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Chapter 3 third chapter

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No matter how you say it, to transfer Shen Tuoyu back from overseas is really overkill. With a calm and quick mind, ten years of professional martial arts and marksmanship training, he has been a master of crime-solving who has been tabooed by underworld figures since he became a police officer.It has always lent countries to jointly detect large drug trafficking cases, smuggling cases and firearms transactions, and has a brilliant history of solving cases.Almost all the cases we undertake are vigorous and vigorous.The more years he has been in office, the more famous he is, the higher the risk of the Case explained by his superiors, and he has always been accustomed to this kind of adventurous life.In fact, over the years, he has solved many cases and made many problems. Even if he suddenly wanted to get rid of this kind of life, his enemies still refused to let him go.

A secret order forced him to come back and sit in the police station as a free man, not under anyone's jurisdiction, and responsible for supporting difficult cases.Over the past half a month, many unsolved cases have been solved, and the life is still busy; but for Shen Tuoyu, who is used to living an exciting life, it is so boring that he is going crazy.stuffy!In addition to being boring, it is still boring.He couldn't stretch his muscles and bones, but he couldn't do anything about it.No matter how brilliant the achievements were, no amount of protests could move my mother's determination.Even though he was ruthless, he couldn't be indifferent to his mother's tears.

Few people know that he has been systematically trained to be a first-class police detective since he was a child, and that's why today he has skills comparable to a first-class killer.He was bred by his father.His father is Shen Fei, the highest commanding figure in the police force.Envious of evil all his life, Shen Fei, who is as iron as a mountain, takes eradicating evil forces as his own ambition, and does not hesitate to put his only son in the vanguard and travel around the world.Since Shen Tuoyu was born, he was sent away by his father and trained in various places. He barely had a childhood, and he was not even accompanied by relatives. The will to survive forced Shen Fei, who had always put emotion before reason, to finally call his son back to Taiwan urgently.

From the age of sixteen, he formally participated in the case. He started as an informal juvenile criminal, and went to the ranks. He traveled around the world and played a pivotal role. He spent a total of twelve years on the case; handling the case became the whole of his life. It's not that he's bloodthirsty, that's why he's not content with the status quo; it's just that it's useless to solve these small cases of theft, rape, and gambling all day long, and it doesn't help the people much.Deal with those drug lords, killers, and arms smuggling leaders. If you win, you can at least eliminate a global persecution and avoid panic.Those groups are dangerous enough to shake the rise and fall of a country.

Patrolling may be boring, but it's better than sitting at a desk and watching those policewomen who are deliberately dressed up to show their courtesies. Who told Shen Tuoyu that apart from being a hero, he happened to have a cool and stylish face!Twenty-eight years old, 180 cm tall is not a golden bachelor, what is it? Officer Shen, the headquarters wants us to go to Dongming community immediately, there is a murder case there.The newly appointed policeman, Xiao Li, returned to the car from the public telephone booth, and immediately started the car talking excitedly, almost unable to hold the steering wheel, quite like a new official eager to claim credit and strive for performance.

Did someone die?Shen Tuoyu lit a cigarette, feeling a little amused by Xiao Li's adoring eyes. Uh, no one seems to have died. I heard that the son killed Lao Tzu.Speaking of murder, it's too serious. let's go!What are you waiting for!He gave the order, and seeing Xiao Li's car speeding up rapidly, with anticipation and excitement on his face, he could only shake his head, a brat! On the sofa, huddled a boy of seventeen or eighteen years old, with a pale face and blank eyes, it has been like this since he entered the door, one by one for an hour. Yang Xikang made a cup of milk and put it on the coffee table in front of the boy, sat down and said softly: Drink it, sitting still is not the answer.

The look of the boy worried her.Taking this kid in is sure to cause trouble.Now that Fang Fang is looking for him, and his family is looking for him, I am afraid that the reporters have also been disturbed.What hat will you put on him?A disobedient, unfilial, and father-killing prodigal son? He Wenyang blinked, and finally choked up: He deserves to die!He ruined my mother's life! His father is He Zhongping, a well-known and well-known producer and director in the entertainment industry.His wife couldn't bear his romantic nature, and finally died of depression half a year ago. A large-scale film company was so easily put into his hands under the name of his wife, which further increased his money for love.A large number of young girls were cultivated, and almost all of them could not escape Bing Lushan's claws.

The bold He Zhongping once coveted Yang Xikang's beauty for a long time.A few days ago, a movie had her as the heroine by default, but he didn't dare to use force because the Yang Group was not easy to mess with.Her beauty, intelligence, and self-love have always been well received; but, in his opinion, a woman like Yang Xikang is definitely not a chaste figure.Since filming, she has made three films, and in each film, it was reported that she was dating the staff, and two or one years ago, it was reported that she had lived with someone; if she hadn't used her body to get so many filming opportunities, then there would be today's Achievement?Taking advantage of this cooperation agreement, I think that the opportunity cannot be missed, everything about Yang Xikang can make people crazy.The last time he treated her lightly in public, in exchange for a fiery slap from her, he got He Wenyang's admiration and friendship.

Why do such absurd things?Xiao Yang, he is not worth what you do, no matter how you say it, he is always your father.Hee Kang didn't know what he could say other than to say that.What else can she say?She knew that He Wenyang was at a rebellious age and was very impulsive, but he would not do hurtful things.Why is it a crime of injury to expose such a thing this time! When I got home, I saw him. He was not human. He was raping a starlet, a fifteen-year-old girl, on the sofa. Xikang was taken aback.Young! He Wenyang jumped up and rushed into the bathroom quickly. God!Is he doing drugs?With those eyes and signs, Xikang felt very uneasy.Was it because drug use made him irrational, unable to control himself, and killed He Zhongping with a knife?How did she never find out that he was addicted to drugs?She stood up and was about to go to the bathroom when the doorbell rang suddenly. She turned sharply to open the door, waved her hand inadvertently, and happened to meet Wen Yang's murderous knife on the table. A bloody mouth across the palm Oh!A sense of ominous premonition came to her heart.When he reached the door, before he could open it in time, the door was rudely knocked open.The first to rush in was a young criminal policeman wearing a brand-new uniform and holding a new pistol. He was in his early twenties, with a crew cut and a baby face. He aimed his gun at her in a very standard stance.

Miss, you have committed a crime and we want to arrest you.Although you are Yang Xikang, everyone is equal before the law and has no privileges.You may not speak, but everything you say will become evidence in court. Does this guy watch too many gangster movies?Xikang couldn't laugh or cry.Suddenly seeing a vigorous figure flashing past her, heading straight for the bathroom, it was too late for her to stop it.After a while, the tall man dragged out He Wenyang who had been injected with hallucinogens and was punched unconscious.Before Xikang could figure out what was going on, the criminal policeman with a crew cut had already handcuffed her, and the tall man said to her in a cold, impersonal voice: instigating the murder, abducting and running away, Harboring criminals, luring drugs.It's better to have you now, Miss Yang.

