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Generally speaking, pregnancy is not a pleasant thing for a woman. She stretches her stomach into a big ball and then goes into the delivery room screaming and screaming in pain when it is time to unload it. , Most of the cells died before they could complete the sacred mission of inheriting the family.In the ancient society of 20 to 30 years ago, women would not be able to escape after passing this test.If it's a boy, that's fine, it should be!It’s best to have seven or eight at a time to save trouble; if you give birth to a girl, it will be a disaster. You don’t need to be scolded by your in-laws and husbands. .After the rise of feminism, the slogan of equality between men and women has become fashionable, and professional women have become a popular trend, so what space is there for marriage and childbirth?It's just asking for trouble.

Yang Xi'an looked at her sister Xiping's six-month-old pregnancy, feeling sympathetic.Other people's embarrassment will end in two or three months at most, but the little guy in Xiping's belly is still making waves.Fortunately, she has never been sick or hurt since she was a child, so why is she weaker than anyone else when she is pregnant?It caused her to go to the hospital for check-ups every three days, for fear that something might happen. I really can't figure out why women can bear it, and indulge their bodies out of shape when they are young!As long as the husband once in a while whispers a sweet word or two to deceive the dead, the effect will be quick, and the wife will immediately wish to sacrifice her life for love, and it doesn't matter if a dozen children are born.Uh; of course, Xi'an understands that Xiping is indeed living happily.

At the moment, the two sisters are eating in the restaurant attached to the hospital.The physical changes during pregnancy can be clearly seen: Xiping, who always loves spicy and sour food, only ordered a few nutritious but tasteless foods, and carefully counted calories and various nutrients intake. Is the hospital busy recently?Mom said you haven't been home for two months.Xiping wiped the corner of his mouth and glanced at Xi'an. Compared with Xiping's bright and pretty, Yang Xi'an wearing a nurse uniform can only be described in four words, that is: ordinary appearance, passable, delicate and careless indifference; personality, weird; thoughts, absolutely out of the ordinary different.

Yang Xi'an raised his eyebrows and said: "Patients come in and out every day, busy or not, but there are a lot of miscellaneous things, it seems that you have a lot of free time."You want to be a barrister with all your heart, but after you got your license, you didn't hear what great achievements you have created, but your child has created one.how?Be a good wife and mother with peace of mind? This is by no means intended to be provocative, but because of Xi'an's personality, she is very direct, very unrefined, and very unscrupulous. This straightforward personality prevented her from making a few friends, but she happened to never think about taking the time to make friends. What's so interesting about friends is that they are not just gossips, just gossip.

Xiping has long been used to it, shrugged his shoulders and said: I can only dormant for a while.Originally, I wanted to be his right-hand man in his career; but, as I said earlier, the company listed me as a rejected account, even if I was the authentic heir, they would not dump me.Later, I wanted to open a law firm, but Shi Wei made me pregnant.There was a layer of blush on her pretty face, and all the deep love floated between her eyes and brows. This is of course Shi Wei's method.But Yang Xiping, apart from being a little grumpy, is not a fool either.This kind of thing is like Zhou Yu beating Huang Gai: if one is willing to fight, the other must be willing to suffer.How could Yang Xi'an not know?

Just as he was about to say something, he saw a tall and tall figure at the entrance of the restaurant searching for something. After a while, he looked at their table and walked over with a sunny smile on his handsome face. Xi'an said to Xiping: Shi Wei is here. Shi Wei just walked there, put his hands lightly on his beloved wife's shoulders, and greeted Xi'an gently: Hi!Xi'an, long time no see. Hippen Lashway sat on one side.Shi Wei put all his energy on his wife immediately, and asked softly: "What did the doctor say?"The love is beyond words. Xiping showed a charming and gentle side, and said softly: The doctor said that we will have a vigorous son.

everything is ok?he asked worriedly. I am sure.Xiping promised again and again. Shi Wei smiled reassuringly, helped his wife up, and smiled at Xi'an. If you have time to sit with us, Xiping will be lonely alone. Xi'an smiled, walked out of the restaurant with them, and watched Li Ying as they gradually went away.They were lovers of joy, and they were destined to be entangled for a lifetime since more than 20 years ago.Fate, what a wonderful thing!It can be so dramatic!For fate, she didn't have much envy, but for love, she aroused yearning.How will the love affair of a person like her who can't pick out a single romantic cell begin?

Among the top ten causes of death, accidents have remained high; among accidents, car accidents account for the largest percentage. Early in the morning, the siren of the ambulance was transmitted to the hospital with a thunderous momentum, disturbing people's dreams from afar.When a patient is sent for emergency treatment, nine out of ten it is a car accident.The car was hit miserably by a truck and turned into a pile of broken copper and iron; the owner of the car was very fatal, only breaking his right hand and left calf, as well as some small scratches.Fortunately, the design of the car is excellent, and there are protective measures to save the owner's life, otherwise ten lives would not be enough.

Strictly speaking, this is not a major accident; but the news spread throughout the hospital, and even caused a sensation in the press, mobilizing a large number of reporters to come and interview.what is the reason behind the scene? The social circle in the hospital is so small, and the usual topics of conversation are: the intern doctor in that department is very handsome, that doctor is chasing that nurse, the patient in that bed is rich, or the patient in that bed is hard to serve some type of. As long as there is a slight disturbance, the news will spread like a prairie fire across the hospital and become a popular topic.Today's new patient is famous.

It's normal for a Chinese-French mixed race. Being handsome and tall naturally has the capital to become a topic. It is rare and rare to have a bit of Indian roughness and boldness, which is incredible. The romantic characteristics of the French make the hearts of women all over the world. His name is Zhou Joseph. The usual name in the international community is Joseph.Gray is a racing prince who has won the world racing championship for three consecutive years.Handsome, and the youngest racing champion in history; ruled the roost in France at the age of sixteen, and then went all the way to the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia until he became the world champion.Everywhere he went, there were women who were crazy about him, uninterrupted for twenty-five years.

