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Chapter 4 Chapter Four

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Every time he is in the study of Professor Pan Zhongming, Tang Yunteng will forget why he came to find the professor, and is completely addicted to the professor's rich collection of professional books.It is not an exaggeration to say that the title outside the study is the Cangjing Pavilion; more than half of the more than 30,000 volumes of books are out of print, and the bibliography has long been lost on the market. I am afraid that some books are not even collected by the Central Library. Tang Yunteng thought that he had read enough books. After all, from high school to now, he is about to get a doctorate. He never stops reading various books on archaeology and history.He is even more familiar with the book distribution area of ​​each library in Taipei City than the administrator; however, every time he visits here, he will always find some unexpected books, which he will read in ecstasy on the spot, and then quickly immerse himself in it Can't extricate myself, don't see the end, the eyes definitely don't know how to be sour.

I don't know how long it took until Professor Pan took away the book in his hand, and he raised his head unsatisfied, a little confused about the situation. Professor Pan repeated what he said just now: Do you agree? agree?agree to what?Tang Yunteng asked confusedly, his stunned expression showed that he didn't listen carefully to what the professor said just now.Did the professor say something just now? Professor Pan sighed. Do you agree to be my student's tutor?For her, I really only have to hold high the white flag.OK?To teach her English, to teach her history, so that she can graduate smoothly.

Seeing Professor Pan's frowning expression, Tang Yunteng couldn't help feeling amused.Professor Pan Zhongming is the ace professor of University A. He is very active, and students are competing to take his courses.His teaching method is vivid, it is completely Western guidance, logical thinking and heuristic education, combined with Confucius' teaching in accordance with their aptitude, there is no student who cannot be taught by him; this is not the professor's own rhetoric, but the word of mouth passed down by the students .Unexpectedly, there was a student who could make the professor hold high the white flag. Why didn't he be surprised and funny!This student of emotion must be stubborn, or some superhuman figure?If this is the case, why bother to find a tutor for him?It's okay to let it fend for itself, it's better to come.

Is it useful to let me teach a student who is hopeless in your hands?Tang Yunteng asked curiously. I can't bear it, and I believe anyone who reads it can't bear it.She is not naughty, she is really serious; she is not too stupid; she is simple and serious, but my method can not inspire her, which is my biggest regret.Professor Pan recalled that Yang Xitai, who had a beautiful face like a doll, sighed again and again. But Tang Yunteng still hesitated. Professor Pan interrupted him: Try it, I'm sure she needs a tutor.Anyway, there is still some time before you go abroad, you also resigned from Huang Xiuwen's tutoring, didn't you?To teach abroad, in addition to having real materials, practical experience is also very important. You might as well regard this as an internship.

The gentle and handsome Tang Yunteng appraised for a while, and finally nodded.Why not!If the student is really stubborn or stupid, let's treat it as an internship.Who knows what kind of weird students he will face in the future when coaching at an American university!Maybe they happen to have the same type.Do your best!It is also good to be able to really help this student. The college life in the past two years has been rough enough!When she was a freshman, one-third of the credits failed, and finally the teachers couldn't bear it and let her pass the make-up exam.She has transferred from the Department of Business Administration to the Department of History, and the things to memorize are always much simpler; but alas!If others can pass it smoothly, she may have to retake it.

Yang Xitai always holds a copy of English grammar in her hand. In University A, she is famous for being an idiot beauty. The ugly explanation is: the next sentence is something like a mess in it!The numbers, management, and trade of the business school often make her brain spin around.I thought it would be easier if there were no English and numbers in the history department: But it doesn't make any difference to her, she just doesn't know how to do it anyway.It turned out that the history department also had to study foreign history, and a large volume of original text made her miserable.

Professor Pan has always loved her very much, and even helped her find a tutor, asking her to wait for her tutor at the school gate after class.I wonder if that tutor will be as good as Professor Pan?If he is fierce, what should we do?She is very worried. As for Tang Yunteng, she didn't know how famous he was until she entered the history department.He is Professor Pan's first proud student in the 20 years he has been teaching. He is a talented student at University A. After completing his master's degree at University A, he went to University T to study for a doctorate.He was only twenty-seven years old, and a well-known American university already offered him a letter of appointment to do research, and allocated a large amount of research fees to let him dig ancient sites. He could do it as soon as he got his doctorate.It is said that he is proficient in eight languages ​​and can recite the historical backgrounds of twenty countries in the world.He even knows how many books there are in the central library. It is an exaggeration to say that whenever you go to any library and take out a book about history, archaeology, or language, Tang Yunteng's name will definitely be on the library card.

How can there be such a smart person in the world?Getting a degree and diploma is as easy as eating Chinese cabbage.But she kept on reciting, even Amitabha, Jesus Christ, and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva were chanting silently all day long, but she never passed the exam.God is so unfair, she is so serious, but she doesn't get good marks.What kind of melons reap melons, sow beans reap beans, all deceptive! Leaning his back against the fence, Yang Xitai's pretty face, which was as delicate as a crystal doll, was clouded with sadness.Annoying Spring Breeze!Even the wind wanted to bully her, messing with her long hair, causing her to press down her long hair so as not to block her vision; the wind also blew her knee-length skirt up, making her hurry to press it down with the hand holding the book. Hold the skirt.She was so annoyed by the blow, she turned her face away from the downwind in distress, and she lost her hand, and the book in her hand, including the exam papers she was holding, fell to the ground.

The examination paper was blown lightly by the wind and scattered in all directions. oh!Xitai let out a low cry of annoyance, and hurriedly chased after her to pick up one of the test papers here and there.It seemed that they had all been picked up, so she looked around worryingly; one of them was still flying, so she hurriedly rushed towards it. The other slender and powerful hand picked up the test paper one step ahead of her. Poor Yang Xitai had no choice but to hold back, and jumped into the arms of a stranger in a very standard posture; the man had a broad chest, which hurt her The pretty nose immediately made her feel dizzy and dizzy.

The man held her shoulders with both hands in a gentlemanly manner, and pulled her away.A gentle voice uttered above her head: Is there anything wrong?all right? fine.Xitai hurriedly brushed aside the long hair that covered her face, while she was busy backing away; her heel happened to be tripped by something, and she fell backwards; fortunately, the stranger caught her again in time, and leaned over to pick up her heel Grammar book, help her stand upright before letting her go. I'm sorry to be embarrassed again, Xitai always feels that the god of bad luck always takes good care of her.

