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Chapter 38 Escape from the end of the thirty-eighth world

With the twilight of the morning light, the light of the skull gradually dimmed.Even when a ray of gray morning light shines in from the small lighting window on the edge of the library ceiling, dimly illuminating the surrounding walls, the skull loses its light little by little, and escapes to other places one by one together with the dark memories. After the last light fades, I run my fingers over the skull, drawing its warmth deep into my body.I don't know which one the light read out at night belongs to.There are too many skulls to read, and my time is extremely limited.I tried not to worry about time, and groped patiently and carefully with my fingers one by one.Every moment I can really feel the existence of her heart at my fingertips.That alone is enough, I think.Number, quantity and proportion are not a problem.No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to read everyone's heart without omission.There really is her heart there, I can feel it.What more could one ask for?

I put the last skull back on the shelf and sat on the floor against the wall.The light window is located high above the head, so it is impossible to see the weather outside.Only by the light can we know that it is dark everywhere.Faint shadows moved quietly in the library like a soft liquid, and the skulls sank into a re-advent sleep.I also closed my eyes and rested my mind in the cold morning air.Touching his cheek, he knew that his fingers still had the light warmth of the skull. I sat motionless in a corner of the library, waiting for the silence and air-conditioning to calm my excited heart.The time I can feel is uneven and disorganized.The dim light from the window remained unchanged for a long time, and the shadow also stopped at the same position.I feel like the girl's heart that's seeping into me is going up and down, mingling with things about myself, seeping into every part of my body.Presumably it took a long time to give it a definite form.And it will probably take longer to convey it to her and make it into her body.But no matter how long it takes, I will give her my heart, even if the form is not complete.I believe: she can definitely make the heart have a more perfect form through her own efforts.

I got up from the floor and walked out of the library.The girl sat alone at the table in the reading room, waiting for me.Due to the misty morning light, the contours of its body appeared to be slightly thinner than usual.It's been a long night, both for me and for her.Seeing me, she left the table without a word and put the coffee pot on the stove.Taking advantage of the hot coffee time, I went to the sink inside to wash my hands, dried them with a towel, and sat back in front of the stove to warm up. How are you tired?she asked. I nod.His body was as heavy as a pool of mud, and it was very difficult to even raise his hands.I read Ancient Dream non-stop for twelve hours.But fatigue did not seep into my heart.As the girl said when I first read the dream, no matter how tired the body is, the heart cannot be involved.

How good it is to go home and rest, I said, you don't have to stay here. She poured coffee into a cup and handed it to me. As long as you are here, I will stand still. There is this rule? I decide.She smiled slightly, besides, you read my heart again.I can't just leave my heart behind, can I? I nodded and took a sip of my coffee.The old clock said fifteen past eight. Ready for breakfast? Need not.I said. But haven't you eaten anything since yesterday? I do not want to eat.I want to sleep well and wake me up at 2:30.Before 2:30, I hope you will sit by my side and watch me sleep.Is it okay?

if you need.She was still smiling. Need more than anything. She brought two towels from the inner room and wrapped them around my body.Her hair brushed against my cheek as usual.As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard the sound of coal being peeled and peeled in my ears.The girl's hand is on my shoulder. Does winter last forever?I asked. do not know.She replied that no one knows when winter will end.But it shouldn't last long, sure.It may be the last snow. I reached out and touched her cheek with my fingertips.The girl closed her eyes, savoring the warmth for a while. This temperature is my light?

what does it feel like Like the sunshine in spring. I think I can pass my heart on to you.I said, maybe it will take some time, but if you will believe, I promise to pass it on to you sooner or later. clear.As she said, she gently put her hand on my eyelids, let's go to sleep! I slept. At half past two, she woke me up on time.I stood up and put on my coat, scarf, gloves and hat.She drank her coffee in silence.Because it was hung by the stove, the snow-fallen coat had already dried out and was warm. Is the accordion here?I said. She nodded, picked up the accordion on the table, weighed it for a while as if confirming the weight, and then put it back to its original place.