Obviously this racing prince is not a patient patient, as soon as he can speak, he immediately amuses the little nurses who are just in love.Fang's heart was beating non-stop. Every nurse who has not yet found a famous woman hopes to be selected by the head nurse to be the full-time caregiver of the racing prince.I don't know what the head nurse thought, but all the contenders were defeated, and Yang Xi'an, who was leisurely and aloof from the sidelines, was selected.Everyone couldn't believe it. Since the Yang family announced a year ago that the eldest daughter Yang Xiping owned all the property, Yang Xi'an's value has plummeted overnight. There is no one to pick him up every day, and there are no roses, perfumes and other gifts piled up with nurses to rest. room.Yang Xi'an, who was once a hot topic, has really been flat for more than a year. To Yang Xi'an, this was a great relief; but to others, it seemed like he had been thrown into limbo.Originally, in everyone's eyes, Yang Xi'an was not only a freak of the Yang family, but also the least outstanding of the four sisters. Compared with the three beautiful sisters, it was more than a comparison to the Pacific Ocean.Such an ordinary woman, if she doesn't have money as a foil, will she attract the favor of men from all walks of life?Don't the facts prove it? The head nurse always handed over to Yang Xi'an only difficult patients, but this time it was an exception.No one knew why; however, Yang Xi'an never asked because she never picked patients. Special ward on the fifth floor. Not long after Yang Xi'an brought breakfast to Zhou Joseph's ward, before he could sit down, the door was pushed open, a gust of fragrant wind rushed in, and a fiery red figure flashed in with his sweet voice. Joseph, dear.Why so careless?I just attended a banquet at my house the night before, and I heard the terrible news yesterday, which almost stopped my heart from beating.Oh, you are necrotic! The woman in red is delicate and gorgeous, with impeccable make-up on her face, which is the best portrayal of three-point beauty and seven-point makeup; the figure is very attractive, except for a pair of thick legs wrapped in black mesh stockings outside.One can tell at a glance that she is a daughter of a rich family. Joseph Zhou showed a charming smile. He knew his charm well, and he knew how to show it to the fullest. Even now wrapped up like a mummy, he is still the most handsome and handsome patient, and nothing can stop a woman from admiring him madly.well!Ever since he went to kindergarten and many little girls beat him to death, he knew that this life was destined to be spent in the favor of a woman. Lena, it's nothing serious, just a broken bone!For racing drivers, this is nothing more than routine.His tone is always casual and chic. Fang Lina pursed her red lips coquettishly and pretended to be angry: Still talking!loquacious!Are you in pain?Broken bones!So scary!Don't scare me by accident again.I will punish you for kissing me!Saying that, red lips came close to him.Of course, they kissed Joseph obligingly.Just kisses!Potluck.He's a master of the middle. When he raised his head, he saw Fang Lina's face full of intoxication. He smiled and looked towards the door where a mature and charming woman in a yellow suit stood at some point and looked at him with a smile that was not a smile.Joseph Zhou remembered that she was Lina's cousin, Gao Feitong, the planning manager who was in charge of his comeback to shoot the commercial this time.She was holding a box of gifts in her hand, and she didn't take what she saw in front of her eyes.Fang Lina smiled at her cousin, a little bit of a demonstration. Joseph Zhou smiled lightly.Whether a woman treats him intentionally or unintentionally, or deliberately uses tricks to attract his attention, he is very clear about all the tricks.Gao Feitong is obviously interested in him, otherwise he would not have been in contact with him by phone after meeting in France three years ago, and strongly invited him to come to Taiwan to shoot commercials.This is a reserved approach; Lena is much more frank. For three years, he has raced all over the world, and she has followed him all over the world. One is willful and delicate, the other is glamorous and mature, each with its own characteristics.In fact, there are more of these dramas in France, and everywhere they go is full of women who automatically stick to them, which is not a novelty; but he likes to play games and watch them show their magical powers. He is notoriously a prodigal son.The women try to trap his wild horse in various ways, but no one succeeds, and the women who don't give up are still working hard.It was his naturally cynical and romantic energy that aroused women's strong desire to conquer.In addition, he himself is a racing driver who has gained both fame and fortune, and all his excellent conditions make him always invincible among women.He had never been a good husband, nor had he been a devoted lover, for he made no secret of being with many women at the same time; however, dating him was an absolute pleasure no woman could deny. Why is my cousin here?Lina raised her head and asked. Come and talk to Mr. Zhou about the content of the advertisement.she said confidently. The two sat on a chair each, and it seemed that they were about to compete secretly. Yang Xi'an has been standing in the corner watching the time silently, until the meeting time is over, she came over and said: Sorry, the visiting time is over, please go early tomorrow. The