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Chapter 35 Thirty-five grim wonderland nail clippers, cream sauce, iron vase

It was 5:20 to drive to the library.There was still more than enough time, so I decided to get out of the car and wander the streets after the rain for a while.Walk into the counter-style beer hall, drink beer while watching golf on TV, and play video games in the entertainment center to pass the time.It was a game of using armored guns to annihilate the tank formations coming across the river.At first our side had the upper hand, but as the battle progressed, the enemy tanks were so numerous that they finally captured our position.When the position fell, the picture was full of dazzling white-hot light like a nuclear explosion.Immediately type this line of words: GAMEOVER︱INSERTCOlN.I obediently put a hundred-yuan coin into the coin slot.So the music was everywhere, and our square was reproduced intact.This is a battle to lose.If our side is undefeated, the game will never end.And endless games are boring.Not only will the entertainment center suffer in that way, but I will also be troubled.Soon, our position was captured again, and the screen flashed white hot light again, and then the words: GAMEOVER︱INSERTCOlN appeared again.

Next to the entertainment center is a hardware store with all kinds of tools in the window.There are wrenches, spanners, set screwdrivers, and even electric nailers and electric screwdrivers.There is also a set of portable tools imported from Germany in a leather case.The leather case is only the size of a women's purse, but it is full of small saws, small hammers and electric pens.Next to it stood a set of thirty carving knives.Before this, I never thought that there are thirty kinds of carving knives, so this set of thirty kinds of carving knives gave me a lot of shock. Each of the thirty knives is slightly different, and some of them have different shapes. I really can't figure out how to use it.Compared with the noise of the entertainment center, the hardware store is always as quiet as behind an iceberg.A middle-aged man with thinning hair and glasses sat beside the counter in the dimly lit store, disassembling something with a screwdriver.

Suddenly, I went into the store to look for nail clippers.The nail clippers are placed next to the razor, neatly arranged like insect specimens.The shape of one was incredible, and how to use it was completely confusing, so I picked it and took it to the counter.This is a stainless steel piece about five centimeters long, flat and flat, and I can't imagine where to press it to cut off the nail. As soon as I arrived, the owner put a screwdriver and a small electrical bubbler disassembled underneath and showed me how to use the nail clippers. All right, please watch carefully.This is one, this is two, this is three.Well, isn't this just cut out?

really.I said. It is indeed an excellent nail clipper.He turned the nail clippers back into steel sheets and returned them to me.I did what he said and turned it into a nail clipper again. Good stuff.He said as if giving away the secret, Hegel products are good for life.Very convenient when traveling. It does not rust, the blade is strong and sharp, and it is no problem to cut dog's claws. I bought it for 2,800 yen.The nail clippers came in a small black leather case.I paid the change and he started taking the bubbler apart again.A lot of screws are placed in a beautiful white plate according to size.The black screws lined up in the dish look beaming.

After buying the nail clippers, I went back to the car and waited for her while listening to the "Brandenburg Concerto".And ponder why the screws in the dish look so beaming.Probably because the screw is no longer part of the bubbler and has regained its independence as a screw.Maybe it's because the owner provided a white plate, which is an unusually beautiful residence, and I don't know.Regardless, it was comforting to look beaming. I took out the nail clippers from my pocket and combined them again to trim the tips of my nails slightly.Put the holster back on.The shear feel is not bad.The hardware store was a bit of a neglected aquarium.

When the library closed at six o'clock, many people came out of the library gate.It seemed that most of them were high school students working hard in the reading room.Most of them carry the same leatherette travel bag as mine.After careful observation, the existence of high school students always seems a bit unnatural.One part of it is too bloated, and another part is not enough.Indeed, in their eyes, my existence may appear even more unnatural.The so-called human world is such a thing.People call it the generation gap. There are also old people among the high school students.After reading magazines or browsing the four major newspapers in the magazine reading room, the old people spend their Sunday afternoons, store up knowledge like elephants, and return to their respective homes where they are waiting for dinner.The appearance of the old people does not look like a high school student, giving people a sense of unnaturalness.

