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Chapter 38 ★San Liu Simplifies Travel

simplify your life 愛琳.詹姆絲 1019Words 2023-02-05
My husband is, in a way, a travel writer.In the fifteen years we've been married, we've taken dozens of long-distance trips around the world.We crossed oceans on a small yacht; crossed barren lands by train; paddled on calm waters; went downriver on rafts; climbed thorny hills; roamed the streets of major cities around the world. If we say that we can learn something from so many travels, then our greatest experience is: how to make ourselves travel easily and still get what we need. Many tourists, in addition to packing the things they need for the journey when packing, also pack the things that may be useful.Below are a few ways you can avoid this behavior.

For most tourists, the first thing to do is to make a list of the different types of clothes you want to bring.Like formal wear, casual wear, sportswear and casual wear.Then, cut out everything on the watch except casual clothes.This is what you can wear for all your travels. Go to your closet and get out all your favorite casual clothes. (If you've simplified your closet, you shouldn't have too many clothes bothering you.) Fold the clothes and put them on the bed, with shirts in one pile and trousers in one pile.Then, take at least half of each pile and put them in your closet.Let's face it: Once you've traveled somewhere and found out you need something, in most cases, you're done.That's the trick of traveling light: there's nothing we absolutely have to have, and if there's none, you're usually left with nothing. (It's also a trick to simplifying your life.)

It is best to only wear and bring dark colored clothing. Make sure that the clothes you bring can be matched with other clothes. Usually, even in tropical climates, tops or jackets and vests are worn or carried in a handy travel bag, which can be taken out for matching wear if required. Best to only bring a suitcase with wheels.We recommend the 727 for travel, as it weighs less than some rigid suitcases and can pack more.Plus, it has enough outer pockets for tickets, reading brochures, and other stuff, so you don't have to use another pocket. Use a tissue box or makeup bag that can be hung behind a door or on a towel rack, preferably one that fits in your suitcase. (If you're a man, you probably already have a simple box of tissues; if you're a woman, you'll have to learn how to look gorgeous in ten minutes too, and you won't need a hairdryer or anything.)

Only bring two pairs of shoes, the heels of the two pairs of shoes should preferably be the same height, rather low-heeled shoes, and the most comfortable shoes to wear. Think about it, no matter where you go in the world, you only need to bring a small bag, so that you can easily cross the streets, go up and down the stairs, climb over the hills full of thorns, and walk on the streets of stone roads. What a delight!
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