Seeing a grim face with disdain, she took a deep breath.Even though everything happened so suddenly and everything seemed so chaotic, she still realized that she was only wearing a white gauze pajamas; I have to change clothes. Why should I believe that you won't take the opportunity to escape?Shen Tuoyu sneered.There is nothing wrong with this being the eighth floor, but the balcony of her room allows her to climb and escape smoothly.How can he not see through the tricks?He didn't believe this woman, she was too beautiful, too gorgeous, too dangerous.Beautiful women must take good precautions. The deep ridicule and contempt in the man's eyes angered Xikang.Why did he look at her like a whore?This kind of bastard who thinks he is right deserves to be taught a lesson!open!Xikang yelled.With a slap, almost at the same time, Xiao Li was so frightened that he let go, and Xikang's bleeding right hand quickly slapped Shen Tuoyu, hard enough to echo.This is guaranteed.She raised her head provocatively and squinted at him with cat-like eyes, not afraid of his retaliation, then Xikang turned back to the room and slammed the door hard.There was a suffocating silence in the room. Logically speaking, Shen Tuoyu could have avoided the slap but, damn it, he didn't dodge.It was the first time in my life to be slapped by a woman.At that moment, only he himself knew that he was bewitched by that woman!I have never seen such a beautiful expression of anger.Yang Xikang does have the capital to seduce crimes. Officer Shen, you are bleeding, Xiao Li stammered and pointed at his left cheek. He wiped his face with a handkerchief and saw blood.The woman's hand seemed to be injured. After a while, Yang Xikang came out in a pair of light trousers, and his unisex attire was still undeniably charming. go!As she said, she turned around and walked towards the door, her long wavy hair brushed over Shen Tuoyu's face behind her, and a faint fragrance made his heart tremble.Even long hair is so tough!Yang Xikang, he remembered.Seeing a bloody fruit knife on the ground, he wrapped it in a plastic bag calmly, put it in his arms, and walked out.With the brute strength of Xiao Li, he lifted the murderer without blushing or panting, so he didn't need his help. Where did you get the drugs from?With whom?Shen Tuoyu asked the question for the twentieth time.He Wenyang is still in a coma, and he is temporarily detained and banned from seeing him. He will be tired enough when he wakes up.In the interrogation room, there were only Yang Xikang and Shen Tuoyu with two chairs, a table, and a single lamp.After repeated interrogation in the middle of the night, her face that did not apply fat was already tired and pale.Xikang, who was originally angry, sank from a high to a low ebb.Roaring and crying are not things she can do, so she always has the right to show her fatigue after being tortured for no reason! You won't believe me anyway.If you have the ability to check it out yourself, don't bother me!If you insist that I deserve ten thousand deaths, then I deserve ten thousand deaths.You have used your superb interrogation skills to interrogate me so that I can no longer see people, how can I be reconciled?Xikang's voice was originally deep and sexy, but now it's even lower and hoarse several degrees. The lazy and sexy voice is inadvertently revealed in the magnetic voice. Can't meet people?He raised his eyebrows. I've never been able to see people without makeup, and you just happen to see me at my ugliest.She rested her head on the table, letting down her wavy black curly hair. From her exquisite and moving face, there is no invisible blemish at all. Is this an interrogation?Shen Tuoyu laughed at himself, it was like chatting!He didn't even use all kinds of roundabout ways to trick her, didn't threaten her, and didn't torture her with lie detectors, electric chairs, or electric prods.In fact, the interrogation was the longest and least productive in his twelve years as a police officer. When I took Yang Xikang to the police station in the evening, I immediately found that all the men's eyes were on her. Yes, she was dressed very dignifiedly, even a little conservatively, but her beautiful curves were clearly visible when she took off her well-fitting clothes. There was an unknown fire in his heart, and he had only two ideas: one was to gouge out all the men's eyes; the other was to wrap Yang Xikang in a coat and lock him up where no one could see.This is really unreasonable, she is a star, he doesn't know how famous she is, but at least everyone can recognize her, and it is normal to attract attention. There were even several criminal teams vying to be the first to volunteer to interrogate her, because such a small case does not require Shen Tuoyu to dismount himself; Go to the second floor for interrogation.Until now, he still couldn't figure out why she was interrogated, and he judged her to be innocent with his professional intuition.A person with a guilty conscience, even if the cover is flawless, will occasionally flash a look of uneasiness under the long-term stare, but she does not, the almond eyes are always shining with anger and clarity, but he still does not want to let her go, even if it is midnight now At two o'clock, she looked terribly tired.Xikang felt the atmosphere of