doctor said there was no danger!Fang Lina yelled in disbelief. If you want to get him out of the hospital sooner, it's best to give him more rest.Without further explanation, Yang Xi'an went to sterilize the needle, walked up to Joseph Zhou, pulled away his left shoulder sleeve, wiped off the alcohol skillfully, and injected it.Joseph Zhou frowned. The nurse seemed to treat him like a puppet, and didn't treat him as a human being at all, and didn't even look at him when he came in. Gao Feitong kept looking at Yang Xi'an's brand name.After looking at it for a long time, I asked: Are you that Yang Xi'an from the Yang family? The names of the four sisters of the Yang family are known to everyone in the upper class. Fang Lina was taken aback, and yelled out: Are you the second child of the Yang family who can't get any property?I am very curious that this mediocre and unsmiling nurse is actually a legend in everyone's mouth. She is not special at all!Everyone is exaggerating. Only Zhou Joseph was at a loss.Does this little nurse have a background?According to his naturally active and restless personality, he must find out the truth before giving up.It will have to wait until tomorrow, though, because the two women who could offer his story have been shut out. Do you want breakfast?She put the thermometer under his arm. Glancing at the lackluster dishes with Joseph, I was very wronged; but I hadn’t had a drop of water since I left the operating room yesterday and before I exhausted this morning. Had to eat.He winked at her, very mischievously. Yang Xi'an brought him a bowl of meat and bone porridge, but he pointed to his right hand and refused to take it.She had no choice but to sit down and put it into his mouth one by one, feeling strange in her heart, she said: I never thought that a person with a broken right hand would have such a useless left hand. What?Just as he was about to swallow a mouthful of porridge, he almost choked on his throat.Why didn't she feel sympathy for him at all, instead she spoke sarcastically and sarcastically?If you want to draw his attention, you are using the wrong method!Can't he be inspired by Nightingale's spirit? I'm sick!Why do you say that about me, you can't get along with me? This person is really strange, what is wrong with her saying that? Why should I have trouble with you?You should go to the rehabilitation room of the Pediatrics Department on the second floor. There was a child with severe burns on his hands, but he still refused to be fed.Recently, he has been able to use his left hand a little, so he doesn't need help from others at all.Only infants with underdeveloped bones and elderly people who are too old to function will be fed by others. Joseph Zhou gradually lost his appetite and smile, and pulled his face down. What are you doing in my ward? your caretaker.Otherwise, you think I'll just sit here with nothing to do?It seems that this person is not very smart. Do I owe your hospital any dime?he asked again. She shrugged. I hear you wrote a check for enough to keep you in the hospital until next fall. Not only is this woman mediocre in appearance, but she also has a crow's mouth and a face of a late lady, which is probably the case. Then why do you keep making me unhappy?If the patient is unhappy, it will make the disease serious and difficult to recover, don't you understand?At this moment, he has no interest in showing fatal attraction.The woman did not deserve his grace. Yang Xi'an put away the bowls and chopsticks.This person probably doesn't know that few people who are sick are never happy.She looked at him and said: I am encouraging you.Don't think that you are hopeless, okay?It's just a minor injury and pain, and I can be discharged from the hospital in a few days.Do you really think it's serious?I heard that you are still a racing driver, so good that you got into a car accident.Don't you feel ashamed?It is also well-known in the world! God!What kind of woman did he meet?What the hell kind of incentive is this?He really wanted to ask her if any patient had ever pissed her off.Suddenly, he asked sarcastically: You must have been moved by Nightingale's story when you came to be a nurse? This question involves a great answer, a long story.Yang Xi'an doesn't want to explain more at the moment, just treat him as an idiot question. I graduated from nursing school.It's strange not to be a nurse!Just a profession, absolutely nothing to do with Nightingale. Having professional knowledge does not mean that you are suitable to be a nurse.Do you think your mentality is suitable?He didn't take it seriously, and was already planning to find the hospital to replace him with another amiable and lovely charming lady to accompany him. Xi'an felt that his question was even more idiotic. Why not?This is a profession that requires professional knowledge and has nothing to do with mentality.It would be wronged if something went wrong for you when a caring person with no knowledge of nursing came to serve you.Be realistic, sir. This woman is very strange, there is no precedent in his previous female roster.Suddenly, Zhou Joseph became curious about Yang Xi'an, and became a little interested.He smiled amusedly, and all anger was dissipated.Talking badly to women is definitely something that Young Master Zhou will not do.If you can turn this strange woman into a woman in love, fall in love with him, be obsessed with him, what will it be like?The sad thing about such an unpretentious, unrelenting, and unaffected frank woman is