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Chapter 26 Twenty-six World End Power Station

After reading the ancient dream, I mentioned the matter of going to the power station, and the girl's face darkened. The power station is in the forest!As she spoke, she buried the glowing coals in the sand to extinguish them. Just the entrance.I said, the gatekeepers said there was no problem. God knows what the gatekeeper was thinking.Even the entrance to the forest is still dangerous. I'd like to see it anyway, and get an instrument anyway. She took out all the coals, opened the furnace below, poured the white ash accumulated inside into the bucket, and shook her head several times.

I will go too.she says. Why?Don't you want to be near the forest?Besides, I don't want to drag you down. Because you can't let you go out alone, you haven't fully understood the power of the forest. We walked east along the river under an overcast sky.This is a morning reminiscent of a warm spring.There is no wind, and the sound of the water seems to have lingering tenderness, which is different from the cold and bright past.After walking for ten or fifteen minutes, I took off my gloves and my scarf. It's like spring.I said. yes.It's a pity that it's only one day, as always.Immediately kill back in winter.

Passing through the scattered houses on the south bank of the bridge, you can see only farmland on the right side of the road, and the gravel road has turned into a narrow dirt road.Between the ridges of the field, a few streaks of frozen white snow remained like scars from scratches.Willows are lined up on the left bank, with soft branches hanging down to the river.The bird landed on a weak branch, shook the branch several times to keep its balance, and finally changed its mind and flew to another tree.The sun is faint, soft and warm.I raised my face several times, enjoying the quiet warmth.The girl put her right hand in her coat pocket, and her left hand in mine.I held a small suitcase in my left hand, and held her hand in my pocket with my right.The suitcase contained our lunches and presents for the caretaker.

Spring is here, and things must be getting happier, I thought, holding her warm little hand.If my heart survives this winter, and my shadow does as well, it may be possible for me to restore my heart in a more correct form.As Shadow said, I must overcome winter. While watching the surrounding scenery, we strolled upwards.Neither she nor I spoke at all during this time.It's not that there is nothing to say, but that there is no need to say anything.The white snow in the potholes on the ground, the bird holding the small red fruit on the tree, the thick-leaved winter vegetables trembling in the field, the clear puddles left by the river everywhere, and the snow-covered ridge. The two looked at each one as they walked and confirmed endlessly.As far as the eye can see, all the scenery seems to be breathing this sudden short-term warm breath, spreading it to every part of the body.The dark clouds covering the sky are not as dull and depressing as in the past, but give people an indescribable sense of intimacy, as if closing our small world with soft hands.

You can also encounter unicorns looking for food on the dry grass.They are covered with whitish yellowish fur.The fur is much longer and thicker than in autumn, but at a glance it can be seen that it is much weaker than before, and it looks like a spring out of a sofa.The flesh at the corners of the mouth is also loose and drooping out of shape, which is unbearable to look at.The eyes were dimmed, and the limbs swelled like balls of joints.The only thing that remains unchanged is a white horn protruding from the forehead, which consistently and proudly pierces the sky. They walked from one clump of trees to another along the ridges of the field.There are very few fruits and edible green leaves on the trees.Although there are still a few fruits left on the tall branches, it is a pity that they cannot be reached no matter what.They search in vain for the fruit that has fallen on the ground under the tree, or watch the scene of the bird pecking the fruit with pitiful eyes.

Why don't the beasts move the crops in the field?I asked the girl. Always like this.Why I don't know.she answered. The beasts will never eat anything that a man eats.Of course, if we give it, it is sometimes eaten, otherwise we will never act rashly. By the river, a few beasts knelt down on their front legs and bent over to drink the water in the puddle.When we walked by, they still drink water without looking up.Their white horns are reflected on the surface of the water, just like bones dropped into the water. The janitor told me rightly, that after walking along the river bank for thirty minutes and crossing the East Bridge, there was a small path that turned right.The road is very small and thin, and it is easy to ignore if you don't pay attention.There is also no farmland in this area, only tall and dense weeds can be seen on both sides of the road, stretching between the eastern forest and the field as if deliberately separating the two.

