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Chapter 31 Thirty-one Grim Wonderland Exit, Police, Synthetic Laundry Powder

There is not much distance from the pipeline exit to Aoyama-itchome Station.We walked on the subway tracks, and when the tram came, we hid behind the pillars and waited for it to pass.The scene in the car is vivid, but the passengers dismiss us.None of the subway passengers looked out the windows.They either read the newspaper, or simply stared blankly.The subway is nothing more than an expedient tool to facilitate the movement of people in urban spaces.Riding the subway doesn't fill anyone with glee. Not many passengers.Almost no one was standing.Although the rush hour for work has passed, according to my memory, the Ginza Line should be more crowded after 10:00 am.

What day is it today?I asked the girl. Don't know, never care about the day of the week.The girl answered. On weekdays, there are too few passengers.I shook my head, maybe Sunday. What about Sunday? No matter what, Sunday is nothing more than Sunday.I said. The subway line is much better than expected.Open and open, without cover or hindrance.No signals, no vehicles, no street solicitors, no drunks.The fluorescent lamps on the wall illuminate the feet with appropriate brightness, and the air conditioner keeps the air fresh.At least a hundred times stronger than the musty smell underground, impeccable.

The train bound for Ginza passed by first, followed by the train bound for Shibuya.When I walked to Aoyama 1-chome Station, I peeked at the platform from behind the pillar.If you are caught by a station attendant while walking on a subway line, it is a nuisance, because you can't think of an explanation to convince the other party.There is a ladder at the front of the platform, and it is estimated that climbing over the fence will be easy.The only problem is how to avoid the station attendant's sight. We stood behind the pillar and watched quietly as the train bound for Ginza pulled into the platform, opened the doors to release passengers, loaded new passengers and then closed the doors.The train conductor went down to the platform, checked the passengers getting on and off, got on the train and closed the door.Signal to drive.After the tram disappeared, the station attendant disappeared, and the station attendant was no longer seen on the opposite platform.

let's go.I said, don't run, just pretend nothing happened, as running will arouse the suspicion of the passengers. clear. The two walked out from behind the pillar, walked quickly to the side of the platform, and then pretended to be accustomed and uninterested, climbed up the iron ladder, and jumped over the wooden fence.Several passengers saw us with puzzled expressions, and must have doubted our role.No matter how you look at it, we don't look like people involved in the subway.His body was covered in mud, his trousers and skirts were wet, his hair was disheveled, and his eyes were in tears from the light.Of course, such a person would not be regarded as a subway worker, but who would happily walk on this subway line?

Before they could come to a conclusion, we walked across the platform in three steps and two steps towards the exit.It was only when I got to the front that I realized that there was no ticket. No ticket.I said. It is said that the ticket is lost, can it be replaced by paying?The girl said. I told the young station attendant at the exit that I had lost my ticket. Have you looked it up?The station attendant said, there is one pocket on the left and the other on the right, try to find it again? So we pretended to touch our whole body before the exit.During this time, the station attendant stared suspiciously at our attire.

still none.I said. Where did you get it? Shibuya.I answer. How much did it cost to get here from Shibuya? Forget, I said, probably either one hundred and twenty or one hundred and forty. Can't remember? Thinking about the problem. Really from Shibuya?asked the station attendant. Aren't all the trains coming into this platform from Shibuya?How to deceive people!I protest. It is also possible to come here from the platform over there.The Ginza line is quite long.For example, you can take the Tozai Line from Tsudanuma to Nihonbashi, and change trains from there to come here. Tsudanuma?

for example.said the station attendant. So how much does it cost to get here from Tsudanuma?Take what you pay.This should work, right? From Tsudanuma? Where, I said, I didn't go to Tsudanuma at all. Then why do you have to pay? Didn't you say that? So didn't I say an analogy? At this time, another tram came, and more than 20 passengers got off and walked outside through the exit.I watch them pass.No one lost a ticket.Then we resumed negotiations. So, where do you start to pay to satisfy you?I asked. From where you get in the car.said the station attendant. So not from Shibuya?

