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Chapter 1 Chapter One

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She couldn't take it anymore, really couldn't take it anymore! Two stacks of documents waiting to be approved were placed horizontally on the large desk, which was higher than her, already seeming to overwhelm her.As soon as each file was opened, there were dense words, business terms, and countless data on it, which made her dizzy. Why is she sitting here? Why did she run all the way back from the United States to throw herself into the trap with a momentary conscience? Why did she stay so long and give up her master's degree, which she would get in two months, fly halfway across the world in full suit and return to the place she couldn't wait to escape, and ended up here?

Just to sit in this damn place that has nothing to do with what she's learned? crazy!crazy!Yang Xiping felt like he was going crazy! Before she was sure that she had reached the limit of her endurance and was about to run to the French windows and jump down from the twelfth floor, she finally pressed the intercom button very rationally and reluctantly, and let out a deep mouthful of words that had been held back for a long time. gas. In the bright, spacious and gorgeous large office, there was a pretty beauty with short hair, her whole body stuck to the big leather office chair, paralyzed like a pile of mud.The beautiful and pretty face has the expression of a sleepy beast, without any image at all, and it doesn't match the simple trousers she is wearing.

In less than half a minute, the carved dark brown wooden door was tapped twice; without waiting for a response, the visitor pushed the door open and walked in. A handsome and gentle face appeared, with sympathy and an uncontrollable smile in his eyes and brows.He has a baby face, but has an inconsistent slender figure. Against the backdrop of a three-piece suit, he looks very handsome. Throw all your good mood out the door to me!swiss.Yang Xiping had a look of wanting to punch someone, and warned the person who came. All along, she has deeply felt that if a man is handsome, it is God's favor, and it is a great blessing; if he is beautiful, then God has given him the wrong gender, which is a great misfortune.Ever since she was a child, she could use Shi Wei as an example to speak out and prove it.

To be honest, Shi Wei is fair and handsome, and he can definitely be compared with the pretty and outstanding Yang Xiping; he is naturally handsome, and his fair skin is much better than hers.However, if a man's appearance can be compared with a woman's, it will definitely ruin the man's tragic fate.Starting from kindergarten, the one-year-old Yang Xiping, who is a big Shi Wei, always rescues Shi Wei who has been harassed and bullied since entering the primary class as the invincible Iron King Kong.He robbed girls of their glory and became their public enemy; he didn't look like boys, and was kept out of the circle by boys.However, Shi Wei is thin and weak, and is always bullied; Yang Xiping is of course obliged to act as a grass protector.

This daily drama of heroes saving the beauty ended when Shiwei Elementary School graduated.Then Shi Wei was sent to England to study, and was nurtured by Mrs. Yang and Yang Chengwen Xiping's father in a planned way, so she officially cut off the umbilical cord with Shi Wei. Later, after she finished college and went abroad to study not long ago, she heard that Shi Wei had been transferred back by her grandmother and officially joined Yang's organization. Good guy!At the age of 22, she has a master's degree in the Department of Business Studies of Cambridge University, specializing in corporate management and marketing; and she is currently 26, and she doesn't know where her master's degree in law is!

For such a beautiful man, if he doesn't have a talented brain, he should go to eat as an actor and star, and let him go back to China for half a month, she always thinks so.well!What a pity!Such a nice face. Shi Wei sat on the swivel chair opposite her, looked at her through a large number of high-level documents, and put his hands leisurely on the edge of the table. Are you in a bad mood?he asked with a smile.You don't need to ask to know the reason for her stinky face; these documents have not been moved since this morning, and if you blow them carelessly, they may raise dust. It has been half a month since I took time out of my busy schedule to teach her everything about the company's operations.Reaching out to customers, running meetings, and getting to know employees seems like a waste of effort.If she wasn't a business idiot, she would have been fishing all the time.

Yang Xiping picked up a large stack of documents and threw them into his arms around the table. You do it for me!This was originally your job.As long as you finish it secretly, I won't tell the old lady, how about it?Her tone was full of threats. Shi Wei leaned back in the chair and looked up at her.Looking at Xiping from this angle, one can fully see the arc of her snow-white slender neck extending gracefully upwards to her perfect stubborn chin. It is so soft and beautiful! He said leisurely: If you haven't forgotten, you should remember that I am the special envoy sent by the old lady to monitor you, right?

of course!But Yang Xiping was not guilty at all, pointed at his nose confidently and said: If you know what it means to repay a kindness, go and find out how the ancient people repayed a kindness, and then come back and tell me.Don't even think about how many times I risked my life to save you twenty years ago!No, hundreds of times!But there is no such thing as canceling it with one stroke. Seeing that I have fallen into such a difficult situation today, and I have become a trapped beast in the old granny's tricks, you have the nerve to collude with the old granny to frame me!Is our friendship far inferior to the benefits grandma gave you?you say!You feel your conscience and say it yourself!

If this is not enough to make Shi Wei ashamed, then she will bring out the matter of saving him when he was a child and bombard him every day until he can never forget it in this life. At present, she really can't fight against grandma, so she has no choice but to try her best to win over Shi Wei; once Shi Wei falls to her side, grandma's confidant will be gone, and she can use this to fight against grandma.If she is lucky, she might be able to leave the hot potato of Yang's institution behind and return to the United States to live a leisurely study life, get a master's degree and then a doctor's degree, and continue her studies; Her dream of being a lawyer.

Blame her for being stupid!It was a smart move to pack up and flee to the United States three years ago.I thought grandma should be disappointed in her this time, so she was abducted by a telegram pretending to be dying.Now of course I can't get away.She should have realized long ago that, as the daughter of Yang's parents, she has an unshirkable responsibility to inherit, and it is useless to flee to the ends of the world. Shi Wei smiled. In fact, he didn't dare to hope that Xiping would handle these planning documents safely.Half a month's hard work has only made him understand one more thing: Yang Xiping, who looks bright and intelligent, is a business mentally handicapped.If you don't help her, you just have to wait for her to ask for help, otherwise it will be difficult to explain to the old lady.Yang Xiping didn't understand at all that he would do anything for her without her coercion and coercion, and it was his duty to do so.

