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Chapter 29 Twenty-nine Grim Wonderland Lake, Kondo Masaomi, stockings

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When swimming, to avoid getting wet, the fat girl and I rolled things up into a small ball, wrapped them in spare shirts, and pinned them on top of our heads.It's funny at first glance, but I don't have time to laugh one by one.Food, whiskey, and extra gear had been left behind, so the pack wasn't too high.There are nothing more than flashlights, sweaters, shoes, knives, and night ghost jammers.Her things are similar. Have a safe trip!Dr. said. In the dim light, the Doctor looked much older than when he first saw him.His skin was saggy, his hair was a mess of misplaced plants, and his face was covered in brown blotches.Looking at it like this, he turned out to be an out-and-out tired old man.No matter whether it is a genius scientist or something, people will all age and die.

Goodbye.I said. We descended the rope to the surface in the dark.I went down first, and after I went down, I gave a signal with a flashlight, and the girl followed.Soaking your body in the water in the dark is really unpleasant and disheartening, but you can't tolerate making irresponsible remarks.I put one foot in first, then dipped my shoulder.The water was cold and cold, but the water quality itself seemed to be fine.Very ordinary water.Unlike with admixtures, the specific gravity is not special.The surrounding area was as silent as the bottom of a well.The air, the water, the darkness, all stand still.Only the sound of the water we stirred up reverberated in the dark with exaggeration, as if a huge aquatic animal was chewing on some prey.It was only after I got into the water that I remembered that I had completely forgotten about asking the doctor to treat my pain.

There probably wouldn't be that clawed fish swimming around here, would it?I asked where the girl might be. No, she said, probably not.It should be just a legend. Still, I couldn't get the thought out of my mind that the gigantic fish would pop up out of nowhere and bite my foot off.The dark thing really fosters all sorts of horrors. No leeches either? Is there any?Wouldn't there be?she answered. We still tied our bodies around the two ends of the rope, and in order not to get wet, we swam around the tower at a slow speed, and we happened to find the doctor's flashlight beam on the back.The beam of light pierced straight through the darkness like a leaning lighthouse, dyeing a water surface a faint yellow.

Just keep swimming that way.she says.That is to say, make yourself and the flashlight light on the water surface merge into a row. I swim ahead and she follows.The sound of my paddling water and hers alternated up and down.The two stopped and looked back from time to time to confirm the direction and adjust the route. Be careful not to get things wet.The girl reminded me as she swam that the jammer wouldn't work if it got wet. rest assured!I said. Honestly though, I had to work really hard to keep things from getting wet.Everything is shrouded in darkness, and it is impossible to judge where there is water, and sometimes even where my own hands are.As I swam, I thought of the river of the underworld that Orpheus had to cross to go to the kingdom of the dead.There are countless religions and myths in the world, but the thoughts about death are basically the same.Orpheus crossed the dark river in a boat.I swam on my back with a package on my head.In this sense, the ancient Greeks are much more chic than I am.Wounds are worrisome, and worrying doesn't help.Fortunately, probably due to the tense relationship, I didn't feel much pain.Besides, even if the needle port is split, it will not kill your life.

Are you really not mad at grandfather?asked the girl.Because of the darkness and the strange echoes, I had no idea where she was or how far she was from me. I don't know, I don't know either!I growled in the direction where she might be.Even his own voice seemed to come from an inexplicable direction.While listening to your grandfather's narration, I feel that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what? Neither a great life nor a great brain. But you just said that you are satisfied with your life! Just playing with words.I said that any army must have a battle flag.

The girl pondered for a moment the meaning of my words.At this time we just swim in silence.A silence as deep as death itself reigns over this subterranean lake.Where is that fish?I'm beginning to believe that the odd-looking clawed fish must be out there somewhere.Could it be that they can't sleep quietly and soundly at the bottom of the water?Or is it swimming back and forth in other caves?Or is it swimming in the same direction, smelling our breath?I can't help shivering at the thought of the feeling of the fish's claws grabbing my feet.Even if I die or disappear in the near future, I must avoid being buried in the belly of a fish, at least not in such a miserable place.Since I am mortal, I still want to die in the sunlight I am familiar with.Although my arms were heavy and limp from the cold water, I still managed to paddle forward.

