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Chapter 3 Article 1 Your Family - Reducing Clutter in Your Life

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An important step towards simplifying your life is eliminating the possibilities and the odds and ends that clutter your house, car, office, and life.If you decide to move to a smaller house (law 19), there is no doubt that downsizing is a must.When you start implementing your plan to reduce clutter, your guiding principle is simple: If there are things you won't use for a year or more, throw them away! The discarding mentioned here can have many situations: giving it to a friend, as a public relations communication item, giving it to a consignment store, sending it to a flea market to sell, or giving it to a junk collector.

To clear the clutter, start with your closet and related areas.Clear out every closet, every drawer, every shelf in every room of the house, including the kitchen.Do you really need a full kitchen and a mini kitchen with a manual meat cutter and blender at the same time? (See tips on how to clear clutter in Laws 3 and 5.) Don't forget to clean out the front hall closet, the linen closet, the toolbox, and the medicine chest. (See method number six, which will save you a lot of time in deciding what to keep.) Also keep in mind laundry rooms, garages, attics, basements, offices, cars, and anything you rent or borrow for storage. place for things.

When my husband and I started to clean up, we were amazed to find that we had accumulated so much unused debris.Clearing away these clutter gives us a very profound experience of liberation. Soon after, we also discovered that our existing living space was much more than we actually needed.Therefore, we decided to move from our existing big house to a small apartment.During the move, we did a second wave of cleanup to get rid of all the stuff we didn't have room to store, which also freed us from another burden. Later, we found that after a year or two of refining and simplifying our life plan, we became more and more proficient at dealing with those things that don’t need to be used.Perhaps, during your first or second bout of cleaning out your cupboards, you haven't thought about throwing anything away; however, I guarantee that once you get a taste of that relief from the experience, you'll be more interested in cleaning. Complicated things feel more and more simple.

You can use one or two weekend afternoons to do the initial cleanup.It is best to let your children do these tasks together, and it is the best way for children to learn how to live a tidy life at a young age.Don't hesitate, plan your time now, and get started! Remember!This advice is not to deny you what you need, but to free you from what you don't.
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