After these people were gone, the buzzer sounded: six o'clock.Hearing this sound, I couldn't help but feel hungry. I haven't felt this way for a long time.Come to think of it, I only ate half a ham and egg sandwich, a small cake and raw oysters since early morning.Didn't eat much yesterday.The feeling of hunger is like a huge hollow, dark and deep, even if you drop it into the ground, you will see no stones at all.I reclined the seat back and looked at the sagging roof as I considered what to eat.All kinds of food come and go in the mind.If poured with white sauce and supplemented with watercress, the snails also seem to be delicious.

It was six-fifteen when the girl from the reference room walked out of the library door. your car?she asked. No, rented.I said, it doesn't quite match? Hmm, not quite.I'm afraid this style should be used by younger people, right? This is the only car rental company has left.It's not just for rent.It doesn't matter anymore. She grunted and walked around the car appreciatively.Then he got into the seat from the other side of the car door to check carefully, opened the ashtray, and peeked at the back seat. "Brandenburg"? like? Well, I like it very much.often listen.The best I think is Cole.Richter's, but this recording is newer.uh who played it?

Doleba.Pinnock. Like Pinnock? Not to mention how much I like it.I said, I bought it when I saw it.Not bad at all. Have you heard "Brandenburg" played by Casals? No. Worth a listen.Maybe not orthodox, but definitely tasty enough. Listen next time.I don't know if I have this time.There are only eighteen hours left, and I still need to take a little sleep.No matter how little life is left, you can't stay up until dawn with blindfolded eyes. What to eat?I try to ask. How about Italian? Can. I know a place, let's go there.Pretty close.The ingredients are very fresh.

hungry.I said, screws seem to be able to eat into it. Me too.She said, Hey, what a shirt! Thanks. The restaurant takes fifteen minutes by car from the library.While the bicycle was slowly driving along the winding residential street hiding from people, an Italian restaurant suddenly appeared on the slope.A white wooden bungalow, probably converted directly from a residence into a hotel, with a small signboard, so you can't tell it's a hotel if you don't pay attention.The store is surrounded by high-walled residential lots, and the branches of towering Himalayan fir and pine trees outline the trees in the evening air.