bring it on!I will approve the documents, and you will learn from the sidelines, at least understand the content, so as to avoid embarrassment during the discussion in the afternoon meeting.he sighed. Xiping smiled and stood aside meekly. I really have to admire this Shi Wei who is one year younger than her.He used both hands and eyes to review neatly, one after another, as easy as eating Chinese cabbage, and he also took key notes at any time. She sat back in the office chair, put her chin on the table, and looked at Shi Wei, who was concentrating on his work, and felt a little dazed. For a long time, he has been the little follower and crybaby in her memory. Playing with her; in the blink of an eye, he has stood on his own and become a handsome and handsome man. It is such a quick way to have been superior to her for twenty years.At this time, it is no longer possible to find the shadow of his past in him.When they first met again, she was really taken aback.She thought that what she would see would be a little Shi Wei magnified several times; but the grown-up him was not what she had imagined, and suddenly made her feel strange and lost.The little Shi Wei in the past has only become a shadow in memory, and now it no longer exists.Confident and wise eyes, elegant and leisurely demeanor, and a neat and efficient attitude, all of this man's temperament, where is there room for the shadow of the past? well!Now is not the time to think about these boring things, you should first think about how to get out of it.Can you get away?Once her natural heir escapes, who will take the place of the dead?Xi'an?Hikon?or Hitay? Just thinking about it makes my heart go cold. Speaking of the second child, Xi'an, a straight-forward freak, indifferent to everything.I ran away from home to work as a nurse four years ago.If I really want to hand over the business to her, I'm afraid she will sell it all for cash and send it to Ethiopia.It's not that she has great love, but that she likes fairness and equal wealth.If you are overwhelmed by property, why not distribute it to those who have no property, so that everyone is happy?Who would dare to consider letting her inherit this kind of character? The third child, Xikang, is actually as shrewd and cunning as a fox, and he should be the most ideal candidate because he has learned the truth from the grandmother.Currently in the third year of university, she is already a well-known model.She had already cleverly used the old lady's weakness to make her furious and escaped successfully when she couldn't count others. As for the fourth child!Don't mention it!If a child can think that someone is playing a game of catching robbers with her after being kidnapped, then the child does not have to expect her to have any future.Everyone just asks that she can marry a husband who loves her, there is no extravagance. After much deliberation, there is no qualified candidate, but she is sure that she does not have the sentiment of sacrifice and dedication.If Yang Xiping were to take over the family business, she would start to have gray hair and wrinkles at the age of thirty, and suffer from stomach ulcers at the age of forty.Work has become the whole of her life. She must always put work first, family second, and body third, and then her husband and wife will be separated like other strong women. If she hasn't broken it yet. She sighed deeply and mourned her bleak future.God!What should she do? do you understand?After Shi Wei explained the key points to be paid attention to in the afternoon meeting, he raised his head and asked Xiping. Xiping sat up straight, blinked unconsciously, and looked very dazed and cute; but at the same time, it also meant that his fifteen-minute explanation was purely talking to himself, and his efforts were wasted.Shi Wei really didn't know what to do with her. Did you say something just now?I did not notice.She was not ashamed at all, but rather complained.She is really used to bullying him, no matter right or wrong, she will always blame him. He sighed. I said, when the meeting is held, please save some face and support it until the meeting is over. There is a lounge in my office where you can sleep. Xiping thought how powerful he was, and guessed that lengthy meetings were more effective for her than sleeping pills and lullabies.He would say this to show that he was on her side; then, why should she not cooperate with any of his demands?So Yang Xiping is very cooperative and obediently promises that he will never doze off. Swicken helps her, what else is there to worry about on the other side of the old lady? To take Xiping's work back to himself, Shi Wei was actually relieved.She didn't know anything about it, and she didn't understand what would happen to her after making random reviews.Last week, I approved a business plan, but after proceeding, I found that the content was completely plagiarized from another company. When I hurriedly withdrew the project, the cost had already cost 20 million, so I had to list it as a loss.Twenty million is not a big amount, but if you let Xiping play like this, sooner or later the company will be ruined.After that incident, the supervisors of each unit did not dare to show Xiping the business plan, and submitted it to the general manager's office.Even if some units had to be handed over to Xiping as a last resort, Shi Wei had to do the review work to be at ease.Without the level of Xiping, it would save a lot of trouble for him to operate