You are such a wonderful person.The girl said.No trace of fatigue could be heard in the voice, it was as clear and lively as when entering the bath. Few people think so.I said. I think so. I swam back and forth.The doctor's flashlight was far behind me.But the hand still has not touched the shore wall to be reached.Why so far?I'm a little war-weary.If it is so far away, it is reasonable to confess.Then I can make up my mind accordingly.How is the fish moving?Still not aware of my existence? Not that I defended my grandfather, said the girl, he meant no harm.It's just that once you get attached, you have no time to take care of the things around you.As far as this matter is concerned, it was originally out of good intentions, intending to find out your secret as much as possible before the organization attacks you indiscriminately so as to save you.The grandfather is also ashamed of helping organize human experiments in the same way as the grandfather.That's wrong.

I continue to swim.It's too late to admit mistakes. So please forgive grandpa. Whether I forgive or not, it doesn't matter to your grandfather anyway, I'm sure.I replied, but why did your grandfather drop that project by the wayside?Since I feel that I can't escape the blame, I should continue to study in the organization to avoid more victims, right?No matter how much you hate working in an organization, after all, its research is so good that people are dying one by one! Grandfather no longer believed in the existence of organizations.The girl said that he said that no matter whether it is a computational organization or a symbolic factory, it is nothing more than the right and left hand of the same person.

How do you see it? That is to say, whether it is an organization or a factory, what they do is technically almost the same. That is technically.The purpose is quite different: we protect the information, the symbolists steal it. But, said the girl, what if the organization and the factory were run by one hand?That is to say, the left hand steals and the right hand defends. As I swam in the dark, I pondered over what the girl had said.It's hard to believe, but it's not impossible.Yes, I work for an organization, but if you ask me about the internal structure of the organization, I really don't know anything.Because the organization is too large, and secrecy is adopted to control internal intelligence.We are just tiny beings who accept orders from above and digest them one by one.As for the actions of the higher-ups, a little guy like me is completely kept in the dark.

If you're right, it's a real windfall deal.I said that by instigating the competition between the two sides, the price will rise infinitely, as long as the two sides are allowed to fight each other, there is no need to worry about falling prices. Grandfather became aware of this during his research in the organization.After all, organizations are nothing more than private enterprises that bring in the state.What the organization exposes is a signboard to protect the ownership of intelligence, and it is nothing more than a facade. Grandfather predicted: If he continues to study, the situation will probably become even more out of hand.If the technology that can modify or even change the brain continues to develop, the whole world and human beings will inevitably be in chaos, and it must be done in moderation.But organizations and factories have no such idea.That's why my grandfather dropped out of the research project.I'm so sorry for you and other calculations.But the research cannot go any further.Otherwise, many people will become victims in the future.

I would like to ask a little bit, you understand the whole process from beginning to end, right? Well, I understand.The girl hesitated for a moment, and told the truth. So why didn't you tell me all about it in the first place?That way I don't have to come to such a ghost place, and it saves time. Because I want you to meet your grandfather to understand the situation correctly.She said, besides, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it, would you? possible.Indeed, even if someone told me in a hurry about the third line and immortality, I would never believe it. After swimming for a while, the tip of my hand suddenly touched a hard object.As I was thinking about the problem, I couldn't turn my head for a while, and I didn't know what a hard object meant, but I suddenly realized: it's a rock wall!We finally finished swimming in the underground lake. arrive!I said. The girl also came to the side to confirm the rock wall.Looking back, the flashlight flickered like a small star in the dark.We followed the light and moved more than ten meters to the right. It's about here.The girl said that there should be a hole about fifty centimeters above the water