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Chapter 34 Thirty-Four End of the World Skull

I see birds.The bird clings to the snow-covered western slopes, out of my field of vision. While warming my hands in front of the stove, I drank the hot tea made by the old man. Do you want to read your dreams today?Look at this scene, the snow is going to be very deep, and it is dangerous to go up and down the slope.Can't you take a day off from work?the old man asked. Today, no matter what, we can't stop working.I said. The old man shook his head and walked out.After a while, I found a pair of snow boots from nowhere. Wear this to go.This will prevent slipping on snowy roads. I tried it on and it was the right size.The omens are good.

When the time came, I wrapped my scarf, put on my gloves, borrowed the old man's hat to put it on, and folded up the accordion and put it in my coat pocket. I like this accordion, it seems that I can't separate it for a moment. Take care, said the old man, this time is critical for you.Now that there is an accident, there is no way to undo it. Well, I understand. As expected, a lot of snow was blown into the pit.There was no sign of the old man around, and the tools were completely gone.If it goes on like this, it will definitely be buried in the snow tomorrow morning without a trace.I stood in front of the pit for a long time watching the snow blowing into the pit, then turned and walked down the hillside.

Snowflakes were flying all over the sky, blurring a few meters away.I took off my glasses and put them in my pocket, wrapped the scarf under my eye sockets, and walked down the slope.The spikes under the feet made a pleasant sound, and birdsong rang from time to time in the forest.I don't know how birds feel about snow.What about unicorns?What are they thinking in the boiling snow? Arrived at the library an hour earlier than usual.The girl has lit the stove and warmed the room waiting for me.She pats the snow off my coat and knocks the ice from between my shoe studs. Originally, I was here yesterday as well, but I still feel very familiar with the scene in the library.The dim light reflected on the opaque glass, the warmth from the stove, the aroma of steaming coffee, the quiet memory of the ancient time permeating every corner of the room, and her elegant and decent behavior all made me feel far away. The feeling of reunion.I relaxed my body and immersed myself in this atmosphere without moving.I feel that I am about to lose this quiet and safe world.

Eat now?Or later? No more food.Not hungry.I said. That's okay, tell me anytime you're hungry.Want a cup of coffee? Thanks.sorry to bother you. I took off my gloves and put them on the stove ear to bake.Then he sat in front of the stove and baked his hands like counting fingers one by one, watching the scene where the girl took off the kettle on the stove and poured coffee into the cup.She handed me a cup and sat down at the table drinking her own coffee. It was snowing so hard outside that it was almost impossible to see clearly.I said. Uh, it will take several days.Until the thick clouds in the sky completely covered the snow.

I drank half of the coffee, picked up the cup, walked to the chair opposite her and sat down. The cup was placed on the table, and I looked at her face for a while.While staring at it like this, I couldn't help feeling sad, as if I was sucked into something. When the snow stops, the snow must be so thick that you have never seen it. But maybe I can't see it. She lifted her eyes from the cup to look at me. Why?Anyone can see the snow! I won’t read Gumeng today, let’s talk to each other.I said, things are very important.I have a lot to say and I hope you will too.Is it okay? She couldn't figure out what I wanted to say, she just crossed her hands on the table, looked at me with confused eyes and nodded.

My shadow is dying.I said, I think you also know that this winter is very cold, I don't think he can last long, it's just a matter of time.When the shadow dies, I will lose my heart forever.So I've got to decide a lot of things here now: about myself, about you, and all the rest of that kind of thing.There is not much time left to think.Even if you can think about it for a long time, I think the conclusion is the same.The conclusion has been drawn. I took a sip of coffee and checked my mind again whether there was any mistake in the conclusion I drew.correct.Yet no matter which path I choose, I have decisively lost a lot.

I'm leaving this town probably tomorrow afternoon.I said, I don't know where and how to get out, but the shadow will tell me.I left here with the shadow and returned to the original world, where I lived.I shall drag my shadow as before, grow old and feeble in joys and sorrows, and die at last.Maybe that world suits me, I thought.I will survive under the manipulation of my mind.you may not understand this The way the girl stared at my face was not so much watching as it was peeping into the space where my face was. You don't like this town? You said at the outset that if I came here to find peace, I would be in exactly the right place.I really like the quiet and serenity here.And I also know that if I lose my mind completely, this stillness and serenity will be perfect.There is nothing painful in this town.Maybe I'll live my life regretting the loss of this town.Still, I can't stop here.Because my heart won't allow me to stay here at the expense of my own shadow and unicorn.No matter how peaceful and stable I get, I can't cheat my heart, even if it disappears completely in the near future.It's not the same thing.Once something is damaged, even if it disappears completely, it will remain damaged forever.Do you understand what I mean?