alone. Such a woman, even if she becomes a lawyer, probably can only live a dry life, no one would dare to sue her! Patience is definitely not one of her strengths. Putting down the pen in his hand, Shi Wei leaned into the big leather chair and pulled his tie.Just thinking about her took all his work fever away.When he was young, Xiping was the heroine and idol he admired.When he was sent to study in the UK, he always set her as his goal, wanting to be as brave as Xiping when he grows up.The vague impression from his childhood has actually haunted him for twenty years.After finishing her studies and returning to the country, she was the person she wanted to see most; but because of the difference, Xiping had already fled to the United States. Only photos can allow him to vaguely capture some of her appearance when she grows up.He took out his wallet, and there was a three-inch photo in the middle layer, wearing a back protector. It was a photo Xiping took when he was twenty years old.She has always had pretty short hair, which hasn't changed in twenty-six years.She grew up and became delicate and beautiful, her cheerful breath was extremely fresh, and her appearance was full of femininity; even though she was still domineering and irritable, her demeanor was charming.As long as he was distracted for a moment, she would be fascinated by her.Xikang saw it, and Xi'an saw it too, but Xiping, who got along with him every day, didn't realize it.It's not that he has such a deep hidden ability, but that Yang Xiping, who claims to be smart, lacks a sensory nerve at all.Whether public or private, he doesn't know what to do with her. At least on the old grandma's side, there is definitely a conspiracy.Since he came back three years ago and put the company's operations on the right track, the grandmother has long since given up the idea of ​​insisting on Xiping's succession.So what is the reason for abducting Xiping and forcing her into the company this time?will be?No way!Shi Wei frowned.It better not be what he expected.He likes Xiping, so he will naturally pursue him.Even if everyone has the same goal, once love gets involved in business, it looks vulgar, and in the end, I'm afraid the old lady will screw everything up.Xiping is definitely not an idiot. Sooner or later, she will figure out why the grandmother wanted her to come to the company, and she will also think of him as an accomplice, then he will definitely hate it!Find time to have a good talk with grandma.However, if you think about this matter from another perspective, maybe he can abduct a wife without any effort. If Xiping is a little smarter than he imagined, there will be that kind of result.For now, you might as well stop by the brakes and wait and see what happens.Let's see how the two of them fight. Yang Xiping decided to find a way out for himself, instead of just sitting around waiting for death. She tried hard to recall the tricks the old grandma used on her three years ago.When the old lady knew in her heart that the future of the Yang family would be bleak if she took the helm, she began to look for a husband for Xiping.No matter rich or poor, high or low, handsome or ugly, as long as he is capable and responsible, he will be taken into consideration.Zhang San Li Si's, a truckload of blind date photos piled up in front of her every day.To be honest, Xiping will scare away, this trick is the most important factor, just like the auction in the female slave market! Although I don't have much desire for love, but I don't want to be auctioned by others.Having said that, if it is used for trading by oneself, it can be tolerated.She really wanted to go back to the United States to complete the credits, and she didn't have to be a barrister; but she had to study for three years anyway, and she felt sorry for herself for not getting a degree, and she was not reconciled.Grandma hid her passport and visa so she couldn't move. She has been thinking about it for days!Shi Wei is most valued by his grandma, and he has indeed managed the company well.If she marries Shi Wei, the grandmother must be optimistic, and she can also make three chapters with Shi Wei first.This is a deal. If he marries her, he can get more than half of the power and equity of Yang's organization, and she can go back to the United States to live a peaceful life.The old lady can definitely explain it.After thinking about it, this is a good way.She was sure that Shi Wei would not dare not help her, he always followed her in everything. She finished the draft, so when she arrived at the company today, she immediately asked for Shi Wei; but Shi Wei's schedule was full, and she was not as free as her.If you want to see him, you have to ambush him in his office and wait for an opportunity to catch him when he is busy.A meeting in the morning was delayed until twelve o'clock; since she made a wrong decision and caused the company to lose 20 million yuan, the major shareholders have listed her as a rejection account; excluded from the gate. Xiping?The door was opened, and Shi Wei came in with a large number of files, and was a little surprised to see her. God knows that she was so hungry after waiting, she slumped limply on the big sofa and looked at him complainingly. so late! Shi Wei put down the file, poured two cups of coffee and sat beside her, handed one cup to her, and asked: What's the matter?Have you eaten yet? Give me some time, I have something to discuss with you. He thought for a while, stood