surface. Won't it be submerged in water? Won't.The surface of the water is always like this, neither up nor down.I don't know the reason, but that's how it is anyway, keeping the fifty centimeters unchanged. We took out the small flashlight from the package above our heads while paying attention not to let things fall down, put one hand on the depression of the rock wall to maintain our body balance, and the other hand took a photo to the top of the fifty centimeters height.The rocks were revealed in the dim yellow light.It takes a long time for the eyes to adjust to the light. It seems that there is no hole!I said. Move to the right again. I shone a flashlight on my head and moved against the rock wall, but I still couldn't find it. Is it really not right?I asked. As soon as I stopped swimming and stood still in the water, I felt icy cold and chilly.The joints all over the body seemed to be frozen and it was difficult to move, and the mouth could not be opened and closed freely. That's right, a little further to the right. I trembled and continued to move to the right.Soon the hand attached to the rock wall touched something strange.It bulges round like a shield and is the size of a compact record.Touch it with your fingertips, and there are traces of artificial carving on the surface.I looked carefully with a flashlight. Cameo!said the girl. I couldn't make a sound anymore, so I nodded silently.The relief pattern is indeed exactly the same as the one we saw when we entered the sanctuary.Two grotesque clawed fish hug the world end to end.This round relief is like a crumbling moon on the sea surface, with two thirds floating on the water and one third submerged in the water.It must have taken a lot of time and effort to create something so exquisite in such an undulating, foothold-less place. This is the export.She said that it is estimated that there are such reliefs at the entrance and exit.Look up! I use a flashlight to look at the rock walls above in sequence.The rock mass leans forward slightly, making it difficult to see clearly.But at last it seemed that there was something.I handed the girl the flashlight and climbed up. The relief just happens to have a slot where you can put your hand.I used all my strength to lift my stiff body, put my feet on the relief, then stretched out my right hand to grab the edge of the rock, lifted my body up, and poked my head out of the rock wall.There was indeed a hole there.It's too dark to see clearly, but you can feel the flow of the breeze.The wind was cool, with an unpleasant smell like that from under a veranda, but it was clear: there was a hole there anyway.I put my arms around the corner and propped my body up on it. There are holes!I held back the pain and shouted down. This is great! I took the flashlight, grabbed her hand and pulled her up.We sat together at the entrance of the cave, despite our whole body shaking for a while.The shirt and trousers were already drenched with water, as cold as entering a refrigerator, as if swimming through a huge glass of iced water. We unpacked our heads, unpacked them, and changed into our shirts.I gave the girl my sweater and threw away my wet shirt and coat.The lower body was still wet, but there was nothing he could do about it. He didn't bring spare trousers and underwear. While she was correcting the night ghost jammer time, I alternately flashed the flashlight a few times to inform the doctor on the tower that we had fully reached the entrance of the cave.The little yellow dot floating alone in the darkness also flickered two or three times before disappearing.As a result, the world returned to complete darkness again, and the restored world had no way of knowing the distance, thickness, or depth. let's go!said the girl. I pressed the display light on my watch and glanced at the time: 7:18.The TV stations are broadcasting the morning news together, and the people on the ground are eating breakfast, stuffing the weather forecast, advertisements for headache medicine, and the progress of the problem of exporting cars to the United States into their sleepy heads.No one will know that I've been groping my way through the underground maze all night, that I've swam in icy water, that I've been sucked by leeches, that I've endured the pain of a stomach wound, that I'm real The world will end in twenty-eight hours and forty-two minutes.A TV news program would never report such a thing. The cave is much narrower than the ones we have passed through before, and we can only crawl forward, bending forward like a crawl, and up and down, left and right, like internal organs.Some are like shafts, which must go straight down and up.There are also roller coaster tracks that look like playgrounds in complex circles.I'm afraid this is not excavated by night ghosts, but the result