實在是沉重打擊。 二十六人中,已有一半莫名其妙地死去。如此下去,適合不適合倒是次要的,主要將帶來一個根本性問題,亦即將兩套思維體系交相轉換使用這點對於大腦原本就是不可能的。據此,我向組織提議凍結這個項目。就是說將中繼站從依然存活的人的腦中取出,中止模糊運算作業。若不然,說不定全軍覆沒。但組織說此事辦不到,拒絕我的提案。 Why? 他們說,模糊系統運行得極有成效,事實上已無法就此剎住而將整個系統重歸於零。 若果真如此,組織機能勢必癱瘓。況且又不是說肯定全體死光,如果有人活下來,不妨將其作為有說服力的標本進行下一步研究。於是我退下來了。 而且只我一個逃生。 是這樣的吧。 我把後腦殼貼在巖壁,悵悵地望著洞頂,用手心摩挲著臉頰茁壯的鬍鬚。我記不準上次是什麼時候刮的須。想必我的面目十分怕人。 那我為什麼沒死? 終歸是一種假設,博士說,假設又加假設。不過,依我的直感,還不至於不著邊際。具體說來是這樣:你原本就是將數套思維體系區分使用的,當然是無意識的,是在自己都不知不覺之間將自身的主體性一分為二。用我前面那個比喻來說,就是右邊褲袋的表和左邊褲袋的表。你本來就有中繼站,因而已經具有精神上的免疫力。這是我作的假設。 可有什麼根據? some.還是在兩三個月以前,我把已製成圖像的二十六人的黑匣子即思維體系重新看了一遍,有一點引起我的注意。就是你那部分最為完整,沒有破綻,脈絡清晰。一句話,完美無缺。幾乎可以改編成小說或電影。但其他二十五人則不是這樣。繞統紊亂不堪,渾濁不清,一盤散沙,無論怎麼修改編排都不成條理,難以收拾,就像拼接夢境。而你的卻截然相反,不可同日而語,好比拿專業畫家的畫比幼兒習作。 Why is this so?我就此想了很多,結論只有一個:你是用自己的手歸納整理過的。 所以才以如此井井有條的結構存在於圖像集成之中。再打個比方,就好像你親自下到自己意識底層的圖像工廠親手製作圖像,而且是在不知不覺之間。 難以置信,我說,何以發生這種情況呢? 有各種各樣的因素,博士答道,兒時體驗、家庭環境、自我的過於客體化、犯罪感尤其要指出的是你性格上有過於自我封閉的傾向。isn't it? perhaps.我說,這到底將會怎樣呢?假如我真是這樣的話。 無可力致。如果順利,你也許就這樣長命百歲。博士說,但現實生活中是不可能一切順利的。Right?你的處境是:無論願意也罷不願意也罷,你已經成為左右這場荒唐的情報戰趨勢的關鍵。組織恐怕不久就要以你為典型開發第二項目。你將被徹底解折,用各種方式攪拌不已。具體如何我已不得而知。但不管怎樣,你肯定要遭遇種種倒霉之事。我是不甚瞭解社會,但這點還是看得出來的。作為我也很想拉你一把來著。 得得。我說,你再不參加那個研究項目了嗎? 我再三說過,我是不喜歡為別人一點點耗費自己的學問的,更不想參與將來不知犧牲多少人的研究項目。我也有許多地方需要反省。正因為這些瑣事弄得我心煩意亂,才把研究室設在避開世人的地下。組織倒也罷了,符號士們居然也在打我的主意。總之我這人不大喜歡大的組織。組織考慮的只是自身利益。 那你為什麼在我身上搞小動作?說謊把我叫來,故意讓我計算? 因為我想趕在組織和符號士把你抓去胡亂糟蹋之前來驗證我的假設。這點一旦弄清,你也不必被折騰得一塌糊塗。我給你的計算數據之中,含有轉換為第三思維繫統所需的暗號。就是說,你在轉換成第二思維繫統之後換了一個點,而用第三思維繫統進行了計算。 所謂第三思維繫統,就是你在經過圖像化的基礎上重新編排的系統? Completely correct.博士點頭道。 可是這何以證明你的假設呢? 誤差問題。博士說,你是無意間把握自己的意識核的。所以在使用第二思維繫統階段沒有任何問題。但第三線路是我重新編排的,二者之間自然存在誤差。而這種誤差應該給你造成某種反應。作為我,就是想計測一下你對誤差的反應。根據計測結果,應當可以進一步具體推測出封存於你意識底部那個東西的強度、性質及其成因。 應當? 是的,是應當。可惜眼下一切都落空了。符號士們和夜鬼沆瀣一氣,把我的研究室破壞得面目全非。所有資料都被洗劫一空。那伙渾蛋撤離後我回去看過一次,重要資料一點也沒剩下,誤差計測已根本無從談起。就連製成圖像的黑匣子也被帶走了。 這點與世界完蛋有什麼關係呢? 準確地說,並非現存的這個世界完蛋,而是世界在人們心中完蛋。 not understand.I said. 一句話,那就是你的意識核。是你意識所描繪的世界歸於終結。至於你的意識底層何以藏有這種東西我不清楚,反正是世界在你的意識中走到盡頭。反過來說,你的意識是在世界盡頭中生存的。那一世界裡缺少這個現存世界中應有的大部分東西。那裡沒有時間沒有空間沒有生死,沒有正確含義上的價值觀和自我,而由獸們來控制人的自我。 獸? 獨角獸。博士說,那座鎮子有獨角獸。 莫非獨角獸同你給我的頭骨有某種關係? 那是我複製的,惟妙惟肖吧?依照你的意識圖像製作的,費了好大的勁。倒也沒什麼特殊用意,不過出於對骨相學的興趣罷了。