up, and said, "Just do it now!"I won't be free after two o'clock, and I have to work overtime tonight. It's none of her business that Shi Wei has to work overtime, she shouldn't feel guilty, and she has no reason to be guilty, she will only help more and more!However, seeing him working non-stop for the company made her feel really guilty.On the other hand, looking at his idle and boring appearance, I really feel sorry for Shi Wei!Worse than a guilty conscience, there was an inexplicable reluctance and pity in my heart.He must be very tired, managing such a large property, for God's sake!What's wrong with her today?Why did you pay special attention to Shi Weilai?Yes, he was the most handsome and talented man she had ever met.But so what?He is her brother who is one year younger than her!They can only be called good partners, good buddies, the kind who can attack both sides.Where did she go in random thought?Why is there a sudden panic in my heart?Can't think about it anymore, it's ridiculous! Walking out of the building with Shi Wei, she walked to the nearest small restaurant; she shook off distracting thoughts in her mind, fearing that her uncontrollable emotions would dig deeper and lead to conclusions she couldn't believe.For now, just focus on the big event of returning to the United States, and other things are completely irrelevant. After ordering two sets of meal A, Shi Wei asked straightforwardly: Is there anything I can do for you?Look at you frowning like someone owes you millions. Xiping stared at him for a while, then said with determination: I want you to marry me. Shi Wei was stunned, and looked straight at Xiping with a determined face.sky!What did she just say?Is she okay?say yes!Fool!Didn't you hear me proposing to you?How dare he think for so long!Xiping's cute little self-esteem was hurt a bit, and he naturally put on a fierce posture to defend himself. Let me tell you about your great plan first!Shi Wei regained consciousness and tried his best to suppress the ecstasy in his heart.Yes, Xiping said that she would marry him; but her expression seemed to hide a great conspiracy, and she regarded the marriage as an event.Should have guessed it long ago!Otherwise, Xiping would propose to him for no reason?They don't even have time to cultivate love! Xiping didn't expect that Shi Wei was smarter than she thought, and immediately guessed that she had a plan.However, since he is not too stupid, the cooperation between the two should be very pleasant, and the most important thing is that they will not show their feet in front of the old lady.She looked at him with bright eyes: we get married, no, I mean get engaged first, and then I go back to the United States to get my degree.Once I finish my studies and return to China, I will get married, so you can get Yang's business, and I can start my own business as a lawyer.In the future, if you meet a woman you like, I will divorce you without hesitation.In fact, there is no need to wait for a specific reason, as long as you get a great benefit, we can make up a name for divorce.how?Shi Wei, the price for helping me is not bad!You won't lose out. Look at her talking like she's running a house party, and she's thinking of getting a divorce before she's married!Shi Wei felt a little angry in his heart, but kept his expression on. What about husband and wife obligations?He'd bet she naively hadn't thought about the reality of husband and wife at all. In fact, Xiping didn't think much about it at the moment. Do you cook?I'm not very good at it, but I can get by.Doing laundry and mopping the floor is not difficult for me, it is only fair for the two of us to share the work. I mean skin-to-skin sex, sex.Now I understand!Shi Wei fully pointed out. Xiping stared wide-eyed, seeing Shi Wei as a monster, and couldn't say anything for a long time. How could you, you, and he think about that?They're just buddies!Marriage is just cooperation, it's too evil to think about it! Xiping, you don't think that married men and women just hold hands and kiss faces, do you?If you want your husband to be faithful, the first condition is to meet his biological needs personally.You know, Shi Wei, whose physical instincts of us men often need to be relieved, looked at her flushed pretty face amusedly; furthermore, if she either ran away, she would give him a good beating.It was so much fun to tease her!Her blushing look is so cute! Can't!she called out.She didn't like the questions that Sweeper asked, it was so nasty!She also didn't like hearing him talk about physical needs.Did he find many women to solve his needs before?How can he?Xiping is so bothered and angry!Angry him out of control! What can't?he asks. You can't find another woman!You can't even say that you want to sleep with me!I'm your sister, that's incest!Do you understand?Xiping gave him orders in a panic and domineering manner, regardless of whether it was reasonable or not, and he forbade them to do anything anyway. Shi Wei held back his laughter and said: Are you sure you want me to marry you, instead of eunuching me and becoming a eunuch?If it is really forbidden to do it at all, I will have no children or grandchildren. You take advantage of people's dangers!What on earth do you want me to do?Can you help me with a word!She paused, and then said: Before you refuse, you'd better think about how many times I saved you before, how should I repay you? This is the only trump card of hers. It's like a treasure. Do you really think it