of natural erosion.No matter how treacherous and unpredictable the night ghosts are, they will never take the trouble to make arrangements. After walking for thirty minutes, the night ghost jammer was replaced.After walking for another ten minutes, the meandering passageway came to an abrupt end, and came to a tall and spacious place, quiet and dark, like the foyer of an old building, with a musty smell.The channel stretches left and right in a T-shape, and the slow wind flows from right to left.The girl uses a large flashlight to illuminate the two roads on the left and right.The road is straight, respectively melting into the darkness ahead. Which way should I go?I asked. right.She said that as the direction is to the right, the wind also blows from the right.My grandfather said that this area is Sendagaya.Turn right approximately towards Jingu Stadium. I pictured the ground in my head.If she is right, then there should be two noodle shops, Hechu Study Room and Victory Photo Studio up here.My regular barber shop is also nearby, I have been going there for ten years. There is a barbershop I often go to near here.I said. Yeah?The girl looked uninterested. I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a haircut at the barbershop before the world ends.Anyway, twenty-four hours can't do anything decent.At most, take a shower, change into dry and clean clothes, and go to the barber shop. Be careful, she said, she is about to reach the night ghost's lair, she can hear voices and smell strange smells, stick close to me, don't leave! I listened attentively and sniffed again, but I couldn't detect any movement or smell.The sound of groaning could be heard, but it was impossible to distinguish clearly. Those guys know we can't get close? Needless to say, the girl said, this is the territory of night ghosts!Nothing they don't know.And all irritated as we passed through their sanctuary and approached their lair.Maybe catch us and give us a good look, don't leave me!Even if you move away a little bit, they will stretch out their arms and drag you somewhere. We shortened the rope connecting the two people very short, keeping a distance of about fifty centimeters. Note that the wall here is gone.The girl spoke in a high-pitched voice, shining a flashlight to the left. As she said, the wall on the left disappeared at some point, and was replaced by a thick black space.The light pierced through the darkness like an arrow and disappeared into the thicker darkness ahead.The darkness was like a living creature breathing, writhing incessantly.It was eerie black, like thick jelly. I heard?she asked. I heard. Now I can actually hear the night ghosts too.But to be precise, it is closer to tinnitus than the sound, almost to the moan of countless moths piercing the eardrum like a drill through the darkness.The moan echoed violently between the walls of the cave, and spun into my eardrum at a strange angle.I can't wait to throw away the flashlight immediately, squat on the ground and cover my ears with both hands.It seemed that every nerve in the body was being tortured by the rasp of hatred. This hatred is unlike any hatred I have experienced so far.Their hatred seeks to destroy us like a gust of wind from the pits of hell.The dark thoughts that seemed to collect and condense the darkness of the underground bit by bit, and the river of time that was distorted and polluted in the world that lost light and eyes, gathered into a huge block and pressed towards us.I never knew hate had such gravity. Don't stop!She growled in my ear.The voice was dry, but not trembling. After she roared like this, I realized that I had stopped. She tugged hard on the rope tied around their waists and said: If you can't stop, it's over if you stop, and you will be dragged to a dark place. Still my feet didn't move.Their hatred keeps my feet firmly on the ground.I feel like time is running backwards towards that shocking ancient memory, and I have nowhere to go. In the dark, she slapped me hard on the mouth, almost deafening me for a moment. right!I can hear her yelling, right, right foot, right!Fool! With great difficulty, I lifted my trembling right foot forward.At the same time, I noticed a hint of disappointment mixed in their voices. left! Under her roar, I took my left foot. By the way, that's it, just move forward step by step.Does it matter? I replied that it doesn't matter.In fact, I couldn't tell if I said it or not.All I know is that the night ghosts are trying to drag us into a deeper darkness just as the girl warned.To do this they infuse fear from our ears into our bodies, first securing our feet and then slowly pulling them into our hands. Once I started, I couldn't help feeling a strong urge to turn around and run back.I wish I could escape this dangerous situation immediately. The