silence for a while, and raised his eyes to face up to the outstanding police officer in front of him, who was not more than thirty years old, and his indifferent and unfeeling lines were just like what everyone said was cool.He shouldn't be a police officer, he should be a killer Hey, it's fun to think of a decent guy as a villain.Suddenly, she smiled softly. The charming smile aroused inexplicable fluctuations in Shen Tuoyu's heart. What are you laughing at? I am tired and refuse your inhumane interrogation again.Really tired, after raising his hands in surrender, he couldn't hold back the call of the sleepy god, and soon fell into a deep sleep, completely defenseless against the big man in front of him. What does this mean?Rest assured?Or does she often sleep in front of men?Or by the bed?He shook off the unpleasant thought and stared at her deeply.Xiao Li had told him all about her affairs.As the third lady of Yang's consortium, she was disinherited because of her improper private life; she entered the modeling industry at the age of seventeen, and officially entered the film industry at the age of twenty-three after graduating from university. The protagonist or the producer has an ambiguous relationship, and even lives with a middle school student. Isn't this a typical portrayal of the life of an entertainer?Why did he feel angry?Seeing her shrinking, Shen Tuoyu immediately took off his coat and put it lightly on her shoulders. He has seen a lot of beauties, beauties from all over the world, such as famous ladies, underworld elder sisters, noble ladies, female killers, there are gentleness, cruelty, and intelligence, almost everything.Yang Xikang should be classified as glamorous and sexy, but there is a sense of innocence and freshness in his temperament; he can be very hot, but he can also be very lazy.It is dangerous to comment on her from the beginning, because she is unpredictable, making him elusive, but she is really beautiful, and this kind of beauty has the charm to confuse him, my God!Could it be that he was bored mad that he started to pay attention to women?Why didn't you feel it before?He shook his head, but he couldn't get rid of the beautiful smile that was etched in his mind just now. The knock on the door broke the silence in the room, making him wake up suddenly, and he pulled away the eyes that were lingering on her sleeping face.Opening the door, it was the criminal policeman on duty, who saluted him and said: Mr. Shi Wei came to release Miss Yang on bail. A tall and handsome elegant man smiled at him and said: Hello. Come in, she's asleep.He lowered his voice and ushered Shi Wei in.I don't know who Shi Wei is, but I only know that Yang Xikang is determined to find him.There is estimation in Shen Tuoyu's eyes: Who is he? what happened?Shi Wei walked up to Xikang and glanced at the men's coat on her. She's involved in some cases; hope she cooperates with us.Last night, famous producer and director He Zhongping accused Ms. Yang of abducting her son to run away from home, taking drugs, and abetting murder. that rubbish!Shi Wei frowned, hatred flashed in his eyes, but he immediately returned to gentleness, looking at Shen Tuoyu.We will never allow Xikang to suffer unjust injustice.What is your last name?he asks.reach out. Shen Tuoyu held it. Shen, Shen Tuoyu. Just wait and see!I believe you will find justice for Xikang.What Xikang needs most now is a soft bed.Shi Wei patted Xikang on the shoulder. Xikang, wake up, I will take you home. Xikang rubbed his eyes, his movements were childish and cute, and he looked at Shi Wei with sleepy eyes. Brother-in-law!so late.After finishing speaking, he buried his head in Shi Wei's arms affectionately. Little Fox!Don't dare call home for help, do you?Shi Wei laughed and scolded. I still want to live until I am seventy or eighty years old, and I will call home only after I die.Right or wrong, the grandma would peel me first.Come to your house tonight.She is coquettish. You can hide today, but you can't hide tomorrow, the old lady will still settle accounts with you.Shi Wei helped her up.Leaning her whole body weight on him, she still smiled and said: "Tomorrow, let's talk tomorrow."If you want to kick me out, if you want to cut me into pieces, you have to wait until I have the spirit.She is not worried. Smiling, Shi Wei raised his head to look at the outstanding and handsome police officer; unexpectedly, caught his flash of killing intent in an instant? !Lord Shi Wei smiled knowingly.Xikang is an out-and-out beauty. Goodbye, Officer Shen.he laughs. goodbye.He nodded indifferently, turned around and left first. Shi Wei stood still for a while, causing Xikang to raise his face and ask in bewilderment: What's the matter? How about that man?he asks. poor.She didn't want to say more.She didn't expect that she, Yang Xikang, would also have the fate of being imprisoned, thanks to him. Shi Wei didn't say much, and walked out of the police station with his arms around her. It's a wise move to stay at Xiping's house today, and it's not her business that the outside world is upside down. Hiding at Shi Wei's side, playing with the six-month-old baby, the scenery far away and near the water is so relaxing.Ever since Xiping became pregnant, Shi Wei had been looking for a house suitable for children