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Chapter 21 Part 2 Your Lifestyle ★19 Moving to a smaller house

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The average residential area of ​​Americans has expanded from a house of about 25 square meters, two bedrooms, and one bathroom in the 1950s to about fifty-six square meters, three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a kitchen , a dining room, a study and gymnasium, a great room, an audio-visual room, a garage with at least two and usually three spaces, and an entrance hall comparable to that of a Vatican church.How did this phenomenon come about?What is certain is that this is not due to the increase in family size.The average family member in the United States dropped from four in the 1950s to two in the 1990s.Five people.

Since the 1950s, people have more than tripled their monthly financial burden to maintain this behemoth, and some houses have more than tripled the burden.Today, many homeowners must spend more than half of their monthly income on their homes.In order to have a big house, we have to move farther and farther away from our workplaces and administrative centers.This shift means we have to spend more time commuting to work, and we have to pay more for gas and cars. Many people have also gradually realized that it is not worthwhile to waste so much time, energy and money just to have a big house.

When we move from the smoky and crowded big cities or downtowns where we have to commute four hours to the more rural suburbs, our places of work are separated from our lives (Fifth Law) .Our first move was to move into a big house of 83 ping.We have inadvertently fallen into the trap of the concept that big is good in the 1980s.In addition, we must also have a large space where all our belongings can be placed. Once we got rid of a lot of clutter (method 1), we realized that we didn't need such a large space anymore.When we move into a small apartment, our goal is to cut down on clutter until we can comfortably organize the small apartment, but without sacrificing our comfort and convenience.ah!Don't worry about the big house anymore!It was such a great emotional and psychological relief not to have to worry about a large yard, let alone the hassle and hassle of having a house that was too big for our lifestyle.

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