that she is not even attracted by his appearance or title, which has fortunately aroused his desire to conquer. But Yang Xi'an obviously didn't cooperate, she didn't have time to watch him flirt.After taking his temperature, let him finish his medicine, told him to sleep, and left.This is simply a huge insult to his handsome self-esteem; Zhou Yushen's determination to pursue Yang Xi'an is thus more certain. On the third day, visits were officially opened.The hospital was bustling like never before. The lace news edition has been without news for too long, so it can be hyped.A world-renowned racing driver had a car accident as soon as he came to Taiwan. Isn't this big news in itself?The body of the car was completely destroyed, but the person suffered only minor injuries. In addition to promoting the superb skills of the driver himself, the protective function of the car also contributed a lot.It seems that a certain famous car will also make a big profit following this wave of news hype. And it is a good theme for two famous flowers in the upper class to be jealous of Joseph Zhou.The purpose of Joseph Zhou coming to Taiwan was to be invited to shoot a certain famous car advertisement. Apart from the astronomical price tag, the famous model Yang Xikang with him is another big topic. It has been rumored that the two have been secretly dating for a long time. There was no need for Joseph Zhou to open his mouth, the gossip had spread widely in all directions.Regardless of whether it is true or false, some people love to read it, and some people write it desperately.As a worthy playboy, his own story has never been exhausted. When there are more people, Joseph Zhou becomes more active. He is always willing to be the center of attention.A group of reporters left, and another group of celebrities came.Familiar, unfamiliar, anyway, Joseph Zhou is the smiling face that has not been sprained or dislocated after smiling for 24 hours. Yang Xi'an wanted to hide aside to cool off, but Zhou Joseph insisted on keeping her there, saying that he is weak and needs someone to watch over him at any time.The dean explained that her main job at present is to take care of Zhou Joseph, and other trivial matters can be put aside.He is weak?ha!Big joke!A large group of people saw her dazzled and felt sleepy.When there are too many people and the conversation is mixed, it makes her uncomfortable.Just as I was about to go out to catch my breath, I met another group of visiting guests at the door.Yang Xi'an stared wide-eyed, looking at the most slender and beautiful figure in the crowd, wasn't it her sister Yang Xikang?He hurriedly pulled her aside and asked in surprise: What are you doing here?She didn't want Xikang to be one of the idolaters. Discuss the content with the partner who shoots the commercial!Otherwise, what do you think I am here for?The beautiful and charming Yang Xikang is charming even in the blink of an eye. Yang Xi'an thought of those two girls yesterday, and said: You never pretended to be a public servant for personal gain, so you wanted to have some time with that idiot, didn't you? Xi'an, keep your mouth clean and use your toes to think that he knows it's impossible.If I was really that nympho, my grandma would have broken my leg long ago, and I don't have to mess around in the entertainment industry.She has caused a lot of scandals, but it was never true. Even the most serious one, even being disinherited by the grandmother because of it, was deliberately arranged by her.Who would believe that such a beautiful and wonderful woman has never been in a relationship so far? Yang Xi'an felt relieved, but raised his eyes to meet Xikang's sly smile. I said Second Sister, you seem very nervous, huh?Why? That guy enjoys being a stallion, he is a scum among men, as long as he doesn't offend our Yang family, everything will be fine.That man is nothing but gold and jade!Yang Xi'an said it seriously, there was nothing unusual about it.She has never been artificial.Yang Xikang was a little disappointed, thinking that the second sister, who didn't know what it was, had finally opened up! Heecom!The director called her inside.Xikang nodded to Xi'an and walked in. Xi'an also went to the infirmary to get the medicine, and in a few minutes Zhou Joseph should be eating. What a beauty!A beauty that knows no nationality!With clear outlines, thick eyebrows and big eyes, sexy and plump lips, she has a soft smile.Zhou Yoser carefully looked at Yang Xikang, who was the only beauty in Taiwan for three days, and showed unreserved admiration and admiration. He couldn't believe that she would be the little nurse's sister. Early this morning, I learned the story of the four sisters of the Yang family over the phone.Gao Feitong made it very clear. The boss, Yang Xiping, is a master lawyer who holds a lawyer's license but has never handled a case. He has the sole right to inherit Yang's business, but he has no talent for financial management. All operations are controlled by his husband Shi Wei, and Shi Wei is in the hands of Mrs. Yang. The deliberately cultivated successor is a market warrior. The second child, Yang Xi'an, has the lowest education among the four sisters. He has lived abroad for four years and completed his nursing degree while working and studying.He has the most ordinary appearance, the strangest personality, no big ambitions, and voluntarily renounces the right of inheritance. The youngest, Yang Xikang, is the intoxicating beauty in front of me; she has a graceful temperament