girl seemed to see my mood and reached out to hold my wrist tightly. Follow your feet, she said, leaning your back against the wall, walking sideways step by step, understand? clear. Never look up. Why? The night ghost is right there, just overhead.She whispered that she must never look at the night ghost, and if she saw it, she would never even think about taking a step. We confirmed the foothold under the light of the flashlight, and walked sideways step by step.From time to time, the cold wind blowing across the cheeks brings a disgusting smell like dead fish. Every time I almost hold my breath, I enter the abdominal cavity of the giant fish with maggots wriggling in its guts.The voice of the night ghost was still ringing.The sound was unpleasant, as if squeezed from where it shouldn't be.My eardrums were still open, and the sour saliva gushed out of my mouth. But I still stride mechanically sideways, concentrating on alternating left and right feet.The girl sometimes said something to me, but unfortunately my ears couldn't hear it exactly.I guess, as long as I'm alive, I'm afraid I won't be able to erase their voices from my memory, and I don't know when they will hit me again together with the darkness.And, sooner or later, grab my ankles with sticky hands. I can no longer tell how long it has been since I entered this nightmarish world.The night ghost jammer in her hand indicates that the small green light is still on, and it shouldn't be long.But I still feel like two or three hours. After a while, I suddenly felt a sudden change in the flow of the air.The rancid smell weakened, the pressure in the ears receded like a tide, and the sound also changed.By the time he noticed it, the voice of the night ghost had also turned into a distant tsunami.The most treacherous lot has been crossed!The girl shone the flashlight upwards, and the light re-illuminated the rock top.We leaned against the rock wall, took a deep breath, and wiped the sticky cold sweat off our faces with our fingertips. Both of them remained silent for a long time.The distant voice of the night ghost also quickly disappeared, and silence enveloped the surroundings again.Only the low sound of water dripping somewhere swayed illusoryly. What do they hate so much?I asked. Hate the Bright World and us who live there. It's hard to believe that symbolists would share their nostrils, even if it was profitable. She didn't answer, just squeezed my wrist tightly. Hey, do you know what I'm thinking now? have no idea.I said. I thought, how wonderful it would be if I could also go with you to the world you are about to go to! Abandon this world? um, yes.She said the world is meaningless.Life is much better in your consciousness. I shook my head silently.I don't want to live in my own consciousness, I don't want to live in anyone's consciousness. Anyway, go ahead.She said that you can't stay here all the time, you have to find a sewer that serves as an exit.what time is it now? I pressed the small button of the watch to turn on the dial light.His fingers were still trembling slightly, and he didn't know when he would recover. Eight twenty.I said. It's time to replace the jammer.As she said that, the girl turned on the new jammer, switched the used one to the charging state, and stuffed it between the shirt and skirt.From this point of view, exactly one hour had passed since entering the cave.According to the doctor, after walking for a while, there should be a road turning left towards Linyin Road of the Painting Museum.Once there, the subway is right under your nose.At least the subway is an extension of civilization.In this way, we can somehow escape from the kingdom of night ghosts. After walking for a while, the road turned left at a right angle.It is estimated that I came to the bottom of the ginkgo tree next to the street.In early autumn, the ginkgo should be covered with still dense green leaves.I picture warm rays of the sun, the smell of green lawns and the first breath of autumn in my mind.I really want to lie there for hours looking up at the sky, go to the barber shop and go straight to Gaien after I get my hair cut, lie down on the lawn and look up at the white clouds and blue sky.Then enjoy a cold beer before the world ends. It's sunny outside?I asked the girl walking in front. Isn't it?Can't figure it out.Can't figure it out? Didn't read the weather forecast? I did not see.Didn't I look for your place for a whole day! I tried to remember whether there were stars in the sky when I left the house last night, but I couldn't.All I can think of are the young men and women sitting on the roller coaster and listening to Pengchacha on the car stereo.I can't think of the existence of Star Dou at all.Come to think of it, I haven't looked up at the stars for months.Even if all the stars