Can't remember the fare. Forget it, I said, do you remember the price of coffee at McDonald's? Never had any McDonald's coffee.The station attendant said it was a waste of money. To use an analogy, I said, it means that such trifles are easy to forget. Anyway, people who lost tickets always underreported, and all of them went to the platform here and said they came from Shibuya, without exception. So doesn't it mean that you have to pay as you go?Where do you think it is appropriate to start? How do I know that kind of thing! I was too lazy to argue endlessly, so I put down a thousand-yuan bill and walked outside without authorization.There was a call from the station attendant behind us, but we pretended not to hear it and walked forward.When the world is about to come to an end, I really don't bother to spend my brains on one or two subway tickets.After all, we didn't take the subway at all.

It is raining on the ground.The needle-like drizzle drenched the ground and trees.It must have been down since the night. The rain makes my mood more or less silent.For me, today is the last precious day.I don't want any rain, and it's best to be cloudless for a day or two.Then like J. G.The month-long downpour described in Ballard's novel was none of my business.I just want to lie on the lawn in the bright sun and listen to music and drink a cold, cold beer.Ask for nothing else. However, contrary to expectations, the rain did not seem to show signs of stopping.The sky was covered by cloudy clouds, as if wrapped in several layers of plastic wrapping paper, and the rain poured down continuously.I want to buy a morning newspaper to check the weather forecast, but to buy a newspaper, I have to walk near the exit of the subway, and once I get to the exit, I will have to restart the futile debate with the station attendant.So I had to give up the plan to buy newspapers.It's not going well at the beginning of the day.Can't even tell what day of the week it is.

People walked with umbrellas, but we were the only ones without umbrellas.We stood under the eaves of the building, staring blankly at the street scene as if we were looking at the ruins of the ancient Greek Acropolis.At the intersection in the rain, colorful vehicles are bustling.In any case, I can't imagine that there is a vast and strange world of night ghosts down here. Fortunately it rained.said the girl. What's so good about it? If it is sunny, it will definitely shake us for a long time without going to the ground.rain okay? It is true. What should I do next?asked the girl.