She raised her head and planned to thank this kind person, but when she saw the stranger's face, she opened her mouth wide and couldn't utter a word, she just stared at him blankly, looking good, not as calm as her brother-in-law Introverted, he does not have the outward charm and viciousness of the second brother-in-law, nor does he have the heroic spirit of the third brother-in-law. He is a different kind, very gentle, very bookish, and very temperamental, and she can't describe it. come up. Tang Yunteng was stunned by the beautiful girl in front of him.sky!This girl is so beautiful, too beautiful to be real.How should I say it?It's very delicate, innocent, and illusory, as if it will break if you accidentally touch it, but her soft and sweet voice sounds very comfortable. Is there such a girl in University A?After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly felt that he was being rude, and hastily moved his eyes away, and returned the paper he was holding to her. He caught a glimpse of it as an examination paper, with a horrible red mark, and a circled circle of a blank space in the corner. Shocking duck eggs; but what surprised him was not this, but the signature next to the duck eggs. Yang Xitai!Yang Xitai!She is Yang Xitai!He thought he was an ignorant dude, but he knew that such a masculine name was actually the name of a pretty girl! Are you Yang Xitai?He asked uncertainly. yes!Xitai nodded blankly, wondering how he knew his name.Under his unblinking gaze, she suddenly felt shy and lowered her face, but she couldn't help but want to peek at him, so she hurriedly asked him another question, so that she could look at him openly without being caught by others. joking. do you recognize meHow do you know I'm Yang Xitai? I am a student of Professor Tang Yunteng Pan, your senior, and now your tutor.He introduces himself. Xitai stared round his eyes, unable to speak for a long time, just staring at him blankly.Is he Tang Yunteng? ! Her delicate and naive expression is extremely charming, making Tang Yunteng look dumbfounded, and he can't help feeling affectionate.She has a pure temperament that does not know the dangers of the world; her frank and simple eyes show that she is too protected and completely uncontaminated by the world.This little girl is easily deceived.God!How could there be such a girl who doesn't eat fireworks in the world! A black car stopped beside the two of them, ending their eyes that they couldn't help looking at each other for a long time. hi tai.Shi Wei rolled down the window.It was exactly four thirty. Xitai approached the car window in surprise. Brother-in-law!How are you today? Lao Lin took his grandma to pick up Xi'an and the others. They plan to stay at your house for a month.Usually, the driver of the Yang family takes her to and from class. Second sister and second brother-in-law are back?Xitai shouted happily and was about to get in the car. But Shi Wei took her hand, pointed behind her and asked: Do you have friends? Xitai suddenly remembered that she was going to have a tutoring class today, but she kept forgetting to mention it to her family, so she hurriedly pulled Tang Yunteng over, forgetting for a moment that a man and a woman should be kissed or not. Brother-in-law, I may be going back later today.She told Shi Wei that she thought Shi Wei should understand. Shi Wei's face was full of question marks, is he Xiao Nizi's boyfriend?The conditions are good; but what is the relationship between the two who seem to have met for the first time?He simply opened the door and got out of the car. Hello, I'm Shi Wei, Xitai's brother-in-law.He holds out his hand. Tang Yunteng also shook hands with him, and introduced himself: I am Miss Yang's tutor.It's the first tutoring session today, and it's actually not very formal to have a class.Later, I will go to Professor Pan's office with her to explain the content of the class and the time of the next class. This man is safe at first glance, and Shi Wei can safely hand over Xitai to him.A few days ago, Professor Pan contacted him to find a tutor for Xi Tai, and Shi Wei quite agreed, especially please find a decent and patient one, preferably a girl; but this Tang Yunteng gave him a very good impression, It doesn't matter if it's a boy. The reason why Shi Wei knew Professor Pan so well was that Xitai wrote his name on the guardian column.She was smart enough to know that whenever the professor had to call to communicate with the family, nothing good would happen.Shi Wei was kind to her and would help her; although the old lady would help her, she would definitely scold her beforehand.She has been scolded badly by the old grandma, and she dare not tell grandma about other minor situations in her school. Shi Wei nodded and said: It's not good to always borrow Professor Pan's place; if it's convenient, you might as well consider Yang's place for the class, so Xitai will be safer too, right, what time are you scheduled to explain?I will pick her up.Even if he was beaten to death, he would not dare to let Xitai go home by bus or taxi, even though he still had a lot of work to do at night. For some reason, Tang Yunteng didn't want to set a time. Outside of class explanations, he wanted to talk to this little girl and get to know her better; however, he couldn't let the family who seemed to care and protect her just because of his own selfishness. Worry It just so happened that