had withdrawn from the sky three months ago, I would not have been aware of it.All I remember is the silver bracelet on the girl's wrist, the ice cream stick thrown in the rubber tree planter, that's all.Thinking of this, I feel that the life I have sent away is really absurd and empty, and I can't help but suddenly suspect: Maybe I was born as a shepherd boy in the Hungarian countryside, and grew up watching the Big Dipper every night.Whether it’s a roller coaster ride or a peng chacha or a silver bracelet or a navy blue tweed suit, everything seems like a distant dream.Memories of all kinds are strangely flattened, like a car crushed into a single sheet by a super-press.Memory has become a credit card-like sheet in a state of chaos.Although it only gives people a slightly unnatural feeling from the front, it is just a thin line that is almost meaningless when viewed from the side.Of course everything about me is compressed inside, but itself is nothing more than a plastic card.When interpreting, unless it is inserted into the throughput port of a special device, it will be completely incomprehensible. I imagine, probably the first line is getting thinner.That's why I feel like my actual memory is so flat and so irrelevant.Presumably consciousness is drifting away from myself.My subjectivity card will become thinner and thinner, until it becomes a sheet of paper, and then disappears without a trace. I moved my feet mechanically as I followed her, thinking again about the couple on the roller coaster.I don't understand why I miss these two so much.Can't think of anything other than that.What are those men and women doing now?What are they doing at 8:30 in the morning?I can't imagine it at all.Maybe they are still sleeping soundly in bed, or they may take the commuter tram to their respective companies.I can't judge.The movements of the real world are no longer in harmony with my imagination.If she were a TV drama writer, she would definitely be able to make up a decent plot: the woman married a French man while studying in France, and soon after the marriage her husband suffered a traffic accident and became a vegetative state.The woman was exhausted physically and mentally and couldn't bear it anymore, leaving her husband and returning to Tokyo to work in the Belgian or Swiss embassy.Silver bracelets are wedding keepsakes.Here is a flashback shot of the coast of Nice in winter.She always wears a silver bracelet on her wrist, even in the bath and during sex.The man, who narrowly escaped the Yasuda Ido turmoil, often wears a pair of sunglasses like the protagonist in "Ash and Precious Stones."He is a popular show host on a TV station. He always dreams of tear gas bombs. His wife committed suicide five years ago by slashing her wrists.Flashbacks are here again.In short, this TV series has flashback scenes one after another.Whenever he saw the dangling bracelet on the woman's left wrist, he couldn't help but think of his wife's cut wrist that was stained red with blood.So he asked the woman to change the silver bracelet to the right wrist. No, the woman said, I only wear it on my left wrist. In fact, there can be a pianist like in "Casablanca", an alcoholic pianist.There was always a glass of straight gin with just a slice of lemon on top of the piano.This gentleman is a mutual friend of the two and knows their secrets.Originally a talented jazz pianist, unfortunately, he was strangled by alcohol. Thinking of this, I feel stupid after all, so stop here.Such plots have nothing to do with reality.But if one asks what is reality, the mind becomes even more confused.Reality was as heavy and clueless as the whole sand stuffed into a big cardboard box, and I didn't even see the stars for months. It seems that I can't bear it anymore.I said. to what?she asked. For darkness, rot, night ghosts, everything.Wet pants and belly wounds also count.I don't even know what the weather is like outside.What day is it today? Right there, said the girl, right there. My head is in a mess.I said, I just can't remember other things, and I just think of crooked ways when I think about it. What are you thinking? Masami Kondo, Yoshiko Nakano and Nuo Yamazaki. Forget it!She said, don't think about anything, if you persist for a while, you will be let out of here. So I decided not to think about it.But after doing this, I felt that the trousers wrapped my thighs coldly, so that my whole body became cold, and my abdominal injury began to hurt numbly again.Strangely enough, despite being so cold, I didn't feel the need to urinate. When was the last time you urinated?I searched all my memories up, down, left, and right, and found nothing.Can't remember a time when I urinated. At least once into the ground and did not urinate.before?I used to drive a car.Eating hamburger patties and