Drink something warm first, and then go home and take a shower. We walked into a nearby self-service shopping mall and ordered two thick soups and a ham and egg sandwich in the eating room at the entrance. When the girl at the counter saw our embarrassed appearance, she seemed quite shocked at first, and then responded with a professional tone as if nothing had happened. Two ham and egg sandwiches with bisque.The girl said. exactly the same.I said.Then ask, what day is it today? Sunday.The other party answered. Look, I said to the fat girl, good guess. Before the soup and sandwiches arrived, I passed the time by flipping through the Sports Japan magazine my neighbor had left behind.Even though reading sports newspapers can't solve anything, it's better than watching nothing.Newspaper date is Sunday, October 2nd.There is no weather forecast in the sports newspaper, but the rain report on the horse racing special page is quite detailed: it may rain in the evening, but fortunately it will not affect the horse race on the last track, and the competition on this track may be quite fierce.It was a baseball game at Jingu Stadium, the last game between the Yakert team and the Chunichi team. As a result, Yackert lost 6:2.No one knows that directly below the Jingu Stadium is the huge lair of night ghosts. The girl said she wanted to read the top page, so I divided it and handed it over. What she wanted to read seemed to be the article "Can Drinking Semen Help You Beautify?" Rape Me".I can't imagine raping a lady in a cage.It must have its own effective means.But anyway, it must be a lot of work.I can't do it. Hey, do you like to drink semen for people?the girl asked me. It doesn't matter.I answer. But here is what it says: Generally speaking, men like to have semen swallowed by women when they are caressed, thus confirming that they are accepted by women.This is a mere formula, a kind of acknowledgment. I don't quite understand.I said. Can someone drink it? Can't remember, probably not. She grunted and continued reading that article. I read about the process before and after the Central Baseball League defeated the Taiping Baseball League. Soup and sandwiches were served.We drank soup and broke sandwiches in half.So the smell of toast slices and egg white and egg yolk rippling.I wiped the bread crumbs and egg yolk from the corners of my mouth with a paper towel, and sighed again, as if all the sighs in my body had merged into this one.Such a deep sigh will not occur several times in the whole life. Walk out of the store and hail a taxi.Because of the dirt, I waited for a while before I came across a car that would stop.The driver was a young man with long hair. On the passenger's seat was a large stereo tape recorder, from which the police band sang.I told him where to go, and then retreated deeply into the seat. Hey, why is it so dirty?the driver asked in the rearview mirror. Caught and fought in the rain.The girl answered. Heh, awesome.The driver said, but it was too embarrassing.The side of the neck is red and blue. Know.I said. It's okay, I don't care about that.said the driver. Why?the fat girl asked. I only recruit young people who seem to like listening to pop songs, even if they are dirty, it doesn't matter, just listening to this is enough to be happy.Like "The Police"? almost.I should agree with one sentence. Well, the company just doesn't allow this kind of song to be put in, and wants me to use the radio to play the music program of the station.Who are you kidding!What Mattie, Seiko Matsuda, who listens to such nonsense! "The Police" is amazing!Can't get tired of listening to it all day.Lego is pretty good too.What do you think, Lego? not bad.I said. After the "Police" tape was switched, the driver listened to Bob.Marley's love song.The dashboard is full of cassette tapes.I was already exhausted, and in addition to being cold and sleepy, my whole body seemed to be falling apart, so I couldn't even talk about enjoying music.But in any case, it is thankful to have a ride in his car.I watched blankly from behind as the driver tapped his shoulders while holding the steering wheel. It stopped in front of my residence, I paid the fare to get off, and gave a tip of 1,000 yuan: Just buy a tape. So happy!The driver said, can we meet again? yes! Still, don't you think that in ten or fifteen years most taxis in the world will be playing pop songs?Don't you think that's nice? is very good.I said. But I think that's impossible.Jim.Morrison has been dead for more than ten years, and I have never come across a taxi driving with De Az's music on.There is change in the world and there is no change.What doesn't change always stays the same.Music in taxis is one of them.Taxi radios are always filled with ugly celebrity talks or baseball games.It was Raymond on the store loudspeaker.Louvre's music is played, polkas are played in bars, and Ben Chaz's Christmas carols are heard in the commercial streets at the end of the year. We take the elevator upstairs.The door of the room should still be in the state of taking off the hinges. Unexpectedly, someone has inserted the door into the door frame. At first glance, it seems that the door is closed well.I don't know who did it, it must have taken a lot of time and effort.I removed the stainless steel door the way the Cro-Magnon men opened the portal, let the girl in, and moved the door from the inside so that the room would not be exposed. Then buckle up the anti-theft chain in a self-deceiving manner. The room was tidy.For a moment, I even suspected that the embarrassing scene yesterday was my own illusion.All the upturned furniture was in its place, the messy food was cleaned up, the broken bottles and tableware were gone, the books and records were returned to the bookshelves, the clothes were put into the closet, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom were also cleared. Scrubbed to a gleaming shine, the floor was bare of rubbish. However, if you check carefully, you can still find traces everywhere.The broken picture tube is like a time tunnel, and the hole is open; the refrigerator is empty, and there is nothing in it; the torn clothes have been thrown away, and the rest can