Xitai didn't want to bother Shi Wei to pick her up again, that would make others think she was too young and naive to be picked up, and she wanted to be an adult. Brother-in-law, I can go back alone.she spoke. Shi Wei looked at Xitai's expectant expression, yes there is a problem. Er, Mr. Shi, if it is too late, I will send Miss Yang back.Tang Yunteng glanced at Xitai and spoke sincerely. Could it be?Shi Wei thought he had a good intuition, so he smiled and said no more.Look at Xitai's eyes shining brightly, so cute, what can he say?All right!Take a taxi back at night.Do you have any money with you?This is the most important. have!I have belt.She remembered that she stuffed five hundred yuan in her pocket when she went out in the morning, and hurriedly wanted to find the treasure; but she turned left and right, but there was nothing in the skirt pocket, and the jacket pocket was empty, the more she searched, the more impatient she became, her whole face turned red up. With a sigh, Shi Wei took out a thousand-yuan note from his wallet, but instead of handing it to Xitai, he handed it to Tang Yunteng. Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Tang. Tang Yunteng didn't accept it, just shook his head and said: No need, I will take her back with a motorcycle. Shi Wei then put the banknotes into Xitai's hands, and gave the mission: they will deposit them with Mr. Tang later.He looked at Tang Yunteng with a smile again, and said helplessly: We Xitai have a problem; we have to go in any ice store, doll store, bookstore we pass by on the street. The reason why I don’t buy anything every time I come back is because her money will run away by itself. , Hungry things are commonplace.Pay attention to us, please.With a slight nod, he got into the car and left. Xitai raised the one thousand yuan bill over his eyebrows in embarrassment. take it!Excuse me. Tang Yunteng took it and looked at her in disbelief, no wonder she is so thin. Have you eaten at noon today?he asks. In fact, my brother-in-law is exaggerating. Of course I ate it for lunch today, and I even ate ice cream!Xitai remembered and shouted: I gave him five hundred yuan, but the boss didn't give me any change!She finally remembered the whereabouts of Wu Baiyuan. Now, Tang Yunteng also began to worry about her; at first he thought her brother-in-law was exaggerating.Such a little confusion that makes people worry, but it is actually quite cute, and it is a small flaw that can be cherished. Let's go, first go to the professor's side. He thought about it, and then asked her: Are you hungry? Hungry.She answered very quietly.The meal at noon was attracted by the store's unlimited supply of ice cream. She ate a bucket of ice cream. Sing empty city plan. So, Tang Yunteng took her to have a full meal first.Why!He is really a caring and nice guy.If he didn't ask, she wouldn't dare to say that she was hungry.One of the lady's rules taught by the grandmother: Don't ask for food without being asked by others, especially at non-meal time, it is said that girls who are very impolite, uneducated, and have no temperament will do so, and they will be considered good. Eat ghosts. Xitai felt very lucky to have such a good teacher. After marrying the three daughters from the Yang family, there has never been a time when everyone got together. Yang Xi'an, who has been married for a year, is a frequent absentee. Xiping is currently pregnant with another child for Shi Wei.And just half a year after marriage, Xikang, who followed Shen Tuoyu around in pursuit of excitement, hurriedly escorted her husband back last month for no other reason, and accidentally became pregnant. Why!Neither she nor her husband planned to have it so early; but it is clear that Shen Tuoyu has overcome the knot in his heart, and began to happily prepare to be a father, and decided to accompany his wife in Taiwan to wait for delivery.Speaking of this, I have to talk about the second child of the Yang family.There was no news about Xi'an's stomach, which was very surprising to everyone; Zhou Joseph clings to her so tightly, why hasn't he had a child for a year? After Xi'an got married to France, her life was not idle. She followed husband and wife, and even started racing.At first, this made Zhou Joseph very happy, because this kind of exciting and dangerous racing has been prevented by his family for a long time, fearing that he would have an accident.After he married Xi'an, he was afraid that Xi'an would stop him; but you must know that Yang Xi'an is a big freak. She thinks that if she is afraid, she should not marry a racing driver. Since she is married, she should not stop her interest after marriage.Later, she was even more fascinated than Joseph Zhou, which frightened Zhou Joseph because watching her race car, she had to have a strong heart. She performed all kinds of thrilling moves without learning, just by imitating his posture.Fortunately, they reached the finish line safely every time, but Joseph Zhou also collapsed.Over the past year, several of his white hairs have grown out.He clings to Xi'an very tightly. He was always afraid that Xi'an would ignore him and neglect him when he became a mother, so he made three chapters to not have children, and Xi'an didn't object; but now he regrets it.He brought Xi'an back in a hurry, saying he was going on vacation, but in fact he wanted to ask everyone to encourage Xi'an to let her have a baby