It's really hard to find such a place with restaurants.I said as I parked the car in front of the store. The store is not very spacious, only three dining tables and a counter that doubles as a dining table.Waiters in aprons ushered us to the innermost table.The table is by the window, and plum branches can be seen outside the window. How about some wine?the girl asked. what ever. Wine is no better than beer, I don't know much about it.While she was chattering about wine and conferring with the male waiter, I watched the plum trees outside the window.Plum trees in the yards of Italian-style restaurants always seem a little nondescript, but in fact it may not be surprising.There may also be plum trees in Italy.Even France has otters.After the wine was settled, we opened the recipe book and started to study it.Ordering food takes time.Start with a cold appetizer and shrimp salad (drizzled with strawberry juice), and then order raw oysters, Italian beef liver pate, stewed cuttlefish, creamy eggplant claws, and pickled male fish.In addition, she asked for macaroni, and she chose vermicelli. Well, how about another hollow pasta with fish sauce, half for each person?she proposes. OK!I said. How is the fish today?she asked the valet. There was fresh sea bass coming in.The waiter said, how about a braised sea bass with almond beans? OK Me too.I said add spinach salad and mushroom rice. I add boiled vegetables and tomato rice. There were quite a few male waiters at the meal who said worriedly. It's ok, I've barely eaten since yesterday morning and she has a dilated stomach.I said. Like a big black hole.she continued. Please wait.said the valet. Grape juice, lemon crisp and espresso after dinner.she added. Me too.I said. The waiter took a while to write the menu.After he left, the girl smiled brightly and looked at my face. You don't order so many things just to match me, do you? Really hungry.I said, I haven't been this hungry for a long time. Terrific!She said, I don't trust people with small appetites, and I always suspect that kind of people replenish their supplies elsewhere.right? I don't quite understand.I said.I don't quite understand. Not quite understanding is your mantra, sure. perhaps. Maybe a mantra too. I had nothing to say and nodded silently. Why?Because all thoughts are erratic? I don’t quite understand, maybe I’m whispering in my head, the male waiter came to correct the dislocated posture of the crown prince with the royal bone surgeon, pulled out the cork of the wine bottle respectfully, and poured it into the glass. No wonder my sentence is the mantra of the protagonist of "The Outsider", probably.What was that man's name?Well Mruson.I said. Yes, it's Mulusson.She repeated that she had read it in high school.Today's high school students don't read The Outsider at all.Recently the library did a survey.What kind of writer do you like? Turgenev. Turgenev is not a very great writer, and he is behind the times. perhaps.I said, but I like it, and Flaubert and Hardy are pretty good too. Don't see the new one? Maugham sometimes reads it. Is Maugham a new writer?Few people think so nowadays.Like a jukebox without a Goldman record, she said, tilting her wine glass. But it's interesting. I read "The Razor" three times.Not brilliant, but readable, much better than the other way around. Well, she seemed a little puzzled, whatever.This orange shirt suits you very well. thanks.I said, your dress is also incomparable. Thank you so much. She wore a dark blue velvet dress with thin white trim at the neckline and two silver necklaces around her neck. After receiving your call, I went home and changed it.It is really convenient that the home is close to the unit. Makes sense.I said.It makes sense. More than one cold dish came up, so we ate for a while.The taste is light and simple, and the ingredients are fresh enough.The oysters are huddled as if freshly fished from the bottom of the sea, with the smell of the sea they live in. By the way, how is the unicorn thing going?she asked as she shucked the oysters with a fork. generally.I wipe the cuttlefish juice off the corners of my mouth with a napkin.Basically come to an end. Where are the unicorns? it's here.As I said that, I poked my head with my fingertips, and there were a lot of unicorns in my head. Symbolic? No, it's not, hardly symbolic.Instead, it actually exists in my consciousness.Someone found it for me. This seems to be very interesting.Want to hear more, say it! Not very interesting.As I said that, I pushed the eggplant plate to her, and she turned the male fish plate around. But I want to hear it, very much. The thing is this: there is something similar to a nucleus at the bottom of each person's consciousness that he cannot feel.As far as I'm concerned, that's the town.There is a river in the town, surrounded by high brick walls.Residents of the town can't go out, only unicorns can go out.Unicorns suck people's egos and selfishness out of town like blotting paper.So there is neither ego nor selfishness in the town. I live in such a town.In fact, I haven't seen it with my own eyes, and I don't know more. Very original.she says. After explaining it to her, I realized that the old man didn't say a word about the river.It seems that I am being dragged into that world step by step. This is not something I made up on purpose.I said. Even if it wasn't intentional, you were the one who fabricated it, right? That's true. Is this male fish good? good. Still, don't you think it's somewhat similar to the Russian unicorn story I read to you?While cutting the eggplant with a knife, the girl said that Ukrainian unicorns also live in a community surrounded by cliffs. resemblance. Maybe