Not long after walking along the path among the wild grass, we came across a gentle slope, and the grass also thinned out.Then the slope turned into a hillside, and finally into a rocky mountain.Fortunately, although it is a rocky mountain, it is not bare and needs to be climbed, but there are quite regular stone steps.After climbing for more than ten minutes, we reached the top of the mountain.As far as the overall height is concerned, I am afraid it is somewhat lower than Xishan where my surname lives. The south side of the stone mountain is different from the north side. The slope slopes down slowly. The foot of the mountain is connected to a fairly wide grassland, and further ahead is the dark eastern forest, which is pushed into the distance like an ocean.

We sat down and rested on the top of the mountain, watching the surrounding scenery for a while.Seen from the east, the townscape is very different from the impression I usually get.The river is surprisingly straight, without sandbars at all, flowing straight and endlessly, like an artificial canal.Across the river was the marsh to the north.On the right side of the swamp, across the river, the forest in the east is eating away at the land like flying insects.On this side of the river to the left, you can see the farmland we just walked through.Looking far away, there is no one inhabited, and the East Bridge is also deserted, which makes people feel sad.If you look closely, you can recognize the staff housing area and the clock tower, but it is more like a distant and ethereal phantom.

After a short rest, we walked downhill towards the forest.At the entrance of the forest, there is a pool with a shallow bottom, and in the center stands a half-skeleton-like dead tree stump.There are two white birds on it, looking at us fixedly.The snow is so hard that the shoes leave no footprints.The long winter days have greatly changed the scenery in the forest.There is no bird song or cicada shadow inside.Only the big tree draws life force from the depths of the ground that cannot be frozen, and stabs at the gloomy sky. While walking along the forest road, a strange voice came from my ears.It is almost like the sound of wind running through the forest, but there is no sign of wind blowing around, and the sound of wind is too monotonous and lacks speed changes.The further you go, the louder and clearer the sound.We don't understand it.It was also the first time for a girl to come near this power station.

Through the huge oak tree, you can see the empty square ahead.At the end of the square is a building that resembles a power station.However, it lacks any functional characteristics to indicate that it is a power station, and it looks like a huge warehouse.There is no unique power generation equipment, and no high-voltage wires are pulled out.The wonderful sounds we catch always seem to come from this brick building.The entrance is two solid iron doors, and there are several small windows at the top of the wall.The road leads to the square. It seems that this is the power station.I said. The front door seemed to be locked, even if the two pushed it together, it would not move.