instead of watching her risk her life, but he dared not ask for it.God knows that the vow not to have children was not only written in a book, but also categorically stated in front of his parents and friends. How could he have the face to plead with Xi'an? The Yang family is lively and warm tonight. Although Yang Xitai is missing alone, it doesn't matter, anyway, Xitai can see it every day. At the dining table, the old grandma kept smiling from ear to ear, and from time to time she and her daughter-in-law looked at each other with gratifying smiles. Take a look at these three loving couples: Shi Wei and Xi Ping sit in the middle with their one-year-old eldest son. The couple carefully feeds and wipes the son’s mouth. Sometimes they will meet their eyes tacitly and smile affectionately without saying a word .Zhou Joseph, who used to be a big lover, kept his eyes fixed on Xi'an, who was becoming more and more beautiful. Carrying her into her bowl and caressing her meticulously is also for another purpose.Xikang and Shen Tuoyu are a newlywed couple, Shen Tuoyu has been serving them all the time, and has been asking Xikang to eat more, so that Xikang, who always eats a small amount of food, yells and chooses from time to time whether he likes it or not from the food as high as a hill Shen Tuoyu, he would accept all the orders, but he would put a lot of them in her bowl.He doesn't care if the mother-to-be's body becomes fat. That's just Hitay.The old woman sighed.She is most worried about the innocent Xitai, because Xitai's confused character is easy to be deceived.Although she is only twenty-one years old, she will soon be of marriageable age, and she will also be in love; it is hard to say whether Xitai will have the luck of her three sisters to find a suitable husband. Maybe grandma won't have to worry about her in the near future, someone will take over.Shi Wei laughed and said, a little tricky. you mean?the old woman asked eagerly. Everyone pricked up their ears and looked at Shi Wei curiously and expectantly.This is big news!Xitai? I have to worry about it. Of course Shi Wei had to tell the whole story, otherwise Xiping would dig it all up when he returned home.She often used her talents as a lawyer to bomb him when he was dying of fatigue before going to bed; if she didn't give her a satisfactory answer, she would make him sleepless until dawn anyway, she could sleep all day the next day, and he But have to go to work. Professor Pan found a tutor for Xitai, a very decent and bookish boy.When I went to pick her up today, Xitai actually asked me to let her come back by herself, and the male tutor had a protective expression on his face.His name is Tang Yunteng, you will see, he will send Xitai back tonight, and he will come here to tutor Xitai in the future.Whether a person is good or not is obvious to all. Because everyone was curious, when Xitai arrived home at 8:30, he saw a line of people at the gate to greet him. When did she become so important?She got off the motorcycle, her expression was a little dazed, and her face flushed with guilt; Tang Yunteng, who couldn't see her but couldn't take her eyes off her, could see it. Do you want to sit inside?she asked stammeringly.I hope he will stay for a while, but I am afraid that a large number of people will regard him as a monster, so she doesn't want to do this. Tang Yunteng shook his head and declined politely: No!Remember tomorrow at 5:30, I will come to tutoring. Um.goodbye.She watched him ride away on the motorcycle reluctantly, looking forward to coming back tomorrow.very nice!From now on, I can see him almost every day, except that he can't come on Saturday, and he will come all afternoon on Sunday.Great! Xitai!Grandma called her. What follows is a rush of inquiries. When tutoring?Aren't you going to start preparing for some things to go abroad?Isn't it time to start planning your research goals? In the apartment that Tang Yunteng rented near T University, a tall and fit woman walked back and forth, with a forceful heroism on her characteristic face, her firm eyes and thin lips were not beautiful, but they were just beautiful. Clear and clear, but one can tell at a glance that she is the type of woman who is smart and knows what she wants.She is Zhu Wanming and Tang Yunteng's high school classmate. After graduating from university, she went to work in the society. Within four years, she went from being penniless to being a stock analyst and an assistant manager of a direct selling company. She saved a lot of money. It also allows me to study abroad smoothly.She has already applied to the university that Tang Yunteng will go to, and the two of them will go abroad together in three months.I don't understand that he took over the tutoring job, his time does not allow him to be distracted from other things, and he doesn't lack this hourly fee. If she knew that Tang Yunteng decided not to take any money, she didn't know how she would feel. After going to college, the two were in the same school but in different departments.After being promoted from high school, there are only two people who keep in touch frequently and have a convenient relationship in the same school.Because he was an old friend, Tang Yunteng didn't take Zhu Wanming's questioning seriously. He brewed two cups of black tea and brought them to the small coffee table, still with a gentle and remote expression on his face.In fact, since