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Chapter 28 Twenty Eight World's End Instruments

The young administrator of the power station led the two of us into the hut. Once inside, he checked the fire, picked up the boiling kettle, went to the kitchen, and returned with tea.We have been chilled through the cold of the forest, and we can't wait to drink hot tea.During tea time, the wind kept ringing. Tea is picked in the forest.The administrator said that if it is dried in the shade all summer, it will be enough to drink all winter.Both nourishing and warm the body. Very good!the girl said. Deliciously fragrant with an earthy sweetness. The leaves of what plant?I asked. Ah, I really don't know the name.A kind of grass in the forest, said the young man.Because of the good smell, I tried picking it for tea.The grass is low, green and blooms in July.When flowering, pinch the leaflets and dry them.Unicorns like to eat flowers.

Unicorns are here too?I asked. Well, until early fall.As soon as winter approaches they stay away from the forest.When it's warm, groups of threes and fours come to play with me. I feed them food.But not in winter.Even though they know they can get food, they don't go near the forest.So I was alone all winter. Would you like to have lunch together if possible?The girl said that she brought sandwiches and fruit, which seemed to be too much for the two of them.How about it? Of course that's good.The administrator said that it had been a long time since he had eaten anything made by others.How about a stew I have here with mushrooms from the woods?

You're welcome.I said. So the three of them ate the sandwiches made by the girl, ate the stewed mushrooms, had a meal, and drank tea.We ate and drank almost without opening our mouths.There was silence, and the sound of the wind seemed to soak into the room like transparent water, drowning the silence.The sound of the collision of knives, forks and plates was mixed with the sound of the wind, which seemed to have some unrealistic charm. Won't you come out of the forest?I asked the administrator. Not going out.He shook his head quietly, this was already arranged: I will always stay here to manage the power station.Maybe someone will come along sooner or later.I don't know when, of course, but only then will I be able to leave the forest and return to town.I can't step out of the forest, waiting for the wind that comes every three days.

I nodded and drank the remaining tea in my cup.It has not been long since the sound of the wind has sounded, and it is estimated that it will continue for two or three hours.Listening to the wind so quietly, I felt my body being dragged to that side little by little.It must be very lonely for a person to listen to this kind of wind in an empty power station in the middle of the forest. By the way, I'm afraid you two didn't come here to see the power station, did you?The young man asked me, as I said just now, people in the town generally don’t come here. We're here to find instruments.I said, someone told you that you can know where the instrument is when you come here.

He nodded a few times and stared intently at the stacked knives and forks on the plate for a while. Yes, here are some instruments.It's very old, so I don't know if it can be used. If it can be used, just take it. Anyway, I don't know how to play it, and it's just for viewing.take a look? I say if I may. He pulled out the chair and stood up, and I followed suit. this way please.In the bedroom. I'm here to clean up the dishes and make some coffee.the girl said. The caretaker opened the door to the bedroom, turned on the light, and let me in. right here.He said. A variety of musical instruments line the bedroom walls.All are old enough to be called antiques.Most are musical instruments: mandolin, guitar, cello, violin, etc.Almost all of the strings are red, rusted, broken or missing altogether.It's hard to find a replacement in town.

There are also instruments that I have never seen before.A wooden instrument looks like a washboard, with a row of fingernail-like protrusions.I held it in my hand and tried it for a while, but there was no sound.There are also several small drums, even with special drum hammers, but it seems impossible to hit the drums.There are also large wind instruments that look like bassoons, and it looks like I can't do anything about them. The administrator sat on the small wooden bed and watched me check the instruments one by one.The sheets and pillows are clean and tidy. May be useful?he accosted.

Ah, how should I put it, I replied, it is all old after all.looking around. He leaned away from the bed, went to the door and closed it and turned back.The bedroom has no window and the sound becomes quieter when the door is closed. Don't you find it strange that I collect these things?The caretaker asked me, no one in town was interested in this thing. No one in town is interested in stuff.Of course, everyone has the necessities of life, such as pots, pans, kitchen knives, sheets, clothes, and the like.But even if this kind of thing is enough, as long as there is enough, no one has more desires.But I am not like this, I am very interested in these things, why I do not know.Happens to be fascinated by things that are exquisitely shaped or beautiful.