around the outskirts of Taipei City, and finally found this newly built house about an hour away from the hustle and bustle in the suburbs of Taipei. A one-storey bungalow, plus a courtyard of 40 ping. The six-month-old baby is at the time when it is very active. It is extremely energetic, twisting and turning, not crawling, or grabbing and playing with curious things.This lovely child has Shi Wei's outline and Xiping's eyes, loves to laugh very much, has many Shi Wei's good inheritance, and has a very good temper. After soaking the milk, Xiping hugged and nursed his son, and stared at Xikang for a long time with eyes that couldn't hide his words. Sweeper said you met a handsome man yesterday. Handsome man?Shi Wei!Otherwise, Zhou Joseph, who is far away in France, will die.Xikang did not answer the question directly.This Xiping had an imaginary look on his face, and he didn't know where he was thinking. A handsome and heroic police officer!You invite me honestly!Xiping did not intend to let Xikang go.Before Xikang satisfied her curiosity, she planned to keep asking, anyway, she was free. Xikang rolled his eyes, and said angrily: That arrogant and self-righteous stinking man!He insisted that I was a slut and a child, and deserved to die.handsome guy!Looking at a handsome guy also needs to have an atmosphere. Do you think being locked up in a torture room for five hours is very emotional?He took an apple and bit it, with a disgruntled face; but he couldn't help recalling the memory of that man in his heart, and that cold and arrogant face appeared. He is Shen Tuoyu!Do you know Shen Tuoyu?Xiping strengthened his tone, as if he was talking about a hero.As if everyone should know. Who stipulated that I should know who he is?Not just a bad cop!She frowned in disgust. That means you are ignorant.Shen Tuoyu!A figure that the FBI wants to poach, the Hong Kong Royal Police often uses him to solve cases.His history of solving crimes is as long as a train of trucks.I don't know what benefits the country gave him, so that he didn't change jobs, and now he is transferred back to the country for some reason.So special, so weird!I'm so curious!Xiping strengthened his tone and looked at Xikang with hope.That's all there is to know from Shi Wei's mouth, but Shi Wei must know more, waiting for her to continue to question more persistently.Especially after Shi Wei hinted at the unusual relationship between that man and Xikang, Xiping was so curious that he wished to rush to the police station to see Shen Tuoyu Lushan's true face. Xi Kang frowned even tighter.Is there such a number one person in Taiwan?If his history is really so glorious, then the arrogance on his body should be justified!snort!Could it be that she still has to worship him as an idol like a little girl?She, Yang Xikang, doesn't like that! The doorbell outside rang crisply. Xikang sat closer to the door, so he got up and walked out to see who was visiting.Outside the carved iron gate, Shen Tuoyu was dressed in a black shirt and black jeans under the drenching sunlight, with a very eye-catching and cool look. Through the iron gate, Xikang glared at him with his hands across his chest and said: What are you doing here? Shen Tuoyu took off his sunglasses and squinted his eyes to look at her today. She is really charming!Yesterday's fierceness and midnight laziness are not as good as today's her excellent wavy long hair loosely tied into a bunch of red silk scarves, hanging sideways to her chest: a sleeveless and collarless red T-shirt with a large floral skirt; A necklace of pearls quietly encircles her soft neck; with a touch of bright red lips, she looks like a passionate Hawaiian beauty: but she only retains heat, without that wildness, probably because of her white skin.The whole body is red, the glamorous tone, it is the color of stubbornness! Come with me to the police station, I want you to confront He Wenyang.And He Zhongping formally sued you today for abetting the murder. Xikang bit his lip, his face wanted to get angry. Xiping, who was poking his head behind him for a long time, finally made a sound: Come in and have a glass of juice first.The weather is so hot, it's not good to stand in the sun and chat.Hello, my name is Yang Xiping, and I am Xikang's eldest sister.If there is a lawsuit to fight, then I am her defense lawyer.Push Xikang away and open the iron gate.She met this man at first sight. When did this happen?lawyer?Wait, then.rely on you!I might as well jump into prison automatically for a few years and then come out.Heecom protested. Xi Ping glanced back at her, and said with a half-smile, "Remember whose field you are taking refuge in now, be careful when you speak, and you may not know who will be kicked out later." Xikang opened his mouth angrily, and entered the room together with Xiping and Shen Tuoyu.He picked up the baby and played with him very sensibly, without saying a word.Let Xiping go as he pleases!It doesn't matter how you say it, Schweizer has her anyway.And Xikang is convinced that, based on any consideration, Shi Wei will prevent Xiping from going to court, which is too dangerous. Seeing Xiping discussing the case with Shen Tuoyu endlessly, he couldn't stop.Apparently Xiping thought that being an ordinary housewife was too much to bury her expertise as a