he sent Xitai back two hours ago, he has been thinking about her all the time, and even the books have lost most of their appeal.Zhu Wanming has been busy handing over work during the day recently, and is also paying attention to the stock market, looking for opportunities to make another fortune, so she doesn't come to him until midnight.She doesn't care about the time being sooner or later, anyway, she is sure that Tang Yunteng is a gentleman, and she won't mind too much interruption if it is inappropriate.She was the only woman who could be so close to him, which made her relieved and happy, and it became a matter of course to come to him every day.Although he was slow-witted, she waited patiently.Once they left the country, the two depended on each other for life, and it was inevitable for them to have a secret love affair.Her next goal is to be Professor Tang's wife. Tang Yunteng didn't understand her scheming. Aren't you afraid that this girl will be like the one named Huang Xiuwen last time?I came here in admiration of your name, deliberately using tutoring as a cover, but in fact I want to be Mrs. Tang; if you are not good at dealing with such unclear troublesome matters, don't go into this muddy water.Zhu Wanming said again and again. No, she won't.In fact, he hoped Xitai would; but with her innocence, it was too difficult for her to play tricks, and she couldn't do it.He laughed and said, "Professor Pan can't do anything with her, so he asked me to do it."A well-behaved little flower in a greenhouse, the daughter of a rich family.He thought of the mansion in the golden residential area that he saw tonight.It's really rare to come from a wealthy family, but still embrace Pu Shouzhen without a hint of arrogance. Zhu Wanming, a foolish, ignorant and proud rich daughter, immediately had this composition in mind.She has never been used to rich people, and apart from contempt, she feels relieved a lot; Tang Yunteng will not look at a girl who has a family background but no connotation. Sounds like an underwhelming, waste of time.She still didn't want Tang Yunteng to be distracted when he was about to leave the country. Suddenly, Tang Yunteng felt that Zhu Wanming had intervened too much in his affairs, and was slightly annoyed.He was used to her outspokenness and cynicism, but she had no right to criticize someone she had never met.She may be good for him, but she can't stand her criticizing Xitai. I will decide to take tutoring for her, naturally after some consideration; if I can't take care of it, I won't accept it. He became more cautious. Zhu Wanming tactfully changed the topic and discussed some daily life issues after going abroad. Tang Yunteng's face softened again, but Zhu Wanming didn't know how much he hated the mention of going abroad; there were only three months left, and he could only spend three months with that little girl.What he wanted with all his heart has now become a burden that gets in the way. It was only later that Tang Yunteng found out that Xitai's sisters were all famous and influential figures in University A!Yang Xiping is still in the same class as him!She has always been the beauty of the school, the flower of the law department. It was not until the fourth year that her brilliance was snatched away by Yang Xikang, a first-year student.At that time, Yang Xikang was a popular model. As soon as he entered the school, he was chased by many boys and media all day long. Unexpectedly, they were all Xitai's sisters!They all look so beautiful!How can there be such a masculine name?This has always been his question. this!I heard that when my mother was pregnant with my eldest sister, my father and grandma looked up many books on names, and asked ten fortune-tellers to come up with names. Later, we prepared 120 names for later use; rejected.Grandpa said: Regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, he just hopes that the child will grow up in a safe and healthy way. There is no need to find a name that will make you rich and wealthy; wealth does not necessarily mean happiness, and safety is the most important thing.So, our name came out: Hope to be safe and healthy.Xitai turned his face sideways, trying hard to recall the origin of the name he had heard. Xitai always dresses plainly: pink green, pink blue, pink, and white, all of which are mainly western clothes. Each set of clothes is a single color, without lace bow decoration.It would have made her look prettier, more doll-like, if she had been decorated, but she didn't.Just like her simplicity, she doesn't like complexity, and everything is the same, which makes Tang Yunteng somewhat understand the reason why she can't read. She's not stupid, but she can only focus on one thing at a time.Having to read so many books will make her flustered, and she will not be able to catch or read anything.For half a month, he only taught a little bit a day, and only taught one subject; her on-the-spot reaction was normal, but the school test was still not satisfactory.She is a serious student in class.If the things reviewed are tested before class, maybe the score is not too outrageous, but after class, her mind will automatically erase the things memorized yesterday, and then accommodate this class.Class after class, her mind was always doing the work of elimination and accommodation, but at the end of the day, she didn't learn anything.Tang Yunteng didn't know what to