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Chapter 33 ★Sanyi don’t answer the door as soon as you hear the doorbell ring

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 551Words 2023-02-05
When the doorbell rings, there are certain things that can be downright annoying.This boredom is not the same as a telephone ringing: no matter who rings the doorbell, it means there is someone at the door.I can't tell you how many times my meal has been ruined by someone just outside the door.We've all been taught to be polite to our guests, even those who show up uninvited.Often, we don't think about ourselves or our families, so that dinner goes cold, for example, we often have to talk to the person outside the door in order to answer the door for a long time. Now, I've applied the same method to the doorbell that I used to deal with the phone ringing.Unless I have an appointment with a friend or expect a visit from someone or a postman, I don't answer the door if it's not convenient for me.Therefore, after my friends know what I do, if they don't call first, they won't come to me.

What if the postman wants to deliver registered mail? A friend asked me. Have you ever received a registered letter with good news?As long as I want to pick it up, the registered mail will not be lost.But isn't it rude to do so?she protested.Usually, we all think this way.However, we should be aware that, in fact, the really rude ones are the visitors who suddenly appear at the door and then ask us to drop half of what we are doing to answer the door, just for their convenience. I admit that this approach will make your social pace rigid.However, if you are constantly being disturbed by these unannounced visitors, then learning to let the doorbell ring and ignore it will make your life a lot easier.

Or, consider installing an anti-theft eye, at least you can know who is visiting when you open the door.
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