Don't worry, keep it safe.she replied. When I went outside, I realized that the snow had become smaller and the wind had stopped.The blizzard that had been raging all night seemed to have died down a few hours ago.But the sky is still red and low, telling people that the real snow may hit at any time, and this is just a short interval. Heading north and crossing the West Bridge, I found that gray smoke had begun to rise from the wall, as usual.In the beginning, white smoke climbed hesitantly and intermittently towards the sky, and then it turned into thick smoke of a large number of burning corpses.The gatekeeper is in the apple grove.I left footprints on the almost knee-deep snow that were so clear that I was surprised, and hurried to the cabin.The town was silent, as if all sounds had been sucked out by the snow.There was no wind, not even birdsong.Only the sound of the nails on the soles of the shoes crushing the fresh snow caused exaggerated and wonderful echoes around.

The caretaker's hut was empty and smelled of sourness as usual.The fire has been extinguished, but there is still warmth around it, it seems that it has just been extinguished.Dirty dishes and pipes were strewn about the table.Against the wall stood a row of shiny white hatchets and axes.Looking around the room, I couldn't help but feel an illusion, as if the gatekeeper came tiptoeing from behind and put his big hand on my back.The row of knives, kettles, pipes, and everything around seemed to silently condemn my treachery. I carefully stretched out my hand as if avoiding the array of knives, quickly took off the key chain hanging on the wall, held it tightly in my palm, and walked from the back door to the entrance of the Shadow Square.There were no human footprints in the white snow of Shadow Square, except for the dark elm tree standing in the center.For a moment, I felt that this is a sacred space that people must not set foot in and defile.Everything is gathered in this harmonious silence, in its proper place, and immersed in a comfortable sleep like nature itself.The snow has beautiful wind patterns, and the elm branches covered with snow stop their curved arms in the air.Nothing is dynamic.The snow has almost died down, only the wind passing by in a low voice as if occasionally thinking about it.They will probably never forget that short, peaceful sleep that was trampled with boots.

But time has given me no room for hesitation.By now, it was impossible to turn around and retreat.I took the keychain and inserted the four keys into the keyholes in turn with my frozen hands.However, none of them matched.Cold sweat broke out under my armpits, and I recalled the scene when the gatekeeper opened the door again.At that time there were also four keys, no doubt about it, I counted them one by one.One of them must be able to open the lock. I put the keychain back in my pocket, rubbed it to warm it up enough, and tried it in sequence.As a result, the third one was inserted into the keyhole, and it made a loud dry sound when it was turned.In this deserted square, the metallic sound sounds so clear and sharp that everyone in the town can hear it.I inserted the key into the lock and observed the movement around me, but no one seemed to be approaching this way.Don't hear anyone's voice or anyone's footsteps.So I opened the heavy iron door a small crack, squeezed through my body, and quietly closed the door.

The snow in the square was as soft as foam, engulfing my feet completely.The creaking of the soles of the feet is like a giant beast carefully chewing its prey.I left two straight lines of footprints in the square and passed by the high snow-covered wooden bench.The elm branches looked down on me menacingly from overhead.Somewhere there was a piercing chirping of birds. It was colder inside the hut than outside, almost freezing people to death.I opened the sash and went down the stairs to the basement. Shadow sat on the basement bed and waited for me. I'm worried that you won't come.Shadow said with a white breath.