barrister, and occasionally wanted to play tricks. By the way, Mr. Shen, how do you know Xikang is with me?After talking for a long time, Xiping suddenly remembered this question that should have been asked a long time ago. I called Yang's house, knowing that she hadn't gone back, and there was no answer at the apartment, so I came here.Mr. Shi left his address last night.Shen Tuoyu couldn't quite understand the reason for the sudden change in the expressions of the two sisters. Who answered the phone?Xiping and Xikang asked in unison. It was the voice of an old woman, very majestic.he thought back. God!She wanted to run away quickly, and she didn't plan to face the old grandma right away.Xikang looked left and right, with a look of wanting to escape.The distance between the two is so close, probably they are coming soon.Just stood up suddenly, and saw the door opened in response, and a row of people stood at the door!Xikang secretly screamed in his heart that something was wrong.The old granny's ashen face indicated that she would not let Xikang go today. The silver-haired grandma walked in very dignifiedly with a dragon-headed staff not for walking, but for family service, followed by Shi Wei.Mrs. Yang, the mother of the four sisters who never goes out, also came, and Xitai also came to join in the fun. Yang Xikang!You have disgraced our Yang family!Of course, the cane was brought specially for beating people to exercise their muscles and bones. Of course Yang Xikang couldn't sit still, picked up the baby and ran around the sofa, shouting: Grandma, I was wronged, that bastard cheated on me! The old grandma didn't care about this set of rhetoric, she took it to heart, and counted all the new and old grudges together today, and shouted: I told you to stay away from that kind of right and wrong circle, you don't want it!If you want to go to work in the company properly, you don't want to!It's usually okay to sway in front of the camera and sell your lust; from time to time, news of scandals, romances, and cohabitation are flying all over the sky.Look, what's the big leak today?I'll beat you to death with one stick first, so as not to embarrass me later!She yelled and cursed angrily, and chased and killed her vigorously, everyone had long been accustomed to it, and Shen Tuoyu was dumbfounded. Really cornered, Xikang had no choice but to use a talisman to raise the baby in front of him. I saw the little baby smiling like a Maitreya Buddha, waving his limbs and trying to play with the old grandma.This old grandma's first great-grandson is her sweetheart, so is she willing to fight?Just seeing the anger is half gone.The old woman stopped chasing. Are you hiding behind your little grandson to save face? Xikang handed the baby to Shi Wei, jumped to Shen Tuoyu's side and shouted: "If I am wrong, I will be willing to be beaten, but if I don't care about it, I am the victim, and it would be unreasonable for you to beat me."If you want to beat me, hit him first, because he arrested me indiscriminately and took me to the police station. Mrs. Yang on the side spoke: Xikang, don't mess around, what's the matter?How did you get sued for something?On the beautiful and charming face, there is confusion and worry. The old lady interrupted: Ruhua, don't talk so much.I told her earlier that the entertainment industry is mixed with dragons and snakes, but she insisted on breaking through.Let me wait for the opportunity today to teach her a good lesson!She doesn't care whether Xikang is wronged or not, she will talk about it after hitting him. Wow!You have avenged yourself!You wow!It is too late to dodge if you want to hide.The injured right hand was hit hard with the cane, and the strike was not light.oh!It hurts! I surrender!I surrender!She yelled, seeing that grandma hadn't enjoyed it yet.Could it be that today is her disaster day? Or has her luck run out? Another stick came down, and before hitting Xikang, he was firmly grasped. It was only then that the old lady had the opportunity to discover a handsome man with a dignified appearance and a torch-like gaze sitting in the room.Is that the police officer that Sweeney said?Even meddling in her housework!He also had a resolute expression on his face that would not allow her to make another move.This is really a beautiful picture.Xikang covered his face and hid beside the handsome man, and the man subconsciously hugged Xikang's shoulders to protect him, and prevented her from beating her with the cane again, as if Xikang was the person he was protecting and would not be violated or hurt. she. I think we'd better sit down and talk.Shen Tuoyu suggested in a low voice, but his tone could not be refuted.He knew that this behavior was a bit overwhelming, but he really couldn't see her pitiful appearance being bullied. The old lady took back her cane, sat on the sofa opposite Shen Tuoyu, nodded and said: Mr. Shen? Yes.he answered. My Xikang is not guilty.She was determined.Of course she knew Xikang would not do bad things.Hitting her was nothing more than an itchy hand. The law will restore her innocence.She will be busy these days, and it is not suitable for her to be on TV.He couldn't help but look at Xikang beside him, her right heart was cut with a knife yesterday, and today there is another bruise on the back of