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Chapter 7 ★Business in bulk every five times

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Another way to simplify your grocery shopping: Buy in bulk at once.None of us seem to have a storage space, and I've never taken the time to sit down and think: Is there something that can be purchased in bulk.When we started making our own oat bran muffins (Method 6), we found it easier to buy oat bran in bulk after we used up a lot of it. When I realized that buying oat bran saved a lot of time, effort, and packaging (no money involved), I started wondering if there was something else I could buy in bulk.I'm amazed that there are so many places where that shopping list can be applied.Now, I have made another list of bulk purchases. The items in it are: paper towels, toilet paper, cleaners, descalers, pet food, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving lotion, rice, grains, beans, fruit, etc. class and baking essentials.

Once or twice a year, I always have the opportunity to go to the mass merchandiser near my house to buy a lot of the above items.Since we cleared out a lot of the unused clutter from the cupboards and shelves (Method 1), we've freed up a lot of space for these supplies, and we never run out of what we need. When you're tempted to buy in bulk, remember that not everything is cheaper in mass merchandisers.So, when you want to purchase, you'd better know what you want to buy and what the general price is.If not, then you must be able to avoid spending too much money.Because the purpose of purchasing in large quantities is to save money, why do you have to spend more?Secondly, you will find that it is very easy for you to have a detailed list when purchasing in large quantities.Unless, you encounter a product that tempts you very much, although you don't really need this thing, you must not miss it, because its price is too low.

Apart from saving us time and money, one of the biggest benefits of buying in bulk is reducing the amount of recyclable packaging.In fact, many mass merchandisers, especially consumer cooperatives, encourage consumers to bring their own shopping bags and containers, which can save even more packaging.
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