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Chapter 40 forty birds at the end of the world

When we arrived at Nanshuitan, the snow fell so fast and hard that it was almost suffocating.Looking at this momentum, it seems that the sky itself has turned into fragments and poured towards the ground.Snow fell on the pool too, and was sucked in by the almost frighteningly deep blue surface.On this land dyed in pure white, only the water pool opened round like a cave of a huge eye. My shadow and I stood in the snow, silent, just staring at the scene for a long time.Just like the last time I came, there was a frightening sound of water all around.Perhaps because of the snow, the sound was much duller, like the earth chirping from afar.I looked up at the sky, which was too low, and then turned my gaze to the southern wall that loomed darkly in the flying snowflakes.The wall doesn't speak any words to us, it looks desolate and indifferent, it's really the end of the world.

While standing still, the snow fell thicker and thicker on my shoulders and the brim of my hat.If things go on like this, the footprints we leave behind will disappear without a trace.I glanced at the shadow standing a little away from me.Shadow patted the snow off his body with his hands from time to time, narrowing his eyes and staring at the surface of the pool. It's an export, that's right.Shadow said, this way, the town can no longer detain us, and we will be as free as birds. Shadow looked up at the sky.Immediately, he closed his eyes and let the snowflakes fall on his face as if bearing nectar.

Good weather, sunny and sunny.After all, Shadow smiled.It seems that the shadow is being restored to its original physical strength as if its heavy shackles have been removed.He shuffled briskly toward me alone. I can tell, said Shadow, that there must be something else on the other side of the pool.How about you, are you afraid of jumping into it? I shake my head. Shadow squatted down and untied the shoelaces on his feet. Standing here is about to freeze, how about jumping in as soon as possible?Take off the shoes and connect the two belts together.If you go out and get lost again, it will be a waste of time.

I took off the hat that the Colonel had lent me, brushed off the snow, held it in my hand and looked at it.The hat is an old battle hat, and the cloth of the hat has been frayed in many places, and the color has also turned white.Presumably the colonel has been hiding it like a treasure for decades.I patted off the snow and put it on my head again. I want to stay here.I said. Shadow stared blankly at my face, his eyes seemed to have lost focus. I have considered mature.I said to Shadow, I'm sorry, but I've thought about it from my point of view.And fully aware of what it would be like to stay alone.As you said, it is reasonable for the two of them to return to the original world together, and I know this very well.And I also know that this is the reality I should return to, and running away from this reality is a wrong choice.But I can't leave here.

Shadow stuffed his hands into his pockets, and slowly shook his head a few times: Why?Didn't they agree to escape together recently?That's why I made the plan and you carried me here, didn't you?What made you suddenly change your mind?woman? Of course there is this reason.I say, but not quite.Mainly because I made a discovery.So I decided to stay and not go. Shadow sighed and looked up at the sky again. You found her heart?Are you going to live with her in the forest and drive me away? Again: there are many reasons for this.I said I found out what it was that made this town.So I have an obligation and a duty to stay, and you don't want to know what this town is made of?

Do not want to know.Shadow said, because I already knew, I already knew this.You made this town yourself, you made everything: the walls, the river, the forest, the library, the gates, the winter, everything.Also includes this pool, this snow.I know this too. Then why didn't you tell me earlier? Once I tell you, don't you want to stay like this?I want to take you outside anyway.The world you live in is outside. Shadow sat down in the snow, shaking his head from side to side several times. But after discovering this, you will never listen to me again, will you? I have my responsibility.I said, I can't just walk away from the people and the world I've created on my own.I just feel sorry for you, really sorry for you, and can't bear to break up with you.But I must be responsible to the end for what I do.This is my own world.The wall is the wall that surrounds me, the river is the river that flows in me, the smoke is the smoke that burns me.

Shadow stood up and stared fixedly at the calm surface of the pool.The shadows standing motionless in the lines of the falling snowflakes give me the impression that they are gradually losing their depth and returning to their original flat shape.The two were silent for a long time.But the white air exhaled from the mouth floated into the air and disappeared suddenly. I know blocking doesn't help.The problem, says Shadow, is that life in the forest is harder than you think.Everything in the forest is different from the town.Hard work is required to sustain life, and the winter is long and hard.Once in, don't even think about getting out.

You must stay in the forest forever. All these have been considered. Still not changing your mind? Yes.I replied, I will not forget you.In the forest, I will remember the old world little by little.There are probably many, many things to remember: various people, various places, various lights, various songs Shadow clenched and loosened his hands several times in front of his chest.The snowflakes falling on him cast an indescribable shadow on him.The shadow seemed to be slowly expanding and contracting on him.While rubbing his hands together, he tilted his head forward slightly as if listening to his voice.

I have to go now.The shadow said, it is really strange that I will never see you again in the future.I don't know what to say in the end.I can't think of any simple words. I took off my hat to pat the snow again, and put it back on. I wish you happiness.The shadow said, I like you, even if it is your shadow. Thanks.I said. After the pool had completely engulfed the shadows, I continued to stare at the water for a long time.Not a single ripple remained on the surface of the water.The water was as blue as a unicorn's eyes, and it was silent.Losing my shadow made me feel like I was in a trance on the edge of the world.I have nowhere to go and nowhere to go.This is the end of the world, and the end of the world leads nowhere.The world ends here, quietly stopping.

I turned away from the pool and headed towards the west hill through the snow.On the other side of the west hill, there should be a town, a river, and she and the accordion waiting for me in the library. I saw a white bird flying south amidst the fluttering snow.The bird jumped over the wall and disappeared into the snowy air to the south.After that, the only thing left is the creak of my treading on the snow. (End of the book)
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