will never work?Shi Wei crossed the table, took her right hand, and put it in his palm to appreciate the snow-white and petite shape of her jade hand, which looked like springing bamboo shoots, making him a little intoxicated. Ring, trap Xiping as soon as possible. No matter how perfect her future plans are, let her be happy and proud!Once she becomes Mrs. Shi, she will be there for life, and all her schemes are just a fantasy.The title of Mrs. Shi will be hung on Xiping's head for the rest of her life, and she cannot escape!He smiled. In ancient times, when people repaid their life-saving grace, they usually promised each other with their bodies. It's a pity that Xiping didn't hear it clearly, because since Shi Wei held her hand, her heart began to thump, thump, and her thoughts were all confused; incoming current and heat.He even looked at her hand with a very fond expression; and her God!How absurdly jealous of his own hands! What?What did you say? She is always absent-minded!He sighed and said: Yes!I will help you.marry me!Miss Yang. really help me?Don't have any evil thoughts?I want to make a contract with you for three chapters!She was afraid that one day he would become a beast. He would touch her, but he had no intention of scaring her away just now. I made a promise with you that I will never mess around without your nodding.But just a hint if you want, I'm a very sensible man.He looked at her with a smile, and lightly pecked her little hand. There is a mystery in this statement, but Xiping does not know that she has never been in human affairs, and she does not understand at all that once lust is aroused, it cannot be controlled by reason; especially when she really likes someone, reason can only be controlled by emotion. It's time to go on the nose.So she was relieved after hearing Shi Wei's assurance. Then let's find a day to tell the old lady.She withdrew her hand, very happy, her face was full of vitality, and the frown in the past was swept away.She always feels relieved and at ease with Shi Wei; if he is willing to help her, she doesn't have to worry about anything. Until then, I ask for a small reward for the affair.He stared at her red lips meaningfully. What reward?Didn't I say to give you more than half of Yang's equity?Could it be that he is not satisfied?The appetite is too great!She glared at him to see if he dared to make any unreasonable demands. Shi Wei caressed her cheek with one hand, moved her face closer quietly, and said in a low voice: Shhh!Do not talk.Kiss her red lips lightly. Xiping only felt that the blood in his whole body rushed to his forehead, and he couldn't move his whole body.God!What is Sway doing?He was kissing her!The contact between lips is so powerful!Xiping closed his eyes intuitively, and felt the strange excitement in his heart with his heart.His lips were warm and soft, but he persistently kissed her deeper and deeper.Opening her uncontrollable lips, picking her white teeth, and teasing her shy little tongue, she couldn't think anymore, everything was left to him.I can only accept it curiously, and learn to kiss all these. Yes, Swie easily took her first kiss by kissing her. How could she let Swie kiss her?How could there be such intimacy between them?A few days later, Xiping kept thinking about this question.To be honest, she didn't feel disgusted, after all, his skills were quite good, and the kiss made her dizzy, and she forgot to give him a slap in the face as retribution for indecentness.Is it rude?But at that time she did not object very firmly no!It should be said that she didn't even object at all.This is really against the modesty of a lady, allowing Shi Wei to steal a kiss for no reason; but then again, they are about to become husband and wife.It's reasonable to do so, isn't it?In her heart, she always wanted to rationalize that kiss; because she had even begun to expect Shi Wei's kiss again.She likes that feeling, but Rational always reminds her annoyingly that everything is just an act, and there shouldn't be any transgressions!I hate it! Today, I made an appointment with Shi Wei to face the grandma together, so she paced around the room desperately early in the morning after washing up.Sad to have nothing to do!And I can't go out early, I'm afraid I won't be able to bear the fangs and sharp mouth bombardment of the old lady alone, I'm afraid I will fall short and let the old lady slip my tongue.Tired from walking, he just fell on the big bed and stared at the ceiling.Lately I've been thinking about Shi Wei!Every time I see him more, the memory of my childhood will fade a bit more.She had to admit that he had really grown up, into a man, into a man she could no longer grasp.This feeling made her panic, but a man who was younger than her was better than her, and was much more mature than her.She couldn't fathom his mind, couldn't feel his thoughts.He is very trustworthy and dependent on her, but it also means that he is more capable and responsible than her.Now that the roles were reversed, she was the one leaning behind his back to seek shelter.I remember that in the past, when Shi Wei was bullied and cried, she always avenged him, and then took his hand to go home together.At that time, Shi Wei and her family were neighbors, and she would sit with him on the doorstep and wait for his parents to open the door after get off work before going back by herself.I prepare two lollipops in my schoolbag every day. During the time after school, the two eat and play