and a gorgeous appearance, like wine in an exquisite crystal cup, mysterious and alluring.Being in the entertainment industry, there were many scandals, which were so serious that he was expelled from the house by the old lady, the most powerful person in the Yang family, and lost his inheritance rights. The fourth child, Yang Xitai, is a typical rich lady and a business student with poor homework. He is confused, has no sense of direction, and has a beautiful appearance and a brain that is inversely proportional to his appearance. Yang Xikang stretched out his slender and tender hands to meet Zhou Joseph. It's an honor to work with you, Mr. Zhou.While being sized up, the land also made an overall assessment of him.Well, a very active and outstanding man, he deserves to be a first-rate playboy. It's been a long time, Miss Yang.He smiled and shook hands. The flashes went on and on for a while, and tomorrow is another topic. The director deliberately let them be alone to create more topics, and immediately called all the idlers out of the door. You are beautiful, somewhat similar to that little nurse, but you are several times more beautiful than her.This is the truth; but Joseph Zhou found that he was not very sincere.There are more than thousands of beauties in the world, but strange people like Yang Xi'an are probably unique in the world.In terms of attractiveness, Yang Xi'an's ordinary appearance is quite intriguing. The man who had noticed Xi'an must have been a little moved.Yang Xikang took the opportunity to promote Xi'an: What?Did you have a holiday with my second sister?She is not serious, acts seriously, and has a balanced personality, but her nerves are a little dull; sometimes her words are a little bit poisonous, but she is definitely not malicious.In today's society, people who are willing to tell the truth are on the verge of extinction and deserve to be cherished.Yang Xikang has always been quite proud of her intuition, and she is usually pretty close; she has a premonition that something will happen to this person and his second sister.At least at least, judging from the principle that Joseph Zhou always only pays attention to the appearance of beautiful women, it is very unusual to notice a little nurse with an ordinary appearance. I don't believe that she was inspired by the spirit of the angel in white to study nursing.Zhou Joseph grunted, with a bit of complaint in his tone.Every time I give Yang Xi'an an injection, I always think that I am a lifeless sandbag, wood or something like that, as if to give her the right to practice injections.She pulled up his sleeve without saying hello, and injected the alcohol as soon as he wiped it off.The reason is simple, she said: The idiot also knows what she is going to do with the syringe, so she never used it as a water gun for him!What is this nonsense?Although her technique is so good, the injection process feels like being bitten by a mosquito, which is almost innocuous, but no matter what, she still can't swallow her breath, and she always feels depressed.Besides, he was still very curious about Yang Xi'an, a weirdo, and wished to know more information. Heecom shrugged. She just expresses her love in a different way than ordinary people.The reason why I went to the nursing college at the beginning was because the grandma, the highest authority commander in our family, suffered from overwork and was hospitalized with stomach bleeding, and was in critical condition at one time.Xi'an was thinking about it at the time. She felt that it would take at least three years of high school and seven years of medical school to become a doctor, a total of ten years; but it would take five years to become a nurse.In terms of time, she thought that being a nurse could take care of her grandmother for the rest of her life, so she gave up high school and went to junior high school. Unexpectedly, as soon as she was listed, my grandmother was already out of the hospital. When she heard the news, she was very angry. He yelled and cursed for three hours without blushing or panting.From then on, whenever she thought of giving up the star high school of Beiyi Girls, she would get angry and swear at others at any time.In recent years, my grandmother has not suffered from any minor illness or pain. My second sister said that it is not a problem for my grandmother to live to be a hundred and eighty years old, and it is just around the corner if she wants to be elected as a candidate, so she moved out of the house and has been working as a nurse until now. Hearing this, Joseph Zhou tried his best to hold back his laughter, because his broken hand couldn't bear the vibration of his body after laughing; it would make his face hideous in pain, and for the sake of his handsome Prince Charming image, he must not do this.But he didn't know that the suffocated expression couldn't be seen anywhere, which made Xikang laugh. She is incredible.Why don't you stay at home?What strange reason did you move out?He became more curious. She said that the old lady is in good health anyway, and as a professional, she should go where she is needed, so as not to waste talents.In fact, this is just an excuse.She is very smart.During those days, my elder sister went abroad to study, and my grandma tried to train Xi'an to be the heir, so of course she had to run away. Such a family really exists?Hearing about property inheritance, one by one they slipped far away without seeing anyone.In addition to being funny, he still has unbelief.Ask again: what