do. She didn't do well in the quizzes in every class, but she was finished in the big exams.He didn't lament that his efforts were wasted, but that she might be expelled from school because she failed three grades in a subject, which would be cruel to her.Mrs. Yang once discussed Xitai's problem with him in the study.The old lady is a wise and energetic person, she often yells at Xitai, but the love and worry in her eyes cannot be concealed.The Yang family may be able to find a husband with good character for Xitai, but there is no guarantee that the husband will tolerate and love her for the rest of his life; when he heard the old lady say that, he felt very uncomfortable.Yes, no one can bear to let Xitai get polluted in the big dye vat of society, so what can be done besides finding a husband for her?But he didn't want Xitai to get married!He even thought that Xitai might marry a villain with a human face and a beast's heart, coveting the wealth of the Yang family, greedy for Xitai's beauty, seeing her innocence can be bullied and abused, seeing her innocence as an idiot, and believing that her gentleness will not resist and abuse, After I got tired of her, I started to leave her at home, went out to search for flowers, and squandered her dowry. Thinking of this, I couldn't feel my whole body shivering. Why!Of course, this was a pre-planned scheme by the cunning fox-like grandmother.This little granddaughter is not enlightened, and the future grandson-in-law she likes is dumbfounded, more than gentle, but lacking in mobility; how can the old grandma do it if she doesn't secretly match! The hour hand slowly moved closer to 7:30, which meant that his class for today had come to an end.He closed the book, and saw Xitai sitting beside his desk, answering his questions attentively.The delicate and soft side face under the light is very attractive. A necklace hangs from her snow-white neck. The pendant is a watch with Roman numerals. The inside can be opened. It is a gift from him. It is something he has always treasured. The reason why he gave Xitai the first gift his father gave him when he was admitted to high school was that it was enough to stuff a banknote inside.Every night when he leaves, he will check in person to make sure there is money in it before leaving with confidence.She is indeed a money loser, she often forgets to bring money, and even if she does, she often doesn't know where to put it.He told Xitai not to take it off, and she has always been obedient and never left her body; it really saved her many times.Although she originally planned to use the money in the watch chain, she was reluctant to use it; but, she did rely on this watch chain to keep her stomach from starving. Tomorrow is the weekend, so he doesn't have to come; but after hitting him for class, he has been regretting this decision. Tomorrow he clears his throat. Saturday!Xitai happily explained that this was the only day of the week that she didn't have to go to school. My family lives in Taichung, do you want to go play?He always went south on Saturdays, and went north on Sundays to catch up with her afternoon classes.He asked a little uneasily, afraid that it would be too abrupt to raise it hastily. You want to take me to Taichung?I have never been to Taichung!Xitai's eyes sparkled with hope.In fact, she has never been out of Taipei except for one trip to France. A guy and a girl are dating, right?Xitai was so happy in his heart, he stood up and was going to tell his grandma, but when he turned around, he tripped over his chair and threw himself on the ground, Tang Yunteng only had time to grab her hand, but he also fell down. The long-haired carpet, otherwise Xitai's beautiful and delicate face will be wonderful, and it will definitely be blue and purple tomorrow, but the momentum of the fall can't be underestimated, her forehead will hurt after all, it's okay, anyway She is used to falling, and the terrible thing is that they fell together; although Tang Yunteng reacted quickly and did not press Xitai, when he fell, he bent his legs in time, supported his elbows, and landed on top of her body, forming a Their faces were so close to each other in an ambiguous pose, his lips almost touched hers Did it hurt there?His breath is a little hot. Xitai's face flushed suddenly, and he pointed to the center of his forehead with one hand, his face was dependent on expecting comfort. He gently pushed aside the bangs on her forehead, and he was fascinated by the flat and white forehead hidden in the hair. He gently pressed his palm on it, rubbing away her pain and preventing possible bruises tomorrow.Her constant inattention to the dangers around her was one of the things that worried him the most.For twenty-seven years, his world has only been books, and he doesn't know what emotion is, and he doesn't know how to describe the feeling of tenderness in his heart; Nostalgia, with a little worry, concern, and a little care, makes people feel happy, worried, and distressed.Such a little person actually captured his heart.He has never understood why the expectations of these days came from, why books are no longer the whole of his life, and why she is the only one among the students he has taught who can teach him to be so concerned.At this moment he understood that this little girl had captured his heart and occupied all his thoughts without any effort. Does it still hurt?He forgot to