there is some kind of commonality. Yes.Saying that, I put my hand in my pocket, and I have a gift for you. I like gifts very much. I took out the nail clippers from my pocket and handed them to her.She took it out of the holster and watched in amazement: What is this? I'll try.I took the nail clippers from her, watch!This is one, this is two, this is three. Nail clippers? right.Convenient when traveling.Just reverse the order when returning to the original state.Here! I turned the nail clippers back into metal pieces and returned them to her.She combined them into nail clippers and restored them again. Interesting, thank you very much.She said, do you often give girls nail clippers? Where, it's the first time for me to give away nail clippers. I just bought something when I was in the hardware store.The carving knife is too large. Nail clippers are fine, thanks.This thing is easy to lose somewhere, and it has to be stuffed in the small pocket of the satchel from time to time. She put the nail clippers back into the leather case and stashed them in her satchel. After the cold dishes were removed, the noodles were served.The intense hunger is still developing.Six cold cuts barely left a mark on the hollow inside me.I got a fair amount of macaroni into my stomach in a short amount of time, and I ate half of my macaroni with fish sauce. After eating so much, there seemed to be a ray of light in the darkness. Between the pasta and the sea bass we drank wine. By the way, the girl put her lips on the wine glass and said.As a result, her voice sounded particularly muffled, as if she was holding it in a cup. Your destroyed room was destroyed by some kind of special machine, right?Or did a lot of people rush to do it? No machine.Do it alone.I said. That man is probably strong enough. I don't know what fatigue is. someone you know See you for the first time. Even if you play rugby in your room, it won't be so embarrassing. presumably. Could it be something to do with unicorns?she asked. possible. solved? No, at least they didn't fix it. Did you solve it? It can be said to be resolved, or it can be said to not be resolved.I said, it can be said to be resolved because there is no other choice; it can be said to be unresolved because it was not chosen by oneself.In this incident, my subjectivity was ignored from the beginning, like a lonely person joining sea donkey water polo. So start going out tomorrow? Be it. Must be involved in complicated events, right? It's so complicated that I can't figure it out at all.The world is becoming more and more complex day by day: nuclear, the split of the socialist camp, computer evolution, artificial insemination, spy satellites, artificial hearts, lobotomies, and even car dashboards.As far as I'm concerned, it's simply being drawn into an intelligence war.In short, it is the transition before the computer has itself.Stopgap! Will computers have themselves sooner or later? possible.I said, in that way, the electric wrist can combine data and calculate by itself, and no one can steal it. The waiter came and set down the sea bass and rice in front of us. I don't quite understand.As she spoke, she cut the fish with a fish knife, because the place in the library was very calm.There are many, many books, and people come to read them, that's all.Information is open to everyone, and no one will fight or grab it. I also work in the library just fine.I said.As it should be. We ate the perch, and we ate every grain of the rice, and the hunger hole was finally filled. The sea bass is delicious!she said contentedly. Creamy sauces have a knack for making them.I said finely chop the shallots, toss them with the cream, and cook them carefully.It will be reimbursed if you ignore the taste a little while burning. Like to cook? Cooking has barely evolved since the nineteenth century.At least that's how savory dishes do it.The freshness, process, taste, and aesthetics of materials never evolve. This lemon crisp is delicious, she said, can I still eat it? no problem!If it's lemon crisp, it's easy to eat five. I drank grape juice, ate lemon crisp, and drank espresso.The lemon crisp was indeed delicious.Dessert after dinner must be like this.The taste of espresso is very rich, as if it can be held in the palm of your hand. We had just thrown everything into our respective giant cavities when the head chef came to greet us.We told him very satisfied. Thanks to eating so much, it is worthwhile for us to do so.The chef said that even in Italy, there are not many people who can eat so much. Thanks.I said. After the head chef returned to the production room, we called the waiter and asked for a cup of espresso each. You are the first person who can rival me in appetite and remain calm.the girl said. I can still eat it. I have frozen pizza at home and a bottle of Deutsche whiskey. not bad.I agree. Sure enough, her home is very close to the library. The house is a small commodity house with a single family.The gate looks decent, and there is a yard big enough for one person to sleep in.It seems that there is almost no sunlight in the courtyard, but there is still a rhododendron growing in one corner, all the way to the second floor. The house was bought when we got married.She said, pay in installments and use her husband's life insurance money to pay.I planned to have a child, but it was too big to live alone. Maybe.I sat on the sofa and looked around the room. She took out the cakes from the refrigerator and put them in the electric oven.Then put the imperial wine, cups, and ice cubes on the coffee table in the living room.I turned on the combo player and pressed the cassette tape play button.The tape I picked at random included