about you?After the two sisters ran away, there was a scandal all over the city? This is public news, and Yang Xikang never thought of clarifying something for himself.To put it bluntly, do your business!It's enough for the family to understand. Our four sisters are very self-aware that we are not born to be in business, and there is no such item in our genetic factors.My father is a scholar, and my mother loves painting. I really want to give birth to a business wonder, yes, just wait!Perhaps my grandma's factor just happened to appear in the atavistic inheritance of a certain generation; but by then, our Yang family will probably have fulfilled the old saying that the rich can't be three generations old.That's why my grandma changed her mind and turned to Shi Wei. Beneath the appearance of this feminine beauty, there is also a bright and neat quality and a wise heart that knows the art of self-deprecating.As a result, the rumors outside have been rendered too exaggerated.Judging by Joseph Zhou's sharp eyes, Yang Xikang must be a perfect mistress if she wants to.However, her good education and elegant and self-loving temperament never let herself be so wronged.His eyes expressed unreserved appreciation. If Yang Xikang scored 75 points for Zhou Joseph just now, it can be increased to 100 points now.A playboy, a playboy who has both inside and outside, knows how to look at people from the heart, and also looks at people's hearts with their heart. She appreciates it very much, and it would be best if she could be her brother-in-law. I have never met the other two sisters; but in my opinion, you must be the wisest one.Has anyone ever said that?he asks. She smiled cunningly. Yes!my grandma.You know, my grandma is an old fox who only wants to become a fairy. If she wants to escape the net of her plan, she must use extraordinary means.And I happen to be a normal race among the sisters. If I train hard, I can become a strong woman.Doing something stupid to get rid of grandma's clutches is the most important thing in my life.Grasp the weakness of grandma's bad temper, use a group of reporters who are afraid of chaos in the world to exaggerate, and go in and out of restaurants with men as if nothing happened.As soon as the news came out, grandma Longyan was furious, pointed at my nose and yelled in front of everyone, and revoked my inheritance rights.In less than two hours, she figured out that it was designed by me, but it was too late.ha!This is the little cleverness I am most proud of in my life.From then on, my grandmother called me a little vixen.My escape plan is much more ingenious. Every time Xikang thinks about it, she can always make her laugh so hard that she is extremely proud. Whoever marries you is lucky.He said with a genuine smile.Such a great beauty with both inside and outside, he should try his best to pursue it; however, the strange thing is that he seemed to be less interested, and he didn't have that kind of idea.why is it like this?Could it be that his passion was blown away by this car accident?Not so!But why is there no emotion for Yang Xikang?It doesn't make sense to think that the weird woman Yang Xi'an's time is better than other women. After Yang Xikang's description, the Yang family took root in his heart.What a strange family!Such a combination of four strange sisters and a strange, wise but grumpy old lady, how exciting life will be!For Zhou Yoseb, who played alone and lived alone since he was a child, the Yang family aroused his longing.If he is lucky, he will definitely pay a visit. When Yang Xi'an entered the ward again, he saw Xikang, who was smiling happily, peeling fruit to feed Zhou Joseph. The two seemed to have a pleasant conversation.It's strange to be so familiar after meeting for the first time.She frowned inexplicably, and suddenly there was an inexplicable emotion that made her uncomfortable.what happened?What is this anger and displeasure called? take medicine.She said coldly, her eyes seemed to be warning Zhou Joseph. Xikang saw that Xi'an thought Joseph Zhou was abusing his charm to seduce her, and he couldn't explain it for a while, so he had to pray secretly for Joseph Zhou.She stood up and said: "It's already seven o'clock, I have something to do, let's go first, Xi'an, mom wants you to go home and stay for a few days next time on vacation, did you hear that?"Seeing Xi'an nodded, Xikang said goodbye with satisfaction and left. As soon as the door closed, Yang Xi'an immediately glared at Zhou Joseph. Don't think about my sister.Such a man as a husband will only make his wife die early. Joseph Zhou looked at her slyly. She is a beauty that everyone wants to chase after.It's not chasing you, what are you worrying about? You can not.She is direct. Why?I'm not good enough for Xikang?He secretly rejoiced, it turned out that she was not so dull as to be unaware of his charm!That's normal. Are you worthy of that?Looks like a peacock, behaves like a bull, and has the attitude of a stallion.It's either a bird or a beast, which one is better?She has no morals. Zhou Joseph's face turned livid.How dare this ugly woman who looks ordinary enough but doesn't know how to cultivate her inner self to make up for her shortcomings!Be calm, Joseph Zhou, be calm!He kept telling himself in his heart: He is an outstanding and first-class man, it is a gentleman's taboo to speak ill of a woman, and his common knowledge with her is no different from lowering his own style.To be honest, if you know that you have no ability to stir up her anger, and