for you. 請停一下,我說,自己意識深處存在那樣一個世界這點我基本明白了。你以更顯而易見的形式將其編排出來,作為第三線路植入我的腦中。之後送進暗號,將我的意識注入這條線路,使之模糊起來。至此沒有失誤吧? No. 隨著模糊作業的完成,第三線路自動關閉,我的意識返回原來的第一線路。 wrong.說著,博士卡卡搔了幾把脖後,若是那樣事情自然簡單,但並非那樣。第三線路不具有自動關閉功能。 那麼說,我的第三線路一直開放著? Think so. 但我現在是按第一線路思考、行動的呀。 因為第二線路已經封口。用圖來表示,結構是這樣的。博士從衣袋掏出便箋和圓珠筆,畫了張圖遞到我手裡。 大約是這樣。這就是你的通常狀態。中繼站A建接輸入點一,中繼站B連接輸入點二。 但現在是這樣的。 博士在另一張紙上又畫了幅圖: Understand?中繼站B連接第三線路,在這種情況下將中繼站A通過自動轉換同第一線路相連。這樣,你可以用第一線路思考和行動。但這終究是一時性的,而必須盡快將中繼站B轉換到線路二。這是因為,準確說來第三線路並非屬於你自己的。如果聽之任之,勢必產生誤差能,燒燬中繼站B,致使永遠同第三線路連在一起,以其放電將中繼站A拉向點2,進而燒掉那個中繼站。我本應該在此之前計測誤差能,使之完全復原。 本應該?I asked. 現在已經無能為力。剛才說過,我的研究室已被那幫渾蛋毀掉,珍貴資料蕩然無存。 我已無可奈何,十分抱歉。 如此下去,我說,我將永遠嵌在第三線路之中,無法復歸原位了? 想必是的,想必要在世界盡頭中生活。我也覺得於心不忍 於心不忍?我一陣茫然,這可不是光於心不忍就能了結的問題吧?你說於心不忍或許未嘗不可,可我到底如何是好?事情本來是你惹起的,不是嗎?開哪家的玩笑!還沒聽說過如此惡毒的勾當! 可是我做夢也沒想到符號士會同夜鬼狼狽為奸。那幫傢伙曉得我著手幹什麼,一心把模糊系統的秘密竊為己有。而且目前組織恐怕也已知道此事。對組織來說,我們兩人是雙刃劍。understand?他們認為我和你搭檔瞞著組織開始另搞名堂。Right?並曉得符號士們正對此虎視眈眈。其實符號士們是有意讓組織知道的。這樣組織就會為保守機密而設法把我們除掉。不管怎麼說,我們已背叛了組織。就算模糊方式一時受挫,他們也還是不想放過我們。因為你我二人是第一次模糊計劃的關鍵,一旦我們同時落入符號士之手,必然惹出一場大禍。另一方面這也正是符號士的陰謀所在。如果我們被組織斬草除根,模糊計劃也就壽終正寢;假如我們脫險投奔符號士,自然正中其下懷。總之符號士一無所失。 Mess.I said.闖入我房間胡作非為、割開我肚皮的到底是符號士。他們之所以大動干戈,目的就在於把組織的注意力引到我身上。果真如此,我正好落入他們設下的圈套。那麼說,我已經山窮水盡了?符號士和組織兩面夾擊,如此下去,我這一現實存在肯定化為烏有。 不,你本身不會完蛋,不過進入另一世界罷了。 半斤八兩。我說,聽著,我自己也知道我這個人渺小得幾乎要用顯微鏡才看得出。過去就是這樣。看畢業相也要花好半天時間方能找到自己。我一無家室,二無朋友,馬上烏有也沒人受累沒人悲傷。這我完全清楚。不過說來你也許奇怪,我已經基本滿足於這個世界,原因倒不清楚。或許在我與我自身一分為二又相互爭執的淒慘情況下依然自得其樂也未可知,說不明白。反正我還是覺得活在這個世界心裡踏實。我是討厭世上存在的大多數東西。對方想必也討厭我,但其中也有我中意的,而且中意的就非常中意。這和對方中意不中意我沒有關係。我就是這樣生存於世的。我哪裡也不想去,也不需要死。年紀的增長固然有時令人傷感,但這不光我一個人,任何人年紀都同樣越來越大。獨角獸和圍牆也不稀罕。 不是圍牆,是牆壁。博士糾正道。 什麼都無所謂。圍牆也罷牆壁也罷,哪樣都不需要。我說,可以發一點火麼?我很少發火,可現在越來越難以克制。 這種時候,怕也是情有可原。老人搔著耳垂說。 歸根結蒂,責任百分之百在你身上。我毫無責任。策劃的是你,實施的是你,把我捲進去的是你。是你在人家腦袋裡擅自編織線路,出具假委託書令我做模糊運算,讓我背叛組織,使我遭受符號士的圍追迫害。把我領進莫名其妙的地下,現在又要使我進入世界盡頭。如此慘無人道的勾當聞所未聞。你就能對此無動於衷?反正請為我復原好了! 老人唔了一聲。 人家說的不錯,爺爺,胖女郎插嘴道,你有時候太熱衷於自己的事情,以致連累別人。搞足鰭實驗時不也是這樣的麼?無論如何得想了辦法才行。 我的出發點原是好的,後來越來越糟實在是由於迫不得已的情況。老人歉然說道,現在已發展到了我束手無策的地步。我已無計可施,你也無法可想。車輪越來越快,誰都不能使它停下。 一塌糊塗!I sigh. 不過,你大概可以在那個世界裡挽回你在這裡失去的東西,已經失去的,和正在失去的。 我失去的? Yes.博士說,挽回你失去的一切,一切都在那裡。
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