She was silent for a long time, staring at her fingers intently.The coffee in the cup is no longer steaming.Everything in the room is still. Gone forever? I nodded: Once you leave, you can never come back here.There is no doubt about it.Even if I want to come back, the gates of the city will not be opened. So you can too? It is very sad to lose you.I love you.This state of mind is invaluable.I don't want to get you without twisting and deforming it.Rather than that, it's better to lose you when you want to, it's still bearable. The room fell into silence again, only the crackling sound of the coals reverberated exaggeratedly.My overcoat, scarf, hat, and gloves hung by the fire.Everything was given to me by this town.Although plain and unpretentious, they all have my heart.

I also imagined that only the shadow would escape and I would be left alone.The problem, I said to the girl, is that I will be driven into the forest and never see you again.Because you can't live in the forest.Those who can live in the forest are limited to those whose shadows have not been completely eliminated and whose hearts still remain in their bodies.I have a heart, you don't.Therefore it is impossible for you to even pursue me. She shook her head quietly and said: Yes, I don't care.Mother has, I have not.The mother was driven to the forest because of leftovers.I haven't told you yet, but I remember very well when my mother was driven into the forest.Now sometimes I still think: If I have the heart, I am afraid that I will live with my mother in the forest forever.Moreover, if I have the heart, I can also pursue you normally.

Even if you are driven to the forest, do you think you still have intentions? She stared intently at the clenched fingers on the table, then released them. I remember my mother said that as long as you have the heart, you will have nothing to lose wherever you go.But really? have no idea.I said, I don't know if that's the case.But your mother believed that, didn't she?The question is whether you believe it or not. I think I can believe it.She said, looking closely into my eyes. believe?I asked in amazement, can you believe this? perhaps. Hey, think about it, this is very important.I said, the fact that you can believe in whatever it is is obviously a function of the heart, understand?Assuming you believe something, the result of believing is likely to backfire.If it backfires, disappointment is bound to follow.This is the activity of the mind.Do you still have heart?

She shook her head and said: Not sure.I just think about my mother, and I never think about it before.I think I'm afraid I can only believe it. It is estimated that there is still something left in you that is related to the existence of concentricity.It's just that he was tightly locked inside and couldn't get out, so he was never discovered by the wall. The so-called heart remains in my body, does it mean that I have not completely eliminated the shadow like my mother? No, probably not.Your shadow has indeed died here, buried in the apple grove, that is documented.But there is something like an afterimage or fragment of your heart remaining in you through the medium of your mother's memory, and it must be making you wobble.If you go down this line, it should be possible to get somewhere. The room was almost unnaturally quiet, as if all sounds were sucked up by the snowflakes dancing outside.It seemed to me that somewhere the walls were listening breathlessly to our conversation.It was too quiet. Let’s talk about ancient dreams.I said, the heart you generate every day is sucked away by the unicorn and becomes an ancient dream, right? Well, that is.After Shadow died, our hearts were sucked by the unicorns. In that case, I should be able to interpret your heart one by one from the ancient dreams, right? No, that's not possible.My heart was not boiled down to being sucked in as a whole, but was sucked in fragments by many unicorns.The fragments were so intricately intertwined with other people's that it was impossible to tell which was mine and which belonged to someone else.isn't it?You have been reading dreams before, can't you guess which one is my dream?The so-called ancient dream is such a thing.No one can untie it, it just wants to disappear in this chaotic state. I fully understand what she said.Although I keep reading dreams every day, I can't grasp the meaning of ancient dreams at all.And now I only have twenty-one hours left.I must try to find her heart within twenty-one hours.It's also really incredible: in this undead town, all choices require me to make within a limited 21 hours.I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths.I must concentrate all my nerves to find a breakthrough to solve the mystery. Let's go to the library.I said. library? Go to the library and look at the skull and think.Maybe he can come up with a clever plan. I took the girl's hand away from the table, went around behind the counter, and opened the door to the library.She pressed the light switch, and the dim yellow light immediately illuminated the countless skulls on the shelf.A thick layer of ash fell on the skull, and a discolored white appeared in the gloom. They opened their mouths at the same angle, and stared at the void ahead with their black eye sockets.The icy silence they spewed turned into a transparent mist over the stacks.We leaned our backs against the wall and stared at the array of skulls for a long time.The cold air pierces the skin and makes the bones cold. Can my heart really be read?she asked, staring at my face. I think I can read your heart.I answered quietly. How to pronounce it? I don't know yet.I say, but I can definitely read it.I am sure of this, there must be a good way, and I am sure to find it. Do you want to discern the raindrops falling in the river? Listen to me, the mind is a different thing from the raindrops.It neither fell from the sky nor should it be confused with anything else.If you can trust me, trust me.I must find it.There is everything and nothing here.I'm sure I can find what I'm craving. Find my heart!After a while, she said so.
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