you won't get any benefit from speaking rudely, you might as well just declare war and piss her off. He said: "Just wait and see!"If I, a worthless man in your eyes, can't get someone from your Yang family, my surname will not be Zhou, and I can change my surname to Yang as a cow or a horse. This battle is definitely worth fighting, at least it will definitely be the highlight of his stay in Taiwan for several months.Whoever can hold his breath wins.The prelude officially kicked off at this moment.He must make Yang Xi'an pay attention to him and be obsessed with him. As for the motive, I will not study it for the time being. Anyway, it will definitely be a fun game. Yang Xi'an narrowed his eyes and looked at him, just wanting to mix some rat poison into the medicine he was supposed to take to poison him to death, so as to save the victim from questioning; Take this peacock as a partner?Being a friend makes extra money!With this level of certainty, Xi'an gave up the idea of ​​poisoning him.How would Joseph Zhou feel if he knew that Yang Xi'an almost reported to the ghost gate in a flash? (Scary woman!) She is a maverick girl, and ordinary people can't use common sense to infer.And she didn't even know that the discomfort she felt when she saw Xikang and Joseph Zhou getting along just now was because of jealousy.The naughty Cupid has already shot a love arrow mischievously, and the two men and women who can't beat the same boat are designed as a pair.Alas, it seems that another romantic comedy has quietly started. Located on the outskirts of Taipei, high-end villas are lined up among green hills.Good mountains, good water, and good air are all in sight. The blue roof and white walls of the Yang family villa are particularly eye-catching in the sun. The low carved black iron gate can be seen from the outside, which is different from other closed and tall walls.It is very simple to see a large grassland without flowers or trees. On the steps at the door, sat a beautiful and innocent girl with long hair reaching to her waist, naturally curly, blowing softly in the breeze.In the late autumn afternoon, I feel very freehand.The girl has willow eyebrows and big eyes, and on her fair and flawless face, you can see her pink and healthy cheeks and two cherry lips that have a beautiful color without lipstick.In such a cool and peaceful afternoon, everything should be light and poetic, and frowning should not be.A thick business management book was placed on the girl's lap, her delicate and flawless pretty face was full of worry, and her brows were deeply furrowed. Her name is Yang Xitai, the youngest of the four sisters of the Yang family, who was kidnapped once.It was only two days before the college entrance examination, but she lost her admission ticket three times.From childhood to adulthood, her life was so good that she had a driver to take her to and from school every day, because she would never be able to go home if she was asked to take a bus, walk, or take a taxi.She never ate out, because every time she had to pay after eating, she would never find the money, or she went to the wrong pocket. The most serious thing is that she is already twenty-one years old this year, but there seems to be no hope of a college degree. If it is worse, she will have to ask her to go home and eat herself.She was really working hard, trying hard to read the book in her hand: but she felt that a large string of words seemed to fly out to play around her one by one, making her dizzy.After closing the book suddenly, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief; but it was infinitely sad.Maybe she really is an idiot, she thought. Suddenly, the figure coming down from the bus attracted her full attention, and she jumped up happily with her eyes wide open. Second sister!Second sister!you are back! she ran over.Yang Xi'an quickly dropped his luggage and ran over, hugged Xitai in time, and the rescue was successful.Xitai always stumbled when running.說來好笑,她正巧也是個運動白痴,這點加在她已經是難以勝數的缺點上無疑是雪上加霜。 顯然希泰是被悶壞了,才會這麼熱情地奔向她。姊妹們各自有事做,很少回家;母親是個繪畫迷,關在畫室三天三夜也無所謂;老奶奶見著人總要來一次疲勞轟炸,沒有人能倖免誰敢接近? ! 楊希安嘆口氣,重複她常說的話:就剩這張臉可以見人了,妳不小心保護好,真想當老姑婆呀,小傻瓜。 希泰嬌憨地露出天使一般的笑容,摟著希安道:怎麼想回來呀?是不是太久沒聽奶奶罵人了,想回來過過癮呀?真體貼哦兩人走入屋子中。 Where is grandma?希安問。 希泰下巴朝樓梯口點了下。 在書房,早上姊夫送來明年度的公司計畫表。奶奶是掛名董事長,當然要看一下。 史威走了? 嗯,他說要回去陪大姊。 希安往樓上逕自走去。 他的確該擔心。大姊那性子,搞不好隨時都會發生意外。她能平安懷胎到現在,史威功不可沒。 希泰也跟著走入她房間,整個人陷進懶骨頭,撐著小下巴,眼中滿是欣羨地看著希安。 姊,在外面住很棒吧? yes!少了個老太婆囉嗦。這不是希安的回答,聲音來自敞開的門口。一個年近七旬,滿頭銀絲,身材嬌小的老婦人楊家的鐵娘子,老太夫人是也。老太夫人一臉嚴肅,緩緩走了進來,目光凌厲地盯著希泰叫道:還不快去念書!明天的補考不會因為希安回來就延期。 楊希泰一溜煙地跑了。 老太太坐在床沿,仔細看著四個多月未見的二孫女,心中無限感慨。她真的從沒怪過媳婦沒能生個孫子給她抱抱。這四個孫女的成長過程可以匯成笑話全集出書。對這四個小丫頭實在又愛又氣。活像錢會砸死人似的,一個個不願接掌大把事業。要不是當初和兒子共同預定了史威這一枚勝棋,今天楊氏企業會陷入什麼慘況實不敢想像。一個個都跟她玩躲貓貓的遊戲,還得讓她絞盡腦汁和她們周旋、鬥智。真是青出於藍,都成小狐狸了。希安是第一個以出走明白暗示不接受產業的叛逆者。good!沒關係,反正她有史威,不怕。唉,公司沒事,家中卻有事。她自知四個孫女是各有特色,有美麗、有智慧、有純淨、有特別;可是為什麼會乏人問津? 參加每一個名流酒會,就是沒有人來對她提親。她知道,別人把四個丫頭封為楊家四怪,而以希女為最。她真是天生的勞碌命,現在當務之急就是將剩下的這三個來個清倉大拍賣,反正她對那些富家公子哥兒、名流商賈也看不對眼。不來追求倒是省了麻煩。 是不是有對象了?不要忘了妳已經二十五歲了。她淡淡地說著。 nothing now.倒是希泰,行情正梢。希安一邊掛衣服,一邊回答得漫不經心我才不擔心她!我擔心的是妳。老太太瞪著希安看。因為這會兒掛完衣服的楊家二小姐正坐在椅子上,雙腿抬在書桌上,大口啃著蘋果吃。 楊希安!奶奶的口氣是山雨欲來。 Um?她處變不驚,很習慣了。 老太太手杖跟隨而到。她俐落地放下雙腿自保,就見逼近的老奶奶俯身逼視她。 妳給我馬上找個人嫁了! 目前沒這打算。She smiled. 我有的是辦法,少來跟我演拖刀計。我明天就去登報!在徵婚那一欄登著:凡有善心人士,欲娶楊希安者,不僅是積陰德,更是勇於犧牲。為了酬謝他,願以一分公司做為精神補償。老奶奶一臉狡黠。 卻見楊希安揮揮手道:少來了,奶奶。這種丟臉事一傳開,我是無所謂,受不了的恐怕是妳;將來參加宴會可能要考慮掛一副面具遮羞。而這個笑話會在社交圈流傳久遠,歷久彌新。 現在的小孩不好騙了!well! 妳要氣死我才甘心是不是? 奶奶,想開一點,我才二十五歲。何況希平也快給您抱孫子了,對我那麼著急做什麼?會夭壽的! 老奶奶不甘願道:算命的說妳今年紅鸞星動,現在秋天都過一半了,動個鬼!妳這副德行,會紅鸞星動就奇怪了。現在我也只是念念;但,到了二十七歲,妳要是還沒有辦法交一個男朋友,帶回來給我看的話,別懷疑,就算會給外人笑話,我還是會那麼做。 