her hand! The jade hands that were originally white and woven, now look a little pitiful. Xikang looked angrily at the different and meaningful expressions of his family members; Xiping turned his eyes around her and Shen Tuoyu ambiguously; Shi Wei always had a determined smile; Looking at Shen Tuoyu, who was the hero who saved the beauty just now, Xitai looked adoring; as for the old lady, she probably wouldn't think differently from them anyway, anyway, she was eager to get married soon! The old grandma sighed deliberately. Getting into a lawsuit for nothing, who cares if you are innocent or not, bad things spread faster than anything else.We have to get Xikang out of these troubles as soon as possible, otherwise everyone present will be responsible for Xikang's failure to marry in the future. What is it!Whether she is married or not, she can go out to do anything with her family!What did Shen Tuoyu, an outsider, do?Grandma's hint was too bad, she clearly paired her with Shen Tuoyu.The topic that will be discussed next is definitely not about the lawsuit, but about interrogating his eight generations of ancestors!Xikang's heart rang loudly, this kind of embarrassing thing cannot be allowed to happen, instead of that, she might as well jump into the river!To lose face like this in front of Shen Tuoyu!She thought quickly, and immediately pulled Shen Tuoyu to jump up. We'll talk about it another day, and I have to go to the police station with Mr. Shen.Mr. Shen is very busy, so let's go first.He dragged him out the door, without even a chance for the old lady to speak, and it was too late to catch her breath. Everyone held back their laughter, and no one chased Xikang back.After a while, the old lady snorted and complained: This little girl is just like Xi'an, she's become a genius!While talking, he still didn't forget to vent his anger on Xitai, and said with glaring eyes: Xitai, if you dare to treat me like your sister in the future, I won't let you marry, do you hear? Xitai had already laughed weakly, lying in his mother's arms, he could only nod his head non-stop.her spring?It's still very early. After the car drove out of the community.Shen Tuoyu glanced at her hand and asked: Are you better? Are you asking about the palm or the back of the hand?She stretched out her troubled right hand and looked at both sides. It hurt, but it was still bearable.Thinking that he did block the invincible stick of the old grandma for her just now, of course he should be grateful. Thank you just now. : There was a rare smile on Shen Tuoyu's lips, which made his cold face much more approachable and younger. Your family is very nice, especially the grandma.I haven't seen people in their 70s and 80s, who are still so energetic. I know.She frowned and smiled. I hope that before this lawsuit is over, you can rest for a while and minimize contact with people as much as possible. It will involve many people.he asked.There was something unusual in this matter, and he had already sensed it with his keen intuition.Knowing her innocence, she was also afraid that she would become someone else's scapegoat.What he wants to investigate is not the injury and drug use incidents, but other things, but everything is still uncertain, no matter what, her safety is the most important thing. Do you still doubt me?Aren't you amazing?After being a criminal policeman for so many years, you can't tell whether a person has committed a crime?She asked sullenly, unable to restrain her rising anger.His head is obviously not as sharp and intelligent as it looks, it's like a pig's head! Shen Tuoyu glanced at her through the sunglasses, didn't say much, just slowed down the car.Classical music flows gently in the car, immersing every corner in an extremely gentle and quiet situation, which teaches people to relax and feel happy. Xikang leaned on the back of the chair, his resentment disappeared, looking at his resolute profile, he remembered Xiping's description at noon that the man in front of him suddenly looked like a legendary hero, someone who shouldn't exist in real life This is, what kind of background and training is needed to make such a character successful?Xiping was curious, and it turned out that he was also very curious. A good girl never stares at a man like this.He spoke softly, his tone was light and teasing. She shrugged. Nobody ever said I was a good girl except my mom.Then deliberately put on a sweet and sexy voice and said sarcastically: Your Excellency, don't you also think that I am heinous and accuse me of lust and lust?It is really inappropriate for you to condescend to say that I am a good girl! He didn't get angry, just asked: Did I offend you deeply? What do you say?Mr. Police Officer, the little girl can't bear your words of offending or not!You raised your hand and didn't put me in prison.I should already be grateful, shouldn't I?She has a high profile.I am not usually such a small-minded person. Over the past few years, outsiders have been stalking and ruining her reputation. She just laughed it off and refused to comment. She did not make unnecessary clarifications and counterattacks; Forgive me?It may be that summer is here, the anger is high, the sun is strong, even her anger can't be appeased, and she intends to fight against him. However, it is meaningless