seeing a man and a woman on a roller coaster.How about further?Before that, I was sleeping, and the fat girl came to wake me up.Did you pee then?Maybe not.The girl woke me up like stuffing something into a purse and led me out.Not even time to pee.How about going further?I can't remember exactly what happened further on.Went to the doctor, probably.The doctor sewed up my belly.But I have forgotten what a doctor looks like, in short, there is no doubt that it is a doctor.It was a doctor in a white coat who sewed up the wound just above my pubic hair.Did I urinate before and after that? have no idea. Maybe not?If I really urinate before and after, it makes sense that I should clearly remember how painful the wound was when I urinated. Since I don't remember, I must have never urinated.With that said, I haven't peed in a long time.a couple of hours? As soon as he thought about the time, his mind turned into a chicken coop before Ye Ming.twelve hours?Twenty-eight hours?Thirty-two hours?Where did my pee go?During that period, I drank beer, drank coke, and drank whiskey. Where did so much water go? No, maybe it was the day before yesterday when I was cut open and went to the hospital.And yesterday seemed to be a very different day.But what was it like yesterday?But I am like falling into the clouds.The so-called yesterday is just a vague collection of time.Its shape is no different from a huge onion that has absorbed enough water to swell.Where is what, where will come out, all unpredictable. Events of all kinds are like a merry-go-round that pulls closer and further away.When did those two gangsters cut my belly?Was it before or after I sat alone in the bar of the supermarket at dawn?Also, why am I so obsessed with peeing? There it is!Saying that, the girl turned around and grabbed my elbow, sewer!exit! I pushed the piss out of my mind and looked at the rock face illuminated by her flashlight.I saw there was a square opening like a garbage chute, which was only big enough for one person to barely pass through. But this is not a sewer!I said. The sewer is over here.This is the hole leading directly to the sewer.Well, it smells like mud! I put my face into the hole and sniffed my nose a few times, and there was a familiar muddy smell.Going back and forth in the underground maze to the end, even the smell of mud has a sense of intimacy of reunion after a long absence.At the same time, I felt obvious wind blowing from inside.After a while, the ground trembled slightly rhythmically, and the sound of subway trains passing the steel tracks came from the depths of the cave.After the sound lasted for 10︱15 seconds, it gradually became smaller and smaller until it disappeared, just like when the faucet was turned off tightly.There is no doubt that this is the export. Finally it seems to have arrived.After all, the girl kissed me on the neck.What mood? Don't ask this, I said, I can't explain clearly. She was the first to plunge into the hole.I waited for her soft ass to disappear into the hole and I followed.The cave is narrow and stretches straight forward.My flashlight can only see her buttocks and the tops of her thighs.That thigh root reminds me of pearly Chinese food. The skirt was already soaked and clung to her thighs like a helpless child. Hello, are you all right?she growled. nothing.I also roared. There are shoes on the ground. What shoes? Black men's leather shoes, single. After a while I found it too.The shoes are old and the heels are worn out.The mud on the toe of the shoe has turned white and hardened. How can there be shoes in this place? This is incomprehensible.Maybe someone caught by the night ghost fell here. possible.I said. As I had nothing else to look at, I looked at the hem of her skirt as I walked.From time to time, the skirt rolled up to the thighs, revealing the white and chubby skin that was not stained with mud.In the past, it is the part of the metal ring of stockings.In the past, there was a skin-exposing gap between the upper edge of the stocking and the ring.That was before panties and stockings came together. Come and go, her white skin reminds me of Jimmy long ago.Hendricks, Cream, The Beatles, and Otis.Leidig's time.I whistled and whistled Pete.Andrew.The opening bars of Gordon's "I Go to Pisesu."Very good song, sweet and sad, a hundred times better than Pengchacha.But I also say that I feel this way because I am getting older. After all, it was something that was popular twenty years ago.Twenty years ago, who would have foreseen that the panties and wipes would be combined into one? Why are you whistling?she growled. have no idea.Just want to blow it.I answer. What song is it? I tell the title. do not know.That kind of song! It was popular before you were born. What's the content? The body fell apart and fell apart. Why whistle