念人是一項藝術:念太久,會招致反彈與轉身而去的下場;適度的感嘆,顯示出老態龍鍾的悲哀,則會使被念的人於心不忍,進而心懷愧疚。於是老奶奶說了最後一句:妳好好想一想。說完便轉身走出去。 看著老奶奶的背影,楊希安心中不期然地浮上周約瑟的影子、他那張玩世不恭的面孔、喜愛身處脂粉陣中的風流。起先與她水火不容,可是後來他變得好奇怪,一直惹她開口,即使是問一些白痴也不屑一問的問題話說回來,好脾氣是他唯一的優點。這次可以休假還真是拜他所賜。等地休完一星期回去,他大概也出院了吧!她會記得他的。活了二十五年,還沒有一個異性面孔可以清晰浮現腦海中,他是第一個。這得從住院這兩星期來他所闖的豐功偉業來細數。他百分之百不是一個好病人;一旦能下床行走,立刻成天跑兒童復健室,教小孩打橋牌,教小孩對每一個經過的女護士吹著色狼式的口哨,弄得她們芳心大亂。其中,最嚴重的一件事就是,他竟然率眾茌醫院好不容易種植成功的韓國草皮上烤肉,險些釀成火災。這麼一個危險人物,醫院再也管不著他是不是名人,逐客令照樣下來。想不到那男人臉皮厚得很,死賴著不走,甚至還說要住到明年秋天。還是院長說好說歹,費盡唇舌跟他討價還價之下,周約瑟才終於決定三天後走人。院長感激涕零下,奉還一半費用不過燒掉的那片草皮使周約瑟破費更多。 周約瑟實在是有領導能力,不費吹灰之力就將十來個小孩收得服服貼貼的。在他數件豐功偉業中,她楊希安赫然是名列前茅的幫兇,被護十長念得耳朵都快長瘡,後來被強制休假,與周約瑟隔離開來,以防再有事故發生。如果她不在,危險性可減去一半,醫院申百年不用的滅火器,依然可以百年不用。 與他一同陪孩子玩的時候,她真正感覺到愉快。這種感覺從未發生在任何一個曾經追求過她的男士中。他們也都使出渾身解數吸引她注意,卻都沒成功。也許他天生命該是萬人迷,與眾不同。難怪會迷煞那些小護士與名流千金。 他實在是個好笑的傢伙,起先還以為他只是一個大草包。想著想著,唇邊不覺漾出笑意,正想得有些失神,床邊電話乍然響起,嚇了她好大一跳。有誰知道她回家了?這只是她房間的專屬電話。 她接起話筒。 Hello!我是楊希安,找那位? 找妳!電話那頭傳來周約瑟帶笑的聲音。 奇怪了,這人怎麼會打來? 你怎麼知道我這兒的電話?你現在人在哪? 我向你同事問來的。我出院了,人在公寓中。 怎麼那麼快出院?他不是死賴著? 你是不是又做了什麼好事,給人轟了出來。 現在有空嗎?周約瑟拒絕回答這個不禮貌的問題。 有呀,做什麼?要我過去幫你拆石膏是不是?還是你一出院又受傷了?這絕對是關心的問話,護士本能而已,沒有惡意。 周約瑟嘆了口氣,她非得咒他不可嗎? 小姐,我現在閒極無聊透了,想開車載妳去兜風。 換做其他女人,一聽到大情聖周約瑟提出這個邀約,那個不感動得涕泗縱橫、拜天拜地直道自己無比幸運? 可是,楊希安並不是這種女人。 Ah!謝啦,我的命還沒活夠。抱歉,恕不奉陪。也許等我休假完回去,還有榮幸當你的看護,再見。她收了線,對著電話看了良久。這傢伙,撞一次還不夠,還想撞第二次過癮?手上石膏未拆不說,腳也才剛好不久,使不得力,他現在有什麼本錢開車兜風?沒本錢也就罷了。地也不想想,台北市的交通一塞三千里,車子上了路只求蝸行順利;兜風?他以為這裡是法國?不愧是天字第一號大白痴! 沒大腦! 另一端的周約瑟此刻也正盯著手中的電話,久久說不出話,也忘了放下電話,這小妮子竟敢掛他電話!要知道諸色女子只求他回眸一笑,此生便覺無憾,更別提特別打電話邀約了。可是這個楊希安唉!周約瑟呆怒完後轉為苦笑。如果楊希安與別的女人一樣平凡尋常的話,他根本不屑一顧,更別說一而再,再而三地想見她,想與她說話了,還用美男計拐一個小護士找出她家的電話。這等犧牲色相的糗事,還是大姑娘上花轎頭一遭呢! 對楊希安的興趣超出自己所能想像之外,就是因為她對他毫不心動。真是個不解風情的自戀自負狂!現在,被掛了電話,應該怎麼辦?如果他會退縮,他就不叫周約瑟。他手上當然有她的住址。找她去也。 楊氏四姝的母親方如華夫人是一個深迷於繪畫,深居簡出的中年美婦人。她與楊希泰較相似,有著一張甜美的娃娃臉,個性十分迷糊,所有特質都可以在楊希泰身上找出來。自從丈夫去世後,她幾乎是足不出戶。對外界、社交都興致缺缺,恬淡寧靜,優雅自得。這種生活使得楊夫人看起來就像是四姊妹的姊姊,與母親身份劃不上等號。 楊希安坐在畫室沙發上看母親畫著窗檯上的黃金葛,神情有些疑慮焦躁,心中煩煩的。她從未如此難受過。 mom Um?楊夫人沒回頭。 如果你會不自覺的去擔心一個不相干的人,那是什麼原因?她擔心那白痴真的不怕死地開車出門,不明白何以會有這種心情。她是個少感少欲的人,除了對親人有一份出自天性的熱情外,外人在她眼中全是不相干。現在這份焦急對她而言,太陌生,也太不可思議了。 楊夫人停住手上的彩筆,頓了一頓,轉過身放下畫具,坐在女兒身旁深思,看著她愁眉深鎖,嘴角楊起溫柔的笑意。 male? 希安點頭。 那也許是代表妳要戀愛了。我有沒有說過我十九歲遇到你們父親的事?楊夫人雙眼如夢似幻,不覺地陷入初戀的回憶中見希安搖頭,道:那年,我甫考上A大的美術系,而你們的爸爸已經大四,快畢業了。也不知道為了什麼,一見到他走過窗口的身影心就猛跳不已,又開心又驚慌的,總想好好看他一眼;可是,一旦他真的注意到我,對我笑,我就像受驚的小鹿一樣逃開,六神無主。結果,每次他見到我時,總是看到我不是跌下樓梯,就是把一張可以得獎的畫,畫成鬼畫符般慘不忍睹,蒙娜麗莎還給我畫出了鬍子呢!shameful!但要是沒看到他就更慘了,牽腸掛肚的,做事不帶勁,更是無心作畫,心情煩透了;到後來吃不下,睡不著,坐立不安。交往後就開始盤算他何時畢業,心情糟透了,而你爸爸也是相同心情,他怕畢業後我會讓別人給追走,原本想留校等我一起畢業;但我那時已無心學業,所以乾脆休學嫁給他了。楊夫人眉眼羞怯,掩不住甜蜜的笑容。頓了一頓才問女兒:妳呢?What's the situation? 心情基本上雷同,可是周約瑟是花花公子,不像爸爸溫文儒雅,用情專一,真誠執著。她篤定不愛花花公子,所以對他應該談不上有感情,只是擔心而已。 我只覺得他像一個白痴,總是問我一些笨問題。雖然別人說他很聰明,而他的確會很多把戲;可是,這麼一個出門就撞車,說話不用大腦的人怎會不叫人擔心呢?除了花心、愛炫、自戀外,到底他還算是個好人。那是感情嗎?男女之間不見得只有愛情吧!他還說要追希泰。 對於愛情一事,希安知道自己是有一些嚮往;但,即使會動心,仍清楚地知道周約瑟不是一個好對象。是感情嗎?這心態。 愛情是不可理喻的,不管自己心中如何打算計較,終究逃不過月老手中那條紅線。即使事件本身有那麼多不足以令人心喜的因素,也阻止不了兩顆相吸的心呀。楊夫人輕拍了下女兒的手,她能肯定,希安確實是戀愛了。這種事,旁人使不上力,只能靜觀其發展,適時推她一把。楊夫人一生少欲少求,只願女兒們平安成長,覓得良緣,有情人終成眷屬。除了對天祈禱,好像也無他法了。 門板被扣了兩下,即被旋開,希泰甜美的小臉探了進來。希安,有人送我一盒瑞士蓮巧克力。 who is it?希安看希泰雙頰吃得鼓鼓的。 Do not recognize people.她猶自天真。 不認得的人送妳東西妳也敢亂吃!快吐掉!不怕被毒死呀!她衝向妹妹,就要搶過巧克力。 希泰連忙藏到身後,搖頭叫:他是妳的朋友呀,不會害人的,他在下面等妳。說完往樓下跑去,手上捧著寶貝巧克力,身手卻還是很伶俐。 who is it?What friend?她追了下去。 我忘了問,妳自己去問他。 其實也無須問了,她人也已追到樓下。見到來人四平八穩地坐在沙發上,擺著自認最帥的笑容迎向她。Who else?那個周約瑟嘛。真是神通廣大,連地址也找得到。 沒出車禍?她第一句話如是說。 妳太低估我的技術了。他笑道,對她的烏鴉嘴十分習慣了。 來做什麼?她瞄了瞄他右手腕上的繃帶不怕死的傢伙! 我來他正要開口,就見樓梯口站了一老一小;小的就是剛才給他開門的那個小洋娃娃;至於老的,應該是楊老夫人了。她一臉的精練,神彩紅光,身形嬌小;看起來卻很有份量此時正以估量的眼光看他。截下他的話尾:你來追我們家希安嗎? grandmother!希安猛轉過身,瞪了希泰一眼。 老夫人沒理希安,直接站定在周約瑟面前。 我是希安的奶奶。 我是周約瑟。他表現無懈可擊的禮貌,執起老夫人的手輕輕一吻,很歐洲式的。 你是她的病人?她瞄了他手上的繃帶。 Yes.周約瑟也興味正濃地看著老太太。 是不是有意娶她? 呃只是交個朋友而已。他一丁點想追她的念頭也沒有,只不過喜歡與她相處而已。說追求?太嚴重了些。 老夫人聳肩。 記住你自己說的話:只是交個朋友而已。你不是丈母娘會放心的女婿。 希安翻翻白眼。 grandmother!妳在胡說些什麼?你要是對每一個來拜訪的男性都這麼說的話,保證以後咱們家沒人敢上門了。又看向周約瑟,希望速戰速決。你來到底做什麼? 來邀請你跟我乘車兜風啊。他不死心地又提出。 為什麼不找別人?她不解地問他。又不是全天下的女人都死光了僅剩她楊希安一人:何況他花花公子女朋友隨便一抓就一大把,一招手,號稱會有滿卡車的美女趕著過來,何必巴巴地拿熱臉貼別人的冷屁股?還是他耳朵有問題?把別人的拒絕聽成贊同?改天要建議他去耳鼻喉科檢查看看。 我就是要找妳。他的口氣竟然有些耍賴。 老奶奶心中暗笑,裝腔作勢咳了兩聲。 我說希安,盛情難卻。妳就陪陪這位先生出去玩一玩吧!來者是客,地主之誼的義務要盡。奶奶口氣中的威脅十分明顯。 當然,與其聽老奶奶的叨念,還不如與周約瑟出去走一走:她再笨也會選擇後者。不然她就等著被開罵到耳朵生瘡流膿,皮癢了。其實,與他這種人一起玩,也算得上好玩,不會有冷場。反正對這人又不討厭,所以她很當機立斷地下決定,連讓老奶奶多念一句的機會也沒有,拉著周約瑟叫:我們走了!說完兩人就不見蹤影。 這是有原因的;因為,這回可算是希安生平頭一遭和異性出遊,老奶奶一定會搬出一大堆告誡的話,然後逼周約瑟發誓:若讓她有了一丁點意外閃失,就得娶她,以示負責。既然此期間老奶奶巴不得她早點嫁人,這些又臭又長的話保證免不了的。這等丟臉的事那能讓它發生? 上了周約瑟的拉風敞篷跑車,才吁了口氣,回家免不了又一頓砲轟;不過總是暫時先逃過一劫。 沒想到還有妳會怕的事。周約瑟不明所以,只覺好笑。 家醜不可外揚。我不想在你這外人面前鬧太多笑話。She gave him a blank look. 妳今天情緒很不好嗎?平常妳什麼事都不在意,置身事外落得清閒。今天怎麼了?莫非我惹到你了?周約瑟小心打量她。 這說法令楊希安怔了一下。yes!今天是怎麼回事?發現自己竟然為他擔心,而經過母親說明這是情感反應後,心態便開始不平衡了起來。這種感覺讓她平靜的心顯得無比煩躁。她困惑地看向他。 周約瑟,其實你不算太笨,有些事情你應該是專家。你可不可以替我想辦法?我覺得不開心。 難得有讓楊希安看重的地方,自然義不容辭了。周約瑟受寵若驚地看她一眼,心想:她心情不好也稱得上奇聞了。 unhappy?what happened?妳向來沒什麼感覺的呀! 車子轉到一家頗富盛名的歐式自助餐館前停住。 一會後,各自端了一盤小山一般高的食物坐定在一桌雙人座的卡座中,周約瑟再問一次。能被她看重實在是此生最光榮的事。 不曾是我惹到妳吧? 希安點頭又搖頭道:你只是間接的,主要是我討厭自己的感覺。你很有經驗,對不對?那麼我問你,喜歡上一個人的前兆是不是先會感覺全身不對勁?她滿懷希望地問他。 感情一事,他自然是專家。 不對,喜歡一個人應該心喜又期待才對除非他猛盯著她叫:除非妳愛上有婦之夫!直覺聲音走了調,提高好幾度,語氣中合著妒火味。她怎麼可以她怎麼可以看上別人?她還沒看上他呀。 不中亦不遠矣。與有婦之夫相去不遠,倘若喜歡上一個花花公子,下場一樣悲慘。希安埋頭吃著牛排奇怪,心情明明不好,胃口竟然好得出奇。吃到盤底朝天。 抬頭時卻見到周約瑟緊繃著鐵青的臉。 手疼嗎?還是那裡的舊傷復發?她關心地問,他是誰?周約瑟控制不了自己語氣的兇惡;雖然知道這種像吃醋丈夫的口吻是翩翩公子的大忌,可是他擠不出笑臉俊美的面孔剎那間轉變為嚴厲的表情,活像一個要判人死刑的法官,一副嚇死人的模樣。找不出這股氣所為何來。 希安一頭霧水。who is he?什麼是誰?誰又是誰?究竟在問些什麼?沒頭沒尾的!她不懂。 what?她起身到食物區打算再吃一盤。 周約瑟抿著唇,氣極敗壞地跟在她身後,不知道該拿她的遲鈍怎麼辦才好。她是不會當他一回事的,可是他希望她當他一回事,在意他的感覺呀! 妳喜歡誰?妳是不是有喜歡的人了? like?談得上喜歡嗎?只是在意而已。 感覺還好而已。她挑了一大堆食物,又坐回原位。 周約瑟決定換個方式問,因為他快被她一直不講重點的回答逼瘋了。再問下去肯定會先勒死她。 這麼說好了,妳認識幾個異性?妳記得住的。他知道沒幾個異性能讓她放在心上,甚至同醫院共事四年的醫生,見了面地也叫不出名字。 two.一個是史威,一個是你。she answered. 史威?史威是什麼鬼?etc!史威不是希安的姊夫嗎?God!她看上自己的姊夫,才說是有婦之夫!How can this be?周約瑟猛然抓住她雙腕,而他這唐突的舉動嚇住了希安;他此刻的神態、行為已經罔顧紳士風度,而成兇神惡煞。 妳不可以愛上史威!聽到沒有!天下男人這麼多,為什麼要和自己的姊姊搶丈夫?何況他周約瑟有幾個男人比得上?
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