to do so. The corners of Shen Tuoyu's lips were raised, a half smile was not a smile, and he didn't answer; but he parked the car beside a coastal road, it turned out that they didn't take the route to the police station, but drove to the beach instead.What is his idea?Yang Xikang looked straight into his eyes when he took off his sunglasses, trying to find some clues; but his dark eyes were too deep. This puddle of water is enough to quench your anger!He got out of the car first, walked around to her side to open the door, and smiled with his white teeth. Wow!He looks really good when he smiles! However, she wasn't going to tell him.She got out of the car and walked directly to the beach.The sun at 4:30 has lost its heat. In spring and summer, the days are still relatively short.Waves of seawater came and went, soaked into her sandals, and the coolness penetrated her whole body. He walks behind her.She looked at him, raising her eyebrows. Confrontation here?uh!Very ingenious. Another wave hit, she jumped up, stepped on it hard, splashing herself and Shen Tuoyu all over. He thought he was standing far enough and safe enough.This little girl!Look at her wide open eyes with an innocent expression. Did you do it on purpose?he asked, and was quite sure. Just know!She laughed happily, with the sea breeze and waves, her laughter was extremely cheerful. He took the sunglasses hanging in the pocket of his coat and put on them, tucked the corner of the tall round skirt into the belt, and chased the waves happily. Another look!So happy, so naughty, like a little girl!He followed her involuntarily, catching every one of her without a smile on her face, she was a glamorous beauty, mysterious and seductive; , adding a dash of innocence and childishness.Coupled with her various makeups, thousands of faces have been formed. In a lifetime, you will probably be dazzled by her various beauties, and you will never get tired of looking at them. The half body of the setting sun has sunk into the sea level, and the whole body is covered with red rays of light, lighting up the splendor of the sky, and also covering a large area of ​​shining stars on the sea; every time this situation always brings tears to her eyes.It is a lonely and desolate beauty, a very destructive feeling; the beauty is released at the moment before the night, the temptation to make a last glimpse, and then disappears, leaving infinite memories and loss for those who are attached to it. Sitting on the boulder and quietly watching the dying sun is a kind of enjoyment, but also a kind of torture. A coat was draped over her shoulders to remove the chill from the cold.She looked up at this man who had only met twice and only met yesterday.In this bleak moment, a little warmth can easily move people's hearts.The superficial impression suddenly deepened.He was handsome, handsome, tall, and his so-called heroic deeds made him extremely valuable, and he must have attracted the hearts of all beauties.She noticed his excellence, but didn't take it seriously.She has been seeing too many men with good conditions, especially the handsome men and women in the entertainment industry, and she has become numb after seeing too many men.加上她出身富家,一個男人身家好不好,對她而言沒有差別。對感情無所求,也很隨心。二十四歲了又如何?沒有心動,那來的戀情?到了四十歲也一樣。年齡不能設定她必須何時談戀愛。 妳這樣看我,會讓我想吻妳。他嗓音低啞。 不,還不是時候。她站起來,手指點了下他的唇,繞過他,走向海潮。 冷不防地一個大浪捲來,她退得不夠快,又不知給什麼絆到,整個人跌倒了,讓海水濕了她一身!冰冷的滋味真不是蓋的。沈拓宇搶救不及,扶起落湯雞的她,半濕的大衣再度包緊她怕她著涼,也怕她若隱若現的美麗曲線會令人想入非非。 先回我的公寓吧!這樣子我沒法去警局。她建議,全身直發抖,看來可能受寒了。 他搖頭,摟住她往馬路走去。 我家在附近,只有五分鐘車程。 這附近可都是高級住宅區呀!敢情他也是出身富家呢!但他的穿著卻很樸素,質料好,耐穿,但不是名牌。 每天來回不累嗎?距他辦公的地方相當遠,至少要開一小時車。住郊外就是這點不方便,所以她才在市區買公寓。 temporary.He smiled wryly.是暫時居留台灣。父親允諾最遲年底會讓他回復以往的生活,目前正努力說服母親之中。誰叫他母親恰巧是政要的女兒!只稍他外公一施壓下來,父親也不得擅動他。 高高的大理石圍牆阻擋了強勁的海風,圍牆內是很清幽的中國古典建築,庭院中有假山造景、小橋流水,通向屋子大門的是一條紅磚路,兩旁種著矮樹叢,剪成各種動物的形狀。這個美麗的庭院必定有專人打理。 我母親就愛弄這些花花草草。每次花匠一來。她總會在一旁學著,久而久之連樹雕居然也會了。他看出她的疑惑。 希康看他。 那麼她一定非常寂寞。轉眼看向屋子,感到一片寂然。她看到屋簷下一個穿著白色中式長衫的中國婦人正用一雙溫柔又估量的眼光看她,猛地看得希康不覺心虛。 mom!快拿一套衣服給她換上,她剛才在海邊跌倒弄濕了。沈拓宇拉近雙方的距離。 she is?沈母笑問。 楊希康他正要說明。 他的犯人。希康接口道。 沈母又笑了,拉住希康說:快些跟我上樓吧,我的衣服全是沙龍、罩衫之類的中國服,老少咸宜。說完兩人就進屋上樓去了。 母親喜歡希康,沈拓宇馬上發現這一點。近些年母親不停地在替他物色結婚對象,卻從沒有一張照片出現在他眼前過全被母親否決掉了。希望他早日成家,卻無中意人選。兩年前母親到法國見他,那時他正與一個法國女警合作辦案。母親對那女人的殷勤明白表示出拒絕;她知道那女孩的居心,也不打算接受。後來又有幾個華裔女子,母親也不中意。父親曾挑過幾個出色的女警回家用餐給母親挑;不必他拒絕,母親替他省了事。在他印象中,母親冷冷淡淡的,不易與人親近,執著她的小世界,只愛父親與他。她當然是寂寞的,才會將花花草草弄得這麼好;她寧願每天打掃這麼大的房子也不願請佣人。處不來是一個原因,借工作打發時間,排遣寂寞才是重點。 是希康人見人愛呢?還是母親終於看對眼?無論是什麼原因,他的心莫名地高興了起來。 希康好奇地從穿衣鏡中看到自己生平第一次穿中國服的模樣,竟然還不賴。她一直以為自己的外表欠缺了點中國古典的味道,不適合穿這麼雅緻的衣服;可是沈母的一雙巧手將她長髮在腦後挽成一個優雅的髻,只留幾絲秀髮飄在兩鬢,閒逸古雅的味道就出來了,髻上的碧玉髮簪更是加強了效果暗暗記住一定要記得拿下來還沈母。 拓宇從來沒有帶過女孩子回家呢。沈母從鏡中看她,她看人從來只看雙眼。這女孩的眼神明亮開朗,並且閃著智慧與善解人意。剛剛聽到她在庭院中說的話,就已深得沈母的心。外貌出色的女孩都有一股傲然驕氣,折損了氣質修養;但這女孩沒有。良好的舉止表現出良好的教養;不俗的衣著表示出家世的不凡這麼一個難得內外兼美的姣姣女,拓宇能追到手是他的福氣。她同時也看出拓宇動心了,一雙眼不再平板冷淡,看向女孩時,不自覺漾著溫柔。但是這女孩呢?怎麼的心情? 今天是例外。希康不以為這能代表什麼。沈母冷冷的氣質加上古典的瓜子臉蛋,很有一種凜然不可侵的感覺.與自己的母親恰好相反;可是二人相同的避世,能成為好友的機會很大。不覺地對沈母倍感親切。 沈母笑了笑說:下去吧!用完晚餐再走。拓宇的爸爸今晚不回來,可是我菜買了不少。 OK!好久沒露一手了,我煮得不錯。看出沈家沒請佣人,她立刻這麼回答。讓沈母去煮,她可沒臉等吃飯。她輕快地下樓,沒見著沈母竊喜的表情。 結果兩個女人分工合作煮了一桌色香味俱全的大餐。 食物可口,氣氛愉快;可是沈拓宇卻心不在焉,一雙眼老瞟向與沈母相談甚歡的希康。一個女人怎麼能這麼美!這種很家居式、很閑靜柔雅的美,怎會在換了一種粧扮後就出現?這樣的一個女子,出現再多的追求者,傳出再多的緋聞實不足為奇。她真的會那麼隨便嗎?隨便這兩個字加在她身上是不搭調的。 沈母正在講希康最有興趣的話題。 他爸爸恨不得將全世界為非作歹的人都關到大牢去,才有這麼一個瘋狂的計劃狠心將不滿七歲的獨生子先送到大陸去學武術,再送到英國去學槍法機械之類的專技知識,然後又放他到各地出生入死。看看他,才要他回來住一陣子就這種無聊的表情。我希望他娶妻,並不是要用妻子綁住他手腳,而是要他無論身在何處打擊犯罪都要保重自己。父母守不住他的心,妻子兒女總可以吧!妳就沒看過他偵查案件那股勁兒,不要命似的!