this? I thought about it, but couldn't figure out why.Just as much as you want. have no idea.I said. I was thinking about other songs, and the two came to the sewer.It is said to be a sewer, but it is actually just an ordinary thick cement pipe. It is about one and a half meters in diameter, and there is water about two centimeters deep flowing at the bottom.There are slippery moss-like things growing outside the water.The sound of trams passing by was heard several times ahead.The sound was now so clear that it was almost noisy, and a faint yellow light could even be seen. Why is the sewer connected to the subway?I asked. To be precise, it's not the sewers, she said, but the groundwater that flows into the subway trenches in this area.It's just that due to the infiltration of domestic wastewater, the water is also dirty.what time is it now? Nine thirty-five.I told her. The girl pulled out the night ghost jammer from inside her skirt, pressed the switch, and replaced the one she had just used. Alright, we'll be there soon.But don't be careless, this subway is also the sphere of influence of night ghosts.Did you see the shoes just now? Saw. Startled? almost. We follow the flow of water in the cement pipe.The sound of water splashing from the soles of the rubber shoes echoed around, like the sound of tongue licking.At the same time, the sound of trams changed from far to near and from near to far from time to time.For the first time in my life, I felt so exhilarated by the sound of the subway running. It sounded as lively and noisy as life itself, full of gorgeous brilliance.All kinds of people crowded into the car, and rushed to their respective posts while reading books and newspapers.I think of the colorful advertisements hanging in the car, and the driving route map above the door.On route maps, the Ginza Line is always shown in yellow.As for why yellow was used, I don't know, but it must be yellow anyway.So whenever I think of the Ginza Line, I think of yellow. It doesn't take much time to get to the exit.There is an iron fence horizontally at the exit, which has been destroyed just enough to allow one person to enter and exit.The concrete was dug into a big hole, and the iron bars were pulled out without a single one left.This is clearly the work of the night ghosts, but this time alone I cannot fail to thank them.If the iron fence hadn't been moved, we could only stare helplessly at the outside and say nothing. Outside the circular exit, you can see signal lights and a square wooden box like a toolbox.The blackened concrete columns between the tracks are arranged at equal distances like piles.The lamps on the pillars dimly illuminate the subway tunnel.But in my eyes, the light was extraordinarily dazzling.The eyes had become completely accustomed to the darkness from long dives into the lightless underground. Wait here, let your eyes get used to the light.The girl said, you will get used to this kind of light after ten or fifteen minutes.When you get used to it, walk a few steps forward, and then wait for your eyes to get used to the stronger light.Otherwise you will be blind.You must not look at the tram passing by at this time, understand? understood. She took my arm, let me sit on a dry place on the cement floor, and sat down next to me.And grasp the part of my right arm slightly above the elbow with both hands as if supporting the body. Hearing the sound of the tram getting closer, we lowered our heads and closed our eyes tightly.The yellow light flickered outside the skin, and Er disappeared with a deafening rumble.Several big teardrops welled up in my eyes, and I wiped my cheeks with the cuff of my shirt. It doesn't matter, you'll get used to it soon.said the girl.Tears also flowed from her eyes, running down her cheeks.再過三四列車就可以了,眼睛就習慣了,我們就可走到車站近旁。那時夜鬼即使再凶也無法靠前。而我們則可走到地面。 上次也有同樣感覺。I said. 在地鐵裡走來著? 哪裡,不是指那個。我說的是光,光晃得眼睛流淚。 誰都不例外。 不盡然,跟這不是一回事。那屬於特殊的眼睛,特殊的光。而且非常寒冷。我的眼睛和剛才同樣由於長時間習慣於黑暗而見不得光線。眼睛極其特殊。 其他的能想起來? 只這麼多,只能想起這麼多。 定是記憶倒流。said the girl. 她靠在我身上,我的胳膊感覺出她乳房的豐滿。由於仍穿著濕褲子,全身已經涼透,惟獨貼她乳房的部位暖融融的。 這就要上地面了,你有什麼打算去哪裡?What do you want to do?想見誰?說著,她看了看表。還有二十五小時五十分鐘。 回家洗澡,換衣服,也可能去一次理髮店。I answer. 時間還有剩。 往下的事到時候再想。 我也一道去你家可好?女郎問,我也想洗個澡換衣服。 It doesn't matter. 第二列電車從青山一丁目方向開來,我們臉朝下閉起雙目。光依然閃閃炫目,但眼淚已沒那麼多了。 頭髮還沒長得非去理髮店不可。女郎用手電筒照著我腦袋說,而且你肯定適合留長髮。 長髮早留膩了。 反正還沒長到必須去理髮店的地步。上次什麼時候去的? Not sure.I said.我實在記不起上次去理髮店的時間。連昨天什麼時候小便都稀里糊塗。更何況幾周前的事,簡直同古代史無異。 你那裡可有適合我身體尺寸的衣服? Is there any?Probably not. 算了算了,總有辦法可想。她說,你用床? 用床? 就是說是否找女孩子同床。 啊,這事還沒想。我說,恐怕不至於。 那我睡在上面可以?想睡一覺再趕回祖父那裡。 那倒無所謂。問題是我的房間很可能有符號士或組織殺來。畢竟我最近好像突然成了風雲人物,加上門又鎖不上。 哪裡顧得上那麼多! 許真的不顧,我想。每人顧及的對象各不相同。 澀谷方面駛來的第三列電車從我們眼前疾駛而過。我閉目合眼在腦袋裡慢慢數點。數到十四時,電車最後一節車廂掠過。眼睛已幾乎不再痛了。這樣,走上地面的第一階段總算得以完成,再也不會被夜鬼抓去吊在井裡,再也不會被那巨魚咬碎嚼爛。 alright!說罷,女郎放開我的胳膊站起身,該動身啦。 我點頭立起,跟在她後面邁下路軌,朝青山一丁目走去。
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