together, and then Shi Wei will laugh happily, hug her coquettishly, or lean on her, and most often say One sentence is: Sister Xiping, when we get married in the future, you can fight bad people for me forever! When I was a childhood sweetheart, I didn't really know the definition of marriage. I only know that married people usually live together.How did she answer at that time?It seems to say yes every time; at that time, he was the one who worried most!Xi'an, who is younger than him, is even better than him, and no one dares to mess with him. Now Shi Wei is really going to marry her!Children's words and children's words have come true!Although it is a play, but people can not help but sigh the magic of fate. She fantasized about falling in love and getting married.When I was studying, I always had a longing for emotions besides reading books seriously. It's not that there are people chasing her. Apart from the signboard of Yang's company, she is really good-looking, which makes her college career full of flowers and love letters.But love has always been like this. When you have everything, the pursuit of easy door-to-door pursuits is always unpredictable.Chasing her for money?To fight for less than thirty years?Or a competition between boys to bet on who can catch up with her school beauty?These doubts made her reject all the emotions that reached out to her.After going abroad, she lost the title of the Yang family, and the pressure on her shoulders was greatly relieved. There were still suitors, foreigners, overseas Chinese, and overseas Chinese students;Do you have high vision?Not really, she just didn't want to be too hasty.She yearns for the beautiful love of her parents, which is destined for a lifetime at a glance, the kind of love that has been betrothed on the stone of three lives, and makes an appointment with each other in the next life; so to this day, her emotional world is still blank because of that persistence. Facts have proved that people have to succumb to reality.She once vowed to wear a wedding dress only once in her life, and to wear it for the person she loves; but today, she wears a wedding dress to escape the shackles, but it is predetermined that she will divorce again in the near future.Everyone will definitely bless her and Shi Wei, but only the person involved knows how many benefits and losses are hidden under the beautiful surface. With this knowledge, why does her heart still refuse to give up the ridiculous idea of ​​wearing a wedding dress only once?It is absolutely impossible for her and Shi Wei to live forever!But thinking this way, I can't even bear it rationally! Eldest sister, Brother Shi is here, waiting for you downstairs.A delicate and flawless doll face appeared at the door, it was her little sister Xitai, full of innocence and sorrow, but also the little baby that everyone in the Yang family worried about the most. oh!I will come.She jumped out of bed and rushed to the dressing table to comb her messy hair.correct!Where is grandma?She suddenly remembered and asked the little girl who was playing with the bead curtain at the door. Xitai thought for a while and said: After lecturing me a lot just now, she went into the study. You have to study hard, little one.She went out, pinched Xitai's pretty nose lightly at the door, and then went out. Walking downstairs, seeing Shi Wei with his briefcase, he knew that he was not only here for the wedding, but also brought a lot of proposals to discuss with grandma, he is really a businessman who does not waste a second. Grandma is in the study, what do you want to say later?She stood in front of him.At least not to expose flaws, it would be troublesome for the two to say different words. Shi Wei stood up, easily put her shoulders on her shoulders and walked towards the study. I'll do it, you just nod if necessary.I think grandma is always happy to see it happen. Xiping has thought about this point, and now he is just planning to turn grandma into the army.And since Shi Wei understands, why is he willing to be a pawn in the scheming game of two women?She didn't understand, so she must ask him when she has time. It's all on you.She follows him. Pushing the door and entering, it is a large study room with plenty of light. Two walls are facing east and south with floor-to-ceiling windows, and the other two walls are full of books.Four large bookcases are placed side by side, and a large desk is placed between two French windows.The clean and simple design is quite successful, making people feel completely relaxed physically and mentally as soon as they enter the door. Behind the desk is a petite old woman with white hair like frost and elegant clothes, wearing presbyopic glasses, burying her head in a book; her kind eyebrows and kind eyes cannot conceal the sharpness of insight into the world, and her shrewd eyes always seem to have thousands of tricks in her eyes. It seems that people are not prepared to be framed.She is very old, about seventy, but her energy is so strong that people forget her age and appearance, and she is definitely not inferior to a young man in her twenties.She who is quite compelling is Mrs. Yang, the supreme commander of Yang's enterprise. Granny.Sweeper whispered politely. Mrs. Yang took off her glasses, her shrewd eyes turned around the two young men, so she looked confused. Xiping?What did you come in with Shi Wei?It's none of your business.What a couple!Look how right they are standing together!The old grandma sighed