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Chapter 27 Twenty Seven Grim Wonderland Encyclopedia Sticks, Immortals, Paper Clips

What a mess!I said, is there really nothing I can do?In your calculations, how far has the situation developed now? You mean the situation in your head?asked the doctor. of course!What else could happen.How damaged is my brain? I tried to do the math: Relay B had dissolved about six hours ago, I'm afraid.The dissolution mentioned here is of course only an expedient statement, and it is not actually a part of the brain that melts, that is to say The third line is fixed, the second line is dead, right? That's what happened.So as I said earlier, you have started to build auxiliary bridges in your brain.In short, memory production has begun.Metaphorically speaking, the conduits connecting there to the surface consciousness are being patched according to changes in the pattern of the underlying image factories of your consciousness.

So, let me continue, the relay station A is no longer functioning normally, that is, the circuit at the bottom of the consciousness has leaked information, right? Not exactly that.Dr. says plumbing is inherent.Although the thinking lines are divided, it is impossible to block the pipeline in one fell swoop.This is because, your superficial consciousness, that is, circuit one, can only exist by absorbing the nutrients of your deep consciousness, that is, circuit two.The pipe is both a tree root and a ground wire.The human brain cannot function without it.That's why we left the pipeline. Of course, the compression is at a minimum. Under normal circumstances, the compression will not cause unnecessary leakage and backflow.Unexpectedly, the discharge energy caused by the dissolution of relay station B gave the pipeline an abnormal impact, causing your brain to start repairing due to fright.

Then, the reproduction of memory will continue in the future? possible.In short, something like decibels.In principle, there will not be much change.This situation is expected to continue for some time.Soon you will step into a world recreated with new memories. A recreated world? Yes, right now you are preparing to move to another world.So the world you are witnessing now has also changed a little bit. Knowing this thing is like this, the change of the world depends entirely on consciousness.Yes, the world is real.But from a phenomenal point of view, the world is just one of an infinite number of possibilities.Specifically, the world changes when you decide whether to take the right foot or the left.It should come as no surprise that the world changes as memory changes.

Sounds like sophistry.I say it's too subjective.You ignore temporality.That situation becomes a problem only when time contradicts itself. In a sense, this is precisely the paradox of time.The doctor said that you create your own private multiple worlds by producing memories. In other words, the world I am experiencing now is drifting away from my inherent world a little bit? This cannot be verified, and no one can prove it.I can only say that such a possibility is not impossible.Of course, this does not refer to the absurd and multiverse world of science fiction, but it is only a matter of understanding after all.That is the world grasped by knowing.I think it's in flux in every way.

After the change, the relay station A is converted, and a completely different world appears, and I live there, right?And I can't escape the switch, just sit and wait, huh? That's what happened. How long will this world last? endlessly. I don't understand, I said, why endless?The flesh should have a time limit.When the body dies, the brain dies, and the brain-dead consciousness also ends with it, doesn't it? no.Thinking has no time.This is the difference between thinking and dreaming.Thinking can see everything in an instant, experience eternity, and close a circuit to circle around it forever.Only then can it become a thought, and it will not be interrupted like a dream.It is similar to the encyclopedia stick.

Is encyclopedia great? The so-called encyclopedia stick is a theoretical game thought up by a scientist somewhere, that is to say, engrave the encyclopedia on a toothpick.Know how to engrave? have no idea. Very simple.Replace all the text in the intelligence information, that is, the encyclopedia, with numbers.Each word is represented by two digits, A is zero one, B is zero two, and is blank, and the punctuation marks are also digitized.And put a decimal point in front of it.In this way, there will be an infinitely long decimal point, such as 0.1732000631 and so on.Then, carve it where the toothpick exactly matches the number.Specifically, engrave the part that matches 0.50000 in the middle of the toothpick; if it is 0.3333, engrave it one-third from the front end.Do you understand?