It's agreed!I keep my promise.I said, well, let's go, it stinks here. Can't climb ladders.Shadow sighed, tried just now, but couldn't climb up.It seems that I am much weaker than I expected, which is really dumbfounding.Originally, he was pretending to be weak, but he pretended to be weak and couldn't figure out how weak he was.Especially the low temperature last night, it was freezing to the bone marrow. Pull you up. Shadow shook his head: It's useless to pull it up.I couldn't run anymore, and I couldn't run to the exit of the escape route anyway.I'm afraid I'm going to sit still. You planned it all by yourself, how can you retreat now!I said, I'll carry you, I want to escape here and live anyway. Shadow looked at my face with sunken eyes. Since you say that, of course I will fight to the death.Shadow said, the problem is that running on snowy roads behind my back is no fun! I nodded: I didn't think things were so simple at the beginning. I hauled limp Shadow up the ladder and carried him across the square on my shoulders.The tall, cold and dark wall on the left silently stared down at the two of us and our footprints.The elm branches shook the snow to the ground like a heavy load, and the branches bounced up immediately. His legs were almost numb, and Shadow said that after lying down, he thought he had done a lot of exercise in order not to get overwhelmed, but it didn't work.After all, the room is too small. I dragged my shadow out of the square.As a precaution, enter the caretaker's cabin and hang the keychain back on the wall.With luck, the gatekeepers may not find us fleeing soon enough. Which way are you going this time?I asked the trembling shadow in front of the long-extinguished furnace. Go to Nanshuitan. Nanshuitan?I can't help asking, what is there in Nanshuitan? There is Nanshuitan in Nanshuitan. We jumped into the pond and escaped.In this season, it is likely to catch a cold.But considering your and my situation, I can't care so much. The current in the pool is very fast, if you jump down, you will be sucked into the bottom of the water and you will die instantly! Shadow whimpered and coughed frequently. Ah, no.No matter how you want to export, there is only one place.I have studied all the places in detail, and the exit is at Nanshuitan, there is no other place.Naturally, your worry is not unreasonable. Anyway, you should trust me and leave it to me right now.I also bet on the only life I have, and I won't blindly put all my eggs in one basket.I'll tell you the details on the way.The porter will be back in an hour or two.As soon as the guy comes back, he will find us fleeing and follow us.Can't dilly-dally here. There was no one in the caretaker's hut.There are only two footprints on the ground.One was left by me before entering the house, and the other was stepped on by the gatekeeper when he left the house and walked towards the city gate.There are also plate ruts.I bear my shadow here.The shadow is pin-shaped and erect, much lighter.However, carrying him over the hills may still be quite a heavy burden.I have long been used to a relaxed life without shadows, so I have no idea whether I can take on this burden. It is quite a distance to Nanshuitan.To turn over the east slope of the west hill, and then around the south hill, through the bushes. Can you bear it? Now that this is the case, there is no retreat.I said. I go east along the snow road.The footprints from when I came here are still clearly left on the road, giving me the impression of passing by my past self.In addition to my footprints, there are only small footprints of unicorns.Looking back, thick and straight gray smoke was still rising outside the wall.The straight column of smoke was swallowed by the clouds, looking like an unlucky gray tower.From the analysis of the thickness of the smoke column, there are probably not a few unicorns burned by the gatekeeper.A nightly snowstorm has killed more unicorns than ever before.Burning all those bodies would no doubt take a long time, which meant that the pursuit of the gatekeepers would be greatly delayed.I think we're planning to do it thanks to the quiet death of unicorns. At the same time, however, Miyuki hindered my walking.The snow that had eaten deep into the spikes and held on tightly made my feet heavy and slippery.I regret not finding something like cleats or snowboards for climbing.With so much snow in this place, there must be such things.It is estimated that there will be one in the warehouse of the caretaker's hut.There are all kinds of utensils there.But it is impossible to return now.I have already arrived at West Bridge, and the return will take up a corresponding part of the time.As he walked, his body began to heat up, and beads of sweat oozed from his forehead. This footprint makes our whereabouts clear at a glance.Shadow turned back. As I shuffled through the snow, I imagined the janitor following me.Presumably he will run across the snow like a demon.He is strong and has no burden. I am not his opponent at all.What's more, maybe he has some kind of equipment with him that makes him walk like flying in the snow.I had to race against the clock before he returned to the cabin.Otherwise, all previous efforts will be wasted. I think of the girl waiting for me in front of the library fire.There is an accordion on the table, the fire is burning red, and the pot is steaming.I think of the feeling of her hair brushing against my cheek, and the warmth of her