only fill a small suitcase; there are only a few plates and glasses left in the cupboard. cups; the wall clock stopped; none of the electrical appliances worked properly.Someone had obviously sorted out the unusable stuff and the room felt refreshed as a result.There is nothing superfluous, and there must be more than one indispensable thing missing.However, I am a little bit at a loss, not sure what is necessary for me now. I went to the bathroom to turn on the gas water heater, checked that it was not damaged, and started pouring water into the bathtub.Soap, razor, toothpaste, towel, shampoo are basically left there, and there is no problem with the shower.There should be many items missing from the bathroom, but I can't remember what was missing, not a single one. While I was filling the bath and looking around the room, the fat girl was lying in bed watching Balzac's The Peasant. There are otters in France too, huh?she says. Yes. Now also? do not know.I answer.How did I know this kind of thing. I sat in a kitchen chair and wondered who the hell had cleaned up what looked like a dump for me.Someone had patiently cleaned up the room thoroughly for a purpose.Maybe it was the two symbolists, or it could be someone from the organization. I can't imagine on what basis they think and act.But no matter what, I thank the enigmatic counterpart for tidying up the room so neatly and beautifully.It was indeed a relief to come back to a room like this. After the water was full, I asked the girl to wash first.The girl put a bookmark in the book and got out of bed, and took off her clothes in the kitchen twice. She was so chic and natural, I couldn't help but sat on the edge of the bed and stared blankly at her naked body.She has a wonderful figure, like a child and like a grown-up.His whole body was covered with white and tender flesh, like an ordinary person's body covered with a layer of jelly.And the fat is very well-proportioned, if you don't pay attention, you almost forget the fact that she is fat.The arms, thighs, neck, and waist are all swollen pleasing to the eye, as smooth as a whale.The breasts are not very large compared to the body, and are tightly raised.The buttocks are also plump just right. I'm in good shape, right?The girl asked me from the kitchen. not bad. It is very hard work to make the meat grow to this extent. You have to eat a lot of rice, and you have to eat cakes, fried things, and so on. I nodded silently.While she was in the shower, I took off my shirt and wet pants, put on the rest of my clothes, and lay on the bed wondering what to do next.It was almost half past eleven.Only a little over twenty-four hours remained.It must be planned well, and the last twenty-four hours of life must not be allowed to pass in a blur. It was still raining outside, the quiet fine rain, almost indistinguishable.If there are no raindrops dripping down the eaves in front of the window, there is no way to know whether it is raining or not.Cars drove past under the window from time to time, and there was the sound of splashing thin water on the road.You can also hear the voices of several children calling someone.The girl was humming a ditty in the bathroom, the melody of which could not be heard clearly, probably composed by herself. Not long after lying on the bed, drowsiness hit me violently, but I couldn't just fall asleep.It must be several hours of sleep, and nothing can be done. But if you ask why you don't sleep, I don't know what to do at all. I took off the rubber ring on the umbrella of the bedside lamp, fiddled with it for a while, and put it back.Anyway, I can't stay in the room without moving, and I get nothing from being bored here.Going out and doing something.As for what to do, it's not too late to make plans outside. Come to think of it, it's kind of wonderful that there are only twenty-four hours left in your life.There was a mountain of things to do, but in fact I couldn't think of any of them.I took off the rubber ring of the lamp umbrella and rotated it back and forth with my fingers.Suddenly, I remembered the Frankfurt tourism posters posted on the walls of the supermarket: there is a river, there are bridges on the river, and swans are floating on the river.The place doesn't seem bad.It would be advisable to go to Frankfurt for the rest of my life.The problem is that it is impossible to arrive within 24 hours, and even if it is possible, you will be stuck in the seat of the plane for more than ten hours, and you have to eat the tasteless food on the plane.Moreover, it may not be as good-looking as the painting when you see it with your own eyes.It seems that in any case, this life can only be ended in such a disheartened way, and there is no way to avoid it.In this case, there is no need to plan a trip.Traveling takes too much time, and most of it is not as enjoyable as expected. After all, all I can remember is to have a good meal and drink with the girl.Nothing else of interest.I flipped through the brochure, found the library phone number, turned the dial, and found the girl in charge of the references. Hello.the girl greeted. Thank you so much for the recent book on unicorns.I said. Where, where, I should thank you for your hospitality. How about another meal tonight if it's convenient?I let out the leads. have a meal?She repeated, there is a seminar tonight! Research?I also repeat it. Research meeting on river pollution.Oh, like synthetic laundry detergent causing the extinction of fish and so on, just look into that.It's my turn to report on the research tonight. It seems like a very practical study.I said. Well, of course.So if possible, it's better to change the meal to tomorrow, okay?Tomorrow is Sunday, the library is closed, please take your time. I won't be here tomorrow afternoon.I couldn't make it clear on the phone, but I have to stay away for a while. keep away?Can't travel?she asked. Be it. Sorry, wait a minute. The girl seemed to be receiving people who came to the reference room to discuss something.It is not difficult to feel the scene of the library hall on Sunday from the receiver: a little girl is yelling, and her father is consoling.It seems that the world is safe and sound.People borrow