help her up and held her little face in his hands.sky!He was so evil that he wanted to kiss her; but she looked so innocent and innocent, making people only want to feel sorry for her and dare not violate her. Xitai was a little shy and a little curious. Are you going to kiss me? Finally, he pressed a kiss on her forehead and slowly pulled her up; if he continued in that position, he would really kiss her lips. I have to go now.He pulled her back to the chair, brushed away the long hair in front of her, and looked at her for a long time reluctantly. I like you.Xitai said softly, she has never liked an outsider so much.She really likes him, especially his caring gesture just now, which moved her so much; she felt that she was pampered, and since her father passed away, she has not been in this mood.Dad would also gently stroke every painful bruise on her body, and kiss her face lovingly, but the feeling was a little different.Tang Yunteng kissed her forehead, as if it contained a thousand words, and there was a kind of respect that she couldn't describe, but she liked it so much I like you too.he said with a smile.Not only did he like her, he even fell in love with her!But I can't say it now, I'm afraid it will scare her.I am leaving.He stroked her long hair, and finally left. Xitai didn't remember what he said he was going to play tomorrow until he went out, so he chased him out in a hurry.Brother Tang didn't say what time he would pick her up! In the living room, Tang Yunteng bid farewell to the grandmother and turned around quickly, grabbing her shoulder.Things always go wrong when she panics, so naturally he grabbed her, even though she didn't fall this time. What's wrong?Didn't I tell you not to panic?he said. Xitai shook his head and asked expectantly: Do you really want to take me to play tomorrow?When will I be ready? Just now Tang Yunteng was explaining to the grandmother that he would take Xitai down from the stage.The old lady didn't object, but she hasn't asked about some matters yet. The old lady frowned and stared at Xitai. Don't look like you're planning to elope!He won't leave you.You go back to my study to study! But Xitai let out a low cry of grievance, and didn't dare to disobey the old grandma's order. Did the grandma not let her go?She is so worried. Before letting her go, Tang Yunteng said softly: "Tomorrow at seven o'clock, I will pick you up."Just bring a few light clothes, you know? Know.Her mood suddenly became clear, and she happily retreated to the study, thinking about tomorrow's appointment. The old lady beckoned him to sit down, and sighed: I don't know when she will grow up and be more sensible. Innocence is her greatest strength, and it is a blessing for people to live purely and without worries.He said it from the bottom of his heart. Once you meet someone who is not good, it is not a blessing. People who don't know how to protect themselves will always be the one who suffers the most. If you don't compete with the world and don't fall into the turbid current of intrigue, simplicity will not be harmed.In fact, Tang Yunteng knew that he was innocent enough, but the so-called harm never happened to him.He devotes himself to academic research, does not have much contact with human relationships, and lives simply and comfortably, satisfied and at ease.The way of life is chosen by the individual.Yang Xitai was born into a wealthy businessman's family, and the whole family used the dark side of the business world to worry about Xitai.In the current society, even if industry and commerce are in command, not everyone can live that kind of life.少了華麗,少了流言,少了燈紅酒綠,少了浮華變幻,日子不見得過不下去。他一輩子也成不了商界人,可是他滿足於學術的領域,選擇生活的單純悠閒;他有野心,野心於古蹟的挖掘,為後世子孫學子探勘一個完整的歷史軌跡。這並沒什麼不好。二十七年來他是如此,往後數十年,他還是會這麼過,也許一輩子單純,學不會世故,學不會精明那都是無所謂的。希泰會那麼吸引他,主要的,他們倆擁有相同的氣質,是屬於同一個國度的;只不過,她還有一項無人可及的可愛缺點迷糊。 老奶奶看出他這些話語背後的執著,心中更加喜愛這個具有清新氣息的男孩了。 明天帶希泰去台中住一夜?有地方安頓她嗎? 這樣問是很合理的。一個男人要帶一個女孩外宿,除了男人本身的品行有待女方家人肯定外,男方的身家也必須自動交代清楚這是唐允騰很理所當然的認為。可是他不知道,若非老奶奶早認定他,他是不可能走入楊家替希泰補習的;他可是第一個出現在希泰面前的異性外人呀。問他身家,不是不放心:而是以親家母的身份先做詢問了解,將來雙方相見好做打算,怕是他有滿坑的叔姪姨娘的親戚,以後希泰嫁了伺候不來。 我家是種植果園的,位於台中大坑山上;不過前些年在山下也蓋了幢房子,方便我們兄弟進出,因為山路比較危險不好開車。我那些哥哥都在台中市工作,每天來回,房間很多,有三間客房是為客人準備的,她去住不會不方便。我母親最遺憾沒有生女兒,這次我帶希泰回去,她會很開心的。 都是兄弟呀?娶了沒有?果園?那豈不是很累?老奶奶有些擔心了。 三個兄弟中,就只有大哥娶了,今年才生下一個女兒。 工作會很重吧?果園佔了一個山頭是不是?要怎麼採呢?人手怎麼來的? 唐允騰看老奶奶凝重的表情不覺好笑!不進一行,不識一行,她自然不明白滿坑滿谷的水果要怎麼採。 平常山上的工寮中就雇人看守,到了豐收季,會起用一些山地人當臨時工採收。也不是滿山跑著採,我們會將果園劃分開來,大部份承包給大盤商,讓他們自己去採收,這樣一來,他們可以減少成本,我們也可以省了麻煩,不必我們動手的。現在春天,水果正多,蘋果、李子、枇杷、棗子應有盡有,見到滿山滿谷,結實纍纍的水果,相信希泰一定會很開心。他可不是要帶希泰回台中當女工的。 他這麼一說,老奶奶倒是放心了。反正希泰對花花草草有興趣,嫁到山上也無妨。 那麼以後你娶老婆後,會在山上定居了? He shook his head. 不,我再二個半月就要到美國教書了,短期之內會在國外;以後回台灣,可能還是在台北教書。 這嚇老奶奶一跳!她怎麼不知道他就要出國了!那希泰怎麼辦?他可不能在偷走希泰的心後一走了之呀!她會先跟他拚命! 婚事呢?家中不急嗎?還是你打算娶美國人拿綠卡?或者娶華裔?這話就有些挑釁意味了。 唐允騰非常堅決地搖頭道:我不覺得為了拿一張綠卡,值得賠上我的婚姻;那張卡對我不具吸引力。我有回來的打算,並且會在台灣終老。婚姻是很神聖的,也是一輩子的事,摻入目的,以它為手段,都是褻瀆它。我會結婚,必定是已打算終生只愛她一人,否則,任何時間、情況,我都不會結婚。眼睛不自覺瞟向書房的門,他已肯定他的理想伴侶;可是,她呢?是如何的心情?她對每個人都是溫柔的,和顏悅色的教他完全無法確定自己在她心中的分量。 老奶奶深深地笑了,這愣小子看來是一生只愛一回的奉行者,相當忠貞呢!very nice!與希泰是絕配!三個月內解決婚事,步調太快了;可是還有人更快呀!希康在一個半月內由初識到嫁人,比閃電還快。Why!楊家的四個丫頭呀,不談感情則已,一談上了,竟是馬上入禮堂呢。嚇壞人的快!不過老奶奶覺得很光榮,很有面子。瞧瞧女娃們的丈夫,那一個不是一時之選,傑出優秀呢?一洗當初公子哥兒完全不來追求之恥辱。現在誰還敢說楊家的女孩沒人會要呢?供不應求才對。 你早點回去休息吧,明天一大早就要來接希泰了。今晚別累著了。老奶奶和悅地叮嚀。 唐允騰告退後,上了機車騎出楊家,心中一直覺得有些納悶:不是在討論明天帶希泰南下的事嗎?話題怎麼會轉到他的婚姻觀上頭呢?而且老奶奶對他的婚姻論調,顯然比問明天的事還興趣。他不大能理解為什麼,是否可以想成老奶奶非常放心他呢?只能暫時這麼想了。 What are you doing?唐允騰傻了眼。 回到公寓後,在大門口看到朱婉明開來她的喜美車,後座裝了行李與禮物,顯然等他好一會了。 朱婉明一身的輕便俐落。 今晚我打電話到台中問候伯母,伯母說現在有很多水果可以摘,邀我明天與你一同回去。