fingers on my shoulder.I cannot let the shadow die here.If caught by the janitor, the shadow will inevitably be taken back to the basement again to die there.I used all my strength to move forward step by step, turning my head from time to time to confirm the gray smoke rising from the wall. On the way, we passed many unicorns.They searched for scarce food in the deep snow, looking around blankly.The beasts watched me quietly with their blue eyes, panting for white breath and walking past them with a shadow on their backs.It looks like they fully understand the implications of our actions. As I climbed, I started to get out of breath.The weight of the shadow eats into the body, and the footsteps stagger in the snow.Looking back, I haven't had a decent workout in a long time.The white air became thicker and thicker, and the eyes were blurred by the falling snowflakes again. Does it matter?Shadow greeted from his back, won't you rest for a while? Excuse me, just let me rest for five minutes.It takes five minutes to recover. It's ok, never mind.It's my responsibility that I can't run, you just need to rest.Everything is as if I forced it on you. But it's also for me.I said, right? I think so too. I put down my shadow and squatted on the snow to breathe heavily.The body is hot and dry, and I can't even feel the cold of snow.In fact, both feet were frozen like stones from heel to toe. Sometimes I am also confused, the shadow said, if I die quietly without telling you anything, maybe you can live happily here without any worries. possible. It means I'm in your way. Should have known this earlier.I said. Shadow nodded.Then he raised his face and looked towards the gray smoke rising in the direction of the apple grove. Look at the situation, it will take quite a long time for the janitor to burn the unicorns.He said, and we will be able to climb up the hill in a while, and we only need to go around the back slope of the south hill to go down.When you get there, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the gatekeeper can no longer catch up with us.The shadow said, holding a handful of soft snow, and shaking it down to the ground again.From the very beginning I felt intuitively that there must be hidden exits from this town.Soon became convinced.why?Because this town is a complete town.The so-called complete necessity includes all possibilities.In this sense, it cannot even be called a town.It is a more fluid complex.It suggests all possibilities while constantly changing its form, maintaining its completeness.In other words, here is by no means a fixed closed world, but a self-contained unity in the process of movement.So, if I'm looking for an exit to escape, the exit will be there. Do you understand what I said? clear.I said, I just realized this yesterday, which means that this is a world of possibilities.There is everything and nothing here. Shadow sat in the snow staring at my face, then nodded silently for a while.The snow is getting worse, and it looks like a new snowstorm is approaching the town. If there is an exit somewhere, the remaining problem is how to escape.Shadow continued, first imagining running from the city gate.However, even if you can run out, you will inevitably be caught by the gatekeeper immediately.That kid knows everything about every plant in that area like the back of his hand.What's more, the place where the city gate is, if someone plans to escape, the first thing that comes to mind must be there.The exit cannot be thought of so easily.Neither is the fence, let alone the East City Gate.It was tightly blocked there, and the river entrance was blocked by a rough fence.No matter what, there is no escape.In this way, only Nanshuitan can escape the town with the river. Absolutely sure? absolute.You can see it intuitively.All other exits have no gaps at all, but Nanshuitan is left there freely, and there is no fence.Don't you think it's weird?They walled the pool with terror.As long as we ignore the horror, we can defeat this town! When did you realize it? When I saw the river for the first time.The porter took me once near the West Bridge.As soon as I saw the river, I felt that the river was not hostile at all, and the water was full of life.Then I thought that as long as we are in the water along this river, we will definitely be able to leave the town and return to the original life with the original face.Are you willing to believe my words? can believe.I said, I take your word for it.It is possible that the river leads there, to the world we left behind. I can still remember that world a little bit now.Remember air, sound and sunlight.It's the song that reminds me. As for whether that world is beautiful, I don't know.Shadow said, but at least it's a world worth living in.There is good, there is bad, and there is neither.You were born there and you will die there.You die and I disappear too.This is most natural. You're probably right.I said. Then, we looked down at Zhenrong again.The clock tower, the river, the bridge, the wall, and the smoke are all covered in silver. As far as the eyes can see, there is only a vast snow curtain that sprinkles from the sky to the earth like a waterfall. If you can, move on, okay?Shadow said, looking at the situation, it is estimated that the janitor no longer burned the unicorns, and called it a day and went back. I nodded and stood up, brushing the snow off the brim of my hat.
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