in her heart. Xiping pulled off Shi Wei's long sleeves.Shi Wei smiled and said: Grandma, Xiping and I plan to get married. marry?Is there a mistake?When did you start dating?Why did you suddenly say you want to get married?very good!Everything is as she expected.The old grandma smiled secretly, pretending to be surprised and disapproving. Shi Wei smiled unhurriedly and said: We have reached the marriageable age, and we have known each other since we were young, and we already know each other very well in terms of personalities, there is nothing wrong with getting married and starting a family.As for falling in love, that is a game played by boys and girls. We are all grown up, so be realistic.What did the old lady think? Everyone is well aware of this, but each has his own intentions.Xiping kept his mouth shut, waiting to see how long the old grandma would put on a show. Granny is obviously still very interested in playing. That’s not the case, Xiping is my precious granddaughter, and you Shi Wei is also a talent I have grown up with and cultivated since I was a child. How can I bear to see you two form a bitter couple?That's why you should take care of your emotional state! Xiping couldn't help saying: Come on, grandma.Anyway, we got married just according to your wishes, so don't ask so many questions.We were scheduled to get engaged first, and then Shi Wei would not get married until I came back after finishing my degree.The water thrown by the married daughter.Grandma, please return my passport to me quickly. The old lady glared at Xiping, and then looked at Shi Wei deeply. OK?Grandma understands what Shi Wei wants. Sure.Shi Wei answered very firmly. What charades are they playing?Xiping was a little confused.It seemed that something was happening to her, but she didn't feel it. It can be said that their marriage went quite smoothly.The grandmother has no objection to her studying in the United States again.The grandmother picked an auspicious day next month to hold an engagement banquet. She only invited relatives and friends of both parties to have a small gathering, and she didn't plan to spend too much.Xiping stayed on the sidelines as if nothing had happened and listened to the grandmother and Shi Wei discussing from marriage to business affairs; she, the heroine, was left aside like a wallflower.There is no way, business is a thing that is born to be against her. Although there is still some distance from the day of marriage, it makes no difference to her.A certain status means that the future emotional loyalty is only for one person.Regardless of whether it is a game or not, marriage cannot always be faked.Really, she never imagined that she would one day become Schweizer's wife.She fantasized about many candidates who might be her husband, and rejected them one by one.To be honest, Shi Wei has very good conditions: he is good-natured, smart, capable, and considerate: but Xiping never equated him with the term husband.No matter how good and outstanding he is, he should marry another woman, not her, because she is his older sister, one year older than him, and he has been called Sister Xiping since he was a child!This generation is so clear that it is catchy, which means that you have to divide it like this throughout your life.Now the identities of sister and brother are going to be changed to husband and wife, it's really strange to think about it.However, it feels good in my heart.Sweeper as her husband?Sounds like a good idea.People who can tolerate her bad temper and laugh it off don't think of anyone other than Shi Wei. 能包容,代表短暫的共同生活不會壞到那裡去她竟然開始有些期待了呢。 老奶奶與史威討論告一段落,她掃了一眼希平,然後看著史威說:情感上而言,她似乎相當遲鈍,可得好好費心了。你這孩子也真是死心眼。 史威也看了眼獨自冥思神遊的希平,笑道:如妳所願呀,奶奶。 小滑頭!老奶奶笑罵道,然後嘆口氣說:除了你,真的,我誰也不放心。公事上如此,對希平也是。天知道我還有其他三個小麻煩要操心呢! 操什麼心?grandmother?希平回過神就只聽到這兩個字。走近兩人,看史威公事包已收好,明白已討論完畢。 老奶奶瞪她一眼。 操心妳這個丟臉的小笨蛋又會讓公司虧損二千萬! 希平吐了吐舌,連忙躲到史威身後。Really!老奶奶永遠只記住四姊妹的壞事、糗事,隨時不忘翻陳年老帳出來臭罵挖苦一頓。 奶奶,以後我是史家的人了,您就少罵點吧!she cried. yes!以後是史威的事了,可憐的史威!對了,中午一同午飯吧!老奶奶看看時鐘,已近十一點。 史威搖頭,牽住希平的手笑道:不了!我與希平還有點事,中午到外面吃。 也好,小倆口培養一下感情。老奶奶十分贊同。 希平不大明白史威有什麼事,可是能擺脫老奶奶的疲勞轟炸是求之不得的事,當然樂意與他出去了。 史威要求每天中餐、晚餐要共同用飯。 自從雙方家庭知道兩人要訂婚的事後,除了家長互相討論得勤外,也常要這一對準新人回家用餐。史威因為工作方便住在公司附近的公寓,很少回家;而楊家所有成員也少有機會全部相聚三天兩頭,不是給史威的父母請到史家吃晚餐,就是被老奶奶叫到楊家用飯。 尤其史威的父母打小就喜歡希平,一聽到希平要成為自家媳婦了,開心得笑不攏嘴,天天要她到史家吃飯外,更是買了好多布料、首飾要送她。史媽媽最遺憾的是只生了一個兒子,而無緣生女兒來打扮;加上兒子長年不在家,寂寞透了,樂得天天拉希平到家中談天。 所以希平很忙,史威也很忙。一起趕場吃飯卻沒有屬於兩人的時光,史威終於決定推拒雙方家人的美意,獨佔希平一人。 希平白天還是照常上班下班,可是也只是做做樣子而已;最忙的時候也只是到史威那間像戰場的辦公室幫忙祕書打字、打電腦而已。最近公司有兩件大工程在進行,一件大官司要打,史威天天忙到三更半夜,她能做的僅是泡上一杯咖啡給他解渴提神而已。真是可恥丟臉!但她什麼也不能做,大家都清楚。每天坐辦公桌唯一可做的是啃她的法律原文書,兩個月後等簽證下來,她就要回美國了。 一隻手輕抬起她埋在書中的小臉,迎面而來的是一陣眷戀的細吻。 史威已經將她吻習慣了,深吻、輕啄,卻令希平愈來愈沉醉其中地想過這樣的親密太過火,畢竟他們不能算夫妻;但她卻又非常非常喜歡他的吻,每次相聚,她都會很自然地期待他出其不意的吻。有時他會忘了,或恰巧有人介入打擾,她心中會很失望,很想將那些不識相的人千刀萬剮丟到西伯利亞去。 好像凡是有關史威的事,都會在她心中造成衝突,分成兩方面在拔河。理智掙扎得辛苦,可是情感卻忠實於感官的直覺。不理反方向的警告。 hungry?他已將她摟起來,貼在他身上,一邊在她耳邊輕問,一邊往外走。 Um.已經十二點半,他又被公事耽擱了。近些日子來,他消瘦了不少。再不正常用餐,他不必等到三十歲,胃潰瘍就會找上他,希平打算好好注意他的飲食正常。 到了兩人常去的餐廳,點好了餐,就見史威直把玩她手指他總是喜歡握她的手,說是他見過最美的一雙手。這話是誇了,但她覺得聽起來的感覺還不錯不過今天他表情有一些特別,好像多了些神祕的喜悅。 史威?she asked. 他騰出一隻手,從西裝口袋中拿出一隻絨盒,大紅色的外表看起來就充滿喜氣,並且毫無疑問的內裝一隻戒指。 訂婚戒指嗎?史媽媽拿給我戴過了。希平沒打開來看,她以為是那種很古老的金戒指,上頭鑲鑽石,大顆又俗氣。雙方家長都是很遵行古禮的人,什麼首飾都是大金大銀,重量十足,卻很俗麗,她不大敢恭維;可是人家一番美意,能說什麼?幸好頂多訂婚那天戴而已! 史威沒收回去,堅持道:打開來看看。 看他堅持,希平也只好打開了;卻嚇了一跳!是戒指沒有錯,可是肯定是全世界獨一無二的戒指!上頭也是有鑽石,但也只稱得上綴飾。主角是一顆貓眼石。 一般來說,貓眼石並不名貴,可是有誰見過湛藍色的貓眼石中央有一頂皇冠?那不是人工點綴,而是自然渾成。希平一直是喜歡貓眼石的,她的收藏盒內就收集了百來顆大大小小的貓眼石,但她沒見過有那一顆藍得這麼美!這麼小巧!這麼精緻!套上手指,尺寸竟然剛好,一分不差。湛藍的貓眼石與雪白的手指成強烈對比,湛藍中央那點金黃更是神祕而璀璨。 她從來不曾喜歡過什麼首飾,即使英國女王的皇冠到她手上,地也不願戴,像束縛似的;可是這戒指卻讓她愛不釋手。