那種死了大不了二十年後又是一條好漢的心態最是叫我操心。這種工作的危險性很高,打從我嫁他父親時就有所感;但我不會因為自己憂心,就要求丈夫、兒子放棄所熱愛的工作。只是要他凡事為家中顧慮幾分,每次都要肯定自己能平安回來。 嫁這種丈夫實在不保險;希康可以了解為什麼沈母眉宇間總會有一抹輕愁。 我不是一直平平安安到現在嗎?他不想繼續這話題,徒勾起母親傷感而已。 沈母看他。 Still say it!你上衣脫掉給希康看看,那一道由左肩橫到右腹下方的刀痕曾經使你差點沒命,昏迷了三個月才清醒,又休息了半年才復原,更別提那些槍傷了。 mom!他打斷母親的話。看到希康好奇地瞪大眼,似乎想看看傷痕長成什麼樣子似的,令他心中浮起一股燥熱這女人就不懂得保留一點嗎?這麼的看他! 好了,好了,快七點了,我帶她回署裡處理一些事情。他拉起希康,有些粗魯地拖到門口。 沈母追在後面。 有空常來呀,希康。伯母和妳聊天。 希康回頭直笑,在玄關處拖住沈拓宇的手說:謝謝,我一定會再來的。晚餐很愉快。 道別完畢,上了車後,希康不以為然的看著他問道:署裡的事真有這麼急? 他沒回答,面孔繃緊。 經沈母一提,希康才發現他的手、臉、頸,凡看得到的地方多多少少都有一些細微的疤痕,不注意倒是看不出來。她看到他的右耳下方有一道長疤,好像是新傷口,肉色還呈紅色的。她伸出左手輕輕一碰,問道:還會痛嗎? 他猛然煞住車身,希康一個不穩晃動了下,卻跌入他堅實的懷抱中,他緊緊摟住了她。希康用力掙扎著,抬起頭想阻止他的無禮,卻被兩片灼熱的雙唇牢牢壓住了。她的人已被摟到他大腿上,被牢牢箍住了。 黑暗的車內,只聞兩顆急如擂鼓的心跳與粗啞的喘氣聲。波濤暗湧的情潮迴盪在緊貼約兩具身子中。他的吻帶點憤怒,也帶點慾望,更有著一種莫名的情感 What does he think of her?這麼隨便地吻她,這麼霸道地摟著她是了,他一直當她是蕩婦,沒有什麼貞操觀念的淫女,很容易上手,不必有什麼尊重! Do not touch me!她別開自己的臉,卻掙不開他的懷抱,只好低埋在他肩上,防止他再吻她!她的雙手握成拳,緊緊抵住他胸膛。 Why?他粗啞地問,努力抑制自己的情感。 你沒有資格碰我!what do you think i am如要解決需要,找妓女去!她吼著。 我沒有當妳是妓女!You are not allowed to think so!他憤怒地叫。她怎麼會這麼想?她又當他是什麼?一個色情狂嗎?雖然他表現得或許有點像,可是那是因為她那麼的美!那麼的撥動他的心!他一直按捺著鼎沸的情慾;可是經她一碰,他所有的自制都潰散瓦解了!除了渲洩,他又能如何? 不許我這麼想,你卻表現得這樣!she accuses.掙回自己的身體,坐回座位,寒聲道:我輝煌的歷史讓你很高興是嗎?讓你可以不必尊重我就加以侵犯是嗎? You shut up!他不想聽她說這些話。妳過去的歷史與我何干!我反正是來不及介入了,現在再來耿耿於懷又能如何?我告訴妳,即使妳的過去純潔如白紙,我今天還是會吻妳! 別告訴我你不介意!她心中百味雜陳。明白他受西方教育,對女性的貞操不曾太在意;可是他畢竟是中國人,又是佔有慾極強的人,說得再冠冕堂皇也缺少可信度。 沈拓宇嘆了口氣。 有心想追求妳的男人都會介意。妳有膽有那種過去事蹟,為什麼怕追求妳的男人會介意而對妳存輕薄之心?是妳的過去讓妳對我草木皆兵、處處防範。既然自己都那麼介意了,又怎麼會有那一段過去的產生?不是妳心虛,就是根本沒有那些事情發生。那些只是妳的保護色。 希康暗暗吃驚於他的分析能力,他在用世俗眼光衡量她之前就用自己那一套邏輯推理判斷她的態度了。 你的意思是你吻我是在追我?She doesn't believe it. 似乎是!我的行動力向來不等大腦三思之後下達命令就擅自有動作。對這麼一個女人,看來也只有追她、娶她了事;他根本見不得別的男人看她。 希康心跳快了一拍。 這麼的三級跳?那有人以吻人開始追求的!太快了吧! 他執起她手,輕道:我的行事原則是:確定目標,立刻執行,達到目的,一分鐘也不浪費,而且出奇制勝。 她沒掙脫,只是深深探索他的眼。 如果介意我的過去,就別輕易展開追求,我開不起玩笑。她知道自己已經陷入了;這讓她感到無助與不確定。她從沒有這麼沒自信,這麼惶恐過。 如果能,我希望在那些事件發生前就出現在妳身邊假如那些是真的話。我不會讓任何人碰妳;我會將妳包成阿拉伯女人,藏在深閨,專供我一個人欣賞,獨享。既然我現在才出現,就無能為力去改變些什麼,只能從現在鎖住妳,為時未晚。介意,多少有;但還不至於到可以使我不注意妳,或放棄妳的程度。妳以為如何?他這次很輕地啄了下她的唇。 這就夠了!這樣的說法。他相當誠實,她看得出來。這種男人,也許就是她一直在等的!她微微地笑了。等著看吧!沈拓宇,如果我們有未來,你將會知道那些過去都是子烏虛有的事,而你會得到我全心的愛與意想不到的驚喜!希康心中浮上了愉悅。剛才的不愉快,兩人都失控了,她對一個突如其來的吻反應過度,而他則是為他自己的感情感到憤怒!多奇妙呀!感情就這麼浮現了。 你確定你是在辦案,而不是假公濟私地在對嫌犯下手?她俏皮地問。 沈拓宇給她一個兇惡的神色。 還不是妳害的!我一世英名盡毀於此。 在希康明朗的笑聲中,車子再度啟動。才一個下午的時間,他們由陌生到這般親近;這感覺真是好。他們都是理智的人,也都不相信一見鍾情;可是,才識得沒多久光景,居然談起戀愛了,真是不可思議!也許下個月她搞不好就是沈太太了呢!以沈拓宇那種掠奪式的行動力來說,很有可能。 何文楊毒癮發作,下午就給移送到戒毒所,往後上法庭偵訊再提見,所以沈拓宇又送希康回公寓。 才一開門,希康就驚呼了聲,抓住沈拓宇的手。 公寓亂成一團,被翻箱倒櫃得慘不忍睹。how so?這是一幢有管理員的大廈,外人不能輕易上來的。值錢的東西全在,有的東西被摔壞了;但是好像沒丟東西。她又沒有什麼仇人。 沈拓宇一言不發立刻打電話到警署派人來採集指紋證物,掛掉後,立刻拉她到臥房。 衣服收拾一下,到我家或回妳家不到我家比較安全。 我回自己家。家人會擔心。她收拾幾件盥洗衣服,腦中不停地想.會是誰來她的公寓?門鎖沒壞。又是如何進來的?這裡有什麼東西是別人要的? 顯然歹徒沒有找到他要的東西,那麼妳的安全堪虞了。他大略看了下,注意到連小廚房內的菜刀也被丟得四零八落,這是十分沒道理的。他眼睛瞇了起來,心中若有所悟。 那代表我必須藏好一陣子囉?她有些浮躁。她一生的運氣從沒像最近那麼背!雖然因此才有機會與沈拓宇的生命有交集,可是陷入這種擾人的麻煩中,未免太刺激了!She sighed. 或許是我們小題大作了:這搞不好只是單純的闖空門,沒有其他意義。這是她衷心希望,可是論點站不住腳。 他拿過她的行李,扶住她後腦傾身吻了一下。 我們都這麼希望;可是妳知我知,那是不可能的。不妨將可疑人物列出來,何仲平可以排第一號。 他何必這麼做?She doesn't understand. 我會給妳答案。他摟她走出去。有些事,他必須好好想一想,當務之急是將希康先安頓好。 接下來幾天,希康足不出戶窩在家中。沈拓宇每晚打來一通電話問候,沒有對她說明案情進行到什麼地步,只是再三交代她不要出門。只知道沒有官司了,但她不知道是什麼原因。 即使她想出去透氣也得再三考慮;現在她的官司問題倍受各方矚目,光想到出門會被別人指指點點當怪物看,就沒了那股興致。 她開始想沈拓宇與自己。他們之間的感情發展得實在太快,快到有些事情來不及了解認知;這實在冒險。沒有深厚的基礎,戀愛談得再轟轟烈烈也顯得空空蕩蕩的,少了份真實感。尤其分開近一星期了,那種心悸情動因為空間相隔而逐漸冷卻下來,所有發生的事就沒有那種踏實的感覺,好像只是突發的遊戲,過了,就散了。在電話中,聽到他的聲音當然高興,但是千篇一律的問候卻一次比一次感到生疏。對他的好感毋庸置疑;他對自己的關切也很清楚。這份不定的情緒,也許只想要求再一次的確定吧。因為她內心的熱度已經消退了。再分開更久些,它大概就成了逝去戀情了。時間與空間對情感的殺傷力是很嚴重可怕的。 上回他自希康那邊帶回何文揚行兇的水果刀,並沒有繳回警署。聲名狼籍的何仲平有多次強暴未成年小女生的案件;但強暴因屬告訴乃論,受害人通常因為其他原因而沒有告他;有的即私下和解,用錢打發了事。從四年前,他就大量培植所謂的玉女明星,開了演員訓練班,召集國中小女生,尤以逃家翹課那一類的學生為主。有一、兩個的確被培養成當紅明星;但是,其他的呢? 近些日子以來,他著手調查何仲平的資料,發現他那間頗具規模的演員訓練班,四年下來至少有三分之一的學員是下落不明的。二百多人左右,這麼多的人失蹤,卻沒有人報案,沒有人注意,自然有蹊蹺處。再從調查局調來資料,上頭的調查結果是那二百多人通常是早已脫離家庭的不良少女,加入演員訓練班學成後,自動要求被安排到東南亞一帶發展,大圓星夢。東南亞一帶,的確有何仲平旗下的表演團在各地表演,但人數不足四十個。而所謂的表演團也只是偶爾登台跳一些不堪入目的舞蹈而已。那麼,其他少女呢?據說是因為出名無望,自己脫隊求發展去了。 沈拓宇一個字也不信。多年來他辦過的案子比這複雜萬千的都有。他過去的經驗讓他對這件事歸納出一點:這絕對是人口販賣的案件,再不就是與賣春集團相勾結,由台灣出口,進口到東南亞。 光這事一旦爆發就足以讓何仲平身敗名裂,老死獄中;何況肯定他還有別的罪條,至少他妻子就死得很離奇!無緣無故吃安眠藥自殺?早五年前已分居的妻子會在五年後還不堪丈夫風流而自殺?沈拓宇冷冷一笑。何忡平要告希康,只是為了轉移眾人注意力,掩人耳目而已。真是相當聰明,相當狡猾!一個能這麼要盡天良無惡不作的男人,沒有這些必備條件,是玩不起來的。 昨天,他割開水果刀的刀柄,在柄腹內發現一卷縮小底片,一切果如他所料,上頭有一票女孩子的名單以及價碼分出租與買斷,有年限別與終生別這是有力的證據;不過現在還不是抓他的時候。要關他,要判他死刑或無期徒刑之前,他要把何仲平所幹過的壞事全挖出來。 具是的!他還一直小看台灣的犯罪難度呢!看來他是錯了。現在的犯罪集團逐漸朝向國際化經營,愈來愈有管理理念,高桿得不得了。台灣這蕞爾小島更是不能小看呢。 此刻,他好想見見希康!見見那個美麗又變幻莫測的女人。已經一個星期了。 戒毒所內的何文揚,面孔蒼白瘦弱,全身微微顫抖,看來形銷骨立;不過,比起一星期前,他好太多了至少現在他清醒的時候比較多,也不必靠藥物來抑制毒發的痛苦,他已漸漸痊癒中。 你是希康姊的男友?何文揚打量沈拓宇。 而你是媒人。他難得一笑。 What do you want to know?他直接問。 沈拓宇緊盯著他問:你父親告希康販毒給你,並且教唆你殺人。你有什麼話說!何文揚咬住下唇,眼中閃著憤怒。 他總是懂得先咬別人一口。他看著沈拓宇。接下來你是不是要我告訴你毒品是他給我的?他強暴過幾個女人? 沈拓宇搖頭,這些小事不值一問。 他昨天來看過你,說了什麼? 他要刀,要我把刀子給他,湮沒證據。他要用方法讓我出去,要使我的行為看來無辜,想要把我犯的罪推到希康姊頭上,讓她當替死鬼。他諷刺地說著。 how do you say? 我說刀子在半路丟了,丟到一條水溝裡。他頓了頓,道:但是,刀呢?警署沒有,希康姊的公寓也沒有。 這孩子很敏捷,思考力很強,是可造之材!沈拓宇漸漸發現了這一點。 不過,他沒回答何文揚的問題。 他是你父親,你有權利替他說話;不過我必須告訴你,他犯的罪足以判死刑而死有餘辜。如果你再抖出你知道的,有雪上加霜的效果,可是沒有更重的了。 is it so serious?頂多無期徒刑而已吧!He doesn't believe it.父親不是好人,但他知道強暴、販毒都不足以至死,他也只是小毒犯而已。大毒梟都沒有被判死刑。 沈拓宇淡淡地開口:你母親是個事業有成的女人,你父親的風流使得她全心全意在事業上。她有自己的世界,難道會因為你父親多年的風流而想不開?法醫報告她是自殺,但事實上據她死後手腳有被捆綁的淤痕研判,她是他殺的。 何文揚瞠目!他一直覺得母親自殺是父親的錯,因為那天父親跑到母親的住處與母親大吼大叫。第二天,就傳出母親死了!可是他殺?父親會狠毒到殺自己妻子嗎? You talk nonsense!he yelled. 用你的頭腦想一想,合理地去思考,你就會得到答案。也許你母親發現了什麼他不可告人的秘密而遭滅口!沈拓宇說著,想到一直令他疑惑的問題。那天你殺你父親時是在東明社區,是誰住的地方? 本來是我媽住的!他已經無法平靜思考,煩躁地叫。 家具全都是新的?那天去看時,發現所有的家具全是剛換不久。 他說死人用過的東西有晦氣,所以全換了! 那原本的家具呢?他沉思。 丟了!全被拆成碎片,丟了。 That's it!就差最後一個問題:那把很精緻的水果刀呢? 是我媽生前常用的,
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