clear. In this way, no matter how long the information is, it can be engraved on a toothpick at once.Admittedly, this is theoretical stuff after all and doesn't work in practice.With today's technology, it is impossible to carve so finely.But you can still understand the nature of thinking as a game, right?Time is the length of the toothpick, and the amount of information contained has nothing to do with the length of the toothpick.It can be extended arbitrarily and shortened infinitely.If resorting to cyclic numbers, it will be endless and endless.Understand?The problem is with the software and has nothing to do with the hardware.Whether it is a toothpick or a 200-meter-long piece of wood or the equator.It doesn't matter.Even if your body dies and your consciousness is gone, your thinking will capture that moment and decompose it forever.Consider the ancient contradictory claims about flying arrows.Probably said that the flying arrow stopped.Physical death is an arrow that flies straight to your head, and no one can avoid it.Sooner or later a person dies, and the body is bound to perish.Time pushes the arrow forward.But as I said just now, the thinking thing will break down time endlessly.So that kind of self-contradiction actually holds true.The arrow missed.

That is to say, I should say that I will not die. Yes, one who enters the mind is immortal.To be precise, even if it is not immortal, it is infinitely close to immortality and eternal life. Is this the real purpose of your research? No, not like that.The doctor said, I didn't notice it at first, and I started this research just out of a little interest.I came across this while researching and discovered this.Man does not achieve immortality by extending time, but obtains eternal life by dismantling time. You dragged me into this undead world? No, no, it was purely an accident. I didn't intend to do that, please believe me.Really, I really had no intention of doing that.But now, there is no choice, there is only one way to prevent you from entering the undead world.

any solution? die immediately.The doctor said in a business tone, die before relay station A is connected, so there will be nothing left. A deep silence enveloped the cave.The doctor coughed, the fat girl sighed, and I took a sip of whiskey, but no one was silent. What kind of world is that?I asked the doctor, is it the world of immortality. As I said just now, the doctor said, it is a quiet and peaceful world, a world you created yourself.There you can be yourself.There is everything and nothing there.Can you imagine such a world? Can't imagine. Yet your deeper consciousness can create it.This is not something anyone can do.Some people will forever wander in a chaotic world where contradictions are intertwined and inexplicable.Only you are different, you are suitable for immortality.

When will the transformation of this world happen?the fat girl asked. The doctor looked at his watch, and I looked at my watch too: at 6:25, it was broad daylight.The morning paper has been dispatched. According to my preliminary calculation, there are still twenty-nine hours and thirty-five minutes.The doctor replied, there may be an error of forty-five minutes, which is basically the same.For ease of grasp, I have adjusted it to noon: noon tomorrow. I shook my head.Easy to master?Then he took another sip of whiskey.But no matter how you drink it, there is no feeling of alcohol entering the body.Not even the taste of whiskey.It is really strange that the stomach pouch looks like a fossil.