由於戴上尺寸剛好,絲毫沒有束縛感,首要條件就通過了;加上上頭嵌著她生平見過最美的貓眼石,直叫她愛不釋手,捨不得拿下了。 為什麼送我?她滿臉的笑看著他。 史威輕吻她手,道:這代表我將妳訂下來,一生一世套著妳;可是不會讓妳有任何不自由的感覺。 他一定忘了他們只是各取所需的利益婚姻!希平本想開口說明,但是又不願破壞現在欣喜的氣氛,他含情脈脈的眼光讓她覺得自己像個公主,倍受眷寵。這麼想,又引出了一個她想了好久的問題。 為什麼要娶我?你應該也有你的理由。 他深沉一笑,凝視她良久。 時機到了,我會告訴妳。感嘆她的遲鈍。問:喜歡嗎? like!Thank you.她開心回答。細心的史威總是知道她的好惡。 要回報哦。 怎麼回報?She doesn't understand.再打個戒指嗎?可是男人戴戒指好奇怪。 回吻我。妳從來沒有吻過我。he asked. 嚇了希平好大一跳。吻他?他們是常接吻。史威帶得很好,她常只要閉上眼領受就行,任他去恣意。可是,女方需要回應嗎?回吻?how terrible!何況她也不知道要怎麼吻他才是正確的。 don't want!大庭廣眾之下的,你羞不羞!這理由實在薄弱,因為他們坐在角落的包廂,屬密閉式的情人包廂。不會有人看到或打擾。 看她一副要逃走的模樣。史威笑了笑,其寊現在也只是逗逗她而已。真要她回應,最好的時刻就在他有機會吻得她神智不清時,她自然會好奇而予以回吻了。看她嚇得半死,真逼急了她,她會索性毒打他一頓呢。 Kidding.妳喜歡這戒指就是對我最好的回報了,不要拿下來就行了。 她瞪他一眼,終於放下心,安心吃飯了,可是心底卻浮上了失望。能嚐嚐吻人是什麼滋味也是好的。應該不錯才是,不然史威為什麼會那麼喜歡吻她?他不強求她,那麼她就沒機會試試看了。吻人或被吻,並不是那麼重要:事實上她是期望史威來吻她唉楊希平,妳快成精神錯亂的瘋婆子了!滿腦子色情思想!不要史威對這件婚事抱著幻想,自己卻一直想與史威親近,這樣下去,該是怎樣的結局收場?Danger! 午餐用到一個段落,史威擦了擦嘴角問她:希平,下午的會議很重要,妳要出席。 oh?她不明白她去要做什麼。 是我們公司與英國艾克財團契約違約的官司問題。我請來一個英國律師朋友來幫忙,而妳恰巧熟知台灣的法律,正好可以互相研究。因為官司兩地都要打,所以妳一同出席方便。他說明著。 能盡一點力我也很高興。總算有能讓她忙的事了。 可是史威不甚放心,再三叮嚀:別半途打瞌睡呀! 我保證不曾。她舉右手宣誓。 史威沒忘記希平上回的保證,卻挨不過五分鐘的會議催眠;到最後幸好她自己還懂得丟臉,找個名目溜了,溜到他的休息室足足睡到下班時間總共四小時。 在史威懷疑的眼光下,她抬高下巴。 我以我的法律專業知識發誓!你少將人看扁了。 拭目以待。他笑著拉過她身子,印上二人期待已久的深吻。 結果,楊希平在一場四小時的研討會中沒有打過一個哈欠。事實上,她從頭到尾都精神奕奕,並且虎視眈眈! 那個據說有貴族血統的英國女人非常的美麗,非常的優稚,非常的親切可人又充滿尊貴。有的主管甚至說那女人可以媲美黛安娜王妃。 一頭金子似的秀髮垂肩,一口流利的中文帶著軟軟的英語腔,非常地注重音調咬字。濃眉綠眼,挺鼻紅唇,更有一副魔鬼的身材,是個美麗的女人一個美麗又性感的女人。她二十一歲就畢業自劍橋大學法律系,目前擁有自己的事務所。一個美麗性感又智慧的女人!她叫莎莉.塞維亞,史威英國的朋友。他們之間交情好到什麼程度不得而知,可是那女人一見到史威就對他來了個貼身大擁抱,並且還吻了史威!那個不要臉的女人,膽敢勾引她的男人! 會議已大致定案接近終結。史威身邊圍了幾個主管、法律顧問,與那個大美人。 希平一直盯著史威的唇;剛才那女人吻他時,留了唇膏在他唇上,淺淺的:但像一很芒刺,阻在希平眼中、心中。終於,她忍不住,抽出面紙扳起史威的臉,用力擦他的唇。 會議室的聲音完全消失。就見希平,這個楊家大小姐一臉想揍人的表情挑釁著所有膽敢置詞多說的人。擦完後,在史威身邊擠出一個位置,趕開了一個主管。 who is she?Sally.塞維亞用標準的貴族英語問著。她知道希平是千金小姐,也是專業人才,剛才討論時,論點相當有力;可是此刻她這種行為表示出佔有的意味。Sally.塞維亞開始估量這東方女人對史威的重要性了,她原來沒將她放在眼中的。 不過,回答她的不是史威,而是希平。她用流利的英文回答:史威的未婚妻,他顯然忘了提這一點。 這外國女人對史威的企圖十分明顯;同為女人,希平打一進門就感覺到了。 威洛?fiancée?莎莉顯然不相信。沒看楊希平,直接看史威。 史威微微一笑,摟住希平靠過來的身子說:是呀,下星期二訂婚,不過明年才進禮堂。 她甚至還是個小鬼!二十四歲的莎莉外在條件太好了,以致於將希平看成十七、八歲的小女生。不施脂粉的希平,身材絕對不平板;一六五的身高,凹凸有致的身材,是東方人正常的體型。短髮而俏麗,看不出年齡。不過,以外國人眼光來看,的確像小孩子。 希平打鼻腔裏冷冷一哼,用中文對史威道:這位外來的和尚顯然對我比對官司還有興趣,也許你該考慮換個更公私分明的。 大家以為女人之間的好戲就要上場了,畢竟兩個人都是讀法律的,想必口舌犀利有看頭;但是,希平打算閉上嘴,只要一直靠著史威就掌握了勝算,無須多言。 而莎莉.塞維亞更不想讓人看笑話。反正還沒結婚,訂婚也還沒著落呢!不必逞口舌在一時。她千里迢迢而來,可不是來賺這筆錢。對史威,她已等了四年,不急一時。這東方女人條件差她太多,她不必計較此刻,往後總還有較量的時候,等著吧! 接下來的討論仍是繼續下去,雖然氣氛十分詭異。女人之間的戰爭,男人管不得,更是沾不得。不想當砲灰,就得識相點,躲到一邊涼快去。 希平根本忘了自己曾經說過,如果史威有中意人選,馬上分手成全之類的話了。一有情敵出現,她立刻備戰。找的理由很簡單:她還沒與史威結婚,還不能有人來介入破壞!何況史媽媽是保守的人,不會接受外國女人當媳婦的。她這是幫助史威免於受那妖女的蠱惑。那個眼睛長在頭頂上的女人不配得到史威! 史威有十年的時間是在英國成長,對於那段記憶,希平是陌生的。那女人是史威的朋友,在他心中佔了多大的比重?她很好奇,也很在意。尤其看出那女人假公濟私地接近史威就怒火中燒。 用完晚餐,還不想馬上回家,就與史威到郊外散步。幾顆零落的夜星在夕陽餘暉中閃耀。遠離市囂的感覺十分空靈寂寞:可是身邊有人相伴卻是相當寫意。 挑了一塊平滑大石坐下,史威站在她眼前。傾身看她,審視她的表情。 希平,妳一臉的問號。 是呀,他總是了解她的。希平昂首看他。 你的心中住著誰?事業?family?woman? Both.但順序要倒過來。女人、家人、事業。 her?她好不容易才說出這兩個字,生怕得到肯定的答覆。 不是,她只是朋友,他撥開她額前的劉海。印下一個吻,她人不錯,聰慧、大方、優雅,是個可以當朋友的人。 當女朋友豈不更好?既然她那麼好。她心中不服。希望得到他的答案,希望他明確地說出對那外國女人沒興趣。 弱水三千,只取一瓢飲;世上好女人何止萬千,但不是每一個好女人都是我要的呀。He put it mildly. 你心底到底有什麼人?這問題我已經忍很久了。我不要每次你吻我時,將我當成別人!she called. 全天下的人都知道我心中有誰。他口氣含著憤怒!是呀,全天下就只有這個傻兮兮的女人得他所愛,卻老問他愛誰!不愛她,為何吻她?不愛她,為何加入這一場連環計中攪和?只想將她給套牢,永遠護在懷中憐愛!他們的吻這般甜蜜契合,這般自然天生。為什麼她還不懂? who is it?他的眼神呼之欲出,希平心跳奇快!不敢胡思亂想,不敢自以為是,不敢承認他眼中的挫敗與深情,不願他叫出自己的名字,可是更不願他說出楊希平以外的名字!她問了,可是她希望他不要回答! Yes!現在還不是時機!史威猛地摟她入懷,一口吻住她的紅唇,堵住自己已到了口邊的話,就讓她自個兒惴惴不安下去吧!等她正式成為史太太,她就無從逃避了!此刻,只能用吻,吻到她靈魂深處,讓這股銷魂喚醒只為她湧起的情潮。 昒我他輕輕呻吟。 希平探出她的舌尖,與他糾纏吸吮,然後聽到他喉嚨深處的呻吟,這讓她感到優越。由自己主控,撩撥他的失神以前,他們的心未曾如此接近過:是夕陽的幻覺吧。在霞光隱逝的最後一刻,她看到向來冷靜自制的他,眼中閃著赤裸的情慾與愛戀。只一瞬間。黑暗取代了一切,什麼都告終結。 go home.他聲音低了好幾度。 good.希平平復躁動難安的心跳。如果史威沒停止,接下來會發生什麼事? 她其實是知道的,並且知道一旦事情發生了,自己不會阻止。理智不容許這種事發生,但激越的情感呢?被撩撥之後,若沒有訴諸於結果,該如何終結? 史威今天有些失控,但理智到底還是征服了自己的情感,讓自制力凌駕一切。 這讓希平有些幻滅,對那情慾一事,她雖存有好奇,卻也安心史威的君子風度,他從來不乘人之危。 上了車,雙方沉默一陣子。直到車子擠入市區的車陣中,往她家的方向行去,希平抓住一個問題。 你多久會失控一次?她最想知道的是,他多久會需要女人一次?但不敢問得太露骨。 看對象。以往,沒有。He smiled.希平不會了解,當一個男人心中長住一個女人時,對其他女人就失去胃口,對尋歡一事會感到罪惡。自身縱使會有生理需要,也會用其他方法排遣掉,那也就是為什麼他會成為一個工作狂的原因了。她怎麼會懂呢?這個虛度二十六年歲月,未經人事的小女人,在這等事方面,仍是一張空白的紙。這令他雀躍不已,益加珍惜。 What about in the future?她不放心地問。 talk later!妳不會是想要閹了我才放心吧?我不會在妳不同意的情況下侵犯妳,妳放心。 她不是擔心這個,而是擔心他會對別的女人失控!與其如此,她寧願犧牲。 這話她說不出口,只好不說話了,反正史威比地想像中更自制,她沒什麼好擔心的。如果與那外國女人真要有什麼,早發生了,不會等到現在再來一見鍾情。 史威心中有誰呢?呼之欲出的答案似肯定又似迷離不!她甩掉所有揣測。 不要胡思亂想了,史威是弟弟,不能當丈夫的;他小她一歲呀!但她基於任何理由都可以要求他的忠貞! 史威,我們的婚事雖說只是一場交易;可是,我希望你在婚姻之內,斷了對其他女人的牽扯。我自己會這麼自律,你也必須如此。 他只想與她有糾纏,其他女人向來近不了他的身。他點頭,心中有些愉快。打從希平表現出佔有慾後,他心中開始點了盞希望之燈。也許希平本身不知道,可是她對他一定有某種程度的喜歡才會如此。老奶奶說的,嫉妒是一帖催化劑,它讓所有情感浮上檯面一清二楚。也許莎莉出現得正是時候。回台灣三年了,她常打電話來問候,並且表示隨時歡迎他回英國。她是個好女人。她雖然早就知道他已情有所鍾,卻仍苦苦執著守候。不忍她痴迷下去,所以他想趁今天這個機會明確了斷,勸莎莉死心。傷心是必然的。但總會痊癒,比苦苦拖著好吧!他真的容不下第二個女人了。 精緻的美食、輕柔的音樂、浪漫的情調,烘托出一個美麗深秋的夜晚。 看著舞池中一雙雙的儷影舞動,莎莉抬起綠眸,含笑地等史威邀舞,不禁勾起四年前的回憶,那一年的畢業舞會中,她是眾星拱月的公主;而史威,這個氣質儒雅神祕的東方男子,很快就擄獲了她的芳心。他們在舞池中旋轉了一整夜,華爾滋輕慢的音樂從那天起成了她的最愛:不!Lil!妳明白我們不會再共舞。他叫著她的小名,輕柔地說著。 基本上,莎莉與希平有些相像脾氣不好,但生性善良、大方,並且勇敢,好打抱不平,那使得史威留在英國的最後一年,與她交上朋友。可是他打從一開始就說明自己已心有所屬。當他開始知道莎莉的居心後,便有意疏離彼此距離。她發現了,以退為進,安於朋友界限;可是用心仍然明顯。事隔三年,她眼中仍存希望。 你說過你鍾情於一個年紀大於你的女人;可是為什麼卻要與一個小女孩結婚?二十年的感情我不敢比,可是那小女孩呢?頂多三年吧!事情真要算先來後到,我並不落後多少。she asked. 史威苦笑道:沒有第二個女人,自始至終就是她!她不是小女孩了,二十六歲,比妳我都大。 莎莉瞠目了好一會兒。那小女孩二十六歲了? I do not believe!她看起來 妳用歐洲人的眼光來看是不通的。莎莉,我是個很執著的人,可以全無原由地掛念一個女人二十年,在相逢後相戀,結婚是最完滿的結果。她是我今生唯一要的女人,希望妳能明白。 What's so good about her?她早就想看看史威心儀的女人究竟是何方天仙絕色。那女人是長得不錯;可是,客觀來比,莎莉仍覺自己比較出色。於是她又道:我爸爸也希望你去英國幫忙他的事業,而我可以在公事上幫助你,做你的得力助手!何況我是如此愛你。威洛,她有的,我都有!你自己公平地比較,我那一點不如她。她抓住他的手。 史威拿開她的手,淡淡道:愛情這事是不能靠理智與條件好壞來決定的。希平的確有一些不完美的小缺點;可是在我眼中看來,都是很可愛的。雖說楊家對我有栽培之恩,但那並不是我甘心留在楊氏機構的原因。我只為希平,這擔子對她而言太重,我就得為她扛起來。讓妳愛上,我很抱歉,因為我無法回報妳什麼。睜大眼去看看其他人吧!許多好男人正等著獲得妳的青睞。 反正就是中國人常說的一句老話:情人眼裡出西施。對於史威的執著,她領教過了。但是那女人值得史威這般對待嗎?她懷疑,並且也不甘心。自己滿腔愛意付諸東流,那女人卻可不費吹灰之力就得到史威的全心愛戀,她憑什麼得到這等好
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