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Chapter 2 Recommended order

Everest Epic 佛蘭西斯.楊赫斯本 1689Words 2023-02-05
Malory / Gao Minghe The most famous sentence in the history of mountaineering is: because the mountain is there. It was George, a famous British mountaineer, who said this sentence.Malory. On June 8, 1924, when he and Erwin climbed Mount Everest from Tibet, when they climbed to the second step at an altitude of about 8,550 meters, they were watched by another team member in the lower camp arrived, but there has been no trace of them since. Although many other mountaineering teams later climbed Mount Everest by the same route, no traces of these two pioneers in climbing Mount Everest have ever been found.

In 1953, Hilary and Sherpa Tenzin, members of the British Expeditionary Team from New Zealand, successfully climbed Mount Everest from Nepal.But the route they took was not the Tibetan side route that the British wanted to climb Mount Everest in the early days, so they could not explore the news of Malory and Irwin. In 1960, China climbed Mount Everest from Tibet and became the first team to successfully reach the summit from the north side, that is, Tibet. At that time, Tibetan Gonpo and Han Wang Fuzhou and Qu Yinhua climbed to the summit, but they did not take pictures because they climbed to the summit in the dark. As evidenced by the photos below, the foreign mountaineering circles at that time did not quite believe that they had really climbed to the top.However, during this operation, the team members once found the body of a foreigner at around 6,500 meters, and at two locations at an altitude of 7,600 and 8,300 meters, they found some leftovers from the British team Advanced mountaineering equipment, such as sleeping bags, hemp rope, etc.These discoveries once attracted the attention of the West, especially the United Kingdom, thinking that some news about Malory and Irwin could be found, but in the end it was just a mere excitement without any further development.

It was not until 1975, when China successfully climbed to the summit for the second time, and photos and videos were taken, that Western countries gradually accepted the argument that the Chinese team reached the summit in 1960.A member of the team, Wang Hongbao, only climbed to 8,600 meters, but found the corpse of a foreigner near 8,300 meters.After the news spread, it once again set off an upsurge in Western countries to find the remains of Malory and Irwin, but unfortunately they all failed. On May 1, 1999, by American professional mountaineering guide Eric.The Mount Everest expedition led by Eric Simonson discovered Mallory's body at an altitude of 8,250 meters, with the words Mallroy on his collar. This major discovery caused a sensation all over the world, because it is very It may rewrite the historical record of mankind's summit of Everest, and push the year of summit Everest from 1953 to 1924.The place where Malory and Irwin were last seen was at an altitude of 8,550 meters, but Malory's body was found 75 years later, in 1999, at a place about 300 meters lower. Therefore, some people infer that they have reached the summit and then descended to 8250 meters to die;If you can find a camera they were carrying, and then use modern high-tech methods to develop the image of the film in the camera, you may be able to judge whether they have reached the top.

Yang.The "Epic of Mount Everest" written by Husband is just a description of Malory's participation in the British Mount Everest expedition in 1921, 1922 and 1924. Although Yang.Husband did not personally participate in the climbing of Mount Everest, but he led the British army into Tibet around 1904, and he knew the terrain and customs of the Himalayas well. The chairman of the British Everest Committee, so it is most appropriate for him to write the historical story of the early British Everest climbing. "Epic of Everest" is very rich in content, especially about the man-made or natural difficulties and resistances that the early mountaineering teams had to overcome, and made many detailed and touching descriptions. Anyone can still be considered a very tough challenge.

After reading this book, in addition to admiring the contributions made by the ancestors in the cause of exploration, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the history of human beings climbing Mount Everest. It is really a precious book worth reading again and again. good book. Editor's Note: In May 1996, Mr. Gao Minghe led the nine-member Mount Everest Expedition Team from the Republic of China to participate in the grand event of climbing Everest. On May 10, they climbed to the peak of their dreams in the strong wind and became the first in Taiwan. A person who successfully climbed from the direction of Nepal.However, a blizzard that afternoon took away twelve world-class mountaineers from various countries who had no time to retreat, causing the biggest mountain disaster in the history of Himalayas mountaineering.Among them, Mr. Gao Minghe survived smoothly, but he had multiple frostbites all over his body and lost all his fingers, toes, heels and nose.However, based on his nostalgia for the mountains, this master rock climber who lost his fingers and toes has never been sad. After training, he returned to the Tibetan Plateau with the scars of 15 operations a year and continued to film Baiyue in China. .Recently, he plans to set off again in 2008, and form Taiwan's leading mountaineering team with the Taiwan Mountaineering Education Association, returning to the awe-inspiring Mount Everest.

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