We walked around the building.There is a certain length from the front of the power station to the back, and the walls on both sides are as high as the front wall, and windows are lined up, and there is a strange wind sound coming from the windows.But there is no door.Only the flat brick wall without any grips rose from the ground.It looked exactly like the town wall.However, upon closer inspection, it was found that the quality of the bricks here was completely different from those used for the enclosure wall, and they were purely shoddy.The feel is also quite rough, with flaws everywhere. Adjacent to the rear is a small residence that is also a brick and tile building.It was about the size of a caretaker's cottage, with very ordinary windows.Instead of curtains, there were grain sacks hanging on the windows.Blackened chimneys stood on the roof.At least a little breath of life can be felt here.I knocked three times at a time on the wooden door.No reply.The door is locked. There is an entrance to the power station opposite.The girl said and took my hand.Looking where she pointed, there was a small door at the corner behind the building, and the iron door opened outward. Standing towards the door, the wind became louder.The interior of the building was much darker than expected.And put your hands together and look in until your eyes get used to the darkness: there is no light inside. It's a bit surprising that there are no lights at all. Only the faint light from the high windows casts on the ceiling. .The sound of the wind was rushing to and fro unscrupulously in this empty room. Look at this scene, no one will hear you when you say hello.I stood still at the door, took off my glasses, and waited for my eyes to get used to the darkness.The girl stood behind me behind her.It looked like she wanted to stay as far away from the building as possible.The wind and darkness already made her tremble with fear. Since I am usually familiar with the dark, it didn't take me long to recognize a man standing in the middle of the floor of the room.The man was thin and small, staring motionlessly at the big round iron pillar with a diameter of about three or four meters piercing the ceiling in front of him.Except for this column, there are no other decent equipment and machines, and the room is as empty as an indoor racetrack.The floor and walls are also paved with bricks, like a huge stove. I left the girl at the door and went inside alone.From the doorway to the middle column, the man didn't seem to notice me.He didn't move at all, only turned his face to this side, quietly watching me approaching.The man was very young, probably a few years younger than me.The exterior contrasts sharply with the janitor in all respects.His hands, feet and neck are slender, his face is fair and smooth, with almost no shaving marks, and his hair recedes to the top of his broad forehead.The clothes are also neat and tidy. Hello!I said. He closed his lips tightly, stared at my face, and nodded slightly for a moment. don't bother?I had to raise my voice because of the wind. The man shook his head to show that he was not disturbed, and then pointed to the postcard-sized glass window on the column, as if asking me to look inside.Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the glass window was part of the door.The door was bolted firmly.Inside the glass window, a huge fan was attached to the ground, spinning unstoppably fast, as if there was a driving motor with thousands of horsepower inside.Presumably the fan rotates with the help of wind blowing from somewhere to generate electricity. Is it the wind?I asked. The man nodded yes.Then, he took my arm and walked towards the door.He's about half a head shorter than me.We walked to the door side by side like a pair of good friends.The girl stood at the door, and the young man nodded slightly to the girl as he did to me. Hello!The girl greeted. Hello!The man also responded. He led us where the wind was barely audible.Behind the house there is a farmland out of the woods.We sat on several tree stumps arranged in a row. Sorry, I can't speak out loud.The young administrator said in self-defense.Are you from the town? I answered yes. You see, said the young man, the town is powered by the wind.There is a huge hole in the ground here, and the wind blowing out of it is used to generate electricity.The man remained silent for a while, staring at the farmland under his feet. The wind blows every three days.There are many caves in this area, and the wind and water flow in them.I'm in charge of equipment maintenance here.When there is no wind, tighten the fan bolts, apply lubricating oil, or take measures to prevent the switch from freezing.The electricity generated is transported to the town via underground cables. After all, the administrator looked around the farmland.Around the farmland, the forest is surrounded like a high wall.The black soil of the field has been carefully trimmed, and there is no shadow of crops. In my spare time, I cut down trees to open up wasteland and expand the area of ​​cultivated land.Of course I can't do big things by myself.The big tree went around and chose an easy place to attack as much as possible.But it's not bad to do something yourself.When spring comes, you can plant melons and beans.Are you here as a trainee? Exactly.I said. People in the town generally don't come here, the administrator said, and no one in the forest comes in.Except for those who send things, of course.The man came once a week to deliver food and daily necessities. Have been living here alone?I asked. Well, yes, it's been a long time.You can know every move of the machine just by listening to the sound, after all, you talk to the machine every day. Over time, this matter is naturally clear in the heart.The machine works normally, and I feel at ease.In addition, he is familiar with the movement of the forest.There are so many sounds from the forest, it's almost like a living thing. Isn't it hard to live alone in the forest? I don't quite understand the question of whether it is uncomfortable or not.He said, the forest is here, I live here, that's all. Someone has to be here to look after the machine.Besides, I'm only at the entrance of the forest, and the situation inside is not very clear. Besides, is there anyone like you who lives in the forest?the girl asked. The administrator pondered for a moment, nodded slightly and said: I know a few people who live far away.Yes there are several.They dig coal, clear wasteland, and farm, but I only meet a few of them, and they rarely talk to each other.Because they ignore it.They live in the forest, I live here, the two have nothing to do with each other.Or there are more people in the forest, but that's all I know.I don't go into the forest, they hardly come to the entrance. Have you ever seen a girl?asked the girl, thirty one or two years old. The administrator shook his head and said: No, I didn't see a single woman.All I saw were men. I glanced at the girl's face.She didn't speak again.
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