books from the library, station attendants cast eyes on unticketed riders, and racetrack horses gallop in the rain. Regarding the information about the demolition of houses, the voice of the girl answering the other party's questions is clearly audible. There are three volumes on the lower shelf No. 5, please go over there and have a look. Then he said something to the other party. Sorry sorry, the girl went back and picked up the receiver, OK, well, forget about the research meeting.I will definitely tell everyone what to say. sorry. nothing.Anyway, the fish in the river in this area are all dead, so it doesn't matter if I report my research results a week later. Even so.I said. Where do you eat? No no, my room is scrapped.The refrigerator died, and the tableware was almost gone.Can't make meals. Know.she says. Know? Well, isn't it tidy? What did you pack? certainly.Can't you?This morning, I dropped by to deliver another book at work, and found that the door was broken, and the inside was in a mess, so I just cleaned it up, but I was a little late for work.It can also be regarded as a reward for your hospitality.A disservice? Where, where, I said, I really wish for it. Well, can you pick me up in front of the library at around 6:10 in the evening?It is only closed at 6 o'clock on Sunday. OKI said, thank you. You're welcome.After all, the girl put down the phone. I was looking for something to wear to dinner and the fat girl came out of the bathroom and I handed her the washcloth and bath towel.The girl took it but didn't move, standing in front of me for a moment.The washed hair was pressed tightly against the forehead and cheeks, and the pointed ears stood out from the middle, and the gold earrings were still on the earlobes. Always shower with gold earrings?I asked. That's natural.Didn't I say it last time?The girl replied that she would never fall off.don’t worry.Like these earrings? is good.I said. Her underwear, skirt and blouse were hanging in the bathroom.Pink bra pink briefs pink skirt pink shirt. Seeing these objects while soaking in the bathtub, both temples felt painful.I didn't like underwear and stockings hanging in the bathroom.I can't say why, but I just don't like it. I washed my hair, washed my body, brushed my teeth, and shaved.Then he walked out of the bathroom to dry his body with a towel, and put on his trousers and trousers.Despite the rash actions one after another, the abdominal pain was much lighter than yesterday.I didn't even remember I had a wound until I took a shower.The fat girl was sitting on the bed, drying her hair with a hairdryer while continuing to look at Balzac.The drizzle outside the window still showed no signs of letting up.Seeing the underwear drying in the bathroom, the girl sitting on the bed blowing her hair and reading a book, and the drizzle outside, I seem to have returned to my married life a few years ago. No hair dryer?asked the girl. Need not. The hair dryer was left by his wife when she ran away from home.I have short hair and don't need a blow dryer. I sat beside her, leaning against the head of the bed and closing my eyes.As soon as you close your eyes, various colors flash on and off in the darkness.Come to think of it, I haven't slept properly for several days, and every time I lie down, someone will wake me up, so now that I close my eyelids, I can't wait to sleep and drag myself into the deep darkness, like a night ghost. The hand tried to pull me into the darkness. I opened my eyes and rubbed my face with my hands.Since it took a long time to wash my face and shave, my skin was as tight as a drum.Rubbing your face is like rubbing someone else's face.The place where the leech stung was burning.Presumably the two leeches sucked my blood. Hey, girl put the book aside, really don't want people to drink semen? Do not want. Not in that mood? Um. Don't want to sleep with me? Do not want. Think I'm fat? Where, I said, your body is very attractive. Then why don't you want to sleep? not understand.I said, I don't understand why.I always feel that I shouldn't sleep with you now. Is it for moral reasons?Or because it violates your life ethics? ethics of life.I repeat.These four words are very extraordinary.I stared at the ceiling and thought for a while. No, no, that's not the case.I said, two different things.It may be close to instinct or intuition.Or something to do with my memory going backwards.It's hard to explain.I really want to sleep with you right now, but something is getting in the way, saying it's not right now. The girl stared at my face with her arms propped on the pillow. Not lying? This aspect is not lying. Really think so? It feels like that. Is there evidence? evidence?I asked back in astonishment. That is, is there anything to convince me that you want to sleep with me? has an erection.I said. Have a look! I hesitated for a while, but finally took off my pants and showed up.I'm too exhausted to continue arguing, and besides, I'm not long alive. Well.The girl looked at me and said, can I touch it? no.I said, it can be used as evidence, right? Forget it, forget it! I lifted my pants.There was the sound of heavy trucks slowly passing by the window outside. When are you going back to your grandfather?I try to ask. Sleep for a while, wait for the clothes to dry before leaving.The girl said that the water will not disappear until the evening, and then return via the subway. In this kind of weather, you have to wait until tomorrow to dry your clothes. real?She said, what should I do? There is a laundromat nearby, just go there to dry. But I didn't go out with clothes! I tilted my head and thought about it, but I couldn't think of a good way.It ended up being me running to the laundromat to throw her clothes in the dryer.I went into the bathroom and stuffed her wet clothes into a Deutsche Airline plastic bag.Then I picked out olive green shorts and a blue buttoned cardigan from the rest of my clothes and wore them.The shoes are brown leather shoes.And so, a fraction of the precious time I have left is wasted worthlessly in the poor galvanized chair of the laundromat.The time has pointed to twelve seventeen.
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