我已經有三年沒去台中了呢!大學時,寒暑假她常自助旅行到台中,常借住唐家。雖然三年沒去,可是她常打電話,寄卡片問候,成功地得到唐母的喜愛,有意讓唐允騰娶她做媳婦。她今晚要住他這裡,明天好一同回去。 擠一擠吧,我知道你客廳的沙發很舒服。她知道唐允騰不會讓她睡沙發。 男女授受不親。小朱,我們是朋友,但是規矩還是要有,不能逾越的界限仍然要堅守。唐允騰不會讓她住下來的,他也不想讓她一起下台中,她那種說話不留情的態度,會嚇壞希泰。 朱婉明對他笑了笑,仍自己提下行李。 少來了,我知道你是正人君子。你知我知,今晚不會有什麼事發生。不相干的人愛在那邊造謠生非,我們無須在意,不是嗎?何況我行李都來了,捨得將我掃地出門呀?太殘忍了吧!她知道他總會被她說動,不能拒絕太久。 可是她這回料錯了。 我是說真的,小朱。妳能開車來,當然也能開回去。 可是我明天可以載你下去呀!she said. 我會自己搭火車,而且,我還有伴。他想不出有什麼好理由可以阻止她下台中;可是他至少可以選擇不與她同路。 who?she asked alertly.他向來沒有較親近的朋友沒有親近到足以讓他邀請回家的朋友。當初她能去,還是自己要求的。在她印象中,他從未邀請任何人到他家過,難道這次又有人利用他不善拒絕的心而加以要求?Is it male?Is it female? 我的學生。他從沒想過,原來朱婉明對他的生活起居管那麼多。 是那個又笨、又無知的千金小姐?莫非黃秀文那種事件又重演了?那他怎麼沒避開?還要帶她到台中? 你帶她去做什麼?那會壞了我們遊玩的興致的!我可不要與一個小白痴相處。她要他馬上放棄計畫。 沒有人要妳跟她相處!妳可以選擇不去。小朱,妳未免干涉我太多了。他口氣不自覺強硬了起來。沒有人能在他面前批評希泰;他再好的脾氣也容不下。 朱婉明心中一驚,他眼中那抹保護神色。God?該不會是在她沒注意之時,有個女人闖入他心中了?是那個千金小姐?她是何方神聖?手段竟然高到足以撩撥唐允騰坐懷不亂的心!才幾天而已呀!不,她不能現在對他質問,也不能在今晚弄僵局面。明天她倒要親眼看看什麼樣的女人可以在半個月內牽動他的心!她花了十年的努力都沒有辦法,有誰能如此神通廣大? 她將行李抓回車上,對他道:明天見了。允騰,我會多嘴全是為你好;你太單純,不知人間險惡。 又一個要討論單純、白痴之類問題的人!他淡淡道:心領了。 想來他今晚是不可能請她上樓喝紅茶了,她勉強一笑,上車走了。 唐允騰走上樓,進入自己公寓。朱婉明早就對他存有好感,高中時常約他一同用功K書,大學時她讀商學系,卻老和他到圖書館找歷史資料;不過那時他沒發現。直到她出社會後,三天兩頭往他公寓跑,他才有些恍然大悟。他是那種不會傷害別人的人,雖然沒有言明要她死心,可是他的態度表現得很清楚除了書,他們沒有別的話題,他們從沒一起看過電影,或吃過飯,也沒有風花雪月她冰雪聰明,不會不知道。 每次回家,母親會提她,要他帶她來玩。以前他是明確表示他沒有對象,朱婉明不列入考慮;現在呢,他有對象了,並且明天就要帶她回家。母親會了解的,一個精明善計量的妻子不是他所要,也絕不會出現在他生活中。他寧願是照顧人的一方,給予幸福、給子愛戀、給子關注,陪她成長。處在單純的世界中,不求大富大貴,不求征服全世界,也不必在與人鬥爭中尋求自我肯定;希泰會是他今生最想要的伴侶,而朱婉明不是。 朱婉明太知道自己要什麼,太知道自己可以成為人物,小富小貴的日子太埋沒她了。大學時,她意氣風發,好強、好勝,出社會後,她充份發揮所學,存了天文數字的存款,她算是功成名就了。可是,她還不滿足,她要進修,要充實自己,要鍍金回來再創生命另一高峰,要有屬於自己的事業。這沒有錯,她有能力,她善於規劃,注定她將會受萬人矚目,步向成功。然而,他的世界太平淡、太樸實,容不下眩人的她。假若結婚,是的,她會充份利用他所學,將他捧成名氣響亮的歷史學家,會讓他光榮成名,然後她成為女強人,兩人可以成為受人尊敬艷羨的成功夫婦遠景可期;但這不是他要的生活,他學歷史也不是為了要讓自己冠上大堆學者、專家的頭銜。 他將生涯規劃得很簡單:研究學術,娶賢妻,生活寬裕不必愁,生幾個寧馨兒這就是他生命的全部了。 從希安的行李中,終於翻到輕便的衣服了。 從昨晚到現在,希泰一直在每個姊姊的房間找衣服,因為她的衣櫥內都是淑女式的洋裝、裙子到山上是不適合穿這樣的! 幸好希安回來了,她的行李中全是牛仔褲、T恤之類的衣服。 母親將她的長髮梳成兩條長辮子,用粉紅色的髮帶繫住,長袖的粉紅色襯衫搭配黑色窄管牛仔褲,足蹬半統小馬靴,相當的俏麗,看起來更加青春活潑;她很難得有這種半中性打扮的。唐允騰一來就看呆了。 老奶奶與媳婦對看了眼,笑咳了一下,打斷這一對男女分不開的視線。 呃,希泰,去別人家做客,不許太失態,要有禮貌,知道嗎? Know.她很乖巧地點頭,一顆心早飛到台中去了。 We walked.唐允騰對楊老夫人與楊夫人道別。 希泰忙提起大包小包。 This is?他替希泰拿過包包,不解地問道。 一些小玩意,不成敬意,感謝你讓希泰去打擾。老奶奶笑著。 楊家人都很心細,這不好拒絕,禮貌上向來如此,他想到朱婉明也帶了不少東西到台中所以他再三道謝後就與希泰上計程車了。 坐火車對希泰來說是稀奇的;她像個好奇的小孩,雙手抓著窗沿,整個臉幾乎貼在玻璃上,不放過每一幕閃過的風景。 雖然是週末,但早上這段時間,坐火車的人並不多,他們這一節車廂就沒幾個人。 昨晚沒睡好嗎?唐允騰扳過她小臉,審視她眼睛下方淡淡的青眼袋。 No.我一想到要出來玩就睡不著。 想不想現在先睡一會?he asks. No!我一定會睡不著。你看,風景好好看呢!她再三強調自己的好精神。 可是唐允騰打賭她會睡著,她是失不得眠的。 果然,才過桃園站不久,他肩膀就成了希泰的枕頭。她很快就感到疲倦,揉了揉眼睛,沒有五分鐘就直點頭,最後找到他的肩膀很舒服地沉睡了。 他從小行李中拿出外套蓋住她,然後就直盯著她天使般無邪的睡臉,彎彎的柳眉,兩排長睫毛蓋住她一雙黑白分明純真的大眼,毫無斑點瑕疵的挺鼻,再來是呈粉紅色澤的小嘴唇;最美麗的是,她雪白的臉蛋上那兩抹自然健康的腮紅,映得白嫩的雙頰更覺出色。這麼一個恬淡、溫和、愛笑的美麗女孩,想來他窮其一生也看不膩的。 睡夢中的希泰不適地動了下。這種姿勢睡個三小時下來,她脖子一定會扭到,所以他拿開隔在兩人中間的扶手,讓她躺到他腿上睡。睡得真是沉,這麼動一下,她眼睛連張也不張一下。真是信任人的小東西! 痴望她越久,越有一股衝動。突如其來的情潮讓他情不自禁向那兩片紅唇吻下睡夢中的希泰嗯的一聲,嚇了他一跳,忙收回自己氾濫的情愫;而那個希泰,翻半個身,找了個更舒服的姿勢,又告無聲。 她那純純的初吻,就在不知不覺中給了她的心上人了,她不會知道;可是她唇邊含笑,因為,睡夢中,她夢到了相同的情境。 他說要她當他的新娘,抱著她轉圈圈,天空落下了花雨,溢滿他們周身,然後,他吻了她,不是臉蛋,不是手背,更不是額頭,他吻了她的唇。她好害羞,好喜歡,她要當他的新娘,要永遠與他在一起 回到唐家正好快到中午。週末是唐家人團聚的日子,加上有朱婉明、楊希泰這兩個嬌客就更熱鬧了。 朱婉明佔有的優勢是她早與唐家人熟識,所以自己前來就受到熱絡的招待。 可是希泰是唐允騰親自帶回來的,自然倍受矚目。 唐家人第一眼就給希泰迷住了,他們不是沒有見過美麗的女孩,只是從沒見過氣質這麼乾淨純真的女孩。她溫柔甜美的個性讓人打從心底就疼愛,想好好保護她、照顧她,以免她受世俗污染。她的笑容最讓人舒服,唐家的人打一照面就給了希泰滿分。 希泰沒有與朱婉明碰面。朱婉明來山上後又開車下山買嬰兒的禮物,她向來周到,知道唐家有新成員,非要買禮物相贈不可。 對做任何事都不大靈光的希泰,恰巧有一手好廚藝。以前曾偷偷跟家中的林媽學了不少,後來私下更潛心鑽研;因為她對吃一向很有興趣,自己動手做,是唯一可以給她成就感的事情。 在唐允騰沒注意之時自己溜入廚房。唐母正揮汗如雨地東炒西煮,忙得不可開交;她在一旁洗菜,切菜,注意唐母煮的東西,有時會提出一些建議。她跟林媽學得可不含糊,而林媽曾經服務於大飯店的廚房,手藝自是無話可說。唐母驚訝於她的善廚,採用她建議的東西下去煮,味道甘美更多。一個千金小姐怎麼會對廚房的事那麼了解?她甚至還利用現有的蘋果、檸檬做了一個派。烤箱在唐家而言向來形同虛設,可是今天總算派上用場了。 這下子唐母心中已有打算要兒子加把勁,娶這小女孩入門了。朱婉明也是殷勤的,唐母也有些喜歡;可是朱婉明不善廚藝,也從不接近廚房。將來兒子到美國了,三餐要如何打理?是個要慎重考慮的大問題。希泰毫無疑問比較適合兒子,個性上也很相投,而兒子的眼光老痴痴放在她身上,又帶她回來,唐母心中當然有了分明。以前她是想,兒子是書呆子,不會理財,又不會照顧自己,有個精明的妻子打理一切很不錯;可是,一個咄咄逼人、現實主義的妻子會讓兒子心中大有壓力,久了問題就會出來。現在,唐母對兒子又有了不同的認知兒子一直很照顧希泰,噓寒問暖,把她當寶貝捧著,為她帶前引後原來兒子也是有體貼的一面,只是以前沒有喜歡的對象才沒有表現出來。 希泰! ah! 幾乎是同時的,唐允騰四下找不到她,匆匆跑入廚房,發現她立刻叫出來,嚇著了正在切水果的希泰,刀鋒一個不穩切傷了手指,血滴到砧板上。 唐允騰馬上抓住她手,圈住她身子移到水龍頭沖水。 Does it hurt?Does it hurt?mom!快拿藥箱來。他急急叫著。 疼是不大疼,希泰反倒給他沉重的臉色嚇到了,白著一張臉,淚花亂轉,好像做錯事的小孩,咬著下唇等人家來罵,不敢哭出來。 唐父、唐家老大、老二、媳婦連同抱著的小孫女兒全好奇地探頭到廚房,以為發生什麼大事,就見唐允騰一臉氣急敗壞,希泰一臉泫然欲泣。眾多指責的眼光全瞪向唐家老三唐允騰,齊聲叫:允騰!你幹什麼欺負楊小姐! 沒事,沒事,大家去飯桌坐好,快開飯了!唐母拿來藥箱,趕蚊子似的,將一票人攆到外邊的客廳,把廚房留給這一對璧人。 唐允騰根本不知道自己會嚇壞希泰,連忙摟住她:對不起,希泰,我不是故意要嚇妳的! 你在生氣!她臉埋在他懷中,哽咽低語。 他可以感覺到她的恐懼輕顫,唐允騰自責之餘,提醒自己以後要控制好自己的心急與口氣。他剛才是嚇到了,以為希泰一個人亂跑出去這附近沒什麼人家,地又廣,樹又多,她會迷路的在遍尋不著後,才會控制不了自己找到她後的釋然與心焦,聲音才大了些。 他將下巴埋在她秀髮中,呼吸她的淡淡幽香,一手扶住她腰,一手安撫輕拍她的背。 我沒有生氣,希泰,我剛才在害怕,害怕妳可能走到山上去,會迷路。看到妳在這,我太高興了,才會大聲了些。我真怕妳會走失不見。 你不是在生氣?她抬起淚眼,怯怯地看他,想要看看他是不是說真的。 他輕拭去她淚水,眼光是心疼與自責,再次保證:我沒有生氣,我從來不生氣的,妳忘了嗎? 希泰這才放心地笑了,任由唐允騰替她擦藥,包傷口,她知道他是很好很好的人。她發現自己比先前更喜歡他了,這種感覺該如何稱呼?她一臉疑惑地看他,突然間,好想親他,學他親自己一樣。 alright!他抬頭,包好了藥。 不經意間,臉頰給希泰親了下。她雙眼亮晶晶的,雙手圈上他頸項,抬起臉,他應該要回親她的,這是禮貌;所以她很理所當然的期待。 希泰他著迷低呼一聲,掠奪住她那兩片粉紅唇瓣 跟夢中的感覺一樣!他真的吻了她的唇了!希泰很努力要知道過程中每一個滋味;他的唇很溫柔地貼著她的,輕輕地輾轉吸吮兩個人都是生手,以往都沒有經驗,可是雙方如此吸引著,情感如此澎湃著,自然而然會藉由一種方式渲洩而唇,正是溝通的橋樑,千言萬語,盡在此中訴盡。 他們的雙唇很純潔、很單純的貼住,品嘗彼此的滋味,任奇異的激情在心中滋生希泰有些昏了過後,他的額貼著她的,兩人都呼吸微促,希泰更是雙頰嫣紅,久久不敢張開雙眼。 開飯囉!唐母適時走入廚房。 二人迅速分開,不敢面對唐母瞭然的眼光。唐母牽住希泰,一手推著兒子。 let's go!人全到齊了,朱小姐也到了。 座位安排是唐母決定的。 橢圓形長桌上,唐父、唐母各坐一方對面,左方是唐家老大夫妻與朱婉明,右側是唐允騰與希泰,加上唐家老二。一頓飯吃得很盡興,朱婉明不著痕跡她打量希泰,沒有出口不遜,只一逕誇讚唐母手藝好;豈知,經唐母宣布,才知道全是希泰的功勞,這個外表美麗的洋娃娃竟然是廚房高手,朱婉明心中大叫不妙。偏偏烹飪是朱婉明的致命弱點,一心想當女強人的她,不屑在廚房消磨壯志,因此現在,她才會給比了下去。 唐允騰一心全在希泰身上。她只是左手受傷,他卻替她服侍到底挾菜、添飯,魚肉還親自挑去刺才給她吃,吃得太快他還會擔心她噎著。他這行為除了朱婉明看了刺眼外,其他唐家人可是唇邊含笑,眼中充滿喜悅呢。這個最不會照顧自己的老三幾時變得這麼會照顧別人?並且無微不至呢?嗯佳期不遠了! 夜晚的山上是很寒冷的,即使在山下也是寒意沁人,唐家老大的媳婦特地翻出毛衣借希泰穿;不過,臨出門時,唐允騰又拿了件大外套讓她穿上,他要帶她去看星星。台北的天空太污濁,縱使看得到星辰,也是稀落得可憐;在山上,居高望遠,一片星海與下方的台中市萬家燈火相互輝映,讓人覺得如置身星河中。乘風而去的心境,大抵如此。美麗的
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