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Chapter 36 Thirty Six Ends of the World Accordion

Is that how it feels?The girl asked, do you think you can read my heart? It feels very strong.Originally your heart was so close that I could touch it, but I turned a blind eye.The method of interpretation should have been suggested to me. If you feel that way, you are right. But I haven't been able to find it yet. We sat on the library floor and looked up at the array of skulls against the wall.The skull was silent, and said nothing to me, not even a few words. I am afraid that your strong feeling is only recently, right?She said, you recall one by one what happened around you after the shadow weakened, maybe there is a key hidden in it that can be used to find the key to my heart.

I closed my eyes on the cold floor and listened to the skull-deep silence for a while. This morning, the old people were digging a hole in front of the house. They didn't know what to bury, it was very big.The sound of the shovel woke me up and it was like digging a hole in my head.The snow that had fallen had buried the pit. The others? Went to the forest power station with you.You also know about this, right?Met with the young caretaker and talked about the forest.Also visited the power generation equipment above the wind tunnel.The sound of the wind is annoying, as if blowing from the bottom of hell.The administrator is young, quiet, and thin.

also? I took the accordion from him, a foldable, dainty little one.It's old, but the pronunciation is okay. The girl meditated quietly on the floor.I feel that the temperature in the library is dropping moment by moment. About an accordion.She said, the key must be it! accordion? It makes sense logically.The accordion is about the song, the song is about my mother, and my mother is about the fragment of my heart.Is not it? Indeed, as you said, I followed up, and it was a matter of course.It's possible that the accordion is the key.The problem is that a vital link has been lost: I can't even remember a single song.

It doesn't matter if it's a song.Let me listen to the accordion for a while, okay? Can.Saying that, I walked out of the library, took out the accordion from the coat pocket hanging by the stove, and sat beside her. I slipped my hands into the straps on either side of the keyboard and struck a few chords. It's so beautiful!She said, sound like wind? the wind itself.I said, make a wind that can make various sounds, and then combine them. She quietly closed her eyes and listened to the harmony. I played the chords one by one as far as I could remember, and pressed the scale with my right finger as if exploring.Although the melody can't be remembered, it doesn't matter, as long as she listens to the accordion sound like the wind, and gives her heart to the wind like a bird, there is nothing else she wants.

I cannot abandon my heart, I thought.No matter how heavy it is and sometimes how dark it is, it can still dance in the wind like a bird sometimes, and it can look out into eternity.I can even sink my heart into the sound of this little accordion. The sound of the wind blowing outside the building seemed to reach my ears.It was the winter wind that was blowing back and forth in the town.The wind bypasses the tall bell tower, passes under the bridge, and sways the weeping willows lined up on the river bank.It blows countless branches of the forest, skims across the grasslands, blows the power lines of the factory area, and slaps on the doors.Unicorns froze in the wind, and people held their breath quietly at home.I closed my eyelids, and imagined many scenes in the town: the sandbar in the river, the corner building on the west wall, the power station in the forest, the sunshine in front of the official house where the old people sat, the deep and slow water in the river, and the unicorns leaning over to drink , the green summer grass fluctuating with the wind on the stone steps of the canal.In addition, I still remember the small piece of farmland behind the power station, the grassland to the west of the old barracks, and the remaining houses and ancient wells at the foot of the forest wall to the east.

Then I want to see all kinds of people here: the senior colonel in the next room, the old man living in the official building, the power station administrator, and the janitor. They are probably listening to the sleet and cold wind whistling outside the window in their respective rooms. I will permanently lose this landscape and a person, including her of course.But I will remember this world and its people as yesterday, forever.Even though the town seems unnatural and abnormal to me, and even if the people here lose their hearts, it's not their fault.I might even miss that janitor.He was but a link in the strong chain of the town.Some force has built an impenetrable wall, and people are just swallowed inside.I had a vague feeling that I could love all the sights and all the people in this town.I can't live here, but I love them.

At this moment, something slightly touched my heartstrings.A chord suddenly resides in my heart as if looking for something.I opened my eyes and pressed the chord again.And explore the single notes in it with the right hand.After spending a lot of time, I finally found the first four notes.These four sounds are like the gentle rays of the sun, falling from the sky to my heart.These four tones seek me, and I seek these four tones. I hold down a chord key and play these four notes in sequence repeatedly.Four tones seek the following tones and additional chords.I first try to find another chord.Find out the harmony immediately.I had some trouble catching the melody, but the first four notes led me to the next five notes.Other chords and triads followed.

This is the song.Not quite, it's the opening section.I pressed the three chords and the twelve tones again and again.It should be a song I am familiar with. "Young Danny"! I close my eyes, and bounce down.Once the title of the song is remembered, the melody and chords behind it will flow out of your fingertips naturally.I played it a few times in one go.I can clearly feel the melody nourishes my heart, and my whole tense body is relieved.Hearing this piece of music that I haven't heard in a long time, I can deeply feel how sincerely my body craves it.I've been without music for so long that I can't even get a hunger for it.Music stretches my body and mind frozen by the long winter, and gives my eyes a warm and kind light.

I can seem to feel the town itself breathing in the music.There is me in the town, and there is a town in me.The town swayed as my body swayed and breathed.The fence is also moving and moving.I feel like the walls are literally my own skin. I played this piece repeatedly for a long, long time, then put the instrument on the floor and closed my eyes against the wall.I felt my body shake again.Everything here is like me.Whether it's a wall or a city gate or a unicorn or a river or a wind tunnel or a pool, it's all me.They are all inside me.Even this long winter must be inside me. After I let go of the accordion, the girl still had her eyes closed, her hands gripping my arm tightly.Tears welled up in her eyes.I put my hand on her shoulder and kissed her eyes.Tears are warm, making her with warm moisture.The faint soft light shone on her cheeks, making the tears glisten.But that light was not from the evening lamps hanging from the ceiling of the library.It is whiter and milder than starlight.

I got up and turned off the light, and found the source: the skull was glowing!The room began to light up like day.The light is as warm and tender as the spring sunshine, and as peaceful and quiet as the moonlight.The ancient light sleeping in the countless skulls on the shelf is awakening at this moment.The array of skulls is silently shining like the morning sea surface patched together with fragments of light.Yet my eyes were not dazzled even by the light.The light comforts me and fills my heart with the warmth of old memories.I could feel my eyes healed.Nothing can sting my eyes anymore.

What a scene!Everywhere is silvery.Like gems in clear water, they release the silent light that has already been achieved.I took one of the skulls in my hand and ran my fingertips lightly across the surface.I can already feel her heart from it.Her heart was there, looming at my fingertips.Although each light particle has only slight warmth and radiance, no one can deprive it of it. Your heart is there.I say, only your heart emerges and shines there. She nodded slightly, staring at me with tear-filled eyes. I can read your heart, I can be one.Your heart is not a lost broken piece, it is there and no one can take it away. I kiss her eyes again. Leave me here alone for a while, I say, I want to read your mind and take another nap before morning comes. The girl nodded again, looked at the glittering array of skulls, and walked out of the library.After the door was closed, I leaned my back against the wall and stared at the countless light particles flickering in the skull for a long time.That light is not only an old dream in her arms, but also an old dream in myself. I have walked a long way through this walled town, and now I have finally come across it. I picked up a skull, put my hand on it, and closed my eyes.
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