What are you going to do next?asked the fat girl, putting her hand on my knee. I don't know.I said, anyway, I want to go to the ground.I don't want to be left to my fate in a place like this.Go out before sunrise, let's talk about the next thing. Is my explanation sufficient?asked the doctor. full.Thanks. Are you angry? More or less.I said, but getting angry is useless, and what's more, it happened suddenly, and I couldn't fully understand it.If the time is longer, maybe I will be more angry. Of course, I am afraid that I will no longer be in this world. To be honest, I really don't want to go into such detail.The doctor said, because if you don't know about this kind of thing, you will pass without knowing it, maybe it will make you feel better mentally this way.However, this is not death, just a permanent loss of consciousness. each other each other.I said, but I want to understand the situation anyway, at least my life, I don't want to be flipped on and off by someone in a daze.Handle your own affairs.Please tell me where the exit is. exit? Here is the exit to the ground. It takes a lot of time, and it's okay to pass by the night ghost's lair again? It doesn't matter.With such a situation, there is nothing to be afraid of. good!The doctor said that the bottom of this rocky mountain is the surface of the water.The water has been completely calm and swimming is no problem.The direction of travel is south-southwest.I used a flashlight to follow the direction.Swimming all the way, there is a hole a little above the water on the opposite bank wall, and the sewer is drilled through the hole, and the sewer leads directly to the subway track. subway? It is the subway, right in the middle of the subway Ginza Yogaienmae Station and Aoyama-Itchome Station. Why go to the subway? Because night ghosts control the subway.It's fine during the day, but at night they are domineering along the subway.Tokyo's subway project has greatly expanded the scope of activities of night ghosts, and it is almost a passage built for them.They often catch road guards and eat them. Why not report it? Because once it is reported, it will inevitably cause a mess: who in the society will still work in the subway if they know about it?Who wants to take the subway?Of course, the authorities knew it well, so they thickened the walls, plugged the loopholes, increased lighting, and prepared for battle.But these measures are not enough to resist night ghosts.At night they punch through walls and chew through cables. Since it is between Gaienmae Station and Aoyama 1-chome, what exactly is this area? Uh, maybe near Omotesando of Meiji Jingu Shrine.I don't know the exact location, but this is the only way.The road is narrow and quite winding, it will take a while, but you can't get lost, right?You first go to Sendagaya from here, remember: the night ghost lair is roughly close to the National Stadium.So the road turns to the right, and turns right to the Jingu Stadium, and from there is the Ginza Line from the Painting Museum to Aoyama Avenue.It takes about two hours to get to the exit.Do you understand roughly? Understood. Go through the night ghost lair as quickly as possible.It's bad luck to dawdle in that kind of place.In addition, be careful of the subway, there are high-voltage lines, and the trams are constantly flowing.After all, it is the rush hour for work.It was so easy to climb out, if it was crushed to death by the tram, all previous efforts would be wasted. Just be careful.I said, but what will you do in the future? I sprained my foot, and I can't get rid of the organization and the symbolists when I go out right now, so I will hide here for a while, and no one will be able to chase me here.Fortunately, there is food from you.I eat less, enough to ensure that I will not starve to death for three or four days.The doctor said, please go out first, don't worry about me. How to solve the night ghost jammer?I need two to go to the exit, then you only have one left on hand. Let the granddaughter lead you out.The doctor said, send the child away and come back to fetch me. ok ok.His granddaughter agreed. What if something happens to her?For example being taken away. rest assured.The doctor said that she was young but very sophisticated.I can trust it.Besides, in case something happens, it is not without extraordinary means.In fact, as long as there are dry batteries, water and thin iron sheets, night ghosts can be driven away immediately.The principle is very simple, and the effectiveness is not as good as jammers, but I am familiar with the geography here, and it is not a problem to get rid of them.By the way, didn't I drop iron flakes on the way here?Night ghosts hate that stuff.The effectiveness can only last for fifteen to twenty minutes. The iron piece refers to the paper clip?I asked. Yep.A paper clip would work best.It is cheap, does not take up space, can be magnetically attached quickly, and can be worn around the neck in a row. Anyway, this is the best thing. I took out a paper clip from the pocket of my winter jacket and handed it to the doctor: Is it okay this time? great great!The doctor was surprised and delighted, it was a timely help.In fact, I sprinkled too much on the way, and I was worried that the quantity would not be enough.You are really smart and admirable.Such alert people are rare. It's almost time to go, grandpa, said his granddaughter, time is running out. Be careful, said the doctor, night ghosts can't be careless. Don't get in the way, come back safely.As she spoke, her granddaughter kissed the doctor lightly on the forehead. As far as the result is concerned, I feel very sorry for you.The doctor turned to me and said, if it can be replaced, I really want to suffer it for you.Anyway, I have enjoyed my life to the fullest and have no regrets.For you it may be a little too early.Things happen suddenly, mental preparations have not been completed, and I am afraid that there are many unfinished things left in this world. I nodded silently. But don't be too scared.The doctor continued, there is no need to be afraid.Well, it's not death, it's eternal life.And there you can be yourself.In contrast, the present world is nothing more than a mirage of appearances.Please don't forget this. well, let's go.The girl took my arm.
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