He put one hand on the pillow, the other in his trouser pocket. So to be honest, I like this power station too.He continued, like fans like all kinds of meters and transformers. Maybe I have this tendency in me, which is why I was sent here.It may also be infected with this tendency in the process of living alone after coming.It has been a long time ago since I came here, and I have long forgotten the past.So I sometimes feel like I might have a hard time getting back into town.It is estimated that as long as I have this tendency, the town will never accept me. I leaned on a violin with only two strings left, and struck the lower string with my fingers, making a dry staccato sound.

Where did the instruments come from?I asked. in all directions.He said that he asked the food delivery person to find it.Many people have musical instruments in their drawers and warehouses.Most of them were useless and burned as firewood, but there were still a few left, so I asked him to find and bring them.Musical instruments are so beautifully shaped.I don't know how to use it, and I don't want to use it, but just looking at it is enough to make people tempted.Ingenious workmanship, just right.I often sit here and admire it.That's all.Don't you find this feeling strange?

My eyes fell on an accordion lying between the cello and the bass drum, and I picked it up to examine it.The style is very old, with buttons instead of keyboards, the bellows is already hard, and there are small cracks everywhere, but it doesn't look like it will leak.I inserted my hands into the straps at both ends and stretched them a few times.Although the force is greater than expected, but if there is no problem with the keys, it seems that it can still be used.As long as the accordion does not leak, there are few other faults, and even if it leaks, it is easy to repair. Can you make a sound?I asked.

Please, whatever.It was meant to be used for this.said the young man. I stretched the bellows left and right, and pressed the keys sequentially from the bottom. Some of them could only produce low notes, but the scale was basically accurate. I pressed them again from top to bottom. Incredible sound.The young man said with great interest, his voice seemed to have changed color. The wavelength of sound produced by pressing this key is different.I said, each one is different.Because of the wavelength, some coincide and some do not match. Whether it fits or not, I don't quite understand.What happened to the coincidence?Can't ask for something from each other? That's it.As I spoke, I pressed a chord.Although the scale is not quite accurate, it is not harsh.As for the song, I can't remember it, so I can only follow the harmony. Is this the matching sound? I say yes. I'm an outsider, he said, and it sounded more than uncanny.It's the first time I've heard it.I don't know how to express it. It is different from the sound of the wind and the sound of birds.Having said that, he put his hands on his knees and looked at the accordion and my face more closely.Anyway, this instrument is given to you, and you can use it for as long as you want.This thing is best placed in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.I have no choice but to hold it.Having said that, he listened to the wind for a while.I have to check the machine again every thirty minutes to see if the fan is running properly and the transformer is working properly.Can you wait for me in the room over there? After the youth had gone out, I returned to the dining room-bedroom to drink the coffee the girl served. This is an instrument?she asked. A type of musical instrument.I said that there are many kinds of instruments and different sounds. Like a bellows. It's the same principle. Can I touch it? sure.I hand the accordion over.She gently caught it with both hands like a young animal that is easy to be hurt, and looked at it carefully. It's kind of weird.She smiled uneasily, but it's okay, I finally got the instrument, are you happy? It was a worthwhile trip. That person couldn't get rid of the shadow completely, there was still a little bit left.she whispered, so in the forest.He was not very courageous, he dared not go into the depths of the forest, but he could not return to the town, it was pitiful enough. You thought your mother was in the forest too? Maybe, or maybe not.She said, the truth is unknown, just a flash of thought. After seven or eight minutes, the young man returned to the hut.I thanked him for the musical instrument, opened the suitcase, took out the gifts inside and placed them on the table: a small travel clock, a chess set, and an oil-filled lighter, all collected from the suitcase in the reference room. This is a gift from the instrument, please accept it.I said. At first the young man refused to accept it, but finally accepted it.He looked at the clock, at the lighter, and at the chess pieces one by one. Do you know how to use it?I asked. It's okay, it's not necessary.He said that just looking at it like this makes him feel refreshed, and he will figure out how to use it slowly. The richest thing is time. I said it was time to say goodbye. Is it that urgent?He said with some reluctance. Head back to town before dark, get some sleep and start working. It is true.The young man said, got it.Deliver it to the door.It was supposed to be sent to the entrance of the forest, but during work, I couldn't get away. The three bid farewell outside the hut. Please come again later, and please let me hear the sound of that instrument.The young man said, welcome at any time. Thanks.I said. The sound of the wind weakened little by little as it moved away from the power station.It disappeared completely when approaching the exit of the forest.
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