Jack.Markoff, Miles.Davis and Witton.Music by Cayley et al.Before the pie was baked, I drank whiskey and listened to The Rear Guard and The Ornamented Carriage by myself.She opened the wine for herself. Love old jazz?she asked, When I was in high school, I used to squat in bars to listen to this stuff. Don't listen to new ones? Listen to everything from "The Police" to Pengchacha.People let me listen. Don't listen to yourself? no need.I said. His deceased husband always listened to old music too. like me. Yeah, it's kind of like that.He was beaten to death in a bus, using an iron vase. for what? In the car, I glanced at the boy who was using hairspray, and he hit the boy with an iron vase in his hand. Why is the young man holding an iron vase? have no idea.She said she couldn't figure it out. I can't figure it out either. To be beaten to death on the bus, don't you think it's a terrible death? Indeed, it is pitiful enough.I agree. When the pie was baked, we each ate half and sat on the sofa drinking. Want to see unicorn skulls?I try to ask. Well, I want to see it.She said, really brought it? Copied, not genuine. I want to see that too. I went outside to the parking lot and retrieved my travel bag from the back of the car.It was a peaceful evening in early October, and it was refreshing.The clouds that originally covered the sky scattered intermittently, revealing a nearly full moon from them.Looks like tomorrow will be a fine day.I folded back on the couch, opened my travel bag, took out the skull wrapped in a towel, and handed it to her.She put the wine glass on the table and studied the skull carefully. not simple! Skull experts do.I said while drinking whiskey. It's really the same. I stopped the tape, took out the pair of fire chopsticks from my bag, and tapped my skull. The cooing sound was the same as last time, dry. how? Skull sounds vary.Skull experts, I said, can read all kinds of memories from sounds. wonderful!As she said that, the girl herself tapped the skull with fire chopsticks, not like a replica. Made by a rather persistent eccentric. My husband's skull was completely shattered and his voice must have been inaccurate. Hard to say, hard to estimate. She puts the skull on the table and raises a glass of wine.We toasted shoulder to shoulder on the couch, looking at the skull, the unicorn skull with its flesh and blood gone, looking both grinning at us and gasping for air. Put on some music!she says. I pull a box that roughly fits from the stack of tapes, stuff it into the stereo, press a button, and return to the couch. Is it okay here?Or go to the second floor?she asked. Here you can. Parton's "Hometown Walk" streamed from the loudspeaker.Time seems to be flowing in the wrong direction.But it doesn't matter if it's wrong or right, just flow in the direction it likes.The girl closed the lace curtains on the window in the courtyard, turned off the lights in the room, and undressed in the moonlight.She took off her necklace, her bracelet watch, and her velvet dress.I also took off my watch and threw it behind the sofa.Then he took off his shirt, untied his tie, and drank the remaining whiskey at the bottom of his glass. As she rolls her pantyhose and strips naked, the music changes to Charles's "Georgia, Where I Come From."I closed my eyes, put my feet on the coffee table, and stirred the time in my head like ice cubes in a wine glass.In a trance, everything happened in the distant past at the same time, only the undressed clothes, background music and monologues have changed a little.And this change is of no great significance.Spin around a few times quickly, and then run back to the original place.It's like racing on a merry-go-round.No one can surpass anyone, and no one will be surpassed. There is only one end point. As if everything happened in the past.I said with my eyes closed. Of course, as she said that, she took the wine glass from my hand and slowly unbuttoned the shirt one by one like peeling the tendon of cowpea. How do you see it? Because know.After speaking, he kissed me on my bare chest, and his long hair fell on my abdomen.All happened together in the past.It's just going around in circles, right? Still closing my eyes, I give my body to her lips and hair, savoring the touch.I think of sea bass, nail clippers, and snails on the bench in front of the laundry.The world is full of innumerable hints. I opened my eyes, hugged her quietly, and went around behind her back to unhook her bra.No hooks. Front.she says. The world is indeed evolving. We showered and listened to Crosby records together wrapped in towels.I feel extremely happy.The girl's hair smelled of shampoo.Although the springs of the sofa are slightly harder, it is still a high-quality sofa. It is a relic of the era of exquisite workmanship, exuding the breath of ancient sunshine.There really was a good time when sofas like this were supposed to be available. nice sofa!I said. It's old and shabby, and I wanted to replace it. It's still so good. Then leave it alone. I hummed "Young Danny" along with Crosby. Like this song? like.I said that when I was in elementary school, I played this song in a harmonica competition and won a dozen pencils.Harmonica played impeccably in the past. She laughed: Life is such an incredible thing. Incredible. She played "Young Danny" from the beginning.I hum along again.After singing for the second time, I couldn't help feeling sad. Can I write after I leave?she asked. can write.I said, if I could send letters from there. The girl and I each drank half of the last remaining wine at the bottom of the bottle. what time is it now?I asked. midnight.she answered.
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